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RE: New Quad

Crimeny... Could you have gotten a bigger one??? :B
Boatycall 02/07/16 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Air Bags/Springs - Firestone, Air Lift or?

Hey Wanye, I'm a big fan of StableLoads - no bags to pop, no connections to leak, and no air'ing up/down if I decide to unload when camping. I have a VERY heavy camper, they don't touch the leafs when I'm empty, so the is ride the same empty. Fully loaded w/trailer on a 4' SuperTruss I'm dead level.
Boatycall 02/07/16 11:03am Truck Campers
RE: Move up to enclosed trailer

:E I want to camp with you, those ribs look yummy!!! That is a nice setup...how much does it weigh loaded? I'm under the 10k rating, just depends on whether I'm taking the toys or the vette. Toys, about 8600. Car, near the 10,000. And actually, I want to find out more about the AirSafe receiver that 06Fargo mentioned above.
Boatycall 02/06/16 08:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Move up to enclosed trailer

I just picked up a 26' 10k Wells Cargo Road Force brand new last summer. I have it set up so I can either take my SxS and quad or my Corvette. It is also my support rig. I have 600w of solar on the roof, an MPPT controller, 3 batteries and a 1.8KW inverter in it. All that open roof space was just begging to have solar put on it. I carry literally everything to make a trip a vacation. Traeger's Texas Pro 075 big smoker, a big 6-burner house-type bbq, the solar runs an 18CuFt full size refer, stand-alone portable icemaker and nice stereo. I also put a motorized 20' awning on it. http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/trailer1.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/trailer2.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/trailer3.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/trailer4.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/trailer5.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet/coos3.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet/trailer5.jpg http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet/coos2.jpg
Boatycall 02/06/16 07:02pm Truck Campers
RE: 7.3L vs. the latest 6.7L - Thoughts? Comparisons? Gripes?

Powerstroke Expert Comments on them all Here is a lot of really good expert info... If you want expert Ford info including the Ford mechanics, go to Ford-Trucks.com. they have an forum for each diesel engine. BTW, I read the info on the link above, and it doesn't match the other experts although it does show a strong preference for the 6.0. I have to agree. I read what he had to say and he seemed to bash pretty much anything, and gave a preferance to the worst one of the bunch. No *good* info. Almost as if he was employed by a Chevy dealer.
Boatycall 02/03/16 10:02pm Truck Campers

I have them. I'm near the end of their life, and am looking at either 19.5's or, dare I say it, a 2017 F450 that comes with 19.5's. I haul a VERY heavy TC + a 10k Wells Cargo trailer. only ever had one incident where lack of traction made me pucker, but I was able to still control it and get through. Coming down a steep, icy campground driveway here in Leavenworth WA. I was able to work the trailer brakes and keep it straight. Overall, these have been good tires. One did have a side-wall bubble bulge develop, and was replaced under warranty no questions asked at Discount Tire. Overall, I would recommend them. I almost exclusively boondock, these have had good mud/snow/sand traction, I have never gotten stuck, empty or loaded. Ever.
Boatycall 02/03/16 09:01pm Truck Campers
7.3L vs. the latest 6.7L - Thoughts? Comparisons? Gripes?

I'm looking for anyone who went from a trusty, crusty 7.3L to the latest 6.7L. Of course, how does it handle your TC? With trailer? Mpg? Warranty issues? Hate it/love it? Anyone with direct experience please jump in.
Boatycall 02/02/16 05:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone planning on buying a 2017 F-350?

Kayteg1, there are a few people who had a 6.0 and changed to the 6.7. Why don't you start a thread? Good point... I will. I have the trusty, crusty 7.3l and am very close to moving to the top of the heap.
Boatycall 02/02/16 05:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone planning on buying a 2017 F-350?

You may want to visit the chassis cabs. The frames are stronger and the F550 can be optioned with the Dana 130. Get an actual weight on that F450 (whether pickup or chassis cab) and you may find that what you want to carry may be close to its limits. Once I started looking at triple slides close to 6000 lbs when filled and loaded plus a 1000 lb tongue weight trailer hung off the back on an extension, I found the Class 4 trucks were at or past their maximum. I did look into that. The only problem is - While they still come with the exact same 6.7L and tranny, Ford intentionally de-rates/reduces the motor down from 440Hp to 300Hp, and 860flb's torque down to 660. This was to increase the drivetrain lifespan given the heavier duty they are expected to take. 2016 F-550 Specs Vs. All other Superduty 2016 Specs Can you stick a programmer on it and get it back, as well as get the gains that it would have gotten if it were a programmed/chip'd F450? I looked into that also - Yes... but there goes your warranty. All of the Mfg's now have a way of telling if the PCM has been programmed or chip'd.
Boatycall 01/27/16 11:49am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone planning on buying a 2017 F-350?

