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RE: 2017 F450 shooting flames :0

deleted by poster
Lessmore 10/20/16 12:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Dr. Story::::::

Very good. :B I always look forward to your entries in the Humour section, ALBQ. Please keep them coming.
Lessmore 10/10/16 08:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: How Long Have You Been Licensed to Drive?

Thinking back on it, I should have stayed with my bicycle. :) My dad always used to say that in the long run, if you lived in a city, it would probably be cheaper to use taxis all the time, rather than buying/using your own car or truck for your transportation needs.
Lessmore 10/09/16 09:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Any motorcycle enthusiasts, looking for comparison

Good test with Roadmaster VS Harley vs Victory from Cycle World on the internet. I can't get the link to post, but is seems to provide a lot of the kind of info you are looking for. Hope that helps in your decision. A suggestion, given that you live on the Rock and are so far from the nearest Indian dealership, I would look at another make dealership that is close to you. Getting a bike fixed or serviced when you're so far from that makes dealer can be problematic.
Lessmore 10/07/16 10:24am Around the Campfire
RE: How Long Have You Been Licensed to Drive?

Licensed for both car and motorcycle since 1965. Edit: Need to add...I also was licensed to drive commercial trucks from 1971 to 1977.
Lessmore 10/07/16 10:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Can anyone help

YEP....battery is NOT holding a charge. Is this the OEM (original 2009) battery? You could charge it..take it out and have it load tested at any auto parts store OR buy a new battery Yes original 2009 battery. You got very good service out of that original battery.
Lessmore 10/04/16 03:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ram outsells Chevy

It would be interesting to see what numbers GMC and Chevy are selling, together. They are both the same platform, with a few trim differences. Ford only sells one truck, Ford. Dodge/Chrysler only sells one truck, Ram.
Lessmore 10/04/16 03:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: things that make you go Hmmmmm . . . .

I would do a general service on it, given it has 41 hours on it. Oil, filters, etc, don't cost that much. I would also check it out carefully for damage, etc...get it fixed if anything is wrong with it, before the warranty is over. I generally buy new machinery, as then I know how it's been used and how it's been serviced. But that's me.
Lessmore 10/04/16 10:11am Around the Campfire
RE: SD trucks do not get speeding tickets?

I think there seem to be a lot of urban and for that matter rural myths floating around. If you speed, eventually you'll get a ticket, no matter what you're driving.
Lessmore 10/04/16 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mistaken ideas about how a diesel engine works

No, not at all Shiner. It's that, PLUS many other things like total weight of the truck, surface area of the front end and even things like height of the truck. It's very difficult to compare one truck to another. Here is a good example. Ford changed the front air dam on the front of their F250 and picked up between 1/4 and 1/2 MPG JUST with changing the chin spoiler. That's a BUNCH! Just with a chin spoiler change on the front of the same truck. HP is just a measurement of lifting weight in a set amount of time. That's why city mileage suffers so much. You're lifting that weight over and over and over for every stop sign or light you hit. In any event, I started this thread to try to explain why adding power to the SAME exact diesel engine will not hurt your fuel mileage unless you use that power. This is the exact reason why tuners on diesels don't cost mileage. They add power by adding fuel and timing. If you don't use that power, there is no mileage penalty. Your explanation(s) and logic seem very clear and correct to me.
Lessmore 10/02/16 01:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mistaken ideas about how a diesel engine works

I think the big thing that some of us are saying is too stop with the HP wars, hold them where they are at and work on mileage instead. I see no reason why the new crop of diesels can't get at least 3+ more MPG! If they they put the effort into that instead of power lots more people would sit up and take notice. Years ago they said a gas V-8 would never get better than 20 mpg. Guess what mid 20's is what they are now getting! I agree with most everything you said accept the modern v-8 getting over 20. There's a website that tracks user uploaded mpg by vehicle and year (fuelly.com) and from what I've seen most on average are worse than diesels. Usually around 15-16 combined. I could be wrong but I spent a lot of time looking around on there and talking to guys at work with halftons a couple years ago when I was truck shopping I had a 97 grand marquis that had no problem getting 26 mpg on the highway it had 2.73's. I also had a 93 mustang with the 5.0 and auto with 3.27 gears that would do 25 on the highway. Yes, these aren't trucks but a very modern V-8 or should not have a problem with low 20's in a truck! Even a diesel should be knocking down upper 20's by now. That is of course if they focused on mileage instead of power! It's a lot about constant cruise. I find if I can keep my rpm at a constant rpm (sometimes easier said than done, but easier where I live ...the flat prairies) that mpg shows a significant improvement. My wife and I did a 'test' a few years ago. At the time we had a 2007 Toyota Matrix with the 1800cc Toyota 4 cylinder and a 2007 Buick LaCrosse (still have the Buick). The Buick has a 3800cc V6. On a prairie highway that has very few curves, no stops and on this day, no appreciable wind we found that by setting cruise control on both vehicles (@ 60 mph) and keeping our foot off the gas and the brake...the Buick came within about 1.5 mpg of the Toyota. Why....the big Buick engine ran at much lower rpm than the smaller Toyota engine, the Buick is low, albeit wide, but has a more streamlined design in the front...the Matrix, kind of narrow, but high. By keeping both engines at a constant cruise rpm...with little if any fluctuation, the Buick came very close to the Toyota...due to lower rpm (gearing), snippier shape. Now in town it was a different matter with many a stop and go. The Buick had to move close to a 1000 lbs more from a dead stop...over and over again in heavy traffic. This is a MPG killer.
Lessmore 09/30/16 09:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Discovered: 18th century pub full of untouched brandy

Pretty neat find........ BUT wouldn't it ALL belong to Thomas Evans descendants living in Texas? No, not necessarily, because as the article says...and I quote.."we looked online about Evans' family history and one of his descendants now lives in Texas," said the site's archeological supervisor..." Sounds like there are more descendants and it would have to be determined who is closest in line.
Lessmore 09/27/16 07:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Disaster averted but barely. Thanking the good Lord above.

