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RE: Finally! Cig Lighter USB Charger With A Pair of

Mex needs a Galaxy S4 that comes with the 2 amp charger and uses it. Charges up in full in an hour, about 2 hours with an Extended Battery. I donated his first smart phone to him, the Galaxy S2. Maybe someone that's been helped by him a time or three should step up and donate one of their Galaxy S4's with a known good battery in it and the factory charger. Just be sure to press the factory reset button on it before you send it his way. A 16 gig SC memory card also in it would be a nice touch too, for storage. I run $10 from Amazon or Ebay Extended batteries on every Samsung Galaxy phone I've ever owned, because I want to go 2 to 4 days between needing a recharge. I hate being tethered to a charger for any length of time during the day. Shut the phone off and let it charge at night every few days, kind of makes this device superfluous.
NinerBikes 11/26/15 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: While we are on solar let me tell you about friend #2

" All he keeps saying is use a go power and stop pushing all those buttons and throw the hydrometer away" It is good that you are helping RJ out. :) :B
NinerBikes 11/23/15 07:12pm Tech Issues
RE: BORG Project Update

As long as it's not a Blue Smoke Special... and it's not a Frankenzapper, and properly grounded, I'm OK with it. Were you Little Tommy Tinker in another life? Or Dave MacGyver http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/shared/npr/styles/x_large/nprshared/201503/387312941.jpg width=700
NinerBikes 11/23/15 05:57pm Tech Issues
RE: need recomendation for 200 watt solar kit and batteries

I think you should work 80 hours a week, then retire early, then worry about other interests. Then you won't have to mooch, you'll have the time to do it right, the first time. 80% isn't good enough for most of the folks in here that would want to help you, since you aren't interested in learning, or changing your ways, you've dismissed everyone so far that has tried to steer you in the right direction of self help.
NinerBikes 11/23/15 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: While we are on solar let me tell you about friend #2

http://www.chez-williams.com/Hot%20Sauce/16millionreserve_l.jpg Blair's 16,000,000 Scoville units Habanero chili sauce One single drop is all it would take. This WMD military grade salsa burns skin so put one drop on one fry. The "I can eat anything" chili braggers have yet to meet this stuff. One single solitary drop in a POT of soup will turn it into Kilauea Crater. Ha! That would be something funny to watch, last bit of food he snitches, I bet.
NinerBikes 11/21/15 10:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Truth Or Consequences?

Once more http://I.imgur.com/z3O460II.jpg height=480 width=640 Can't get preview to work I can't get it to work either.
NinerBikes 11/21/15 10:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Truth Or Consequences?

http://i.imgur.com/lWhgre4.jpg height=1200 width=800
NinerBikes 11/21/15 05:07pm Tech Issues
RE: How do I fix a crack in a poly skylight ?

Goop, or Shoe Goo. I've used both on flexible fishing waders that are Goretex breathable material, and it works well.
NinerBikes 11/21/15 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Fantastic Fan Motor Brushes / Bearings ?

NinerBikes 11/16/15 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C Turns on when I turn on the heater

Did you read the Dometic Owners Manual for the thermostat? Shame on me. No sir I did not. That will help. Then you've no more need for this non technical thread you started. :W Frankly, I'd be more than a little embarrassed about it, and would have called the manufacturer for more instructions on it. Waste enough of their time answering the same question, over, and over and over, and they'll realize how poor the design is, and make something better. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
NinerBikes 11/16/15 09:33am Tech Issues
RE: A/C Turns on when I turn on the heater

Did you read the Dometic Owners Manual for the thermostat?
NinerBikes 11/16/15 12:19am Tech Issues
RE: Truth Or Consequences?

A place, in New Mexico, to go Boondocking? :h
NinerBikes 11/09/15 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with Solar System in the larger Las Vegas area

My take on Las Vegas, NV, is that it is best viewed in the rear view mirror. Not Greater, or Larger, just keeps getting smaller and smaller, until it's gone.
NinerBikes 11/08/15 10:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Cheap Fix For Landy's Cheapowatt?

