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Topic: Tonneau cover and 5th wheel?

Posted By: Vulcaneer on 09/03/12 07:56am

Do you use a tonneau cover to cover your bed? My new truck will not get a Linex treatment. But a bed mat, and a tri-fold tonneau.

Reason for the tri-fold is that it has no bed rail superstructure (like the roll-ups) to interfere with the back of the pin box in a turn, or the clearance to the bottom of the 5th wheel.

With the tri-fold, you remove it totally when towing. And for longer outings, just store it in the trailer, for re-installation after parked. Folded up it only takes up 5", so I could just fold it up to tow. Just to watch the clearance on tight turns. Of course for weekend trips just remove and leave it home. The tri-fold installs in less than 5 minutes.

Reason for a tonneau is to keep things safe in the bed, and to offer bed protection and weather when not towing.

That is the theory anyway. What is your experience with a tonneau cover?

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Posted By: donn0128 on 09/03/12 08:08am

I like my fold a cover. It is lockable, so somewhat secure, folds easily, adds less than an inch to the top of the bed rails , is relatively water tight, and has never interfered with the trailer. Your choice, but I would also not use a drop in anything in my truck. Spray in bed liner is much easier to maintain, do not fly out while going down the road, and protect the entire truck bed, not just the floor.

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Posted By: Gregfromvt on 09/03/12 08:11am

I do have a roll up on my 2003 GMC Sierra and I keep the cover on the truck because when I am not hauling, it covers the 5th wheel hitch to keep the******out of it. I do see what you mean about the rails, I did notice when I make sharp turns, it does hit just barely. I think I may invest in the trifold.

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Posted By: Vulcaneer on 09/03/12 08:27am

Hi Donn, I thought the same thing about the bed liner, too. But after years of spray liners, they look terrible after a while. Mostly from weather fading. And stuff slides all over the place with them, too.

So my bed mat fits under my SuperGlide super rails. And covers the holes when the hitch is removed. I didn't holesaw holes in the bed mat. But what I did do was to slit the mat to make flaps, so I can fold the flaps up and out of the way when I install the hitch pins. When the hitch is removed, I just put my plugs in the holes and fold down the flaps over them. And you cannot see where the mat was slit to clear the bed hole or pins.

And the way I use my truck, the sides of the bed don't get a lot of wear. Besides if they do...then I'll Linex it then.

My Tri-fold is also lockable. Is very dry. And has no framework what-so-ever attached to the bed rails.

Posted By: NHFirefighter on 09/03/12 08:32am

I have the quad fold in my sig and very happy with it. It stays on all the time, folds up to about the size of a tool box so no issues while towing. I agree with Donn definately invest in a spray on liner.

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Posted By: brirene on 09/03/12 08:35am

I keep my trifold on while towing, just folded to the front third. Its out of the way for hitching, but keeps rain, etc. off the front of the bed. Have to reach in under it to get things out, but much preferred to the roll up I used to have.

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Posted By: Dandy Dan on 09/03/12 09:04am

I also have a tri-fold cover. I fold it forward when hooked up and once we get where going and unhooked I just fold it back out to help keep the bed somewhat free of rain and water. It also gives a place to put things you might acquire while out jaunting around. Mine has not come off since I put it on. I do change tailgates in the winter if we are not going to go anywhere and put the stock gate back on taking off the V gate. Happy Camping.
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Posted By: agesilaus on 09/03/12 09:11am

I have the Ford installed roll up cover, we just roll it all the way up when towing and then roll it over the bed when not. When it covers the bed it cannot be rolled up unless you lower the tail gate first so it is lockable.

It has some velcro ties to secure it when it is all the way rolled up and I plan to add some in the middle so we can roll it to the point right behind the hitch. That won't be secure but it will be a rain cover.

I'm quite happy with it so far.

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Posted By: bpounds on 09/03/12 09:21am

I have the Retrax rolling cover. Works great with the fiver. It will roll open at any point along the rails, and locks there. The rails do extend a little bit over the box, but not enough to be a problem with my pin box.

The only modification I needed was to shorten the hitch release lever slightly so that it wouldn't hit the bottom of the cover when closed and not towing.

I have a standard bed. I wouldn't like this cover with a short bed. The canister takes up too much space.

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Posted By: 45 ACP on 09/03/12 10:02am

I've had a Roll-N-Lock and a Snug Lid on previous trucks. This one has a Bak-Flip F1 and I couldn't be happier.

Very very water resistant (the only TRUE waterPROOF cover was the Snug Lid), doesn't interfere when towing, stays on the truck when towing, allows for full bed use, easy to install/remove with ONE person, reasonably secure, and keeps the hitch and bedliner from weathering when not towing.

