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RE: Batteries

So my question is this... how would you run your A/C on this during the later heat of the day, off the battery, and then timer recharge is when the cost per kilowatt from your power utility company is at a mimimum? In other words shift from peak demand load and pricing per KWH, to off hours where utilities companies charge less per kwh.
NinerBikes 05/01/15 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Which is better, Series or Parallel panels

I get up to aim my panels daily, setting voltage is no big deal. There is no set it and forget it smart charge controllers, mexicowanderer has confirmed this time and time again.
NinerBikes 05/01/15 06:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Transporting Solar Panel In A Toad's 4' X 6' Roof Rack

have you tried setting Google as your default browser, instead of the blue "e" internet explorer? I prefer Woodall's over rv.net for surfing, you might want to try it too.
NinerBikes 05/01/15 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Which is better, Series or Parallel panels

Thanke for all the posts info. I'll leave it in its parallel configuration. I hate my new "Solar 30" controller, so thought when I make a change I mite go series, but I'll leave as is,.....it works fine. What do you hate about it? Set it to 14.8V and forget about it. Or 14.4V. Whatever gets your batteries fully charged and doesn't boil off the water at an excessive rate. You have to add water and do maintenance, period, if you are going to charge up to 100% SOC.
NinerBikes 05/01/15 12:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Which is better, Series or Parallel panels

Panels are neither series or parallel.... Wiring is, as is the voltages used by high voltage suitable for series wiring panels or lower 12 Volt, suitable for parallel wiring. Then take into account the price of the controller, to determine price per amp at the battery bank.
NinerBikes 05/01/15 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: Batteries

In a GC-2 package... That's a lot of lithium... and in a small package too, for the amount of A/H. Musk snake oil?
NinerBikes 04/30/15 03:23pm Tech Issues

Things that make you go "Hmmmm?" about batteries. Tesla Motors (TSLA) is set to announce a new product today...but it's not a car. Speculation is CEO Elon Musk will unveil batteries for homes and businesses that are more advanced than what's currently on the market.
NinerBikes 04/30/15 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Laptop use on generator power question

Answer is don't let the kids watch DVD's off the computer while driving. Maybe take their faces off the screen for a bit and let them look out the windows instead while traveling. You're right, you knew the answer, put down the screens while driving.
NinerBikes 04/30/15 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: V-10, She cranks good, but she's a No Start

If it does not start when hot, could be fuel issues, or vapor lock, or....
NinerBikes 04/29/15 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: V-10, She cranks good, but she's a No Start

If it runs, it's not the coils or coil packs.
NinerBikes 04/29/15 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Quality

My 3 year old WFCO 8955 still works... at putting out a measly 13.8V float voltage. But that's about it, almost useless for bulk charging my 12V battery while boondocking. Defective by design, for my purposes. Now my 30 amp $50 MegaWatt power supply unit, set at 14.8 to 15.0V, kicks butt on that WFCO 8955, even running my small Honda EU1000I. Great piece of equipment for my purposes, keeps generator running time down to a minimum on those cloudy or rainy days where solar isn't going to help me much.
NinerBikes 04/29/15 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator bites the dust

If you can't get it figured out, a lawn mower repair shop in a larger city like Reno should be able to get it up and running, especially if they service Honda Lawnmowers.
NinerBikes 04/29/15 08:29am Tech Issues
RE: refer still too cold, new thermistor and lower board

After replacing these items the temps remain the same -5 in the freezer and 28-30 in the refrigerator. The temp is on the lowest setting, what's next? Called a local repair guy and he really didn't want to look into it, as the time troubleshoot and then wait for the cooling to take place is too long. All that's left is the upper board, the heating unit, and cooling unit. Why don't you put the temp on the highest settings? Move the sensor to the lowest point in the refrigerator.
NinerBikes 04/29/15 08:22am Tech Issues
RE: Expansion tank needed for water heater?

Well that answers that! Air pocket at the top of the water heater - I had no idea. So of course when I first filled and sanitized the water system, I made sure to do everything possible to get all the air out of the water heater, including opening the t/p relief valve. Had no idea I was defeating the purpose, so glad I asked! I may still add an accumulator for pump noise, but in the mean time, now I know how to easily fix this issue. Thanks! No, you need to fill up the water tank to full capacity before turning the water heater on, to prevent damage to the heater. Fill it up as much as you can, allowing for the natural airspace in the design, and not a drop less.
NinerBikes 04/28/15 11:43am Tech Issues
RE: Question For AGM Battery Owners...

