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RE: Going out with just me, my dog, my TC, n my Hawg.... pics

Just don't forget about it and extend the rear slide... I can get the rear slide about halfway out, which is more than enough to then open the side-slide and then get in. I had to turn the mirror on the bike. Basically, I gotta get where I'm going, unload the bike, then set up camp.
Boatycall 09/04/15 09:14am Truck Campers
RE: Going out with just me, my dog, my TC, n my Hawg.... pics

You should come! I'll be staying at the Cowlitz Lodge at the end of town, the 'back yard' is usually where they put the RVs, that's where I'll be.
Boatycall 09/03/15 10:17pm Truck Campers
Going out with just me, my dog, my TC, n my Hawg.... pics

Now, don't be hatin' on my Hawg. I just got a hitch-bike hauler so I don't need to trailer it. Going to do a short road trip to the Packwood Flea Market here in Western WA this weekend (hit me up if you're going) and thought I'd bring my Hawg. Now, if you haven't been to the Packwood Flea Market, it's a hoot. The whole town turns into one big garage sale. There's everything, the tool vendors, food trucks, arts, crafts, grandma cleaning out her attic and havin a garage sale... everything. They have it Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, I try to go once every year. Pics of my new Hawg hauler-- So - I can open the rear slide about half way. Also, ground clearance doesn't look quite right in the pic due to the rise in my driveway, but there's almost a foot on level ground. http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//scooter1.jpg Ya... it's a Yamaha Zuma... a 50cc. You gotta be careful with that kind of power so it don't get out from under ya... http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//scooter2.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//scooter3.jpg I put the yellow straps on just for stability/wiggle/slop, and a great pic of my trusty Torklift Super Truss... http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//scooter4.jpg Better pic of actual clearance, parked in my TC-port. http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//scooter5.jpg My co-pilot http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//chewy.jpg
Boatycall 09/03/15 09:59pm Truck Campers
RE: 19.5s on a Ford Dually - I'd like to see pics please

1999 Super Duty F350 With Rickson 19.5 http://i61.tinypic.com/9sui38.jpg Got them shipped right from Rickson. Made the ride a little rougher when empty but way better with the camper on! I like those.. not flashy 'in yer face look at my bling' kind of rims. Question - can you get to the inner dual's valve stem?
Boatycall 09/03/15 04:30pm Truck Campers
RE: 1 lb Propane Cylinder Storage

Good idea! x2
Boatycall 09/03/15 04:28pm Truck Campers
RE: camper length for towing

I'm looking to upgrade the truck camper we now have and I'm not sure how to determine how big a camper we can get that will still clear the hitch for our trailers. One trailer has a flat front, and I suspect the crank handle for the trailer foot could also be a clearance issue. We have an F350 truck w/an 8 foot bed. TIA! The size camper camper you can get will be determined a lot by whether you have a SRW or a DRW. People will debate where the limit is for a SRW, but the general consensus is a 9-10 foot, no more than 1 slide. Of course, do your research, check weights, etc, don't take my advise as the gospel. That being said - as others have already said, Torklift Superhitch with whatever length Torklift SuperTruss you need is your solution for towing. I have one of the larger combinations here, an 11 1/2 foot double-slide camper towing a 26' Wells Cargo 10,000lb trailer. Superhitch is DOT rated and approved to go up to 5 feet of extension. I have a 4 foot extension, rated at 1,200lbs tongue weight, 12,000lbs towing. No other hitch has that rating.
Boatycall 09/03/15 02:29pm Truck Campers
RE: 19.5s on a Ford Dually - I'd like to see pics please

Hey Boatycall, you come into some money recently? First the fancy finned aluminum transmission and diff covers, and now 19.5's? Sounds like you've got money burning a hole in your pocket. Just kidding man. Actually.... I was THIS close to getting a new F450, and reality sank in. I just don't need a new $80k truck when mine's paid for. So I'm putting a few more bucks into it. Especially given how many miles I've put on it since new, it's only got 80k on it. Just can't justify $80k for the amount of miles I put on a truck. Looks good, runs good, why get rid of it... Just redid the steering - tie rod ends and a Skyjacker dual-shock stabilizer. Didn't think it would feel so different, but after 15 years I was used to the slop sneeking in. It's as tight as my Vette now.
Boatycall 09/03/15 08:48am Truck Campers
19.5s on a Ford Dually - I'd like to see pics please

