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RE: New Jeeps

It would save the decision of which rear end to get if they did that with trucks. I remember when 3 speed was the standard and OD was new and fancy. I remember when 3 on the tree was standard and a 2 speed powerglide was an option.I also remember Dad taking me to a car show to see the 54 Corvette.6cyl and powerglide.:)
RWDIII 04/10/14 12:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: opinions needed about tires

At 10 or 11 years,I wouldn't even keep the spare Read your manual,Ford says keep tires 6 years. Having a blowout when towing at 65Mph is not fun
RWDIII 04/09/14 10:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trip advice - New to RV'ing and from London UK!

What a lovely group! thank you so much for this advice and feedback. Really means alot. wish us luck. We are very excited. Alex Don't forget to enjoy some of our ice cold beer. When I was in the Marines,our ship visited Portsmouth and was the guest of some Royal Marines for a day. while visiting a local Pub,I made the error of asking for a cold beer. Anyway welcome to you.
RWDIII 04/09/14 10:35am Beginning RVing
RE: Ecoboost is a Towing Beast

Ford has a dissying array of GVWRs and tow rating related to wheel base and axle ratio 4x4/4x2 although their web site has a great chart that can clear things up. When I ordered our Max payload 5.0 3 of the sales people had no idea what I was talking about. When I went to check out a F150HD, w/7 lugs I was told that they didn't exist
RWDIII 04/08/14 12:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Farish, CO Military Recreation Area

Check out the campground at the Air Force Academy,very nice,very popular need reservations.
RWDIII 04/08/14 12:33pm Truck Campers
RE: A Camper Window with a View 3

One of my favorite places to camp and explore,Anza Borrego two of the many sculptures around town http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/C418FAD8-AC28-43EF-9747-B44664535DF4-661-000004685F3575A1.jpg height=600 width=480:C http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/47D4D354-A9A8-40D0-821D-D37202649724-661-000004685328F04F.jpg height=600 width=480
RWDIII 04/05/14 01:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Last of P series gone

so what brand did you put? my 2010 F150 has 265/60/18 Michelin P's on it, and I am ready to shop for new NON P tires. I was undecided until yesterday and I had to pull in the wind. The already soft feel was too soft to be comfortable, so I know I am going to an LT or E series. Just have to decide what. Falken Rocky Mountain ATS II LT275/65/18 load range E I'm running 60lbs rear,45lbs front. went from load carrying 2350 lbs to 3415 lbs@80lbs remember if you run P series on pickup,it is only rated at 90% plus 35 lbs just to soft and shaky.:E http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/B14FE401-BD2E-42F6-A317-6C232ECA5DDB_zpshsmlbsdj.jpg height=600 width=480:B
RWDIII 04/04/14 01:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hit the boonies on May 23-24: a new meteor shower

I'm going to do the eclipse thing and hopefully get a good view of Saturn Found a county park w of Casa where I can dry camp and even have a fire $10 and dark skys.:@ http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/F13AB01E-035F-42B7-B3A4-D0E3D59ACD45_zpsihtg67g3.jpg height=600 width=480
RWDIII 04/03/14 02:31pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

I am a little late getting to the party but I guess I'll retell my story. I have been driving diesels for years and never believed it would happen to me but I've done both the gasoline and DEF thing to my Ford. I only drove about 5 miles after filling with gasoline before I noticed the engine pinging and realized what had happened. I got a hose and fitted it to the supply line at the fuel filter. I pumped the contents of the tank into my wife's Accura and a friends pickup by turning the key to the on postion and letting the truck's transfer pump do the work. Poured in a jerry can of diesel and was on my way. That was 3 years ago. Last year I pumped Def into the fuel tank. I realized what I had done immediately though so I never started the truck. I did the same thing...pumped the fuel tank into a barrel. This time I removed the tank and washed it and changed the fuel filter. (There was no sign of Def in the tank after pumping it dry though so the removal was likely not necessary although it is a very easy task to perform) I reinstalled the tank filled it with fuel and have never had a problem. There better not be a next time. Thanks for not making me feel like the Lone Ranger here! You did just what the Ford procedure says to do if you put DEF in the tank and don't turn the key on. Once you turn the key on, both the high pressure and low pressure side are contaminated. The older diesels could tolerate a little gas. I had a 86 6.2 Diesel and accidently put in 4 gal of gas before I realized my mistake,I called a friend of mine that had a 453 diesel in his pickup. with a 25 gal tank he said that 4 gal of gas with 21 gal of diesel would be ok.I ran it and when tank was 1/2 empty,filled it full with diesel and everything was ok. My point is everyone makes a mistake. I was surprised to learn the insurance paid for it.
RWDIII 04/02/14 02:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: alternator question

Thanks for the replies MEX you answered the question. I never thought about the alt going 2.5 tims RPM Dave after years of being a F150 fan,my next truck will be F250 w/camper pac Can you give me the true MPG for the 6.2.I would like to get aleast what I get with my old 5.4/4speed witch is 16.5-17 hiway empty and 13.4 w camper,7550 gvw
RWDIII 04/02/14 02:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Trip Report: Mojave Road II, 2014-03-13 to 16

