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RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

Everything from them needs to be taken with copious amounts of salt They went from the bus to a new RV, to now in a Sail boat Iirc Sponsors paid for everything RV, batteries, solar,etc.. Any links on their new motor home, and then their boat?
NinerBikes 04/06/17 10:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Android overtakes Windows as most used operating system

I've been running a Samsung Chromebook for what seems like 3 or 4 years now. I am by no means a techie. The last HP laptop I bought came with Windows 7. It was terrible compared to Windows XP. I absolutely hate it now, now that it has been "upgraded" to Windows 10. Windows 10 is junk, complete junk. I found Windows 98 and Windows XP Pro to be the most useful for my day in and day out needs. Now, a little 4 year old Chromebook does almost all of it. And I am perfectly happy with it. Also happy with my outdated Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So far, so good.
NinerBikes 04/04/17 05:37pm Technology Corner
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

I thought I saw 100 ah batteries somewhere near Ontario or the San Gabriel Valley in CA for about $500 each, from China. do a search to find them, save yourself a bunch of money.
NinerBikes 04/02/17 02:08pm Tech Issues
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

Going on two years now added four 200amp/hr LiFeMnPO4 Prismatic cells They have been wonderful to say the very least Contrary to popular belief they are not difficult to charge properly Suggest you look at the Prismatic cells as compared to the "Drop In Replacements" which are made of dozens of smaller cells in a series / parallel configuration Check out the Boating forums lots of good hands on info available Tell us more about your prismatic cells. I believe my VW e-Golf has the exact same battery chemistry as what you are mentioning, with prismatic cells. 24.2 kwh of capacity, about 22kwh usable.
NinerBikes 04/02/17 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: April Fools Day Calfornia Battery Prices

Through out history, the poorest members of the population have been the ones with the most hazardous jobs mining etc..and the poorest health I can not condone that.. And nobody should The higher the birth rate, the higher the population count. The higher the population count, the greater the burden on the government to educate and provide for all of them. The larger the population, the smaller the slice of the pie every one of them gets, due to limited resources land can provide. Unfortunately, the leaders in China see them as a renewable resource that is expendable, human rights be damned. War, atrocities, poor health and a higher death rate due to risky job operations all help to keep the overall population manageable and in check. Death rates need to exceed birth rates, no other way around it, for everyone to live better. We can all condone, or not condone whatever we want, but few of us will have any effect overall on the grand scheme of things.
NinerBikes 04/02/17 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Tent Cot Camping

I've owned a TenCot since about 2002 or 2003, I believe. Got a lot of years service out of mine. Here's something I posted about mine on FaceBook a while back. TentCot Service
NinerBikes 04/02/17 10:35am Tent Camping
RE: 70 amp charger cooking 12v LEDs?

I have a QRP ham radio that while listening pulls about 180 to 190 mAh. It runs at from 15.0 to 10.0V From 15 to 14V at about 3000 mah, it will transmit at 15w under voltage sag. From 14.0V to 12.0V, it will transmit at 10w. Under 12.0V, it will automatically drop down to 5w. Since I do remote field operations, I've bought a 4S Li Poly battery that starts out at 16.8V, drops down and runs at 14.8V for a long time, then the V drops off and under 12.0v I will be at 5w. I want a set of diodes in series that will handle 3 to 4 amps, with enough diodes in series that it will drop the V down from 16.8 to 15.3V or slightly less, as there is also a protection reverse current diode in the radio that drops input voltage another 0.3V. I want to be able to run at 15 watts as long as possible when doing activations while remote.
NinerBikes 03/29/17 10:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Tech Tip: Megawatt / Tiny Generator

The 'ranch' owner needed a battery charged His 300w 2 cycle generator bogged and died every time they tried to used the 10 amp charger, even died on the 2 amp setting Mex connected the megawatt turned the voltage down load Started the generator dialed the voltage up until the generator struggled Backed it off until running smooth As the load lessen he would turn the voltage up just hair Kept doing this until the battery was charged The Ranchero ask sell? And Mex sold it to him and also got a 4 pound cheese wheel as a bonus Moral of the story even an itty bitty 300w generator can charge a battery, using the right charger and technique Another moral is that the stock pot on the Mega Watt wont take much twisting and adjusting before failure, and that the Megawatt should not be exposed to ranching dirt, dust, etc, getting inside the electronics on the components and fan also. It's really designed for an indoor, static location. Just a FYI
NinerBikes 03/29/17 04:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Tech Tip: Megawatt / Tiny Generator

Which model Megawatt are your referring to, and which model 300 watt chinese generator?
NinerBikes 03/29/17 03:12pm Tech Issues
RE: The ANTENNA Thread with measured signal strengths by brand

SO to cut to the chase..... As has been known Winegard Crank up amplified antenna with 'wing' WINS! Yes, but this thread above quantifies it in measurable terms, via a scope reading. So there is no question as to "how much better" is a Wineguard with gen 4 wing.
NinerBikes 03/29/17 03:09pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Television Antenna Options

