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Topic: Water Pump Won't Shut Off

Posted By: Mr. Sandman on 10/05/10 10:40am

I did a search and couldn't find much so here's my question; last trip out we stayed in both full hookup and dry campgrounds (WW LE3505). In the dry campgrounds the water pump worked fine and was still working fine when I put the trailer in storage. I picked it up yesterday for an upcoming trip and the water pump runs continuously when turned on at the switch and no faucets turned on. The tank is full and there aren't any leaks or broken lines anywhere. Any ideas?

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Posted By: nayther on 10/05/10 11:06am

Have you bled all the fixtures? Trapped air will cause this. If all fixtures are bled (including outdoor shower) and there are no leaks you might just adjust the pressure switch a little bit, there's a screw on the end of the pump, counterclockwise lowers the pressure.


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Posted By: mapguy on 10/05/10 01:54pm

Do you get running water when a faucet is open?

1. Inlet check valve not working right so pump has lost its prime / won't pull water to prime.
2. Pressure switch malfunction. No high limit cut-out.

Posted By: Pipeman on 10/05/10 12:49pm

Mine will do that until pressure is built up enough in the lines. It then stops by it's lonesome. Have you waited to see if it stops after a while? You could try opening a tap or two to bleed off some trapped air also....remember your toilet also. Good luck.

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Posted By: gpshemi on 10/05/10 01:56pm

Filling the hot water tank?


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Posted By: nayther on 10/05/10 02:33pm

gpshemi wrote:

Filling the hot water tank?

Yea, be sure you're bleeding both hot and cold. If the water heater was drained it will take some time to bleed the air.

Posted By: IOWASTROKER on 10/05/10 06:52pm

Rather than letting the 12=volt water pump fill your water heater, connect to the city inlet first, run in and bleed off every fixture, then fill your holding tank, then turn on water pump. Saves alot of time AND your pump.[emoticon])))

Posted By: carlacee on 10/05/10 09:55pm

Does anyone know what the stock pump is?

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Posted By: Mr. Sandman on 10/05/10 08:14pm

shawnct450r wrote:

When you say it runs continuously, how long did you let it go for? I am curious, as I have a WW also. Haven't had this problem, but subscribing to possibly learn something.

I let it run for about a minute and a half while I searched for leaking lines before I shut it off. I'll let you know what I find when once the hot water heater is full and all the lines are bled.

Posted By: carlacee on 10/05/10 09:22pm

what kind (manufacturer) of pump is it? Shurflo? what model?

Posted By: Mr. Sandman on 10/05/10 09:51pm

I have no idea as I haven't crawled into the cabinet to look at it and hopefully won't have to.

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Posted By: shawnct450r on 10/05/10 10:58pm

I am picking up the trailer tomorrow AM to get the main AC replaced. I'll look and get the spec's for my unit. Should be the WW standard.

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Posted By: Mr. Sandman on 10/05/10 03:19pm

Thanks for the info guys. I do get water when the pump is running but I'll let it run a while (hot and cold) as I did drain the hot water heater to replace the drain plug that was leaking before the trailer went back to storage. Hopefully that's all it is. Thanks again!

Posted By: shawnct450r on 10/05/10 06:04pm

When you say it runs continuously, how long did you let it go for? I am curious, as I have a WW also. Haven't had this problem, but subscribing to possibly learn something.

Posted By: Mr. Sandman on 10/08/10 08:41am

Once the water heater was refilled and all the lines bled the pump shuts off like it's supposed to. Thanks for all the info guys...problem solved!

Posted By: gpshemi on 10/08/10 08:52am

No sweat.

Posted By: MaxAZ on 10/07/10 09:53pm

When you fill your tanks after draining the water heater you will usually get a large air pocket built up in the water heater tank. What I usually do is hook up the hose to the camper directly and turn it on. Then open up a hot water faucet valve and wait until water comes out evenly. That's a quick and easy way to bleed that tank and then you can disconnect the hose and switch it over to the water pump. I believe it's important to get all the air out of the hot water tank before you heat the water up so you're heating water and not making steam.

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Posted By: Dieselgem on 10/06/10 07:00am

When I leave my switch which controls if the water is going into the holding tanks or city water in the holding tank position and then dry camp my pump will not shut off once I use the water. I never thought about it, just turned the lever to the city side and it works like normal. I just figured it should have been returned to that position if you were not filling the holding tanks. Maybe yours is the same.

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Posted By: code3run on 10/06/10 02:46am

This may have already been said but turn the pump on and then bleed the lines from your outside drains on both hot and cold side. That gets the air out quick and pump shuts off. Cant think what you call those drain lines outside the trailer for winterizing. Mine are two hose with valves,one hot water and one cold water....

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