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Central Wisconsin

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Joined: 11/22/2011

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Posted: 06/01/12 06:44pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Last fall I bought a 1985 27 foot Sport Coach made by Coachman for $2900. It is on a GM G30 chassis with a carbed 350 and TH400 transmission. It drove but none of the RV stuff worked. Before I stored it for winter, I got the refrigerator, furnace and water heater working. They just needed to be cleaned and adjusted. The 4 KW generator needed a major tune up but works now.

4/2/12 - I got mine out of storage today then I tightened the bolts that mount the air conditioner.

4/4/12 - Bought oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air cleaner and a yellow top Optima battery for the house battery. Now I can work on it tomorrow. I took the power center cover off to determine if I could replace the inoperable fan with a computer fan. I lubricated the door hinges and all the outside compartment twist latches.

4/5/12 - I changed the oil and the oil filter. Then I repaired and sealed my battery compartment.

4/7/12 - I reinforced my battery box then installed an Optima yellow top house battery. I ran the generator for an hour. I ran the stove, furnace and refrigerator on LP. I replaced a clearance light.

4/8/12 - I put in a 195 degree thermostat. The previous owner had removed the thermostat. That was easier said than done and it required a blood sacrifice. I adjusted the carburetor and installed a new air cleaner. Finally I fixed the slide mechanism on the driver's seat.

4/9/12 - I changed spark plugs, started fixing the retractable step and measured up the exhaust system.

4/11/12 - Yesterday, I drove 60 miles to get exhaust supplies and a computer fan for my converter. Today, I replaced the exhaust system from the Y pipe back including a new muffler.

4/12/12 - I cleaned the top half of the driver's side, washed it twice with Scrubbing Bubbles, applied Meguiars No. 49 Oxidation Remover then polished it with Nu Finish.

4/13/12 - I cleaned the top half of the passenger's side, washed it twice with Scrubbing Bubbles, applied Meguiars No. 49 Oxidation Remover, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol then polished it with Nu Finish.

4/14/12 - I checked the timing then buttoned up the doghouse. I tested the circuits of the converter and distribution panel. I made sure my house battery was charging when the engine was running. I ran the refrigerator on LP and the generator.

4/16/12 - I ran my furnace so I could work inside. It was snowing and blowing outside but I was comfortable working. I mounted then wired a computer fan and lighted toggle switch into the converter compartment. I will manually turn on the fan whenever I am hooked to shore power to cool the converter.

4/17/12 - I starting fixing my clearance lights then spent time looking for affordable LED light strips to replace them. No luck. I cut, drilled and installed angle iron supports on my entry step to reinforce it and make it level again.

4/18/12 - I bought a TV and GPS for it.

4/19/12 - Today I updated the map on my GPS. Then I downloaded a map program from Garmin and manually planned out 2 routes from Merrill, WI to Phoenix, AZ.

4/20/12 - I updated my laptop computer so I can take it on the road. I removed the spring loaded plastic wedges attached to the cab doors. I think they were some sort of anti-rattle device that did not work. I adjusted the door hinges and repositioned the latch posts to eliminate the door rattles. I installed an adjustable cup holder that I found in the RV on the doghouse panel so I can use large size cups for my coffee.

4/21/12 - I cleaned the bottom half of the driver's side, washed it twice with Scrubbing Bubbles, applied Meguiars No. 49 Oxidation Remover, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol then polished it with Nu Finish. I painted my entry step reinforcement pieces.

4/22/12 - I reassembled my air conditioner. I washed all the cabinets and appliances inside and out. Then I had to remove all my tools and repair supplies so I can take it for new tires tomorrow.

4/23/12 - I took it in for 6 new tires and a transmission flush. I will pick it up tomorrow. I wanted them to recharge the air conditioner but since it still uses R12 they couldn't do it.

4/24/12 - I ordered a retro fit kit from Amazon yesterday after I found out they couldn't convert it. Today, Amazon informed me the order was cancelled because the kit is banned in Wisconsin.

I picked up the RV today after it got new 6 new tires, wheel bearings packed and a transmission flush. I flushed the winter antifreeze from the water system and fresh water tank then filled my water tank. I started my gas water heater to make sure it still worked after my repairs last fall.

4/26/12 - I started taking my climate control box apart until I realized I would have to take the entire dash apart to remove it. My heater core is leaking. I drilled 2 inspection holes and am debating cutting an access hole in the front of the box. I extended my exhaust pipe 2 inches. I mounted the reinforcement brackets to my entry step. I checked the tire pressure on all my new tires to make sure they are holding air.

4/27/12 - I cut an access hole in my heater box then removed the heater core. I had to drive into town for a new heater core so installation will have to wait until tomorrow. I had extra keys made for the RV as long as I was in town.

4/28/12 - I installed the new heater core and new heater hoses. Then I started to clean up my stinky antifreeze everywhere mess.

4/29/12 - I cleaned the bathroom and decided where I am going to mount my TV.

4/30/12 - I converted the air conditioning system from R12 to R134. Retro kits are now legal in Wisconsin. It was too cold to charge it completely as the pressure chart didn't have a low enough temperature listed. The kit I bought from Napa was remarkably simple. Then I started replacing the bolts in my wheel covers because the allen bolt heads are stripped out. This took way longer than anticipated. It is extremely difficult to remove the existing bolts but it is better to do it in the driveway than on the road.

