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RE: No more free wifi at our CG. What the heck?

I suppose this is a bit of a rant. Apologies for being wordy. We paid thousands of $$ to get a membership in KM Resorts in Wa. Home park is Beachwood in Blaine, Wa. and out of a total season's worth of camping, spend over half our time there (so far anyway). It's one of 12 or so CGs they have in Wa. and Or. and is the busiest one by far (300+ sites). Almost impossible to get into during the summer because they have oversold it so much ('nuther story tho.) Wifi was one of the features that they had when we bought in several years ago. They can't be suffering from income at Beachwood so why cut wifi service? They could have upgraded it but no, they just cut it off instead. Like many other CGs, the wifi service was pretty bad. Once people logged on in the morning, esp. kids in the summer, the wifi was slower than snail snot and dropped out frequently. We eventually upgraded to Verizon mifi and that has been great plus we can use it anywhere we go. So we got here a few days ago and some friends are here with us. They wanted to use the CG wifi. I called the CG office to find out how to use the wifi (has been so long have forgotten how). It turns out they no longer provide free wifi and you have to subscribe to a wifi service called Echo Wifi. Never heard of it and google seems to show it as an Amazon.com thing. No idea how much it costs to get set up with it or how much the on-going costs are. There are many casual internet users here that just want to occasionally check their email or look up something and don't want to bother or pay for an outside wifi service, especially if they don't come here a lot. Is this the way of the future for other CGs out there too? Is KM Resorts so cheap or suffering financially enough to no longer offer free wifi? I'd have to go look at the fine print in our contract to see if wifi was listed. Heck, you can get free wifi and just about any coffee shop these days as well as lots of other places. Can't cost that much to set up wifi for customers?? KM Resorts actually came to our house about a year ago and tried to get around $8K from us to upgrade our membership to some super-deluxe platinum plus level package. It really didn't include anything that was of real value compared to what we're already getting and were just trying to suck more $$ from us. For all the $$ they've already gotten from us and all the $$ they're getting from everyone else here, they never do any upgrading here and the whole park is pretty tired looking and some things are in need of repair and it's like they are doing subsistence level maintenance. Some pedestals have not been working for months for ex. Thousand Trails CGs are in better shape in comparison and their CGs are relatively old and all you have to pay is their annual dues of $545 and they have free wifi. Your ranting about something you never use? :h
RandACampin 07/06/15 09:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Store manager yelled "Get the (sounds like duck) out of my p

Why does it matter how many times a customer of CW posts a complaint? If you don't particularly like reading about it, nobody is forcing you. Personally I want every bit of info about a dealer I can get, both good and bad. Here I corrected that for ya Why does it matter how many times a customer of CW posts a complaint? If you don't particularly like reading about it, nobody is forcing you. Personally I want every bit of info about a dealer I can get, true or NOT.
RandACampin 07/06/15 03:52am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Camping World continues to junk mail me

Ya'll must live pretty good lives if this is what you have to complain about.
RandACampin 06/29/15 11:40am Good Sam Club

Everyone sure does things differently. I find it interesting that some drag out and hook up the hose each time they dump rather than leaving it set up for the duration of the trip. I set it up and leave the grey tank open until the last night, nothing worse then the tub filling up before your shower is over. To each his own as long as this does not turn into the people who stick their water hose into the sewer hose to rinse it. Be careful when doing this as you are making your gray tank a vent for the sewer system. Sewer gasses backing up in your tanks is probably not a good idea. How do those sewer gasses get past the P-trap?
RandACampin 06/26/15 09:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Amazing things some folks do

RedRam wrote: .... i'm afraid i'll be confronted by a meanie and told I cant use my red hose any more or I need to buy a red truck . That was covered in the RV owners handbook under rule 417, subsection C, paragraph II-3-B. "Hose color must match truck color". We also talked about this in the town halls and weekly rv team meetings, not to mention it should be in your TPS report. Did you get a copy of the memo? I'll make sure you get another copy.
RandACampin 06/25/15 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: On line dealer

What's your point?
RandACampin 06/23/15 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Hose in 5 gal bucket?

