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Buckley Washington

Senior Member

Joined: 07/30/2002

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 12/02/11 08:21pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Electrowarmth mattress heater, 12Volt!

Use the link I provided above. It is an investment that my wife and I have enjoyed for many years. We have a queen size mattress in our RV and it's been working great for us since 1998. Ours came with dual controls for each side of the bed.

Our bed was against the forward wall and it was always so cold on a Friday night in the winter after driving out to a state park. But now we turn on the mattress heater before we even leave home, so everything is warm and toasty when we get where we are going. Honestly, we don't often sleep with them on, but it's so nice to crawl into a warm bed. No more cold feet!

This company has supplied the trucking industry for many years, I know because I'm a driver myself. They are durable and built to last. I have no idea what the amp draw is but it doesn't draw down the house batteries if used overnight.

I so like the 12 volt option versus buying the 110V household type. Good luck with your heating plans. Hans

P.S. I just went back to revisit their web site and now I don't see they have listed anything other than the one size in 12 Volt, so maybe a call to them to see if they still offer 12 Volt in other sizes.

* This post was edited 12/02/11 08:31pm by HJGyswyt *

2003 GMC 2500HD CC Longbox SW/2002 Wilcat Bunkhouse 30'
/1987 Western Wildderness 11' Alpine Truck Camper/1971 MacGregor Venture Sailboat

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Oregon (presently)

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Posted: 12/02/11 10:17pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I slid two fold up pads (side by side) under the TC mattress. They are about 1" thick and about five foot long. Found them at a garage sale. Maybe they were old exercise pads?
They really help to block the cold from coming up from the bottom.
Other things that I think would work... but would weight a heck of a lot more would be thick woven rugs. Wool if you can get it. The old heavy wool blankets would help, too.

I have a long body pillow between me and the window...and rubber backed curtains on a pocket rod (with the day/night shades left in place.) That helps, too.

We have an electric blanket on there, too with lots of blankets. Sometimes we sleep under it and sometimes we sleep on it. Depends on how cold it is.


Hey there

Pendergrass, GA

Senior Member

Joined: 09/09/2005

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Posted: 12/03/11 07:45am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Hi Samuraiowner,

Two things that may help. First, use flannel sheets. They make a huge difference! If you have never tried flannel sheets in the winter, you will be amazed. Second, get a foam mattress cover (2-4 inches thick) that does not conduct the heat away from you. At Walmart or Costco you will see foam mattress pads. Feel them, Some are cool to the touch; these conduct heat away from you. Some are warm to the touch; these act as insulators. How do I know? By chance, I happen to have one of each.


2001 Silverado 3500 DRW CC LB 6.0
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2001 Fleetwood Caribou 11J (11'6")



Senior Member

Joined: 04/02/2006

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 12/03/11 08:28am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I have been using an Electrowarmth pad for five years and would not be without it. I turn it on to "1" it will draw about 6.5 amps then it will drop down accordingly. I have yet depleted my battery's in 20* temperatures.

Also I had one pad go bad I sent it back and they repaired it for a nominal fee.


Oro Valley,AZ

Full Member

Joined: 07/24/2005

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 12/03/11 10:15am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We have the dual control Queen size 12VDC pad. Never have had to set it above a 3 and never had it drain the battery. Slept cozy even when we woke up one morning and found the camper completely skinned in ice.
Wouldn't leave home without it when temps below 50.

Steve & Peg
2005 Dodge 2500 LWB Cummins
2001 Shasta Flite Fifth wheel



New Member

Joined: 04/27/2011

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Posted: 12/03/11 11:16am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

we are looking for A queen sized heated mattress pad dual controls that is 12 volt but we can't find any ,looks like they don't make them anymore. thats why we are looking at the house hold ones that say there low voltage (16volt DC), but would like to bypass the transformer and run it on 12 volt. I know the pad should function but will the controls work?



West Michigan - On the Lakeshore

Senior Member

Joined: 04/09/2006

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Posted: 12/03/11 11:50am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

From many years of personal experience, I would advise you to instead of a 12 VDC to the buy a standard 110 VAC heated mattress pad (cheap and easy to find) for the size of bed you have or an electric blanket (also cheap and easy to find) and also purchase a 400 watt (they're cheap and easy to find and work for 10's of years) or even larger inverter so other AC items can be powered and simply plug the heated unit in and enjoy. They (pads or blankets) draw only 80-140 watts when actual in the heating cycle which isn't many minutes of an hour's time. 400 watt min inverter so you aren't working an inverter to it's limit and the inverter won't even get warm or hot and the inverter's service life will be increased so much longer. Very easy on the storage batteries charge capacity and when you run the vehicle's engine, it recharges the batteries free. We've been doing this constantly since the late 1980's and it works great. We do a lot of winter camping and many times have been in well below zero F nights but we are warm as neither of us can't stand laying on a freezing cold mattress.

Preheat the bed for an hour or two depending on how cold the mattress is and then simply dial the heat level you want and hit the hay for a very restful and warm night's sleep.

We have one RV with dual controls so each side can be controlled to the level desired but we both seem to set our sides to the same heat level.

A superb CC LB 4X4, GM HD Diesel, airbags, Rancho's, lots more
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Truck Camping Out West

Senior Member

Joined: 11/27/2005

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Posted: 12/03/11 05:45pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We love our Queen-size Electrowarmth mattress heater, and wouldn't be without it. If you've never used a mattress heater, they are NOT the same or just as good as an electric blanket. Having the heat under you is different, and in my opinion better for you. We liked the 12v model so much, we got an AC mattress heater for the home bed. There is nothing better than slipping into a bed with a warm mattress in the winter. Except maybe when I've worked so hard that my back and shoulders are killing me. Then, no matter what time of year it is I turn it up on high and lay down on it. It's like a whole-body heating pad. Gads, it feels good!

Also, when we're out camping I'm typically running my little Yamaha 1000 generator for hours at a time to keep all my wife's technology working. She has business needs to stay connected, so I make use of the power by keeping the battery topped up, and pre-heating the bed in the winter.

I can't imagine why Electrowarmth stopped making the queen-size models, but here's an idea you might consider. Buy two of the bunk warmers, sew them together along the 60" edges and lay them across the bed horizontally. That would give you a pad about 60"x 72" (Queen mattress is 60" x 80"), and you would have the option of setting the pads at different levels. Hotter for your feet, and cooler under your head. Or, run the pads in the normal orientation, and let the excess hang over the sides of the mattress. I don't think it would hurt the pads or the mattress to do that. That's what I intend to do if our queen-size warmer ever quits working.

The bunk warmer pad description doesn't lead me to believe that they're constructed the way the bigger mattress pads are, putting more heat elements around the legs/foot area. I bet they have the same amount of heat all over.


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2001 Lance 1121 on a 2016 F450


Skagit Valley, WA

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 12/03/11 06:08pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

IMO Anything you buy that needs to be converted down to 12v is a waste of more power. Go with a straight up 12v and dont waist the amps running a inverter. I bought one of the twin 12v pads and love it. I leave it on the lowest setting and you barely notice the amp loss.

2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 DMAX
2008 Arctic Fox 811
Vision Wheels with
Toyo M608z's 225/70R19.5 14 plys rated at 3970

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