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RE: 2, 6 volts or 2, 12 volts

Yeah, but the chemistry on your Hong Kong's finest wool suit doesn't deteriorate. As long as you keep it in a moth free environment.
NinerBikes 05/21/16 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: What guage wire?

With a 60 foot run, I'd go 4 gauge wire to that 60 amp breaker, 6 gauge is only good up to 50 feet. Do it once, do it right, with heavy enough material to not create wasted resistance and heat. One day, you may wish to plug in an electric car at your RV 14-50 NEMA outlet. 50 amp wire, continuous duty at 40 amps could get hot.. run with 4 gauge. Key words, continuous duty when recharging an electric car. Future proof your installation.
NinerBikes 05/19/16 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: My Screwy 31

What your continued use shows us is that high demand hard discharge cycles are what really put the hurt on the life of these batteries, and shallow, slow discharge cycles are, while harder on voltage to recharge fully, what adds longevity to the life and use of a battery. It makes perfect sense to me... Use in a golf cart with my T-1275 with many deep discharge cycles on the golf course made the battery unfit for use in a golf cart. I still got another 2 years out of it for camping purposes powering light stuff in my TT. What worked it the hardest was my water pump when taking a shower, a 5 amp draw. If I had just run my generator to recharge while taking a shower, I may have still been using the T-1275. Heck, it might even have still been alive a year later. Thanks for the update... keep checking your shorts on your batteries. Me, I check for battery acid holes burned in to my shorts. I wrecked 2 pair of Levi 550's doing acid dips. None of that happens with my AGM, so it's been a money saver in other ways, my sloppy acid dipping procedures are just no longer an option.
NinerBikes 05/17/16 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: How long should battery minder take, in conditioning mode?

OP should state brand and model of AGM battery. Sounds like a telecom surplus battery she got down where I got mine, but we don't know the brand and model number. If it's like mine... DEKA brand surplus telecom AGAM, I set the voltage at the Mega Watt at 14.40 volts, with my in line RC charger meter, and let 'er run until the RC line charger shows a current rate at or very close to .75 amps. That specification is a 0.5% rating of the battery amp hour rating at a 20 hour discharge rate. 150 amp hrs x .005 = .75 amp hours current rate is considered fully charged, or close enough. An AGM does better just disconnected after being fully topped off charged coming back from a camping trip. Discharge rate in fall, winter and spring, are quite low per month. They will require more frequent top charge in the summer, if stored in higher heat. Once a month then is sufficient.
NinerBikes 05/16/16 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Best towing vehicles for best MPGs

2013 VW Touareg Common Rail Diesel TDI Sport AWD full time, with 8 speed Aisin Transmission. 33-36 MPG highway interstate at 65-70 mph 16.5 to 19.5 MPG towing about 4400# wet of 21 foot Palomino Gazelle G210 Travel trailer at 55-58 MPH. MPG's are consistent in summer time, towing from Southern California to Yellowstone, or Montana on the Madison river. 4 years running. Before you question my numbers, call me a liar, or say I am full of bullcr*p, here's a Log of every mile and every fillup. My 2013 Touareg TDI Fuelly log
NinerBikes 05/15/16 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi vs Ecodiesel

I don't hear my wife in a gas or a diesel going up hill. . . . . . Much easier to deal with a girlfriend. :W
NinerBikes 05/15/16 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Four Six Volts with 300w of Solar?

Educate your wife on catalytic heaters with a cracked open vent and a cracked open window, for cross flow of oxygen. Or get a new wife, without mental blocks. That sounds like blackmail, I know. They are far more efficient than a forced air heater, which is a huge waste both of propane and electricity. Or buy her a new wardrobe for cold weather. Another option is to get yourself a more efficient, lower wattage Energy Saving LCD TV. There are several brands, Samsung comes to mind, that consume very few watts nowadays. 4 GC2's on the tongue of a Creekside 20FQ Travel Trailer is probably a poor idea, tongue weight alone. I'd suggest you find another solution. All the batteries need to be installed somewhere where they are always properly vented outside. Another option, and one most dry campers consider, is a small generator. If you don't use the microwave oven, a Honda Eu1000i is enough, if you do use the microwave, then the EU2000i would be the better choice. Tie that in with a MegaWatt 30 amp Power Supply unit, and set the voltage for 14.8 volts, maybe 14.9 if it's quite a bit colder. Do a search on how to do it by mexicowanderer. PS. I am in the same situation as you, in a 2012 Palomino Gazelle G210, 30,000 miles on it, at least, since I bought it. video of Palomino Gazelle G210
NinerBikes 05/15/16 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Whom Of Us Boondocks 14-days Or More At A Stretch?