5/1/12 - I got an alignment for the RV. It made a noticeable difference. I got all the bolts out of my wheel covers, retapped the threads and install new bolts.

5/2/12 - I finished charging the air conditioning system. I sanded off rust then painted my shore power cover's latch. I remounted a broken drawer rail. I tuned the generator and checked output with the AC running on maximum and the refrigerator running on electric. I need to buy a new air cleaner for the generator.

5/4/12 - I glued some side molding where it was coming loose. I put a new air cleaner on my Onan generator then ran it. I mounted my 19" flat screen TV. I changed all 4 shock absorbers.

5/5/12 - I upgraded my headlights and fixed a wiring problem in my blinker / parking lap circuit. I repaired some broken plastic pieces in the front grill. I wired the TV then washed all the screens and windows.

5/6/12 - I changed the side marker light bulbs. Then I replaced burnt out bulbs inside and repaired the closet light. I eliminated the trailer wiring harness. I vacuumed the inside and started loading supplies for our trip to Arizona.

5/8/12 - I installed new mud flaps, repaired an electrode on my refrigerator, changed a section of fuel line on my generator, installed new wipers, mounted a towel rack in the bathroom and replaced the light in my closet area with one that has a bigger and brighter light bulb.

5/10/12 - I check the differential oil and greased the RV then finished packing. I am leaving for Sedona, AZ tomorrow.

5/22/12 - We just got back from an 11 day road trip to Phoenix, AZ. We put on 4173 miles at 59 miles per hour. Yesterday was the the longest run of 839 miles because we wanted to get home.

I met these people in Sedona. They have traveled the world in their expedition vehicle. They were extremely nice and interesting people. They were headed to Alaska after he made a guest speaker appearance at the Expedition Expo in Flagstaff. Information about their travels and vehicle are on various pages of the link below.


5/23/12 - I applied Eternabond roof tape to seal the bathroom vent and a roof seam.

5/27/12 - I removed the stick on wide angle mirrors then mounted separate wide angle mirrors below the regular mirrors. The field of vision is greatly improved. Next I replaced the license plate lamp.

5/28/12 - I replaced my steering wheel dimmer switch with a floor mounted switch since it was acting up. I took the dash apart to replace the high beam bulb.

5/29/12 - I removed the roof rack. I scrapped off all the old putty, cleaned the area with Scrubbing Bubbles, then acetone, applied Marine Goop to the holes and covered it with Eternabond roof tape.

5/31/12 - I scraped the old caulk off the roof rails.

6/1/12 - I applied Eternabond roof tape to the roof rails. Now I need to clean and paint the roof.

I am thinking about using Advanced Epoxy Systems AES-125, 2-part Flexible Epoxy Coating System, WHITE Color.


* This post was edited 06/01/12 06:53pm by magik235 *

1993 Damon Challenger



Senior Member

Joined: 07/18/2011

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 06/01/12 08:39pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Thanks for sharing,, great record keeping,,,love classic mh..Enjoy..


Right here

Senior Member

Joined: 07/11/2010

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Posted: 06/01/12 08:40pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Whew, I'm tired just reading this. I'm going to bed and rest. Goodnite.


Metro-Atlanta, GA

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Joined: 06/20/2004

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 06/01/12 09:08pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Just a tip. It is CoachmEn, not CoachmAn. Might help in future google searches, etc.

"Sometimes I just sit and think. Sometimes I just sit." "Great minds like a think."



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Joined: 04/05/2012

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Posted: 06/01/12 09:44pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Nice information. Looks like you have put a lot of time a effort into your new to you RV. Enjoy


Southern California

Senior Member

Joined: 03/21/2005

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 06/01/12 10:01pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Wow you have been busy. That old stuff is often well made... stay with it

2001 F150 SuperCrew
2006 Keystone Springdale 249FWBHLS
675 watts solar
Send a PM if I missed something


Bothell Wa.

Senior Member

Joined: 02/25/2005

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Posted: 06/02/12 10:40am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Nice work. Seems like a very functional floor plan and even has good counter space - a rarity these days. Not sure you'll be happy with the optima. They have lower capacity than traditional batteries.

Scott, Grace and Wesly
2003 Dodge 3500 4x4, 6 speed Cummins (lightly bombed),
2004 Forest River 25RKS many, many mods.
H0NDA eu2000i


Knoxville/Williamsburg/Ft Lauderdale TN/VA/FL

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 06/02/12 11:36am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Read every bit of it. Great job with your makeover.

2014 Forest River Sunseeker 2500TS
2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon "Call of Duty"

Coalminer UG

Nakusp BC

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 06/02/12 12:10pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

You have been one busy beaver. keep it up. Glad it worked out for you.


Served In Canadian Army 1PPCLI

Retired Underground Coal Miner (Gen Foreman)


Walnut Creek CA

Senior Member

Joined: 01/25/2005

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Posted: 06/02/12 03:53pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Great job. You will never be done but you get more done in a day then I do in a week...
Updating the interior will be nice. But you are getting the important stuff out of the way first.

'98 Shasta Cheyenne 280 highrise, widebody

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