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Topic: honda ex1000 generator

Posted By: holglo on 02/17/11 04:01pm

I have a ex1000 watt generator I purchase about 1997. It was stored for 12 years. Would not start. I pulled carb and cleaned, replaced plug, and changed oil. Started and runs great. My question is when I have the governor set for 120 volts the frequency indicator shows 60hz without load, when I put almost max load (aprox 7-8 amps the voltage drops to 115 and frequency does show anything. Is this normal? I would appreciate advice as how to correct from anyone with experience with generators. When I put light load (apox. 3amps) voltage drops to 118-119 volts and frequency indicates 60 hz.

Posted By: Wayne Dohnal on 02/17/11 05:45pm

I don't know anything specifically about the ex1000, but in general, the conventional generator seem to get set to about 62 Hz. with no load, then they run about 60 Hz. with a load.

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