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RE: Canned ham?

Camping without Spam? NO way. Never go without Vienna Sausages either.
RandACampin 04/26/17 10:03am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Online sources to buy replacement parts for Travel Trailer

RandACampin 04/19/17 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Overlanding as the New RV'ing

So because I question this "overlander" fad, you feel the need to insult me - nice. This isn't about you. I have simply pointed out that this is not some new concept here in the Americas and that people have been doing it in many forms over the years. Just because "this community" has decided to give it a cute term doesn't make it a new thing. And whether "they" or you think hitchhiking doesn't qualify is ridiculous. By definition it's the travel that matters regardless of what type of vehicle they use to do it or their destination. I have read accounts of people who have traveled from Canada through South America. Yes, it's an amazing experience. But it's not a new thing. Welcome to the elitist, condescending, lecturing, smug world of FTD.
RandACampin 04/14/17 05:59am General RVing Issues
RE: This on the outside of a TT...normal?

Normal? Well, maybe if the trailer was back into a wall. No, not normal. Think with your head man, not your heart or because the price appears to be good. You're looking at a major repairs here. Skip this one, and don't even THINK of going back. Call the guy on the phone, tell him your not interested any more, and hang up! Period! Done! Over! There are units 'out there' that you'll find that are not beat up like this. :h
RandACampin 04/14/17 03:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Highway signs

What's the criteria to be RV friendly? Not sure if there's formal requirements for the advertising, but I know for us it needs to be large enough to turn around after getting gas, to get back on the road (preferably with a couple ways out so we aren't having to make an awkward left turn to get back onto the street etc), and also have a cover above the pumps (or no cover at all) that is more than 13'6", preferable more like 14' or higher. That's why truck stops are usually a good spot to go. That's the problem as far as I know there is no standard to apply the sign. If I remember correctly they tried that in Georgia a few years ago and it failed. Most places I saw that had the sign were not "RV friendly". Most likely the sign is paid for by the owner of the establishment (who knows zip about RVs) simply to garner more business, rv friendly or not.
RandACampin 04/14/17 03:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Highway signs

What's the criteria to be RV friendly?
RandACampin 04/13/17 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Overlanding as the New RV'ing

I found the FTD's post very interesting and would love to have the opportunity to try this some day. For some reason, there are many of you who you can't seem to read any post by FTD without nitpicking it apart. FTD brought/brings that on himself.
RandACampin 04/13/17 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Love Our New TT but NOT Happy Campers Bartow, FL Experience

I know that happy folks don't ***** , but you do have to wonder , how many CW customers are happy with the experience after the fact. Far more than the isolated rants you hear on here. CW is thriving with many repeat and satisfied customers.
RandACampin 04/13/17 03:49am Camping World RV Sales
RE: best Ram Cummins Forum?

Oh Good grief what a bunch of BS! That site is no worse than this one for sure. For every one old codger who thinks he's god's gift to Cummins on that site there are TEN here who think they are the end all and be all of all Wisdom of everything RV ( and/or personal advice). And if you cross them or disagree with them they will dog you forever. Sometimes when I read posts like this I think we are living in alternate universes. Pot meet kettle!
RandACampin 04/13/17 03:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: workcamper in Custer SD

For those who may be curious, this park is in South Dakota. Yeah and according to the subject title, it's in Custer SD. :S
RandACampin 04/12/17 04:07am Workamping Forum
RE: Dodge Demon Reveal

Yes but how much can it tow?
RandACampin 04/12/17 03:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Not a good day Saturday

Oh Please Good Sir, What manufacture's name was on those tires? If they were supposed to be from a reputable company, they may have some interest. Matt Perhaps you should read the OPs post again.
RandACampin 04/11/17 11:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Truck stops

