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Topic: Long bed vs. Short Bed

Posted By: Cecilt on 10/04/10 02:22pm

What seems to be the preference. Currently tow a TT and might or might not upgrade to a 5th wheel. Happy with the TT and it fits our needs but like everything else sometimes that itch doesn's want to disappear.

Looking at 2005-2008 Ford 250/350 V-10's. Found a long bed with topper. Does a long bed make it more difficult to park, maneauver and especially back in a TT in a tighter campground than a SB. tks

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Posted By: fla-gypsy on 10/04/10 02:35pm

16" longer wheelbase on the Ford. I do not see that as a big issue. I pull a TT exclusively and I use a short bed

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Posted By: Tystevens on 10/04/10 02:50pm

The difference is 18", give or take. Irrelevant in most situations, important in some. In some parking lots, I've been glad I didn't get a long bed! Note that 18" can seem like a lot. I know when I drive our 'Burb (about 2 ft shorter than my ccsb), the 'Burb feels noticeably smaller negotiating lots and so forth. Depends how/where you use your truck, I guess.

If I didn't have a truck and was looking expressly to pull a 5'er, I'd have a strong preference for a long bed. But the sliding hitches make the functional sb/lb distinction less relevant than it used to be.

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Posted By: In The Wind on 10/04/10 03:28pm

Standard bed works great for us. [emoticon]

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Posted By: 45Ricochet on 10/04/10 03:37pm

Long bed here no problems. Hitch is also cheaper.
My turns are a bit wider than a S/B. Many standard garages won't hold a L/B.

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Posted By: kaydeejay on 10/04/10 04:17pm

Short beds are now what the 5'6" beds on some 1/2 ton trucks are called.
What we USED to know as short beds are now in fact called "Standard" beds and are around 6'8" long.
I assume this is what you are talking about.
If you pull a fiver with one of these 6'8" beds you may need a sliding hitch to guarantee you do not put the fiver through the truck back window.
With my straight front fiver I know I need a slider. Some will, some won't depending on the shape of the front of the fiver. Just check it out.

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Posted By: skipnchar on 10/04/10 04:54pm

The bed makes no difference at all but the wheel base (sometimes goes along WITH the bed length depending on the cab configuration) makes a TREMENDOUS difference. With my F-250 crew cab, long bed, I cannot pull into my alley because of utility poles on each side of the alley opening. With the F-150 it's an easy turn (It's a long bed regular cab). Total wheel base a LOT shorter. A good PART of the difference is the really poor turning radius of the F-250 compared to the F-150 also so it's never all that simple.

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Posted By: Devocamper on 10/04/10 05:11pm

The long bed is more stable for towing a TT and the long bed also is better for turning with a fifth wheel , we have towed both a TT and now a Fifth Wheel with a short bed and long bed and I find the long bed has been better for both .

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Posted By: bldrbuck on 10/04/10 05:32pm

For solo parking the short bed will be able to get into more spaces. For towing you will need to make wider turns with the Longbed.

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Posted By: coolbreeze01 on 10/04/10 05:40pm

I like the looks of short-beds but I buy long-beds because I haul stuff.

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Posted By: conmoto on 10/04/10 06:05pm

On some models the fuel tank is larger on a long bed. That may be a consideration.
I am dealing with same questions in going from a TT to a 5th wheel. After having a standard bed for a long time we took a long bed for a lengthy test drive and came away thinking the long bed would be just fine. The primary reasons being the larger fuel tank and being able to haul more stuff.

Posted By: 4*phun*2 on 10/04/10 06:09pm

Bigger fuel tank. More storage. Big pluses in my book.

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Posted By: Old-Biscuit on 10/04/10 06:22pm

Long bed.....bigger fuel tank means I (usually) don't have to refuel with 5'vr hitched
Long bed.....don't need more expensive slider hitch
Long bed.....more room for hauling odds/ends

Long bed.....parking lot spaces tighter getting into so I just back into them
Long bed.....turning radius no where near the short (standard) beds' but I know that and deal with it accordingly

Long bed gets my vote!

Posted By: mowermech on 10/04/10 06:52pm

I haul lumber now and then. Anything up to 12 feet I use the pickup. Longer stuff goes on the trailer.
I haul hay 2 or 3 times per year. When I do, I want to make one trip.
I have been known to sleep in the bed of my truck. I want room for the "stuff" and still be able to stretch out.
I have owned short bed (or "short box") trucks, and I have owned long box trucks. The short box/short wheelbase trucks had their place, as fun trucks. For WORK, though, I want an 8 foot box (or an 8X10 flatbed) on my truck.

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Posted By: JIMNLIN on 10/04/10 07:51pm

Agree with Skip. The bed length makes no difference in handling or carrying capacity or maneuevering. The difference is in the trucks wheelbase.