Unproven fix, until proven. Get the part, get it installed, give 'er hell, balls to the wall on voltage and amps, and see if she blows blue smoke again.
NinerBikes 11/08/15 09:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with Solar System in the larger Las Vegas area

For a 24 Foot Artic Fox, this is a DIY project. I did it, Pianotuna did it, you can do it. 200 to 300 watts should have you covered, add in a good 30 PWM charge controller, use fat wire from the charge controller to the batteries, and mount the charge controller inside, as close as you can to the batteries, without exposing them to recharging acidic fumes of the batteries, and you should be good to go. The most important part is learning how to properly recharge, top charge, and equalize charge your batteries, and maintain them, as well as manage the water level properly in your batteries, so that they live a long and efficient and inexpensive to you life between replacements. If you'd like to geek out over those last 4 or 5 items and learn the right way to do so, use the search function here and read the story of "My Screwy 31"... it's a textbook example of learning how important charge voltage and charge amperage is to properly recharging and maintaining a battery.
NinerBikes 11/08/15 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning holding tanks?

I usually like to open the toilet valve and reach in as far as I can and give the tank a good scrub with a toilet brush, warm water and liquid detergent. I then fill and drain, repeat, repeat, repeat and then give them one final scrub. I then fill with nice hot steamy water and fabric softener and then drive 100 miles and drain. I do this after every trip. Same process on the grey tank minus the brush. When I’m done they look like new tanks and smell wonderful. My friends and family can’t believe how great my tanks look. DavidP, I'd like to congratulate you and shake your hand, right after such a thorough cleaning. You go gloveless, don't you, or just the white glove test after you are finished? ;) :B At least use some emoticons when trolling such filth out of your tanks. Depending on where you camp, and how you camp, if doing the dirty deed good old #2 can be accomplished anywhere else but in your tank, it makes the clean up process less of a concern, as you'll have no solid mess to possibly deal with.
NinerBikes 11/06/15 10:31am Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU2000i generator

you tube video
NinerBikes 11/05/15 10:20am Tech Issues
RE: Value of aftermarket Xenon Headlamps

double post
NinerBikes 11/03/15 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Value of aftermarket Xenon Headlamps

I just bought factory HID's from VW in the Touareg, which I tow the TT with. The 2015 e-Golf SEL, however, just came with factory LED's, headlights and DRL's both being LED's. Sharpness of cutoff is something the Germans do not scrimp on, in any way, shape or form. If it can be driven at night on the Autobahns, the lighting is adjusted to function at such speeds and levels of nighttime driver visibility. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v374/grand_toots/2015%20E-Golf/e-golfnight_zps6rtysbyr.jpg
NinerBikes 11/03/15 10:30am Tech Issues
RE: Charging voltage for T-105s

When Mex gives you battery charging instructions, and was a consultant for the battery industry as his profession, and you aren't paying a fee for the service received... unless you know more than him, why would you question him? Do what he says, then get back to us, if it works, or it doesn't. Or just go buy a good battery hydrometer with a glass tube, dip the cells, and get back to us when all of them read 1.275 to 1.280 or so. Then you can forget the timer... specific gravity equality among all cells is all that matters, it takes how ever long, at whatever voltage that it takes to get there. Getting a 12.0V battery to take 16.0V at 5% current charge rate in amps gets it done, then your voltage going in drops off. Monitor either battery acid, or when the voltage starts to drop off from 16.0V at 5% and call it a day. Or better yet, use the search function. I got almost 2 years worth of additional service out of a very beat up Trojan T-1275 that the golf course people had left for dead after about 600 days of service daily in a golf cart here in CA, where folks play golf 365 a year. I followed Mex's and BFL's suggestions... they worked for me, I suspect they will work for you also, as T-105's are one of the most forgiving batteries out there to recharge and maintain.
NinerBikes 11/02/15 09:22am Tech Issues
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