In HF ham radios, 3dBm is worth 1/2 an "S" in signal strength,and I believe a doubling of the amount of watts transmitted. See "dBm as a power level" chart, and look up 1w vs 2w, vs 4w. transmitting power Of course, how good your propagation is of those watts vs antenna selection is important in ham radios, but in our case here, we are looking at efficiency in receiving the signal strength strong enough to saturate the TV's receiver to get full audio and picture strength on the screen. The stronger the signal, the better the chance you'll still get reception in cloud cover and during rain storms. Rain will dilute your TV signal strength considerably, causing all kinds of picture problems during heavy down pours. I don't watch too much TV while out in the Travel Trailer, but it's very nice to put up my batwing in Quartzsite after a long day at the gem and mineral show, and pull in 4 or 5 stations 50 miles south of us that serve Yuma, from Plomosa Road. Last time I was there, everyone was telling me my antenna was aimed the wrong direction, they were all pointed north. I was pointed about 195 to 200 degrees, at some Yuma based stations from mountains on the other side of the Colorado River in CA and getting great reception on my little 1080p 22" Samsung LED TV, only pulling 19w off the battery. YMMV... Just sharing with you what worked for me that trip to "Q". I had a lot of disbelievers, until they came inside and saw what was on my TV. I may have a cr*ppy little 21 ft travel trailer, but it has a good surplus telecom AGM battery, a great TV and a great antenna for pulling in TV signals.
NinerBikes 03/29/17 10:34am Tech Issues
The ANTENNA Thread with measured signal strengths by brand

This was performed a while back, but it is still as valid today as the day the lab measurements were taken with digital over the air signals and Lab Grade measurement instruments, by someone that is in the signal end of the TV broadcasting business... It's a long read, but it's loaded with facts, versus perception. Perhaps a Moderator will make this a sticky. Side by side antenna testing measurements
NinerBikes 03/29/17 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: 70 amp charger cooking 12v LEDs?

I would suspect the resistance needed if any would be very small but if you like, instead of a resistor you can simply add a regular silicon power diode in series. A regular silicon diode will drop about .6V-.7V which would get you back to say 14.2-14.1V respectively. I am planning to add a diode anyways to split the lights with a On-Off-On position switch. Connect bulb Side A and Side B with a diode so that Side B is blocked from getting power from Side A, but flows freely from Side B to Side A (normal diode operation, but spelling it out here) Position 1: Run 12v to switch, Power to Side 'A' lights only Side A, blocked by diode from running to Side B Position 2: Run 12 to switch, Power to Side B lights BOTH sides, as power also flows through diode to Side A. Have a wild guess as to a part number? (probably wouldn't do any good in this position anyways :( ) Sorry, I'm not very sharp on electronics stuff this am Pretty much ANY General purpose diode with a working voltage and amperage above what you expect to ever see. A 50V 1A GP diode should be plenty acceptable if you are placing it in series with one of those modules.. You can find that as a 1N4001 which can be bought HERE, for 3 cents a piece (min order of 100 diodes at $3). If you are planning to switch multiple lights then a higher current diodes would be suggested.. HERE is a 100V 6A diode at $.35 each.. Since the switching idea you are thinking of may possibly involve a fused circuit of 7A or more you may wish to consider using diodes with a minimum capacity of the fuse size so the fuse will blow instead of the diodes if any short would happen.. Higher voltage and current is OK but those do get physically bigger so there may be a point where too high of current or voltage diode may get difficult to fit in a small space. Although, personally I would simplify things by using three and four way switching like you would find at a sticks and bricks.. Three way you need two single pole double throw (SPDT) switches, you would then need to run three wires between switches. One wire acts as a traveler and the other two alternate between on/off.. Found a good website with picture diagrams of three way wiring, just substitute 12V and 12V lights.. THREE WAY SWITCH DIAGRAMS What is the voltage drop per rectifier with those models? 0.6 to 0.7V?
NinerBikes 03/28/17 10:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Modifying The 36-Amp Megawatt List Of Materials

What's the difference between this modified Megawatt vs something like the Boondocker BPCM-75 75 Amp Adjustable Power Converter/Charger? It's probably not for the "set it and forget it" type of camper.
NinerBikes 03/27/17 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Charging specs for group 29HM Deep Cycle Marine/RV battery

if ya ask JCI about the energizer batts they might send what they sent me. http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y490/buokis/battery/jci_zpstbjzguau.gif height=400 width=600I know of only one charger that actually has this profile.... Battery Tender High Frequency charger primarily designed for golf carts but available in 12v. My old Sears Manual 6 amp 12v battery charger from the late 1970's has a profile similar to that. When the ampere gauge gets down to around 2 amps, and the voltage reaches 16.35V on my DMM, it's time to unplug that manual charger on my group 24 DC Walmart special battery that I use for powering my 100w ham radio that pulls about 4 to 5 Ah per hour.
NinerBikes 03/26/17 08:57pm Tech Issues
RE: (OPINION!) LED Replacement Headlamp Bulbs