I've owned short beds and long bed trucks. I always buy what I need at that time. Currantly have a short bed truck and simply use a sliding type hitch for the 5th wheel if its ever needed which isn't much. Parking a 4 door truck in my garage requires a short bed truck.

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Posted By: DutchmenSport on 10/04/10 08:15pm

The interior of my bed is 8 feet and 1/2 inch. It's GREAT for hauling 2x4's, 2x6's, 2x10's and 2x12's that are all 8 feet long and I can still shut the tailgate! And 2x4x10's fit comfortably in the bed also if put in diagonal from corner to opposite corner! I love to do a lot of wood working and am constantly building something. So, in addition to towing, the bed of the pick-up is important for other things too.

Consider the advantages of a longer bed when not towing? As far as ease of maneuverability, I got use to making wider turns! No problem!

FYI, I have a utility trailer with a bed that is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long so I can lay a normal sheet of plywood or dry wall flat (4x8 feet) and transport it!

Before purchasing a truck, consider what you will be using it for when NOT towing! Your decision may surprise you!


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Posted By: UsualSuspect on 10/05/10 12:01am

I have a long bed, and prefer it over a short bed, larger fuel tank, can lay a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood in the bed when I need to. I have a Tundra I use as my DD. If I were doing mainly big city driving I would take the short bed only because most city parking lots are tight, and the long bed's turning radius makes you have to plan your parking. The Tundra I just zip in and out, the long bed, I look for a spot, then plan on how I am going to get it in there. If we decide to go into Los Angeles and take the long bed, the DW won't drive it at all.

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Posted By: TXiceman on 10/05/10 06:14am

A long bed will have a longer wheelbase and it takes more room ro make a turn, so parking get a bit more difficult...but not bad. Plus a long bed, I can hauls 8' lumber with the tailgate up.


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Posted By: Dave H M on 10/05/10 07:20am

I have a stndsrd bed and have never been disappointed. It depends on your needs.

I get a kick out of the ole drywall and plywood addage. When that need arises i just leave the tail gate flopped down and loade her up. what is the issue, I don't care if someone notices that I am hauling plwood. And if you are the type tht likes to jack rabbit from stops just put a strap around the back of the load. [emoticon]

Posted By: Vulcaneer on 10/06/10 11:19am

Cecilt wrote:

Does a long bed make it more difficult to park, maneauver and especially back in a TT in a tighter campground than a SB. tks

Yes it does, assuming the wheelbase is longer.

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Posted By: mikefos on 10/07/10 03:03pm

More room for more stuff. I love to just throw the kayaks in the bed when not towing and have the 12 footers only hang out about a foot or two past the dropped tailgate. When towing, a rack on the rails and one on the cab keeps them away from the trailer front. And oh yea, the larger fuel tank [emoticon]. Besides, I get more exercise always parking out in the back 40 (gotta a crew cab too). Just swing 'er wide when making turns. And backing the TT is little more of a challenge in a tight spot, but I assume that will get easier as I do it more.

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Posted By: mosseater on 10/07/10 04:18pm

It isn't just about wheelbase. The F-250 I had for 13years had a 158" wheelbase (Super cab long bed) and the same configuration F-150 I currently drive has a 163" wheelbase, yet it will easily out manuever the '94 250 by a wide margin. Front end suspension configuration and geometry play a bigger role than just wheelbase. In the 250, I had to back up twice everywhere I went just to park. It dragged the front end around like a wounded animal. My alignment guy said it had the worst geometry ever produced in a truck. Withe the 150, I have occasionally had to do a bunch of steering to get the trailer backed in and end up in the weeds sometimes, because it's slower to respond compared to a shorter wheelbase, but not drastically so.

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Posted By: surveyorjp on 10/07/10 06:06pm

I have had 5 long bed trucks, one short bed (or standard bed 6' 3" on a 2003 Ram 2500 quad cab), and one VERY short bed on a 2004 Dakota Quad cab. After the Dakota, I made up my mind to go back to a long bed. It's just more handy for hauling stuff, both for working purposes, and the gear we take camping with us.

Long bed for me.

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Posted By: glazier on 10/07/10 07:11pm

I have owned both. They each have their strong points, hauling cargo the long bed hands down is the best choice. I would not flip a coin between the two when it comes to towing a fifth wheel, properly equiped trucks that is.

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Posted By: SoCalDesertRider on 10/09/10 08:26am

With Ford Superduty F250/350 trucks, the SuperCab long bed is only 2" longer (both wheelbase and overall length) than a Crew Cab short bed. So, if you want the 8' bed length in a shorter truck, choose the SuperCab instead of the Crew Cab. If you're not regularly hauling full size adults in the rear seat, you will do fine with SuperCab. The SuperCab has plenty of storage room and holds children just fine.

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Posted By: ghekiere1 on 10/09/10 10:53pm

Lomg Box might be a little more stable, and a little longer wheel base might have a little bit better ride. Mine is a long box and I love it.

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