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Topic: Battery Tender Plus Question

Posted By: Doghouse3 on 02/15/10 01:50pm

I recently purchased the battery tender plus with the intent of charging both of my RV batteries at the same time while in storage. I had them hooked up in parallel as I would in my 5th. I have had the charger on them since last Thursday with no results. I called the company today and they informed me that I would need to purchase a second battery tender plus in order to charge the second battery. Is this correct?

Posted By: gouda on 02/15/10 01:59pm

I believe so. You can look at their web site for more info. I use a dual one for my two chassis batteries. Not enough output for two. Remember these are trickle chargers only.

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Posted By: FLY 4 FUN on 02/15/10 02:29pm

I would save the cost of a second unit, and just alternate charging one at a time. I have twin 6v batts (in series), and a spare 12v that I will charge for a week on/week off and alternate as required. The charger does not need to be on them 24/7 365.


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Posted By: Doghouse3 on 02/15/10 02:32pm


When I called Deltran they stated that I would need the second b/c the batteries needed to be charged equally. I'm curious as to whether or not anyone else is doing this.

Posted By: pianotuna on 02/15/10 02:58pm

Hi Doghouse3,

Did you try it on one battery?

Are the batteries low? I'm not sure what "no results" means.

If the wiring is done in a balanced manner both units should charge equally.

Regards, Don
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Posted By: wild bill on 02/15/10 03:52pm

I have used Battery Tender Plus for years and I own at 4 of them....I have never had a problem hooking them up to more than one battery....My Dodge 3500 Diesel has two batteries and I only use one Battery Tender to keep both charged.....It will take a very long time for the Tender to reach float if both batteries are discharged much....I have used one Battery Tender on my six golf cart batteries in the 5th wheel before I went to solar and that worked just fine also. Again it will take a very long time to charge to float...days even..........[emoticon]

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Posted By: tvman44 on 02/15/10 04:14pm

You should not need a 2nd unit. I have 2 batteries on my Ford diesel and the battery tender charges both at the same time.

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Posted By: justlou on 02/15/10 06:53pm

I just purchased a BT Plus for my two 12 volt chassis batteries wired in parallel. Before placing the order I e-mailed Deltran asking if one unit would handle the two batteries. Their response was the BT Plus would be adequate.

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Posted By: TN Tarheel on 02/15/10 06:54pm

I use a "Battery Tender" on my (2) 12v house batteries and have had no problems. They are fully charged when I connect up the Tender, so it is a matter of keeping them charged with just a trickle. A hard charge would be difficult for a "Tender".

Posted By: icechip on 02/15/10 07:07pm

Yes, they will keep 2 batteries charged. I currently have my battery tender connected to six, 2 chassis and 4 house batteries in the motorhome.
Light is green and voltage is 13.5 V.
The trick is to ensure the batteries are fully charged before you connect the tender. This is the second winter I have run with this setup.
I have a jumper cable between the coach and chassis batteries.

Posted By: jamesla on 02/15/10 07:32pm

Are we talking Battery Minder or Battery Tender, sorry never heard of
a Battery Tender. Battery Minder will take of 2 or more batteries.
Battery Minder Plus is their latest offering. Perhaps you should charge your batteries fully then use the minder or tender.
Regards, Jim

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Posted By: jamesla on 02/16/10 10:06am


Posted By: wa8yxm on 02/16/10 10:12am

Well. the battery tender plus should be able to do two batteries, but.. .Consider that your batteries may well hold 100 amp hours (OR MORE) each (that'a a G-27 I think at 100 AH) and the B-Tender puts out what. 1-4 amps (Depending on the model) peak.

And for the record. "Battery" means a collection of cells

So when you take two 12 volt batteries and hook them in parallel, you have one 12 volt battery.. Just bigger.

IE 12 volts at 100 ah + 12 volts at 100 AH in parallel = 12 volts at 200 AH

By the same token,, When you take two identical six volt batteries and hook 'em in series, you have one 12 volt battery.. Only in this case it's the same "Size" (amp hours) as ONE of the six volt batteries

IE: 6 volts at 200 ah, plus 6 volts at 200 ah, in series = 12 volts at 200 AH

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Posted By: time2roll on 02/16/10 10:30am

The Battery Tender will go into storage mode after 72 hours even if the battery is not fully charged. I agree that if the batteries are low to charge them individually for at least 72 hours each. Repete alternating batteries until the Tender goes to float mode before 72 hours. Then connect in parallel and set the Tender and leave it.

BT trouble shooting guide

Note: After the battery voltage reaches 14.5
volts, the Battery Tender Plus will go into
storage mode after 8 hours or when current
is less than 0.1 amp, whichever comes first.
If the battery voltage does not reach 14.5
volts within 72 hours, then the Battery Tender
plus will also go into storage mode

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Posted By: Triker33 on 02/16/10 02:36pm


Are we talking Battery Minder or Battery Tender, sorry never heard of a Battery Tender

You have lived a very sheltered life if you haven't heard of a Dalton "Battery Tender"

It has been very popular in the Motorcycle world for years.

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Posted By: randallb on 02/16/10 05:26pm


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Posted By: Dave H M on 02/16/10 05:40pm

If I recall the OP you indicated that you wanted to charge the batts. I got three of those animals and think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. However they are tenders, not chargers. I have put them on partially discharged batts and they took days like maybe a week and a half and things came up to speed.

I don't know about that 3 day maintenance thing, mine stayed on charge mode for days and later on switched to maintain. [emoticon]

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