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RE: Live in Interesting times: Hyundai/ Kia want FCA

I would NEVER buy a GM product after the 'bailout fiasco'.. GM 'Government Motors' should give every American Citizen over the age of 18, a new vehicle to offset the taxpayers money they received. How soon people forget. Bashing both FCA and GM. You are showing yourself to be quite the troll. Fortunately so far people have not taken the bait.
Bionic Man 09/24/17 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Level 5th wheel

Probably need to define a "little". Level is best. Nose high could put more weight on the rear axle. Running level might not give you enough clearance with the bed rails. So you might have to raise the trailer through the suspension. Which could make the steps into the trailer tall.......
Bionic Man 09/23/17 09:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Live in Interesting times: Hyundai/ Kia want FCA

Seems to me that merger/purchase would be good for both parties. FCA would give the new company entry into the full size truck, Jeep, minivan, full size car and pony car market. And KIA would bring the small cars that Chrysler has always struggled with. I'm surprised that would make them the largest volume manufacture. It doesn't seem that long ago that KIA/Hyundai was brand new on the automotive scene.
Bionic Man 09/23/17 07:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2010-2012 Ram question

My 2012 only has about 65,000 miles on it, but it has been a great vehicle. Yes, it does have electric over hydraulic option on the IBC. I also came from an 03 with the NV5600. I thought I might miss some things about the manual, but I don't. Never have had trouble with any of the emissions equipment, but if you delete, you won't have to worry about that (although I would save everything you take off in case Pueblo ever goes to emissions testing, and for resale reasons). I am very happy with my truck, but if I were in the market to buy used, I would agree with Chris, and would look for a 2013 or 2014 over the years you are considering. The HD's went through a significant upgrade in 2013, and it isn't just the engine/transmission options. It is the whole truck including the frame.
Bionic Man 09/23/17 07:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rv insurance

I've had Progressive for years - on my boats as well as my RV. But, knock on wood, I have never had a claim. One thing that is nice about Progressive is that they do have a disappearing deductible. It goes down every year you don't have a claim. And yes, at least here, the TV policy will only cover liability. Without an insurance policy on the RV, you are on your own for any damage to the RV should something happen.
Bionic Man 09/23/17 06:56am Fifth-Wheels

With all that being said, those that have the tanks, how do you control the flow, do you stop and open a valve then watch gauge then stop and close the valve or is it in the open position all the time?? I have thought about putting a RDS tank in but had also thought I use a normally closed 12v solenoid valve that I could switch open while driving then switch it off when its filled or nearly filled the truck tank...any ideas?? My valve stays open all the time. As long as both fuel caps are on tight, the tank will not overfill.
Bionic Man 09/23/17 06:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: What should I have done?

Sounds to me like you were following the tractor trailer too closely (tailgating). You should allow at least one vehicle space (your length) for every 10 miles per hour of speed. If you had abided by that rule, you would have saw the trooper in plenty of time to reduce your speed accordingly (move over or slow down) means slowing to 45 mph. which is the legal MINIMUM speed on any Inter-Intra state highway or Federally funded 2 lane road. Accept the ticket and pay the citation and consider yourself lucky he didn't arrest you. He could have. You put his life in danger by your inactions. I always slow down or move over for stopped emergency vehicles but that means not following so closely, the vehicle in front of you that you cannot. Following too closely (assured clear distance) is one of the biggest accident contributors. I know, the patent answer is, if I allow sufficient distance between the vehicle in front of me and me, someone will move into that space. Easy answer to that. Assume that distance from the vehicle that got in front of you instead of the vehicle you were initially following. Remember, move over or slow down and slow down means slowing to the Federally mandated minimum speed of 45 mph. Your advice of vehicle spacing may be "by the book" (although I am not sure of that), but it is completely impractical anytime there is a fair amount of traffic. You leave that much space in front of you around here (or really anywhere I travel in the West), and people will constantly be pulling in front of you and causing you to slow down further. Just not realistic. But thanks for the pompous answer nonetheless. To the OP, the only thing I think you may have been able to do is slow down more. As stated a number of times, the law is to move over or slow down. I don't think there is a defined "slow down" speed, which makes it even more difficult. I'd agree with the "trooper having a bad day" comments. If it was local, I would fight it.
Bionic Man 09/22/17 05:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: EcoDiesel Ordering

