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Topic: Auxiliary Battery Switch

Posted By: okienewbie on 08/15/12 09:52pm

I have a 1999 Winnebago Adventurer Class A motorhome. The axillary battery switch is weak and won't stay on the on or off position. Therefore nothing is working off the switch. Any suggestions?

Posted By: fischer on 08/15/12 10:26pm

If you are talking about your aux battery disconnect switch then that switch controls a relay in the battery control center called aux connect/disconect.
The battery control center has 3 relays:
1 main connect/disconnect
2 aux connect/disconnect
3 charging relay

My sw's stay in the middle and push up (connect) or down(disconnect) and return to the center.

Are you saying that push up that coach 12v doesnt work or the sw doesnt stay up because the sw is not to supposed to stay up????

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Posted By: okienewbie on 08/15/12 11:10pm

The other switches click when you put them on off or on. Anyway it doesn't switch the batteries and nothing will work unless plugged into 30 amp. Not even with the generator running.

Posted By: 1995brave on 08/16/12 06:07am

Here is a link to the Winnebago manuals. Download the wiring manual and start tracing out the wiring for the solenoid that is giving you the problem. Also check your batteries with a multimeter or take them and have them tested.

Posted By: Clay L on 08/16/12 06:56am

The battery disconnect switch isn't supposed to click. But you should be able to hear the battery disconnect solenoid click when the switch is pushed to a different mode.
The solenoid is a latching type. It stays in the last position switched to without requiring power.

Here is a schematic I made that shows how it works. The Winnebago diagram doesn't show the disconnect switch on the same page which makes it a little harder to see how it works. The polarity on the signal leads is reversed to cause the switching to occur. The nomenclature letters on your wires may be different but the concept is the same.


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Posted By: Hikerdogs on 08/16/12 07:14am

As mentioned by others the switch is a momentary switch that returns to the center position when you let it go. It activates the latching solenoid located behind the top step in the entry way.

To get to the solenoid you have to unlatch and remove the top step. Then remove the vertical carpeted panel behind the step (ours is held in by a velcro strip in either end). Once the panel is removed you have to remove a steel panel. The steel panel has a latch on each end.

I replaced ours a couple years ago. It costs about $20.00 from an RV dealer. It looks a lot like the old Ford starter solenoid but has a 100% duty cycle.

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Posted By: okienewbie on 08/16/12 02:08pm

Thanks for the replies. After searching more on the forums I found an older forum from 1995brave that explained about lifting the dash and locating the battery circuit breaker. It had 30 on it and after pushing it in everything worked. I was also wrong about the switch locking into either on or off. It does return to the central position. Thanks to all.

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