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RE: Prescott Nat Forest in mid-November -- what's it like?

Niner, we have thought about the Owens Valley, but we have spent a lot of time there lately. Plus there is some light pollution, although not too much, as there is in the Sedona area. The other problem is that the hiking in the southern Sierra is mostly at around 9000 feet, and the roads to the trailheads are often snowed in. But it is a definite maybe. We are currently planning to go to the Bryce Canyon area, probably camping in Kodachrome Basin -- very dark skies, not terribly cold. The long range forecast looks good right now, but of course that could change tomorrow. What about the White mountains out of Big Pine on highway 168? Could be a tough tow, though.
NinerBikes 11/26/14 09:12am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: UPDATE! Picking up the 2015 Eco-Diesel Friday/Saturday! :)

Don, Congrats on the new truck... I'd be very cautious who I would let replace my tires in the future and perhaps even supervise the process. I can see someone scratching the heck out of those black rims during the tire removal and installation process. I would also check for this too. Link Enjoy the new truck... :B Funny thing about that picture and the damage Troy. One, that truck was wrecked, how do I know. The same way I sued Ford and their dealer over my 1990 F-150. The Red is painted BEFORE the silver, so this tell us what Troy and the other Ram hater Hybirdhunter? It tell us that at some point someone repainted the red and did a very poor job of it too. 2, the damage area is in the same place that a know nothing oil change guy might be placing the lift pads in the wrong location. But again lets not put the blame where it belongs, lets blame Ram, right guys? The owner even states "I didn't jack it from the side or something to that effect. Do yourself a favor and find someone to link to that does NOT have an axe to grind because his warrenty was revoked do to him modding his truck. Add a tuner box to your truck and you will be footing all repairs to the drivetrain yourself. As it should be! One more time, Ram did not build this truck to tow large or heavy RV's! They say that on the web their site. They built it for the average consumer that picks up loads at the home center, lawn and garden center or tows a good size boat! They tell you to buy a 2500 if you want to tow a larger RV or if you need a big payload for whatever reason. Oh and BTW the 2500 does it with better or the same fuel economy than the almighty EB F-150 LOL. Right tool for the right job, but lets not let facts get in the way of bashing right you two. Don Don, At what point is a travel trailer heavy or large for this truck, or too heavy or too large? I'm talking a 21 ft travel trailer that weighs about 4400 #'s wet, 7.5 feet wide. Too big, or too heavy, or the Eco diesel is within it's limits with a load like that? Assume 40% of miles accumulated with be with trailer in tow, pretty much a dedicated part time tow vehicle.
NinerBikes 11/26/14 08:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I Change My WFCO Converter?

Niner, You see the MegaWatt holding steady at 40 amps for quite a while? That's well above its rated duty cycle. Wow. And did this change after doing the fan mods? I see my 30 amp unit pulling 33 amps if my T 1275 is at a 40 to 50% SOC, yes. For 30-40-50 minutes, then it starts having battery chemistry drop off to 27, where it will sit and slowly decline, over another hour. Might be at 18 amps after 2 hours. The batteries only take high amps if you give it to them with voltage at 15.0V. No harm is done to the battery, chemistry and SG of the acid controls the take rate. Provided your battery is being stirred and is not getting hot, everything is fine. 15.0V at the PSU is not 15.0V at the batteries. Might finally get to 14.8 or 14.9, and amps to 12, then it's time to shut the generator off and finish with the solar panel. If your PSU is charging at a c/15 rate, in my opinion, if your PSU will provide the amps, it's time to save gas and shut the generator off, and let the slow charging solar panels take over and do the top charge portion. If you have 225 Amp hours of battery capacity, if set at 15.0 V, by the time a PSU with fat wires is showing 15 Amps being taken as the charge rate, time to shut the generator and PSU off, and go solar for the last bit. You could even quit at 20 amps and let the solar do the rest if you have enough watts in your solar system and a sunny day to work with.
NinerBikes 11/25/14 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Should I Change My WFCO Converter?

OP needs to go out, camp, and meter some actual usage first. He might need 40 amps, he might need 50 to 90's, but in the end, like most of us dry campers boondocking, he'll need something that runs off a generator and quick charges to 85 or 90% in 1.5 to 2 hours at 14.8v, and he'll need 200-300 watts of solar panel, a 30 amp adjustable solar panel charge controller, that he can get 15.0, 15.3 maybe 15.5 on occasion while disconnected from the rest of the travel trailer when equalize charging. This is the path most of us go down. If on a budget, get the Mega Watt 36 amp unit. It will get you 40+ amps, and it will feed amps at that level or near it, if set at 14.8V, as long as the batteries will gobble it up. This is for a pair of GC-2 batteries. 2 hours on the generator should be fine if the day is sunny, let the solar panels top charge off the rest of the day at 15.0V. I'm in the camp that too many people are doing their batteries a dis service by not top charging them as close to 100% as possible, daily. And I've seen what happens when you don't top charge on a regular basis... it's not good for the battery and sulfation. That's the Reader's Digest Condensed Version, as near as I could determine, for my 21 foot travel trailer and me, camping solo. My use is 35-50-55 amps a day. YMMV. Go camp, see what you use, then get back to us.
NinerBikes 11/25/14 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: UPDATE! Picking up the 2015 Eco-Diesel Friday/Saturday! :)

