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RE: Stupid battery and solar questions

What voltage and amps is your ice shaving machine?
NinerBikes 05/26/16 03:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Watch out MS10 is still trying to force itself on you!

My computer was a few years old and slow, windows 7. Upgraded to 10 and it was like a brand new computer. Since it's main purpose in life is facebook and a couple camping forums I am pretty happy. You could do the same with a Google ChromeBook for 200 -$250.
NinerBikes 05/26/16 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Refilling 16 oz propane bottle off a 20# tank

I think refilling right before attaching to a little CharBroil BBQ, regardless of volume, as long as it's 90% or less is fine, or keep the 16 oz bottle upright so it only lets out gas to start, not liquid, should be fine.
NinerBikes 05/26/16 03:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Refilling 16 oz propane bottle off a 20# tank

Thank you, problem resolved, but I do have a leaking valve on the 16 oz bottle. D'oh! Probably why it is empty. Doggone it. Time to scrounge some camp sites for some empty bottles. Do not transport after refilling. Generally, I would plan to refill shortly before starting up a little BBQ.
NinerBikes 05/26/16 03:13pm Tech Issues
Refilling 16 oz propane bottle off a 20# tank

I am missing the instructions on the procedure of how to do this, after buying the thread adapter to do so. Could someone walk me through the procedure? I assume I need a bleed off valve that works on the 16 oz bottle to bleed off propane in gas form to let the liquid form in from the 20 pound bottle? Do I invert the big bottle so it flows liquid or keep it upright and let it flow in gas?
NinerBikes 05/26/16 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Stupid battery and solar questions

That Deka 145 is the same battery I bought. You want to let your solar panel recharge it at 14.4V. It does recharge slowly...............Hows urs hangin' ? Have you had a chance to see if it can do its rating? I have not tested it's rating. Right now, it's hanging out in my garage, waiting for me to resolve some family issues before I can go and use it on a fly fishing trip to Yellowstone in the Travel Trailer. Though I don't need to, I top charge it once a month. It rarely takes more than 2 amps, total, per month, to top charge it if it has been sitting in storage. Maybe if you feel like testing it, have at it... but I don't see the need in running perhaps an extra 50% cycle on it. Hopefully, it will get at least 10 - 14 cycles in June, camping. I believe it does weigh 105#, so it's not fun to move around. It's kind of risky on the lower back. Moving them around is a young man's game, not for the faint or the weak.
NinerBikes 05/26/16 09:58am Tech Issues
RE: Difference in honda generators Big store vs small dealer?

Try here. Northern Tool
NinerBikes 05/25/16 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Stupid battery and solar questions

That Deka 145 is the same battery I bought. You want to let your solar panel recharge it at 14.4V. It does recharge slowly. It does from time to time like to be bumped with about 20 -22 amps at 14.4V per battery via a timed set up like a switched power supply unit like a Mega Watt S400-12 set at 14.4V and a timer. Your EX650 will not have enough amps to really "bump" or give a stiff charging rate to those batteries. You probably would need something along the lines of a Honda EU2000i. Leaving AGM batteries on solar panel recharges all the time will not get the batteries to 100% SOC like they need every week or two when in use. I would make sure you have at least 360 watts of 12v panel able to provide for two of those batteries. PWM would work, but you'd need to shop around for a good price on 12V panels. If you could find a pair of 160W panels, you'd be golden almost all the time except in winter, perhaps, depending on daily usage. I have a 150w solar panel that I run portable, that I have no problem getting 8.5 to 9 amps per hour for 5 or 6 hours in the shortest days of winter in Quartzsite, chasing and aiming it at the sun 2 or 3 x a day. It almost always covers my daily usage, unless I ran the forced air heater a lot the evening before. Then I run the generator for an hour in the morning and the MegaWatt, to give the battery a good start on a full recharge that day. Those batteries were $125 last summer in Oceanside, CA or nearby there. Or at least that's what I paid. But I did have to leave a $30 core old battery. One T-1275 got traded in.
NinerBikes 05/25/16 04:42pm Tech Issues
RE: GMC/Chevy Baby diesel, What can you tow with it?

My 2013 Touareg TDI at 5000# with a 4300# wet 21 foot Palomino Gazelle TT feels heavily taxed on I-15 going up grades from San Bernadino to Yellowstone . One big pull from Mesquite NV to Cedar City, UT also, a slow one.
NinerBikes 05/24/16 07:13pm Tow Vehicles
GMC/Chevy Baby diesel, What can you tow with it?

Has anyone gone out yet and bought one of these 2.8 L V4 baby Duramax VM Motori made in Thailand diesels yet and pulled some travel trailer yet behind one of them? I know the 4 banger is down at 181HP and 369ftlbs of torque from the 240HP and 406 ftlbs of my 2013 Touareg TDI Sport. Also down from the RAM Ecodiesel 3.0 V6 too. In 4wd, should pull 7000 #'s, albeit I bet pretty slow. Rumor also has it that the 6 speed transmission for 2016 model is going bye bye for an 8 speed gear box in 2018. How does it tow with a lot of frontal area wind resistance?
NinerBikes 05/24/16 11:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Correct LiPo Charge Rate?

His 18650 batteries are not LiPO Chemistry, which ends up with 3.6V per cell, fully charged. More like Lithium Manganese chemistry is what he has, 4.2V, fully charged. Like in that big bad boy green laser you bought down at Quartzsite
NinerBikes 05/22/16 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Correct LiPo Charge Rate?

