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Topic: help calculating tolls from I-44 exit 207 heading to Dallas?

Posted By: kelvingrove on 07/22/12 10:43pm


We have only very rarely travelled on a toll road in the distant past and we would like help getting an idea of how much it will cost to travel a portion of our trip on a toll road at today's rates.

We are traveling through Indianpolis, St. Louis, Springfield, Joplin and then down to Dallas. The tolls seem to start at Mapquest's step 20. when we pass into Oklahoma.

I have "cut and paste" a portion of our route from Mapquest as seen below. If anyone is able to help us figure this out I would really appreciate it!


Merge onto I-55 S via EXIT 40C toward I-44 W.
1.1 mi

Merge onto I-44 W via EXIT 207 toward Tulsa (Portions toll) (Crossing into Oklahoma).
333.8 mi

Merge onto Will Rogers Turnpike (Portions toll).
0.6 mi

Will Rogers Turnpike becomes I-44 W (Portions toll).
2.6 mi

Merge onto US-69 S via EXIT 283 toward Big Cabin (Crossing into Texas).
214.3 mi


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Posted By: spacedoutbob on 07/22/12 10:56pm

Is your trip primarily going through Oklahoma? If so, you can get on the website to check the tolls. When I was back East last month, I sure wish I had an EZ Pass, it would have saved me money and time of waiting to pay cash at all the toll plazas. Good luck and Have a Safe Trip!

Bob in Calif.

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Posted By: kelvingrove on 07/22/12 11:11pm

Thanks Bob. I am not familiar with the EZ pass. What is it and where can it be purchased?

We are traveling through Indianpolis, St. Louis, Springfield and then down to Dallas. We have never driven this route before and Mapquest also suggests an alternative route from Indianapolis down to Memphis and across to Dallas.

We chose to avoid Memphis as we plan to drive through there on the return leg of our trip from New Orleans (continuing from Memphis up to Chicago). As a result, I see that we will travel toll roads on the way down. I'm curious to know how much cost this will add to our trip.

I see that either way we will encounter mountains. I am just not sure of which route will be less intimidating for newbies towing a 34' trailer.

Would anyone familiar with these routes please give their opinion?

Posted By: paulj on 07/23/12 12:13am

It would be nice if the subject line mentioned the route beginning and end, or if just focusing on the tolls, the state(s). Yes this can be deduced from the text, but, it should be more obvious.

As for mountains, there are some hills in southern Missouri, and some in Tennessee, but these really aren't mountains with defined passes and long grades.

Posted By: kelvingrove on 07/23/12 12:29am

Thanks for your input paulj.

Posted By: accsys on 07/23/12 05:52am

You didn't say what you were driving or pulling. Most toll road fees depend on the number of axles and the distance. Anytime you have more than two axles, the fares jump dramatically.

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Posted By: EmmaMae on 07/23/12 06:50am

This link to the Oklahoma Pikepass web site may help you calculate Oklahoma turnpike tolls.

It's also good information about construction on the OK turnpikes.

Oklahoma Pikepass link

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Posted By: jmaotto on 07/23/12 06:57am

The number of axles determines the amount of toll. After crossing the state line into Oklahoma continue till you get to the toll booth.
Wlhen you pay the toll, they will charge you for entire trip to Tulsa. Keep your receipt and when you exit at Big Cabin you will be given a refund for the difference between Big Cabin and Tulsa.

Towing a trailer the toll will be about $5.00, if i remember correctly.

Posted By: Ozlander on 07/23/12 07:25am

That would be the Will Rogers turnpike.


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Posted By: Grey Mountain on 07/23/12 08:28am

Traveled the Oklahoma turnpikes on a return trip three years ago. Tolls then for a Class A motorhome (two axles) and a toad (two axles) were:
Joplin - Tulsa/Will Rogers Turnpike: $9.75
Creek Turnpike around Tulsa: $4.50
Tulsa - Oklahoma City/Turner Turnpike: $9.75


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Posted By: rockportrocket on 07/23/12 10:48am

If you decide to take 69/75 to Dallas, you can avoid the turnpike toll in Oklahoma by exiting I-44 at 71 south (just before Joplin). Take 71S a few miles to Hwy 60. Take Hwy 60 to 69. take 69/75 into Dallas and have a ball with that traffic. Where you going in dallas and maybe we can give you a good route there?

I usually take this route when pulling the 5'er, but then I am not in any particular hurry... And I enjoy the backroads and scenery

Posted By: kelvingrove on 07/31/12 06:29pm

Thanks everyone for your help with this.

rockportrocket: I have had the chance to look at the map and I see exactly where you mean. By doing this, will we avoid paying the toll altogether? It doesn't appear that we will be off of our originally intended route for very long in terms of time. Is that correct?

We are going to scoot over to Fort Worth first before we head into Dallas.

We are looking for an easy drive on good roads as it is our first time towing a 34' trailer this kind of distance. We don't have a lot of excess time to go too far out of our way, so we want to stay fairly close to our original Mapquest route, although it does look like your original suggestion is one we will likely take.


Posted By: Bipeflier on 07/31/12 06:40pm

71-60 to 69 is a very good alternative, good roads and no toll.

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Posted By: tatest on 08/01/12 05:36pm

If I am following the Mapquest instructions correctly in my mind, the only section where you will have tolls is the Will Rogers Turnpike from the north entrance to Big Cabin.

The cash toll is $2.00 for two axles, $3.50 for three axles, $5.50 for four axles, $8.50 for five, $10.50 for six. Count your axles.

I haven't been on the Will Rogers for years (not because of the tolls but because of the heavy truck traffic trying to run 75-80 mph and the frequent tie-ups from big accidents that ensue), so I don't know how they collect the tolls. If it is a single collection point between the State Line and Tulsa entrances, they will collect the full toll for Tulsa and give you a refund at Big Cabin.

My usual Will Rogers avoidance route is US-166 through Kansas, west from the three-state corner. US-166 has a bit less congestion through Kansas than US-60 has in western Missouri and around Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma. I would take US-166 to Chetopa, US-59 to pick up US-60/69 at Vinita, because of the extra traffic and slow-down points on US-69 (or even Alt-69) as they come into Oklahoma from Kansas.

The big trucks are on the Will Rogers, paying those tolls, because the alternative (OK-10, US-60, and/or US-69)routes move a lot more slowly in and around Grand Lake, with lots of local traffic in the resort and nearby communities.

On US-69 south of I-44, there is a construction zone between Vinita and Pryor where you will be running on an uneven temporary pavement. Lots of construction on 69/75 further south, at several points south of I-40.

All that being said, US-69 is the wrong route to Dallas/Fort Worth if your destination is really Fort Worth. Approaching Fort Worth directly from the north on I-35W is a whole lot less trouble than coming into the suburbs east of Dallas, then trying to cross west through the heart of the Metroplex.

Tom Test
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Posted By: kelvingrove on 08/01/12 06:36pm

Thanks Bipeflier and tatest for your input.

tatest: I understand your route as described. The only part I need clarification on is where you go once you are on 69 at Vinita? Do you continue south through the construction you have described or would you advise us to skirt around it? Secondly, I like your idea to approach Fort Worth from the north, but when do you advise we should head west from 69 to get to 35 and avoid the Dallas suburbs traffic at the same time?

Many thanks for your very detailed instructions!

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