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Topic: Shocks on 5th Wheels????

Posted By: baybduc on 10/04/11 10:50pm

Is a 5th wheel suppose to have shocks on it near the wheels??

Posted By: Golden_HVAC on 10/04/11 11:05pm

Each axle should have two shocks.

If the trailer does not have them, select another brand of trailer. You found a brand of trailer that was manufactured by a company that cut corners so much that they did not want to spend $210 more for shock absorbers.


Posted By: sirdrakejr on 10/05/11 12:27am

I have had five 5th wheels and only two had shocks. I never noticed any difference in towing NOR how the interior took the towing from point to point.

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Posted By: SooperDaddy on 10/05/11 12:40am

Depends on the manufacturer and the size of the RV, as well as entry level or high end.

Shocks are often optional or sometimes even not available on lower line 5th wheels and TT's. Leaf springs can be supplemented with a good set of Monroes or Bilstein shocks.

Some will already have mounting brackets installed under the 5er...ready to go!

And there are some trailers that will have a different suspension such as MOR/Ryde rubber axle equalizers or the Dexter EZ-Flex system.

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Posted By: jliveit on 10/05/11 12:44am

Most newer models do not use shocks any more, everything has gone to Mor-Ryde, Trail Air, EzFlex equilizer type suspensions and no need for shocks.

Posted By: Dave H M on 10/05/11 05:27am

I think Fred needs to start looking under more fifth wheels. I have had four and none of them had shocks.

If you are the type that feels better with shocks, There will probably be a kit out there to go to shocks.

Posted By: Bluefreight on 10/05/11 07:10am

It depends on the suspension, our Mor/ryde has shocks.

Posted By: JIMNLIN on 10/05/11 05:35am

Welcome to the forum.
My first 5er didn't have shocks. It was a 1984 26' rear bath model and couldn't keep anything in the medicine cabinet or under the sink in the cabinet.
I bought the Monroe shock trailer kit for both axles. Boy what a difference. No more 'stuff' scattered around the back end of the trailer.
Our current 5er is our third and both have had OEM shocks. Wouldn't own a RV trailer without shocks.

clicky link to Monroe trailer retro kit.

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Posted By: cwit on 10/05/11 06:00am

Mine did not have shocks and went to equa-flex made a big differance.

Posted By: spadoctor on 10/05/11 06:03am

I second the never buying without shocks. I ordered shocks on last 2 and this one came with them. Ordering was a $75.00 option

Posted By: skipnchar on 10/05/11 07:25am

Shocks are not always necessary on an RV. Nobody rides in them (or shouldn't anyway) and many ride plenty smooth enough to cause no problems with breakage and as long as tire wear is satisfactory I see no advantage to shocks other than they MIGHT be somewhat more comfortable to tow. Some brands are equipped with shocks from the factory, some brands have them available as options and some don't even have mounts for them. All of those systems work pretty good for their particular brand.

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Posted By: stump_breaker on 10/05/11 07:43am

My first TT had shocks. My Current 5th wheel has shocks. Don't know if they make a difference or not but there you go.

Posted By: Charlie D. on 10/05/11 07:44am

Mine came with shocks. After my first blowout, I found that the Chinese shocks were of such poor quality that they were useless. One shock was frozen up and the other 3 had no compression after a few thousand miles. Replaced them with Monroe. I feel the frozen shock caused the rig to ride rougher.

IMO, The shocks on a rig, unless they are of a good brand, are useless. If I bought a rig with the Chinese shocks, I would replace or remove them.

I also installed the Dexter EZ Flex last year.

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Posted By: George H on 10/05/11 09:40am

Our first 5er was 12 years old and had shocks installed, replaced originals with Monroe Rv shocks and noticed an improvement in stability while towing. Current 5er has Mor/ryde and shocks from factory.

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Posted By: sue.t on 10/05/11 09:43am

Our first fiver did not have shocks.
Second fiver has shocks, which helps with the rear kitchen.
Have accidently left the dog's water bucket on the floor, and the water was still in the bucket when we arrived at our destination. Another time forgot the kettle on the stove, and it was still on the stove three hours later.

Surely the shocks helped reduce the bounce on the rear.

sue t.
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Posted By: motorcycle jack on 10/05/11 10:12am

Our rig came with the Trail Air Center Point flex system and Monroe Gas Magnum shocks. Just makes sense on a 17,000 lb rig, I think.

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Posted By: routemaster on 10/05/11 11:03am

I would say yes. I did a mod on my Everest from the lay down position to the 50/60*I had stretched and a broken springs,bent shafts on the factory shocks, cant be good all that weight bouncing around on the springs with no shocks.I replaced springs, made in USA.

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Posted By: bpounds on 10/05/11 11:52am

I had things listed that were important to me when shopping for a fiver. Shocks didn't make the list. I don't see the point. No one is riding back there. What makes them more important on a fiver than a TT? Why don't over the road trailers have shocks?