An 18650 Li ion cell should be charged to 4.10V per cell. 4.20 is maximum, but will shorten battery life. No, you can not recharge it with the borg. if you could use what is left of the lap top, and the brick charger to recharge it, that would be fine. Just stick the battery stick back in teh laptop, and plug in, and see if the battery recharges fully. REmove stick when ready to use.
NinerBikes 05/21/16 10:50pm Tech Issues
RE: 2, 6 volts or 2, 12 volts

I have a 50-year old suit. It looks the same as they day it came back from the tailor. Absolutely brand new. I must say this is the best suit i have ever owned and it equals any $4,000 Italian suit. It has never been worn. (David ... what has "never been worn" got to do with it?? The never-worn-stuff in my closet looks pretty bad after years of gathering California dust.) RJsfishin said that his 12 volts have lasted a long time over the years,,, then said that they were on the "wizard" 365, That means that they have never really been used. Ya gotta keep up with the conversation.:B :Z
NinerBikes 05/21/16 10:34pm Tech Issues
RE: 2, 6 volts or 2, 12 volts

Yeah, but the chemistry on your Hong Kong's finest wool suit doesn't deteriorate. As long as you keep it in a moth free environment.
NinerBikes 05/21/16 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: What guage wire?

With a 60 foot run, I'd go 4 gauge wire to that 60 amp breaker, 6 gauge is only good up to 50 feet. Do it once, do it right, with heavy enough material to not create wasted resistance and heat. One day, you may wish to plug in an electric car at your RV 14-50 NEMA outlet. 50 amp wire, continuous duty at 40 amps could get hot.. run with 4 gauge. Key words, continuous duty when recharging an electric car. Future proof your installation.
NinerBikes 05/19/16 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: My Screwy 31

What your continued use shows us is that high demand hard discharge cycles are what really put the hurt on the life of these batteries, and shallow, slow discharge cycles are, while harder on voltage to recharge fully, what adds longevity to the life and use of a battery. It makes perfect sense to me... Use in a golf cart with my T-1275 with many deep discharge cycles on the golf course made the battery unfit for use in a golf cart. I still got another 2 years out of it for camping purposes powering light stuff in my TT. What worked it the hardest was my water pump when taking a shower, a 5 amp draw. If I had just run my generator to recharge while taking a shower, I may have still been using the T-1275. Heck, it might even have still been alive a year later. Thanks for the update... keep checking your shorts on your batteries. Me, I check for battery acid holes burned in to my shorts. I wrecked 2 pair of Levi 550's doing acid dips. None of that happens with my AGM, so it's been a money saver in other ways, my sloppy acid dipping procedures are just no longer an option.
NinerBikes 05/17/16 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: How long should battery minder take, in conditioning mode?

OP should state brand and model of AGM battery. Sounds like a telecom surplus battery she got down where I got mine, but we don't know the brand and model number. If it's like mine... DEKA brand surplus telecom AGAM, I set the voltage at the Mega Watt at 14.40 volts, with my in line RC charger meter, and let 'er run until the RC line charger shows a current rate at or very close to .75 amps. That specification is a 0.5% rating of the battery amp hour rating at a 20 hour discharge rate. 150 amp hrs x .005 = .75 amp hours current rate is considered fully charged, or close enough. An AGM does better just disconnected after being fully topped off charged coming back from a camping trip. Discharge rate in fall, winter and spring, are quite low per month. They will require more frequent top charge in the summer, if stored in higher heat. Once a month then is sufficient.
NinerBikes 05/16/16 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Best towing vehicles for best MPGs

2013 VW Touareg Common Rail Diesel TDI Sport AWD full time, with 8 speed Aisin Transmission. 33-36 MPG highway interstate at 65-70 mph 16.5 to 19.5 MPG towing about 4400# wet of 21 foot Palomino Gazelle G210 Travel trailer at 55-58 MPH. MPG's are consistent in summer time, towing from Southern California to Yellowstone, or Montana on the Madison river. 4 years running. Before you question my numbers, call me a liar, or say I am full of bullcr*p, here's a Log of every mile and every fillup. My 2013 Touareg TDI Fuelly log
NinerBikes 05/15/16 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi vs Ecodiesel

I don't hear my wife in a gas or a diesel going up hill. . . . . . Much easier to deal with a girlfriend. :W
NinerBikes 05/15/16 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Four Six Volts with 300w of Solar?

Educate your wife on catalytic heaters with a cracked open vent and a cracked open window, for cross flow of oxygen. Or get a new wife, without mental blocks. That sounds like blackmail, I know. They are far more efficient than a forced air heater, which is a huge waste both of propane and electricity. Or buy her a new wardrobe for cold weather. Another option is to get yourself a more efficient, lower wattage Energy Saving LCD TV. There are several brands, Samsung comes to mind, that consume very few watts nowadays. 4 GC2's on the tongue of a Creekside 20FQ Travel Trailer is probably a poor idea, tongue weight alone. I'd suggest you find another solution. All the batteries need to be installed somewhere where they are always properly vented outside. Another option, and one most dry campers consider, is a small generator. If you don't use the microwave oven, a Honda Eu1000i is enough, if you do use the microwave, then the EU2000i would be the better choice. Tie that in with a MegaWatt 30 amp Power Supply unit, and set the voltage for 14.8 volts, maybe 14.9 if it's quite a bit colder. Do a search on how to do it by mexicowanderer. PS. I am in the same situation as you, in a 2012 Palomino Gazelle G210, 30,000 miles on it, at least, since I bought it. video of Palomino Gazelle G210
NinerBikes 05/15/16 09:35am Tech Issues
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