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Topic: Slideout Seal Maintenance

Posted By: nathan on 08/04/09 07:09am

What do you protect your slideout seals with, protected 303 or something else. I think in the slidout rails need to be coated with a silicone spray.

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Posted By: jurzbill on 08/04/09 07:34am

I use 303, in fact I just did it yesterday...especially in Fla. I normally spray the seals at least once a month...

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Posted By: Norm Payne on 08/04/09 07:35am

When I was at the Newmar plant for warranty work I asked the techinican what Newmar recommended for the slideout seals and wipers. He said they use 303 and he even coated them for me free.

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Posted By: amxpress on 08/04/09 08:12am

I bought an aerosol can of slide out seal protectant. Luckily, I read a little further on this forum. They said do not use products containing petroleum distalates on the deals. Guess what was in the spray can? Petroleum distalates.
I have used nothing but 303 on them since.

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Posted By: ArchHoagland on 08/04/09 09:39am

Does 303 leave a film on the wall where the slideout rubs?

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Posted By: 1fanman on 08/04/09 10:34am

I haven't used anything but 303 and haven't had any problems with my seals at all..Good stuff, that 303.

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Posted By: SooperDaddy on 08/04/09 01:47pm

303 may leave marks on the slide, but they wipe off AND protect the paint too! Don't use any lubes, sprays or grease on the slide rails or gears, it allows debris to build up that can cause damage. Lippert Slide-out Manufacturing says thousands of in/out slides with our problems is common. If something becomes noisy, a light spray of 100% silicone can be used.

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Posted By: dezertcamper on 08/04/09 02:10pm

I was told to only use 100% Silicone spray, and have not had any issues. I have never used 303 Aerospace before. What exactly is 303 Aerospace and what is in it?

Posted By: TEXAS2STEP on 08/04/09 03:02pm

303 is the greatest.

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Posted By: amxpress on 08/04/09 04:00pm


What exactly is 303 Aerospace and what is in it?

Click here:

Posted By: dezertcamper on 08/05/09 09:02am

It's kinda funny I posted previously that I use 100% silicone spray for my slides and then asked what 303 is. I have 303 at home! I never paid attention to the number. I knew what Aerospace Products were as I have some, but I thought maybe they had different numbers for different things. The reason I have it is, It was suggested to use it on the few vinyl stripes on the side of the RV as the UV protection will help save them from fading and cracking over time. BTW that stuff is not cheap! $18 for a squirt bottle. And as far as the slide seals go I will still continue to use silicon spray as it has worked for me. When I bought the RV the guy at the dealer who walks you through and teaches you how things work suggested silicon spray and the RV service shop that I have used in the past suggested the same.

Posted By: brianseay1 on 09/06/09 05:03pm

What name do i need to be looking for, I have found the 303 on their website. They advertise one for fabric, and one is just a protectant. just wondering which one everyone is using on their slides. I know it says it is good for seals, but is that what everyone is using for their slide rails as well? I need to get something soon and want to make sure i get something good. I am new to the slide world and want to keep my slides working properly. Thanks for any and all help.

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Posted By: jerseyjim on 09/07/09 05:17am

I use ordinary silicone spray on both my slide out seals and the slide out rails. No problems in 8 years......

Posted By: budda on 09/07/09 07:01am

You can buy "slide lube" at most rv stores, and Camping World. I think the 303 protectant is what you want. I use 303 on my seals, all rubber, and tires, on rv and our cars too.

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Posted By: Techie on 08/04/09 04:36pm

303 on the roof, A/C covers, slide seals, bay seals and tires.

Our rig is in the direct sun in either Soutehrn NV or CA most of the time and it works great.

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Posted By: brianseay1 on 08/04/09 08:38pm

Where can you buy the 303? I am new to the slide world and have alot to learn about the maintenance for the slide seals. I have been doing alot of reading on here and have already learned quite a bit. Thanks to everyone for all of the help.

Posted By: Techie on 08/05/09 08:13am

Larger RV supply stores and Camping Worlds should carry it.

Lasts a long time. The gallon we bought and are almost through is almost 5 years old now.

Posted By: BigSkyBob on 08/05/09 09:00am

Most Ace Hardware stores stock Aerospace 303. Goes on my slide seals, tires, roof A/C covers, around the windows, bay door seals and even windshield wipers. Great stuff.

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