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RE: Pros and cons on replacing 17" wheels and tires with 19.5"

Only con I can think of.... PRICE. Mine cost me over $50,000. But they had a special, buy 6 get a truck free.
Boatycall 02/21/18 07:06pm Truck Campers
In-wall space heater install on Eagle Cap 1160

So yesterday I went to work on my solar and got that up and running. Today's weather was not to be as good, so I wanted to knock out a much easier project, installing an in-wall 110v space heater. I had been using just a plug in freestanding heater when I'm heating it for winter or camping in a place with hookups. I wanted to ditch that and build one in. The only place in the whole TC I could find that had a place to mount, unobstructed venting, and accessible wiring was into the dinette seat cabinet, facing it upwards towards the bunk -- which is perfect because the furnace doesn't do a good job getting heat up into the bunk area. First - power. Redo the fridge's outlet. It's on a 15a circuit, and is the only thing on that circuit except an outlet inside. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater1.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater2.jpg I made a heavy duty plug in to plug into it (the one in the pic is the fridge). EC had already tapped a second outlet on it, so I opted to just use a plug in. Drilling a hole in the wall and running the wire was a bit of a pain - had to break out a wire fish, I kept hitting (presumably) a wall brace. Finally got a wire route through and down. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater3.jpg Next, cut a whole in the dinette pedistal http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater4.jpg Wire the thermostat-- http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater5.jpg I also took this opportunity to run an outlet next to the storage door since there isn't an outlet on that side of an EC. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater6.jpg Heater mounted and wire run http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater7.jpg Final mounting of the heater and thermostat http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater8.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/heater/heater9.jpg I went with a Broan 750/1500 watt because the heat element can be split to either 750 or 1500w. The thought there - I'm plugged into just a 15a extension cord I can still run the heater and fridge. I'm plugged into 30a service I can switch it to 1500w. It's intended to be hard-wired one way or the other permanently, but very easy to modify with a switch to the second heating coil. It's also upside down - I wanted the vent pointing up into the bunk rather than down into the floor.
Boatycall 02/11/18 05:31pm Truck Campers
RE: 800 Watt Solar Install Project on an Eagle Cap 1160

A rare sunny day here in PNW was forecast, so my goal was to get everything wired and powered up. I can do all the mounting, dicor'ing and sealing in my garage, but actual testing needs sun, so off I went Saturday morning. First was assembling all the mount brackets, getting them up on the roof, and get an initial layout of the 8 panels. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/solar1.jpg Each panel was tested, and hookup began http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/solar2.jpg Next, wire up power to the controller - and yes, that's not a Morning Star. Sandy at Grape Solar gave me a great buy on a returned Grape Solar MPPT, so why not... http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/solar3.jpg Here's a side-on view from my second story deck-- http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/solar4.jpg And.. after making a few custom cables and everything wired up, we have life! And by this time, it was party cloudy, sun low in the sky by now being around 4pm. I was actully surprised I was getting 10a charge out of a hazy February sun. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/solar5.jpg I did manage to screw in and Dicor up 4 panels. Then I was just pooped... I did this Saturday because today I had another project I wanted to get done, install an in-wall space heater that I'm doing a write up on now.
Boatycall 02/11/18 05:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1150

Do some research on That year Arctic Fox...I believe anything pre 2005 was prone to leakage around the marker lights. Check the nose for delam. So to answer your weight question - Years ago I had an 04 AF1140, same basic weight as the 1150, on an '01 Ford dually. I went with Torklift StableLoads and it was fine. But to Yukoner's point-- CHECK IT FOR LEAKS!!! Mine was covered with an Aquashed cover at the time which is an absolute WORTHLESS cover. I discovered water had leaked through it, through a leak in the roof, and delam'd the entire cabover nose and underside. ....you are a legend in your own mind! :R You see anything wrong with it? At least I added something to the thread. Posting something with no relation to topic is called trolling. ;) Having been on this site now for over 15 years...I completely agree with KayTeg. That was totally unnecessary. Play nice. Add value to our website. Be respectful of others. A lot of good, valued members simply don't post here anymore and have gone away because of trolling. And in all seriousness, this will be my new sig.
Boatycall 02/09/18 08:00pm Truck Campers
RE: AF 1150, couple of questions

