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Topic: Can a 1/2 Ton Truck Pull a Fifth Wheel?

Posted By: cwit on 11/17/09 06:21am

I have towed a half ton 5er for 8,000 miles no problem. I also hope to tow my camper to the lower 48 states. Find the camper that fits your truck and go for it.

Posted By: jetboat on 11/17/09 06:22am

Yes a half ton will pull small tt's and small 5ths.Probley up to 23/24'.but if your looking for a 5th with a couple slides,high to meduim profile,plus all the gear inside,go for the 350/3500,cause like most,youl wind up with a big 5th someday.So start with a truck that will pull 95% of what you might find.

Posted By: Likes to tow on 11/17/09 06:36am

Check the UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) of the 5th wheel you want. Many 24' 5th wheel RV's on the market today at under 6000 lbs. Don't load it very much, leave the freshwater tank empty or almost. Half-ton or 1500 series trucks may be configured in many different packages. Some are very heavy duty with the proper axle ratio, engine, springs and tires to handle a 6000 lb 5th wheel. Some are very light springed light duty grocery getters. You must first determine how your truck was built. Don't listen to the salesman. To him every thing on his lot is half-ton towable. Also you must consider the terrain of the area you plan on visiting. Many folks get by in flat country with less truck. Mountains can become an issue with engine and transmission heat. I have known people who pulled a 30' 5th wheel with a light duty F250 5.4 gas and had all sorts of problems in mountains. Being a 250 or 2500 series does not automatically qualify you to pull heavy loads. There again it depends on how it was built. The payload of heavy 1500 series is nearly the same as light duty 2500 series. Only a few hundred pounds capacity seperate the two.

So there are so many variables here you must consider everything. Being a 5th wheel does not automatically require a diesel.

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Posted By: lrash on 11/17/09 07:03am

I tried it - you need the bigger truck.

Posted By: Beaker on 11/17/09 09:33am


Find the camper that fits your truck and go for it.

Yup. This is the key.

Pulled the fifth in sig for 7 years with 2000 Silverado 1/2 ton.
Zero problems with truck.
Stopped just fine.

Don't know why people think a 3/4 ton pulling 12000 lbs is safer than 1/2 ton pulling 5000 lbs.

In some ways, I liked the 1/2 ton better than the 3/4.

2008 Silverado 2500HD Duramax
2010 Cruiser 26RK

Posted By: Wayne and Maureen on 11/17/09 12:36pm

Beaker - thanks; and thanks for everyone's imput. Wish us luck cause we will definitely be getting something here soon.

Wayne and Maureen
On the Road
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Posted By: sdbuckshot on 11/17/09 06:48pm

I pull a 25' KZ Sportsmen 5th with a Chevy 1/2 ton, and it does an ok job...before that pulled a 24' Coachmen 5th with a 95 Chevy. Still use the 95 pickup as a daily driver with 196,000 miles. Never felt uneasy pulling with either outfit...

07 Chevy Silverado Classic 2500HD
08 KZ Sportsmen 235rks 5th wheel
05 Yamaha Rhino
00 Harley FLSTC
11 Crestliner Fishhawk 1650

Posted By: Bob Shaw on 11/17/09 07:02pm

I'm in the "could you, yes; should you, no", arena.

I did it for years. Only lost the brakes once and the truck only caught fire, due to an over-heated transmission, once, too. Something else to consider, is that, 1/2 ton trucks do not have full or semi-floating axles. So, the axle bears the weight of the truck and the load. If you break an axle, you lose the wheel. Only saw it happen once, but, it does happen. With a 3/4 or higher, with a floating axle, you can break an axle and the wheel doesn't come off. That';s just my humble observation.

Posted By: snowyowl.13 on 11/18/09 05:19am

I pull a 24' 5er with a Chevy Silverado 5.3. It does and adequate job. I would prefer to have 3/4 ton but for now we do OK. I added Super Springs to the truck because the back end was down a wee bit.

Prince Edward Island
2011 Cedar Creek 36RE Touring Edition
2011 Ford 6.7 Diesel 1 Ton Dually

Posted By: Boca_Shuffles on 11/18/09 07:08am

Stay within the specifications of the truck.

If you "just have to have" that big heavy feature, then your DH should be able to get the size truck that can handle it.

Go for the "Win/Win Situation"

Tom & Bobbi
2008 GMC Duramax DRW
2010 Bighorn 3055RL

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