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RE: Why don't the MFG's weigh them?

That scale set is a toy for weekend warrior race car drivers. Now go price a real, certified, calibrated, industrial platform scale that will hold up to use in a production environment. Much more expensive. And.... According to the very first line on the webpage, it wouldn't come close to being able to handle just my TC--- "Comes with 12" x 12" x 2¾" 1100 lb. capacity powder coated pads pads for lighter weight cars." My TC alone is WAAYYYYYY over 4,400lbs....
Boatycall 10/01/15 09:02am Truck Campers
RE: Eage Cap 1200

Hate to be a party pooper, but you're a little late to this topic... Nautique caught it a month ago.... New Eagle Cap 1200
Boatycall 09/28/15 08:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Jasper Transmission

Looks like Jaspers would be just under $4000 installed and I haven't called dealers yet. I purchased a Jasper Transmission roughly 10 years ago - shortly after chipping, piping, and putting an intake on my truck the factory tranny clearly didn't like it. And it was just barely out of drivetrain warranty at the time. I got what they called their "Monster Box". About $3500 shipped, + $450 locally to R&R. It came with a 2-year *unconditional* unlimited HP, unlimited miles warranty. If ever it broke under warranty, they promised to next-day air a replacement to whatever shop I was at, and pay for the R&R. When it was installed, it shifted mind-blowingly hard. Way too hard. I thought it would rip the driveline U-Joints or rear gears apart. I called them, and WITHOUT HESITATION they immediately offered to send a replacement. Went back to the shop that put it in for me, only to discover that when Jasper had sent it to me, the Torque converter had apparently already had oil in it, and my installer just went ahead and dumped in the full 11 quarts needed and didn't check or didn't read the stick right. (And of course my bad for not thinking to check the stick myself). After we drained 5-ish quarts out, the stick read normal, and the shifting was also normal. No replacement needed, cancelled the shipment of a new one. The owner of the tranny shop then proceeded to rip his installer a new one. 10 years later, and not one problem to report after a LOT of miles towing heavy loads up a lot of mountain passes around here. Worth noting, I've only run Royal Purple in it, and also put the largest cooler I could find on it, a TruCool Max. Moral of the story - their customer service person gave me ZERO flack when I called. That's just as important to me as the product itself.
Boatycall 09/28/15 02:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sleepys birthday

I know I'm late to the party, was busy all weekend. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY CHET!!
Boatycall 09/28/15 02:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Rancho 9000XL shock setting help please.

2012 F350 DRW 8' 6.2 Gas 2013 AF 990 Leave the fronts at 6 all the time, backs are 1 unloaded, 9 loaded. Truck camper in sig, same settings as sky
Boatycall 09/28/15 11:53am Truck Campers
RE: Fridge not working on gas, works fine on AC

No thermal couple. Should have a flame sensor. I would check to make sure the probe is directly in the flame. This should help. Dometic service manual from Bryant RV THANK YOU very much!! That had exactly what I needed. For reference in case anyone needs this same info later, here's what the service manual said-- To check the flame sense circuit of the lower circuit board, operate the refrigerator on GAS and measure the millivolts between J4 (NEGATIVE) terminal and J10 (POSITIVE) connection from the thermocouple. The thermocouple should produce 20 millivolts DC minimum. Anything less than 20 millivolts will cause erratic gas operation. The meter should read between 25 to 35 millivolts with the gas flame burning.
Boatycall 09/17/15 11:38am Tech Issues
Fridge not working on gas, works fine on AC

Hi all, First off, I'm asking for a friend. We were camping a couple weeks ago, and he mentioned his fridge won't run on gas. Being pretty decent at troubleshooting I offered to take look. Here's the details-- * Very new toyhauler, 2014 Raptor. Yes it's under warranty, but the dealer says it's going to be 4-6 weeks for his turn in line. * 12CuFt Dometic side by side fridge * AC, works fine. * Gas - goes through the normal lighting sequence, igniter pops, gas valve opens, main burner DOES light. 5 or so seconds later, it intentionally shuts itself off. My suspect is the thermocouple that detects and sends the "it's lit" signal back to the board. It is in a spot where it cannot be moved, nor does it look like it has moved away from where it's supposed to be. Here's what I don't know - I do know what a thermocouple does, creates a very minute voltage when heated. My question for testing it - what voltage should I see on a VOM open-circuit(disconnected from the board, hooked directly to the meter)? Also - the thermocouple isn't directly connected to the main board, it goes through a very small black box with a red LED on it. That LED goes red when the thermo couple is disconnected, so it's some sort of continuity check. That little black box is then connected to the main board. What is that little black box? And just to reiterate, this is all the info I have for now, it's not my RV. Any help is appreciated, Thanx!
Boatycall 09/17/15 10:33am Tech Issues
RE: Wonder if this would work? Idaho Tote

