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Topic: Thor/Four Winds Hurricane Lemon?

Posted By: BluesLover on 08/13/10 09:17am

I have had so many issues with a "new" 2008 Hurricane 34B that I think we got a lemon. We bought it in March 2010, new with complete warranty and assurances that they would take care of ALL problems.

First issue was the tires sat in the same place for over two years, and now vibrate so badly it shakes the MH to death. I had pointed out the vibrations during the test drive, and the dealer claimed they had checked everything out and had corrected the problem. NOT! The tires bounce down the road. Took it to a Ford dealer, and they diagnosed the problem as tires out of "road force" specs due to being parked in the same place for too long. They said the tires would be replaced under warranty, but Goodyear has had them on back-order for some time now, and Ford won't replace with a different brand.

I replaced the front tires ON MY OWN just so I could go on another trip without the dash shaking apart, hoping the rear tires wouldn't be as much of a problem. NOT. The back-end of the coach bounces at all speeds, and REALLY vibrates at anything over 60 MPH.

Next, the steps quit working after less than 100 cycles. Dealer replaced the motor and control unit.

Then, the first time I tried to run both A/C units from the generator, the 24 amp breaker would trip and both units stopped working. Thors's service tech said "they" had wired the coach wrong, putting both A/C's on the 25 amp leg. I asked who "they" were, and MIke the service tech sheepishly said "The factory"... and that I would have to take it to a dealer to be re-wired.

Next the dinette slide out leaked during our first time we had a mild rain when the slide was extended, doing damage to the wood trim above the couch ad soaking the couch and dinette. The dealer supposedly fixed it by replacing MISSING seals, but last night, the next rain, there was a leak at the front bottom of the slide-out, right behind the driver's chair. Water soaked the carpet all the way to the passenger's chair.

Still waiting for Thor's "service concierge" to call back with the closest dealer so I can get both A/Cs working and fix the leak. Was promised a call almost an hour ago, so I decided to take time to WARN EVERYONE ABOUT THE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I am having with my new Hurricane 34B.

Other than filing complaints withh the BBB, etc., are there any other avenues to air my grievances? I am checking the state's lemon laws to see if I can force Thor and their dealer to address the issues to take the coach back, but would welcome any suggestions other than parking the rig in front of the dealer with a huge LEMON banner on its side (which iam seriously considering doing...).

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Posted By: Bruce Brown on 08/13/10 09:23am

Most of that stuff sounds fairly minor (in the big picture) and once corrected should no longer be an issue. Some would say "it's the normal new stuff you have to deal with". I would content it's the normal new stuff you have to deal with on some motorhomes.

Keep after them, they'll get stuff figured out and you'll be enjoying happy days. Nothing you have posted even comes close to Lemon Law stuff.

There are 24 hours in every day - it all depends on how you choose to use them.
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Posted By: BluesLover on 08/13/10 09:52am

Thanks for the reply.

It is just aggravating as can be to have to drive three hours round trip to the dealer to only have more problems crop up every trip I take.

Also, to have missing seals around the slide out, missing seals around the entrance door, powered steps that died a very premature death, and incorrectly wired air conditioners doesn't give me any confidence that there won't be continuing problems for the life of the unit.

After waiting over an hour after the promised return call from Thor Service, I called them back. No dealer in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area, so I will have to drive back home and hope that the dealer will get the leaks stopped once and for all, and re-wire the A/C units properly. Luckily the 100 degree-plus heat has subsided for a day or two.

If they can't (won't) fix the tires, what is my recourse?

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Posted By: Mike and Trish on 08/13/10 10:05am

Not that it will make you feel any better, but to keep things in perspective, you should realize that the "fault" for these problems is spread around between coach manufacturer, component manufacturer, and dealer.

Tires being "out of round" from sitting in one spot too long is the dealer's fault, for not moving his coaches on a regular basis. This is a typical "lot rot" issue on coaches that sit in inventory too long, which has happened a lot in the last few years.

The steps mechanism failing is the component mfr's fault. It happens; and all coach manufacturers buy their steps from the same 2 or 3 companies.

Mis-wiring at the factory is a Four Winds issue, as is (probably) a leaking slide.

In any case, of course, you are stuck working with Four Winds customer service (who I've actually had very good experience with) and your dealer. Just try to understand that, because these things are made (and warrantied) by different entities, you have to work the system to get them fixed. You have to be patient, but persistent. Good luck!

Mike and Trish
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Posted By: Mike and Trish on 08/13/10 10:09am

BluesLover wrote:

After waiting over an hour after the promised return call from Thor Service, I called them back. No dealer in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area, so I will have to drive back home and hope that the dealer will get the leaks stopped once and for all, and re-wire the A/C units properly.

Who's the dealer? Triangle in Frederick is listed as a Hurricane dealer ... or is that who you're having trouble with?

