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RE: Mercedes-Benz tow vehicle

Wow...I haven't done any farming since the 1970's. But back in my day, we would try to avoid dropping any harvested grain on the ground and I don't recall driving any grain trucks or tractors over the grain.
Lessmore 08/04/15 10:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A testament to the robustness of the Ford V10 platform

I dislike squirrels due to the damage they do. Rats in fur coats someone once said. My daughter's boyfriend had his Toyota written off, due to many wires chewed through, etc. What a waste of a good car, all because of squirrels.
Lessmore 08/03/15 05:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: point & shoot camera recommendation ???

Congrats ! One of my cameras is the Canon G12 and it also never came with a owner's manual on paper....only on a CD...which I find useless. When I'm out and about, I carry the Canon in a bag, and I had Canon send me paper manual....so I could refer to the book...when I need to. I don't carry a computer with me.
Lessmore 08/02/15 08:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Sturgis Rally traffic

Not for me. Crowds like that. I wonder how many Sturgis attendees are sleeping out under the stars. I can't imagine there would be enough accommodations or eating places for everyone. I have been to South Dakota. The Black Hills area, Sturgis are great areas. But I wonder how many of the permanent residents of this area are coping ? Yeh, money to be made for some.
Lessmore 08/02/15 11:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Buying a 2015 Ford F150? Get the Supercrew.

I wouldn't be happy if I had purchased an F 150 extended cab without the blockers. Reading the link, indicates there is a significant difference in crash tests...with and without the blockers. It will be interesting to see what develops in this situation and I have a sense something will develop.
Lessmore 08/01/15 10:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sturgis 2015

I'm a motorcycle enthusiast...but sports bikes and vintage British bikes hold my interest...so I'm not the right demographic for this event. I also don't like huge crowds...so I doubt if I will ever be at Sturgis during the motorcycle rally. But, for those who like the Sturgis biker atmosphere and the Harley lifestyle...hope they enjoy themselves and keep the shiny side up. Be safe, drink responsibly, etc. BTW....South and North Dakota are great states to visit, have very interesting history and sites to see.
Lessmore 07/30/15 11:35am Around the Campfire
RE: 2015 Explorer

There are plenty of brake upgrades available for the Explorer now that it is sold as a Police Vehicle. Ours have been pretty durable. If you buy an Explorer sport you basically get the Interceptor package, except with fancy bling wheels instead of durable steelies. Carringb, I'm not sure that is the case. I'm not saying you're not right, I'm saying I don't know. The Explorer police package has the 3.7 liter V6 (304 hp)... not the 3.5 liter that the civilian package has. The turbo 3.5 liter (365 hp) is optional for the police package (Interceptor) and has the same hp rating as the civilian package. Police packages are quite involved and my understanding is that their specs/equipment differ from civilian models in a number of respects. For further clarification, please see the attached Interceptor package for 2016 Explorer. This is from the Ford Motor Company. Interceptor Explorer package
Lessmore 07/28/15 04:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Baby Duramax (Canyon/Colorado)

Looks good to me. Nice to have a diesel option in a mid sized pick up. It's only 2.8 liters...but that should do the trick for light to medium towing. If you want more...then you need to go up to a full size pickup. Want more than a full sized pickup... then go up to a Class 5 to 8 truck. It's all about desires, needs and what options are out there to fulfill what you want/need. This mid size diesel has just increased available possibilities. Some people, many years ago bought diesel Toyota and Nissan pickups. They have not been available in North America for awhile. Now that's changed...smaller diesel trucks are here again. How good it is...well I'll wait for the first reviews and actual tests.
Lessmore 07/28/15 11:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: NASCAR blows it.

