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Topic: Can a 1/2 Ton Truck Pull a Fifth Wheel?

Posted By: lanerd on 11/16/09 05:07pm

old guy wrote:

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Posted By: doughere on 11/16/09 05:39pm

There are a FEW 5er's that can be towed by the typical 1/2 ton truck. I have towed a 24 ft Trail Cruiser (5,000 dry, 7,000 fully loaded for long trips)about 15,000 miles across the country, through the Smokies, across the Mojave desert, over the Rockies, up into the Canadian Rockies, down to the flats of Florida. It starts, stops, and tows fine. There are plenty of 5ers that are labled 1/2 ton towable, but many are far heavier than what the typical 150/1500 truck can handle(you gave no specs on your truck); biggest problem being pin weight. If you would be happy with a SMALL, light 5er, you will be fine; anything larger will probably leave you unsatisfied(and worse unsafe).


Posted By: skipnchar on 11/16/09 06:11pm

Kind of like asking "can you put a blanket in a box". Some blankets will fit in SOME boxes and but always. There is a HUGE difference in half ton trucks and an even LARGER difference in 5th wheel trailers. Some 5th wheels can be easily towed with a compact truck and others take more than a 1 ton duley. What you should be asking is can MY half ton truck tow (this particular) 5th wheel. That is the only answer that will have any kind of meaning.

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Posted By: JIMNLIN on 11/16/09 06:27pm

Your getting some really bad advise.

Sure your 1500 truck can pull a small 5th wheel trailer. Folks have been pulling 5th wheel trailers that are matched to their 1500 truck weight capacities for over 30+ years that 5th wheel trailers have been on the road.

My wife 1500 truck has a 4000 RAWR that will carry a 5th wheel trailers pin weigh. Her truck is a 1500 4x4 crew cab 3.73 axle auto tranny with a 7500 lb tow rating. The truck has a 1750 payload capacity. Subtract for the hitch and other gear and the truck has approx 1200 lb left for a small 5er.

Do a search and you will see there are lots of folks towing a 5th wheel trailer within the trucks capacity.

Now if yout 1500 truck is a little V6 engine with a 3.42 axle and a trailer that over the trucks capacity then its gonna' struggle hard with a TT or 5er.

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Posted By: travellerw on 11/16/09 08:46pm

Fuuny this thread reminds me of the COLORADO I passed this summer pulling a small 5th wheel. Man I almost crapped, I couldn't believe it.

He was only doing 90Km/h in a 110 zone. I don't know if it was all he could do, or he was trying to be easy on the truck. I'm pretty sure that truck didn't last too long.

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Posted By: timeless46 on 11/16/09 09:09pm

we hav a ford 150. We also pull a 29 ft. Keystone Laredo. We have pulled it to florida 2 times snd will do it again come december. we take it is easy and hubby watches rpm. There are times we pass semi trucks with no problem. The Laredo is on the liteweight side. So the answer is yes, if you watch the size and weight of the 5th wheel.

Posted By: tsetsaf on 11/16/09 09:32pm

I may have missed it but seems like a couple of folks simply mentioned power... who cares about power. My single concern would be STOPPING the weight.

The short answer = Yes you can tow a fifth wheel as long as you are within your manufacturers limits for weight capacity AND the capacities of the tires on your truck. But also pay attention to the capabilities of your vehicle AND trailer braking systems.

A good brake controller tied into properly maintained tow vehicle brakes stopping a total rig weight within the manufacturer limits is safe. You may not go fast up the hills but at least you will be able to stop on the way down.

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Posted By: dodgebob08 on 11/17/09 12:25am

i'm glad a few more chimed in. that was my point, it can be done safely and not hurt your TV. just stay below your limits and use your head. granted, lighter fifth wheels will limit your choices but that's something you have to decide. everybodies got an opinion and they may be worth listening too, but the answer to the question is "yes you can". you can over load a truck with a fifth wheel, a travel trailer or a pile of rocks.....

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Posted By: TomG2 on 11/17/09 04:11am

Good advice. While the typical half ton pickup should not be used to tow a typical fifth wheel, there are exceptions like Skip's super F-150 and some superlight fifth wheels that can be towed with run of the mill half tonners. I towed thousands of miles with a half ton, quite happily. It was only after I switched to a 2500HD that I realized things could be even better.

Posted By: M GO BLUE on 11/17/09 05:29am

You can never have enough truck BUT you can have too much trailer...

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