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RE: New to RV'ing

Loodgeek that looks like a good deal just from the photos. New tires and greasing the hubs plus a lot of cleaning inside and outside may get it ready for the road. Best of luck.
Gale Hawkins 04/26/15 08:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: New to RV'ing

Lordgeek jumping in with both feet is a good way to get started I think since that is what most of us do. :) Some miss a lot of life by testing the waters one toe at a time. :) At $2700 if it is a total loss you will have lost less money than most posting here did on our first RV purchase. Letting the family pull the trigger was a great move and will be a great learning experience for the kids that can help them make fast decisions for the rest of their lives. Our kids were 9 when they asked for a MH and selected the one that we still have as they are about to turn 18. They have put many hours into its upkeep and have skills because of the MH that otherwise they would not have today. :)
Gale Hawkins 04/23/15 09:15am Beginning RVing
RE: New to RV'ing

Welcome to a new learning experience. The kids will love it and you were smart to let the wife and kids to pick it out.
Gale Hawkins 04/22/15 07:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Weight of such a Conversion?

I do not remember if it was mentioned but it may be more like a park model vs a self contained MH?
Gale Hawkins 04/17/15 12:49pm Class A Motorhomes
Weight of such a Conversion?

This looks like a cool rig but it looks heavy for sure.
Gale Hawkins 04/16/15 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan 4KY Consuming Oil After Change, Breather Tube/Crankcase

If it is not dripping oil then it would have to be getting pasted the rings I would think and smoking like crazy. Now that the weather is warm I want to look at our generator issue soon. No trip planned but non startin stuff eats at my brain. The PO must to have left the dipstick loose and blowed oil out the crank case and made a mess that we cleaned up. The High Mileage M1 10w-40 would have been the motor oil of choice too for a used air cooled engine. Keep us updated at you work with your generator. If it was not using oil and started using oil right after the oil change that is a clue. The MH1 oil could not start a leak really fast I would think.
Gale Hawkins 04/13/15 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Buy 1-2 year old rental unit or private?

Bluesconnector there is no right or wrong answer to your question. MH's are wild cards at best. Sadly many private owners are in love with their purchase price wise and they can not be touched price wise. Rental units can be good or bad. They should have service records and tend to be basis in features meaning less to go wrong if the purchase turns out to be long term. We bought 15 years old at 91K miles but the 10 year owner was a motivated seller after losing his wife to cancer and was starting his own round with chemo in two weeks we learned after we agreed to his printed take it or leave it price. Newer the better. If I were to do it over again I would jump on a new like rental that was not abused/wrecked so I had min retirement capital tied up in a depreciating toy. There are many factors to consider but being an RV owner you already know that. Best of luck which ever way you go. The V-10's or V-8's would be ok in a general sense as far as I would be concerned. Any chassis will be OK but the house part can make/break long term satisfaction.
Gale Hawkins 03/01/15 06:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Update on Nashville Officer killed by Motorhome

It is a sad case indeed for all parties. Driving a MH is a different animal for sure. I grew up driving over loaded single axle farm trucks and currently own a F700 with a 16' flat dump. Still when I get in the MH after not driving it 6+ months the first 200 miles takes some retraining of the brain to be mindful of my tail swing and stopping distances. I was about 55 when I first drove a MH and it was a wild experience for the first several trips. In fact we drove it shopping, to the movies, visiting local family, etc just to develop a sense of how it handled and to build my skills. Now the kids are driving so I need to get each of them some time behind the wheel.
Gale Hawkins 02/22/15 07:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pa to Denver 454

We found in the 32' Pursuit with the 92 454 TBI brake use was only required when grades were >10 which one does not see on interstates if we geared down the transmission. It was kind of funny on our run through the west by way of Yellowstone, CA and the Grand Canyon we never ever went down a grade worse than getting out of Kingdom Come KY state park. :)
Gale Hawkins 02/21/15 08:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1993 Travelaire 454 chev p30 low power

