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Topic: Norcold Referigerator not cooling "no" "co" code is flashing

Posted By: 2350 & Babe on 08/03/09 07:27pm

Ready to leave early a.m. and now the refrig. is not cooling. Called tech support at Norcold and they say it is probably in "lock out" mode. Has anyone experienced this issue. When originally turned on it was not perfectly level, however, was within the tolerances stated in the manual. It is now perfectly level and still does not work. Norcold says a technician is the only one that can fix. Any suggestions or ideas. We have no Norcold techs in our area. Thanks

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Posted By: hohenwald48 on 08/03/09 07:52pm

Do a search on here. About a year ago there was a discussion about resetting the circuit board. I don't remember the procedure but it involved shorting a couple of pins on the board connector.

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Posted By: rbdtanasi on 08/03/09 07:56pm

Reset NO CO Error
on Norcold Refrigerators

Occasionally the Norcold refrigerator can display an error message. The display will read "NO CO", which probably means "Not Cooling". It's not a serious problem but it is a bit tricky to reset. The following procedure describes what to do if you ever see the "NO CO" error code displayed on the front of your Norcold refrigerator's LED display.

One day this winter our ref. was beeping with a "no co" error showing on the panel. I turned off the ref. and turned it back on. In a few seconds the error was back. That was the worst thing I could have done.

I checked the book and the "no co" means that the unit is not cooling and you can only "reset" it once before you have to take it in for service.

After getting it serviced here is what I found out.

1. Once you reset it once the circuit board locks itself out.
2. There was nothing wrong with the ref.
3. There had been a power failure and the ref. had switched to propane. In a couple of days the propane ran out and the ref. shut down with that error. Not knowing what had caused the problem I reset the ref. without correcting the problem first. Hence, it locked out and I had to get it to a Norcold dealer.

What the service man did was:

1. take off the cover of the circuit board
2. reset the board by shorting to ground, Pin #11 for 3 seconds.

Of course the problem had been corrected by now so the ref. is now working again.

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Posted By: Eycom on 08/03/09 08:03pm

This clicky might help you.

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Posted By: kalynzoo on 08/03/09 08:17pm

Yes I had this problem. The MH was not real level, I thought it was level enough, but guess not. Also I had low power in the engine battery. The panel pulls from the engine battery in my MH, guess it is tied in with the auto off when fueling.
Anyway, I played with it a few times before I checked the book. Rule #1, you only get one chance to reset. Had to call a mobile tech who pulled the wires, shorted the board, and sent us on our way. There are many mobile techs who know how to reset the board, but are not authorized techs for Norcold. I have had conversations with many while on the road. My suggestion, since the vacation is immanent would be to call a tech, have it fixed, pay the service call, and have a wonderful vacation.

Posted By: Tinstar on 08/03/09 08:27pm

This is the reset procedure for older model refrigerators.

AND HERE are the instruction for newer models.

This is the web site for most all manuals for Norcold.

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Posted By: Busskipper on 08/04/09 05:59am

Tinstar wrote:

This is the reset procedure for older model refrigerators.

AND HERE are the instruction for newer models.

This is the web site for most all manuals for Norcold.

I have had the "no co" often, after paying to have it reset three times I did a search and found the procedure and printed it out -- it now stays with the tools and I have done the reset another three times myself -- follow the instruction to the T and every thing will be fine.


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Posted By: anniendan on 08/01/10 09:53am

My husband and I have tried this very solution with 100% success!!!!!!! easy fix, but the key is to follow the steps exactly.
Good Luck and thank you for the tip on the fix.

Posted By: MiMi2 on 08/02/10 05:42pm

My Norcold has the "No Co" code. I downloaded the manual to reset it but can't find the circuit board. Do I have to pull the fridge out from the wall to access or is it located on the outside of the MH where the icemaker solonoid is? Does anyone have a picture showing what the circuit board looks like with the cover on? Thanks for the help.

Posted By: TripleE on 08/03/10 09:26am

That is also the code the Norcold shows when all the "stuff" has escaped. That is what happened to us. We didn't get the bad egg smell as we were not home when it went out. We had to replace the entire cooling unit. Call a tech to get it checked out. Treasa

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Posted By: dougrainer on 08/06/10 06:27am

1. Running out of LP will NOT cause a NO CO. The refer will just shut down and flash NO FL.
2. Having a complete Ammonia leak will not cause a NO CO. The refer must START a cool down, and if it cannot, will not throw a NO CO.
2. NO CO means that something has disrupted a normal cool down cycle and that usually means that that "something" could destroy the Cooling Unit, so the refer shuts down and shows the NO CO code
4. The problem is usually OFF level running or the rear cooling fans are not operating or there is a blockage behind the refer causing no air flow over the coils.
5. The REASON Norcold will not tell you how to reset is simple-- THERE IS A PROBLEM, find it and fix it. IF you have had a lock out, that means you DID NOT FIND AND FIX THE PROBLEM.
6. The FIRST NO CO, you turn the refer OFF and then FIND AND FIX THE CAUSE. Since you DID NOT, the 2nd time you ran the refer, it went to the 2nd NO CO and then locked it out. FIND and FIX the cause after the 1st NO CO, once the refer makes a complete cool down the first NO CO is erased from the control board
7. So, the fact that you have a locked out NO CO means YOU did NOT find and fix the original problem. Doug

Posted By: rgatijnet1 on 08/06/10 06:48am

Resetting the "no co" code can be done as many times as it takes. Here is the procedure to do it yourself instead of going to a service facility. Read and understand the instructions before you try it. It is not difficult, but you have to do it right to get the desired results. Norcold "no co" reset procedure

Posted By: wagonmaster2 on 08/05/10 10:46pm

Once the panel reads "no co", and you can only reset it once, what's the best procedure to start looking for the problem before doing your last reset? The panel doesn't tell you whether you have no propane, electricity -12 or 110 volt, or what else to look for. Its really scary whenever I get any kind of signal or warning on the panel.


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