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RE: when boondocking do you bring a weapon ?

Sounds like the OP got their answer. Time to close the thread.
LLeopold 06/21/16 09:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: when boondocking do you bring a weapon ?

So long as we stay on topic, I'm ok with it. No politics, no flaming, etc. Follow the Forum Rules and we're good. 'Nuff said.
LLeopold 06/21/16 04:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: when boondocking do you bring a weapon ?

Deleted all off-topic and related posts pertaining to the deletions. Let's keep the conversation to the original topic, please. Thank you for your cooperation. 'Nuff said.
LLeopold 06/21/16 07:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

This just in, and to close this thread... Woman Accused Of Taking Bat To Man’s Car For Staying In Front Of Gas Pump For Too Long
LLeopold 05/19/16 03:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: stopping for a single night - rest area or rv park?

Let's dial it back just a little, please.
LLeopold 04/01/16 09:50am Beginning RVing
RE: spare tire stuck under trailer

Liquid Wrench first comes to mind. The second is WD-40 Rust Release Penetrate Spray. You should be able to find either at any hardware store. Spray on to the rust areas that are preventing the spare tire to be released, then let stand for the time (15-30 minutes) to permit penetration, and then loosen nuts with a jack wrench or large socket wrench. You may need additional leverage to "crack" the rust. I have a three foot length of pipe that fits over the the wrench handle. When I'm applying this kind of leverage I am *very* careful to pull and not jerk the action as I do not want to break the tool or the mounting bolts. As a last resort if the rust is truly solid, your only other choice is to apply heat to the area with a propane torch, then loosen with the wrench/leverage but this should only be done with VERY great care and only if you are absolutely sure of what you're doing. Hope this helps.
LLeopold 09/20/15 10:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newbie with battery question

I edited and deleted a number of posts. If there are members who disagree from a personal perspective, I refer you to the Private Messages link in the upper right corner of your screen under the "Welcome, " and take it off-line. Thank you for your cooperation.
LLeopold 08/13/15 09:50am Beginning RVing
RE: Pushing the Limits and My Moderation Philosophy

I've been talking with a couple of members privately about some of the perceived over-moderation in other areas of the forum and, yes, even some of my own posts were edited or deleted; and that's not unique to this forum, but I've had it happen in other forums I frequent. My advice to them was something I started doing a few years ago when it came to expressing my opinion: What I learned to do was to surround the opinion with something like: ... or, if I'm feeling a bit more assertive: ... or, text followed by... (IMO, YMMV) These qualifiers sometimes saves the post as it clearly states that I am not speaking as an authority (or simply being a smart @$$ on the topic, which I should expect would be edited or deleted - this last one sometimes comes as a shock to my fellow mods :) ). That can sometimes make the difference...
LLeopold 07/22/15 08:35am Beginning RVing
Pushing the Limits and My Moderation Philosophy

