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RE: Overcharge really tears it for me !

I've been a loyal supporter of CW & Good Sam; in fact, we'd had great service from the Brownsville, MI location and from the ESP -- but I can't defend them anymore! I sent the following to both CW Customer Service & mlemonis@campingworld.com: "As a loyal Good Sam member & Camping World customer, I’m writing you to intervene in this issue. In July, I received a mailing about CW’s introduction of the SmartPlug electrical system products. I had been anxiously awaiting this quality product, and when I saw that CW was carrying the combination Power Inlet and 30 Amp RV cordset, I placed my order on July 20th (#12558172). When I received the kit drop-shipped from the manufacturer a few days later, I was pleased – until a few weeks later, when my friend looked on the CW site and found that the combination set sold for $295.99 – and that the two parts individually sold for $242.98 (a difference of $53.01) !! (See attached screenshot) Why is this pricing backwards? I would expect that the combination set would be less costly than the individual parts, and hereby request a refund of the overcharge of $56.19 (53.01 + 6% sales tax charged) – per the “Campingworld.com Promise” of “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. Sincerely," I've just received the following response from CW Customer Service: "Thank you for contacting Camping World. We apologize for the inconvenience. Per our price guarantee, If an item you purchase from us goes on sale within 14 days from date of purchase, we will issue a merchandise certificate for the difference. Unfortunately, we would not be able to credit you back the difference in the two items." They're just not getting it: the issue is not that an item went on sale after I purchased it; rather, it's that the combination kit is STILL priced at $53.01 HIGHER than buying the two component parts separately! This wasn't a sale price, it's the standard listed prices for the three items! :h And, no response from Marcus, himself. No wonder there are so many "Guaranteed Unsatisfied" folks posting in this forum. Why didn't you fully check out pricing before you purchased. You screwed up not CW. Had you done your job you could have saved making yourself look stupid and saved a sensless rant.
RandACampin 09/11/14 08:47am Camping World Accessories
RE: Camping World and latex balloons

We have just returned from the Maine Samboree held in Fryeburg, ME. While there we decided to visit the local Camping World. We walked in and immediately turned around and walked out. My wife is severely allergic to latex rubber. The Camping World store had latex balloons everywhere. Latex allergy is a common allergy among medical people, such as nurses, that used latex gloves. Fortunately, this is becoming less common since most hospitals and doctors offices have switched to vinyl or nitrile gloves. A couple of years ago I contacted Marcus Lemonis by email concerning the presence of latex balloons at the Rally in Louisville, KY. I was assured that there would be no latex balloons in the Camping World area at the Rally. True to his word, there were none. Last year we went to the Rally in Syracuse, NY. I assumed there would be no balloons there. Well, you know what assume means. There were latex balloons all over the CW area. Needless to say we avoided the area like the plague. I don't know how many others walked out of the CW near Fryeburg, but I bet we weren't the only ones. The store lost a possible sale, and maybe more. Is Camping World going to join the 21st century? I know Mylar balloons cost more but are safe for people that are allergic to latex rubber. So you expect the rest of the world to change for your wife. NO! I'm sick and tired of the the allergy libtards wanting to ban everything. It's your problem deal with it. Let the rest of us enjoy our ballons, nuts or whatever else bothers you.
RandACampin 09/08/14 03:49am Camping World RV Sales
RE: egg ring?

Top ring from a quart mason jar sprayed with Pam.
RandACampin 09/05/14 08:00am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Custom RV Mattress Mattress Insider

Recently we bought a new matress for the house. While we were at the store we asked about an RV sized matress...we had one custom made for $400 and it is great. Jameson brand. Go see your local bedding store, what you lay on in the store will what you get only custom sized.
RandACampin 08/02/14 03:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where to buy good semi-cheap ratchet socket set in USA?

I bought a socket set at Sears Canada a couple decades ago. It served me well but now the case plastic hinges have come apart and parts are not secure within the case. Prices are generally better in the USA but I am not sure what is the best place to get something similar that will have a compact and durable case and not too expensive. I need: Metric + Imperial ratchet and socket 3/8" and 3/4" selections Screwdriver and bits would be a plus Most of all I want it to come well organized in a case that will last and be easy to transport. Why not repair the box? Video I have seen people find a generic case link cut the fitted inside out of their old one and install it in the new one. Either way your best best bet is to find a way to repair the case.
RandACampin 07/30/14 04:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Tires

I've noticed that all a large percentage of x-chock users get tire bulges. My opinion...I ran a set of Carlisle tire totally out, to the treadwear indicators. Go with what your local tire dealer rcommends.
RandACampin 07/28/14 12:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dealer's service dept frustrating me

So what's the point in posting here? Just to rant? Your situation is still not resolved is it? Stop ranting and whining and find a service center you are con=mfortable with or DIY.
RandACampin 07/24/14 03:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: 11 Tricks Restaurants Use To Make You Spend More Money

