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Topic: Will a Honda or Yamaha 2000 Run Home Fridge

Posted By: MTNHNTR on 09/13/11 11:25am

We are getting a new slide-in camper. We have a Yamaha 2400is generator that we occasionally used for our previous 5th wheel, but it will not fit in the generator compartment of our new camper - a Honda or Yamaha 2000 will. I use the 2400is to power some items in my home during power outages, but will be selling it to get one of the others. I borrowed my buddies Honda 2000 and it ran my fridge, but I don't think the fridge was operating at it's highest power. I used a Kill-a-Watt meter to determine that my fridge was pulling 250 watts while running, which is only several amps. The name plate on the fridge says it draws 11.5 amps. The fridge is a 24 cubic foot side by side with frost free feature. I suspect that a heating element is why the nameplate says 11.5 amps and it wasn't cycling on when I measured it.
Does anyone have a similar fridge and have used a Honda/Yamaha 2000 to successfully power it during a power outage?

Thanks, Ken

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Posted By: bldrbuck on 09/13/11 11:47am


Posted By: 2oldman on 09/13/11 11:51am

I have not personally run a refer, but I have considerable experience in the Honda 2k's personality.

If your refer draws 11.5a for any extended period, a couple things to consider:
- the Honda may not be able to ramp up to handle that in Eco mode.
- it will run hard and loud with that load

Posted By: ScottG on 09/13/11 11:58am

I have a larger older fridge that my eu2000i starts effortlessly.

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Posted By: Wayne Dohnal on 09/13/11 12:09pm

bldrbuck wrote:


And at my house, a freezer, a few lights, and widescreen TV at the same time.

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Posted By: DSchmidt_2000 on 09/13/11 03:16pm

The compressor starting current will be the highest load and will test the surge capability of your generator. My Yamaha EF2000is WILL start my fridge or freezer when in ECO mode, but it does take a second or so. With my EF2000is running with ECO mode OFF, it starts my fridge no problem. Can't say how the Honda will do in comparison but I've read its surge capability is even better.

The defrosting heater is the next highest current draw item and it will come on probably 20 mins every 8 hours, and is ~ 600W.

Posted By: hmknightnc on 09/13/11 06:43pm

no problem

Posted By: Fizz on 09/13/11 07:51pm

Wayne Dohnal wrote:

bldrbuck wrote:


And at my house, a freezer, a few lights, and widescreen TV at the same time.

Same here, no problems.
It revs up a bit when the fridge starts up then settled down to econo mode.

Posted By: cruiseair buck on 09/13/11 08:01pm

My Honda EU2000i ran most of my house for 22 hours 2 weeks ago. Didnt miss a beat. Fridge, 3 bedrooms worth of lights and tv's and the living room lights and flatscreen. Quiet and used about 3 gallons of fuel in 22 hours, worth every penny I paid for it.


Posted By: HobbyTalk on 09/13/11 09:08pm

I've done it, no problem. My frig draws 3.5 amps, that is 385 watts, double that for a short time at start up.

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Posted By: opnspaces on 09/13/11 10:01pm

I use mine whenever the power goes out such as when an electric company worker makes a mistake and darkens a whole city. [emoticon] It runs the refrigerator and computer and a few lights with ease and only ramps up to overcome the starting surge of the refrigerator.

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Posted By: MTNHNTR on 09/13/11 10:27pm

Thanks everyone, I will go ahead and try to sell the Yamaha 2400 and get either the Honda or Yamaha 2000.


Posted By: christopherglenn on 09/14/11 12:05am

my honda 3k runs 2 fridges, tv, 2 dvr's, lights, and celing cans (summer)/ gas fireplace (winter) - and the garage door opener, at the same time.

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Posted By: dirtengineer on 09/14/11 12:38am

Yes. I have done it several times.

Posted By: kampinguru on 09/14/11 12:11pm

I have two EU2000's and I have a system set up with suicide plugs to allow me to run my freezer, two refrigerators, furnace, on-demand gas water heater, gas range, gas fireplace with fan and a few lights and it works fine. Not sure I would run it on eco throttle but I ran the setup for 12 hours this way and worked fine.

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Posted By: #40Fan on 09/14/11 11:16pm

Since every Honda/Yamaha owner jumps into every Champion post, I thought I would do the same.

My CPE 2000i ran my household fridge/freezer combo just fine after it was sitting for months unused with the doors open. Brought the interior temps down to a respectable value in the time I had ran the generator.

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