A good friend of mine has one. Built well. I liked it. One drawback, it bobs a lot. Having next to no hitch length, it really bobs up and down over bumps - you really have to tie your stuff down. In some states, it is considered a trailer. One big difference - he attached it to his 5'er. In that configuration, in WA and ID it is legal, Oregon it is not. We're here in WA, it's legal, and he runs all over with it behind his 5'er. Within 15 minutes of crossing the Oregon border he was pulled over. Got off with a warning, got pulled over 2 more times before his trip was done. All with warnings.
Boatycall 09/16/15 07:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Running roof air off solar, a Honda EU1000, and batteries

try imarineusa dot com $1575, not a whole lot more than a quality standard 3000W pure sine inverter......in fact less than some of them. peace and quiet.......priceless I got it from there after talking to Magnum. The guys at Magnum said they are a good dealer, but get their hands slapped for advertising prices lower than "Manufacturers Advertised Pricing". And Magnum does consider them an authorized dealer, so 3-year warranty is good. At the time I got it, it was saying 'last one'. I'm sure they'll get more. Here's a write up on one that I used in my decision to get one-- Wheelin-It RV Review
Boatycall 09/10/15 08:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Running roof air off solar, a Honda EU1000, and batteries

Not unfair at all. You just edited your OP to make it seem so. From the OP, you got the responses that you deserved You know, at first, I was ticked. And ticked is the only term I can use that won't get ****'d out by the filter. But I thought about it, and you're right--I had a misleading title making thinking people could do this with nothing more than a little honda gen. So, here I am saying publicly, sorry, shouldn't have labeled my post that. I just thought it was real cool that I found a product I could get that if I couldn't run my roof air off solar alone, I wouldn't have to forgo solar and drag some huge gen or a pair of gens with me. I can supplement my solar with this when needed. And as others have spotted in a previous post, I did get it from iMarine. Worth noting - you have to buy a controller/panel separately, that's another $140. Mine should be here next Wednesday. Ironically, I'm going boondocking this weekend where it's supposed to hit almost 100 degrees. But as far as the noise of the roof air itself goes - it's an almost brand new roof air 12 feet up in the center of my TC - honestly, you can't hear it from ground level. I have, on occasion, had to go inside my TC to make sure it's still running off solar ok.
Boatycall 09/10/15 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Running roof air off solar, a Honda EU1000, and batteries

On a hot day, you lose the cycling and the batteries eventually die. While an interesting experiment, it's totally impractical. I'm the OP--- I should clarify this, possibly even change the name of my post. I hate generator noise. I already have 600 watts of solar. Up to about 90 degrees, the solar alone keeps up with the AC cycling - but the AC isn't the only thing I can run in complete silence - coffee maker, ice maker(I like me mixed drinks), Traeger out running a slow cook all day... Under 90 degrees, I enjoy the piece and quiet of the great outdoors. Only after that will I need the help of a small genny. I use them only as a last resort when boondocking. I prefer piece and quiet, while still having as many creature comforts as I can. And while a 6500 is pretty quiet, a 1000 is even more so. But then again, solar makes even less noise. This inverter is the first I've ever heard of that allows me to supplement my solar, that was the whole intent of letting you all know - that for those of use WITH solar already, you can have an additional kick if needed. Sure.. anybody can run a generator all day long just to watch tv. A Honda 6500 can do anything you'd want - at 5 times the fuel consumption a 1000. **IF** I even have to run it, I go through 3 quarts in 8 hours - assuming I even need it. Most days I'll be solar-only. To be honest, this bashing me for simply trying to be quiet as I can while boondocking is getting a little unfair.
Boatycall 09/10/15 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Are you REALLY that inconsiderate??

Some times it's unavoidable. Wadda ya do.....
Boatycall 09/09/15 09:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Running roof air off solar, a Honda EU1000, and batteries

P.S. I'm an electronic component engineer working for a passive component manufacturer so I do find this stuff interesting. A fellow propeller head! So, the question was asked, how many batteries I have. I have six 145AH AGM's in the camper, three more in the trailer in my sig that I then slave/parallel to the camper via a large golf-cart Anderson style connector. Backing up the 1300AH's worth of batteries is an additional 600watts of solar on the trailer going through a Morning Star MPPT controller. So, in a nutshell, I have enough batteries and solar for a small city. I really like boondocking. I've ran my roof air off just batteries and solar and it held it's own pretty well on a 90 degree day. The Prosine 2.0 never complained about running the roof air, so hopefully this one won't either.
Boatycall 09/09/15 08:25pm Tech Issues
Running a 13.5K btu Roof Air off a Honda EU1000

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28561255
Boatycall 09/09/15 05:33pm Truck Campers
Running roof air off solar, a Honda EU1000, and batteries

