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RE: Quartzsite 2018

Had a great time for a week down at the Quartzfest ham radio GTG, last week. Nice group of people.
NinerBikes 01/28/18 11:06am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: When did boondocking become weird?

For many people it's not about camping and the woods It's about travel, it's about destinations, about sight seeing But coming back to their own bed, not using hotels It's a different choice I agree that many do not fully utilize the self containment features, And could avoid some hassles by doing so But that is their choice /\ I am in this camp.
NinerBikes 01/14/18 10:51pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite 2018

I'm guessing the roads into town are starting to rumble with diesel pushers on down to some sort of travel trailer.
NinerBikes 01/02/18 10:24pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite 2018

What happened to this thread? Any new Quartzsite news from someone local?
NinerBikes 12/13/17 08:16pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Wfco replaced today. Will get data in a few weeks..

It's tough to remain objective but try and get a feel if the batteries now seem to have more capacity when camping. You would be shocked to learn how many people are using "fully charged" batteries that have sixty to seventy percent of their original capacity. TOP CHARGING Get an inline AC power cord timer at the hardware store. When you return from camping, and the SMART charge system lies and shuts off, tickle the batteries with the 10-amp setting. You're at what, 3-1/2 amps now? See what the charger shows right after your converter flings a whopper reading at you. How many amps does the little charger say? This is a mini-BS detector. If the batteries need say an hour or so to bring them up, as the Beatles, sang, Let It Be. The object is to squeeze every nickel so tight the buffalo farts. It's not only cheapskate, it's incredibly GREEN. Well maintained good quality batteries last an incredibly long time -- with a minimum of bother. This topping off, will reduce equalization by 90%. You may never need to equalize again. LOL so what are you saying? I need layman's terms... No offense but sometimes your posts, although funny, seem written in code I do not understand... ha ha.. 1. come home from camping. when converter shuts down to 13.6 and barely putting in 1 amp, SG may be low. so i'm being lied to... 2. Im at 3.5 amps yes more or less. 3. Not sure where the timer fits in... 4. When and what # will the converter throw so called whopper reading at me? Is the whopper reading the done charging scenario when actually I may need more? Took charger off... SG still 1275... maybe slightly higher.. I hit CW button for last time now... Now I am going to let the converter do its thing over the winter. I will not be doing anything till sunday. As im going to doctor now, and taking a drive tomorrow to see the tree in NYC... Spend the day there.. Be back sunday... Although I may have time later to read some posts... Go camping. Come back, disconnect main ground from camper so all electric is isolated from recharging and set your solar panel voltage for 14.8V. Let charge in the sun until Specific Gravity reaches 1.275. Check after 2 days. If your S.G. isn't 1.275, disconnect the solar panel and put your Sears recharger on it in 10 amp mode. Try 2 hours, and see if you drop down to 3.5 amps charging rate at end of 2 hours. Following day, read the specific gravity. Is it 1.275? Good! Store battery disconnected for 3 or 4 months. If it's not 1.275.... hit it again with good old Sear battery recharger for a couple more hours. Repeat until you see 1.275 SG and then store the battery. My old Sears Manual battery recharger does 6 amps and will do up to 17.0V. Many the time it has cleaned up my very PIA Trojan T-1275 12V floor machine industrial battery with very stubborn 6% antimony plates, to the full 1.275 SG. This is a very stubborn to fully recharge battery, but done once every 7 to 10 days camping, it gets fully capacity back again. Store a battery only when fully top charged. A good healthy battery should top charge with 14.8v if not sulfated. Short of a manual charger... other methods include supervised recharging with a Power supply unit capable of 30 -40 amps and adjustable voltage input, something like the Mega Watt or MeanWell units, while dry camping on a gas powered generator like a EU2000i by Honda. Do a search here on MegaWatt or Meanwell PSU's for dry camping recharging.
NinerBikes 12/08/17 11:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Wfco replaced today. Will get data in a few weeks..

You don't tell us anything about your battery, who makes it, type of battery, etc. It's well known that high antimony lead batteries need closer to 14.8 to 15.0V to get pretty close to being fully recharged. You also never showed us what your SG was with the WFCO, of if you've damaged your battery from the WFCO sub standard recharging and sulphated plates.
NinerBikes 12/05/17 07:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Quartzsite 2018

Any updates?
NinerBikes 11/26/17 10:34pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite 2018

I may have to try Main St Eatery out next visit. Have done Mtn Quail Cafe. Food is good but a little $$$ for what you get.
NinerBikes 10/14/17 12:22pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Video TR: Valley of the Gods/Monument Valley/Navajo Nat'l

Just wonderful photography.
NinerBikes 10/14/17 12:18pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite 2018

Which restaurant was first to open?
NinerBikes 10/02/17 08:22pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Costco coleman 100w

That free shipping is attractive. i.e. the only way I could benefit from Solar Blvd's great prices is to drive 250 miles further into the USA. Norco is 101 miles north of San Diego.
NinerBikes 09/27/17 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Telecom towers and their power

Well, a General ham radio license is a good option, if all involved have one, know how to use it, and have hf radios. Morse Code CW is good to know during such times.
NinerBikes 09/12/17 02:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Converting 30amp twistlock to 30amp Rv? How?

