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RE: Telecom towers and their power

Well, a General ham radio license is a good option, if all involved have one, know how to use it, and have hf radios. Morse Code CW is good to know during such times.
NinerBikes 09/12/17 02:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Converting 30amp twistlock to 30amp Rv? How?

I bought an short adapter cord, twist lock on one side, rv 3 way female on the other from a popular online shopping site. I believe I've seen them at a popular physical retailer as well. Running electric water heater on generator is going to consume most of the power even from twin 2000w Honda (4kw peak, 3.2kw continous) WH probably wants 2.4kw... you won't be able to run AC and WH at the same time. Run AC or water heater, probably can't run both at the same time. Take your pick.
NinerBikes 09/12/17 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Quartzsite 2018

Someone sent me a countdown to Quartzsite via an email. About 135 days and 10 hours left.
NinerBikes 09/01/17 03:16pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Utah's National Park Electric Corridor.

BTW, returning from viewing the eclipse this week, the Priuses didn't do so well. Several were on the side of the road. I don't know for a fact if they were out of juice, though. (Does AAA deliver electricity?) Not sure how the hybrids did but probably better than we did. We filled the Tahoe, Casita attached, (but not the spare gas can!) at Cheyenne and the round trip from that point was 204 miles. On the return leg we pulled over in Yoder, WY and added what was left in the gas can, probably only a gallon. Fortunately, the Yoder FD had foreseen the problem and had spare fuel available, but only enough to get us to La Grange, WY, where Goshen CO FD said that they only had emergency fuel available. But, the bypass had gotten us out of the traffic jam and we were able to drive full speed and increase our fuel mileage. We made it, barely, to Pine Bluffs. LS I am probably missing the obvious but why would a Prius not do well with an eclipse. Do priuses have some kind of aversion to temporary darkness lasting 3 minutes??? And why would one deliver electricity to a Prius. They run on gas. Do you mean they somehow broke down? Not sure how it relates to a prius but yes there are some triple A vehicles in the LA basin that can provide a 7 KWH DCFC charge to a stranded electric vehicle. Enough to get to a charge station etc. 7 Kwh in an electric equipped with a 7.2kwh charger on board is a 1 hour recharge. If it's a 365V battery and truly can take 7 Kwh at a 35 to 40 kwh DCFC rate, you are looking at about 9 or 10 minutes to add 7 kwh in a proper fast charge equipped 24 kwh rated battery.
NinerBikes 08/27/17 04:20pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Utah's National Park Electric Corridor.

"Cool pics. Thanks for sharing. Are you completely off grid?" Yep, 100%. That doesn't mean we are self-sufficient, though. Propane is delivered once or twice a year. Basically our home is a scaled-up RV. I'm jealous. :) We have a very basic emergency backup type system. 2 X group 31 AGM batteries, a 300 amp fuse, a 2.5 KW sine wave inverter/charger with transfer switch. It is fed to a subpanel with 6 critical 110 circuits for lights, fans. entertainment centres, garage door, security system etc. No 220 so no furnace and no range. The fireplace is natural gas and functions without power so thats our emergency heat. Water heater is natural gas. Have to live without central air in a blackout as well. We have two 160 watt portable panels that we can connect to pre-wired quick connects to charge the batteries. We thought about using a honda 3000 watt generator but that meant storing it and gas in the garage. Since both our vehicles are electric we have no need for any other type of fuel so it would kinda clash. And besides I have consistently bad luck with gennys. Long story. Are any of your vehicles electric. If so consider adding one of these to the stable. Don't think our town house board will let us put one in the driveway. :) Self contained, arrives on a truck, sets up in 10 minutes. http://www.envisionsolar.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/mainimage4.jpg How much for the solar panel setup up? I drive a Vw 2015 e-Golf SEL that I bought. Looks like about 12 amps at 240V capable. Not quite 3 Kwh capable charge rate. Edit: seems those are EV ARC4's made in San Diego, CA. About 4 kwh capable, has batteries to store a charge, etc. About $40,000. Self contained EVSE charger for electric vehicles.
NinerBikes 08/27/17 11:58am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite 2018

I enjoy the mineral show, and Quartzfest, the ham radio /RV get together 5 miles south of the big tent, on the west side. For me, Quartzsite is always a good time. Oh yeah, and where in the world is SCVJeff?
NinerBikes 08/11/17 10:37am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Quartzsite 2018

I got an email from someone already counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds, until it starts. Anybody else had enough of this heat?
NinerBikes 08/09/17 12:20pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: So long summer,

Big triple digit electric bill in the works for July and August, someone keeps turning the AC down instead of turning the fan on, and wearing less clothes.
NinerBikes 08/09/17 12:19pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Does anyone know how many amps an Fantastic Fan pulls?