Hi BFL13, Yep. Batteries have changed. The BCI insists all OEMs use same percentage ratio lead/antimony to render a more uniform recycled lead material stockpile. So cyclable batteries as a rule no longer contain 5% antimony. I intend to squeeze RAMCAR and the TJ OEM for the juiciest gossip. The fluorescent tie / paisley shirt crowd hold nothing sacred. Their sense of organization and propriety is like a fart in a whirlwind. The OEM converter manufacturer's administration must be a real Rat-eat-rat environment. "Make it sell or grab your walking papers!" What's waiting in the future? Soft Start? Chimes that play the overture to 2001 A Space Odyssey when the converter catches fire? Odorant that mimics Shaken not Stirred martinis when the charge cycle is complete? GOD! Am I glad I'm retired! I think a few of us here are glad you are retired too! I do not want to see you in anything paisley. Unless, perhaps they have you wiring something in a Brad Paisley video as an extra.
NinerBikes 04/28/15 11:24am Tech Issues
RE: And Here I Thought I Had Rip Van Winkled Out Of Memory

Niner You might feel differently if you or your family lived in the polluted areas. It sounds like Exide was doing some pretty nasty stuff and the community paid while they pocketed the profits. I would want something done if I lived there, we have many areas here in the same condition from companies that just couldn't afford to do it right. Gee, you think I went unscathed growing up in the shadows of the first nuclear power plant in the USA, and being downwind of it in the far west end of Canoga Park (now West Hills) California when Atomic International had a melt down, and leaked nuclear waste maybe 5 or 6 miles from my house as the crow flies? I lived there from June 1963 to October of 1983. Please, don't tell me about feeling differently. Do you think Atomic International, or Rocketdyne, or Boeing, or General Dynamics, of whoever owns it now will compensate me if I die of cancer and tumors? Sh*t happens. My first job was working for a plater that did a ton of aerospace parts for Fortune 50 space program companies, and subcontractors for aerospace, at 14. The owner of the plating company lived down the street, and paid piece work, far less than minimum wage, to us teenagers. I am certain the 140F heated degreaser has done wonders for my lungs doing anodized finishes also. Lead is nothing compared to radioactive waste. Worst melt down in US history
NinerBikes 04/27/15 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: And Here I Thought I Had Rip Van Winkled Out Of Memory

I'd like to think of myself as being tough enough to accept I have faded into obscurity. Pateco, the business, all that works and good 17 hour work days. Yet this reply to my email has put a smile on my face. Remember, all this stuff goes back more than a quarter-century! RAMCAR BATTERIES 11:30 AM (0 minutes ago) to me David, I remember you, :-). We do not make AGM batteries, but I can out source them, The L16's are either Mexican built in Tijuana, or US Battery. The cycled batteries are made here in LA. Do you still want pricing? Carol Sullivan-Miller Customer Service Manager 2700 Carrier Ave Commerce, CA 90040 323-726-1212 Ext 254 They recently closed a huge lead recycling plant here in Los Angeles recently, due to pollution code violations. Exide recycling plant shut down Obama has shut down lead smelting plants also, via the EPA.
NinerBikes 04/27/15 02:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar plan

Always fun to spend someone else's money. Don't fall off the roof.
NinerBikes 04/27/15 02:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Tips on a neat finish for caulk?

Wet your finger to smooth or buy a caulk finishing tool for $3
NinerBikes 04/27/15 02:35pm Tech Issues
RE: House battery problem - is it me or Interstate?

I use my Renogy solar 100 watt suitcase to get the higher volts needed to top charge my Interstate's. Which controller do you have coming with your flex panels? Hope you are getting this one, Viewstar 20 amp the cheaper one doesn't have equalization. I set my equalization mode up to 16.3 volts and the boost charge to 15.4 volts. PM me if you want to know how to do it, it's a special way of setting the parameters that Renogy told me. Why don't you post up the method that Renogy gave you to set the parameters here?
NinerBikes 04/27/15 01:34pm Tech Issues
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