It's all about the bottom line.... Of course it's about the bottom line, they are in the BUSINESS to make MONEY! Is the American public so naive to think that resturants or any other business for that matter wouldn't employ any and all sciences and techniques to make it more profitable? :S
RandACampin 07/16/14 10:06am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: victim of dishonest Seller

You should have fully checked out the camper BEFORE you bought it. Instead the title being "victim of a dishonest seller" it should read "I'm a victim of myself". You have no one to blame in this matter but yourself.
RandACampin 06/26/14 03:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer tires

What are you towing so that we can compare:h Is it a very heavy 5er or extremely heavy TT? Just curious so that you can tell us what experience with carlisle with what heavy 5er? And no,there are not that many good reports on Carlisle tires unless used on much lighter trailers, more TT's than 5er's...IF they're on 5er's, and they go above 10-11,000#, they're are issues...It's funny that one can just google Carlisle ST tire reviews and they ain't all that stellar. for information ask Carlilse tire owners, really?? probably pretty unbias right?.. An 85% loaded tire on a 5er is no different than an 85% loaded tire on a TT pop up or wheelbarrow. the tire dynamics, load, pressures, etc are all the same.
RandACampin 06/22/14 02:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer tires

How many of you bad-mouthing Carlisle have actually used them like the OP asked? I had a set and they were some of the best trailer tires I ever had. iwore them completey out to the tread-wear indicators.
RandACampin 06/22/14 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who's messing with me?

pinched LP line How would a pinched LP line do that? Sounds like a leaking regulator ot the "teen" is using the stove for pizza rolls.
RandACampin 06/19/14 03:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Disappointing Flagstaff Trailer purchase

. Poor quality control and a lack of integrity dictate that RV dealers must prey upon the newbies and the uninformed that come to their facility . The baby boomers that are prime customers now , grew up in an era where your word and a handshake were your bond . Easy pickins ! . Cynical much?
RandACampin 06/12/14 01:15pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Sandwich for Breakfast?

My fave breakfast sandwich...BLT (extra bacon) with a fried egg added to the sandwich.
RandACampin 05/30/14 09:45am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Need a Smoker

Anything from weber, a jumbo joe or smokey joe will out smoke most smokers with a snake charcoal arrangement, plus you have the best grill as well. You can also do an inexpensive mod with a tamale pot to tun a 14 1/2 smokey joe into a great portable smoker. Weber also came out with a new 14 1/2 Smokey Mountian portable. http://www.weber.com/grills/series/smokers/smoker-14 A weber will out perform anything brinkman or propane. Oh yeah...what E=MC2 said.
RandACampin 05/29/14 04:11am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Need a Smoker

The main reason I like LP for camping is that it is set it and forget it. I'm not opposed to charcoal in familiar surroundings, but I like gas in unfamiliar settings. Why is the gas going to keep the bad guys away?
RandACampin 05/29/14 04:06am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Concern with attaching bike rack to TT bumper

These bike rack threads crack me up. I have had a ack on my rear bumper for years...no issues. As far as all the comments on bouncing, well this last trip we drove 100 miles to the campground on bumpy Georgia back roads. I have a Thule bike rack where the bikes hang fron the top bar. When we got to the CG I discovered that I had forgotten to fasten the top straps over the bike. The bike looked like it had not moved one bit. The bike rack threads are a bunch of anectodal posts with little or no truth desogned to fear-monger. If you look a lot of the posters are just re-gurgitating internet myths. Walk around the CG and start asking people with bike racks...I do and have yet to anyone tell me of a real-world problem.
RandACampin 05/29/14 03:42am Travel Trailers
RE: 7 cents off a Gallon of Gas at Pilot/ credit card.

I mapped out a trip that I'm thinking about taking that is roughly 2400 miles each way, for a total of 5000 miles to provide some looseness around the edges. At 7 cents a gallon savings and estimating 8 MPG, my total savings for the trip would be $43.75, assuming that I could fill up at a Pilot or Flying J every single time. For me, this is not enough of a savings to bother with getting a charge card when I already get cash rewards on both my check card and regular Visa card. Then don't do it.
RandACampin 05/28/14 03:01pm Good Sam Club
RE: Air conditioner not keeping up in 5th wheel

Your camper is heat soaked, it will take a while to cool it down. No different than turning off your home air for a few days then trying to cool it down.
RandACampin 05/28/14 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to change an element in a Atwood 10 gallon water heater

I watched this being done on my old 5er HWH by a tech at the Camping World in Myrtle Beach, SC. *If* you have the right tools, it's straightforward. If you do not, then it'll be a pain. The model of HWH on that 5er had a metal plate/shield/whatever over it that could not be removed. That made it very difficult to get the tool in to properly loosen the old element and tighten the new one. Be sure that you take pics beforehand so you're sure of your wiring. Wiring does not matter on a heating element. It's striclty a resistive load with no polarity.
RandACampin 05/28/14 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
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