I'm the one who posted the photo of our 24 foot Itasca sandwiched in that some of you are bashing: - The truck slots were empty around us when we arrived there late in the evening. - I can't recall for sure, but knowing ourselves as considerate and polite folks ... we probably had asked inside the store where to park for an overnight. - We've even overnighted at Walmarts and I recall being told by the store to park out back in their big rig delivery truck spots. - I took the picture in the morning before we left ... notice that the truck slot on the far right never did get used. - We've overnighted plenty of times at truck stops that never did fill during the night, including a Port of Entry lot for big rigs which stayed nearly empty all night. - We've overnighted in parking lots that WERE NOT intended for big rigs and had them pull in around us to sleep overnight ... the most recent time while overnighting in a Cabellas lot when a big rig pulled in beside us just as one of their outside rear duals blew out ... we thought it was a bullet that had been fired into our rig because it actually vibrated from it and I jumped out to see what had happened. I meant for the photo to be a comical tongue-in-cheek situation we had encountered in our wanderings. I am sure you are nice and well meaning folks and I don't beleive anyone here is bashing you. I think that posters are trying to show you the other side of the coin and the importance of not taking up truck parking. No matter what time you arrive at a truck stop this doesnt really matter as truckers hours can end at midnight or 2 am as easily as at 9PM. Just because a space is free when you arrive doesnt mean it wont be needed. I think those of us who have experience in this are trying to share with you and others that RV's just don't belong in Truck Stops to overnight. Remember that if a Trucker overdrives his allotted hours of Service for any reason even if it's because he didnt have a place to park and has a violation this is a FEDERAL violation that stays on his record for 36 months. It carries the same weight as a moving violation against the drivers safety record. That is not trucker parking. It is parking for anyone, truckers are no more entitled to it than anyone else. If the establishment cared they would identify it as such.
RandACampin 04/11/17 09:07am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Do you bleach / santize your hot water tank?

Lets give those making this claim the benefit of the doubt. Find and post any peer reviewed MEDICAL article on the dangers of ANY disease found in RV hot water systems. Here you go FTD, read away. You shouldn't be telling other people about things you know nothing about. He excels at doing just that.
RandACampin 04/10/17 03:38am Beginning RVing
RE: States closing rest stops

In VA Geico 'sponsors' the rest areas. And I believe that State Farm does the same for MD. They realize that rested, alert drivers are less likely to have accidents. You are right purely philanthropic reasons. Surely it couldn't be about advertising could it?
RandACampin 04/07/17 07:49am Roads and Routes
RE: I'm very confused and suspicious!!!!

I just received a mailing from Good Sam outlining all the benefits that a membership will provide to me. I even have an enrollment form so I could give them my CC# and enroll immediately. There's one huge problem with this Good Sam offer that should be addressed by the authorities. Nowhere in this solicitation does it reference the cost of membership! I'll decline the offer. This solicitation borders on FRAUD! Suppose you explain exactly how this is fraud.
RandACampin 04/05/17 04:25am Good Sam Club
RE: Pulling A Fifth Wheel vs. Bumper Pull

If a bumper hitch was more stable I would think the trucking industry would have adapted to it decades ago. I mean a 53 foot van trailer that is 13 feet tall has just got to be crazy unstable right? The reason the 5th wheel was adapted is WEIGHT not stability. You cant put 30k on any bumper pull type system. ( this weight is in todays terms of course) As for space you get more space with a step down trailer such as a furniture van than with a flat floor higher trailer. And if I am correct it predates the bumper pull system we have known for a very long time. The problem I see is that some seem to feel a bit invincible with their 5th wheels because of mistaken notions like this. This only adds to the problems when the unexpected happens and they find out there are alot of things that can go wrong in a big hurry. And a final word on stability a 5th wheel has a tremendous amount of weight much higher off the ground than the typical BP trlr. This raises the center of gravity and THAT is not good for stability. Either type if loaded and balance and DRIVEN correctly are just fine. There is no hard evidence to say one is more or less stable than the other. Can't put 30K on a bumper pull of any kind? BS! What about thisthis "bumper pull system"? or this other one ?
RandACampin 04/03/17 09:41am Beginning RVing
RE: RV Toilet Paper

We use any Septic safe toilet paper. When boondocking and water usage is drastically cut back, we wastebasket the "damp" only toilet paper and dump in the garbage once a day. Has workded for fifteen years with zero blockages. Happy flushing! Which ones are not septic Safe? A holding tank is not a septic system.
RandACampin 04/02/17 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Toilet Paper

We use any Septic safe toilet paper. When boondocking and water usage is drastically cut back, we wastebasket the "damp" only toilet paper and dump in the garbage once a day. Has workded for fifteen years with zero blockages. Happy flushing! .
RandACampin 04/02/17 01:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Beware! Spare tire stolen

Since I have never seen a spare tire and mount along the thousands of mile I have traveled, but have had things stolen, I will disagree with the folks who go along with the "It must have fallen off" theory. Two minutes with a nine sixteenths wrench and the spare changed owners. They must be the heaviest sleepers in the world to not hear a tire and carrier being removed from the bumper. I have removed mine to paint and it would be impossible not to make a major amount of noise, vibration, and trailer movement.
RandACampin 04/02/17 06:34am General RVing Issues
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