I had an 1140 and then an 1150. I have an Eagle Cap now. That was my biggest complaint with the AF's was the size of the bathroom. FWIW, having gone from 2 AF's to another brand, my thoughts-- AF Pro's Cold weather insulation Build quality Great service from my dealer, Apache RV AF Cons Difficult to work on - Lack of access to basement for service or upgrading, like running wires. Bathroom Under bed-rail floor size limitation instead of over-rail. But also a plus - not as top-heavy. No floorplan available that offers a reclining sofa or someplace comfy to sit. And on the last point - I always tell people my Eagle Cap is the most expensive sofa I've ever bought.
Boatycall 02/07/18 08:10pm Truck Campers
RE: 800 Watt Solar Install Project on an Eagle Cap 1160

Update-- Did a little more poking around last night, and OMG, things just keep getting easier and better.... That is NOT my usual luck. * After getting the panels on the roof, I realized I can fit 800w instead of my originally planned 600w. The panels are still on sale, ordered 2 more. * I just scored a helluva deal on a mppt controller direct from Sandy @Grape Solar - a scratch-n-ding. The only catch - it's a 45a which I will be over-paneling. It will max out @45a charge even though mathematically on a "perfect" day I could hit 60a. "Perfect" days seldom ever occur here in the PNW, so I'll have the extra panels for our more "normal" days. Morning Star controllers can handle almost double over-paneling, but this is a Grape Solar controller. I'm waiting to hear back on it's over-panel limit. Worst case I disconnect two on a perfect day. * I called and talked to Brad@Eagle Cap because I couldn't find where the solar pre-wiring terminated. Found it last night thanx to him, and it's a nice stout 10ga wire, more than enough for the 10a I'll be passing from the panels into the controller. So right now, six panels are here, wiring has been located, controller and 2 more panels are coming by Friday. Next will be to check each panel on the next sunny day before I screw them in and commit.
Boatycall 02/06/18 12:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Seattle RV Show this week... anyone going?

FIL wants a 2375, I will be trying to get some pricing from any dealer that will talk a deal next week. 2375... is a what?? I haven't seen or heard of a truck camper with a model number of "2375" If you are referring to a Lance travel trailer, the dealer listing for the show reveals there's only once Lance TT dealer there... Clearview RV Inc. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/truck.jpg
Boatycall 02/05/18 09:22am Truck Campers
RE: Seattle RV Show this week... anyone going?

Maybe... If JimH is going, then no. :B
Boatycall 02/04/18 08:38pm Truck Campers
RE: 800 Watt Solar Install Project on an Eagle Cap 1160

BoatycalI, I just ordered three Grape 100w panels from Home Depot and they should arrive on Tuesday directly to my house. I’d like to say Thanks for starting this thread and offering help with installation questions. I may need some advice on controllers and a combiner box. Would you prefer a PM or just post to this thread? Thanks Again, TG Oh by all means post here, because I certainly don't know everything and I may not have the best solution for you. There's a lot of very smart people here. Case and point, I'd like to think I know the wiring and various controller options pretty well, but I'm going to ask about mounting. And on that note-- Questions for you that have done this-- I ordered the proper Z brackets for them. Those came today. Each came with all the stainless hardware, and two self-tapping stainless screws per bracket to go into the roof. So, 4 brackets per panel, 8 screws into the roof per panel. Besides a lot of Dicor, has anyone run into a situation where 8 screws into the roof per panel wasn't sufficient? What about a wind deflector for the front-most pair of panels to keep them from potentially gaining enough wind under them to lift off?
Boatycall 02/04/18 02:19pm Truck Campers
RE: 800 Watt Solar Install Project on an Eagle Cap 1160

