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Topic: Buy a FUN FINDER 210 UDS, JAY FEATHER 197, or LANCE 1685???

Posted By: ZZSPIRAL1 on 09/08/11 11:48pm

Which of these do you believe is the better product? I believe the Jay Feather may be the least expensive, but it may actually be the better trailer, as Jayco seems to have a good reputation. That said, IMO the layouts and interior are better in the other two trailers. The Lance is built somewhat locally, so that saves about $2500 in shipping costs. But that doesn't mean it's the best buy.

I once had a Fun Finder (2008 x-240), and it was a great trailer. They can be hit and miss I hear("some built on Mondays and others built on Wednesdays"). I'm not familiar with Lance though I hear they make a good product, however this model had/has some tank drainage issues. For whatever it's worth, the Jay Feather and Lance received Quality Circle Awards.

The Fun Finder and Jay Feather have vacuum bonded shells. I'm not sure on the Lance. Anyway, below are links to all three trailers. Your input is very much appreciated........Thanks:

Fun Finder UDS:

Jayco Jay Feather 197:

Lance 1685:

Posted By: SooperDaddy on 09/09/11 01:08am

Here are some simularities and differences in the 3 RV's you are considering.

Jayco Jay Feather 187 has as standard 13,500 BTU A/C, Carefree patio awning, Microwave oven with carousel, Multi-media sound system with iPod hookup, Spare tire and carrier, Water heater bypass system, Torflex, torsion bar, rubberized independent suspension system, winterization valves, Tuffshell vacuum bonded laminated floor, sidewalls, front/end walls and crowned roof (10 times less likely to delaminate than "glued and rollered walls), ball bearing 50 lb capacity drawers, hardwood cherry cabinets and Residential furniture, cushions, and window treatments designed and made by Jayco.

The Jayco has smaller 30 gal fresh water tank, gray tank is 30.5, and waste is 11. All from a company that's still family owned, been there for 43 years, supurb customer service, (the Jayco dealers that also carry other brands of trailers consistently rate Jayco as #1 in the Dealer Satisfaction Index) and the 3rd largest RV Manufacturer in North America. And a 2 year warranty!

Jay Feather is also the #1 selling ultra light weight trailer in North America. [emoticon]

The Cruiser Funfinder is a terrific unit, from a small company in business 23 years, they come very well equipped, and as you said the same Lamilux 4000 Laminated Fiberglass Walls Jayco has, and it has a bigger Tank capacity of 36 fresh, 38 black, 38 gray. Spare tire, hardwood cabinets, microwave, A/C, water heater are all options. 1 year warranty.

And Lance 1685 has 30 gal fresh, 30 gray and 30 gal black tanks, best of the three. And yes...Lance vacuum laminates their walls also! It also is fairly well equipped, the Microwave is an option however, so is the spare tire, winterization valves, and air conditioning. 46 years in business, and comes with a 1 year warranty.

These all are good RV's from established companies. Pick the one that suits you best, floor plan, ammenities, quality and price including the best value! Have fun and good luck!

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Posted By: skipnchar on 09/09/11 09:50pm

It's the KIND of decision "Jethro" used to ponder "street car conductor or neurosurgeon?" [emoticon]

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Posted By: Bumpyroad on 09/09/11 04:55am

which one/s has a rubber roof? buy the other one/s.

Posted By: lakings10 on 09/09/11 08:25am

I have the eclipse evolution 17fbs. Its compared to the lance you're looking at. I like the 50 gal tanks and the big Neo abgle shower that it had over the lance. Its worth checking them out.

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Posted By: BroncosFan on 09/09/11 09:30am

I see funfinder is growing, a good sign Link

Posted By: Rockerdude on 09/28/11 04:19pm

Sorry, the post I had wrote doesn't mean anything, now that I noticed you bought you Fun Finder. Those are great trailers too. Enjoy!!!

Posted By: ZZSPIRAL1 on 09/10/11 12:32pm

Wow fordsooperdooty, thanks for the great reply. We're close to making a decision. I offered 22K for the Fun Finder UDS. Pending a response. It's loaded, and has a walk-around bed. The downside is the dealer is located 180 miles away, and they charge $400 to deliver across the state line. That said, we purchased a Fun Finder from them in 2008.......There were no problems.

Posted By: ZZSPIRAL1 on 09/10/11 05:18pm

well, it looks like it's the Fun Finder. I paid 20,500 without tax. That includes approx. 4,000 in shipping fees. Not a bad deal at all. Hopefully it's built as well as our 2008 x-240 was.

Basically it was 3K more than that 2008 x-240. Difference is, the new one:

Has a slide

Electric jacks all around

Electric awning

Has less storage though. The storage space in the x-240 was ridiculous.

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