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Topic: 94 Georgie Boy Pursuit elecrical problem

Posted By: shadowofself on 05/24/10 10:15pm

My daughter has a 94 Pursuit that has no electric power inside. She has checked breakers and all are set. Any suggestions?

Posted By: HavinSumFun on 05/24/10 10:41pm

Maybe a few answers would help.

Is she plugged into shore power and is the breaker at the power post turned on? Yes, it has happened to me.

If she has a generator, does it supply power to the coach when running? If so then the power center is working and the shore power connection and cord is suspect. If not, then the power center is suspect. If the generator won't turn over then look for a battery disconnect switch to enable the coach battery.

Do the lights work inside when the motor is running? If so then the DC portion of the power center is working. If not, then check for a battery disconnect switch that may enable DC power to the coach.

Posted By: Gale Hawkins on 05/25/10 12:54am

we have the same MH.

What is the RV powercord plugged into?

Posted By: bobcat187 on 05/25/10 05:15pm

This motor home only has one battery hooked up. Does it need both? as for light's working when its running only the 12 vold light's work running or not, generator will not start.

Posted By: HavinSumFun on 05/25/10 05:49pm

Does the generator turn over but not start or does it not turn over? If it does not turn over that makes the coach battery a little suspect, try starting it while the engine is running. If it does turn over but does not start make sure you have more than a 1/4 tank of fuel in the fuel tank.

If you can get the generator running and the coach has 120V power (microwave or TV comes on) then there might be something wrong with the shore power hook up - bad power cord, bad transfer switch, etc.

At his point if the engine starts and you have lights when the engine is not running, then don't worry about hooking up the other battery now but you should get it connected up later if you need more battery capacity. Just make sure the batteries that are connected are tight at the battery posts.

Is the coach plugged into a power post or is the coach dry camping?

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