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RE: Use onboard charger or external charger?

OP needs to get their class C first, then determine if there is a problem or not with charging. Who knows, with the cost per watt these days, maybe solar panels is a better option to their existing charge controller and listening to a generator? Determine your usage first, real world, then determine how to go about keeping things charged.
NinerBikes 04/21/14 08:21am Tech Issues
RE: Rechargeable Lithium Battery Link

Been a while, but seems every 7 to 10 years, I need a new Nicd for my Makita cordless 9.6V. I think I bought it in 1988, got a few more years on the battery. It has served me very well, thank you. Although I like the new cordless with the LED lights built in so you can see what you are working on. Now if I could just find my damn reading glasses that fell off my nose while working.
NinerBikes 04/20/14 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: 30 Amp Confusion

can't get the pic to work.
NinerBikes 04/19/14 06:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't fix Honda eu2000i - please help!

My procedure, once you getting running. put an ounce of sea foam into a quart of fresh, non ethanol based premium chevron gasoline. Start the motor up. Let it run choked for 2 or 3 minutes. Shut the motor down. Repeat the next day, 2 or 3 minutes. Shut down. Do a week or two of this procedure. If the motor doesn't improve with position of choke and the motor running, replace the jets on the carb. It takes soaking, and time, to soften up and remove the built up varnish. If replacing the jets on the carb doesn't fix it, look up stream to the fuel tank, and anything in between the fuel tank, fuel cut off valve, any filters, and the carburetor. If all else fails, replace the carb. Would not be surprised if time at sea has corroded the brass in the jets of the carb, at all, from the salt ions in the water and in the air. Salt is corrosive as all get up on brass, and brass jets.
NinerBikes 04/17/14 05:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Lower Owyhee River, OR and travel trailer dry camping

Niner, Many of the Idaho Sportsman Access points allow camping. Steve I'm afraid I am looking to be on the other side of the Snake river, in Oregon, below Owyhee Reservoir and the dam.
NinerBikes 04/17/14 10:01am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Solar Charge Cotroller

Quote: has only settings for GEL, FLOODED and SEALED....no setting for AGM. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Now just what do you suppose a "sealed" is ?? Every sealed battery I have around here, is AGM. If AGMs are that fragile, (which they are not) that's another reason to not have them. If I was to put an AGM in my car, what then ?? It going to charge same as any other battery, and the warranty is going to be just as good as the MFG says it is. Your assumption would be incorrect RJ... Both my 2 VW Touaregs, 2012 and 2013 and my 2014 Passat have AGM batteries. If I plug in through my diagnostic OBD II port with Ross-Tech VCDS software, the voltage setting for various batteries is indeed programmable for AGM or Flooded Lead Acid Cell. I can also program the voltage of my head lights and taillights to lower voltages in .1V increments, depending on if I want more brightness or more bulb life out of my bulbs. Factory setting for my headlights is 12.8V, I've changed it to 13.2V on the 2014 Passat, for better visibility. Technology and what is done with computers and programming, on your car, is constantly changing. Despite my wishes, my 2014 Passat is tracked via GPS at all times through a new device called Car-net, something I never wanted. Think of it as a constantly activated Lo jack, whether you want it or not, by Volkswagen of America. https://carnet.vw.com/portal/en/owners/carnet/ Big Brother is watching you, at all times.
NinerBikes 04/17/14 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Can't fix Honda eu2000i - please help!

Your other option is to get the serial number off the generator, and just order a brand new carburetor, on line, over the internet. Don't look the gift horse in the mouth, items exposed to a corrosive salt environment have a short life. Change out your oil too, and run it a short time between oil changes a couple of times also, to get any residual moisture out of the crankcase area.
NinerBikes 04/17/14 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Lower Owyhee River, OR and travel trailer dry camping

Folks, I will be coming in from the East side, Caldwell, ID, heading Southwest, closer to where the Owyhee dumps in to the Snake River. In the fly fishing section. If push comes to shove, I'll just get a room in town. Not my first choice, but it is what it is.
NinerBikes 04/16/14 09:02pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Lower Owyhee River, OR and travel trailer dry camping

Does it exist? What about campsites below the dam? Any of that area BLM land? I have a 21 foot travel trailer in tow, so access needs to be reasonable. Lower Owyhee River, as in below the Owyhee Reservoir, below the dam, as in where there's fly fishing for trout, due to cold water releases from the dam, 35 miles southwest from Ontario, OR or Caldwell, ID.
NinerBikes 04/16/14 04:47pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: PD4655 Charging Graph

