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Topic: Need help finding campground Voyageurs National Park, MN

Posted By: iradi8 on 10/06/10 05:51pm

We are heading to Voyageurs National Park in a couple of days. I am having trouble finding a campground near the Rainy Lake Visitors Center entrance to the park which is in International Falls, Minnesota.

I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

Posted By: stpauligirlmn on 10/06/10 06:49pm

Interesting - I couldn't find a state park in that area. I never realized there wasn't a state park in that neck of the woods. I've been to International Falls many times and it's just beautiful.

Voyageurs IS a park/campground, but they are boat in sites/tent only. I saw and ad for International Voyageurs RV Park (google that name), but I dont know if they are still in operation.

If you're open to boon docking, I'd try Kabetogama State Forest.
"Near" the entrance to Voyageurs is a relative term in northern Minnesota. 30-50 miles can be considered "near" up there. It's a big place.

You're going to love it up there. It's God's country. Simply beautiful.

Posted By: ReadyToGo on 10/06/10 06:55pm

All the camp grounds are in the city except one that is on Rainy Lake and is outside the normal city limits, but is owned by the city.
Everything else is resorts or house boats.
I don't believe any of the resorts have camping but you would have to call to find out for sure.
If you haven't been there, once you see the land you will know why there aren't any campgrounds. Four inches under the topsoil is granite rock. Pretty hard to put in sewer and water and electricity.
The park itself is huge and has rustic camp sites at Ash river and at Kabetogema but those are miles and miles from Voyageurs National Park Visitor Center.

Posted By: CJL on 10/06/10 07:32pm

Have you looked at Woodenfrog Campground, 25 mi south of International Falls?

Here is the link:

It is a DNR campground right on Lake Kabetogama. Facilities are primitive as you will read in the description, but the location and sites are beautiful! There is access to the lake (dock and boat ramp) as well as some Voyageur NP ranger led programs. Also has a nice swimming beach.

We camped there when our kids were young, in a pop-up, and always had a great time fishing, hiking, swimming and enjoying the occasional national park planned programs or events. I recall seeing a gorgeous aurora borealis display from our campsite and my husband will always remember the 7 lb walleye he caught. That size was legal then, not sure about now.

Posted By: Waverunner on 10/11/10 09:33am

Another entrance into the park is on Crane Lake,I was there two years ago and am sure there was a campground there.

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