DF was telling me that today while we were breaking camp she saw another camper putting his water hose away. He was pushing the hose back into a 5 gal bucket with a hole in the lid that was slightly larger than the hose diameter. We assume the other end of the hose was coming out of a hole in the side of the bucket near the bottom. This concept has some attraction for me. It is neat, simple, and I think the hose would stay cleaner. But it seems to me that stuffing the hose back in will result in kinks. Is anyone else using this method? I am thinking it might not be all that great an idea or I would have seen someone doing this by now. We have been camping since 2005 and until this morning, haven't run across it before. What is DF?
RandACampin 06/22/15 08:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Unsolicited mail

I'm tired of hearing about people whining about junk mail. Get over it already, and just throw it away.X2 There's so much more in life to worry about. It's junk, throw it away.Like I said already, obvious junk gets trashed instantly. It's the stuff that tries to look legit that needs a little more attention. Yeah that extra 20-30 seconds of scrutiny must really put a crimp on your day.
RandACampin 06/12/15 10:51am Good Sam Club
RE: Grill Re-Model for Full timing

As long as it's not for 15 people:S I would think a weber 22.5 charcoal kettle grill would work. I indirect and cook whole meals on mine all the time. Do you prefer gas? Or charcoal? A kettle could be easily modified to fit in a metal table or just remove/reinstall the legs with "set screws" on the bottom of the kettle. If you prefer gas I would think the same kind of arrangement would work.
RandACampin 06/12/15 07:58am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Used RV Sales @ Camping World - Pricing

IMHO, I am not a fan of Camping World when it comes to buying RVs. I have read to many RV experiences, service, prices, repairs that are critical and negative.:( How does that answer the OP's question?
RandACampin 06/12/15 06:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Unsolicited mail

I'm tired of hearing about people whining about junk mail. Get over it already, and just throw it away.
RandACampin 06/11/15 03:41pm Good Sam Club
RE: Grill Re-Model for Full timing

So what kind of grilling do you do that requires a full size home grill?
RandACampin 06/11/15 03:25pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Municipal Campground/RV Park reservation discrepancy.

Recently, I made a telephone call to this particular city owned and operated RV park to reserve a space for my RV later that day. I left my name and cell phone number when asked for the name on the reservation. I did not guarantee the reservation in any way, shape or form. Hence, the RV park did not have my credit card information. I was unable to make it to this RV park, as it started storming and I was still about 75 miles away, when I decided to stop along the way in another small town for the night. The next morning about mid-morning, I received a terse telephone call from the RV Park manager, telling me they were charging me for the night, since I was a no-show. I reminded the manager that I had not guaranteed the site for the night, and that it was understood that the reservation would cancel upon my absence. Well, that set-off the manager at that point again telling me that they were charging me for the night. At which time I re-stated the above. The manager then hung-up on me. I am wondering if I should have called the city manager to relate the story in-full, as to file a complaint on this rude manager? I fully intend to stay at this RV park in the future, but am wary because of this out of control city worker they have managing this RV park. What would you do? Perhaps you should have shown them the common courtesy of calling them and telling the you would not be able to make it.
RandACampin 06/08/15 09:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Moinks

Lots of variations on these all over the web.
RandACampin 06/08/15 03:57am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Give Advice or Get Told To Mind My Own Business ??

From the photo it appears there are no chocks on the tires either. I would bypass the neighbor and take a list of your concerns straight to the park security. Let them be the go between. If they don't act on it then contact the manager with more photos and let them know it reflects poorly on the park. I would expect that there be standards of safety and exterior maintenance commensurate with the level of lot rent paid each month. Godspeed. You might want to try reading the original post again.
RandACampin 06/05/15 04:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken Hitch No Help From GS Roadside

On a trip to Fla. the hitch on my pickup broke that was towing my dinghy. It was totally gone and needed replacement. As we were not even 1/2 way there, I called the GS Roadside Assistance for help. They told me they would do nothing unless either vehicle needed towing. I was at least expecting them to guide me to a place near by that could repair or replace it for me. What kind of help should they have given me? What does your contract say that the services/circumstances provided are?
RandACampin 06/04/15 05:28am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Lippert spec'd frame list

Which companies that use Lippert's frames & have their frames made specifically for their 5th wheels. (not a standard Lippert frame) 1)DRV 2)Cedar Creek 3) 4) 5) etc What's the purpose of this list?
RandACampin 06/03/15 06:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Where not to picnic GSMP

And also notice that the inconsiderate RVer didn't even wait for them to move before dumping...can't fix stupid is right.
RandACampin 06/02/15 09:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Where not to picnic GSMP

You just cannot fix stupid. I am sure there was a sign indicating what the area was for. I am reasonably sure each one of them is entitled to vote. Yeah because all non RVers know what the dump station is :S
RandACampin 06/02/15 09:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Home Brew Engine Oil Filter Comparison White Paper

If you really need to keep your oil clean, install one of these Frantz toilet paper filters. It will filter just about any particle out of your oil. Do you use those?
RandACampin 05/28/15 07:32am Tech Issues
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