Go burn a tank of fuel and tell us what you get for mpgs, pen and paper. Did your dealership really top the tank off full, to the brim, before delivery to you? Looks nice, shiny, and new. How's the weather been where you live, before it gets covered in snow, muck and dirt? Hope it's sealed and waxes already before the wet weather hits.
NinerBikes 11/25/14 09:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Tell us more about the LED's you installed. Cost and supplier? Thx! 10 led bulbs for your 921 fixture lights on ebay The search function is very useful, try it.
NinerBikes 11/23/14 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: Honda stopping with low oil warning, oil level OK.

I usually do an oil change and put in just shy of a 1/2 a qt in a Eu2000i. Mobil 1 5w-30 full synthetic.
NinerBikes 11/23/14 11:22am Tech Issues
RE: Should I Change My WFCO Converter?

Thanks to everyone who has responded, it's much appreciated. We spend a lot of time off the grid, I would estimate approximately 50%, using a generator. Solar may be in our future but I can't afford it at this time. Some of you seem to be of the opinion that the WFCO is of poor quality. Could anyone please be more specific? Since the output in three modes is the same for the WFCO and PD, and since the PD doesn't actually do an equalizer charge that meets Trojan's recommendations, I would prefer to keep the WFCO and buy a charger to do equalizer charging as needed unless the WFCO is clearly and significantly inferior. Cost is a major factor in this decision. Of course, if the WFCO really is a POS that overrides every other consideration. Mike Thanks again. WFCO=POS for off pedestal camping... it will never go into 14.4 V bulk charging mode. Another option for off grid camping is to buy a Mean Well or Mega Watt PSU, like a Mega Watt S-400-12 online, and set it up to bulk charge for you. Do a "Mega Watt or"Meanwell" search here in the tech section. You set the PSU up for 14.8V with a set screw and let it do it's thing charging your battery bank. Mega Watt PSU's for charging batteries.
NinerBikes 11/22/14 10:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Should I Change My WFCO Converter?

How do you camp? Hooked up in a campsite, plugged in to a pedestal? If so, the trojans are not the best choice for you. Get regular group 27 29 or group 31 deep cycle walamrt jar batteries for your needs. If you camp off the grid, run a generator and or solar panels to replenish lost charge, then the Trojan true deep cycle 5% antimony batteries, different charge controller that yields 14.8V with 16.0V equalize capacity needed from time to time is then in order. Different types and styles of camping have different charging and battery requirements to optimize your power supply batteries and charging system.
NinerBikes 11/22/14 05:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Gummed Up Honda EU 2000 Gen

I've added Sta-bil to EVERY tank of fuel in all my small engines for the last 20 years. They all continue to start easily and run reliably, from my 20 year old lawn mower that hibernates for 5 months at a time to my chainsaw that goes years without use. My 9 year Yamaha generator still runs like a top. I don't bother draining fuel, or sticking with ethanol free blends, or even running them monthly, but I do only use 91+ octane (for other reasons). I have troubles understanding why some have so many problems with gumming up. Maybe different fuel blends for different geographic regions? /\ This... gas bought in larger cities with air pollution problems get additized and blended with junk that causes problems. I never have problems with fuel I buy in Idaho or in St George Utah, gumming up my Honda. Fuel I buy in Los Angeles is another matter, it has to be kept and stay fresh.
NinerBikes 11/22/14 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: electrical problem

I surged my converter with my generator it smoked and quit working. I replaced it now only half of my 12 vote things work lights hot water batterie charge. But the fridg heater won't. Does any one have any advise. Or help thanks fridge circuit board if on a Dometic, can die if it sees 15.4v or more.
NinerBikes 11/21/14 11:57pm Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