Just redid the front end with all new tie rods and a Skyjacker dual-shock steering stabilizer, and I have to say, I never noticed the steering was a little loose till I redid it. Now I'm looking for rims n tires, and I'm finding a very limited selection. And a place that sometimes gives away FREE BEEF quoted me almost $5k for rims and tires made me choke a bit. I don't want 'bling', I want firm and functional. Vision seems to have the very few I've seen. I know there is a very limited number of people who have a dually and gone to 19.5's, but please post pics, prices, what you think of the ride, and where you got them.
Boatycall 09/02/15 08:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Storing Truck Camper Outside

Has anyone covered their rig with a breathable tarp like a SFS Aquashed? I will NEVER get an Aquashed cover EVER again. I bought 2 at the same time, both very expensive, one for a 40' Toyhauler i had at the time, the other for my TC. Both let in more water, rain and moisture than they kept out. But then again, that is what a SHED is for - storing things inside, like water. More rain was coming down the downspouts of the covered rigs than was coming down of the sides of the covers. But's what's worse was when I called SFS, after all, I just dropped $800 on two expensive but yet worthless covers. They couldn't have cared less. The kid on the other end was like, 'well, consult your dealer for their return policy, I can't do anything'. Well, this was a couple months after I had purchased them that I realized in the first good rain they were worthless, so no returns. I ended up throwing both in the dumpster. Grrrrr.....
Boatycall 09/02/15 04:11pm Truck Campers
RE: alternator ?

Most truck alternators these days are 160amp, newer ones 200amp. . My 2005 Ford diesel only had a 110 amp alternator and if the OP is talking about his 2001 Dodge, it might even be smaller. I'll agree a little extra load shouldn't hurt the alternator, but they keep making things cheaper and cheaper...... Bill Actually just the opposite - check stats on any newer truck. They've gone up to meet the increasing load of electronics and options. For example, Fords base model alternator is now 160a, optional 200a, or a set of double 160a's. A quick search on the ole interweb shows 2001 Dodge pickup as 136amps, 2014 as 180, optional 220a, and Dodge optional duals @ 440amps. You could literally power a small house through an inverter with 440amps capacity - that's 5,280watts @12v!
Boatycall 09/01/15 12:11pm Truck Campers
RE: alternator ?

A boondocking forum I was reading had posts that the alternator wouldn't last charging camper battery's. How many have had alternators fail from a overload after boondocking? I'm an electrical engineer, I call BS. I won't say this isn't possible, but.. extremely highly unlikely that simply charging a TC battery(ies) killed an alternator. Why? Most truck alternators these days are 160amp, newer ones 200amp. The 12v charging pin going to the TC via the pigtail is fuse limited on every truck - some 20a, some 25a, and some lucky few 30amp. Even at full charge on a completely dead set of TC batteries, the cable can only support a max of 30a(assuming that's what your truck has). A 30 amp draw will not **on its own** or in addition to a regular truck load kill an alternator. Something else had to be at play to kill it. Even with heater going, headlights on, and dead TC batts, that can't overload or kill an alternator. Just to put it into perspective - diesel glow plugs draw anywhere from 150a-200amp depending on the rig. Starter, another ~200a (deisel). I have SIX batteries in my TC, on a custom-made 100amp charging circuit I put in. My alternator is now coming up on 15 years old, never had to replace it.
Boatycall 09/01/15 11:15am Truck Campers
RE: Cargo Trailers Yes?/No? Off High Clearance? One axle?/Two?

