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RE: Yukon gold TV shows... What is the real reality?

Miners are required to cover areas they have excavated, by refilling the areas. They covered this issue in a recent Gold Rush show. I think the producers would be wise to cover this 'repair' of the land more often on the show, because without showing repair regularly, I do believe it creates the wrong impression about the damage they leave. That is good to know. I must have missed the episode where they talked reinstatement. I'm guessing that they don't separate out the topsoil layer on top to put back on the surface though. The episode was one of the supplementary Gold Rush 'Dirt' shows. The producers ran some film of what the miners do, to reclaim the excavated land....in that episode. It looked pretty thorough. I think they should show this reclamation work, at least a couple of times a season. Needs only to be a minute or so....but that would be enough to let viewers know that the land is not left damaged. A very good point made by... Dutch 12078 (previous poster)and I quote: "Long time fans may remember the occasions when the miners have removed the foliage and topsoil/overburden, only to find the area has already been worked by other miners in years past. Mother nature is pretty good at reclaiming what is hers."
Lessmore 03/01/15 04:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Yukon gold TV shows... What is the real reality?

Interesting comments! To me the environmental impact and damage is frightening. If global warming continues at its current pace and the Yukon ends up with a mild temperate climate in a few hundred or thousand years, the land could be unfit for crops, cattle or maybe even humans. But similar damage happens around the world with little thought about the future. Miners are required to cover areas they have excavated, by refilling the areas. They covered this issue in a recent Gold Rush show. I think the producers would be wise to cover this 'repair' of the land more often on the show, because without showing repair regularly, I do believe it creates the wrong impression about the damage they leave.
Lessmore 03/01/15 12:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Yukon gold TV shows... What is the real reality?

Gold Rush I believe is televised all around the world. I wonder how many international viewers realize that Yukon is in Canada ? The producers seem to go out of their way to not mention...what country all this is happening. Why, I don't know.
Lessmore 02/26/15 07:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Does anyone watch the Academy Awards...

My wife did as you did. Tape it and speed thru the fluff which reduced 6 hours of TV time to 20 minutes. But I have to say: She made me watch one tiny bit of the show....Lady Ga Ga? I always thought she could sing well but just couldn't stand her showmanship or lack of. She put on a stand up performance that just took my breath away. That side of her probably wouldn't make her as popular as the freaky side but it was refreshing. I agree. I thought Lady GaGa was wonderful and so did Julie Andrews. I agree with you re; Lady GaGa.
Lessmore 02/23/15 02:38pm Around the Campfire
Does anyone watch the Academy Awards...

My wife and I as per usual taped the Academy Awards and just ran through it quickly to see the few segments that we had minimal interest. I'm always surprised at how much these back patting, these 'stars and 'artists' seem to require, by honoring their own.... at these self congratulatory festivals of celebrating inflated ego. But maybe that's just me. ;)
Lessmore 02/23/15 12:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mother Nature is Mean!

I'm envious. It was -33 here last night.
Lessmore 02/22/15 03:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Free tools

I had an Oldsmobile a few years ago. The headlight burned out. I had a garage replace it. I picked up the Olds...there was a dent in the hood...similar to the shape of the bulb...one of those modern , very tough bulbs. The tech had replaced the bulb, left the old bulb on the top of the engine....slammed the hood down. The service manager said sir...I'm sure the hood was like that before...the I showed him the bulb....which I had left...unmoved on the top of the engine. I said...case closed. They repainted the hood.
Lessmore 02/22/15 02:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Did your parents own a Ford?

In the '50's to '90's, my father never would consider a Dodge. He felt they weren't reliable. He liked Pontiacs, but they were more expensive than Chevies. He had Fords for many years, but the bought new, '56 Ford Fairlane with the 225 hp, 312 cube V8 had a 4 barrel carb that was troublesome. It wasn't reliable and I recall many a time it sitting in the driveway with it's hood up and dad fiddling with it. As I found out year later Ford did have issues with this early 4 barrel. It was called the teapot carb...and Ford dumped it fairly soon. He bought a new '58 Ford wagon with a 2 barrel V8 (292), but soon got rid of it, trading in on a '59 Chevy wagon six. Very reliable. He also traded in his Chevies every couple of years. Had some real nice ones. I liked especially, his '69 Impala, 396 Rat motor, THM 400 transmission, 12 bolt axle, F 41 suspension. He bought it to tow the family trailer. But on the other hand, my uncle was a general sales manager and his territory included 3 provinces....lot's of miles. Probably 50,000 + each year. He bought a new car every 2 years. Always a Ford or Mercury. He bought them loaded...with the big engine. He particularly liked the 390-300hp 4 barrel in the '60's. No problemos. So whose right. No one. Geez I forgot about another uncle who was also a saleman, on the prairies. Big territory, lots of miles to cover. Every 2 years had a new Rambler Ambassador, loaded...with the 327, 343, 401. Loved them.
Lessmore 02/21/15 12:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Did your parents own a Ford?