One, the "first bailout" was not done by the Government it was done by the employees! They put up money from their retirement fund to bail out the company not the Government. The only thing the Government did was OK it and guarantee the loan if Chrysler could not repay it. It was paid back early and at 100%! Not one dime of tax payer money was used! Then why was Iacocca begging for $$ From You and I in the 80's? Chrysler was days away from dying, and the gov't should have said "Buh Bye" then. Unfortunately for GM and Chrysler they did not have their original family's running their companies anymore. About the only factual thing in your post. Yes, Ford mortgaged the bank, and the Ford family still controls the company. As to the QC remarks, I would put our quality up against almost any other car company out there. I can say first hand that FCA is 100% commented to building a quality product and like every other car company out there we do make some mistakes. The problem is when you are only selling half the vehicles that some others are selling it doesn't take much to skew your numbers. Of course you would - they pay you every week. Every single place that rates quality and long term dependability has FCA vehicles at or near the bottom. Now either they are all out to get you or there's something to it. I go for the latter. Ford and GM have had some bad years and the ratings show it. FCA, as a whole has been scraping the bottom for, what 20 years now? Chrysler has always made garbage and probably always will until they (finally) go out of business. Ask yourself this - if Chrysler was so great and FCA was in such awesome financial shape, why would Sergio be selling off bits of the company and begging for consolidation. GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, VW, Subaru, etc don't have the same outlook. Nor do they need it. Good lord, give it a rest. We have gone over this before. This post is about trucks, do you really want to compare that with the quality ratings? If that is important to you, I hope you remember that RAM has been scoring higher than your beloved Blue Oval. As far as spinning off bits of the company, many of the manufactures have done that. Ford sold Jag and Land Rover. GM sold off Saab. Sergio has pursued a merger (which could be good for everyone if it was the right partner), but has backed off. VW and Porsche merged a few years back, are they worse off because of it? Stop your bashing. I am sure I am not the only one who has grown weary of it.
Bionic Man 09/20/17 06:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 Ram 2500 Input

I think in 2011.5 they increased the power ratings. As mentioned, I think the biggest downside of that model is going to be the MPG. If you look them up on fuelly, they have tracked about 1,200,000 miles. Average MPG is 14.0. If you look at a 2014, they have tracked 3,260,000 miles, and average MPG is 15.7. Percentage wise, that is a pretty big jump. I have a 2012. Same engine as the 2011. It has been very reliable, but I only have around 70,000 miles. Overall, I am very happy with the truck.
Bionic Man 09/20/17 06:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would you purchase a used hitch? Good or bad idea?

That is how I got my SuperGlide. I would do it again. Saved a bunch of money on a good hitch.
Bionic Man 09/19/17 09:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Locked myself out... again....

As soon as we get camp set up, we put out one of the realtor lock-boxes. Just attach it to the grab handle of the trailer. That way we are never locked out.
Bionic Man 09/19/17 06:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weekend at a "dry" campground

I'd have more issues with the no campfires policy (if that is the policy) than the no alcohol. To me, a campfire is a vital part of the camping experience. You would have a problem with most of the northwest. Fire bans (even charcoal grills) cover many of the campgrounds. They have good reasons; you can see smoke in the air in most of Oregon! It makes sense to have fire bans during times of drought and high fire danger. Not sure anyone would argue against that.
Bionic Man 09/18/17 07:51pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 2018 F-150 3.0L Diesel GCWR

I think Ford coming out with the F150 diesel is great. Competition in the industry is good for consumers. I've said before, I think a small diesel in the 150/1500 series trucks makes a lot of sense. If I were in the market, that is what I would buy. Hopefully GM will join the game, and Ford will put the 3.0 in their new Expedition. If there was a diesel option in a full size SUV like a Burb/Yukon/Ex, I think that would be a hit.
Bionic Man 09/18/17 06:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Surging

upload to youtube and post a link.
Bionic Man 09/17/17 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Weekend at a "dry" campground

I'd have more issues with the no campfires policy (if that is the policy) than the no alcohol. To me, a campfire is a vital part of the camping experience. As far as alcohol, we go to a couple places where it is "prohibited". And all Colorado State Parks limit alcohol to 3.2% only. But the only time I have ever seen anything enforced on that was one time when the ranger stoped and asked us to move a bottle of hard alcohol off the top of the picnic table and onto the ground where it "wasn't obvious". Seems more of a tool that they can use to crack down when necessary, than an actual prohibition.
Bionic Man 09/17/17 01:59pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Motorcycle mount on back of 5er