Buddy had a front wheel come off of his car. Had just had it into a dealer. Fortunately he was able to bring it under control...could of been horrible.
Lessmore 09/22/16 12:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking For Good Flashlight

I get most of mine from Harbor Freight, free. They last about a year then I throw them away. I have plenty on hand. I can't even remember the last time I needed something more than that. I have one of those 6v, 1 million candle power flashlights somewhere (I got it for a Christmas present) but I don't even know where at this time. What is it you want to use the flashlight for? Match the flashlight to what you're going to use if for. The day I spend more then $10.00 for a flashlight is the day you can commit me to the insane asylum, because that is the day I totally lost all sense of realilty. I got a lot better things I can buy with $100.00, let alone $300.00 With the handle of 'Nickthehunter', I'm assuming you are a hunter. If so, you're out in the outdoors, sometimes miles away from help, other people, etc., it can be dangerous out there. I would not want to depend on a cheaper piece of equipment that has a limited lifetime. I might regret that dependence, if an emergency arises. Outdoors we are subject to the harsh conditions of Mother Nature. Me, I want something that has a good chance of survival, in harsh conditions. My flashlight, as mentioned in a previous post, is a Streamlight. I do a lot of traveling in the rural areas, much of it during the winter and we get severe winters. I carry the best equipment...in my emergency kit, I can afford. I feel I can't take a chance on some marginal equipment, when a difficult situation may arise. When not traveling my quality flashlight comes out of the travel emergency kit and I use it around the home. Had it now for about 5 years. It always works, first click of the on button, no matter how cold the temp.
Lessmore 09/08/16 12:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Why no Duramax announcement yet

Maybe GM will introduce their new Duramax engines and HD truck models... as 2017 1/2 models. I recall Ford starting this tradition with it's 1963 1/2 Fastback Galaxie and 1964 1/2 Mustangs. I still remember seeing my first Mustang ever....on the street around the end of April, 1964...or...maybe it was the end of April, 1964 1/2, when I think about it. : ;)
Lessmore 09/06/16 10:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking For Good Flashlight

Streamlight TwinTask 3AA is my choice. Used to use California Mag, now use the Streamlight. Very happy with this rugged light. Uses regular alkaline AA's...cheap and last long. Got the flashlight from Cabelas.
Lessmore 09/02/16 11:54am Around the Campfire
RE: RV.net problems????

Many times this site crashes on me, especially when trying to reply to a message. Are there issues with the site or are the problems on my end? Nope, I also have problems with this site, that I don't with others. Often I have written a post and the site crashes. It's not common...but neither has it been uncommon with this site. I'm not a computer expert, so don't know why.
Lessmore 08/29/16 09:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: 1956 F100 what can it pull?

The motor came out of a 1973 Thunderbird, which at the time used leaded gas. Ford did not use this motor in trucks, they used a 390 or a 460. My motor will be rebuilt to accept unleaded gas, with all new internals. It will have fuel injection throttle body and will be turbo charged to help with towing. So why not use Gear Vendors? Sounds like it would improve gas mileage and towing regardless of motor use. Actually Ford did use the 429 in trucks. They were used in Ford medium duties. The 370 and 429 were referred to by Ford as Lima engines. They replaced the Ford 361 and 391 in medium duties. One of our farm trucks had a 370 Lima. I would of preferred the 429 Lima option back then, more power to move a load of grain. Post edit: I've been thinking about this post and in the case of light duty trucks, such as pickups you would be correct. the 429 was not used, but the 390 and 460 were. I tend to think of trucks, more in terms of medium duty terms, than light duties. That comes from my grain farm experience.
Lessmore 08/29/16 09:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Spray clean tow vehicles

Thank you to all with suggestions, things that work for them and alternate products. I will give them a shot. You are a resourceful group. Thank you.
Lessmore 08/28/16 03:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Spray clean tow vehicles

What's wrong with using something in a Yamaha labeled can on a GM vehicle? or read the label on the Yamaha product and see what the active ingredient is. It's not rocket surgery or brain science. bumpy The label does not have a list of ingredients, in fact no ingredients are listed at all on the label. It may have an ingredient list on the US market label, but unfortunately the Canadian market does not have that requirement, for this type of product. Too bad, because that would be a great idea and as you say, easy to check other product labels, using the same active ingredient, when it comes to making alternate choice. Now if it was brain science I could ask my cousin who has a Phd in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins to do a detailed analysis of Yamaclean for me. I was going to add one of those smiling icons after my 'funny' comment (last sentence, preceding)....but I can't get it to work. Ahh well, thanks again for the idea, a good one.
Lessmore 08/28/16 03:23pm Tow Vehicles
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