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RE: Service unavailable

C'mon, give us something fresh, new and exciting looking and something that won't keep going down. No, no, a THOUSAND TIMES NO! All those fancy-dancy machines (like V-bulletin) are simply lousy with advertisers lookin' to crawl up yer leg. I get absolutely NO creepy-crawlies associated with my use of this site. Not even Good Sam/Camping World adverts- :@ I'd rather put up with the in my opinion charmingly archaic setup here than trade it in on some new improved way to Get in My Business!
Francesca Knowles 09/02/14 11:13am General RVing Issues
RE: RVs and Toads for sales, Forum??

IRV2 has a for sale section. Link And Craigslist has discussion forums!
Francesca Knowles 09/02/14 08:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Service unavailable

Rumor is they are trying to weed out all the complainers and naysayers. Wouldn't it be great if they could. :BAlways the optimist, Peaches! ;)
Francesca Knowles 09/02/14 08:07am General RVing Issues
RE: charging us for air

Hi, I think they would charge us for air we breath if they could figure out how to do it. This bill, if passed, will have no effect in your Country, Neighbor-to-the-North! ;) That said: Before jumping to any conclusions, interested parties might take some time to read the bill. If they can stay awake long enough of course. Link. Point is, the bill only removes certain existing roadblocks to charging fees- doesn't actually impose any. And it's a l-o-o-o-n-g way from passage.
Francesca Knowles 09/02/14 07:01am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Off-grid vs RV park

Let's review: The "off-grid" place would require you to "have utilities put in", whatever that means. So you'd be paying $400.00 a month for a bit of bare land that they'd allow you to "improve" at your own expense so that you can have basic utilities. Which you'd then be responsible to pay monthly on top of the rent. And presumably any/all such improvements would become the property of the land owner regardless of whether or not you stick around. Right so far? Your other choice is moving into an established Park for the same basic rent plus utilities, main difference being that you don't have to install any infrastructure yourself. Given your lack of experience, evident youth, and presence of a dependent child, the Park option looks best to me. This especially since winter's a comin' on!
Francesca Knowles 09/01/14 08:00pm Full-time RVing
RE: Finding Quality Maintenance

......snip..... I recently needed and oil change in Washington, there is a company that has a great reputation. I scheduled an appointment through their website, never heard back from them. So, I changed the oil myself, as there wasn't another location I wanted to take the MH to for a simple oil change. .............snip.......... Several years ago, I made an appointment in personon for an oil change with CW in AL. They screwed up the appointment and when I arrived they gave me the 1,000 yard stare.. Lucky me. Found a workhorse dealer 50 miles down the road in our direction of travel that did the job for half the cost, and didn't even have to unhook the toad. CW could sure be the answer for all RV'rs, but I don't have Any confidence and trust that I would get a good one. I won't lose sleep over locating a CW, sorry, but CW is not for me. .............snip............. Recently needed to replace entry door hinges due to a slight accident. Stopped at another highly recommended company. It was obvious they weren't interested in helping fix the door. Can't help but wonder why you take two paragraphs to condemn Camping World (nationwide), but won't even name the two other companies you got no satisfaction from-?
Francesca Knowles 09/01/14 11:33am Full-time RVing
RE: Max. Ball Drop

My 2013 Ford C Max necessitated a 10" drop to connect within the Blue Ox 4" +/- of level of my 2013 Itasca Sunstar 35F. I have towed over 5,000 miles so far without any problems. Have any of you had a personal issue while using a 10" drop? Not "I heard about this guy, yada, yada"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but my (perhaps mistaken) understanding is that since he proposes to tow a bumper pull trailer, there'd be quite a bit more torque on the O.P.'s hitch than on yours with the four-down setup.
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 05:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2014 Florida Statute on Double Towing

A 45' FW being pulled by a crew cab truck, 8' bed would be around 62' to 63'. Also what about the ones being pulled by a non-commercial semi tractor. Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Indiana are 4 states, just ot name a couple with a 60' max. So there has to be some kind of reciprocity other than for a driverss license. I think it likely that many jurisdictions sorta look the other way when it comes to some things- what Stater is gonna run around with a tape measure looking for an extra foot or so of length? Something as conspicuous as a double tow is a whole 'nother ball game- much harder to ignore, especially if the State has seen fit to ban it altogether.
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 02:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2014 Florida Statute on Double Towing