In all the years I've spent charging car batteries, not necessarily Deep Cycle batteries, my observation has pretty much been that if you take the chargers Amp output on a meter, what it is capable of putting out on a low charged battery, say for example 10 amps, you can take 50% of that amp capacity the charger is capable of putting out, ie, when the charger is only putting 5 amps in the battery, and you are then pretty much at 90% state of charge when the charge rate drops to the 50% of capability of the charger. This has pretty much held true, whether a trickle charger, a 2 amp/ 6 amp charger, a 10 amp charger, and battery sizes from slightly smaller than group 24's to group 29 sized batteries in cars. I can't be certain on high antimony batteries like CG-2's and Trojan T-1275's, industrial grade batteries. So if your PD 9260 is putting out only 30 amps with the clamp meter, there's a good possibility you are 90% charged, and can shut down the generator and go to solar for top off charge, if you are solar capable. Of course, that would be about 22.5 amps showing with a PD 9245, and 15 amps showing if a PD 9130. YMMV. Wire gauge makes all the difference on these charge controllers.
NinerBikes 04/16/14 08:37am Tech Issues
RE: Help with Basic Solar Set Up

You still need to keep the bird poop and dirt and dust off a solar panel, by cleaning it regularly. They aren't exactly maintenance free if you want peak performance out of them.
NinerBikes 04/16/14 08:17am Tech Issues

Ah, I think I see what you want.. A switching power supply will meet your needs. Try a Progressive Dynamics 9100 or 9200 plug in models. The 9100, out of the box, is a single stage converter, it puts out 13.6 (And yes there is a way to adjust it though It has been a while since I saw the instructions) Unless you plug in the optional Charge Wizard, In which case it becomes basically a 9200, which is a 3-stage plus converter The smallest one is I think capable of 45 amps. (9145/9245) but I could be wrong.. this would be about right for a pair of Group 24 batteries. My coach has a 9180 with wizard.. One of the more interesting things I have found is a couple of times before I went Full time, I'd come out to use the Ham Radios here in the RV. The radio worked fine, no evidence of anything wrong with the power source.. and the batteries were,,, absent, due to having accidentally hit the disconnect switch (I finally put a guard on that switch). The 9180 is that well filtered. They also make a 9130... pd 9130
NinerBikes 04/15/14 09:33am Tech Issues
RE: battery filling level

If the slot in the filler tube is mostly exposed ("a little past the bottom of the filler tube"), do nothing; over time it will go down. Watch during charge and if the level starts to cover the slot completely, you'll have to remove a small amount of electrolyte to expose some of the slot to allow the gasses to escape. Doug What Doug says. Just don't really ramp up the charging rate on those batteries too much, that will boil the acid up and out. Normal usage or leaving it on a maintenance charger should drop the level, in due time.
NinerBikes 04/15/14 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: PD4655 Charging Graph

My take away from all of this is how much better an AGM takes a charge, and wastes less heat/resistance, both on the battery, and I suspect, on the charge controller. Less losses, perhaps, all the way around.
NinerBikes 04/15/14 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: Help with Basic Solar Set Up

If you have the eu2000i and the PD4655, and 232 ah battery, and you are at 75% at bed time... call it 240 amps for ease of math... You used 60 amps... and while asleep, is the heater with a fan running? or not? Makes a big difference. You'll use another 10 amps parasitic, just over night. now you're at 70 amps. Plus lights, what kind of lights are you running? Laptop being recharged too? or cell phone, over night? Let's for arguements sake, call it 80 amps... you're at 66% come morning. Maybe more, maybe less. With a good short run of wiring and your charge controller at 14.4 volts, with the force mode on the charge wizard, you should be close to 85 or 90% charged in 90 minutes, is my guess. You still need to add 24 amps. No problem with a 120 portable Watt panel in 5 to 6 hours of sun, at 6.5 to 7 amp hours in spring, summer and fall. Not so much winter. You might get 5 to 6 hours of charging in winter time, with the sun low on the horizon, unless you've got some snow cover.
NinerBikes 04/14/14 07:30pm Tech Issues
RE: My search for a generator

t I contacted a guy I've been watching on CL who was selling a new never been run eu2000i for $700 and made a deal for $550 yesterday.Why would anyone sell a brand new Honda 2k for $550? It's probably stolen. It does make one wonder... if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. I see used EU1000i's for $500 to 550 all the time.
NinerBikes 04/14/14 03:38pm Tech Issues
RE: PD4655 Charging Graph