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Posted By: rattleNsmoke on 09/03/12 10:21am

I have a roll-up cover from Extang and it works great. The bedrail framework for the cover sticks up less than 1" and has Velcro running down a channel on the bedrails to secure it. I leave it in the rolled up position when towing with the straps and clips. It rolls out flat over my In-Bed toolbox and hitch when I'm not. MAKE SURE you have adequate clearance between the hitch and the cover before you buy. I also sprung for the Line-X bedliner and happy I did. Btw, AAA gives a 10% discount on the application.

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Posted By: Helmsey on 09/03/12 10:43am

I have a Bakflip G2 and love it. Sits flush with the rails and can fold forward for towing, never need to remove it.

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Posted By: circusbear on 09/03/12 11:09am

Trifecta by Extang for me. Works really awesome. I fold it it to the front and it doesn't interfere with the fitch. It is also high enough that my generator fits under it, so it is dry and secure while in transport.

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Posted By: soling2003 on 09/03/12 11:54am

I have the Bakflip G2 also. Strong, you CAN stand on it, but I do so only gingerly. Folds up forward out of the way for towing, and it can come off in just a few minutes. But the only time I did that was when transfering it from my 250 to 350 when I sold the old truck. And you can't cut it with a knife. A bit more secure for when I keep tools and stuff in it.
Any will work though as long as it folds up forward enough to clear the hitch and king pin.

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Posted By: HamsHog on 09/03/12 09:40pm

I use the Tonno Pro tri-fold. It stays on the truck when towing, was inexpensive, keeps the water out and the hitch clean. Works great!!

Regards, Hamshog

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Posted By: Bigburd on 09/04/12 04:18am

agesilaus wrote:

I have the Ford installed roll up cover, we just roll it all the way up when towing and then roll it over the bed when not. When it covers the bed it cannot be rolled up unless you lower the tail gate first so it is lockable.

I'm quite happy with it so far.


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Posted By: car2900 on 09/04/12 04:40am

HamsHog wrote:

I use the Tonno Pro tri-fold. It stays on the truck when towing, was inexpensive, keeps the water out and the hitch clean. Works great!!

Regards, Hamshog

I also have a Tonno Pro tri-fold. Stays on the truck while towing. Only problem is I can't see my hitch head while backing up due to the 1/3 of the cover when folded. Great cover for the price. I previously had an Access Roll Up cover but it had side rails that were about 1 1/2" high and the back of the pin box would hit the rail in a tight turn. Tri-Fold is the way to go.

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Posted By: reubenray on 09/04/12 05:03am

I have the Solid Fold from Extang. I used it with no issues on my maiden voyage. But I may remove it for future trips. The reason is I cannot see my hitch with it on. My wife is to short to see the hitch also to line me up with the fifth wheel from the side. So I had to do a lot of backing up/pulling forward/getting out of the truck.

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Posted By: shagan77 on 09/04/12 08:28am

I have the Tuxedo roll up cover. 1" or so rails, and have nearly 6" clearance on side rails to underside of 5er. Also have the Linux spray in liner (and love it). Also sprayed the rear wheel wells, certainly quiets the road noise. (all those little rocks pinging the metal wheel wells). With the bed cover on it helps keep the liner looking good as it's not cooking in te sun all the time.

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Posted By: Too Young to Retire on 09/04/12 08:36am

I have the Truck Cover USA. Adds less than a quarter inch to the height of the rail. Rolls into a neat little package at the back of the cab. Nothing for me to remove and store if I'm not using it. When I get to my destination, I unhook the 5'er and close up the bed. The cover will support 500 lbs.It's aluminum so the bed is secure when it's locked. And it's made in San Diego.

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Posted By: JohnBoyToo on 09/04/12 11:33am

Each of our covers is the best cover or else we wouldn't have picked it [emoticon]

I too have the tonno pro trifold and it allows the trailair hitch pins shock to just clear it when folded to the front...

Posted By: MO_Trout_Bum on 09/05/12 04:12pm

Access Lorado roll-up cover here. Low profile interferes minimally with clearance between truck rails and fiver. I looked at the tri-fold covers as well, however could not see the hitch when backing up to the RV. The roll-up rolls all the way to the cab, and does not interfere at all. You also have full access to the entire truck bed, which is nice with a short bed.

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Posted By: 07PSDCREW on 09/05/12 05:11pm

I use an Undercover brand hard tonneu. It is made of strong ABS plastic and is lightweight enough to be removed when needed. It comes with two hooks to hang it in the garage. I admit, it's a pain, but I don't mind. I'd rather have the hard cover type. My Aux tank and fver hitch fit right under it no problem.

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Posted By: Pete_k on 09/07/12 11:59am

Would not be without my Retrax bed cover. But sure wish I could find a fuel tank that fits under it. And not costing 3 times what one the same style cost but does not fit. Thinking of having a shop near me build a custom tank or cut one down to fit.

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