I bought an short adapter cord, twist lock on one side, rv 3 way female on the other from a popular online shopping site. I believe I've seen them at a popular physical retailer as well. Running electric water heater on generator is going to consume most of the power even from twin 2000w Honda (4kw peak, 3.2kw continous) WH probably wants 2.4kw... you won't be able to run AC and WH at the same time. Run AC or water heater, probably can't run both at the same time. Take your pick.
NinerBikes 09/12/17 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Quartzsite 2018

Someone sent me a countdown to Quartzsite via an email. About 135 days and 10 hours left.
NinerBikes 09/01/17 03:16pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Utah's National Park Electric Corridor.

BTW, returning from viewing the eclipse this week, the Priuses didn't do so well. Several were on the side of the road. I don't know for a fact if they were out of juice, though. (Does AAA deliver electricity?) Not sure how the hybrids did but probably better than we did. We filled the Tahoe, Casita attached, (but not the spare gas can!) at Cheyenne and the round trip from that point was 204 miles. On the return leg we pulled over in Yoder, WY and added what was left in the gas can, probably only a gallon. Fortunately, the Yoder FD had foreseen the problem and had spare fuel available, but only enough to get us to La Grange, WY, where Goshen CO FD said that they only had emergency fuel available. But, the bypass had gotten us out of the traffic jam and we were able to drive full speed and increase our fuel mileage. We made it, barely, to Pine Bluffs. LS I am probably missing the obvious but why would a Prius not do well with an eclipse. Do priuses have some kind of aversion to temporary darkness lasting 3 minutes??? And why would one deliver electricity to a Prius. They run on gas. Do you mean they somehow broke down? Not sure how it relates to a prius but yes there are some triple A vehicles in the LA basin that can provide a 7 KWH DCFC charge to a stranded electric vehicle. Enough to get to a charge station etc. 7 Kwh in an electric equipped with a 7.2kwh charger on board is a 1 hour recharge. If it's a 365V battery and truly can take 7 Kwh at a 35 to 40 kwh DCFC rate, you are looking at about 9 or 10 minutes to add 7 kwh in a proper fast charge equipped 24 kwh rated battery.
NinerBikes 08/27/17 04:20pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Utah's National Park Electric Corridor.

"Cool pics. Thanks for sharing. Are you completely off grid?" Yep, 100%. That doesn't mean we are self-sufficient, though. Propane is delivered once or twice a year. Basically our home is a scaled-up RV. I'm jealous. :) We have a very basic emergency backup type system. 2 X group 31 AGM batteries, a 300 amp fuse, a 2.5 KW sine wave inverter/charger with transfer switch. It is fed to a subpanel with 6 critical 110 circuits for lights, fans. entertainment centres, garage door, security system etc. No 220 so no furnace and no range. The fireplace is natural gas and functions without power so thats our emergency heat. Water heater is natural gas. Have to live without central air in a blackout as well. We have two 160 watt portable panels that we can connect to pre-wired quick connects to charge the batteries. We thought about using a honda 3000 watt generator but that meant storing it and gas in the garage. Since both our vehicles are electric we have no need for any other type of fuel so it would kinda clash. And besides I have consistently bad luck with gennys. Long story. Are any of your vehicles electric. If so consider adding one of these to the stable. Don't think our town house board will let us put one in the driveway. :) Self contained, arrives on a truck, sets up in 10 minutes. http://www.envisionsolar.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/mainimage4.jpg How much for the solar panel setup up? I drive a Vw 2015 e-Golf SEL that I bought. Looks like about 12 amps at 240V capable. Not quite 3 Kwh capable charge rate. Edit: seems those are EV ARC4's made in San Diego, CA. About 4 kwh capable, has batteries to store a charge, etc. About $40,000. Self contained EVSE charger for electric vehicles.
NinerBikes 08/27/17 11:58am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite 2018

I enjoy the mineral show, and Quartzfest, the ham radio /RV get together 5 miles south of the big tent, on the west side. For me, Quartzsite is always a good time. Oh yeah, and where in the world is SCVJeff?
NinerBikes 08/11/17 10:37am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Quartzsite 2018

I got an email from someone already counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds, until it starts. Anybody else had enough of this heat?
NinerBikes 08/09/17 12:20pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: So long summer,

Big triple digit electric bill in the works for July and August, someone keeps turning the AC down instead of turning the fan on, and wearing less clothes.
NinerBikes 08/09/17 12:19pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Does anyone know how many amps an Fantastic Fan pulls?

I close the door when using the fantastic phart fan. There's a nice 1 inch gap at the bottom of the door to the bathroom, to clear the carpet, makes for a good place to draw air from when the door is fully closed, to ventilate up and out. It makes a nice inlet for air from the rest of the trailer. Turn the fan on, do your business with the door closed, and the fan will work as designed, fantastic at removing moisture, stink, whatever. Slow speed is plenty good enough for me.
NinerBikes 07/18/17 12:48pm Tech Issues
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