I know the OP said F350, but I was **this** close to picking up a 2016 F-450 until I heard about the changes coming to the 2017. They're shedding 700lbs of weight in the body, while making the frame stronger by going fully-boxed. The 2015, 2016 and 2017 F450 have the Dana110 rear end and 19.5's, while the 2014-2011 all have the Dana 80 and 17". The Dana 80 is rated at 10k, while the Dana 110 is rated at 14k - and includes the tires that can handle it. Add 4K for the front and you've got 18k GVW. However, Ford has intentionally under-rated the carrying capacity for what ever reasons - from what I read keeping the GVW rating under 14k keeps it out of a commercial class. The F350 with a Dana 80 on 17's, and the F-450 with a Dana 110 on 19.5's have a virtually identical GVW on the sticker. Motor and transmission will be the same as the 2016.
Boatycall 01/27/16 09:22am Truck Campers
RE: TC Forum: Senior Members

Now how on earth did we know it was Sleepy's BDay? Was it carved into some pyramid stone in Egypt? I can see it now - an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic of some sort depicting a water buffalo, palm trees, and a TC. HA! Just kidding Chet! I shouldn't talk. Mine's Friday...
Boatycall 01/25/16 07:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Seattle RV Show Feb 11-14, 2016

I wanna go... but I just hate goin 'into town'.... Me & Seattle, ugh.
Boatycall 01/21/16 05:00pm Truck Campers
RE: What's going on here?

I think is less problematic for Dodge owners too... ...because they have more Ram. Groan..... ;) Ya, you own a Dodge, you'll need a lot of Cache because it will get cleared frequently. :B
Boatycall 01/21/16 04:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Electric overuse?

One of the best tools to carry is a kill-a-watt meter. That way you can measure every appliance to truly know the load it is presenting. X2, I have one in the TC. Especially nice to know when you're boondocking relying on solar.
Boatycall 12/01/15 04:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Host double couch TC

I'm planning on 5000-6000 lbs by the time the tanks, storage and closets are filled. Id say you are right on the money. A triple slide TC rated at 3300 +- lbs dry is just wishful thinking, unless they started to use balsa wood. I agree. My guess is about 4500-4800 dry and would think that Bedlam's guess on loaded is pretty close to reality. I have a double-slide Eagle Cap, and I'm heavier than that...:o
Boatycall 11/24/15 06:46pm Truck Campers
RE: 2016 F450 Setup

I am SOOO jealous. I almost got a 2015 that was for sale used here locally. I also find that ETrailers has the best price for stuff like that. I sent you a PM.
Boatycall 11/24/15 06:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Torklift Talon & Stable Load Review

I have StableLoads, I love them. No bags, and I'm hauling a pretty heavy setup. My overloads don't touch when empty, so a stock ride when I'm empty.
Boatycall 11/23/15 08:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford SD 99-04 Regular Cab Truck Camper Pictures

First off, welcome to RV.Net. I could photoshop mine, make it look like a single cab..... Adding power to the engine does not help the carrying capacity though, it only makes it more dangerous because you go faster. I would disagree that just because I have more HP, I am somehow more dangerous. I've put a lot of money into 'go fast stuff' on mine to haul over the mountain passes around here, which I still can't even do the speed limit on. Likewise, I seldom ever do the posted speed limit, especially in the 70mph zones. I don't see why going up Snoqualmie Pass at 50 in a 65 makes more dangerous from back when I was doing 40 in a 65. If anything, just the opposite. If I want to go fast, I take out my Corvette, not my fully loaded truck, TC and trailer.
Boatycall 11/23/15 07:56pm Truck Campers
RE: If you were to Resto-mod a TC, what what you do?

... And I'd love to see more pics of old campers if you have them.What do you consider old? Wayne Oh geeze, that's a loaded question. No matter what I say, somebody will chime in and have their feathers all ruffled. Lets say for this FUN little discussion, 70's or older.
Boatycall 11/20/15 08:41pm Truck Campers
If you were to Resto-mod a TC, what what you do?

This is only for fun. I just read the post on the old TC and matching truck for sale, thought it was really cool. I want to see more pics of Restored or Resto-Mod campers, and throw it out there - what would you do if you found a "Barn Find TC" that needed a resto and wanted to go the route of Resto-Mod? I think it would be cool to: (Again, this is only for fun) Reinforce the frame and add a custom engineered slide Solar Kegerator Flat pane TV Electric box awning And I'd love to see more pics of old campers if you have them.
Boatycall 11/19/15 07:54pm Truck Campers
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