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RE: Colorado / Canyon w/ 2.8L Duramax

There are a number of video towing tests of the Colorado/Canyon with the 2.8 liter diesel on youtube. They might be of interest.
Lessmore 05/25/17 08:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Roger Moore passes away

When I was a kid it was the TV series Lancelot, I think it was called Ivanhoe in the UK, I remember it too! You're right ! It was called Ivanhoe in Canada too. Two of my favourite TV programs in the 1950's were Ivanhoe and Robin Hood, with Richard Greene. How about 'The Buccaneers' with an almost unrecognizable Robert Shaw? Youtube link You're right the name of the series in Canada was Ivanhoe. I don't recall The Buccaneers TV show, not sure if it made it to Canada. In the '50's we only had access, for most years to CBC. One of my favourite TV shows was Cannonball which was a British/Canadian production filmed in Canada, but also screened in the UK.
Lessmore 05/24/17 03:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Roger Moore passes away

poster delete due to repeat information
Lessmore 05/24/17 03:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Roger Moore passes away

When I was a kid it was the TV series Lancelot, I think it was called Ivanhoe in the UK, I remember it too! You're right ! It was called Ivanhoe in Canada too. Two of my favourite TV programs in the 1950's were Ivanhoe and Robin Hood, with Richard Greene.
Lessmore 05/23/17 09:00pm Around the Campfire
Roger Moore passes away

One of my all time favourite actors, Roger Moore has passed on. When I was a kid it was the TV series Lancelot, when I was a young teenager...TV's The Saint and yes, he was my favourite James Bond. Roger Moore passes away.
Lessmore 05/23/17 04:39pm Around the Campfire

I note the truck pulling the trailer backwards is a Chevy. Chevies RULE !! ;)
Lessmore 05/22/17 11:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The 10 Physical Skills Every Man Should Master

... It's satisfying just to recall that in high school I was a member of the letterman's club. ...I was never a fan of them, I preferred "The Kingston Trio" myself. I haven't heard that group's name for many a year. They were great.
Lessmore 05/20/17 09:51am Around the Campfire
RE: The Minimal Wardrobe: The Only 3 Pairs of Shoes a Man Needs

It's amazing we are still using string to keep our shoes on in 2017. I only buy shoes with velcro . I tried velcro closures on one pair of shoes. I liked the idea of fast closure. However I found that velcro wears out, although you can and I did get it replaced...but then it wears out again relatively quickly. It also doesn't support the shoe on your foot as well, particularly as the velcro ages. Lace up 'string' is more supportive, more durable and in an active lifestyle boot/shoe (hiking, active general purpose) I don't see much if any velcro closure shoe. I think there is a reason for that. For some applications I think velcro is satisfactory.
Lessmore 05/20/17 09:44am Around the Campfire
RE: The 10 Physical Skills Every Man Should Master

I mastered all that before I started grade school. X2...same here.
Lessmore 05/19/17 11:18am Around the Campfire
RE: The Minimal Wardrobe: The Only 3 Pairs of Shoes a Man Needs

My view is that everybody has different needs. I've got a pair of black oxfords and brown dress shoes...from my working days. Since I've retired the times I've worn these 'formal' shoes...I can count on the fingers of one hand. My regular shoes are boots, hiking boots. Lots of lace support, with extra orthopedic soles, as recommended by my physiotherapist. For inside use I have a good pair of Teva sandals. For our watery spring weather I have an old, Finnish made, serviceable pair of Nokian rubber 'Welly' style boots. Then for our long, cold, icy, snowy winters I have a pair of Merrell snow boots and if I'm outdoors a lot, Sorel winter boots, good for 74 below zero. It doesn't get that cold out here, but we do have temperature periods most winters where it's 25 to 35 below...or a bit colder...these Sorels keep me toasty. I don't have any sneakers, haven't since I was about 18. I get a kick out of advice in various media, advising on how you should live your life. It's for the most part full of sweeping generalizations of little value. In my august opinion ;) it is usually written because some editor somewhere... has told a journalist...we need a piece on lifestyle....make it 500 words to fill a space...and we need it as of yesterday.
Lessmore 05/19/17 11:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Talk to me ablout small pick up trucks

My son bought new, a 2008 Chevy Colorado with the 3.5 liter 5 cylinder, AT and off road Z 71 suspension package. He traded it in on a new Jeep in 2014. The Colorado had over 130,000 kilometers on it. All he needed was a tightening of a clamp on a power steering hose and a speaker wire replacement. Up here we have real, hard winters....periods of -30 to -35 are not uncommon. He never plugged it in, it always started. Our winters are usually around 5 to 5 1/2 months long, lots of snow, hard ice and when snow comes in October, early November, it never melts till March. The 5 cylinder had lots of power, the extended cab lots of room, even for me and my long legs. If I were in the market for this sized truck, I'd look at the Nissan Frontier, the Chevy Colorado.
Lessmore 05/11/17 09:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Movie Oddities

