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RE: MotorTrend Tests the 1500's

Ya I know you did Lessmore. It's just really strange that's all. Another thing that really glared out is the oil burner rev's more at highway speed than either one of the gas burners. :E :h Weird. That is odd. Ram was running 3.92's, but then I checked the final drive ratios...the Ram @2.63, Ford @ 2.45, Chev @ 2.29. But then both Chev+ Ford have 6 speed trannies, Ram has 8 speed...would be interesting to see all ratios for all these transmissions. Looked at the dry weight...F 150 @ 4955 vs Chev @ 5605 vs Ram @ 5990. I was surprised at the weight diff. Knew that the Ram diesel engine wold probably be heavier + of course the Ford has a lighter aluminum body in 2015. No wonder the 2.7 liter Turbo gas of the Ford felt so spritely...a lot less weight than the others to haul around. The Ram is carrying a lot more weight than the F 150, which of course makes a difference in MPG, acceleration, braking, etc.
Lessmore 11/26/14 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MotorTrend Tests the 1500's

The EcoDiesel was the slowest in every performance test - by a lot. With no fuel cost savings compared to the EcoBoost. Why would I want buy the EcoDiesel? What am I missing? You're right the Dodge diesel is slower than the Chevy and Ford. Performance figures of the Ram, are 0-60 mph in 8.8 seconds, 1/4 mile in 16.6 seconds. That's not bad, probably a little better than average for the mix of new vehicles out there today. To me and many others it's more than satisfactory. In a truck I don't need the acceleration of a Top Fuel dragster. I want really good low and mid range torque. Everybody has different wants. The math just does not come out on the 1/4 mile time with this truck. A 16.6 time in a truck with 240HP and weighs as much as it does should clock the 1/4 at low 17's; not mid 16's. The 0 to 60 times are way off too for some reason. Someone is cheating somewhere or this truck is an anomaly among anomalies. :h Possibly the fact that the new Ram has 8 speeds with close ratio gearing may make a difference. I'm quoting 1/4 mile e.t. from the article.
Lessmore 11/26/14 04:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MotorTrend Tests the 1500's

The EcoDiesel was the slowest in every performance test - by a lot. With no fuel cost savings compared to the EcoBoost. Why would I want buy the EcoDiesel? What am I missing? You're right the Dodge diesel is slower than the Chevy and Ford. Performance figures of the Ram, are 0-60 mph in 8.8 seconds, 1/4 mile in 16.6 seconds. That's not bad, probably a little better than average for the mix of new vehicles out there today. To me and many others it's more than satisfactory. In a truck I don't need the acceleration of a Top Fuel dragster. I want really good low and mid range torque. Everybody has different wants.
Lessmore 11/26/14 11:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: MotorTrend Tests the 1500's

I read the article. Interesting read. If I was in the market for a half ton, full size pickup after reading that article...it would be the Dodge with the 3.0 liter TurboDiesel. Hands down. No contest. Great MPG, lot's of low and mid range torque, 8 speed ZF transmission. What's not to like. Our neighbour has a 2013 Dodge 1500 with 4WD and the 3.6 DOHC V6. He loves it and he tows small trailers with it. BTW, I've never had a Mopar anything. Always GM, Ford or a few imports over many years of buying and driving. I think Mopar has some of the best vehicles out there now. In fact, we are seriously considering buying a new Jeep Cherokee (V6), 4WD next time around.
Lessmore 11/26/14 11:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: UPDATE! Picking up the 2015 Eco-Diesel Friday/Saturday! :)

Yep they (Ziebart) is still alive and kicking. I had my 2004 done and @ 150K not a bit of rust on her! Hope to get the same thing with the new truck also. I have never had the paint protection done before but beings the weather here is in the 30's I'm not going to be able to wax her like I would like to. So we will let them do it and see how it works. And the reason I went with the black rims is that Ram put those cheesy plastic chrome covers on the rims. :R A buddy got his '74 Nova Ziebarted when the car was new. It's still in his family, only his son owns it now and it has a tuned CSB 406 V8. As a result, back in 2007 we got two new vehicles Ziebarted and our daughter got her new Cobalt Ziebarted, in 2010. All cars are fine, no rust and we live in the part of the continent where winters are 5 1/2 to 6 months long. Wise move getting your new vehicle Ziebarted.
Lessmore 11/25/14 01:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford announces 2015 F150 Harley Davidson edition

