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Topic: Liberty Mutual Insurance, Anybody use them?

Posted By: TurnThePage on 12/24/09 11:31am

I'm considering switching my insurance to Liberty Mutual because I can get a group discount that would save me quite a bit dough. This would be for home owner and auto insurance with the travel trailer included.

Anybody out there with experience either positive or negative?

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Posted By: jdscala on 12/24/09 02:32pm

I used to use Liberty Mutual as my insurance. At the time they had the best rates for me. I have never had an issue with them. But I also never had to put in a claim. Therefore, I have no knowledge as to how well they would handle a claim. But, I have never had any complaints about them. The only reason I am not with them now is my current insurance company is now offering a lower rate.

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Posted By: PamfromVA on 12/24/09 02:57pm

We have had them for several years and been happy. Never filed a claim but used the included roadside assistance which was great.

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Posted By: 85Eagle on 12/24/09 03:06pm

I have them now and we had hurricane winds come through here September of 2008 and I call them and they were going to handle the claim over the phone but when I finally was able to get some roofing companies out they said I needed a new roof so I called back and asked them to send out an adjuster and they replaced the roof with out any problems. So far great company to do business with.

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Posted By: ramblemutt on 12/24/09 03:58pm

Been my insurer for 40 years or so. No problems, fair rates. I've only had small claims over the years, however.

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Posted By: ata3001 on 12/24/09 07:59pm

I've had them for quite a few yrs now without any complaints. I've had 3 cars that were hit while parked, the latest just a few weeks ago, & they recovered ALL costs from the other parties insurance. I've never even had to pay my deductable to get my cars repaired.

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Posted By: chevyman2 on 12/24/09 11:05pm

I used them for about 20 years. They was great for me. I even had a claim once and they took care of it nice without raising my rates. However when my Son turned 16 and needed insurance. They was the highest of any place I called. State Farm was the cheapest at that time so I went with them. My Son will be getting his own policy in the next year or two. I will be searching for cheaper then.

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Posted By: Bob Vaughn on 12/25/09 07:00am

I have had them for 25 years and have been treated royally a couple of years ago a tree fell on my RV port with my TT inside....I discovered it when I went to my TT to get some things to take north as my my mom was on her death bed....It was the day after Christmas and I called them and reported it and told them of my travel plans when I returned home the adjuster had been here and assessed the damage....Luckily no damage to the TT....In no time I had a check to cover the removal of the damaged rv port and getting my tt out from under the mess plus having the neighbors tree removed off it.....Plus my wife wrecked 2 vehicles on the way to work.....No hassels what so ever......I had Allstate prior and they let some one assume my home owners insurance when I sold my home and moved across the state......I dropped them in a heart beat because they refused to refund my money would not cancel the insurance on a house that I no longer owned....

Posted By: 02f350 on 12/25/09 03:47pm

I used them in the past for car, truck and RV. Had a claim involving truck and RV - I guess that's 2 claims. It appeared like the claim was going to be handled fine, but I had a devil of a time getting paid. They had a hard time with the fact that the claim happened in Missouri, their claims office was in Chicago and I had the repairs done and I wanted to be paid in Arizona.

I did end up getting paid but only after I escalated to several supervisors several times. I don't think they completely understand the RV thing and aren't prepared for people moving around.

But that's just my opinion ans SAVING money is a good thing.

Posted By: Duck on 12/25/09 04:03pm

Liberty Mutual is an excellent insurance company when they are competitive in your area. They will insure a RV when the insured has other policies with them. I prefer a company that will provide me with a replacement cost policy due to the way that most Rvs depreciate.

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Posted By: Drrhein on 12/26/09 08:46am

We also had them for many years. However when our 16 year old started driving a few years ago they nearly doubled my RV insurance and the cars too. No matter what we did we couldn't seem to resolve that issue even though we were willing to certify she was never going to drive the RV. So, sadly we had to change companies. So it would seem that if you have no kids that drive at all they're a great company. They will raise your rates if you get a ticket, but most others will too.
Also, they frown on your residence being in a different place than the RV is registered. So those with SD or MT corporations can't get covered by Liberty Mutual. At least that's what they told me when we still lived in Cali. Might be different in other states.

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Posted By: TurnThePage on 12/26/09 01:07pm

Great info. Thanks all.

Posted By: rrich on 12/26/09 01:49pm

I've had them for over 20yrs of coverage on home, auto, and for 5yrs on the TT. I've had a variety of claims on all, some huge. My last claim was when a tree fell and crushed my TT in my driveway. In ALL instances I was treated more than fairly.

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Posted By: rasmudl on 12/27/09 10:34pm

Had them for 20+ with no problems. paid quickly for a new roof (hail.) Changed to the Hartford a couple of months ago because of a $1,600 a year savings. How is The Hartford through AARP?

Posted By: Charlie D. on 12/28/09 09:24am

rasmudl wrote:

Had them for 20+ with no problems. paid quickly for a new roof (hail.) Changed to the Hartford a couple of months ago because of a $1,600 a year savings. How is The Hartford through AARP?

Had Hartford for home and autos through AARP for several years. Raised my homeowners from approx. $1,000/year to $3600. That includes a 2% deductable for wind, hail and storm damage. Never any claims.

Dropped them for Liberty Mutual. I've talked to others who feel, as I do, that after a few years Hartford will nail you with significant increases.

I also will not renew my AARP membership when due.

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Posted By: Sandy & Shirley on 12/28/09 02:42pm

Switched to Liberty about 18 months ago, about 1 month later we had to make a vandalism claim. No problem, no rate increase, they have been great!

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