As I stated above then anybody who buys a 40'1" or longer FW cannot tow it in the states that have a 40' limit on trailers. And there are tons of those FW's on the road as well as 19 states with the 40' limit. Also stay out of NC they only allow 35'.. I think that trailer "length" is tug rear bumper to trailer rear bumper, and presumes a bumper pull. Combined length, usually 60-65 feet, is likely what governs fifth wheel towing...wouldn't even the biggest fiver/pickup combinations fall within sixty feet or so total?
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 01:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gotta Pay Before You Hike

in my mind "slanting" an article means twisting or inventing facts to support a point-of-view. Or changing a headline to do so. Which is what Fox did when lifting the article in its entirety from the Wall Street Journal. Original Headline: Grand Canyon to Charge Runners a Fee As More Try Trip From Rim to Rim in a Day, Rescues Are on the Rise WSJ Link Fox's headline, the only revision: Grand Canyon to charge hikers a fee for ‘rim to rim’ trek If Fox had no agenda, why change only the headline, and especially changing the word "runners" to "hikers"? Very effective tool, too, judging from the fact that the O.P. practically quoted it verbatim in the threadtitle as if it was something affecting everybody hiking into the park, further stating in the threadstarter: There is a fee to get into the GC park which has been the norm; now there appears to be a fee to hike as well. I agree the parks need funds to operate, seems like the pot of water just keeps getting warmer and warmer while the frog sleeps.
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 01:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Worried about a/c failing and dogs cooking

? Did some read my post as if I recommended leaving an animal in a CLOSED RV/vehicle??? If so, look again. Being inside an RV with venting on all sides and above is the same thing as being in the shade, temp-wise. If folks aren't dropping dead when they're outside in the same temps, dogs won't either. Provided they have plenty of water.
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 12:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Worried about a/c failing and dogs cooking

In my opinion, leaving every window and vent wide open is the most reliable way to insure that nobody "cooks" in a rig. Just like the old days. That combined with lots of drinking water should do the trick. This assuming that one has enough windows and vents to supply reasonable ventilation and achieve temps no greater than those outdoors.
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 11:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Max. Ball Drop

When using a large dropped stinger one must consider the torque that is exerted on the receiver. and some installations are not made to take a lot of twisting moment. Spot on, and the likely reason for the 4" drop limit imposed by the rig's builder. Question: Would replacement of the receiver be an option, or would further reinforcement of rig attachment points be required?
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 11:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2014 Florida Statute on Double Towing

........snip......... double towing is legal in OHIO and everybody says that reciprocity kicks in. If by reciprocity you mean the concept that States must honor other States' rules: It's my understanding that this concept operates only when it comes to licensing requirements. Equipment-related restrictions are up to each State to decide, and all persons using their roads must comply regardless of the rules in the driver's State of Residence.
Francesca Knowles 08/31/14 11:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gotta Pay Before You Hike

Leave it to Fox to slant this story as if permits are something new and onerous. They're not, having been required for individual backcountry/overnight hikers at the GC for many years. Typical individual fee is $10.00, though annual frequent-hiker permits are also available. Link to Parks page As already noted, this new program affects only GROUPS of hikers, and is an attempt to limit their impact. An article in a perhaps more respectable source, the Lansing State Journal, gets it right beginning with its proper headline: Grand Canyon group trips need permit That article further notes that groups as big as 150 people have been not uncommon in the past. Such enormous parties will now evidently not be allowed, or at least better controlled. Seems reasonable and even responsible to me.
Francesca Knowles 08/30/14 06:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2014 Florida Statute on Double Towing

Has anyone, particularly from the great state of Florida, ever inquired and received a clear answer/response from a Florida state official as to why the state does not allow for double towing with privately owned RV?.......snip..... There are two ways to discover the "reasons" behind a law: 1) By studying its legislative history and 2) By directly challenging a specific law in Court. While not the cheapest option, the second way may be the most efficient since it forces the Lawmaking body to establish its justification/constitutionality/etc.
Francesca Knowles 08/30/14 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weight Police is in trouble now

The ol' little-red-wagon hookup, eh? http://i.imgur.com/JNk5PyJ.jpg width=400
Francesca Knowles 08/30/14 12:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: One of our dogs gets very nervous and howls and pants

We have tried many recommended remedies to no avail. Thundershirt,lavender, benedryl, a couple herbal formulas provided by the vet, but nothing works. You don't mention having tried a crate- if not: Some dogs find the security of a much smaller space to be comforting when in a moving vehicle.
Francesca Knowles 08/30/14 11:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Second Vehicle Fee

Here's a bizarre one: A couple of years ago when camped in a California DNR campground, I was informed that the TT I was towing "counts" as a second vehicle; and since there was a two vehicle limit at each site, this meant that my family members who came along in their own car had to pay for and park in a second site! I will add that this was the very first year they'd imposed a fee schedule on those lands, and I complained very bitterly about this ridiculous stricture, pointing out that in California State PARKS, a travel trailer/tow vehicle combo is counted as one vehicle. Hopefully CA DNR's changed that rule by now...
Francesca Knowles 08/29/14 02:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: Arrogance Personified

Guy responds, (and this is verbatim), "Yeah well, if you've got the money, why not?" That was the extent of the "conversation". If this guy is about sixty-or-more but obviously trying to look a lot younger AND accompanied by a Barbiedoll type young enough to be his granddaughter I might be able to explain his evident dislike of small trailers. This based on an encounter I had a couple of years back with a Prevost at a turnout on a lonely stretch of HWY 101...if it's the same guy, I can believe he's still mad as H-E-Double-Pitchforks!
Francesca Knowles 08/29/14 01:34pm General RVing Issues
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