Go and edit your post and spell it "ret*ard", we'll know what you mean, as in to slow down or prevent.
NinerBikes 05/14/16 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Q for deep cycle battery experts

Get AGM batteries. Always disconnect completely, when not in use. Recharge fully, every time you come back from a trip and before end of camping season. Store in Garage, especially if you live in a cold climate. Cold Climates are very easy in the off season if the battery is fully charged and stored inside. AGM batteries have very low off season discharge rates. Recharge fully every 3 to 4 months, maybe once or twice in the off season.
NinerBikes 05/14/16 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Whom Of Us Boondocks 14-days Or More At A Stretch?

In the beginning, before I started doing much surfing on Woodall's, most of it was trial and error. I killed my POS group 24 Wallyworld pseudomorph'd "deep cycle" battery in about 4 or 5 trips with that miserable WFCO that came with my TT. First power hogs to go were all the incandescent lights in my 2012 21 Gazelle, replaced with LED's. Then a portable 120W suitcase solar panel, since sold to Profdante139, as I needed 150W for my usage patterns. Then a salvaged free T-1275. Reformed and desulphated that. That battery I used until it finally pooped out on me during a shower, after 500-600 cycles first living in a golf cart in So California, where every day is a good golf day, weather wise. Summer kills golf cart batteries. Somewhere in there, mexicowanderer found the Megawatt switching power supply unit, suggested it as an adjustable manual adjustable voltage charging unit. I was the guinea pig, the first to buy and try one. It works. It flat out works, with the way I have it cobbled together. It's retired my WFCO. It works better than almost anything else out there, in it's price range, for recharging your batteries while boondocking. The off brand TV was a 5 amp power hog, "Konka" so that was replace with a state of the art 1080p energy miser 14V powered 23" Samsung that draws 18 to 22 Watts, max. What was most helpful for me was finding the time on here, to read, to find what has worked for other folks, in similar situations. You don't have to love the dry salty characters here to at least listen and read what they've put down. Even veterans like RJfishing gets creative with great solutions worth reading. Do a search, you'd be amazed at all the tricks of the trade you'll find in here. I've found dougrainer down in TX to be a top source of info anything refrigerator and A/C related, when it comes to problems in those areas. Read, and learn to trust those that consistently post and have good solutions almost all the time. The rest of you all know who you are... if you've helped me in any way, I have probably at some time sent you a PM and personally thanked you for your outstanding suggestions in helping me find my way along as a newbie. Boondocking is an addictive way of life. It recharges my brains batteries, it's very relaxing, and I've met some awesome acquaintances and friends along the way while doing it.
NinerBikes 05/14/16 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Whom Of Us Boondocks 14-days Or More At A Stretch?

2 to 3 weeks at a stretch, when possible. AZ,Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon. Run EU2000i Honda generator and 30 amp Mega Watt to a 150 AH AGM telecom surplus battery that weighs 105 pounds, has very thick plates, and won't charge much faster than 20 amps/hr at 14.4V, only when it's not going to be a sunny day, or winter time, sometimes if high clouds in the desert all day. Run generator maybe an hour, 2 hours if really dark and gray and not getting much from the solar panel. A normal 24 hr period for me is 35-55 amps drawn off the 150 AH single AGM battery. Depends on which heater I run, Oly CAT 3 with cracked vent and window for fresh ventilation, or factory force air unit, and how much TV I watch, but most of my equipment is power miser stuff... LED's, 24" LCD TV that draws 18-22 watts, depending upon volume. Water pump and heater are the big sucks for amperage... Showers and the air being warm when I get out of the shower. I prefer to shower once the sun is up and out and pumping amps back into the battery. Otherwise, it's a 150W 12V solar panel with a PWM charge controller set at 14.4V that makes about 8.5 to 9 amps, 5 or 6 hours out of the day in the winter, portable, chasing the sun 3 to 4x a day, re aiming as necessary, if I am around to do so. Or it gets laid flat on a piece of astroturf, aiming straight up into the sky, if it gets windy, so it won't blow over and fall or break. 21 foot travel trailer, what's a pedestal or hook ups?
NinerBikes 05/13/16 06:31pm Tech Issues
RE: 3 stage charger for true deep cycle battery (Trojan T-1275)

And it's Friday the 13th... The T-1275, due to it's shape and proportions, is a bugger to get fully charged. It takes a lot of time to get it top charged. It's shaped more like a car jar. If you are serious and want the least amount of effort to get as near as possible to fully charged while camping, I would suggest a pair of Trojan T105 GC2 6V batteries, and wire them in series for 12V. They are much less effort to bulk charge, absorption charge and top charge, as well as equalize. They are the proper, most efficient shape and relationship of lead plates to battery acid, hands down. Just saying, as I have some hands on experience with a couple of T-1275's. Great batteries, powerful batteries, but it takes a long time to get them fully charged, or equalized, not the best attribute when camping with them with running a generator and solar panels. And if you are hooked up to a pedestal, you really don't need GC-2's or a T-1275.
NinerBikes 05/13/16 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Converter putting out 16.5V, some appliances don't work.