Saw 'The Valachi Papers' for the first time, about a month ago. Charles Bronson flick...couldn't believe it when I'm watching a car scene supposedly taking place in the late 20's and on a road, a late '60's Ford product passes the old 1920's car containing the mafioso. In the background of the scene, you could also see the tail lights of what looked to be a 1970 Chevy. Looks like they just filmed the scenes one night on the road nearest the movie studio, with little concern about what else might be on the road at that time. There are other bloopers in this movie.
Lessmore 05/09/17 08:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Another birthday

I am feeling a little frustrated. I have this idea in my mind that retirement could be wonderful. Come on honey let's go skiing in Germany, lets go see Egypt, or let's buy motorcycles and cruise the pacific coast highway. Let's get a new RV and spend some time living free, let's learn how to golf and go hiking. But the reality of it is if these things weren't important enough to do while we were younger they are even less important as we get older. I have made work my #1 priority and unless I change nothing will change.....and change doesn't come easy. I think it was a famous Canadian book store owner who said something like... when it comes to a career, think carefully about what you really enjoy and get into a career where you can do the stuff you're passionate about. We're all going to work for many a decade, so it makes sense to do what you really want to do. Most of us don't find it, but you seemed to have found your dream career.
Lessmore 04/26/17 03:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ice Road Truckers

I always enjoyed this show. Another one I am looking for is the Highway to Hell I enjoy the Highway to Hell also. Don't think that new towing show..401..whatever the full title is, is as good.
Lessmore 04/25/17 11:26am Around the Campfire
RE: Just sold my 92 Cummins

Still got mine, can't seem to sign the line on a new/er one. Lovely looking truck and a 5 speed to boot. Nicely equipped.
Lessmore 04/24/17 08:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Camera equipment on commercial jet...advice needed

Film (what's that?) is sensitive to X-rays, and higher speed film especially needs to be in a protective sack to avoid fogging. Memory cards are not sensitive, any more than cell phone memory (in many cases that would be some variant of an SD card, even) or laptop SSDs are. No problems with X-raying them. Vibration on a plane is not generally a problem, no different than a car or truck or RV as Fizz wrote. The only slight difficulty I've had is having the security people need to paw through the camera bag manually because all my lenses and other appurtenances looked rather strange on the X-ray machine. I was traveling with about a half dozen lenses, ranging in size from the tiny DA40 to the superb but fairly large Voigtlander SL 125/2.5 macro. You use Pentax equipment too...ie; DA 40. I'm concerned that airport personnel will try to take my lens off the camera body and break something.
Lessmore 04/24/17 04:16pm Around the Campfire
Camera equipment on commercial jet...advice needed

I've been able to avoid flying on a commercial jet for over 30 years as I experience wretched ear pain . However the time has come. We're visiting family members who live too far away to drive. I have concerns about transporting my camera equipment. To begin with I'm taking my smallest DSLR...a Km, my smallest wide angle a 21mm Limited, my 55-300 and Takumar 2X extender. That's it. I also plan to take the camera equipment on as carry on or personal luggage, hopefully personal luggage so I can put it under a seat on the plane. I'm concerned about vibration, etc. having a negative effect on my equipment. What do you think ? Couple of options I've considered: Use my small LowePro AW 170 and pack the camera stuff with foam in the bag. Wrap each lens/extender and camera body in bubble wrap and carry in my soft bodied briefcase. Any thoughts ? What do you do ? Also what about memory cards ? I believe they run therm through different machines, etc, don't know if this has a negative effect on memory cards or other stuff. My questions probably seem somewhat naive, but not having taken a commercial flight for many years...I need advice. Thanks. Les
Lessmore 04/24/17 02:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ice Road Truckers

Anybody know if Ice Road Truckers is coming back, or did it die with Darrell Ward? No I don't know. I've checked online a number of times, can't find out whether it's a go or no go. I've enjoyed the show, thought Darrel was a great addition to the show. Very sad about his passing. The show is filmed in my home province. Ice road trucking as the show depicts is quite dangerous, but is one of the few ways of supplying isolated settlements that have no roads with goods. It's one thing to have your vehicle conk out ...quite another when it happens in literally the middle of nowhere, isolated and 40 below or colder. These 'roads' in the northern part of Manitoba and NW Ontario ...I wouldn't want to even attempt to drive .
Lessmore 04/23/17 12:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

I have a 2017 Outback 3.6L. I am getting a receiver this week to tow my 1000 pound empty utility trailer. I am not sure I would tow anything high walled, but I expect it to do well with a popup. How do you find the performance of the Subaru 3.6 liter flat six to your VW Passat turbo diesel ?
Lessmore 04/22/17 09:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: People who Abuse Handicap Parking

I have seen the same thing happen. I agree with you completely.
Lessmore 04/22/17 07:18pm Around the Campfire
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