I grew up in a GM family. My mother worked at a GM dealer that later adopted Chrysler products for ~40 years. A Ford product has never made it into my parents garage all these years. Funny because I currently have 2 Ford vehicles in my garage now. So FishOnOne...where do you think you went wrong ? :D
Lessmore 02/20/15 06:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Did your parents own a Ford?

Good one. My parents owned a couple of Fords. But then my dad got Chevy fever and we lived the good life after that.
Lessmore 02/20/15 03:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should people over 85 be allowed to drive ?

An elderly Wisconsin man trying to leave a parking lot ended up crashing nine different cars, and it was all captured on video. Police say the 92-year-old likely just panicked, and won't face criminal charges. His license, however, is being reviewed. video I think there should be an age limit since many people have been killed by older drivers. 87 year old kills 10 people at Santa Monica Farmers Market You take two isolated incidences and then come to the sweeping generalization and final conclusion, that there should be an age limit when people are no longer able to drive. A number of stats that I've seen, show that drivers over the age of 65 years have among the safest driving records of any age group. I have had a number of accidents in the past decade. All of them without exception have been cases of inattentive drivers crashing into the back of my stationary vehicles. In every case I was stopped....not moving....waiting....at either a stop sign or a stop light...for at least a couple of minutes. A number of the drivers were on their cell phone, adjusting their radio. They were inattentive. All of them were under the age of 50. BTW, I've got a couple of decades before I'm ancient...say 85 and over. Systems most jurisdictions have now, look at a person's right to drive, based on # of at fault accidents, medical condition, DUI convictions, etc. This case specific system works well and there is no reason, that I can see that not permitting drivers who are older, to drive...is reasonable or backed up by factual data.
Lessmore 02/19/15 04:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2015 Chevy Colorado hands on impression

Not familiar with Australia. My understanding which could be wrong, is that 'down under' is vast, with much of the interior relatively not as developed as many of it's large urban centers on the coast. The interior is rugged and demanding on vehicles, hence the market for heavy duty, 4WD, smaller vehicles needed to deal with the terrain. I'm aware of road trains used where other countries might use rail to transport goods. Just guesses on my part, never having been to Australia. I could be dead wrong, or just merely guilty of watching Crocodile Dundee too many times. Les :)
Lessmore 02/16/15 12:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 12 Proposed U.S. States That Didn't Make the Cut

Interesting link. Oh and Lessmore, it was 1889 for state hood, North-South Dakota. We think politics is convoluted and sometimes crooked today. Well, reading about the territorial politics goings on while Yankton was territorial capital is to say the least, a primer in the teachings of dirty politics and tricks. Yankton lost it's status as territorial capital to Bismarck. Mind you, this was supposed to be voted on while in session at the current capital (Yankton). So they rolled a train full of legislators through town, just slowing, not even stopping, and held the vote on the train. Yep, real official. Thanks for the info. I don't know why I thought it was 1905. I was going by memory and at my age that's a danger .:B Les
Lessmore 02/16/15 08:19am Around the Campfire
RE: 2015 Chevy Colorado hands on impression

The 1400+ payload is *really* impressive It's kind of sad that that is impressive today, considering that Japanese mini trucks from 30 years ago had those kind of payload specs. Now those payloads have grown to 3000lb + I wonder if the Australian market Japanese trucks are different models from the North American market models ? Or are they Tundras and Tacomas....the same as we have over here in NA ? I was wondering if the trucks that have a 3000 lb. payload...are Tundras, etc. If they are, have there been different suspension components, heavier shocks, heavier duty springs, etc....to bring up the payload ratings ?
Lessmore 02/15/15 04:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 12 Proposed U.S. States That Didn't Make the Cut