OP needs to tell us more about the rig he is in, what they use that sucks power, and wifey habits. Obviously, hair dryers, and A/C's and microwaves may be out of the picture, without a generator if in a smaller rig. OP here....More info if it will help. We just brought wives TT home last month. We have RV'd for many years and have had several RV's (actually too many). The latest is a 2013 Arctic Fox that and it is the wives. We love to travel in our X-rental Majestic that replaced our 37ft 5th wheel six years ago and will keep it. The places a small class C can get into are great. But as about everything else in RVing there are compromises. One of the compromises is the size of RV. Small class C is great for shorter amount of time, but when its raining or staying put for longer time, they are not so good for us!. We wanted something that we would be more comfortable for staying put for longer time and more room especially in the kitchen area. Overall be more comfortable. Talking with people that do have solar we've noticed that some people want to power a small city and others say they should of put up more. Being we seem to blast thru batteries, we thought why not get some solar? Most of our camping trips are in the winter time the temps are in the 30-40's and raining. But our lack of sun in the pacific NW we'll probably need more than the usual. We are going to start our "going south" again to warmer climate as soon as wife gets OK from her Dr. So knowing nothing about solar, I thought others might chime in and atleast get us going in right direction. Our elec usage IMO is "normal" we like temps 70-72 degrees and wife will read 1/2 the night with some lights on. IMO wife is not as conservative as she should be, but that's OK, she thinks we'd get better MPG if I didn't bring so many tools and spare parts along. But she doesn't complain about my shop labor rate when something needs fixing and I don't complain about all the gadgets or weight of them in the kitchen. So I guess we're even.:B Our generator is an old Honda (1990's model)that is not so quiet compared to newer light weight ones, so we don't use it if we think it will disturb others. And I thought we might be able to leave generator at home with enough solar being tow rig is an older diesel. That would be no gas and gas cans. I'm starting to read some of the links people have posted and starting to believe solar is like tire posts. What works for some doesn't mean it will work for you. Maybe my question should of been, how much solar do you have and do you like it? Thanks With what you tell me, and not sacrificing, and where you camp, and how much roof you have on a C class...I'd sell your 1990's generator, and get a new Honda Eu2000i Generator online from Wise Sales. Maybe a good 14.8V charge controller too.
NinerBikes 11/21/14 09:36pm Tech Issues
RE: The big voltage rip off in my SUV

I'm just going to go with the generator and the MegaWatt when I get there. 1 hour and 33 amps trying to go in to the 150A/H rated battery will have to be "good enough" for the first night. Then an hour again first thing in the morning. Waiting for my solar 6 heater to arrive today, plumb it in and thinking about trying some winter style camping near Yreka on the Klamath River.
NinerBikes 11/21/14 12:16pm Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Yes, 50 Amp hours for the day, more than enough for a little 21 foot travel trailer. My 120w Solar panel makes an easy 6.3 to 6.6 AH for 8 to 10 hours in MT that time of year. I don't sit in the TT all day, when fly fishing or near Yellowstone National Park... so when sight seeing, it's a good thing the days are long. Niner...do you mean 50amp Hrs ? Total for the day Thinking in terms of "reality", I love your wording, "possible" 52 amps But then, I love the 14 hr days too:B. I saw, for real, a 50 amp day on my 120W portable solar panel. It was June 10th, and I was camping in Montana on the Madison River. I had to leave my bathroom fan on all day, just to make it possible, but, past May through August, if you camp in northern latitudes in the summer, on a sunny day, it can happen with portable aimed panels moved 3x a day. OP needs to tell us more about the rig he is in, what they use that sucks power, and wifey habits. Obviously, hair dryers, and A/C's and microwaves may be out of the picture, without a generator if in a smaller rig.
NinerBikes 11/21/14 11:04am Tech Issues
The big voltage rip off in my SUV

