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RE: Renting my rv

Of course, there is the fact that a renter can claim to have insurance, and then destroy the RV... then you have to sue him That ain't the way it works with rentals- the owner gets the guarantee-of-coverage (sometimes called a "rider") directly from the renter's insurance company before the rig leaves the lot. No rider, no rig. It really is that simple!
Francesca Knowles 04/24/14 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: By chance

Is this caulk you applied yourself, and if so: do you remember the type/brand? I ask because many such products are meant to be painted; they simply don't/won't stay the white color they begin as. If this is true of yours, just wash/dry the surface, then hit it with some white paint. Edges of masking tape will keep the paint off surrounding surfaces.
Francesca Knowles 04/24/14 03:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Advice: new female member, changing camping habits

So a bottom-line question to all of you: would I be better off towing a low-profile teardrop that weighs up to 1000 pounds, or a nearly 6' high trailer that weighs less than 700 pounds? Or go with the others that are both low-profile and weigh almost nothing? For you/your tow vehicle(s), I think the above is likely the most critical factor. Wind resistance will be your biggest enemy, especially if towing with the Scion. The less area presented to the wind while driving, the better. You might be interested in a thread posted in the Scion forum on this topic...folks were towing the Aliner shown below, which weighed around 1700 pounds. Certainly over the mfr. limit, but evidently an easy tow over many miles, this due to small area presented to the wind. link to discussion. I don't tell you this to promote the notion that you should exceed mfr. stated limits- just want to pass along that weight is not the only consideration. And I'd add: Whatever you decide to tow, especially if with the Scion, do put brakes on it if it weighs much over 900 pounds or so. http://www.clubxb.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=23178&d=1359518932 width=300
Francesca Knowles 04/24/14 03:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: OOPPPSSS,,This isn't going to end well!!

Looks to me like it's stopped/pulled over, though badly and not all the way off the road. Either those tires ain't turnin' or the camera that took the pic is so fast there's no blur at the wheels.... There is absolutely no way to tell from that angle and there isn't a good view of the wheels at all. Do you see the well known photo-phenomenon called "motion blur" in ANY part of the picture? If the trailer was moving, something would be blurred; unless as I said someone was using a rea-l-l-l-y sophisticated camera to take that picture. Truth be told, given the crispness of the shot, I'm not even convinced that the vehicle the picture was supposedly taken from was moving. http://i57.tinypic.com/2iboqo8.jpg width=600
Francesca Knowles 04/24/14 02:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: OOPPPSSS,,This isn't going to end well!!

Looks to me like it's stopped/pulled over, though badly and not all the way off the road. Either those tires ain't turnin' or the camera that took the pic is so fast there's no blur at the wheels....
Francesca Knowles 04/24/14 01:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Renting my rv

Most outfits that rent out RV's make the RENTER provide coverage. Most renters do this through their own existing insurance company- that's what I did when I rented a Class C back east for a few weeks. If prospective renters can't provide such insurance, that's an excellent heads up to you that they're probably not responsible enough to be trusted with your rig. Surely your own agent can help you with coverage that protects you when you're using the rig, and can advise you as to what kind of coverage you need to require of renters that will fully indemnify you (and your own insurer) against all/any risks.
Francesca Knowles 04/24/14 01:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do I need stabilizer or WD?

I agree with others that say that you need brakes on this trailer. Are you SURE there are none there now, someone perhaps just having changed the pigtail? When I bought mine the fellow who owned it said he didn't think there were brakes on it, he having just used a four-flat lights connection. I knew he was wrong as soon as I spotted the original fully wired Bargman 7-blade connector! I am starting to lean toward an LT tire. Can anyone give me some reasons why or why not? I can- nobody makes a 14" LT tire. You'd have to change your wheels too in order to put 15" LT's on, and THAT would depend on whether or not there's room in the wheel wells. Get yourself some good quality ST's and you'll be fine- but definitely get rid of the P-tires. Per brand: I'm a lifelong Les Schwab customer so can only speak from experience per that one brand. My current trailer sized much like yours has been running on Les Schwab ST's ever since I bought it in 2005. I've worn out two sets without any blowouts or other problems. I did manage to destroy one of the newest set by deliberately underinflating it, but that being a self-inflicted injury I don't fault the tire for it.
Francesca Knowles 04/24/14 12:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: awnning stains

Is it possible for the color to bleed through? Help:h If the brown stain is directly under/the same color as the top surface, I'd think that's exactly what's happened. Or it might have transferred from one surface to the other as the awning rolled up. This presuming that the fabric is something other than vinyl.
Francesca Knowles 04/23/14 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Dry Weight info on older Palomino Mini

NADA's webpage for Palomino lists dry weights for every year/model produced beginning in the early 1970's. A quick look gives me the impression that they didn't put out anything much over 2,000 pounds during the 1980's. Your Ford could probably pull two or three of them at a time! ;) For a closer look, just select the various years at this NADA "Palomino" page.
Francesca Knowles 04/23/14 04:22pm Truck Campers
RE: How many cubic feet of air does my 16" tire hold?

