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Topic: towing new rockwood tavel trailer

Posted By: UAMEMBER91 on 02/24/10 05:16pm

We are thing about buying a 26 ft.2601ss rockwood ultra light travel trailer, dry weight 5379 lbs. hitch weight 725 lbs.We have a 2007 chevy surburban 1500 factory sticker says it will pull 7200 lbs, are we ok? thanks for the info.

Posted By: emt-rbrown on 02/24/10 05:19pm

last year i bulled my 8313 with my 1500 5.3 out east. it was a little much. but with the weight of yours youll be fine. just dont get in a hurry and enjoy the ride.

Posted By: giblet2u2 on 02/24/10 05:39pm

Carrying any cargo in the 'burb? If so, it might be a bit close...but if you feel comfortable

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Posted By: kknowlton on 02/24/10 05:54pm

What's the UVW of the trailer? (There should be a sticker inside one of the cabinets which gives that information.) Dry weight is a fictitious figure, but UVW is the weight of that individual trailer, equipped with all the factory-installed options it carries, just before it leaves the factory. (We saw them do this at the factory that builds Rockwood TTs.) If it's under 6500, you should be ok, though you'll probably be up against your vehicle's tow rating once you load it with your gear. (Two of us carry about 500-550 lbs of gear in our TT for camping trips.) As mentioned, the weight of passengers and cargo in the Burb must be considered, and counts against the tow rating.

If the UVW of the trailer is 7000 or more, you're very likely to be over your truck's ratings with the loaded trailer.

Posted By: skipnchar on 02/24/10 06:41pm

No problem as long as you plan on towing the trailer with nothing in it and with nobody in the tow vehicle. Now what's the GVWR of the trialer and the ACTUAL tongue weight (15% of the GVWR) and how much weight will be in the Suburban (reduces the tow rating pound for pound). Good luck / skip

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Posted By: ncrowley on 02/24/10 06:45pm

We have a Tundra that has the same max pulling capacity and after doing a lot of math, we decided that we wanted the trailer to be 5000 pounds or less. You need to consider what you will have in the trailer and what you will have in the tow vehicle. It is just the two of us so we do not have as much weight in gear and people as someone with kids. The Tundra is pulling the trailer fine but it could use more power on hills. I would suggest that you stay at 5000 pounds or less.

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Posted By: timmyjimmy on 03/03/10 11:04pm

7200 - 5379 = the guy has 1821 lbs for cargo, water, propane etc, your more than fine, again, you have a long wheel base and a heavy tow vehicle, the rockwood is will tow great!

Posted By: VirtualGarage on 03/03/10 11:32pm

UAMEMBER91 wrote:

We are thing about buying a 26 ft.2601ss rockwood ultra light travel trailer, dry weight 5379 lbs. hitch weight 725 lbs.We have a 2007 chevy surburban 1500 factory sticker says it will pull 7200 lbs, are we ok? thanks for the info.

I wonder what makes that Rockwood an "ultra light?"

Our 2009 Tango is not designated an "ultra light" and is bigger at 30' but is also lighter (dry weight 5340 lbs, hitch weight 680 lbs) than that Rockwood.

Anyway, the Tango's GVWR is 7000 lbs. We had no problems towing with our 2007 Yukon XL but we've got a bigger engine and our tow rating is slighter higher (7700 lb). But we're also a family of seven so you may not be as loaded as much as we are.

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Posted By: timmyjimmy on 02/25/10 01:26pm

With one of the best all around tow vehicles you should be fine, I owned two suburbans over the years and absolutely loved both of them. Neither was a 2007, 1 was 1986 and the other, which i still have was a 1992. The long wheel base and base weight make the suburban awesome!

Posted By: TXiceman on 02/25/10 01:47pm

The 7200# is a MAXIMUM capacity and based on a base model, no cargo, no options, and only a 150# driver. SO add passengers, cargo and a hitch and the 7200# is reduced by the added weight. Also, the dry weight of the trailer is no options, no propane, and an EMPTY trailer. If you are not over limits on your Burb, you are dang close.


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Posted By: cameronbeardies on 02/25/10 09:42am

I have a 2008 2601SS that I pull with my 1500 Suburban, but the specs are different from what you've given us:
Dry Weight 4,320 lbs. (1,960 kg)

Gross Vehicle Wt Rating (GVWR) 6,392 lbs. (2,899 kg)

Hitch Weight 392 lbs. (178 kg)

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