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RE: North Cascades Hwy.

I stayed at a GREAT family owned campground in Winthrop, called Pine Near RV Park right next door to Shafer Museum (which is pretty cool). You need to make Winthrop a stop - it's an old west town motif.
Boatycall 05/24/18 10:13am Truck Campers
RE: question for those with Torklift hitch 48" set up

The bouncing and movement of the bike may cause bad things to happen on that long of an extension. I disagree. The Torklift is chained for side-to-side, and having the straps going to the jacks prevents both rotation wobble and up-down bouncing. The thing literally doesn't move an inch once the chains and straps are all tightened up. Worth noting, I'm using an actual store bought motorcycle carrier, not something home made. The rack itself that the bike sits on is aluminum, it attaches to a steel receiver bar.
Boatycall 05/09/18 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: question for those with Torklift hitch 48" set up

I would, because I do it. Granted my bike is a little lighter, 385lbs, but the concept of what I do is something that will work just fine for you. You use ratchet straps to secure it to the Camper jacks and carry some of the weight, not all, just some, and make it super-stable. I've done it many times, no damage what so ever. And I'm sure a lot of people will say I'm crazy. But I've done it many times, I'd ask from the people who are about to flame me and say no, to show why rather than just speculate. (putting on flame suit now). My camper weighs over 6500lbs, that's over 1500lbs per corner. Asking that same corner to help hold up and stabilize your bike will be fine. It's a beefy frame under there. In my case - the only drawback, I can't get the back slide all the way open, but I can get it open enough to get in for a bathroom break. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/packwood/bike1.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/packwood/bike2.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/packwood/bike3.jpg
Boatycall 05/07/18 08:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Torklift Lower Stableloads

I have a 1999 F350 long bed with a heavy camper and was considering adding lower stableloads I had an '01 F350 DRW, I went with the uppers, they worked great.
Boatycall 03/20/18 09:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone ever actually have their weight checked/ticketed?

Well..... Anyone ever actually gotten a ticket? ..... lol... I see one question, and no answers related. No.. Never gotten one. Ditto, and I'm at just under 30,000 all loaded up. But my truck's GCVW is 40k, so it depends on which axle you wanna get picky about. Technically even though I'm well within GCVW and Dana's spec on my rear axle for a D110s and 19.5's, my rear is over if you go by Ford's spec.
Boatycall 03/19/18 10:15pm Truck Campers
Is there such a thing as a vent filter?

I frequently camp in dusty places. I asked Mr Google... Couldn't find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for an air filter I can put in my FanTastic, (or in my bathroom vent) whether it's top or bottom loaded, that will filter dust and then create a clean, positive air pressure in my TC. Think the air filter you would put in your home furnace intake. I'm almost thinking of taking one of my home filters and cutting it to size, then a little engineering-spec multi-purpose adhesive (duct tape).
Boatycall 03/19/18 09:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Torklift International

My rig is a rolling showroom for their stuff, I have a bunch of it. Upper and lower Stableloads, Woblestoppers, Magnum 30k hitch, 48" SuperTruss, and the new Aluminum Talons... Trying to think if I've forgotten anything... But all of it works as it should, some of it has gone from one truck to another, as well as one TC to another. Also visited their HQ in Sumner. Big place, lots of helpful people.
Boatycall 03/17/18 07:30pm Truck Campers
RE: TCing on the beach

Side question for those who camp on the beach regularly. How is the salt-inflicted corrosion? I don't have a problem so much with the truck and TC, it's my trailer. All of the aluminum trim is not clear-coated or protected. So all the shiny diamond plate and trim needs to be washed completely and immediately when I get home or it will start to pit.
Boatycall 03/16/18 11:46am Truck Campers
RE: TCing on the beach

As others have mentioned, air down, have a shovel, winch, sand anchor, etc.... But also-- If you REALLY think you're gonna bury the thing, consider getting a set of these--- Sand Recovery Ramps https://images.4wheelparts.com/aux_incl/images.ashx?i=2790-02.jpg&partNo=S/B&w=450&h=450 You throw them under your tires, get un-stuck, and KEEP GOING until you're off soft sand. You may have to walk a ways to go back and get your ramps, but you don't stop until you're sure that you're on semi-solid ground.
Boatycall 03/16/18 11:19am Truck Campers
RE: New Honda EU2200i replaces the old faithful EU2000i

