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RE: Epic Engines

The Jeep I6 made the list but not the LS7 big block? ROTFLMAO There is only 1 "epic" engine ever. It dominated racing for over 50 years and still does to this day at local tracks. Over a 100 million have been made!! Right Zora? :B You are correct. The small block Chevy V8.
Lessmore 02/14/16 10:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Epic Engines

Not a great article, missed a lot of epic engines. Hemmings has done similar, much better articles in my view.
Lessmore 02/14/16 08:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: NBA Sports announcer's general knowledge

Maybe he was just joking...if so, it was a pretty good joke. Although as the OP I'm thinking I suppose he might just have one of those very British dry senses of humour....maybe. ;)....but maybe not. :D
Lessmore 02/13/16 04:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: NBA Sports announcer's general knowledge

Sports announcer believes province of Saskatchewan was named after Sasquatch I believe this particular sports announcer, is convinced that he is correct. :B The guy was serious? Seriously?......They walk among us. I do believe he was very serious. I've been to Saskatchewan and a good part of it is farm country, in the northern part of the Great Plains. It's so flat that you could see a 'Sasquatch' running away for three days. :B
Lessmore 02/12/16 11:12am Around the Campfire
NBA Sports announcer's general knowledge

Sports announcer believes province of Saskatchewan was named after Sasquatch I believe this particular sports announcer, is convinced that he is correct. :B
Lessmore 02/11/16 02:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: GM's ramping up production for Co and Canyon

Sat in a Canyon at the car show. It felt about the same size as my ten year old Silverado. Whereas the new Sivlerado, and every other truck, felt huge. As for the new Tacoma, got in, felt like I was sitting on the floor with my legs straight out in front, got out in twenty seconds with no further interest. They build those for small people. The Canyon was the truck I would have gone home with if buying that day. But the price, as with all truck prices these days, was shocking. Last year we were looking for a new vehicle. I'm an old geezer, with a bad back, 6' 3", wide shoulders and 240 lbs and have a bad knee, as a result of too much hockey (defenceman) when I was young. I need a big, wide seat with a lot of legroom. I tried a number of cars, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Ford, Jeep and GM. Of all the vehicles tested, only the Ford Explorer, Jeep Cherokee and Chevy Impala (new style version) gave me the room I need. A salesman at the Nissan dealer in fact, told me, that my best fit would be American vehicles.
Lessmore 02/11/16 12:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's ramping up production for Co and Canyon

Until the brake pedal falls off.....then everyone else really needs to look out!!! I`ve seen the 2 parked next to each other, the size difference isn't much. I see this new truck as a hit at first because it`s new, and then it will fizzle out. there is no need for a truck 7/8`s the size of the Silverado! Quite right. :) I recall our neighbour's 7/8th scale Dodge Dakota....actually it was a very serviceable truck, useful, very nice vehicle. I saw a GMC Canyon today, while I was out at the mall. Beautiful looking truck. Found myself checking it out quite a bit. Think GM has a hit on their hands with this and it seems to be garnering a fair amount of positive views and awards.
Lessmore 02/11/16 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: can my chevy express g1500 pull my camper ?

Not sure where your getting your numbers from but..... GM makes a 5.3L not a 5.8 Trailer numbers your cited dry or gross weight? I suspect dry, meaning when loaded with stuff it could likely top 5500-6000 pounds Then hitch weight will increase to around 700 pounds. Do you have that much cargo carrying capacity left in your van once it is loaded with people and stuff? Probably not, but scales is the only way to know for sure. At 255 hp, I think this engine might be the Vortec 5.7 liter...or as it's popularly known the 350 V8. Think the vans might still of been getting the older SBC at this model year, rather than the newer 5.3 LS engine.
Lessmore 02/08/16 11:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: GMs new 4 and 5 class with navistar.

Future GM medium duties
Lessmore 02/07/16 08:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevrolet towing heavy

Maybe the Chevy pickup can tow 187 tons, but can it stop it !
Lessmore 02/05/16 09:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires

Finally settled on the Michelin Defender LTX M/S from Costco. $70 off from Michelin, nitro fill etc. Saved enough to pay for a years membership and was still cheaper than dealers, Sam's Club etc. Noticed the smoooooth ride & handling immediately. Very nice. cts We had Michelin LTX M/S on our Chevy Astro van for years. We're on the second set when we traded it in. Great tires...all seasons and we get real, tough, long winters.
Lessmore 02/04/16 02:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Pulled over and harassed in texas

Great time for someone to have a body-camera! Yes, including the police. I also like to hear both sides of any and all stories. Not just one side.
Lessmore 02/01/16 10:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Haulin arse...