I used to be a NASCAR fan in the 1960's. It was great to see race cars that resembled cars you saw in the new car showroom. Cars like Impala's with 409 and 427 (mystery motor- Rat), Ford Galaxies with 406's and 427 side oilers, Mopars with 413 and 426 wedge V8's....etc. That was racing, racing with cars I could identify, not a lot of rules compared to today. I used to watch Formula 1....don't anymore...same reasons. I want to watch a race, not an exhibition of speed. The last time I saw a real race...no matter the racing series...was in the stands, at a sprint car race at a dirt track in North Dakota. That's real racing and has 10 times the excitement factor of any current NASCAR or Formula one race. I would recommend you go to your local dirt track when they're racing the sprints. As far as Nascar goes, maybe they need to return to racing what's available as new cars now. Worked in the '60's. Take the new Impala with the 3.6 liter 305 hp option, the Ford Taurus with the 3.5 V6....fuel injection, not turbo....Mopar with the Charger...3.6 liter V6, strip out the interiors, safety them up with roll bars, etc...and race them. Only allow either front or rear wheel drive...no all wheel drive...no turbos....no more than fuel injected, 3.6 liter V6's. I think this would be much better than whet they have now. Which is, I believe...universal shell, carburated V8, RWD, 4 speed standard. These current NASCAR cars don't really represent much of anything that you can get from the showroom.
Lessmore 07/28/15 09:48am Around the Campfire
RE: Uh Oh...GM now Chrysler

Been thoroughly discussed in the Chrysler hacked thread First time I've seen it.
Lessmore 07/26/15 09:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3 tow vehicle choices for single long haul tow-need help

Thanks for posting and I'm not surprised. Interesting story. We used to tow with a '76 Impala (stock 350 V8) and our last long trip with it, was in the mid-90's. We towed across 3 prairie provinces and the Rockies (BC) to Vancouver Island. We then drove it back, towing our trailer across Washington, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota, then up to Canada. Not one issue....a heat wave where temps hit 109 F (Montana)...well one issue. The cheap dept. store tires we had, needed to be replaced due to their inability to handle the heat. I think people who dismiss big Chevy rear wheel drive sedans...have never towed with them.
Lessmore 07/25/15 04:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What is the risk of exceeding payload?

Thanks for the insights. I appreciate it. We spent the day at a few large volume Chevy and Ford dealers in Charlotte, about 1.5 hours up the road. We are going to buy a silver F-350 or Chevy 3500 HD single rear wheel 4x4. Skipped over 3/4 ton for tire clearance as I'm putting 35x12.5x18 on 18x10" wheels with Cooper ST MAXX tires on. Will special order truck so we can get lots of add ons the typical white work trucks don't have. Among them a 4.30 rear end as we are getting gasser. Life's too short to be stressed out on vacation. By going entry level trim, we can special order and get a very nice truck with lots of add ons for about $36-38k. Custom wheels/tires add about $3k. Getting long bed rather than planned short bed and will skip the topper so we can carry whitewater rafts, kayaks, mountain bikes, generator, etc.. with us. And we won't have our German shepherd in bed as originally planned. Will buy four custom leather bucket seats for front and back as leather is the only option we want that isn't availble on the entry level trims. This will also include a 2015 center console up front. Dog will have his perfect space in rear floorboard between the kids captains chairs. Problem solved for about $45k. Where can I buy the sexy lady rear mud flaps:) Dan NC I would say Dan has solved his problem, with his plan to purchase a Chevy 3500 or Ford F 350 with a custom outfitted interior to accommodate his family. Now, all he needs is advice on where he can buy the sexy lady mudflaps. :D Les
Lessmore 07/25/15 12:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The $17,000 Repair of a New Aluminum F-150

You Ford guys are gonna end up paying through the nose for insurance. Not just because of this expensive repair, but the fact that all of the body fixes cost so much more. Trickle down. I believe we all will pay through the nose for insurance, whether we have aluminum bodies vehicles or not. Insurance companies generally spread the risk and the cost over everybody. I have issue with this. Why pay for someone else...but that's how it generally works.
Lessmore 07/24/15 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: One Year