If I am reading their press release correctly, a new EU2200 Companion is compatible with my existing EU2000. Any EU-series can be connected together, and in more than just two in parallel. Three generators together, four, mixing a eu1000 + eu3000, doesn't matter. The inverter inside sync's the 60hz sinewave to any other EU-inverter model. I've personally tested it with a 2000 + a 1000. Also worth noting - you do not need thier overpriced "Parallel Kit". You can do it with a double-ended male 15a plug. That's how I connect my two. The "Parallel Kit" is there for safety - no end is exposed in those banana plugs should you unplug one end from one genny while the other is running. The schematic on any EU series generator shows the parallel plugs connected directly to the outlet, nothing special, and I've taken them apart to verify it. So moral of the story, if you take Ole' Boaty's advise and make yourself a double-male 15a plug, don't go licking the exposed end while the other end is plugged into another running gen. Otherwise Charles Darwin and Nikola Tesla will intervene and have a laugh at your expense. Well, and me too. Do a search on Youtube, lots of interesting vid's people doing all sorts of combo's and testing. Here's one with (4) hooked together Here is the schematic of a 2000, clearing showing no magic or pixie dust involved in the "Parallel Plugs"-- http://skewred.com/wp-content/uploads/honda-generator-eu-i-parts-diagram-mcavpi-wonderful.jpg width=800
Boatycall 03/14/18 04:57pm Truck Campers
New Honda EU2200i replaces the old faithful EU2000i

This may be old news, I don't recall seeing a post on it, but I coulda missed it. Honda announced in December, and started shipping March 1st. Same general street price at Amazon, $999. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51%2BdmMhLjWL.jpg Some things I got from the Honda Press Release: * Same 3 versions, normal, Camo, and Companion. * A little quieter in eco, a little louder at full load * Bigger motor - 120cc vs. 100cc * Lower rpm in full-eco * Slightly larger fuel tank, 0.95g, about the same overall run times * Slightly lighter * Fuel-only shut off (FINALLY) to allow carb bowl and lines to be dry. * Metal around the pull starter to prevent rope-burn into plastic * Better oil drain * 15amp continuous load, 18amp peak.
Boatycall 03/14/18 10:19am Truck Campers
RE: ARB Lockers

I agree with what SidecarFlip and Mark posted. I have ARBs on the front and rear of our 1998 Jeep. I’ve never had a problem with either end. ARBs are a very well engineered product. One thing I will add. If you have never driven a vehicle with an ARB in the front axle, you will definitely know its there when it is engaged. Your rig will want to go in a straight line, so turning requires more steering wheel input and still your rig will only turn about ½ as sharply with the front locker engaged. It will also put more stress on your steering components when you are turning sharply with some traction. If you are on something slick like wet muddy limestone, the steering doesn't bind up. I don’t engage either ARB unless I need to get over something. If I can’t get over it open, I will usually try it with just the rear locked. With both locked, steering is an issue. You kind of need to be pointed in the direction you want to go. We also have the factor e-lockers on our 2015 Jeep Rubicon. It drives similarly to the 98 with ARBs. The main difference is I don’t have to wait on the ARB compressor to pump up and I don’t have to worry about blue hose issues. Everything Brad says is spot on. Having been an avid Jeep'r for years, all but one of my rigs have had ARBs. None have ever failed. I've used Viair compressors, specifically the 400c's because volume and pressure are much better than the ARB compressors. One thing worth mentioning - If you're in a spot you need both lockers locked, you're likely in a world of hurt.... You need to be very mindful that you don't try to right-foot your way out with all 4 locked - you run a very high risk of blowing a UJoint, axle or TCase. Ask me how I know....
Boatycall 03/12/18 07:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar Panel Expansion

Eagle Cap runs a 10ga wire from the roof. If you plan on running 4 panels, you have 3 options: If you get an MPPT Controller: * Run them either all in series for a 80v circuit, the amperage down the wire will be no different than a single panel. * Run them in two 2 pairs of 40v. The amperage down the wire will then be double, but still well within the limits of a 10ga wire. * With an MPPT in either configuration, you could get a max of 33 amps charge @12v w/400 watts of panel. PWM: * All 4 in parallel. 4x the amperage, and the highest amount of loss due to cabling. The 10ga wire will handle it due to the average Impp is 5.5a, so ~22a. * Major downside - the most charge you will get is 22a with the PWM. There is no voltage-to-amperage conversion with PWM, just the amps the panels put out directly. I don't recommend a PWM for that many watts. You'll get a substantial amount of additional charge amps going with an MPPT. Worth noting, I bought eight of these for my TC, and they're still on sale--- Grape Solar 100w Panel for $97 w-free shpg On edit-- One other thought - sell that panel and controller you currently have and get 4 matching panels from Home Repot.
Boatycall 03/02/18 10:00am Truck Campers
RE: Florence & Coos Bay, OR Dunes Questions

leave Thursday night around 8pm, get south of Portland, then finish the drive Friday morning. That's what my freinds and I do. We stay the night at a big truck stop in Colberg, exit 199. There is a lot of truck stop parking there, either left or right, truck stops on both sides. I will look into the campgrounds that were recommended & like the idea of camping on the water. Probably going to reserve the camping spot, but do you think these toy rental places will be booked out on an early April weekend? That will be extremely tough this late. Campgrounds in OR open up for reservations 270 days in advance, and I can tell you from personal experience you literally have to be Johnny on the spot the day your booking time comes available. If you're wanting to book now for Spring break, not to be a Debbie-downer, but I'm going to bet you're already out of luck. And a correction - the ride-in-ride-out dry camping CG I was thinking of is just south of Honeyman on the Florence dunes, Driftwood. They do have full bathrooms/showers. Stayed there a couple of times. Honeyman has water/power and a dump as you leave.
Boatycall 03/01/18 11:17am Truck Campers
RE: Florence & Coos Bay, OR Dunes Questions

http://buggynews.com/resources/the-tops-of-the-dunes-were-shaped-like-a-sand-castle-by-the/21820 width=640 Hey Bedlam -- Where's this?
Boatycall 02/28/18 08:28pm Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO TR: Finally Home. Columbia River Gorge Drive