Sportbikes are no more dangerous than trail bikes, cruisers, or bicycles, AFATG. The rider is the deciding factor. Sportbike riders tend to be younger people, who are more likely to ride faster and take more chances. Also they are more likely to have limited riding experience. Being a long time motorcyclist who has ridden/owned many different makes/types of motorcycles over the years, I would have to agree with you. I've ridden from 16 years old to an older 'mature' rider. In the end, it is the rider who decides how much throttle to open, how fast a corner will be taken or attempted to be taken.
Lessmore 11/24/14 12:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My next sign might not be so nice....

Thinking like a minimum wage delivery guy.... What's a "breezeway"? ....Yup, have to make a sign saying "Place packages INSIDE this door". X 2. The breezeway sign is not clear to many people. I find instructions that are simple, clear and use common words are the best. Gene+Ginny's suggestion seems perfect.
Lessmore 11/23/14 06:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Shaving?

It's a long story. I'm in my mid 60's now, but when I started shaving, back in the 1960's, I used an electric shaver. Then I felt that I wasn't getting a good shave. So I started using disposable safety razors and shaving cream in a spray can. By the '80's, I was still nicking my skin and putting bits of tissue paper on the nicks, so I wouldn't bloody my work shirt collars or ties. I got tired of arriving at work with little bits of white tissue paper stuck to my face and neck. So, I went back to the electric shavers. Went through about 4-5 of them in the '80's till about 2010. Are you still with me ? ;) Well...stick with me, it get's better. ;) In 2010, I was retired for about 2 years and was tired of poor shaves with electric razors. Yes, I tried them all, they seem to wear out or just didn't get some areas of my face and neck so well. Then there was a thread in this exact forum, ATC. A guy posted and said he was using a double edged safety razor and getting great results. The double edged razor is old fashioned, in fact my grandfather's and my dad used them, till electric shavers became common. I got the name of an online Canadian, razor/blade supplier and ordered a German made Muhle R 41 razor. Beautifully crafted, jewel like. I tried a sampling of about 10 different company's, double edged blades. I found the make of double edged blade I liked the most. Feathers brand, made in Japan. I also found through experimentation with shaving soap/cream, the one I liked most was by The Body Shop. I also have two shaving brushes and a shaving mug. I also use cheap Bic or Gillette tri bladed razors, for careful touch up work. My shaves are smooth. In fact shave after shave is almost perfect. I like the feel. BTW, so does my wife. She likes to run her hand on my chin. Says I smell nice too. :B It took me awhile to learn how to use a double edged razor. I found a way to shave on youtube. I also went on the Badger & Blade website. Wealth of info for shaving here. Badger & Blade There were cuts, but I used/use a styptic pen to stop the bleeding. These pens are available at any good pharmacy . I will not go back to any other type of shaving. It sounds like a lot of work, but isn't once you get used to this style. Takes me about 10 minutes to shave each morning.
Lessmore 11/22/14 10:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ford announces 2015 F150 Harley Davidson edition

I still don't understand the connection between the two companies. Does one own stocks in the other??Not that I'm aware of, but Ford knows that HD folk are very brand aware and will buy most anything if it has Harley Davidson somewhere. Just good marketing savvy on Ford's part. They have done an Eddie Bauer edition Expedition in the past and several other branded model Fords. I know a couple HD riders who own the HD pick-up, and lots of others who put all kinds of HD stickers on their trucks. I remember the story about a guy who bought a used Eddie Bauer edition, Explorer a few years ago. Apparently he called the Ford Factory Help Line in Detroit to say, that he really liked his used Explorer except for the fact that the previous owner, some guy called Eddie Bauer had put his name in badging all over the body , seats and interior of the truck. His question ? Could Ford suggest how he could take off the previous owner....Eddie's name....in all the truck's badging and replace it with the....the new owner's name. An apocryphal story ? Maybe....maybe not. ;) Les
Lessmore 11/22/14 06:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford announces 2015 F150 Harley Davidson edition