I quit about 38 years ago, but I have found other pleasures. However, there are certain times when I still want one. I find it interesting that I recall what I was doing when I had my last cigarette. I would say because it was a very important step in your life. Congrats to you and the others that have stopped smoking. My mother stopped smoking ...just like that...cold turkey...after 44 years of smoking. I'm in my late 60's now and I tried smoking once, when I was around 17. Back then, in the 1960's I rode an assortment of different (mine) motorcycles. I had just seen the Marlon Brando movie, The Wild One on TV. He always seemed to have a lit cigarette while riding his Triumph twin. Well, I didn't have a Triumph twin, but I did have a Yamaha twin. I bought a pack of smokes (first and last time), lit one up and went for a ride. The cigarette kept on blowing out...sometimes the ashes hit my face. I couldn't figure out why lit cigs on a motorcycle, worked for Marlon...yet was such an abject failure for me. Probably I guess, because Marlon was likely riding on an 'rolling road' in an indoor movie studio, while I was riding on a real road, outside.
Lessmore 07/23/15 10:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hearing rumors GM and Navistar teaming up ?

But didn't Ford modify the 6 liter diesel for more power than IH tuned their version for IH ?. Maybe some diesel experts out there can confirm whether IH had the same problems with the 6 liter, as did Ford. I've wondered about this for quite awhile, wonder if anyone has the answer. BTW, I would like to see GM get back to larger MDT and HDT vehicles. Partnering with IH Navistar seems like a good way to go.
Lessmore 07/23/15 08:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bigest MOPAR ever

Two motors that I had a lot of experience with , were the truck versions of the Ford (385 series) 460 V8 and the 300 I six. Both torquemeisters (particularly the 460), dead reliable, extremely durable...all of it good. The 300 six, I should add, only came in truck versions and at one time you could get them in trucks as big as an F 500. I put on thousands and thousands of hard miles on these engines, hauling heavy loads in extreme cold (-30 to -40 below) to 85 to 90 F heat. Although I admit I'm partial to Chevy motors, the Ford 460 and inline six, 300 cube were two blue oval engines I had plenty of respect for. Both great...although I must admit I never ran 'em out of oil and coolant..let 'em cool down and throw some more oil and coolant in them and drive them again. ;) Nope, never did that. Les
Lessmore 07/23/15 08:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bigest MOPAR ever

Not even a Hemi? In 64? That sucks! Someone should have been fired over that one! :B Could have been worse... They could have modeled the slant 6. :E If they did that it would still be around.......and still working! Sure it would! Not :R OK.....If you think so! :R the single best motor ever made by any car manuf..... ask anyone that knows anything about cars!:S Except the Ford 300 I6 and Small Block Chevy... I agree about the Ford 300 I 6, Chevy small block V8....I would also add the Chevy 4.3 V6 (part of the Chevy small block V8 family) and the VW air cooled, boxer four cylinder. The 318 Mopar V8 was also pretty durable. The list goes on. ;)
Lessmore 07/23/15 04:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chrysler vehicles can be hacked

Anything and everything can be hacked and is....
Lessmore 07/21/15 07:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 7-8 seat tow Vehicle?

"Any other restrictions? Budget? New/used? " No, not really. At the moment I am just researching what is out there... I really want HTT, but we are 4 in our immediate family, and always go camping with our relatives. Right now we are using 2 vehicles The Mini get everybody to the destination, and the Jeep tow the Pop-up. - the Van and the Jeep towing capacity is only 3500lb. It will be great if we could trade the van for a 7 seat car that can tow a mid size HTT. (~4500lb loaded) The Yukon XL 3/4 ton SUV that was suggested look promising (and VERY expensive), so I will look into that (used?), I don't see myself driving a full size van or 6 door pickup truck... As you're from Winnipeg, check the ads in the WFP on Friday. Often there are ads from dealers for used 1-2 year old GM one ton, passenger (3500 series) vans, for reasonable prices. Many have low mileage on them.
Lessmore 07/20/15 02:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Level 4 drought declared in southwest BC

But then ...you see that we've had much worse heat waves decades and decades back. Manitoba heat wave of 1936....much worse than anything seen now Yes there have been heat waves in the past. People always point to those events. But the thing is that they didn't happen every year as they do now. The extreme has become the norm. I see.
Lessmore 07/20/15 07:31am Around the Campfire
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