Amazing video - You musta got that truck up to at least 140mph.... Only way I can go that fast is in my 'vette! You did it with a truck n TC!
Boatycall 02/28/18 08:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Florence & Coos Bay, OR Dunes Questions

ok... more pics Pics of Sand Lakes. Sand Lakes has two different camping areas, both with ride access. A dry-camp campground you can reserve a space in, and two big 'first come first serve' camp areas, also dry. They just expanded the first come 2 years ago. And the bonus - the first come sites, you rent the SPACE, and are allowed to cram 2 full RVs on them if you want because the new spaces are HUGE and they recently decided that was a good rule rather than enforce extra vehicle charges. Also, if you have a National Parks Pass, camping is half off. The parking expansion-- http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/sand1.jpg The original first come first serve lot http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/sand7.JPG My ride, my cousin's in the background http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/sand2.jpg My copilot http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/sand3.jpg Campsite http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/sand4.jpg The view looking NW from "Cell Phone Hill" http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/sand5.jpg The view south from Cell Phone Hill http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/sand6.jpg Various pics of Coos and Florence. They are within a half hour driving distance of each other. None of the "Fails" were from my group/friends, just ones we came across. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos1.jpg The view of the actual Coos Bay http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos2.jpg Beware of rat holes - the only way out is HP and balls... http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos3.jpg My crew http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos4.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos5.jpg Ran across this guy we dubbed "The UBoat Commander"--He flipped end-o and submerged his quad upside down. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos6.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos7.jpg Another Rut Roh http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos8.jpg Riding the beach http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos9.jpg Stuck at the top of a razor back http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos10.jpg Another Rut Roh http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos11.jpg Competition Hill http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos12.jpg Coos Bay Bridge http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos13.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos14.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos15.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos16.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/coos/coos17.jpg
Boatycall 02/28/18 07:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Florence & Coos Bay, OR Dunes Questions

I'm an AVID dune'r. There is SOOOO much info to tell.... Spinreel has a nice little shop that rents ATVs and Side by Sides right next to the campground. Be forewarned - renting is VERY expensive. I took these pics just this last August of their rates. (Wayne - sorry they're bigger than normal, it was the smallest I could make them and still be read-able.) http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/spin1.jpg width=900 http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/spin2.jpg width=900 http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/spin3.jpg width=900 Do NOT rent the "One Seat Ace" - they are small and very prone to rollover, two of my friends have them. You either need to be an expert rider, or have a lot of money for new plastics. Campgrounds on the OR coast vary widely - No hookups/dry camping, partial and full hookups. Sand Lakes near Tillimook for me is a nice place simply because it's the closest, only 4 hours drive for me. Dry camping only, usually very busy because it's closest to Portland, and the smallest of the ORV sand playgrounds. It can sometimes be dangerous just because of the number of people vs. small size. Coos is awesome - everything you'd want, from mellow trails to hill climbs to go fast straight aways. My best time is 5hrs 58 minutes one way from Tacoma. I was Haulin arse. Norm is 7+. for me. I go at least 2-3x a year to Coos, Sand Lakes, Florence, etc, and have for the last 10+ years. If you decide to buy your own quads/atvs down the road - my advise would be to get more HP/cc's than you would if you're a trail rider simply because sand takes more power to move through. Getting stuck at the bottom of a hill or rat hole can suck... been there done that. Also if you buy - note that not all campgrounds have ride-in ride-out access year-round. Honeyman for instance makes you truck your quads to the nearest sand access a mile down the road during the summer, but allows riding in during off-season. Other campgrounds like Spinreel-II are ride-in/out year round, but are dry camping only. I have a ton of pics, I'll work on posting them on edit.
Boatycall 02/28/18 07:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Throw back to early 2000's to the present

Is that a Real-Lite camper? I used to have one years ago and it looked a lot like that. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/DCP_0791.JPG width=640
Boatycall 02/27/18 07:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Ordered a new truck to haul TC today

On DEF when the light says under half full......... DEF - Hate It. But I will have to get used to it........ just like the auto tranny. Ya know... If ya hate DEF, I gotta guy. I'm just sayin.. I gotta guy. Forget about it... :B
Boatycall 02/27/18 04:08pm Truck Campers
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