Is it slow and poor handling, but a lifestyle vehicle ?
Lessmore 11/22/14 03:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Very interesting, but NOT a Jeep killer

The specs sound promising. I find it wise to judge a truck on it's specification, rather than judging a vehicle because it's a brand one does not care for. I like the looks of it. That diesel sounds like a very good engine, with a meaty torque figure. So far Dodge has the 3 liter Eco diesel, Chevy the 2.8 liter diesel. I think within the next 10 years the truck market will be going to more and more use of smaller turbo diesels. Efficiency and torque is hard to beat.
Lessmore 11/20/14 03:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang

It would sound like a motorcycle engine! The problem with my buddy's Taurus SHO (mid 90's) was the alternator would spin to fast if the engine redline was not kept below 7,000 RPM, the engine could handle more than the alternator! Fred. Glorious engines in those early SHO's. I owned an 89 and a 95 model. My team fields several SHO's in the sh*tbox racing series in the Gulf coast region, so we know them well. It is a very competitive car, and a blast to drive. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ghCdOjbjU1U/UTk0QJl6siI/AAAAAAAADzg/-3AZOZBhHlc/s400/shotime1.jpg height=250 If only I had the coin to spring for a 2016 350 GT, what a sweet ride! I liked the early SHO. In fact wanted one, but had a young family, got a station wagon instead. Not as much fun for sure. SHO...power, finesse, handling , braking....it had it all and in a 4 door sedan. The SHO had that wonderful DOHC designed Yamaha engine, which was another reason for it's appeal to me. I'm a long time motorcyclist enthusiast and among the bikes I have had...the Yamaha's have been tremendous bikes. Liked the race developed engineering, many of them have.
Lessmore 11/18/14 08:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine Oil Jug Safety Seals Broken

And you trust what the dealer uses? I'd be standing there watching a $49 oil change. I do. I bring my own oil and have watched my Chevy dealer techs change the oil for the past 25 years. I watch them as they take my Quaker State liter bottles and pour the QS into the oil funnel, in the engine Never once, have I not seen them follow this process.
Lessmore 11/17/14 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

Where do you live ? I'm in the prairies, in Canada. Might as well be Siberia for 4 months of the year though. Me too. Winterpeg.
Lessmore 11/16/14 06:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

post deleted by poster
Lessmore 11/16/14 12:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

So many theorists on the value of 4wd in snow. Unless you spend at a minimum a few months, and a few thousand miles a year on frozen snowy roads, you truly don't know...And it's funny to read. It doesn't sound like the OP needs it's, but it's night and day where I live. 2wd pickups are probably the most hazardous, unbalanced and unstable vehicles on the road in extreme conditions. Where as a 4X4 pickup is one of the best. The 4X4 system messes up the weight distribution even worse than a 4X2, but the tractive effect of 4 wheels in sync, makes a huge difference. It also imparts the ability to pull out of a skid using power, where a 2wd truck has both on throttle, and closed throttle oversteer. The minor tradeoff in handling is understeer under certain conditions, in my experience not any worse than a 2wd. This is one of the many reasons folks bomb along in 4wd, because until you left off the gas abruptly, they are inherently very stable. Around here, 70mph on snow packed roads with black ice underneath are a way of life. Just because it's unfamiliar to many doesn't make it a death wish or crazy. 4-5 months of real winter means you either learn how to drive, or end up in the ditch, and most folks that hit the ditch up here belong in it. Where do you live ?
Lessmore 11/16/14 10:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: open vs limited slip diferentials.

My experience with limited slip in the winter. On an icy patch....sometimes the traction assist can get 'confused' and transfer power back and forth...vainly looking for the wheel with traction. I've had experience with with an automatic locker. I have found (my experience)....on occasion, if you hit some glare ice (some call it black ice) and the locker cuts in....the drive wheels, both get power and when they spin together, can fishtail very quickly...can be dangerous. An 'automatic' locker concerns me, as the operator (me) has little control over when you want to lock up your axle and when you want an 'open' (non traction assist) axle. This has been my experience on occasion, not common, but it has happened. Other's experience maybe different. I've never used a locker where the operator can 'switch' the locker on and off. If the operator control is good, this appeals to me. I would prefer to have manual control...through some kind of switch/lever....that enables me to use a locker ...only when I deem it necessary....and also the ability to use the drive axle as an open axle, when I want to. I don't know if this is how the ARB locker works...perhaps those that have used them will respond to your question. Also, you don't want to put a locker or other traction control device in the front drive axle in a 4WD. Can cause some steering issues in ice/snow situations. Or so I've heard.
Lessmore 11/15/14 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 14-bolt FF Rear End with 149k miles

