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Topic: Winterizing question

Posted By: TiogaChevy on 09/22/10 01:22pm

How do you get the anti-freeze into the water lines?

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Posted By: skipnchar on 09/22/10 01:28pm

Any one of several ways depending on your RV. If you have a water bypass valve installed ahead of the water pump you just connect a hose to the valve and turn on the water pump and take it directly from the bottle. If you don't have a winterizing valve, empty the FW tank and pump it directly out of the water tank itself (takes a couple of extra gallons of antifreeze.

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Posted By: bldrbuck on 09/22/10 01:30pm

Go to Camping World or an RV shop and buy a winterizing kit. That will allow you to pump anti-freeze from a gallon jug through the system. Or you can remove the pump input and add a hose to go to the jug.

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Posted By: Jayco-noslide on 09/22/10 01:31pm

Our 5th wheel trailer has a short length of hose which you stick into the anti-freeze container and you have to turn several valves(specified in the manual) in order to by-pass the water heater and fresh water tank, then turn on the water pump and run all faucets, shower and stool until pink runs out, then you know all the water lines are full of anti-freeze. I think this is a typical arrangement but consult your manual.


Posted By: TiogaChevy on 09/22/10 02:08pm

I bought this Class C used and there is no manual. I have a hot water heater bypass and I know I need to do that then drain the water heater. I will check to see if there is any valve ahead of the pump that can be tapped to pull pink stuff into the lines and the pump. If not, it is off to the RV supply store again. Guess a funnel would work to get the "stuff" into the fresh water tank, but seems like a waste of product and just more to pump or drain out next spring. Thanks for the suggestions.

Posted By: Puddles on 09/22/10 03:25pm

You could apply air into the city water hookup and blow all the water out of the lines by opening the faucets one at a time. However, I feel that this procedure allows the faucet gaskets to dry out over the winter and start leaking sooner.


Posted By: Gary. on 09/22/10 04:38pm

You would be better served by going to Camping World and buy a winterizing kit. It includes a valve that you have to install between the Fresh water tank and the pump. You will install it just BEFORE the pump. After you have it installed you only have to turn the valve and it pumps the anti-freeze right out of the gallon jug into the water lines. Make sure your water heater by-pass valve's are shut off or it will take you up to six more gallons of anti-freeze because it will be filling up the hot water heater. You really don't want to pump the anti-freeze into your fresh water tank as it will take WAY TOO MUCH, and you will have to flush it all out before you get ready to use your fresh water the next year. And it may make your water taste different. Good Luck Gary

Posted By: mchero on 09/22/10 06:45pm

Yes! As Gary stated, buy the winterizing kit.

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Posted By: nbounder on 09/22/10 08:43pm

X3 with Gary. Once I installed the winterizing kit ($20), it became so easy to winterize that I no longer moan when we come back from a rallye. just turn the WH valve to 'winterize',open the WH drain plug, and turn the neato Camco valve to the winterize position. Open faucets etc one at a time, & we're done. Suggest keeping 2 gallons of RVAF at the ready.


Posted By: TiogaChevy on 09/22/10 10:01pm

Found a person through a local RV dealer who has the same motor home. He has a manual and it says to put 5 gallons in the potable water tank and pump it through the system. Of course after draining the system and bypassing the hot water heater. My pump is under the jack knife sofa and very hard to access. In fact a gallon jug will not stand upright under there. I tried it this evening. I could use a really long hose and put the jug in the aisle, but it seems simpler to just pump it out of the tank. The anti-freeze is only $3.49 a gallon so an extra three gallons isn't going to break me. We don't drink our water so if it takes a while to get it out of the system completely it won't be a problem. If the darn pump was more accessible I would definitely go for the winterizing kit.

Posted By: DavidandDayle on 09/23/10 09:29pm

Last week I saw a pump at a dealer that will pump whatever into the water system through the city water connection. I was considering it for out park model, which doesn't have a pump.
You would still need to get any residue out of the electric pump area.

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