Do you have access to premium ethanol free gas. Ours will make more power on premium? Are you making sure the RPM's are in the 3500-4000 range when climbing? Has the radiator been recored? Does the water pump fan sound like a jet engine for the first few minutes after you first start it? We have the 1992 454 TBI and one shop said it was the most powerful one he had seen in a MH. We have since added new plug/plug wires. As for the premium ethanol free gas, yes. As a matter of fact, i only use that in the MH. I don't have a tach on it, but it downshifts good, and I would guess from the sound of the engine that is in the area of 4000 rpm when climbing steep ascents. Rad has never been recored, i spoke with the previous owner, and he says never had that done, but he did have yearly flushes. (The service receipts confirm this) As for the water pump - no, i can't say it sounds anything like a jet engine or anything close to it. The fan mounted to the water pump is mounted on a fan clutch. The first few minutes after I start ours the clutch will be locked up and the fan noise is LOUD until it releases. We will hear the same sound setting at a long stop light sometimes when it engages. If this clutch is not locking up ever then the engine can run hot. There are ways to test it but it can be dangerous when working through the doghouse with a running engine.
Gale Hawkins 01/29/15 05:35am Beginning RVing
RE: 1993 Travelaire 454 chev p30 low power

Do you have access to premium ethanol free gas. Ours will make more power on premium? Are you making sure the RPM's are in the 3500-4000 range when climbing? Has the radiator been recored? Does the water pump fan sound like a jet engine for the first few minutes after you first start it? We have the 1992 454 TBI and one shop said it was the most powerful one he had seen in a MH. We have since added new plug/plug wires.
Gale Hawkins 01/27/15 08:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Pa to Denver 454

Ken the 8.1L version seemed to be the apex of big block engineering in the USA then it got taken out by more advanced and lighter engines I guess. The heads on the 8.1 I think could move more air through the intake so that would have helped with cooling. Ours will kiss the red on hard low speed pulls in 1st gear but never did overheat. I expect you are correct on the water pump flow rate. I could not ask for a better engine for our use than our 1992 454 TBI engine but the house is showing its age.
Gale Hawkins 01/25/15 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pa to Denver 454

By the way the 3500 RPM when climbing will help insure the 454 engine and transmission stay cool. When dragging out that Old Priest Run the engine temp gauge kissed the Red zone but did not enter it. I do not even remember looking that the transmission temp gauge. I learned this last year during my first season with my 454. It's an '84 and only has a 3-speed TH400, but when it started to get warm on long grades I instinctively slowed down and it got even hotter. One day it was getting warm again, but I need to get around a slow-moving truck in order to get to a left-side exit. I sped up to about 70-75 MPH and the coolant temp dropped like a rock! Now I've learned to keep the RPMs up when it starts to get warm. I have a trans temp gauge, too, but curiously it was never hooked up. No wires to the lights or the sender. It's on the to-do list. TurboJimmy that was interesting how you discovered how to keep a 454 engine cool in a MH. It was like on our 3 day of our 31 day trip in 2011 and we got off the Interstate and headed up to Mount Rushmore. I was pulling those first grades in 3rd as it dropped out of OD/4th on its own but the engine temp kept rising and I got very concerned knowing we were going to CA and back to KY. I got on the gas harder and it down shifted to 2nd and very quickly the engine temp not only dropped back to normal range but even a few degrees below normal. Clearly gas engines do not like to be lugged down on the hills. :) At Wide Open Throttle (WOT) ours will up shift at 4000 RPM. That is at 35 MPH from 1st to 2nd and about 58 MPH for the 2nd to 3rd automatic shift point at WOT. Not having an OD gear as in your case has almost not negative effect in a MH. We did a lot of miles in 2nd and 3rd gear on that 8000 mile trip to the Pacific Ocean. Mentally I use 4000 RPM as the red line since that was GM's programmed WOT shift point but from the best I could find GM actually considered 4500 RPM as the official red line in big trucks. Now we have the Ford 429 (same block at 460 in many MH's) and the red line is more like 5000 RPM it seems. It is in a 1989 Ford F700 truck with a 16' flat dump bed. Many complain that the big block V-8 engines are bad about running hot. Short of a bad radiator and/or fan clutch from my personal experience over heating is due to operator error of running them at low RPM's when under heavy load is is the case 100% of the time in a MH. :)
Gale Hawkins 01/24/15 12:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pa to Denver 454