I close the door when using the fantastic phart fan. There's a nice 1 inch gap at the bottom of the door to the bathroom, to clear the carpet, makes for a good place to draw air from when the door is fully closed, to ventilate up and out. It makes a nice inlet for air from the rest of the trailer. Turn the fan on, do your business with the door closed, and the fan will work as designed, fantastic at removing moisture, stink, whatever. Slow speed is plenty good enough for me.
NinerBikes 07/18/17 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: 15k BTU AC on Parallel Hondas?

Huntingdog Do you mean eCon mode No generator is running at idle while powering the A/C I've run a paired set of EU2000I's with my Dometic 13.5k in eco mode on both, and once the AC is started up, they do indeed loaf at the regular Eco rpm settings. Elevation was 3000 feet and outside temp was 96F. That's 5 to 5.5 amps per generator, and both of them did not change their engine speed when the AC turned off. The tone of the exhaust note changed a bit, but the pitch and rpms remained the same. This was my observation. YMMV. I was running ethanol free gas in it, at the time. Gas with ethanol in it really takes a good chunk of power away from a Honda EU2000I, as does going up in elevation.
NinerBikes 06/18/17 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Priming Honda 2000 after draining carb: when is it primed?

I don't care which model you have. Unless you live out in the boonies, and non city areas and KNOW you are getting and buying ethanol free gasoline, drain the carb bowl of all fuel, leave the switch for fuel and spark on the "off" position, turn on the choke, leave it on, and pull the starter cord 4 or 5 times, to suck all the fuel out of the jets, before storage. If you want to start it up easily, leave the top vent in the closed position, turn the switch to the "ON" position, rock the motor back and forth 3 or 4 times, wait 10 seconds, then pull the starter cord, with the choke on. I always start in "eco" mode on. Once running, open up the vent to the "on" position on the fuel cap, let it warm up for 120 seconds, then plug in what you want to run. I always warm my motor up before putting it under any load. Common sense.
NinerBikes 06/14/17 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Got my new (used) batteries!! Now, how do I rejuvenate them?

What I have observed with my Surplus Telecom acid rich Deka. I can set the voltage to what ever on my 30 amp Mega Watt, but I usually keep it at 14.4V. Battery is rated about 150 to 160 ah for 20 hour rating. Battery takes what it takes for current. Rarely will it do over 20 amps recharge rate, at 14.4V. This Mega Watt recharge, 1x a week when boondocking off the grid, keeps the battery in good shape. When the battery won't take more than 0.75 amps /hr on the RC watt meter that is in line with the megawatt, I shut things off. Battery flat out works, very very well. Let it suck up big amps from the meanwell, and the generator, 1x per week, between daily solar panel recharges. Get it really fully charged, by what ever means you must use, to keep it from sulphating.
NinerBikes 06/14/17 12:34am Tech Issues
RE: They say 10 amps maximum, but....

Send me your "dead" Megawatts please LOL, only one, from CO, that I am aware of. Mine has been doing a lot of powering my 100w 20 amp sucking ham radio as of late. No issues, so far. Ran it every morning at 14.4V for an hour an half to stir the juices up in the surplus 150 ah Telecom Deka. Must have worked, I saw the Deka up to 12.92V after off the charger for 24 hours. Usually it's 12.88 to 12.89. Could be temperature related too. For my usage, that Telecom DEKA is perfect. The ham radio will suck 4 to 5 Ah per hour in the evening and night on 40m at , on average. There goes 16 to 20 amps. Perfect companion, the Mega Watt, in the travel trailer.
NinerBikes 06/14/17 12:18am Tech Issues
RE: Question For Experienced Deka AGM Uers

I'm curious .... why is a Lifeline inappropriate? (Other than cost!!) Cost... versus most cost effective or value, $ to years and days worth of use. Going to san diego soon?
NinerBikes 05/29/17 12:22am Tech Issues
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