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Topic: quad bunks in a trailer less than 5500 lbs?

Posted By: 6fortheroad on 08/09/10 01:35pm

My family and I started with a tent, then a pop up and now currently have a hybrid. Our hybrid is leaking and getting a tad small for the six of us (darn those teen years [emoticon]) so we are looking to get a bigger trailer. I'm leaning toward an enclosed trailer for many reasons including ease of set up and hopefully the lack of leaks

I would ideally like to have quad bunks for the kids -- but we need to keep the weight fairly light, under 5500 lbs dry weight (our durango can pull 6500lb dry weight).

any ideas would very much be appreciated!

Posted By: Dixonmatco on 08/09/10 01:47pm

Just a suggestion based on what we did. We had a small Class C with just a couch and a bed over the driver's seat. We always carried a separate tent for each of our kids. They each had their own space which they preferred as much as we appreciated having ours [emoticon][emoticon]. They could bring a friend as well. They had air beds, sleeping bags and electric lanterns. (along with game boys) Simple and easy as long as they are old enough.

Worked fine for us.

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Posted By: Mickeyfan0805 on 08/09/10 02:07pm

I have done a lot of looking in the same range in anticipation of towing with an Expedition. There are a number of possibilities in the weights you are talking about. Keystone, Forest River, KZ and Heartland all have quad-bunk trailers under 5,500 dry (Jayco may have one or two as well). Most will have a single slide (not a super slide) and will be in the 30-33' range in total length. There are a ton of options and floorplans.

If you do go this route, however, make sure pay attention to the tongue weights. Assuming you have the Durango that is rated for 8,900 pounds towing, your tow capacity will not be your limiting factor. With a family of six, including teenagers, payload will be your real limitation. I don't know the stats, but once you add yourself, your wife, and your kids to the Durango, I would not be at all surprised if you have less than 600 pounds of payload to work with. If you run a 12% tongue weight, that limits you to a 5,000 pound trailer LOADED.

Again, I don't know your weights, and there are plenty of trailers in the weight you listed. However, don't look just at the weight of the trailer - look also at the placement of axles, spacing of axles, etc... All of this will influence how much your tongue will effect your payload. 10% to 15% is the normally stated 'safe range,' but axles spacing and placement will effect how readily you can fall on one end or the other of that range.

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Posted By: eric james on 08/09/10 03:35pm

Lightweight quad bunks are tough to find. My trailer is quad bunk with queen up front. Dry weight is 5100 but loaded it's 6000lbs. It's about as much as I'm comfortable with an Expedition. And I'm almost over my GVWR.

If you're looking at used, look for units like the one posted about with the quad bunks up front and the rear slide. That's about the only way you can get room and keep the weight and length low for your Durango.

With a party of six in the Durango, it's going to be tough not to max it out.

Consider a used 3/4 ton Burb then not have to worry about the trailer size. Bite the bullet?

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Posted By: Opie431 on 08/09/10 03:43pm

Our 2003 Keystone Outback sleeps ten with four bunks, the sofa and table make four more plus the bed brings it to ten. It would not live ten however.
When we have visitors for more than a night or two we put up a tent for them.
Putting up a tent on the same lot is possible where we camp but you cannot do that at some campgrounds. Good luck and happy TT hunting.

Posted By: mwebber78 on 08/09/10 04:21pm

Try the new Crossroads Slingshot. It's quite a rig and Crossroads has a great reputation.

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Posted By: campin4kids on 08/11/10 06:49am

6fortheroad wrote:

My family and I started with a tent, then a pop up and now currently have a hybrid. Our hybrid is leaking and getting a tad small for the six of us (darn those teen years [emoticon]) so we are looking to get a bigger trailer. I'm leaning toward an enclosed trailer for many reasons including ease of set up and hopefully the lack of leaks

I would ideally like to have quad bunks for the kids -- but we need to keep the weight fairly light, under 5500 lbs dry weight (our durango can pull 6500lb dry weight).

any ideas would very much be appreciated!

We actually had a Road Runner 21 ft quad bunk. It got too small for us but it had everything we needed. The adult bed was the dinette that turned into a doube at the front. The quards were at the back and the bath (small) and kitchen(no counter space)was in the middle. I don't remember what year it was (2004)but I used to say you had to go outside to change your mind. [emoticon]

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Posted By: Mortimer Brewster on 08/11/10 07:50am

We have a KZ Spree 289KS with which we are very happy. I think it would fit your needs. We had a Reese dual cam hitch and still had sway issues (the hitch weight on it is relatively light). I put a ProPride hitch on it with great results.

Posted By: jdscala on 08/11/10 09:27am

I think I may have the smallest and lightest trailer with quad bunks currently made (the Max Sport 23bh in my sig). Although, with teens it is probably smaller than you are looking for. Last time I weighed it (loaded with no water) it weighed around 4150 lbs. It is 25' long (hitch to bumper) with the bunks in the back and a U-shaped dinette in the front for DW and I to sleep on.

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Posted By: ktosv on 08/11/10 10:41am

As others have mentioned, if you look at a TT that is 5500# dry you may not have an issue with your towing capacity, but your carrying capacity.

