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RE: I don't have a cat . . .

.... and become a DOTL commander within days of conquering the household. :BHee hee. :B I'm glad to see that someone remembers the glory days the DOTL, when any superhero pet could aspire to DOTL High Command. Goodness knows, with all the evil afoot in the universe today, the DOTL are needed more than ever before. Gen. Gretchen is fast approaching retirement, but like most old warriors, will not admit it. She has been very busy with training 1LT. Inga in the ways of the DOTL, before she is no longer able. I fear the ranks of the DOTL have diminished over these past years, and evil has noticed. Gen. Gretchen has told me that she will not retire, not surrender to evil, as long as there is a breath in her body. She senses something is brewing, her urgency a telltale sign. The DOTLphone rings. The feline voice at the other end is faint, but audible, "DEFCON2 has been declared. There has been a . . . " The line goes dead before Gen. Gretchen can reply.
DOTLDaddy 12/20/14 12:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Richard, We loved the news story! :C After hearing about the Lincoln for awhile, it was great to see it in action. :)
DOTLDaddy 12/19/14 07:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Richard, just for fun, I went back to your very first post in 2005. FYI, I discovered that the link to "Highways Article Puppy Love" no longer gets you to the article. Imagine that, and it's only been a little over nine years!:h
DOTLDaddy 12/18/14 09:37am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Walter, those look just like the cookies that Keebler sells. The Benton elves? Just doesn't have the same ring to it :WThose cookies were made by the Aldi Elves. We are big fans of all things Aldi.:B
DOTLDaddy 12/18/14 08:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Richard, I'll keep you company for a minute or so! :W This morning we had this little surprise outside. In a week or so, we won't have to worry about such surprises. :C It's trash/recycling/yard waste day here today, but I think the Christmas cookies for guys are in waterproof packaging . . . . I hope. :p:) http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/IMG_0606_zps83731a38.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/IMG_0607_zps9fb5369c.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/IMG_0608_zps38af6223.jpg
DOTLDaddy 12/18/14 08:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: I don't have a cat . . .

This topic has suddenly taken on so many persona's, I just don't know where to start! :S ;) Judy, I have been informed by Gretchen and Inga that, were we to get a cat, they could not be held responsible for their actions. :E They have this thing about small, furry, four legged creatures that run fast and climb trees. Normally, that would be a squirrel, but I'm just saying . . . . :R I do, however, really appreciate the length and distance that some of you are willing to go in my behalf.:C:) To brave the winter hazards crossing the mountains and plains of our great country to deliver a cute little kitty to our doorstep brings tears of . . . uhhh . . . anyway, it brings tears to my eyes. As Dr. Doug mentioned, we will soon be on the move to warmer climes. Our winter destination will even further from Port Townsend, WA. So, Francesca, I must insist you do not embark on such a long and hazardous journey! I am only thinking of your safety! :E Pops, your kitty does sound interesting. What is it's name? Does it play well with big dogs? We are going to out in Tucson in March next year. How far are you from there? Maybe we can set up a "play date". :@ BTW, what kind of cat food do you give it?:@:B
DOTLDaddy 12/16/14 07:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: Happy story results in question for Dr. Doug

Ever notice how many 'tear jerker' videos appear during the Holidays? Before I give or donate any $$'s to any 'cause' I investigate the organization thoroughly so that I know for sure my $$'s are going to a worthy cause and not to some con artist's pocket! It's amazing what you can find out about an organization simply by inquiring of City, County, State, and/or Federal Licensing Boards. And, don't forget to check the local phone directory to find out if there's a listing complete with address and phone number.Well, I suppose that's all good advice, but kind of an unexpected response to my topic. :h
DOTLDaddy 12/11/14 04:25am RV Pet Stop
Happy story results in question for Dr. Doug

I found this happy story just now: Dog reunited with family About 12 paragraphs down into the story, it mentions that the dog's microchip had migrated to his leg??!! :h:p Dr. Doug, have you ever heard or run across such a large migration of a microchip?
DOTLDaddy 12/10/14 10:18am RV Pet Stop
RE: RIP: What dogs teach us

Truer words were never spoken. Sorry for your loss.
DOTLDaddy 12/10/14 10:06am RV Pet Stop
Engine starting battery being charged while parked?