I don't understand why people get a TC then haul a trailer behind it.... I do because you can choose your garage size and change it or leave it at home. Also for us two quads and a RZR won't fit into to many toy haulers. In Oregon the toys get DIRTY & MUDDY and don't want the dirt inside the open style toy haulers. My next enclosed trailer will be a 24 or 28 foot box, 1 foot extra height. You know I was only joking, right? :B
Boatycall 09/01/15 11:06am Truck Campers
RE: Cargo Trailers Yes?/No? Off High Clearance? One axle?/Two?

If you're going for a longer tandem axle trailer, do yourself a favor and get at least an 8' wide trailer. With a hardside camper you can't see a 6' or 7' wide trailer behind you and it makes it a complete cluster to back up. Ya, definitely X2 on that... I forgot all about that. I have a 26' Wells Cargo racing trailer - It's pretty big, and even that big thing is invisible behind me. I have to do a 'waggle' to check the tires in the mirror going down the road. A buddy of mine has a new AF and pulls a small 12' trailer - watching him back up is a hoot, because just as mentioned, he can't see it until it's already coming around in a turn. If you go small trailer - get a camera for your TC.
Boatycall 09/01/15 09:18am Truck Campers
RE: New truck, old fart

I'm not sure I count as an 'old fart' quite yet, but I am pushing near 50... For me, my truck has been babied since new... always garaged, regular service, top shelf parts when needed. But I did always treat the bed as 'it's a truck', but never the outside--I've even had it professionally detailed twice over the years. The bed was looking pretty bad last year, so I finally stepped up and got a spray-in liner to hide all the sins in the bed. It was an expensive truck back in the day, and OMG, it sure is an expensive truck to replace today.
Boatycall 09/01/15 09:13am Truck Campers
RE: Cargo Trailers Yes?/No? Off High Clearance? One axle?/Two?

I don't understand why people get a TC then haul a trailer behind it.... :B http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//coos4.jpg width=640 And I couldn't agree more---- And if you end up going with a trailer, I love having an Enclosed trailer. Everything is hidden and locked up. Rain, dirt, snow, can't touch it. Just need to make sure it is long enough for your kayaks or canoes or other toys. Also, with all the uncluttered roof space, I have a large solar array on the roof of my trailer, with jumper cable that goes from the trailer to the camper to provide solar power to the camper.
Boatycall 08/31/15 05:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Aftermarket tranny and diff covers

A aftermarket transmission cooler will work much better. I do actually have the largest tranny cooler I could find at the time, a Tru-Cool Max. No room for it in my sig. Call me an overachiever I guess. So it looks like the very quick consensus is not worth the money.
Boatycall 08/30/15 08:41pm Truck Campers
Aftermarket tranny and diff covers

So... I should retract my previous post about getting an F450 for now, I just don't have the nutz to drop $80k on a new truck when mine's long since paid for. So I'm going to put a few dollars into my trusty steed. So - for those who have put on aftermarket tranny and diff covers, have you seen a drop in temps when you're hauling your TC? I know most people don't have diff temp gauges, but most of us do have tranny temp gauges. So, in a nutchell, what, if any, benefits did you get from swapping to aftermarket covers? I'm thinking Mag Hytec for all 3, front, rear and tranny.
Boatycall 08/30/15 08:20pm Truck Campers

PM'd you. Like to have you come over and actually take a look at my set up and see if it works for you.
Boatycall 08/30/15 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: Cooking Grill Transportation

Boatycall...what kind of interest rate did you get to buy the prime rib? I fixed that once for Christmas dinner for the family and I am still paying for it!!!!!!!!!!! Well done, sir!! (actually I prefer medium rare) It was only 32Lbs... Two 16lb cuts. And I can tell you--- OMG, if you have not had Prime Rib done on a Traeger.. OMG. Did I say OMG? Ya, with the rolling BBQ hauler, I was the Pitmaster for the week. But it was all pre-planned and everybody chipped in for everything. We did chicken, then ribs, then pulled pork, and the grand finale was the prime rib. And then the last night was leftover night....
Boatycall 08/28/15 08:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Kudos to Torklift

TorkLift IS a company that other businesses should use as benchmark! X2 X3
Boatycall 08/28/15 08:00pm Truck Campers
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