Awesome, trip report, Jefe!! Looks like everyone had a blast! That's definitely one drive I want to do. Hey Mike, let me know when you go. I want to make the trip,but not solo. If you want to see how the rig does,lets take a short trip to Fort Piute.Be a great place to Stargaze.
RWDIII 04/02/14 01:06pm Truck Campers
RE: 2012 RAM 3500 rear suspension enhancement

My truck is a half ton,but I have the Firestone Work rites and Like them Put them in and forget them. I think they were $190. http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/Dad.jpg height=600 width=480:B http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/64B26241-4D2B-43ED-AC53-A6114DEE6F59-513-000001B2072645F0_zps7e541bcc.jpg height=600 width=480
RWDIII 04/02/14 10:54am Truck Campers
alternator question

If an alternator is rated 200 amps,why cant they tell you at what RPM this rating is good.At idle,650rpm, or at cruising,1950 RPM. If you get a diesel rig,there is a high idle setting to get more amps but is not available for gas rigs,Ford,. When I got my truck serviced at the dealer,I asked and all I got was a stare LIKE I was speaking Chinese. :h
RWDIII 04/02/14 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: So what did you do to your Truck Camper today?

Replaced the outside cover,that covers the refrige. did some boony camping 2 weeks ago outside of Desert :SCenter. checked out what is left of the Patton Camps near Granite mt and Rice. Anyway ran out of Propane and had to drive 50 miles to get some.While checking Frige I failed to latch it back up and it came off. hade to go to Bronco dealer to find one.:S
RWDIII 03/31/14 05:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Last of P series gone

so what brand did you put? my 2010 F150 has 265/60/18 Michelin P's on it, and I am ready to shop for new NON P tires. I was undecided until yesterday and I had to pull in the wind. The already soft feel was too soft to be comfortable, so I know I am going to an LT or E series. Just have to decide what. Falken Rocky Mountain ATS II LT275/65/18 load range E
RWDIII 03/31/14 05:42pm Tow Vehicles
Last of P series gone

Thursday the last of the P series on my truck are gone. Of the 8 BFG 275/65/18 tires I have had on my truck,2006F150 wit trailer tow and 18" tire option 5 have been adjusted and 1 blowout at 20,000 miles. the first time I had them replaced with same brand.At the time I was led to believe that for a tire to be adjusted,you had to get the same type .This time when they started to chunk,small pieces of rubber coming off the tread,I went on line to read the warranty ,I found out they had a 6year,40000 warranty.When I went back to the Discount tire store, where I have been a customer for almost ten years,I explained the problem is the same I had before and I wanted an adjustment for . The guy looked at the tires and said that was normal O zone damage. I told him O zone damage doesn't cause chunking and I wanted to see a manager.I told him I wanted LT tires and no more BFG. I pick up 2 LT 275/65/18 thurs for $100 each,with 5 year ,50000 mi warranty and not BFG.:)
RWDIII 03/31/14 03:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best way to store a truck camper

After the winter we had I am glad my little pop up is in my garage. I agree with the other persons reply rent a storage unit for the winter months,expensive toys belong inside. I agreehttp://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/78ED75CA-D7FB-4537-9D09-19245A2C4BA8-429-000002D40410E853_zps039a52bc.jpg height=600 width=480
RWDIII 03/30/14 10:01am Truck Campers
RE: Where to go in the Far West for a week in early May?

Go to the Poloma camp between Bouse and Quartzsite,out to be empty by then
RWDIII 03/27/14 03:07pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Passing through Phoenix

I would stay at one of the Casinos,hard to say which one since you didn't say what direction you are driving and where are you headed.
RWDIII 03/25/14 06:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: More suspension help!

We have a 2013 Wolf Creek 850 on a 2005 Chevy 2500HD (no Overloads), with the Duramax with 120,000 miles on it. I still have the original shocks. Truck rides fine with the load but I get about a 3 inch sag in the back from the empty position. I am thinking about Monroe Reflex Light Truck shocks vs. Bilstein 4600’s and adding Super Springs. I do a lot of back country camping for fishing and hunting as well, and it performs just fine. I also pull a Cargo Trailer which adds to the sag in the rear a little, when attached. I have read all the posts on here and get confused as to the best route to take. First I am wondering about the shock choice, and then if the Super Springs will help with the sag in the rear. I am very impressed with all the knowledge and experience on this site and it is my daily read each morning. Any ideas or comments would sure be appreciated. Oh, Love our Wolf Creek 850, after many campers, 5th wheels and travel trailers. Since you need shocks,try these http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o655/rwdIII/64B26241-4D2B-43ED-AC53-A6114DEE6F59-513-000001B2072645F0_zps7e541bcc.jpg height=600 width=480
RWDIII 03/20/14 09:49am Truck Campers
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