Thanks guys for the responses. As usual, I've gotten an education on this thread. I'll let my friend at Chevy do a full inspect of the diff and bearings and replace any parts needed, and then fill it with full synthetic as prescribed by GM for that VIN. And I'll also ask him about the Astro. He put something in it to help the chatter and bumping sound that would happen on slowing down. That has gotten better but its not completely gone. Now I'm wondering if he really put in an additive or if he may have just drained it and filled it with synthetic. And like MarkW8 mentioned above, I've seen the GM G80 RPO around for so long and on so many websites that I've seen it also listed as positraction and limited slip among several other terms. Its great to finally find out what the G80 is in the trucks. From my reading last night some say the G80 RPO still may be limited slip in the cars (not trucks). Confusing for sure. I hope the G80 locker in our '97 2500 burb hasn't been damaged with the additive. Thanks again to all, Marty Posi traction was just a marketing name for the limited slip system used in older GM cars. GM was one of the first companies that came out with a limited slip option, for it's older cars. The name 'posi traction' or as it was commonly referred to as 'posi' became a generic term for any limited slip, starting from what I remember in the 1960's. I was a drag strip rat back in the 1960's, so I come by my info 'honestly'. :B The name 'posi' became a generic or common or popular, term for any traction control system, whether it was a GM, Ford, Mopar. Also whether it was in a car or truck. Of course, this common usage of a marketing term for all traction control systems, became confusing. Then GM truck line was one of the first light trucks to introduce a locker. The G 80 Eaton Gov Lock. But people still referred to the Eaton Gov-Lock as a limited slip, when it wasn't. It was and is a locking axle that locks up and provides power to both wheels, in a traction limited situation. I think back then, light truck competitors like Dodge and Ford were using Limited slips. It was just like the generic word for any and all photocopying, became Xeroxing even if you were using an IBM or Ricoh photocopier, for example., I think this happened, because Xerox corporation and machines were early photocopy machines. Kind of like the GM marketing name...posi traction. I note, there is a lot of confusion between how a locking system works, how a limited slip system works and the differences. I note BenK has outlined the differences very well. I have also noted some techs are unsure also. No one can be an expert on everything and that is why I second the suggestion that a GM shop manual for the vehicle in question, needs to be consulted and as a result, the correct information about maintenance will be confirmed. Hope this helps, Les
Lessmore 11/15/14 11:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 14-bolt FF Rear End with 149k miles

Ok, now I'm still confused. We have a 2000 half ton Chevy Astro with G80 (semi floater) and we had rear end clutch chatter in that vehicle because the rear diff fluid was changed without the additive. I was told by my Chevy tech friend that the Astro G80 needed the additive and he then added it and over the past couple years the chatter has been getting better with the additive. So if the 3/4 ton full floater G80 has clutches, why wouldn't we need the additive? Thanks I had a '97 Astro with the G 80 locker. This locker is made by Eaton. Years ago, I recall the Service Manager telling me that the G 80 axle is a locking system used in the GM truck line and is not the posi traction, which was a limited slip system used in the older GM car line. The Posi traction, limited slip required additive. But the GM G 80, Eaton locker did not use, nor was it recommended by the service manager to use additive.
Lessmore 11/14/14 11:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

I stand -- somewhat corrected -- Yes , I have not been around as long as some of you - OLD FOLK - :B .. so I guess my experience is truly based on technology.. which we can all agree has improved most the vehicles of today... I guess I was comparing the 4x4's that I drove and the 4x2's that I drove ( I still vote for the 4x4) and not the old school vehicles.. Either way , you will not catch me towing my 5er down the beach ! :B My kids...all adults...call me the 'ancient mariner' when they see me in my fishing boat...an elderly, Old Town freighter canoe. :B Les
Lessmore 11/14/14 01:19pm Tow Vehicles
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