Nothing with a motorcycle. Probably 60,000 + miles over the course of 18 years when towing tandem with a 5500 pound boat with over 500 pounds of tongue weight. And multiple friends who do the same. Which seems to be to be pretty similar to what the OP is considering (which is what I said in my first post).I really can't see how a boat on its own trailer is anything like hanging a motorcycle on the back of a 5er but whatever. I'm not sure where your disconnect is? The boat is going to have 500 + pounds on the back of the trailer (tongue weight), which is similar to the weight a motorcycle puts on the back of the 5er. In fact, the boat will likely put more strain on the back of the trailer because it will bounce twice - once when the 1st trailer hits the bump, once when the 2nd trailer hits. All of that wil be on the connection point to the trailer (the hitch on the back, the same as either welding a carrier onto the back or a trailer, or using a hitch to create a platform back there). Maybe you really know someone who had a problem (color me skeptical, but it doesn't matter). The reality is if the platform or hitch is appropriately welded onto the back of the 5er, you are unlikely to have troubles.
Bionic Man 09/17/17 01:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Motorcycle mount on back of 5er

Make sure you add a camera to the back of your 5er so you'll know where to return to pick up your bike. Tell me, what experience do you have on the subject, other than reading things 3rd or 4th hand on the internet?A friend almost lost his Harley because the points he strapped to on the bike broke. Another friend lost two bicycles because they bounced off. You? Nothing with a motorcycle. Probably 60,000 + miles over the course of 18 years when towing tandem with a 5500 pound boat with over 500 pounds of tongue weight. And multiple friends who do the same. Which seems to be to be pretty similar to what the OP is considering (which is what I said in my first post). None of us have ever had a problem.
Bionic Man 09/16/17 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: EcoDiesel Ordering

He and itguy are cut from the same cloth. The truth hurts, I guess. Sometimes the truth is surprising. But when the "truth" comes from someone like you, it is taken with a considerable grain of salt, because you know it comes with a significant amount of spin. For the better part of a year, diesel has been priced equal to, or less than gas. Here, it is still within $0.10/gallon. Where have you been hiding with those prices? Your beloved Ford thinks that the EcoDiesel is a good enough idea that they are introducing their own version of it. Are you going to hate on it as well? For the life of me, I don't understand people like you, Fish, and Nutz, who have a transparent agenda against FCA. What exactly do you have to gain if the company fails? 100,000 + people out of work? Sounds like bad news to me, regardless of which manufacture we are talking about. But I guess you go by the motto of "if your house burns down, it makes my house look better". SMH.:S
Bionic Man 09/14/17 08:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.0 Chev to 6.4 ram

Total truck sales between GM and RAM are very close. Pretty sure that RAM actually outsells GM when you are looking at just the HD models. I'd bet money that they sell more in the 3500 market. But if that is your most important criteria, everyone should buy a Ford. Actually it's not anywhere close... https://s26.postimg.org/ds3c58rxl/sales.jpg Ford's my preference but GM makes nice trucks as well and I'd not have an issue owning one. Ram is not worth the steel it's made from. No Guts, No Glory, Ram. FCA isn't going anywhere. Really? Chrysler got bailed out TWICE by You and I. Their vehicles are the lowest quality money can buy. Sales are declining. Sergio is looking to sell off the company. I give them less than 5 years. Hopefully this time we will let them go the way of the DoDo bird where they belong. How many of those are Canyon/Colorado? A market where RAM (and Ford) don't compete. Why didn't you post the HD numbers? Because it doesn't support your bias?
Bionic Man 09/14/17 07:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EcoDiesel Ordering

Sounds like an issue with the DPF and not specific to the engine in question. A plugged cat or DPF with exhibit the same results regardless of engine type or make. Whatever he wants to say to make his point, facts be daamed. I mean I had a F150 plug up a cat converter once and almost burn to the ground. Never have I posted "do not buy a F150." He and itguy are cut from the same cloth.
Bionic Man 09/14/17 04:43pm Tow Vehicles
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