---snip--- I therefore must DESIGN my lifestyle to avoid artificial situations that can put me six feet under. The most pressing was inadequate lighting. it has been resolved.Thank You for the most profound statement of this thread. I also have installed what works, its not bothering oncoming drivers, so personally I also could care less about opinions of others here that have no clue how MY system performs. I ain't changing it. I had a government for the past 8 years that told me guns were bad for me, my health, and well being. History for centuries has proven them wrong. An armed society is a polite society. I consider the option of being armed part of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. Everyone needs to understand that no one but you is responsible for your own well being and safety. Even when it comes to lighting for transportation. Just don't be a d*ck about it and be considerate of your fellow drivers. That D.O.T. determined that a "sealed beam" was required, then defined it to not include a self sealing rubber booty on the back of a replaceable headlamp, when rubber seals have been good enough for doors on VW Beetles to cause them to float in lakes, is a sign of the stupidity of our government, and that they should never be trusted.
NinerBikes 03/23/17 10:26am Tech Issues
RE: (OPINION!) LED Replacement Headlamp Bulbs

I still remember changing my parents Volvo to Cibie Z-beams, back when they were illegal. Amazing headlights with a razor sharp cutoff. Oncoming it looked like the bottom half of the bulb was not lit, high beams, both halves. Personally, I think they still blow others out of the water. I did the exact same thing on two cars back in the 70's. Very sharp cutoff - low on the left side and angled up on the right side on low beam. On high beam I could see across two counties. If those Cibie Z-beams would fit my F350, I would add them in a heartbeat. Best EVER. Me three - Cibie Z's in my 1975 Opel. I was doing a ton of night driving and came to love those things. They were the best!When I was running 7" round Cessna landing light high beams, then rectangular headlights I was using Hellas for Low beams that had the same razor-sharp cutoff as the Cibe's, maybe even more so. It was ricidlous that European approved lights couldn't meet DOT standards only because they had a removable/ replaceable lamp. It took another 20+ years for USDOT standards to catch up, but the GE and Sylvania's of the world never came remotely close to the reflector nor lensing accuracy as what Hella and Cibe had been doing for a lifetime. It was no problem whatsoever to see those headlights behind or coming at you. There was Zero overshoot off of those reflectors. Now they're all chromed plastic that can't last only a few years before the sun eats them, and they still don't come close except for projectors. The cut angle in the lense tells all. Hella H4 original.
NinerBikes 03/22/17 12:23am Tech Issues
RE: (OPINION!) LED Replacement Headlamp Bulbs

I still remember changing my parents Volvo to Cibie Z-beams, back when they were illegal. Amazing headlights with a razor sharp cutoff. Oncoming it looked like the bottom half of the bulb was not lit, high beams, both halves. Personally, I think they still blow others out of the water. I did the exact same thing on two cars back in the 70's. Very sharp cutoff - low on the left side and angled up on the right side on low beam. On high beam I could see across two counties. If those Cibie Z-beams would fit my F350, I would add them in a heartbeat. Best EVER. Installed the same version Hella H4's in my 1967 VW beetle, then later my 77 VW Transporter, also my 81 Jetta Diesel Coupe, later the 83 Audi 5000 turbodiesel. Great cutoff beam, then at a slight upwards angle, off to the right, to light up all the road signs, far, far away. It's my belief, upon looking at the lens used in the Hella's, that they were of some sort of grade of crystal glass, in terms of noted clarity between the bulb and the glass, and were treated inside with some sort of anti reflection coating to transmit light through the glass, not back at the reflector mirror. These were headlights clearly suitable for driving at autobahn type speeds at night, as I've never seen anything else like them.
NinerBikes 03/20/17 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: (OPINION!) LED Replacement Headlamp Bulbs

My Vw's come with HID's, so I won't be making a switch yet. I do know I prefer white 4300k to 5000k for the color of my HID bulbs. YMMV, I tend to stay away from any tinge of blue. My 2015 SEL e-Golf already has LED's in it from VW, and the are just barely a tinge of blue. SCV has gone for a ride in it at night, so he knows what the beam looks like from inside when they are on and running. So far, I've preferred HID's both factory and aftermarket, to my LEDs, in terms of color and brightness. YMMV, I may have to check out the LED's on SCV jeffs Explorer. I'd prefer a passive way of cooling the LED's myself, one less thing to fail or go wrong.
NinerBikes 03/19/17 11:24am Tech Issues
RE: How difficult is it to run wiring in foam walls in trailer?

Get a 150 or 175w inverter to replace the one that died. Problem solved, still plug it in the lighter socket. Or get a laptop that is more energy efficient and uses less wattage in the brick. Many ways to solve your problem, but a bigger more powerful inverter isn't one of them.
NinerBikes 03/16/17 05:18pm Tech Issues
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