Since day one, I've always had marginal charging ability from my VW Touareg to charge up the travel trailer battery on trips. Almost without fail, driving and trailering all day, the silly 1/3 or 2/3 charged wall light indicator would show 2/3 charged within minutes after stopping for a lunch break or a Wal Mart overnighter. Yesterday, I was dinking around with the electronic control module with some Ross-Tech Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) software, and that software allowed me to see and set all kinds of parameters. The clue to me was that even after starting up glow plugs on a cold motor, the maximum Voltage ever shown on my Scan Gauge II was 14.2V. It would drop down to 14.0 or 13.9 within minutes. And it was then, when I saw the adjustment in the Ross-Tech for voltage charging setup, that I saw that my SUV diesel is set for running a factory AGM battery... and a factory AGM battery should get, tops 14.4V, and 14.4V is not enough for my T-1275 to keep it topped off and fully charged while driving. So forgive me for having a double facepalm moment. The point is don't mix types of batteries and expect 100% performance. Eventually, I may get an AGM battery that likes 14.4V for my travel trailer. Or just set up the solar panel quickly when I get to a campsite and hope I have a few hours of daylight left to get that last 25 or 30 AH back into the battery and topped off before night fall. But a fussy charging 14.8 or 15.0V demanding battery on the trailer and an AGM that likes 14.2 to 14.0V from the alternator on the SUV is not the best working combo while driving down the road trying to get to my destination.
NinerBikes 11/21/14 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Thinking in terms of "reality", I love your wording, "possible" 52 amps But then, I love the 14 hr days too:B. I saw, for real, a 50 amp day on my 120W portable solar panel. It was June 10th, and I was camping in Montana on the Madison River. I had to leave my bathroom fan on all day, just to make it possible, but, past May through August, if you camp in northern latitudes in the summer, on a sunny day, it can happen with portable aimed panels moved 3x a day. OP needs to tell us more about the rig he is in, what they use that sucks power, and wifey habits. Obviously, hair dryers, and A/C's and microwaves may be out of the picture, without a generator if in a smaller rig.
NinerBikes 11/21/14 10:42am Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Wife runs the battery down? Want to get rid of the gasoline? Max it out. Post a pic of the roof and figure out how to get 500+ watts up there :B can't post pic's, haven't sign up yet. I will measure the space on roof that I have and see what will fit. So far I don't even see a way to run the wires. (minor side note)...I know this is not good for batteries, but when we do long dry camps in our small Class C, I bring my 6 batteries (all charged) 2 batteries hooked up in RV and my 4 spares and change them out when the little light says they are on 1/4 mark. If we run out of batteries then we live like the chickens in daylight only till end of trip. Sort of fun actually. But that's in the summer not when it's cold. Think hard sided tent. Wife on "power diet". Yep, been discussed many times. "why bother having an RV if we aren't going to use what the heck is in it?" She's got a point, just wish the power problem could be solved easier. I use everything in my 21 foot travel trailer... in moderation. Key words, in moderation. They can be taught.
NinerBikes 11/20/14 09:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Testing the new to me NON MPPT 20 amp Charge controller

Mr. Wizard, you ARE the Wizard for that find! That should make the MPPT crowde mighty happy, if it works as it's supposed to. We need someone with 30 amps worth or near there with 24v panels to give it a test... I sense a job for Mena661!
NinerBikes 11/20/14 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Sounds like the OP hasn't even taken their camper out camping yet. Absolutely true. Got in home and took care of big stuff... changed out tires, pulled hubs and bearings, load up wives stuff and about ready to use first time. My posting was an interest in solar because wife runs down batteries in our little Majestic when it's cold out. It is like 1 night 1 battery. This newer TT (her RV) is going to need something because our generator (older Honda) runs on gas and our tow vehicle is diesel. So now I'll have to carry along gas and if we stay longer (1 week is about our camping time at one place) I'll be bringing lots of gas and cans. Solar would solve some of that situation. NinerBikes said... if your unit does not have all LED lights inside, change those all out first from incandescents." Yep, bank account shows I did that. But those LED's must be one of the best things that happened to RV's, after installing them. I did not know solar was as cheap as people commented here, that's a good thing IMO. Thanks You may have to go the route some of us went that camp off grid, off pedestal, and dry camp... get a separate charge controller that charges at a 14.8V charge rate, bulk, mount it as close to the batteries as possible with fat gauge wire, and run the device first thing in the morning off the generator, to get the easy bulk charging done quickly before letting the solar panel take over and finish off what the bulk charging PSU or charge controller that the generator started. Lots for you to learn about recharging batteries, state of charge, and how to measure properly your batteries to determine their health. '' Search'' is your friend. Put your wife on a power diet.
NinerBikes 11/20/14 03:08pm Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Alternative method. Charge your batteries fully, 100% before leaving on a trip. Measure voltage disconnected. Measure the specific gravity after doing so, and log it down per cell. Note the time you arrived at the campsite and started running strictly off the batteries. 24 hours later, shut all electrical off, take a specific gravity reading, and take a voltage reading with everything disconnected. Compare. That will give you a rough State Of Charge from 100% down to 50%. Your specific gravity will tell you more, % wise, what you've consumed, based on the total Amp hour ratings of your batteries. Go from there...but first, if your unit does not have all LED lights inside, change those all out first from incandescents. Next might be a no fan heater like a Olympic Solar 6 or solar 3 or solar 8. Next after that might be a low amperage draw LED TV. Plenty of ways to cut amps consumed, though in the end, its probably way cheaper to just add more watts in solar panels. However, LEDs are best bang for the buck in dropping your amp hours consumption quickly and effectively. Do a search here on ¨48 SMD warm white LEDs¨ 120 to 200 watts of solar panel is a good start if you are going through 25 -45 amp hours in a 24 hour period. You;ll burn a lot more than that in winter time if you keep those stock incandscent bulbs, though. Those bulbs are pretty much a ''Must go'' item if you want to keep consumption down on long fall, winter and early spring nights.
NinerBikes 11/20/14 11:37am Tech Issues
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