Posted By: ireen on 08/13/10 11:15am

Very respectfully I say welcome to the world of RVING.

Posted By: BluesLover on 08/13/10 12:39pm


The dealer who sold the unit is in Arkansas.

Evidently Thor's service guy overlooked a fairly close-by dealer. Sorry I didn't see your message earlier. Doubt they could squeeze me in at this late of a time on Friday.

Got a different service tech at Thor today, and he is really, really trying to help. He has scheduled repairs at my local dealer when I get back to Arkansas. And even better, he says if he has to, will ship tires to me and pay for balancing and mounting at my local tire dealer. Totally different response than previous Thor guy and local dealer's guy, who both said it wasn't their problem and that they didn't believe that Ford would even cover them.

Thanks to all for the replies, and sorry for being so darn cranky today! Just really, really frustrating to wake up to a soggy carpet for the second time... Thanks for letting me vent those frustrations!

Posted By: fatmanobx on 08/13/10 02:15pm

Even the big coachs have problems. Just the nature of the beast....Happy Trails[emoticon]

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Posted By: dww8 on 08/13/10 05:25pm

I have heard this kind of story for a while and thought maybe they were exagerated..On the 4th at Henderson Harbour we were parked next to a guy with a Hurricane and he was spitting mad. He had bad slide leaks that ruined the carpet and some side walls. His rig had been at the dealer or the factory since he bought it last year. There was so many things wrong it was sad to hear. One of the things that factory did was fill the water tank and then leave the water in it for a few months, you cannot describe the smell...He thought there was something wrong with the campground water.

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Posted By: TN Tarheel on 08/13/10 06:35pm

Have a 2004 Hurricane, 28K miles, never had a problem other than a high pressure hose on dash a/c. Problems on any brand of RV. My neighbor is having multiple problems with their Tiffin, many trips through Red Bank. Just the nature of the beast, just hope you get one with less problems when you buy.

Posted By: Shipper on 08/13/10 06:37pm

BluesLover wrote:

Then, the first time I tried to run both A/C units from the generator, the 24 amp breaker would trip and both units stopped working. Thors's service tech said "they" had wired the coach wrong, putting both A/C's on the 25 amp leg. I asked who "they" were, and MIke the service tech sheepishly said "The factory"... and that I would have to take it to a dealer to be re-wired.

If you are fortunate enough to have both circuit breakers for the A/C's close together, it's a simple matter to move one circuit breaker to the other leg without even disconnecting the wire. Of course make certain that all power is disconnected including the battery switch (don't have to worry about DC voltage, but stay on the safe side). Just remove the cover to the load center and you'll quickly see if it's as simple as I say it can be; if not then just continue on to the dealer. If it is simple, then you'll have both A/C's working as they should.
PS: Happened to me on my Alaska trip far from a dealer. It wasn't that I needed both A/C's but I had to move the main A/C to the other leg because everything else was on that leg. Good luck!

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Posted By: 2cyber71 on 08/13/10 06:39pm

RVing is an experience.
It includes fixing things often.

You really don't want to see the list of things I had to do to my.
1. 1999 Storm
2. 2004 Southwind
3. 2007 far this yr....$2,000 in fixing stuff....things wear out, break, fall off, shake off, get loose, etc & etc...,,sometimes, i just screw up and break something much fun!...extended warranty....good reason to buy one!

Posted By: BluesLover on 08/13/10 08:28pm

Had a travel trailer (Keystone Cougar) for years, and just upgraded to a MH.

My only problems with the travel trailer in seven years was replacing the circuit breaker in the cable from the battery to the trailer, and replacing the stereo.

With the new MH, there have been numerous other issues that I didn't even bother the dealer with, everything from loose screws to a broken drawer catch, so I am not griping about minor issues.

However, when the coach is flooded twice in two weeks...

I checked the A/C circuit breakers, and they are tandem breakers- two breakers in one housing. The first slot is the breakers for the microwave and the main A/C. The second slot is the hot water heater and second A/C.

I'll take a further look tomorrow morning to see if I can figure out how the two genset legs are wired to the breakers.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions!

Posted By: Silver_Knight on 08/13/10 08:56pm

Welcome to RV ownership...[emoticon]

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Posted By: sealevel ram on 08/13/10 08:59pm

Have a Four Winds Infinity.
Sat next to a guy in a restaurant that has a new Prevost. He was spitting fire because it had been back at the factory for a month to fix things.
It happens to all, even Toyotas.
Hang in there.

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Posted By: smjanes on 08/13/10 09:15pm

TN Tarheel wrote:

Have a 2004 Hurricane, 28K miles, never had a problem other than a high pressure hose on dash a/c. Problems on any brand of RV. My neighbor is having multiple problems with their Tiffin, many trips through Red Bank. Just the nature of the beast, just hope you get one with less problems when you buy.