I do not presently own a class A, but maybe someday . . . :@ While parked for an extended time, how does one keep the engine starting battery charged? I know the house batteries are kept charged via shore power, but does that also take care of the starting battery?:h
DOTLDaddy 12/07/14 09:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New canine distemper outbreak in Texas

Hey Doug, is there a mortality rate for distemper in dogs? Both Gretchen and Inga are up to date on their vaccinations, so I am not overly concerned about it, but we are going to be spending a few days crossing through Texas in March.
DOTLDaddy 12/05/14 02:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

:B Hi Richard and Sue, this is Garland. Wonderful news!! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!
DOTLDaddy 11/25/14 07:19pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

... Hoping that whatever it is will be gone today and the little guy will not have to go through surgery.Anything to report yet?:?
DOTLDaddy 11/24/14 01:28pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

....my Broncos...lost badly....Yes, I enjoyed watching that game myself!:W https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=HN.608045246373167736&pid=15.1&w=127&h=95&p=0
DOTLDaddy 11/17/14 02:03pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Calvin's full of Cra .... I mean POOP!

There are a couple of things which are not clear to me, which is almost always the case. :R Are you using one bag for each "session", orIf using each bag for multiple "sessions", is each bag "filled to capacity"? Either way, it would seem that the only way to know the true symptomatic relevance of your bag usage would be by poundage. In other words, I think you must start weighing his "session" outputs. Over time, you can form a normal baseline of weekly poundage. If Calvin starts going over that baseline, then you know he is full of Cr.... poop. I think you might start by buying an accurate fishing scale from which to hang each bag upon completion. Good luck! :)
DOTLDaddy 11/08/14 01:41pm RV Pet Stop
The pink stuff in the toilet.

Yes, I know that sounds bad, but I'm talking about the anti-freeze!:R Anyway, after many years of winterizing many different campers, this never occurred to me. Should I leave a couple of inches of the pink stuff in the toilet bowl over the winter, or should I drain it all out and leave it dry? I have done it both ways in the past, and never had any issues. I guess my main concern is whether or not the pink stuff is "bad" for the rubber seal at the bottom of the toilet bowl, or is being dry worse.:@
DOTLDaddy 10/29/14 04:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Automatic dog watering bowl

Heck, we just replenish our dog's water bowls twice a day by hand.:)
DOTLDaddy 10/25/14 03:00pm RV Pet Stop
USPS mail forwarding vs ???

This winter, we are going to be snowbirding for three months down on the gulf. We have never been out that long, and have previously had our daughter take care of our mail for us. As we are also Escapees, we thought we would use their mail forwarding service, or Good Sam's, but I just noticed that the USPS offers a service as well, up to 365 days to a temporary, new address: https://www.usps.com/manage/forward-mail.htm Does anyone have any experience using the USPS service, or how does it compare to the services offered by the Escapees and Good Sam?:@
DOTLDaddy 10/25/14 05:00am Full-time RVing
Fall color looking good here in . . . . .

. . . . Sullivan, Illinois!:C http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/IMG_2051_zpsdbf7fa95.jpg width=640 http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/2a6c2a4b-1e0c-4c16-a9d0-e6d88c7f6aa5_zps2324559d.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/IMG_0457_zps52f8684f.jpg width=640 http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/IMG_0458_zps40e0d37b.jpg width=640 http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/walterc2/IMG_0455_zpsbd109f4f.jpg width=640
DOTLDaddy 10/17/14 02:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Stink bugs!!!

Wow, we were there too and don't have any :BI can bring some to you if you are interested.:B
DOTLDaddy 10/09/14 07:10pm RV Pet Stop
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