Since the question is "how much air does the tire hold", I think something's being overlooked. How does one correct for the fact that our atmosphere is actually 78% nitrogen already? Seems to me that means that only 22% of the volume one puts into a tire when "airing up" is actually air. :h
Francesca Knowles 04/23/14 11:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacement Locks for Under-Coach Storage Compartments

It makes no sense to spend $20 on a lock that can be opened with a $2 screwdriver. Find the cheapest locks that have different keys than what you have now. :B Didja miss the earlier pic or was it just too small for ya to see that since it uses no keys at all there's no place for a screwdriver in the "$20.00 lock"? If so, here's the pic again, only bigger!:) http://www.gokeyless.com/images/products/secondary1/1477.jpg width=500
Francesca Knowles 04/22/14 05:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacement Locks for Under-Coach Storage Compartments

If yours are the commonly used cam-type locks and it's the common-key thing that worries you, those can be had as "combination locks". You choose/change the combination at will. http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-locks/Combi-Cam-locks.jpg Cost about twenty bucks a door if you add in the separately sold finger-pull. Link to source.
Francesca Knowles 04/22/14 03:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can't get my pic in signature

There's an entire thread begun by the site and dedicated to picture uploads in the "Forum Technical Support" section. First post there has detailed instructions re. signature photos: Here's the link: Rv.net...picture related FAQ's
Francesca Knowles 04/22/14 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many cubic feet of air does my 16" tire hold?

A tire is basically a torus (doughnut shape) object. For your desired use using that as the basis of the calculation will be close enough. The following link is a calculator and diagram that you can use to calculate the voulume. Notice that the diameter is to the middle of the tire and not just the rim diameter. I converted your tire size to inches (235mmm = 9.25 inches) then used that to get the height of the tire (.75 x 9.25 = 6.94 inches) divided that by 2 to get to the middle of the tire (6.94 / 2 = 3.4) then added in the rim diameter (16 + 3.4 = 19.4) to use as the diameter of the torus. I used the width (9.25 inches) as the "band width" of the torus. This gives 4095.6 cu inches for the volume. Volume of a torus As stated above this is the volume of the tire not the volume of air required to achive x psi in the tire. If you take the volume of the cylinder (cylinder volume) you can determine which cylinder will work for you. Mike Edited to correct grammer where I added in the rim diameter Honey, is that you? :B Can't help but ask- the O.P.'s question and the above answer sounds EXACTLY like a typical exchange between my Scientifically Challenged self and my Engineer Husband. As is usual with us, the above is an excellent answer, completely on point- and likely totally incomprehensible to the questioner. My next question would typically be: If I squish the air a little harder before putting it in the tire can I cram more in ? :@
Francesca Knowles 04/22/14 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dogs Riding And Tired

I wouldn't know how to tell if my dog was "tired". Seems to me she's always sleeping unless there's something interesting going on, at which point she becomes instantly Awake and Ready For Action. Even at her present ten years of age, she can be sleeping away after spending the whole day playing fetch with the Grandkids and STILL come out of her bed like a shot at the sound of the lid coming off the treat jar.
Francesca Knowles 04/22/14 01:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Tow Vehicle Feel

Sounds like "sway", often caused by too little weight ahead of the trailer center of gravity, usually the axles. Have you ever weighed the combo? Tongue weight before the addition of W/D should be from 10-15% for stable tow. Also: If tongue weight as measured before w/d is correct, the problem may be floating front end. In that case it may be that the w/d itself needs adjustment to restore a little more weight to the front axle of the truck.
Francesca Knowles 04/21/14 03:10pm Towing
RE: Can anyone here give me

Some resources I've found helpful over the years: In my opinion, U-Haul's "Safe Towing Guide" is an excellent resource that explains the basics very well. Link to guide E-trailer has a good page explaining the different "classes" of hitches at this link and another about weight distributing systems and add-on sway control devices at this link. Finally, Changing Gears has a calculator that can help one to determine real-world compatibility of a tug/trailer combination. Access by going to/reading the info at their "tow vehicle sizing" page here. Links to the calculator are provided at page bottom.
Francesca Knowles 04/21/14 02:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Good Sam Member Designation Under Forum Name?

You can have mine because I am NOT a GS member but they have the logo under my name. Not on my screen-?
Francesca Knowles 04/21/14 01:05pm Good Sam Club
RE: Out of level campsite pads

Isn't leveling the trailer part of normal setup? No kidding...especially in State Parks! I s'pose if one was paying a hundred bucks a night in a "resort", there'd be reason to squawk. I s'pose.
Francesca Knowles 04/21/14 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Do I need stabilizer or WD?

OK, thanks all for your input. Here are the specs: GVWR= 6050, GAWR-= 3105 ON FRONT, 3245 ON REAR, GCWR=10088. MAX TRAILER WEIGHT AT 5000=600 LB TONGUE LOAD. They to not reccomend as WD hitch/ I'm thinking may get one sway bar for extra safety, and take it from there. Specs look great- you have tons of leftover capacity, so no need for w/d. Last but not least per sway control: Since most trailers of that era over 2,000 pounds came with electric brakes I'm assuming that your Shasta has them and that you'll be using them along with the appropriate in-cab brake controller. As noted earlier, a properly loaded/balanced trailer shouldn't sway except perhaps rarely due to side winds. Such unexpected events can be very quickly brought under control by manual activation of the trailer brakes. It's most important when using this method to avoid applying the tow vehicle brakes at the same time, instead only easing off the accelerator very gently. The drag applied by the trailer braking against the forward motion of the tow vehicle straightens the whole shebang out just like magic. Have fun!
Francesca Knowles 04/21/14 10:35am Travel Trailers
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