We did 8000 miles back in 2011 with our 1992 P30 454 TBI chassis that took us in a loop from KY through Badlands, Yellowstone, Great Salt Lake, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Yosemite, Carlsbad CA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Roswell NM, Tx and back to KY. The engine and transmission did just fine in the mountains and long grades. Did quickly learn to keep the RPM's no less than 3500 when climbing. The only time I got concerned was when by error we took the Old Priest Run into Yosemite that we had to pull in 1st gear and I think max was about 1800 RPM. That was the longest four miles in my life. A set of good spark plug wires would be good to have if yours is getting some age. By the way the 3500 RPM when climbing will help insure the 454 engine and transmission stay cool. When dragging out that Old Priest Run the engine temp gauge kissed the Red zone but did not enter it. I do not even remember looking that the transmission temp gauge. One thing that helped on that trip was we had just moved to metric tires which gave us a 2.5% lower gearing ration that helped with the hills and MPG. On the 5-30 mile grades I would get out of OD before we lost RPM because once the RPM is lost they are hard to regain. We did a lot of grades in 2nd gear so we could keep up our RPM's and to improve time and MPG. If you ever find your gas pedal on the floor on an Interstate you are in too high of a gear it seemed in our case. Engine braking was all we needed for speed control on that trip but in some of the parks that meant 1st gear in a few places but 2nd/3rd were fine for engine braking most of the time.
Gale Hawkins 01/23/15 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flexible roll-out 136w Solar Cell Deal

Wow that is a great price but too bad the company when bankrupt. What would something like that cost from a firm in business today?
Gale Hawkins 01/23/15 08:43pm Truck Campers
RE: 1947 Flxible Clipper RV Restoration

That is so cool.
Gale Hawkins 01/06/15 12:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Class A's with PTO?

I have seen generators made for a PTO on a pickup. Actually the manual with our 1992 Kohler 5000 Confidant RV generator shows two versions and one has a shaft driven hydraulic pump of the generator end of the unit. Not sure the application however.
Gale Hawkins 12/13/14 12:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel fuel additive ---- WOW !

I add 4 ounces of gasoline to 1 gallon of diesel for my heater. Burns much cleaner and fires instantly every time. I'm no expert but, I think this sounds like a terrible idea. Again, I really don't know and I would ask the manufacture of the heater for there recommendation. Besides the fire hazard gasoline is a very dry fuel that gives no lubrication . I agree it sounds scary but in the old days MB diesel cars of added a small amount of gas to winterize the diesel I have read. There was a ratio but I do not remember it.
Gale Hawkins 12/13/14 12:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Driver of MH indicted in death of Police Officer

I think for some in that age group and younger are diving an overloaded truck for the first time in their life and just panic under stress. Every time we get in a MH we are are at a higher risk of killing others. This fall I used our single axle 1989 Ford F700 to help my brother get out his corn crop after he took off work for two weeks and it rained the whole time. That was not something I had done in 25 years plus he overloaded it when I was not there because we had built a 4' high box inside my 2' dirt/gravel sides. I got it to the elevator but that load was 24,000 pounds of corn because it is a 16'long bed. The truck actually moved it OK but I kept it down around 35 miles a left in the dark to miss most of the traffic. Now if it has been a year or two since driving the MH much I am rusty for the first 100 miles. A MH is a different ballgame than a car or pick up. When people are in the roadway that is a different ball game too. I do feel for this guy because I am sure this has changed his retirement plans totally.
Gale Hawkins 11/27/14 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just a handy hint re battery maintenance

We are cleaning up ours and running three 24 hour Desulf cycles on our batteries with the B&D chargers to help them make it through the winter better.
Gale Hawkins 11/22/14 04:46am Tech Issues
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