Did the hose leak because it rubbed on something? When I bought my 2007 Hurricane in 2009, I gave it a good going over and noticed that the A/C hose was rubbing on the battery. I used an old piece of garden hose to protect it.

Posted By: hotsparks on 08/13/10 09:50pm

Hey everybody, just a side note. Did anybody notice the difference in this post and the one the other day about the dealership? It's all in the attitude. This op did not over react and call the dealer a bunch of hacks. They explained what their problem is and received helpful answers. Like I said on the other post, we all have problems we just need to deal with them. Respect is earned, not bought. [emoticon] Don't worry, be happy.

Posted By: bsinmich on 08/14/10 05:29pm

And yesterday was Friday the 13th.

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Posted By: EndeavorV10 on 08/14/10 05:30pm

To me these things are built with "get it out the door ASAP" by every single company, even the likes of Tiffin.

Each campground I go to the one topic that consistently comes up is what people have gone through after their (new, not used) purchase. I have yet to meet somebody who said they bought new and had zero issues.

I'm at a CG right now parked next to a Phaeton and across from him a Zephyr, both people love their coach but both took 6 months or more to work out all of the bugs, just crazy.

I know there are people who have bought new with no problems but figure running into them is like running into Yeti. To the OP, hold their feet to the fire, even if they replace it with a brand new one, chances are you'll just have new issues to resolve.

Not being negative on RV'ing (I love it!), just shocked by the lack of quality in even the top of the line builders.

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Posted By: BluesLover on 08/15/10 08:54am

I think the new leak (which happened when the slide was retracted, BTW) is due to absolutely no dressing on the seals that were installed by the dealer last week. I checked for obvious gaps, etc., and really didn't see anything.

@KlipschHead281- Agreed. QC seems to be very lacking, and even worse, the factory and dealer both were doing everything they could to avoid taking responsibility for the tire issue. Feet will be held to fire.

Also, just a side note. I am a proud owner of two Klipsch speaker sets. Talk about great quality... the RV industry could learn from the folks at Klipsch!

Posted By: BluesLover on 08/28/10 12:35pm

An update on the Hurricane we now affectionately call The Leaky Lemon.

Before taking the rig back to the dealer, I did a lot of investigating. The leaks were due to shoddy assembly of the slide-out roof. The rubber roofing material was puckered up with a visible gap between the metal trim and the rubber roofing. There was also a length of sealing tape that was loose at several places. The dealer should have seen that all the first time they had it in for repair.

This time, the dealer had the rig for a week. They knew I needed it for another trip we had scheduled. When I went to pick it up, the rubber seal they had installed around the slide out during the first repair was hanging loose in several places. Evidently they didn't prep the surface and the adhesive didn't stick.


Rather than offer to fix the seal and get me on the road for the trip, the dealer said they would try to get it fixed the next day. Granted, I was there near their closing time, but their shop was still open.

Also, the wood trim above the dinette and couch had been removed, and the dealer has it on order from the factory. Since there was still work to be done, I handed back the keys and I left the RV with the dealer, telling them to get it ALL fixed and then I'll be back to pick it up. In the meantime, I am back to renting hotel rooms and driving the SUV.

The good news is they found the A/Cs were both wired to the same genset circuit at the distribution panel, and rewired them to allow simultaneous operation.

Finally, the factory is now waffling on shipping me replacement tires, saying they need help from the dealer to get them replaced.

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Posted By: Livin Good on 08/28/10 06:20pm

I see nothing that would qualify as a lemon. FYI, Motorhomes don't typically fall under the lemon law act....

Posted By: kimoson3 on 08/29/10 10:12am

I bought my '08 Hurricane 33T, used with 12,524 miles on it and have only experienced one problem, the LF leveling jack would not come down. Was replaced by the leveler manufacturer under their (3 year)warranty, my total cost, $42.08 for shipping. I have two friends that also have Hurricane's one a 2007 32, and the other also a 2008 34B, neither has had any significant problems and nothing not quickly taken care of by the dealership. Note, we all bought from the same dealership, Harberson RV, FL. IMHO the biggiet problem here is a MH sold as new after sitting on a lot for 2 years likely with the slides extended. BTW, if you bought from a Chicago, dealership, they took the last 10 2008 units from Thor on consignment, in 2009.

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Posted By: Jarlaxle on 08/30/10 03:46pm

Regarding the tires, I'd try this: have them rotated. I'm dead serious: have the duals switched so the flattened spots are 180 degrees apart. If there is any vibration left, it will be minor.

But everything else...yep, pretty normal for motorhomes, built with attention to detail and quality that would shame the people who built Yugos or Trabants.

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Posted By: BluesLover on 09/21/10 11:51am

Well, the Leaky Lemon is back in the shop. Despite the dealer saying they had checked every possible seals, LL still leaked right behind the drivers seat when the slide out was closed.

