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 > More LED lights (long post with lots of pictures)

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Northern Illinois

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Posted: 10/19/09 08:52pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I've been watching the LED lighting posts with great interest... Up until recently, I really didn't see anything I was very enamored with...

Some of you may remember my post a while back of changing out my TT tail lights to LED... My OEM tail lights were hardly visible in daylight with bright sunshine, so I went with the upgrade version from Command Electronics after swapping PM's with another member BillB800si who originally found the Command Tail Light conversion - see thread link below


So when I found out that Command Electronics was offering a conversion for the interior lights in my TT I was very intrigued... Their taillight conversion worked very well, so I thought I would give a few of the interior lights a try...

Here is a picture of the basic LED conversion package... Each package consists of one (1) LED board assembly and one (1) lens assembly..

Each LED board consists of an electronic regulator assembly and 30 surface mount LED's and the plug adapter is also included...According to Command Electronics the circuit is designed to produce maximum light output at 12 vdc. If presented with more than 12 volts, the electronics throttle the current back to this optimum voltage. (The boards can accept up to 30 vdc). When presented with less than 12 volts dc the light output is diminished accordingly. The LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours.

Here's the back of the LED board showing the 3M mounting tape already attached to the board... The OEM lights have a square metal heat shield on each side of the light and that is what the LED board is stuck down to... The instructions say to clean the plate throughly with rubbing alcohol which I did... The 3M double sided tape is pretty aggressive, so get the module where you want it before sticking it down... Once it's down, it's darn near impossible to move it...

And here is what the LED boards look like mounted in the OEM double fixture... BTW - my old incandescent fixtures were also made by Command Electronics...

And here is a single fixture - this one is in my shower

Here is a comparison view of the old lens assembly (on left) and the new lens assembly (on right)

The first thing I wanted to see was the difference in current draw between the LED's and the incandescent bulbs... In my lighting setup in the TT, there are 2 bulbs in each light fixture (except for one single in the shower) and conversely, 2 LED boards in each fixture after installation... The first picture is the current draw of the incandescent bulbs... All current measurements were taken with a Fluke Model 87 True RMS DVM...

The photo below is the current draw of the 2 installed LED modules

The LED's according to Command Electronics have the same output as the incandescent bulbs, 142 LUX, a bit brighter at 45 degrees, and just a bit less at 90 degrees, but the LED's look noticeably brighter, and in addition, seem to have a wider dispersion angle than the incandescents... Below are a few photos showing various lights in the TT... I took the photos without flash to aid in showing the light patterns... The camera was set for auto white balance but did shift the LED photos just a bit more to the yellow than they really are...

Here is a picture of the stock incandescent lighting - one double fixture on

Here is a photo of the LED light... You can see a huge difference in coverage and intensity, and LED's are noticeably warmer in color temperature...

Here's the stock lighting in my granddaughters bedroom (bunkhouse)

And here is LED lighting

I've always been dissatisfied with the light over my stove - the lighting was very poor, so I decided to install just the LED module in place of the single incandescent bulb in the range hood - I did not use the supplied diffuser here as there was no way to attach it... This LED module is simply stuck up to some sheet metal in the range hood...

Here is the stock OEM light

And here is the LED module - much brighter and better dispersion of light even without the diffuser (lens)

Here's a photo of the bathroom - it has a double fixture

Here is a photo of the bedroom with only the double fixture over the head of the bed on

And here is a photo with both the light at the headboard and the light over the center of the bed - both are double fixtures

Here is a photo of the light over the shower - it's a single fixture

here is a picture shooting down the hallway toward the entry light... Thus is the switch we flip on when entering the trailer - this a double fixture just opposite the entry door

All in all I am very happy with the way they look and the decreased current draw and reduction in heat are substantial... Better than that, my wife really loves them with the warm, even light that they project...

My previous Nomad had incandescent fixtures as well, but the lights employed in that TT had a 3 way switch so you could turn either one light only on, or both lights on - that was a nice feature and I would like to see that with these LED's... I have figured out a way to do this with a DPDT Center Off switch but I haven't had a chance to pick up the switch yet and install it in a light... I have 2 or 3 fixtures I'm going to do that on...

Price of each module is $24.95, probably a bit more than some of the LED's I've seen, but IMO well worth the price considering the output and dispersion and warm color... These lights were made for the OEM Command Electronics fixtures... These are the ones used in my Nomad, and I assume that a lot of other TT's and RV's use the same light fixture... They also list another type fixture but I am not familiar with that one...

Here is the link - scroll down to nearly the bottom of the page...


Originally, another member BillB800si turned me on (forgive the pun ) to the taillights and Command Electronics... Both Bill and I talked to a gentleman by the name of Kraig Whiting at Command who was very helpful... Talk to him if you have additional questions on compatibility with your lights...

I'll be ordering the balance of the lights for my TT soon and that will complete my installation...


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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 10/19/09 09:11pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

thanks for the informative post, Les. I too have been watching the posts and wondered about the benefits of making the changeovers. You've presented the case well.

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Calgary Alberta Canada

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Posted: 10/19/09 09:32pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Great article, nicely written and documented.
Thanks for posting it!

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Puyallup, WA

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Posted: 10/19/09 09:35pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Great write up Les! I've been wanting to switch all my lights over, but have to talk myself into spending the money! Maybe I'll start replacing one at a time!

Good job, they look significantly brighter.

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Regina, SK, Canada

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Posted: 10/19/09 09:42pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Hi LAadams,

I like these units:

RV led

Regards, Don
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Layton, Utah

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Posted: 10/19/09 09:44pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

A member in TH forum did similar study and here are his results. Another manufacturer, about same price.

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Southern California

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Posted: 10/19/09 09:48pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Will these units fit into ANY 12 volt bayonet fixture? How do I figure out which LED to order? (Sorry if this is obvious to everyone else -- but I have had a heck of a time figuring out how to get rid of my darn old-style bulbs.)

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Southern British Columbia

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Posted: 10/19/09 09:57pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Thanks for the detailed post - that was a lot of work and it's very much appreciated.
The thing that I most like about the LEDs is the fact that they run so much cooler than incandescent lamps. Sometimes when we've been reading at the dining table and I reach up to turn the lights off, it ticks me off how hot the lenses are. I really don't feel comfortable having so much heat generated in such a small space. Now, I realize that I can buy a lot of bulbs for $24.95 but it's the heat reduction that will make me consider a trial run.
Can I buy these at Camping World or a store similar to that? Thanks again.


On the road again...


Southern California

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 10/19/09 10:13pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Those bulbs seem great. The draw seems high but I guess you said the light seemed even brighter. I think I prefer mine from superbrightleds.com as they are a little less light which is just fine with me and I like to save even more power. I need to get a reading but I think the power draw of mine is about half.

I definitely can tell the incandescent will dim as voltage drops and the LED light output seems to stay constant.

* This post was edited 01/09/10 04:43pm by smkettner *

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Southern California

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 10/19/09 10:18pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

profdant139 wrote:

Will these units fit into ANY 12 volt bayonet fixture? How do I figure out which LED to order? (Sorry if this is obvious to everyone else -- but I have had a heck of a time figuring out how to get rid of my darn old-style bulbs.)

You need to know what the bulb base is and search accordingly.
Is there a number on the side of your bulb base?

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