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RE: Misread Trojan Battery Manual

I think I am confused here. Is a c20 charge rate at 5% amp hour or 20% of the total ahrs a battery has?
NinerBikes 07/22/14 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: new class c that bounces way too much

Can't speak for RV's, but in my European sedans... I have nothing but great results with Koni's. Found that I preferred them over Bilstein gas shocks in several Audi's and VW's I've owned. YMMV, but I think you'll find money spent on Koni's as money well spent with a superior ride. Plenty of miles on canyon and mountain roads and freeways all over the Western United States to back up my comments and experience.
NinerBikes 07/22/14 09:49am Tech Issues
RE: Misread Trojan Battery Manual

40 to 50 amp hours out of a 150 amp hour battery is 66 to 70% SOC. Portable, aimable panels up your amperage take over more hours per day. Another observation is that when I run 15.0V out of my charge controller to that T -1275, the charge controller seems to stay in bulk mode and at higher overall amps going in to the battery, in pulse charge mode. I mention this because one of the charge controllers I have, while adjustable for voltage, really drops off on the amps it provides 66-75% of the time, with it's pulse charging algorithm. The solar 30 Amp charge controller I bought, for $33 off of Ebay, is much, much better in terms of keeping the amps up and pushing from my 120 watt portable solar panel, capable of 6.6 to 7 amp hours... 6.5. 6.33 6.28 6.5.... The 10 amp unit I bought drops off to 3 or 4 amps. Easy to measure when you put a little $15 RC battery charger meter in line and take a look at the output. Not all solar charge controllers are worthy. This is important on cloudy days and when counting on your solar panels to keep you off the generator as much as possible.
NinerBikes 07/22/14 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Misread Trojan Battery Manual

I've not seen this particular Link before. I like the "tips on how to maximize your battery life" at the bottom: As a general rule of thumb, the total amps from your PV panels should be sized between 10% and 20% of the total amp-hours (Ah) of the battery pack. I deliberately lowered my battery capacity so that my solar can just barely reach 10%. 198 watts for a 130 A/h battery I've taken some minor grief here and there on this forum for employing this strategy. So a 210 amp 6v pair of GC-2's should get between 21 and 42 amp/hours capacity from the solar panels, for the day, if I am reading that correctly? I get 6.5 to 7 amps/hour at as close to 15.0V as I can for a Trojan T -1275... and 50% of a 150 amp hr battery is 75 amps to be replaced max, per day. No way I am going to get that kind of output come short days of winter and the sun low on the horizon. Summer time, yes.
NinerBikes 07/21/14 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Prodigy Brake Controller Problem

I removed the tape around the location where the brake wires were tapped into the main wire run, moved it around and it seemed to solve the issue. No more error messages. I will see what tomorrow brings. I would fix it correctly, before you find out you don't have trailer brakes again, intermittently, and possibly injure the innocent. "Seemed to solve the issue" is not the proper correction of the problem, or safety issue.
NinerBikes 07/21/14 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: My Screwy 31

Really, it sounds like your solar panel, with the length of the days, is most of the time getting the job accomplished. I'd not run the Schumacher too long, and try to let the solar do as much as is possible... since it seems it's most consistent in getting to 15.3V and getting your SG to 1.275 most of the time. Your experience with a programmable solar charge controller really brings home the importance of knowing the charging spec and procedures for your specific brand of battery, and the manufacturers recommendations. Seeing BFL13 having to massage a T-1275, and you having to massage a US Battery Group 31 Deep Cycle really points out to how superior a set of GC-2's are in the maintenance department, for day in and day out use. They just seem a lot less fussy. Perhaps Trojan has perfected those GC-2's for efficiency in discharging and charging, in internal dimensions and electrolyte capacities to plate capacity? I would not worry about a short 16.0V session from time to time... doing so, you know you are truly getting a 100% SOC, which is good for the batteries health and longevity, certainly for long term storage disconnected, also. Those below 50% SOC sessions put the hurt, big time, on expected battery life. Still, I wouldn't worry about it... you are more than getting your money's worth out of this one in terms of daily cycles, with proper recharging procedures and minor maintenance. Big, odd shaped and ratio'd 12V batteries, like group 29's, 31's and T-1275s need that 100% charge daily, to stay healthy. I just accept it as part of the requirements for going with an odd shaped or a free battery, since both my T-1275's were used and free.
NinerBikes 07/20/14 10:34pm Tech Issues
RE: My Screwy 31