My goal - be as quiet as possible when boondocking, while still having all the creature comforts. Even a 13.5k BTU roof air. But on really hot days, even my 600 watts of solar won't match the load. But a new type of inverter has come out that will solve the problem. As a lot of you know, I'm an Electrical Engineer by day, TC'er by weekend. I just had a nice long conversation with some very helpful folks at Magnum Energy. That made me decide to get a new inverter. It's model number MSH3012, a 3KW pure sinewave inverter, with built in 125amp DC charger, built in transfer switch - but best of all - their "Hybrid Technology". Oh, and Made in USA, not far from me in Everett WA, literally right across the street from the home of the Boeing 747. So - what this 'hybrid' thing does - plug in your generator, ANY size. Tell it the size of the generator on the control panel, eg, 1000 watts (or 8 amps). Or even dial it down to 5amps so the gen stays at a lower/quieter level. It will match the generator's sinewave, then supplement it when needed--just like when you parallel two Honda generators. When your roof air kicks on, it will use the generator for all it's worth, and supplement it off battery up to the inverter's rated 3KW. When your roof air cycles off, it senses the load vanished and goes back to using the generator to charge the batteries. So, small generator can run big roof air. In between 'on cycles', it will then use the gen to bring the batteries back up. And I thought my Xantrex Prosine 2.0 w/100amp charger was the shiz-nit..... It CAN run my roof air all on it's own, but not this hybrid charge-supplement thing.
Boatycall 09/09/15 05:33pm Tech Issues
Are you REALLY that inconsiderate??

So, this is more of a rant than anything. Wayne, if you need to move it or delete it, I understand. Went to Packwood, WA for the whole-town flea market. Just me and the TC, no trailer (the one in my sig stayed home). I park in the same property every year, a big grass field set aside 50/50 rvs/cars. I pull in, it's POURING down rain, but the weather man says it's going to pass. The lot attendant directs me to the next open spot he wants to put me. He escorts me over, I back in, get out of the truck, dash around to open my awning first thing so I have some place dry to stand while I get things set up. First thing I notice is this 30-ish foot TT next to me running this REALLY noisy generator. It's only 4pm - TV inside the TT is on. It's noisy, but I think to myself, "I can tolerate it, I've heard worse." The guy comes out and says "Ya, we're sure gettin rained on. I need to take the cover off my generator so it doesn't overheat." It was noisy before he took this cover off! He took the cover off, and I swear, you could hear it echo through the whole camping lot!! Under this home-made insulated wood box was the crappiest gen I've seen - calling it a Harbor Freight Gen would be insulting Harbor Freight. I packed up immediately and moved to a completely different spot, surrounded by TC's, none ran a gen all weekend. Then I woke up Sunday, packed up to leave, and SOMEBODY had let their dog **** not only in my spot, but RIGHT ON MY CAMPER-MAT!! And this wasn't a little dog either! Right on my camper-mat. I love going to the Packwood flea market, and I'll go again next year, but really people?? You need some POS 5KW 10 year old Kmart genny to watch tv, and you'll just let your dog **** on other people's camper-mat?? I step off my soap box....
Boatycall 09/07/15 06:56pm Truck Campers
RE: TC observations and questions, and Labor Day

how many of you are going to have your campers out this weekend... how many during the fall? Me! Had it out 2 weeks ago for a week, just came back last night from a weekend outing, heading out agin next weekend to go play in the dirt How long has it been since you used your camper at all, on the truck, and traveling or camping? 16 hours ago Campers deteriorate just as fast parked in front of the garage as they do when being used camping.... Yes, true. Moral of the story - don't put it in a driveway, store it under cover - a good cover. The inside of the camper we have is in great shape.... everything works perfectly... it's that dadgone FILON skin that is failing.... it is 13 years old... Yes, but Chet, you've used that TC more than a lot of us put together. You have lived the TC life most of us only dream to. 13 years and the places it has seen, I can only hope mine sees a quarter of that before it's time comes. I use mine whenever I can, being employed of course that means weekends and vaca days. I spent over $20k for a place to park it out of the weather, I keep it waxed and do all the regular maintenance. I hope mine makes 13 years. I'm already at 3 and going strong. Keep camping my friend, till you see the siding blow off in your mirrors.... And I'll even move my TC and let you park under cover if you want to come back by. ;-)
Boatycall 09/07/15 12:14pm Truck Campers
RE: What's wrong with this picture?

I think I see a cheap floorjack under the left rear camperjack??? Winner! http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//3leg2.jpg
Boatycall 09/06/15 09:34pm Truck Campers
RE: What's wrong with this picture?

look closer.....
Boatycall 09/06/15 09:10pm Truck Campers
What's wrong with this picture?

Came back today from my little weekend trip, saw this when I was there-- http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff174/boatycall/rvnet//3leg.jpg
Boatycall 09/06/15 08:52pm Truck Campers
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