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Topic: Have you stayed in Yuma Foothills?

Posted By: KenS999 on 11/11/09 09:10am


I am a first time snowbird, considering the option of renting a lot to stay at in the Yuma Foothills with my 24ft class C motorhome this winter. If you are familiar with this area or recently stayed in one of these rental lots can you please post your experiences both negative and positive.

I am looking for a quiet, noncongested and WARM place to winter in AZ, so please any suggestions and the benefit of your first hand experience would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Posted By: MommaJo on 11/11/09 09:58am

We stayed at one of the RV parks there for a few weeks the first year we came down here. The easiest way to do it, would be to come down, find an RV park, sign up for a few days, and start looking the area over. If you find something you like, move there. There are many RV lots that people own that are for rent, you just need to look them over, and find one you like. Some of them are in neighborhoods with a mixture of houses, RV's, and mobile homes, others are all RV's.

By staying some where while you look that's not so "permanent" like renting a lot right away, you can better get a look at a lot in a particular neighborhood before you commit to something you may not like.

Welcome to Yuma, you'll like it here!

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Posted By: 2oldman on 11/11/09 10:03am

A search of 'yuma' would yield a lot of information.

Posted By: Linda2u on 11/11/09 10:12am

We stay at a lot we rent in Yuma - have for the past several years. It is less costly than the RV parks. Unless you want the meals that some RV parks put together (which we did not like), a swimming pool (which are usually very crowded), organized activities are usually pretty good (card games, bingo, etc.,) We make our own good time with friendly neighbors. Have fun!

Posted By: KenS999 on 11/11/09 10:18am

Yes and thankyou 2oldman... I have done online research of Yuma as well. I am also a firm believer that personal experience speaks volumes.[emoticon]

Ken S.

Posted By: bstark on 11/11/09 10:38am

Ken: MommaJo has described possibly the best system to "scout" your winter locate out there in the Foothills. JMHO.

Some supporting opinion; booking into a park leaves you the option of driving around with your "towed" to scout out the lots availble for rent. DO NOT worry about finding one as there will be literally hundreds to choose from throughout the entire season, as of our experience last year, driving throughout that area to visit with friends, we viewed lots that went unrented for the entire season with the prices dropping each month!

Now, be somewhat particular with your choice of park as well. You may just decide to stay in the park due to amenities offered or the group you land amongst is just too much fun to leave, whatever.

We spent 5 winters in Yuma ans stayed at the DelPueblo Tennis and RV Resort for that last reason. There is ample golfing available out there in the Foothills. The change in economy has opened up any number of options with the Yuma Palms development even offering winter rental sites (previously had to buy in) at super reasonable rates for that type of park. I believe the last price quoted was $1850 for 4 months. The only detraction from that park and parks like it along 32nd street (I-8 business rt) such as Wildwinds and Country Roads etc., has been the ongoing construction behind those areas that stirred up a constant cloud of fine grey dust that gets into everything and drives allergy sufferers to their knees! May not be so bad now.

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Posted By: robatthelake on 11/11/09 11:26am

There Are dozen's to choose from! We usually only stay for a Day or Two ,so We go to Either Cocopah or Paradise Casino and Park for Free. A Few Years back we decided to stay for a couple of weeks , so drove through the "Season's" area of the Foothills. We found an excellent Lot Owned by Very Nice Folks! We find Yuma to be a bit too Cool for Us. Mexico is a whole lot Warmer in the Winter!

Rob & Jean
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Posted By: samsontdog on 11/11/09 02:36pm

There are many privately owned RV Lots that you can rent a space to park your RV on. The prices are any where from $175 month and up per month plus you will pay any where from $1.00 a day for elect or up to 16 or 18 cents per KW. Water, septic,'trash pick up is usually free. I believe staying on a private lot is much cheaper than staying at a RV Resort. I have several lots that are rented for the season and most every one that has stayed in a RV Park prefer my private lots.


Posted By: Gadget Guy on 11/11/09 06:45pm

Yuma is probably the warmest area in Arizona. There are lots of possibilities for private RV parking spaces in the Foothills area. There is a spot open on the lot we are at which backs onto a wash. Great for watching birds, quail, rabbits etc. Foothills has numerous golf courses, swimming pools, the Eagles have a facility close by, new library, the list goes on.

Posted By: Dandie Dinmont on 11/11/09 09:35pm

Are there any directions to the "Foothills?"

Heading our Monday - "if the sky doesn't fall"

Len, Rebecca & MacDuff

Posted By: Gemstone on 11/12/09 05:53am

Go here for a map to the Foothills area of Yuma, AZ.


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Posted By: samsontdog on 11/11/09 09:47pm

Just continue on 8 East to Exit 12. There are lots of Parks on 32 St. Lot of privately owned lots off Fortuna and more off Foothill Blv

Posted By: Fishinghat on 11/11/09 10:30pm

We've spent six winters in the Foothills, the first five at Shangra La RV Park, but we now stay on a private lot with a garage to use as a "living room". Not only is the lot cheaper but better with a lot more room.

You'll love the the Yuma area.

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Posted By: runway18-2 on 11/12/09 09:33am

Some lots & park models at this site. Best thing is to just park & drive around & ask if anyone knows about a lot. Prices can differ as much as $100 for the same thing. Most range from $225 to $325 a mo. You make friends fast as they all go for am. walks & tons of yard sales. Just watch out for the shoppers at FRY'S & Walmart. They use the carts as weapons.

Posted By: Gemstone on 11/12/09 10:10am

Bruce....Is this the one you are asking about ?

Posted By: bstark on 11/12/09 01:17pm

Yes, but that's still the old route to it. U.S and Mexcio agreed to a joint venture to streamline commercial traffic through Yuma and also the congested part of SanLuis to be completed by fall of 08, you guessed it! American side is finished with inspections stations and kiosks all in place but when we left last spring they (Mx) had yet to break ground on their side of the border.

It would mean that all of that commercial congestion problem with the interchange at I-8 and Ave 3E would cease with the commercial stuff all going down that nice new 4 lane 55 mph Araby Road extension south with only one stop light at 14th st.

I apologize to the O/P for this hi-jack of his thread and will go P/M for any more discussions on this.

Posted By: blocker4243 on 11/16/09 01:52pm

If you want to camp free around Yuma, you can go to Ogilby road in California. Ogilby is 15 or so miles west of Yuma. The blm free camping area is about 4 miles north. Stayed there 3 weeks last year. A few others in the area.

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