Looks like a very good combination. 1. Starting with 117V, not 123V like from a Honda Eu2000i. I wonder how this affects the PD's charging abilities? Does it make a difference, or is it the shape of the sine wave that makes the difference with the PD chargers? 2. AGM batteries at 300 Amp hours, and a Charger of 55 amps or a ratio of 1:5.8 or 5.9 charger to battery amp ratio. Not too much charger for the size of the battery bank. Pushing the % SOC up before going out of bulk charge mode, albeit at a slight increase in running the charger, time wise. 3. Fat wires, where it really counts, and not much voltage loss to the battery. Again, less resistance, keeping it in bulk charge mode longer. 4. AGM batteries, with again, less internal resistance to taking a charge efficiently. Nice work, OP! Very, very efficient charging combo you have assembled there.
NinerBikes 04/14/14 12:21pm Tech Issues
RE: My search for a generator

NinerBikes, The honda I got at a beer budget price is brand new. Nothing to clean and I would venture to guess it works just like everybody else. After reading about the honda generators on numerous sites I guess I was expecting it to be quieter. My buddies 4 or 5 year old eu3000 is what I was expecting out of my 2000. I would not be happy if I was tenting next to somebody who running my generator. I Then forgo the AC unit, and go with solar panels and a huge battery bank and inverters instead. Those are your options. Can't have it all. Or fork over for a campsite with hookups. Sorry to be the bringer of tough love, but it is what it is. If you admit to being cheap, then maybe tent camping without the advantages of a towed 5th wheel or travel trailer and the comforts they bring with a price tag, is a better value to you.
NinerBikes 04/14/14 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: PV solar system charging voltage low

Rough rule of thumb, for every AH you have at 12V, you need at least 1 to 1.5 watts of solar panel to charge it. Since you have 440AH in storage capacity in your batteries, you'll need about 440 to 660 watts of solar panel to get the job done. That's about what I want to have, and hopefully will make it happen soon. Should have mentioned the PV panel is not the only charging source, I have been using my Honda 2000 gen with the stock converter but of course the crappy converter is only giving me 13.5 volts so is also not doing a good job of charging either. I have an Iota DLS-45 charger arriving UPS this afternoon, should have ordered it before getting the new batteries but I wasn’t sure if it would meet my needs or if I would need a fancier Xantrex or other charger. After research it looks like the DLS-45 feature of having a jumper wire to force 14.2 volts should be fine for morning and evening charges with a generator. I have experience with the SS gen 2 controllers. Yours is working fine. It is a two stage charger(no 3rd float stage). During Stage-1,bulk, it charges at the panel ISC depending on the panel tilt. The Volts then increase to 14.4 where stage-2, PWM, kicks in and current is tapered down. Your solar panel is not supplying enough daily Amps to raise your battery bank to 14.4V and is not reaching stage-2. The 12.5 resting Volts is too low and proves that the bank is not being recharged daily. This is an undercharge situation that will result in sulphation and ruin the bank. Consult the mfgrs manual. HTH; John That makes sense, I see now that I didn’t understand the SS operation… so I haven’t even been getting into PWM mode. That would explain why I did see 14.4V with the older, smaller battery bank. Hopefully after installing the DLS-45 and spending some time charging at 14.2V I can use the PV system as I intended, to top off charge after bulk charging with the gen. I’ve only had the batteries a little over a week and been careful not to discharge them too low, according to the TM-2025 I haven’t gone below 75% and that was only a couple times. So hopefully I haven’t done irreparable damage! The jumper wire forces the Iota to output 14.8V,until the battery sees 14.6, or the Iota senses that the battery is charged enough to take up to 14.6V. Make sure you install that jumper wire on your Iota and leave it in place, and it will do a good job on getting your batteries closer to being topped off. You didn't mention which amp model Iota you bought.
NinerBikes 04/14/14 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: PV solar system charging voltage low

Rough rule of thumb, for every AH you have at 12V, you need at least 1 to 1.5 watts of solar panel to charge it. Since you have 440AH in storage capacity in your batteries, you'll need about 440 to 660 watts of solar panel to get the job done.
NinerBikes 04/14/14 09:14am Tech Issues
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