Nice setup. The limitation of a 3 series in parallel is a shadow on one disables 3 panels. And your A/C produces shadows on the nearby panels. Perhaps wire the 3 panels closest to the A/C in series. Shadows are a factor in my wiring in series with my panels that have bypass diodes. This setup allows for the maximum shadow tolerance. I'm contemplating making 3 arrays using 2-per rather than 3-per array, then run the 3 sets in parallel. I would pair up the two panels closest to the roof air together on their own, and the rest that would never likely get shadowed paired up. I bought enough connectors and wire to run each panel into a junction box then play with the configuration as I need to.
Boatycall 02/02/18 09:26pm Truck Campers
800 Watt Solar Install Project on an Eagle Cap 1160

So I figured I'd start a post on my latest project now rather than later. It'll likely be a while before I update this, but I figured I'd start this now since the panels I got are still on sale and I at least wanted to share that. For those who don't know, I'm an Electrical Engineer and will also be happy to answer any questions pertaining to the choices I've outlined below. After a lot of measuring and pricing various watts/sizes, I went with six 100watt Grape Solar panels, currently on sale at Home Depot for $97 shipped free. **I think** the sale ends 2-10-2018, but don't hold me to it if you miss it. And as a last deciding point, I also called Grape Solar and talked with a VERY nice and informative gal, Sandy, who answered all my questions. They're out of Eugene Oregon. Lots of other panels were larger/cheaper, but given my TC's roof, I decided I could best fit 6 small 100w panels. I measured all of the vents, skylights, AC etc and made a scale drawing of my roof using Excel - the "Cells" spaced in squares 5pixels x 5 pixels, each cell being one inch. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/Excel1.jpg Now with the panels (in purple) sized to scale-- http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/Excel2.jpg Next, to verify for sure they'll fit before I plunked down the cash, I cut peices of plastic to the exact measurements of the various panels I was looking at and layed out various options on my roof. These pics were of some 165 watt panels I was considering-- http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/plastic1.jpg http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/plastic2.jpg The panels arrived today. http://www.osorc.com/files/misc/solar/pallet.jpg I currently have-- * Five 125AH AGM batteries now, and I found room for 2 more. * I run these through a Magnum Technologies 3KW Hybrid Pure Sinewave Inverter w/125amp 3-stage charger * The Shotwagon (my trailer in my sig) has 6 more of these batteries, 600w solar through a Morning Star 45a MPPT controller and a Xantrex 2.0 1.8KW Inverter So the plan-- * Get another Morning Star 45amp MPPT controller with the optional wired remote. I have installed several, love them, not one has failed, the high voltage to 12v conversion effiency is awesome-97%, and when you call Morning Star for help they'll talk your ear off. * Run the panels in two pairs of three in series/parallel. That will give me two banks with an OCV of 65.7v @ 6.13amps per array. Wiring size from the roof to the controller can be minimal given a total of 12.3a current. * Even though it's oversizing it by almost 3 steps, run 8ga from the roof to the controller to minimize cable loss. * 4ga run from the controller to the battery bank - over-sized for the same reason. * Going with two separate arrays minimizes loss from any single panel getting shaded and not killing the whole array. * I chose not to wire them all in parallel because the 12v amperage would require much larger wire from the roof, and the lower voltage would lose more through the wiring resistance. Likewise, an MPPT controller running a high voltage is a happy MPPT controller. PWM would lose/waste way to much available wattage without a voltage conversion given the panel's OCV of 21v. I just bought all the mounting brackets and MC4 connectors on Amazon today, so in a few days those will be here. The next update will be a while, like I said, I only posted now in case any of you want to get in on the panel sale.
Boatycall 02/02/18 03:15pm Truck Campers
RE: I would like to have a warmer TC floor... any ideas?

Chet, I got it! I've been keeping up on this as time goes on, and I did see the electric ribbon solution. This is similar. This is very low cost, and very low-wattage draw, so it can run off inverter and your solar should be able to keep up. They rate it at 12watts draw per SqFt. Just add a thermostat and you're set.... You wouldn't even have to hardwire it, you could simply add a plug at the end of your wiring and plug it in. 110v heated floor mat https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61eo2QoRItL._SL1024_.jpg height=640 width=480 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61EmciQxBWL.jpg height=640 width=480
Boatycall 01/25/18 01:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Delivering Sleepy's camper - The Video