Shocks are primarily to improve handling on cars and trucks, not to improve the ride. Shocks keep the tire in contact with the road, which is a safety issue, not a ride issue. Since trailer tires do not turn, don't drive, and don't see significant lateral force on a corner, shocks are not necessary.

If a bouncing fiver is your problem, you might consider slowing down and watching the road for hazards.

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Posted By: ol Bombero-JC on 10/05/11 12:43pm

Bluefreight wrote:

It depends on the suspension, our Mor/ryde has shocks.

Ditto the above.

Do you need shocks?.[emoticon]

Drive a car or truck without shocks!.[emoticon]

Are some TTs and 5ths not equipped with shocks from mfgr?

Of course!

Why not equipped with shocks? - BEAN COUNTERS!!.[emoticon]


Posted By: murph164 on 10/06/11 03:37pm

My 2000 Jayco Designer 31 foot 5th had shocks and very few things were scattered about during a trip. I just bought a 2006 Sierra 34 foot 5th without shocks. Will be heading for Texas in a week which is 2000+ miles from where I am. I will know which is better by the time I get there.

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Posted By: Mr. Black on 10/05/11 05:02pm

Our current 5er is our first rear kitchen 5er.

When we got it, one trip we lost 5 drawers. We went from flinging stuff all over the kitchen to in the end being a really nice ride.

Next trip I installed airbags on the truck (early 99 F250) and we only lost one drawer and a couple had slid open.

Next I had installed adjustable rear shocks to match the needs of the airbags and it rode really well but every once in a while a drawer would still slide open.

Lastly I put my own shock kit on the trailer with 4 shocks from the rear of a one ton dodge van.

Haven't lost or had a drawer open since and I swear you could leave a coffee cup on the counter.

It rides so nice going down the road now and I have replicated the system on the F350 we have now.

I get comments sometimes from others at how the bikes on the bike rack aren't getting bounced all over the place from people that have driven behind us.


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Posted By: davelinde on 10/05/11 06:45pm

no, they are not "supposed to"... so if they are not there they are not missing.
I've had two rigs, neither had shocks - I have not had anything bad to say about no shocks. Nothing gets thrown around, in fact most things stay exactly where we leave them all the time.

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Posted By: jliveit on 10/06/11 03:55pm

If I can pull my 5th wheel from Ohio to Florida by way of the West Virgina turnpike with things on the counter and table that never move and a waste can sitting on the kithen floor not falling over or moving then I'm not woried about the ride back there so no shocks for me.

Posted By: FlatBroke on 10/06/11 08:44pm

Our first Horn didnt have shocks, this one does. Cant tell the difference they both rode great.

Hitch Hiker
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Posted By: Mont G&J on 10/06/11 07:56pm

This topic comes up now and then and it always boils down to two ways of thinking, those of us that feel shocks and balancing wheels make good sense, not only for stable handling, but also to prevent accelerated wear on bushings, bolts, cabinets and anything else that could vibrate loose.

Others think if they don't feel or see anything, then all is fine. Jack

Posted By: oldbeek on 10/06/11 09:39pm

With the answers to this question it is no wonder some folks have tire problems. Shocks are used to take shake out of tires/suspension as well as helping the ride. Cupping on tires is from no or bad shocks.
20 yrs as a fleet manager.

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Posted By: C Schomer on 10/07/11 10:35pm

About 15 yrs ago, I put shocks on a 5er. I didn't know monroe made an rv kit so I got gas magnums from a parts store meant for a P/U truck front end (much shorter than rear shocks), welded on brackets and what a huge difference. My current 5er has rv gas magnums and they are only a fraction of what the P/U shocks were, I used the first time. They do a lot of good but I'll never waste money on the rv shocks again. If you're going to do it, put some full size gas magnums on and you won't have any question about if they do any good. Craig

Posted By: Mile High on 10/08/11 10:07am

Had leaf springs, equalizer, and shocks on our 2003 - and our same brand 2007, no shocks but Mor-Ryde LRE and leaf springs. No contest, our 2007 tows much smoother.

I don't know if this is because the trailer is longer, or because of the Mor-Ryde, but I definately am not concerned because I have no shocks. I've left stuff on the kitchen counter and it was still there after traveling across state.

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Posted By: Mile High on 10/08/11 10:08am

oldbeek wrote:

With the answers to this question it is no wonder some folks have tire problems. Shocks are used to take shake out of tires/suspension as well as helping the ride. Cupping on tires is from no or bad shocks.
20 yrs as a fleet manager.
The first cause of cupping is out of balance tires - then possibly shocks.

Posted By: richfaa on 10/08/11 05:16pm

Mor Ryde suspension...No problem.

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