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Topic: Parts for older roof AC unit?

Posted By: ITguy on 09/13/12 11:59pm

Our TT has an Emerson Quiet Kool 1350 A/C on the roof that works great for cooling.

It also has selections on the dial for heat, but that was an option and wasn't installed in the one we have. I've looked at the schematic and pulled the shrouds off to take a peek, and it would be an incredibly simple install.

Google has thoroughly let me down in finding a source to purchase the heating element. Anyone know of an RV salvage yard or some other sort of place that handles parts for older equipment like this?

I'm sure it wouldn't provide a ton of heat, or be the most efficient, but it would be very convenient and I'm sure there would be many times that it would be nice to have rather than messing with the pilot on the furnace or hauling out the big electric heater.

Posted By: nelson on 09/14/12 04:23am

Hear is what I found Parts
Page 7 is the instruction for installing heat accessory kit (EQK 5600H)
It also says you can get it from dealer but I could find no dealer so am guessing they are no longer around. You might try rv salvage yard. Good Luck

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