If you get 500 cycles out of it, or a year and a half, you'll be doing great. I've no idea how many cycles to 50% one should expect out of a pair of Trojan GC2's. Maybe MexicoWanderer can chime in.
NinerBikes 07/20/14 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Costco vs Sams Club 6V Golf Cart Batteries

I use an independent adjustable power supply, because after reading on here for months, and establishing who know what they are talking about, and can walk the walk after talking talk, I listened to reason. It helps that I was a battery buster/tester/installer for Sears Roebuck while going to school, and saw a lot of wrecked batteries and good batteries, as well as tested them for failure. You'd be hard pressed to not follow a recommendation by a former battery failure engineer here for one of the biggest commercial golf car and sweeper industrial battery makers that sell here in the USA. I'm talking about MexicoWanderer. Until he goes senile, you can take what he posts on the subject matter, with the common sense and test of reasonableness, to the bank. 15.0V while dry camping works for me.... daily... though YMMV. 14.4V might be good for you and your AGM batteries. 15.3 might be good if you own US brand batteries in a Group 29 or Group 31. Applications and V necessary vary by brand, materials and construction. See what your manufacturer recommends is the best you can do. This is why it is so foolish to mix sizes, types and brands of batteries, they all have varying requirements.
NinerBikes 07/20/14 12:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda Generator

A Honda Eu1000i won't break your lower back lifting it,at 28 pounds. A Honda Eu2000i might at close to 50 lbs.. Lower back pain, due to strain lifting, if you are older and camping, is not much fun. Choice is yours. I own both models.
NinerBikes 07/20/14 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: Cannot run A/C while at highway speeds

Mount the generators up front, instead of in back, and take it for a drive. See if that fixes it. Or put whatever is in the 5'er that needs AC up front in the car cab while driving down the road, where the AC does work.
NinerBikes 07/20/14 09:31am Tech Issues
RE: Temp gauge stopped working

I had the same problem on my chev truck. It turned out after spending $200 to trouble shoot, the gage cluster was no good. $500 plus to replace. I went on line to "Auto Anything" and bought a Scan Gage. Reads anything from the computer including water temp, HP, speed, MPG- 14 different things. I leave it plugged in at all times, and sits on the dash. Scan gauge will also help you determine if it's a faulty sensor... take reading from scan gauge II, take an IR temp gun and aim it at the offending sensor, and note the temps of both. the IR gun is the true value, the severity of the variation on both testing hot and cold engine, is the sensor. If they don't agree, the sensor is faulty. Confirm by disconnecting wire connection at sensor to see which reading disappears on scan gauge, or creates a fault code.
NinerBikes 07/19/14 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Sp.Gr. of Golf Cart 6v batteries

Has anyone direct ordered from Freas, lately? I thought my transaction was going on schedule with them, but something went haywire and I never got any communication back from them. Maybe I fell through a crack, wouldn't be the first time. Do a google search for Cheiftan aircraft and Freas and you should be able to order one from them.
NinerBikes 07/19/14 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Bought a Ninerbikes/Mex power supply

I can state with certainty that this unit with T1275 150 amp battery at 50% state of charge, will put the hurt on a cold Honda Eu1000i generator at around 6500 feet elevation. You'd be best to warm the genny up for a few minutes before you turn this beast on to start charging your batteries. The little honda is going to bark loudly for 10-15 minutes until the amp rate it is charging at falls off a bit. Not pleasant if too early in the morning, the noise level. YMMV. It, however, hardly phases a Honda Eu2000i under the same circumstances.
NinerBikes 07/18/14 01:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Bought a Ninerbikes/Mex power supply