So, I started to extend the slider to see if I could find where the leak was coming from. The slider "stalled" for a second, and then there was a loud "pop". I stopped extending the slider immediately, and looked to see what the noise was from.

The seal that is supposed to seal between the metal frame and the slider itself had come lose at the top, almost half of it was pulled off the frame and was sitting outside the RV on the roof of the slider. I slowly extended the slider enough to reach the seal and pulled the seal back in place enough to retract the slider and take it back to the dealer over the weekend.

Add to that, the shower leaks around the metal frame of the shower enclosure, between it and the fiberglass shower pan.

Also, the radio stopped working. Both fuses check OK at the box, but there is no power to the main power wire at the radio. There is power to the radio's "memory" wire. Evidently a break or short in the circuit between the fuse box and the dash.

Also, the gray, black and fresh water level panel isn't working right. It was showing only one light even with the fresh water tank completely full, and the gray and black water lights work sometimes but not always.

Monday morning, the dealer said he doubts he can fix the seal by Friday. Five days. To say the least, I'd hate to be in the middle of a trip and have to stay in Lowell, Arkansas for five days to get a seal repaired.

Finally, a local tire guy isolated the vibration problem to one of the wheels, which is horribly out of round. A replacement wheel is on order.

The good news is that Four Winds is OK with me taking the unit to another Four Winds dealer for all future warranty repairs.

The bad news is that the next closest dealer is a CW store two hours away.

Are CW shops really as bad as the reviews here seem to indicate?

Posted By: vfrmarc on 09/21/10 12:20pm

sealevel ram wrote:

Sat next to a guy in a restaurant that has a new Prevost. He was spitting fire because it had been back at the factory for a month to fix things.
It happens to all, even Toyotas.
Hang in there.

And the Prevost owner has already lost more in depreciation then your coach is worth? [emoticon]

That is not a comment on the value of your coach, but if his was new he spent way more than $1 Million for it and if the 20% depreciation rule applies, you could buy a nice DP for what he dropped in value just driving it home.

Hang in there and make them fix everything, you deserve to have it working up to its capability and delivering the service it was designed to deliver.

Posted By: J-Rooster on 09/21/10 01:24pm

Sorry to hear about your troubles major or minor! You laid big bucks down for your coach and deserve more then what you received IMHO! John

Posted By: teebee1 on 09/21/10 03:50pm

My 07 Hurricane was bought new in Jan 08 at a dealership 10 hours from home. It sat on the lot for a year and also had several problems. The closest 4 winds dealership to home did not want to service the unit and actually added to the problems.

4 winds was supportive and worked with other dealers to get everything fixed even beyond the factory warranty. A local glass shop was allowed to reseal the windshield.

I had ongoing problems with the lr slide hydraulics and Equalizer, the hydraulics manufacturer, stuck with me until it was diagnosed and repaired.

Considering this is a house on wheels plus a motor and transmission and it set on the lot for over a year I expected some issues. I bought through the internet at a reduced price and got what I paid for.

Stick with it and I believe 4 winds will fix everything.

2007 Four Winds Hurricane 34B
2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser turbo, convertible
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Posted By: BluesLover on 09/22/10 02:35pm


Thanks for the info.

We'll be taking it to another dealer if problems persist.

Posted By: ryanallie1 on 09/23/10 06:42am

Hi All.

We are sorry to hear of your problems. Yes, some times it is the nature of the beast. But the Manufactoring of today, there is no quality workmanship anymore. Yes you can expect to find problems with any new RV. I can understand problems. But what I can't understand, is the lack of willingness to get the repairs done in a timely manner. I think, all RV Sales, a certain amount of money should be held in an Escrow Account for a certain amount of time. If Repairs are not completed in a timely manner, than that money should go to the buyer. I bet that would get a lot of Lazy Dealers and Manufactors off of their deadd Butts in a hurry. I thhink it help to end, passing the Buck Story. Yours is only one story of many many I have read over my lifetime. Thats one of the reason why I have never bought a new RV in the 45 years as RV'ers. Its not that we can't afford a Brand new RV. We easily can. But we just don't want to go throught all of the Hassels and Horror Stories you hear so often about. Every RV we have ever bought, either from a Dealer, or a Private Party. No money ever exchanged hands until anything wrong was fixed first. If that is not agreeable, then we go some place else. Plus we believe in letting the first owner take the Huge Hits on their RV's. We can't even think of how much money we have saved over the last 45 years by buying this way. And in all of these years, and the different RV's that we have bought. We haven't had to put hardly any momey into them, that was un-expected. Mods we don't count. Normally after a year or two, all of the bugs have been worked out in most RV's by then. It sure has paid off for us. We wish you Good Luck. Happy Travels. Dan & Jill

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