I would let my wife take my rig out. But that is it. I would not let the kids take the rig out. But that is just me. In my life, I have found that anything lent out rarely comes back in the condition it was before being lent out, so I've eliminated that generosity in my life, from past lessons learned. YMMV.
NinerBikes 05/11/16 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: Keeping from making a $8656.11 mistake with fuel

Change the way you think.... you REFUEL, always with the proper fuel. You get and buy fuel to refuel. Whether it's gasoline, Diesel fuel, or Propane. They are all types of FUEL. Always refuel... with the proper fuel for the engine. Don't EVER think or say that you "gas up". You "REFUEL!
NinerBikes 05/10/16 11:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter putting out 16.5V, some appliances don't work.

Would you mind humoring us and explaining WHY you are disconnecting the batteries? Sure. There is a battery disconnect switch next to the monitor panel, hot water switch, etc. Its used to disconnect the 12V appliances from the battery to prevent drain when not being used for an extended time. We shut this off when not using the RV for several days to prevent parasitic drain on the battery. We are not physically disconnecting the battery per se. Well, there's your sign, only use the disconnect when not using the RV. If you are using the RV, keep the battery connected.
NinerBikes 05/10/16 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Need some help on a solar issue

pull it out of the barn for a few days and into direct sunlight and let the solar panel do it's job and recharge your battery fully. If you are going to pull into the barn, you are going to need to disconnect the solar panel first from the controller, and then the battery completely in a fully charged state, or install cut off switches for both. What you hear sounds more like a low battery alarm. When it doubt, read the owners manual for the Zamp charge controller.
NinerBikes 05/09/16 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: That Wanderer Gringo

checks cashed, money wired via Western Union, and EBT card with groceries being bought on welfare, when they don't come anywhere close to dressing like folks north of the Mexican border. ... The difference in standard of living is quite stark. They are not "living", they are surviving. Sometimes, all their life. Saving money, bringing more family members, supporting those that can't or don't want to come. There are surprisingly many that don't want. The "wetback syndrome" wears out in the 2nd generation only. Dressing is a local custom. Most gringo expats South of the border dress like some bum would here NOB. Ship them to Canada, then. The incarceration rates for Latinos in Los Angeles County are telling. Los Angeles County incarceration %'s. Imperial county, Calexico/Mexicali border
NinerBikes 05/07/16 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: That Wanderer Gringo

SNIP There is a lot to dislike North of the border, but you don't notice this until after you've lived a different life for a while.Apparently this works both ways, and the traffic does seem to be more south to north than vice versa. Lol, yes. US folks mostly just go south for the medical and dental care and beaches, then come back. Though a lot of people who come north for work would probably return south if they could afford it, or spend half time there if it were safe to commute. No, they go and cash their pay checks immediately, usually at a combination liquor store /checks cashed /western union wire transfer facility, and send most of their money back to Mexico, until another member of the family can raise the funds to be transported north out of Mexico to somewhere in a South Western state of the United States, until the whole family has been moved to the USA. Those are the facts here in Southern California. They will end up somewhere in San Diego, Orange or Los Angeles County, here in California, sleeping like sardines in a can 4, 6 or 8 to a room, in an overcrowded apartment in the very rough part of town. And yes, I've seen it with my own eyes. All of it, checks cashed, money wired via Western Union, and EBT card with groceries being bought on welfare, when they don't come anywhere close to dressing like folks north of the Mexican border. They dress more like street folks in Tijuana holding their hands out, begging from tourists waiting to get back in to the USA at Border Patrol inspection crossing. The difference in standard of living is quite stark.
NinerBikes 05/07/16 04:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Ok to run refer at an angle if on electricity?

Wonder what specs are for a Dometic for % of grade out of level. I try to keep mine as level as possible at all times when I set up camp.
NinerBikes 05/07/16 11:22am Tech Issues
RE: That Wanderer Gringo

Either start driving earlier, or don't drive in the dark, if you can't see. More people's lives depend on it, possibly some loose cattle or what ever else that is wild life that roams the countryside there. I've never been that deep in to Mexico, what am I missing, besides Montezuma's Revenge?
NinerBikes 05/07/16 09:39am Tech Issues
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