A pot substitution should only be tweaked above what the unit maxx's out at with the original pot AFTER amperage has subsided to say 10 amps or less. Then feed power to the DC to DC converter, then in series with a 50 watt 12 volt light bulb. A danger would be IF the unit is pushing out a lot of amps at 15.55 volts then the replacement pot is twisted up for even higher voltage. Size of battery bank. I'll let you do the math. Determine maximum VA wattage possible (anytime) as developed with the original pot and then with the replacement pot do not exceed that wattage figure. Mucho gracias, Senor. I love it when we keep it down to bare basics even a cave man can understand. 33 amps at 15.56V = 513 Watts. That's the max. If you bump the voltage up, you'd better be a bit lower on the amps the battery can take maximum, state of charge wise. If you are already 90% topped off and your battery bank size is within reason, 225 amp hours or so, this should be a non issue.
NinerBikes 07/18/14 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: Bought a Ninerbikes/Mex power supply

Use a FIFTY WATT 12 VOLT LIGHT BULB IN SERIES with the positive output of the gizmo to limit amperage for equalization. 16 volts will render a bright light. I would not try nd push this unit any higher than 16 volts, amperage mechanically limited. You may have to tweak the trim pot by replacing it. An electronics repair place can do the job but don't push this unit too hard or it'll jab a knife in it's guts and yank upward. Please give a real life example of "pushing it hard" Mex, when charging batteries. I just set mine at 15.0V for a Trojan T1275, and if I went through 35 or 40 amps over the past 24 hours, I run it maybe 45 minutes to an hour, at most. By then, the battery might show it's taking at most 9 or 10 amps per hour, with my amp meter. Turn the generator off, and let the 120 Watt portable solar panel do the rest on that rainy or cloudy day... I almost always can get 2.8 to 3.5 amps out of the panel on such days, for 6-8 hours in the summer time under the clouds, more if the sun breaks out. Enough to cover current usage losses during the day, and add some more back in to hopefully get me close to 100% state of charge before nightfall. I try to rake my shower in the AM while the generator is running the charger... the water pump is a big draw on the battery, it's on the generator instead if the gennie is running during shower time. TV at night, when I get signal, pulls 4 amps.
NinerBikes 07/18/14 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Bought a Ninerbikes/Mex power supply

Use a FIFTY WATT 12 VOLT LIGHT BULB IN SERIES with the positive output of the gizmo to limit amperage for equalization. 16 volts will render a bright light. I would not try nd push this unit any higher than 16 volts, amperage mechanically limited. You may have to tweak the trim pot by replacing it. An electronics repair place can do the job but don't push this unit too hard or it'll jab a knife in it's guts and yank upward. The most V I have gotten out of my unit is 15.56 V with the pot twisted wide open. Might make equalization a no go, at that peak voltage, unless you add a booster.
NinerBikes 07/17/14 06:50pm Tech Issues

Kill a watt p 4200 about $50 on ebay. Limited to 15 amps max draw. Puts it at a Honda Eu2000i max.
NinerBikes 07/17/14 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Honda Generator

I'd look for lightly used Honda Eu1000i if just for charging the batteries. I'd look at an Eu2000i if you plan to include the microwave oven. Beyond that 3 to 4000 watts necessary to also run the A/C.
NinerBikes 07/17/14 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: Coil cleaning, Coleman Mach: fins breaking off

Acid washing the coils to clean them will make them brittle, period.
NinerBikes 07/16/14 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: Sizing MOSFET Heat Sink

You must really love where you live, and all the projects keeping you busy, Mex... I'm sure it's not for love of the country, just the cost of living? What'n the heck ever happened to KISS?
NinerBikes 07/16/14 07:27am Tech Issues
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