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Topic: Outdoor BBQ - Low Gas Flow

Posted By: stevegutch on 06/05/10 08:34am

I have a BBQ the mounts on the outisde of my Fleetwood Victory and connects to the camper propane tank. When I tried to use it last weekend the gas flow was too low to keep it lit for very long. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

Posted By: YC 1 on 06/05/10 08:40am

I have had this happen several times. Replaced the regulator and tried others. What seems to happen is the regulators today are designed to detect a leak. If the flow is a surge it trips and goes to the trickle mode.

Try turning off the propane and opening a burner to release pressure. Turn the burner off and very slowly turn the propane back on. When I replaced a regulator on my high output two burner stove it came with a small multi turn twist valve right before the regulator so the propane pressure could be controlled better.

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Posted By: mike4947 on 06/05/10 09:16am

The majority of problems come from the hose. It has check valvs in each end and they stick. If the insde stove works then the cure is a new hose or a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the check valves and make sure you are connected to the stove before connecting to the trailer. Your daily guide to the Open Road

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Posted By: tam8224 on 06/05/10 10:11am

I had this problem with my Weber Baby Q grill. I called Weber and they said because of the check valves in the hose, like mike4947 mentioned, if you turn the gas on and let it sit for at LEAST 1 minute before igniting the grill it should work. I tried that and haven't had a problem since. It has something to do with getting the right pressure in the hose for the valves to work properly. It might be worth a try.

Posted By: jauguston on 06/05/10 10:23am

Most outside propane connections are LOW pressure. If you connect a device that is intended to use the green one pound screw on tanks they are HI pressure.


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Posted By: red31 on 06/05/10 10:30am

I assume the OP has a RVQ type grill designed to hang on the PU and connect to the quick disconnect.

Spider webs and such in the hose/burner/orifice.

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Posted By: A1B00902 on 06/05/10 10:32am

Had the same thing happen, when I took the hose&tank to a propane place. they told me to change the new style screw on end of the hose,the black one that goes around the out side of the tank filler valve, and replace it with the old style, that screws into the filler valve
The reason given was that the needle on the new style get worn down and does not open the gas flow, now it works even better than when I first bought it

Posted By: JLTN_James on 06/05/10 09:45pm

Check the inlet to the BBQ. If you ever set the grill on the ground, you'll fill the inlet up with dirt. Always turn it upside down when not on the bracket. That will help keep the inlet clear.

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