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RE: NASCAR on the Skids?

I think that when NASCAR went to cable TV they lost my interest. Also the no rub'in type racing and the drivers all have to behave themselves has made racing kind of blah. Bring back the Intimidator type of driver and I will start watching on a regular basis. Miss you Dale, Sr.. Kind of like Formula One. I watched it and followed the races with great interest...when Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher were racing against each other. Both were top notch, aggressive drivers who had strong personalities. Since they have left the arena....it's too sanforized for me.
Lessmore 02/22/17 10:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: NASCAR on the Skids?

The only people that want to watch showroom stock cars race are retired men on SSI.It's now 2017 not 1964 . Maybe you're right. My 20 something son is not interested in car racing at all. He does like vehicles and driving...he's got a Trail Rated Jeep and a BMW GS motorcycle. But he and his similarly aged buddies seem to have no interest at all in any kind of car racing. The local drag strip is just hanging on by the thinnest of threads. Back in the '60's...there were always about 5 thousand +/- spectators and lots of guys racing their cars, either muscle car stockers or one of a variety of modified racer. Now if they have a 100 spectators that's a golden day. I don't know if this is typical of race interest/attendance in other areas of North America.
Lessmore 02/22/17 04:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: NASCAR on the Skids?

Great article. When I was a kid back in the early to mid 1960's I used to follow NASCAR with great interest. Junior Johnson, Ned Jarrett were my favourite drivers. I loved the fact that race cars were more or less regular stripped down, beefed up suspension/brake wise, Fords, Chevies, Pontiacs, Mopars with the biggest engines you could get from these respective manufacturers. Ford 406, 427, Chevy 409, the Mystery 427 (Rat motor), Pontiac 421, Mopar 413, 426 wedge. I wasn't crazy about the 426 Hemi as it seemed to be a race engine made for one reason..dominating NASCAR. Yes they made a detuned version a street option, but to me the 426 Hemi and later the Ford SOHC Hemi...started the drift to specialized race engines and away from regular street cars that in the early '60's were often just beefed up, stripped down street cars with the 'big' engine. I guess rise and what appears to be fall, IMO, is the continual and accelerated drift towards racing cars that may have the appearance (and this is tenuous) of street cars...but it's just artifice. We have a 2015 new look Impala with the 'big' engine (3.6 DOHC V6) and this car bears absolutely no resemblance ...or any shared parts with any NASCAR 'Impala' I've ever seen. Maybe a return to yesteryear is needed. Beefed up Impalas, Ford Taurus using non turbo 3.5 V6, Toyota Camry 3.5 V6, Honda Accord 3.5 V6, Chrysler 300 3.5 V6. Make them safe with roll bars, enhanced brakes, HD shocks, etc. etc....but keep them essentially stock....engine wise. Ahh...but what do I know, I'm no marketing/ racing guru, just some poor slob who thinks Sprint car racing is great racing. It's the same in international rallying. In the early '60's it used to be essentially stock, but beefed up Volvo PV544's (I had one), MGB's, even VW Beetles, etc. But now they appear to be pure race cars, in my humble view. BTW, even with our large screen modern TV, Bose speakers, etc and all the modern day great camera work on TV...I doubt if I will even stop by for a glance at any NASCAR race...or F1...or International rallying event this year. I don't find them interesting anymore, but maybe that's just me.
Lessmore 02/22/17 08:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Our first TV, we've come a long way..

My family's first tow vehicle was our '76 Chevy Impala with the 350 V8. We started towing our trailer in 1994. Went through the Midwest...halfway across Canada/USA over the Rockies to Vancouver Island and back...many other trips. It was reliable as a fine Swiss watch. My parents first tow vehicle was their new '59 Chevy Parkwood (Bel Air) station wagon....with the flame thrower six and slip and slide bananaglide. :) It also was very reliable, no issues. Our family traveled all over the Midwest and went half way across Canada to Vancouver BC and back. Both my parents and my family didn't vary much in either our tow vehicles or travel plans. :B
Lessmore 02/21/17 11:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Chevys

The 2017 Chevy trucks look really good.
Lessmore 02/19/17 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: 13 mpg semi

Interesting article, thx for posting. Thirteen MPG for a vehicle and load that large is significant. The ability to move a huge mass and a very large weight at highway speeds at that MPG is amazing progress from what I recall from my very limited experience driving much smaller commercial trucks 45 + years ago. Good article, in that it details the research and development that went into this study. This is one 'study' that actually has practical use.;)
Lessmore 02/18/17 08:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Ford going to be the SUV leader?