Interesting. I see the article mentions 'Sullivan' which is a current county in New York. Back in the 1700's some of my ancestors lived in Ulster County, which eventually became part of Sullivan county. One of those ancestors was a Lieutenant in the army (American side) during the revolutionary war. There was a good sized population in the colony of New York, even back then. As far as areas that became states, I believe Dakota Territory...was split into two, around 1905 I think, to become the states of North Dakota and South Dakota, respectively. I've often wondered if it had in 1905, become just one large state....Dakota, if that would of been a better idea ? Although both North Dakota and South Dakota seemed to be doing very well as separate states.
Lessmore 02/15/15 04:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: Truck mechanic opinion...

I learned years ago to practice a different parking lot technique. After driving a B300 Dodge van for 6 months with no power steering assist (I was young and foolish/poor), I learned very quickly to ease off or release the brake completely when turning the wheel while maneuvering in tight spaces. It's even better when you can have a slight roll while turning the wheel. If not you are fighting the brakes when turning the wheels. Now the old and foolish me is much easier on front end parts. Good idea. I've kept a vehicle moving slowly when I'm moving the steering wheel. I see others steering in tight maneuvers, not move their vehicle and a lot of times you can see rubber marks from the weight and pressure of steering while stopped. I learned to do this, when I learned to parallel park a heavy car with standard steering.
Lessmore 02/14/15 02:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: idiot people

I've been driving since '65. Noticed traffic and driving is getting worse. In the past 15 years I've had about 5-6 accidents. Everyone involved someone hitting the rear end of my vehicle...when my vehicle has been stopped for anywhere from about a minute to a couple of minutes at either a stop sign or a stop light. Most of these have been due to the other driver texting...one other..a taxi driver was on his phone...another a young driver who was just inexperienced. There are many more things to distract a driver now....many more vehicles on the road. For a few years, back in the '70's I drove commercial trucks and I can tell you nowadays....I'm glad I don't. A large commercial truck does not stop on a dime and it is crazy out there. I mostly drive a big Buick sedan. Part of the reason, besides the comfort and quiet...is because the Buick has a lot of sheet metal and a lot of weight..ie;...long hood....wide....in my book extra insurance. If I could I'd drive an armoured car...like the one's Wells Fargo and Brinks use. I'm just half kidding.:B
Lessmore 02/13/15 04:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Spark Plug Change in a Truck--How Hard Can it Be? Update#2

Well I know the Ford 6.7 liter diesel doesn't use spark plugs, but today a tow truck operator, flipped the hood so I could take a gander at his F 450's engine. Geez...is it ever tight in there. I'm glad I'm not a modern tech. I don't think the gassers have much more room under the hood. I mentioned to the driver that I recall the 1960's when a guy could almost fit in either side in the engine bay, with a Chevy small block V8 in the middle. Those days are gone.
Lessmore 02/12/15 10:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lower hp ratings in HD trucks

Sounds like the way Chevy rated the old L-88 427 Rat motor in the late '60's. This engine was not really for the street, more of a semi race engine. Chevy rated it lower at 430 hp, than their 427 , 3X2 barrel carb 427 which was rated at 435 hp. The 427-435 HP engine was an engine that ran well on the street and was not in the same high state of tune as the venerable L-88. Also the L-88 was very expensive and not many were made. The reason, GM didn't want customers buying the L-88 because it was the top power rated engine in the line, then be unhappy with it, while trying to run this hopped engine on the street. So....my understanding is that they also rated the 427 L-88's HP, not at the peak rpm where it developed it's top HP (some say around 560 HP) , but at a lower rpm, where it did, indeed develop 430 hp. I'm sure there will be a few posters that will say...no...none of this happened. But there you go.:D
Lessmore 02/11/15 11:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rust Protection

I get my vehicles Ziebarted. Works. I recommend Ziebart. We got our two 2007 vehicles, bought new in 2007, Ziebarted. Yearly inspection also done by Ziebart. No rust on either vehicle...8 + years old both. Lot's of salt used on the roads here. With your expensive 2015 truck...get it done. Small price to pay to keep your new vehicle in good shape. Don't do it yourself, get Ziebart.
Lessmore 02/09/15 10:40pm Tow Vehicles
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