Originally posted Sept. 21, 2007 as a reply to the question, "Why so many grumpy people full of opinions here?" The moderators of the Open Roads Forum are volunteers, giving of our time and talent as fellow RVers and campers, to this forum to help promote our hobby. We are neither omniscient, omnipresent nor omnipotent (Admin might be, however). If there are rules violations we may or may not, encounter them and advise the others, so that appropriate action might be taken. We rely on our fellow members to advise us by clicking on the "Notify Moderator" link. That link also provides room for comments. It is not, nor should it be considered, "tattling" for a member to advise a moderator about a rules violation. Let me remind you that the Open Roads Forum is a family site and is now one of the largest forums, by membership, on the internet (over 200,000 members). When you post, it is not read only by other adults, but also by minor-aged children, who have an interest in RVing and camping. The forum is for the RV consumer community and only that community. That's the forum owner's (AGI) rules we abide by. Let me also make it perfectly clear, there are plenty of other forums with much looser rules than this one, and that the participation is, by far, much less than this one (and more than one has been shut down by the sponsoring ISP due to the excesses of the few). If you want to exercise your "rights of free speech" on issues other than RVing or camping, you also have the right to post them elsewhere. Also remember that any reference to the Bill of Rights is to limit the government power over its citizens. It has absolutely no relevance to this forum or to its rules. Sustaining the forum rules is a primary reason this forum has succeeded when so many others have failed. If there is a perceived error in judgment by a moderator (read my opening statements), we still would like to know about it. First, contact the moderator of the forum if they already have not PMed you about it. Personally, I try to head off any confrontation by PMing a member and giving them the opportunity to edit their thread or post, or an opportunity to explain why the post should stand as is. If I get a less than satisfactory (i.e. confrontational) response, I will edit the post for them, or yes, delete the thread entirely. And yes, that is how I moderate Beginning RVing and Tent Camping; I have, from time-to-time posted my method of moderating in those forums, and yes, have been called on an error in judgment by "my" members from time-to-time; again, I am human, too. For those who are involved in Scouting, you will know what I mean when I say that I try to "follow the 12" when evaluating posts and intentions of the originators of the posts (PM me if you want to know what this means). Each of the moderators has their own method of implementing the spirit of the moderation guidelines (forum rules). Again, when there is a question, we typically consult each other. But then, Beginning RVing and Tent Camping does not get the same amount of traffic than the other forums, so I actually have the opportunity to respond more frequently and intimately, with the members than, perhaps, the other moderators. I always welcome input from the members (as do my fellow moderators) so that I can provide a service to members who share my passion for the outdoors lifestyle. The forum administration picks its moderators from the membership based on their participation in the forum and how they are received by other members (and moderators). Again, I state, if you have a question of the moderator regarding your or another's post, free free to contact them to get clarification. If you do not get a response from that moderator (again there may be a delay, hey we like to RV, too!), feel free to contact another moderator. But, one thing you do not want to do; you do not want to get into a confrontation with the moderator(s), nor the Administrators. You will want to keep the issue civil. It'd be like getting into a confrontation with a campground host or the rangers. You might be "right," but will the aggravation in the meantime be worth it? NOTE: I will allow the thread to remain open for a few more posts, but if I see anymore posts that clearly violate the Forum Rules, I will close the thread. Call it censorship if you want, but that's how I moderate. I make sure that we all follow the rules.
LLeopold 07/21/15 01:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Things to consider when buying first rv

Mod Note: This clearly was copied from a commercial web site which was referred in another thread and closed by me yesterday. If this post was to test where the line is drawn in terms of what is acceptable and what is not, then I suggest you reread the Forum Rules where it clearly states: * You may not use the Open Roads Forum to either advertise or promote commercial endeavors. This includes direct posts, member name, URLS in your profile or signature, as well as, active links to other sites on the Internet. If a member, especially a Senior Member, insists on testing the forum moderators or administration, we have a long history of being less tolerant than accidental postings by new users. Perhaps it is time for me to repost my philosophy regarding Beginning RVing so that all may know, for sure, where the boundaries are. In the meantime, I'm closing this thread.
LLeopold 07/21/15 01:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: Things to consider before heading to an RV Sales Lot

As per the Forum Rules: * You may include URLs or active links to commercial sites for the purpose of expanding on comments or providing additional information as part of regular forum interactions. However... * You may not use the Open Roads Forum to either advertise or promote commercial endeavors. This includes direct posts, member name, URLS in your profile or signature, as well as, active links to other sites on the Internet. The key words in the "may" are "...for the purpose of expanding on comments..." So, since this did not start out as a discussion about doing one's homework and the OP providing it as a useful link, but instead, simply posted the link, the context falls primarily to the latter than the former. While I checked to see if there is an association between the OP and the web site/it's owner, rather than deleting the thread entirely, I'll merely close it and chalk it up to forum newbie "faux pas."
LLeopold 07/20/15 12:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: Short bed manuvering

Here's my story from 2002. And guess what? It happened again this past weekend 13 years later. You'd think I would have learned by now! :O
LLeopold 07/01/15 02:00pm Fifth-Wheels
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