Interesting thread. If I recall correctly, you were working in the Alberta Oil Patch before. Which do you prefer....and why...being on the road or working in the oil patch ? :) Is Emerson, Mb. / Pembina ND...the toughest crossing so far.
Lessmore 01/29/16 06:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: using gmc truck for internet hot spot

We ordered the GM package for a month while on a trip in mountainous, isolated areas of Montana and Wyoming. Worked very well.
Lessmore 01/26/16 10:19pm Tow Vehicles
Abe Vigoda of Barney Miller, passes away

Abe Vigoda, a star of the TV show, Barney Miller, has passed away at 94. Abe was great as Detective Fish. His performances entertained many. RIP Abe. Abe Vigoda passes away at 94
Lessmore 01/26/16 06:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Need snow blower advice

A 1/4 mile long drive is really long, I mean really long. That's 1320 feet, as I recall, from my drag racing days. :) As a previous poster has indicated...maybe the best way of handling it, would be to get a service to plow the road...using a company that has truck mounted plows or a front end loader, if heavy snow only occurs rarely. Personally, I can not imagine using any kind of standard, walk behind snowblower for a 1/4 mile...whether it's 5 hp, 10 hp...or if it has a small block Chevy V8. :B With a snowblower, whether it's the standard width of 24 inches wide, or perhaps a big one of around 30 inches wide...a person would need to make a couple of passes down the driveway...at least. That's walking in tough conditions and the total cumulative mileage, would be a 1/2 mile, maybe 3/4 of a mile, maybe longer. So in the end, buy a nice sized tractor with either a plow or snowblower attached, or hire a yard service or a small contractor with a front end loader...or Bobcat tractor to plow the once a year heavy snow. After reconsidering, that's what I would do. Les :D
Lessmore 01/25/16 04:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Remember

Quite true. I recall being out every day playing, when I was a kid. I think one of the big differences nowdays, compared to the '50's/early '60's is the media hype about how horrible the weather is going to be. Now I'm not talking about the east coast snowstorm...that's different, quite bad. But it's the other daily stuff that media seems to hype. For example, if I were to believe our local media we would be having a 'couple of snowstorms of the century' every year. :) The comedian, Norm MacDonald says that when he was young, back in the 1960's there was only half an hour of news/weather coverage per day. It ran from 6-6:30 pm on his local tv stations. Now there are a number of stations that run 'news/ weather' 24/7. He feels that really there's only enough news/weather happening in the world to take up 30 minutes of tv coverage per day. Point being...in order to get people to watch tv news...you have to jack up how newsworthy everything is...including the weather.
Lessmore 01/24/16 09:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Need snow blower advice

Thing you need to ask yourself...and...as one guy to another guy :B be honest with yourself. Does it come down to what you want...or what you need. Lessee...once a year you get enough snow to need a snow removal machine. That's not much at all. In your original post you seemed to indicated that your 5 hp/22 inch snowblower did ok. How much are you willing to spend ? Me, myself I would love to have a small diesel powered Kubota tractor that could both plow snow and cut the grass. But I know in my heart of hearts, I couldn't rationalize that piece of equipment. So if I got this serious little tractor, it would be because I'm a gearhead and more for fun, than need. Nothing wrong with going for what you want, rather than what you need. I've done that plenty of times.:)
Lessmore 01/23/16 03:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Need snow blower advice

Probably another 5 hp job....but maybe a 24 inch. You seem to indicate that your 5 hp/22 inch has worked on your property, so that's why I suggest another of something of similar specs. They don't seem to rate snowblower engines in hp anymore...so the equivalent of 5 hp would be somewhere in the 200-208 cc engine size I would guess. Get 6 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse. I have a 4 speed forward, 1 reverse and it's too slow in reverse for me. You don't have much snow to contend with, compared to where I live. My snowblower, bought new in '96 is an MTD 5HP/24 inch. It had an issue this year...the auger belt broke. Changed it myself and it seems to be back to normal. Other than that it's worked hard in 20 years of long, snowy Canadian winters, with little difficulty. I would look at MTD snowblowers....they make a lot of different makes. I recommend checking out MTD as I've had good luck with mine. I have the old Tecumseh (American made) 5 hp snow king flathead single. Very good engine, but now pretty well all snowblowers seem to have Chinese made engines...that kind of look to my inexpert eye like a old Honda engine. I think you can some snowblowers that have a Briggs + Stratton engine, but they're not too common. I don't know if the Chinese made engines are as good as the old Tecumseh Snow King, but I'm guessing they're ok. Two things I do with all my small engines. I use premium gas, as I'm told premium doesn't have ethanol (at least in my province) which is hard on small engines, I'm told. When I finish snowblowing...every time...I shut off the fuel **** and let the engine run the carburater dry till the engine stalls. Don't want crud from evaporating gas to sludge up the carb...and then have a non starter, next time I need it.
Lessmore 01/23/16 01:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: RAM HD Tradesman (ST, SXT in Canada) comfy enough?

I have the vinyl seats in my tradesman. I get a lot of comments on how nice my LEATHER seats are. Fits my butt nicely, no problems even after several hundred mile trips. Of course being vinyl, they get hot/cold, but such is life. It has no lumber adjustment. Steering wheel does have tilt, and comes with the cruise and HUD buttons on it. I do not regret NOT spending thousands more for "luxuries". It can lock/unlock my own door, even without a button. Eventually I have to open the door to get in, how hard is it to use the key to unlock it???? Power windows would be nice, but only when someone walks up to the passenger side wanting to talk to me. The rest of the time...I can roll it down if I want to hang my left arm out. Why spent thousands more to buy someone else's used truck???? Buy NEW, with less options, for less than a "optioned" truck that is 2-3 years old with 30-50,000 miles on it. I've done that too, for the same reasons. By careful choice , factory ordering can create a vehicle that is what you want and for reasonable cost. I find dealers always have a large stock of loaded vehicles...lot's of profit for them, with these deluxe jobs.
Lessmore 01/23/16 10:49am Tow Vehicles
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