Wow, professionally done imo. I agree, dare I say it, but it could literally be aired on TV. It was interesting, well edited, and really good camera work. I got to see Chet and his camper right after the work was done, great to see what it took to get it here.
Boatycall 01/25/18 09:54am Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1140 Loaded weight

I recall mine being 5200 loaded. I had both an 1140 and an 1150.
Boatycall 01/19/18 09:38pm Truck Campers
RE: TC Fails Pic Dump

I saw this on another website today..... https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/26169490_10215124872259346_6919920800722073939_n.jpg?oh=3c4b8feb014f559a3a852972037335ab&oe=5AE5DF9A https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/26229755_10215124872499352_7703447480606388773_n.jpg?oh=84ed9a16c0b0aafaf76f7b95bc4d9cee&oe=5AEE3332
Boatycall 01/11/18 06:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Flexible or conventional solar panels for TC?

You all make very good points. I hadn't considered heat transference of sticking them on the roof vs. the shade and an air gap provided by conventional panels. And I do plan on covering most of the exposed acreage up there with panels. My goal is 600w. The flexible panels are not self-adhesive, they have eyelets like a blue tarp or flag does, but a lot of people I've read about are using liquid nail to stick them down. To to Bedlam's point, ya, if one fried I'd be up a creek if I stuck them down vs. screwed them down somehow.
Boatycall 01/06/18 12:37pm Truck Campers
Flexible or conventional solar panels for TC?

My questions pertain only to physical mounting on my TC. I'm an electrical engineer, and already have done several solar setups. I have 600w of solar right now on the Shotwagon (my trailer in the sig pic). I use them through 6 batts in the trailer, then to a 4ga umbilical from the trailer to the TC to keep the TC charged. I have no solar on the TC, and I'm considering adding a Morning Star mppt (same one as the shotwagon) and solar to the TC. The panels on the Shotwagon are peel-n-stick Unisolar flexible panels, on a tin roof. I saw Amazon had these on sale for $99. No self-adhesive backing, and feedback is "ok", not spectacular, but they're very lightweight. I'm thinking 5-6 of them, depending on how many fit. 6 would be ideal, since i could run them in series-parallel in two high-voltage banks to a mppt, which is how my Shotwagon is set up. Flexible panels on sale for $99 Conventional panels are more "Tried and true" and seem to have better feedback. Cost is irrelevant since they're both relatively the same price. For those who have put solar on TC rubber roofs - your thoughts?
Boatycall 01/06/18 10:46am Truck Campers
800w Inverter genny $149, sale ending today

Now, first, I'm not trying to flame the constant fire of who likes Honda vs. Chinese gens, or any of the other countless debates that end up flaring up when someone posts anything about gens.... I personally own 2 Hondas'... So that being said.. I'm simply passing on a deal I think is a really good deal pertinent to those on a budget. Home Repot (that's what I call them) has a sale ending today on a Honda-knockoff 1000/800 inverter genny, $149 with free shipping. Sportsman Generator Sale ending today PLEASE... don't drag this off topic about all the complaining of how good or bad it may be, we've done that a thousand times already. I'm just passing on what is a pretty good price on a budget genny. Not everyone can afford $700 for a 1k gen... And the usual disclaimer, I'm not advertising it, or affiliated with Home Repot.
Boatycall 11/13/17 01:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Cheapest source for Honda 2000 genny?

I subscribe to a deal site that looks for deals like this, and this came up--- Northern Tool takes up to $200 off select Honda generators. Plus, get up to a $100 Northern Tool Gift Card for free with these purchases. (The amount will show in cart. You'll receive your gift card via email within 24 hours of your purchase.) So -- on a 2000- $899, free shpg, and a $50 gift card. I think that'll be about the lowest for a brand new one.
Boatycall 11/03/17 05:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Hitch extensions

Absolutely. Otherwise I would not be able to haul my 12k lb trailer sticking out on a 4' extension. And I have to really reef down on those bars to lift it up. I've had re-occurring nightmares of my foot being under one of those when it busts loose... Do I need to seek professional help? :B
Boatycall 10/30/17 08:14pm Truck Campers
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