Our trailer has a dry weight of 5400#. We recently upgraded from an 05 1/2 ton Suburban to an 04 3/4 ton Suburban. With four growing kids and two dogs I was at my carrying capacity for the 1/2 ton. My 05 had the 5.3L and 3.42 axle, and for 90% of my towing it was going to do just fine from a power stand point (my engine temp never moved and highest short term tranny temp was 210F). But I was pushing the limits of my suspension. I never felt unsafe or out of control, and no white knuckle situations in the times we did tow with it, I just knew I was at that upper limit.

We were able to sell our 05 for what I thought was a good price and moved to an equally as nice 04 3/4 ton. I have only taken it on a 60 mile test tow, but I can tell you that from a weight carrying and handling perspective it is a night and day difference (in favor of the 3/4 ton).

The Max Sport 23bh might be an option for you, but if you look at longer and heavier trailers make sure you have a great weight distribution hitch and sway control and a good brake controller.

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Posted By: canadiankid on 08/11/10 11:03am

+1 on the trow the kids in a tent.

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Posted By: eddeeeee on 08/11/10 11:12am

You might be able to find a used rockwood roo 26rs or a pilgrim cirrus 25crsqb. both are about 28' long quad bunk units with dry weights under 4600#. We own a Cirrus. There were more small and light plans like that in 2006 than there are now. Most these days are about 3' longer and have a bigger dinette on a side slide and that adds weight.

Posted By: CrazyAboutOrchids on 08/11/10 06:33pm

We also have a 2003 Outback 26RS as another poster here. With our three kids; ages 9, 11, 13, we love the quad bunks up front. The 26RS is no longer made but are available from dealers or on Craigslist (where we found ours). The older models weigh less than models from 2006 or 2007 on.

Posted By: coppertales on 08/11/10 09:30pm

I am looking at a Crossroads Sunset Trail ST29QB that has quad bunks in the rear and a queen up fromt. It has a dry weight of 5490. The ST9SS is a slight upgrade that weighs 5680....chris3

Posted By: jimkz on 08/12/10 11:22am

You can look at Everlite by Evergreen. We just bought the 33QBH and the weight is around that. We have taken two trips and are very pleased!

Posted By: wdcd on 08/12/10 12:02pm

I have the Coachman Freedom Express 291QBS. You can get it with 4 bunks. It's 33 foot long and weighs in dry at 5700#.

Posted By: fornarog on 08/12/10 02:05pm

We have a Crossroads Belair 31'. It has a queen front bedroom and quad bunks in the rear. No slide. Wet and loaded, it runs approx. 7700 lbs.


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Posted By: BUFFALODAN on 08/12/10 02:58pm

Thats right about where Im at loaded up. KZ Frontier 2505 or Sportsman 2505. Same layout. Dont make the floorplan anymore in the Sportsman or Spree (replaced the Frontier) gotta look used.

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Posted By: avapj on 09/20/10 01:55pm

I have same problem. Looking for more like 5000GVW or less. So far this is what I've found.

A)Forest River Surveyor SV-294
Dry Weight in Brochure 4673 (probably without any options)

Saw one in person at an RV show and sticker on unit (with options) said Dry Weight 5246.

B)Rvision Trailsport 29bhss
Brochure says Dry Weight 4166

Saw one in person while on vacation at that lists dry weight WITH options at 4663.

Pocono RV has a decent site. They post their Dry Weights as actual dry weights with options already in the trailers - not the brochure weights.

C)Keystone Passport 290BH
"Shipping Weight" 5177
Their shipping weight is their dry weight with options. They do not have any options because everything is included in it already. Check it out on the keystone site.

It's been kind of confusing to me. Everyone was saying their trailer "grew" about 4-500 lbs after they put on their options. I found this is usually the case, but again, not with the Passports. So keep that in mind when looking.

Another idea instead of adding tents for the teens, you didn't the type of vehicle you had. Growing up, we had a capped pickup truck. My dad put about 4 or 6 brackets (2-3 per side), put a 2 x 4 in them to lay across, and then threw a mattress in there for my 2 brothers to sleep on. they loved it!

Hope this helps!

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Posted By: avapj on 09/20/10 02:02pm

Looked at a 2006 Outback 26RS. Weight was around 6000 lbs GVW.
Looking at brochures, I saw it had around (I forget now) about 1000-1200 lbs.CCC (cargo carrying capacity) Well when I went to go look at it, I saw the sticker in the kitchen cabinet, and apparently that number went down to only having 600 lbs of CCC because when the trailer comes in, they subtract the options installed from the CCC. So I guess it had about 4-600 lbs of options.

So I figured we needed anywhere from 1000-1400 lbs of CCC (big family you know) So I figured after I looked at the sticker of only having 600 lbs left, that wasn't going to do it for us.

So I hope I've helped. Trying to save you some trouble when you go looking. I started asking for a picture of the sticker in the kitchen cabinet (on the older models-not the last year or two) - They have a different sticker now on the outside of the trailers that are yellow. The older ones are white and inside the kitchen cabs. Anyway, if I get the pic of the sticker, I can see for myself what the UVW, CCC and the GVW are.

Posted By: lostontheshore on 09/21/10 03:58am

I have four kids and DW. We have 2008 Wildwood Blitz 26QB. It works for us though my kids are younger than yours. I think the trailer is fairly light I tow with a Ford E350 van. I've seen them for sale on-line. We bought ours used.

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