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Topic: Help with winnebago rialta

Posted By: jrobert01 on 06/18/11 06:09pm

Hi Need help i found a rialta 1999 105,578 miles otherwise in really good condition has 6 cylinder motor.I need all the info that anyone has especially the not so good.Does it have enough power anything help.

Posted By: wildtoad on 06/18/11 06:26pm

Back in 2003 I owned a 1999 Rialta FD Twin bed. I liked the size, mileage (18 mpg), style. The VW engine and tranny worked great and hauled me whereever I wanted to go. I never towed anything but have seen some that did.

The not so good. IMO the bathroom suxs especially the shower. You have to run a pump to pump the water from the floor pan into the gray tank and the filters always clog up.

Tires. When I had mine there was basically only one manufacturer (Continental)that made tires that would support the weight and they were hard to find.

Maintenance: You will need to find a somewhere to have the unit serviced. Most VW dealers won't touch them as they don't have the lifts for them. This was when they were still selling them and the van it was based on (Eurovan).

Don't get me wrong, I like the one we had for short trips or short stays at each place along the way, but there are some quirks and issues.

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Posted By: Handbasket on 06/18/11 07:00pm

I'd get a well-qualified VW specialist tech to check it over mechanically. That's a lot of weight for the VR6 engine and transmission to haul around for that long.

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Posted By: Pokey2 on 06/18/11 07:02pm

I have not owned a Rialta but have heard some good things about them. However, with 105,578 miles on it, I’d look further. I think you can find an equivalent coach with a lot less miles for not that much more money. JMHO.

Posted By: mockturtle on 06/18/11 07:06pm

One of the best products Winnebago ever made, IMHO. The holding tanks are awfully small but that's about the only minus. My daughter had one and recently sold it. Hers was a 2004 and there were absolutely no leaks or any other breakdown of materials or workmanship. She thought it had plenty of power. I rode in it but never drove it. Took steep hills without a blink.

We also had some friends who had one just for touring and they were very happy with it.

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Posted By: livingaboard on 06/18/11 07:47pm

|I am sure you can get one with half the miles for a decent price

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Posted By: jrobert01 on 06/19/11 08:57pm

They are asking 10,900 but i think i can get it for less.

Posted By: ron.dittmer on 06/21/11 11:15am

Winnebago's website used to have each Rialta year brochure in PDF format. Maybe they still do. They were great to compare specs of the different model years and available floor plans.

I looked serious into the Rialta in 2006/2007, favoring 2003-2005 model years to get the most powerful VW engine. I ruled out the Rialta in the end because at the time the 2003-2005 was very pricy, the rear corner double bed model was extremely hard to find, and all the amenities were borderline "Novalities" when considering the needs of two adults. We ended up spending between $15,000 & $18,000 more in 2007 to get a brand new Phoneix Cruiser made to order. It is the one in my signature. Amenities are all very practical, including a real bathroom & shower, a full size fridge, dedicated double bed with separate dinette, a recliner (added), and lots of storage. And it too fits in our garage, which was our #1 priority. I recall our PC is just 2 feet longer than a Rialta, but 4 times the motor home facilities.

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Posted By: j-d on 06/20/11 05:03am

If there are fan clubs/user groups be sure to go research them. Personally, we've looked at Rialtas and thought they were beautiful, but...
Less interior room than we wanted, and, Less carrying/towing than we wanted. Very similar beefs as with the Toyota-based C's. Probably a little harder to find parts and service. But they looked good to me for a one-or-two person "minimalist" crew.
There was a discussion here about one that some folks bought and then found engine oil leaks. This apparently isn't uncommon but the fix can run from easy to miserable. User group search ought to cover that.

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Posted By: Handbasket on 06/20/11 06:09am

Here's one owners' group... I dunno if that'll work as an active link, but at least you'll know what to look for.

I know that the VR6 is a fine engine, but pricey to replace or do serious repairs on.

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Posted By: livingaboard on 06/19/11 09:39pm

jrobert01 wrote:

They are asking 10,900 but i think i can get it for less.

I would rather have something with less miles than less money

Posted By: livingaboard on 06/18/11 07:49pm

|I am sure you can get one with half the miles for a decent price

Posted By: mockturtle on 06/18/11 09:05pm

You don't say how much they are asking but if you can get if for around $12K, it might be a good value.

Posted By: tippytoe on 06/18/11 10:04pm

Check out ""

Posted By: jrobert01 on 06/22/11 06:47pm

I would like to think everyone for the great comments they were very helpful.We will use it for 2 or 3 day trips.We have a C four winds but for short trips will save a lot on gas. Drove 350 miles got 18 mpg.Thanks Everyone.I think of each of you as friends.

Posted By: Handbasket on 06/22/11 08:13pm

Glad you got it, and I hope it keeps working out well for you!

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