Kinda looks Suburbanish,
Lessmore 02/16/17 12:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Challenging tradition

I took my husband's last name, just because it was "traditional". But nowadays, women might have a career established, degrees or certification attained, in their maiden name...and I can understand that they might choose to leave it that way. When we got married, my wife kept her surname, as she is a professional and her degrees, certification attained and professional career was in her name. Exactly as you have pointed out.
Lessmore 02/13/17 04:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Challenging tradition

If you're a guy would you have allowed your wife to keep her last name? I'm an old guy, probably older than you, some might say I'm antediluvian. :) But having said that, times....and views... have changed a lot. In modern days the idea of '...If you're a guy would you have allowed your wife...' does not reflect the way I think many young people....both male and female...think. Also some of older...antediluvian ones :) such as myself and my wife. I would hazard a guess that your daughter probably regards her marriage relationship as one of equality, between husband and wife.
Lessmore 02/13/17 01:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Challenging tradition

My wife and I got married 34 years ago. She kept her last name, I kept my last name. We have two kids, their last name is the same as my last name. Over the years there has been occasional confusion from others, but no big deal. If our daughter gets married, I hope she keeps her last name, as you say, it would be an honour.
Lessmore 02/12/17 10:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Elio Motors about done?

I never could get a handle on his pricing. CanAm makes the Spyder, a 3-wheeler, and they sell for way north of $20,000. How did this guy ever figure to make a covered 3-wheeler and sell it for less than $8,000? Exactly, the phrase that jumps to my mind is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. As far as the CanAm three wheeler (Spyder?) goes, I've seen a few, talked to some who own and they seem to like it very much. I'm a motorcyclist from way back (1965) and although I still ride occasionally (son's BMW GS). But as I get older, I think if I want to continue motorcycling...or maybe the closest thing to it, might be the CanAm Spyder.
Lessmore 02/11/17 11:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Ford Raptor vs. Chevy Silverado

Why don't they spool up the Chevy like they do the Raptor? I would think that would help the launch. Yes, but that is using too much common sense. These guys are the new breed of journalists. My high school journalism teacher always said that a journalist is supposed to report the news, not be the news. These guys just want everyone to think they are cool. I haven't seen the video in question so can't and won't comment on their presentation. Your comment about your old teacher was quite right. Skilled Journalists used to present facts...and let the reader draw their own conclusions. Nowadays many in the media (papers, radio, TV) seem to be presenting their own agenda. It really is more like propaganda. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff...gets tiresome for many readers/viewers.
Lessmore 02/10/17 02:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Metformin (diabetes med)

I've been taking Metformin for Diabetes T2, for a couple of years. Everything seems ok with it. It hasn't seemed to affect my weight. I'm steady at 240 lbs...at my height...probably should be around 225 lbs.
Lessmore 02/10/17 02:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Wacky Weather

-29 last night. Cold or snowy seems to be the theme this winter out here. I've lived here for close to 70 years....and this kind of winter is similar to my long experience in my town. I sometimes think it would be nice to spend winter somewhere nice like Arizona.:)
Lessmore 02/08/17 06:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2017 Raptor vs. 2014 Raptor Drag Race

Don't want to hijack this thread but I was really shocked this weekend when at the Ford dealer in Hobbs, NM and saw that they had 2017 Raptors for $15K OVER sticker price. Made a $61K truck sell for $86K. Amazing to me. Terry My local Dodge/Ram dealer has a Hellcat on the showroom floor for IIRC about $20,000 over MSRP. I get my oil changed there and it's been there thru 2 oil changes. I think the Hellcat is a great muscle car, but I have little sympathy for a dealer who jacks up the price that much over MSRP and is having trouble unloading it.
Lessmore 02/03/17 08:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Phil says...

- 21 now...with a chunk of snow coming Monday. The groundhog day thing doesn't apply her...at this time of the year we always get more than 6 weeks of winter left.
Lessmore 02/02/17 10:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Might be time to shoot my truck.

I bought a new 2004 Chevy 1500 ,in less than 1500 miles , 3 dead batteries , 2 cylinder heads , 1 engine , 1 transmission ,and 1 rear end ( the rear end had very little lube in it from the factory )dealer should have caught it during the PDI, never towed with it , so yes you can get a lemon, of the 3 months I owned it and when I could drive it , it was a nice truck Sounds like our '76 Ford Granada and '73 Toyota Corolla. We all get lemons sometime, if we have enough vehicles over the years. What do they say...if you get lemons...look for a bottle of gin .;)...something like that...
Lessmore 01/25/17 10:38pm Tow Vehicles
Mary Tyler Moore passes away

Mary Tyler Moore passes away
Lessmore 01/25/17 12:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Truck Reviews from up North

Perrysburg Dodgeboy writes: "Did anyone bother to read the **** article? Under the half ton truck segment it said this " Of course I have to mention what is missing from the list. Ford. The leader in half-ton Canadian truck sales choose not to compete. Despite having entered trucks in every other Truck King competition since 2006 this year they declined..." Yes, I did. In fact, I posted the same sentences a couple of posts before you. Please read the other posts before you make general sweeping statements about all the 'other' posts.
Lessmore 01/23/17 08:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Reviews from up North

Interesting to note the following about Ford in the link. "Of course I have to mention what is missing from the list. Ford. The leader in half-ton Canadian truck sales choose not to compete. Despite having entered trucks in every other Truck King competition since 2006 this year they declined. No specific reason was given.." Why this would be, I don't know. I've got a buddy who has a 2013 F150 he has had from new. It's a very good truck, no problems so far.
Lessmore 01/22/17 03:19pm Tow Vehicles
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