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RE: Who Are WE RV'ers Really?

Why is it important I have a label? Good question. We have enough division in our country. The KISS method works well. I think if you own a RV, you are a RVer. :) Exactly...... Why the different categories/labels. Can't we ALL just get along :B Seriously. Labels cause division. Division causes strife Strife causes conflict Conflict causes harm Harm is devastating Pull the RV out ...whatever you use and go camping. I'm an RVr. Plan and simple. Just like I am an AMERICAN....no hyphenated label needed just AMERICAN The sad Fact Old Biscuit (a label) is that we do not all get along period. And we are never going to that is just a fact of life on earth. I would also respectfully point out that AMERICAN is a label, as is almost any other identifier. We give ourselves labels and others put labels on us. There is no intrinsic harm or anything wrong with labels. The harm comes from the motivation for the label from who it comes and for who it is intended and whether that label is pejorative in some way. And I disagree that all RV'ers are the same, My guess is that you have virtually nothing in common with the old lady and her 24 cats living in her broken down "RV" in a trailer park in Yuma. So just having an RV does not make one an RV'er. Why do you constantly feel the need to psychoanalyze the members of this forum? A better use of your time would be waxing your RV or whatever label you have given it. Are you a retired head shrink? Good grief... Because Fulltimedaniel is an obvious liberal who has fully bought into Liberiism and sees it as his job to label, analyze, and disect everything to prove to himself that he is superior and right.
RandACampin 03/20/17 05:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Who Are WE RV'ers Really?

Why is it important I have a label? Because lefty-elitists are not happy unless they can label everyone. Then they can feel superior to someone(s).
RandACampin 03/18/17 04:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Forums down on some servers?

Jeff, the official word is....MIA. x2 this is exactly how I feel. If they have a problem and know it POST an advisory! Let people know what is going on. This is not rocket science. Just a little feedback on the forum that is headed..."Forum Technical Support" is not too much to ask. Or better yet do what every other site does...post advisories a few days before any maint. action describing the outage and it's intended length. I feel more and more that the folks who run this site are out of touch and don't want to own up to the limitations of the entire operation. Since you are the expert please go away, create your own forum and show them how it'should done.
RandACampin 03/15/17 06:01pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Is it possible to run 110 outlets off of the battery

Yes you can get 110 from batteries.
RandACampin 03/15/17 09:22am Beginning RVing
RE: Campground Theft - Chapter 2

So how does one know someone attempted to steal a locked surge protector. If it was there when you got back, how do you know they tried to take it? My take - neighbor was wrong. Even if he thought the stuff was abandoned, he clearly didn't waste any time to run over there and grab what he could. Self contained guys (A/B/Cs) have a unique situation they have to deal with unless they have a separate vehicle. I don't think the OP should be blamed, but if it happened once, I probably would not let it happen again. Leave a note on the post that says 'Im coming back'!!!! Mike My surge protector is secured with a cable type combination bicycle lock. If you try different numbers you can get it to partially open, which is how I could tell someone had messed with it. From the comments on this post, it is very clear that many people don't respect other's property. It was theft, plain and simple. Ever pick up firewood left behind by other campers?
RandACampin 03/15/17 09:08am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Good Sam RV Financing doesn't need business

Must be nice to not need the business. DW and I found a great deal on a 5er over the weekend. Told the dealer we'd like to check out other financing options first. Checked with GS and they had good rates so I filled out the online application. Unfortunately, in my haste, I made a few errors. I didn't see a way to modify the existing application but it provided me the email address of a sales rep. Great. I just emailed him with an explanation and the correct figures. Next day I get an approval via email, based on the original erroneous figures. This email also included a phone number for the same sales rep so I called and left a voicemail. 24 hours later, still no response, and I'm going back to the original dealer for financing. At least I know they'll talk to me. Helluva business model, huh? You are a moron.
RandACampin 03/15/17 07:50am Good Sam Club
RE: Extended warranty problems @ camping world

Three sides to every story..........
RandACampin 03/09/17 09:06am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Kirkland mayo from Costco?

So your the spokesman for Costco mayo?
RandACampin 03/02/17 03:52am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Suggestion on US entry waiver for my brother

There are better places to get that information than here.
RandACampin 02/28/17 03:43am RV Lifestyle
RE: Disgruntled Millennials on the Road

fulltimedaniel you really have no clue.
RandACampin 02/27/17 09:09am Full-time RVing
RE: Is this safe?

No it pulls on a receiver hitch not the bumper. "Bumper Pull" is a generic term referring to the trailer type vs. fifth wheel. Nobody pulls a trailer heavier than a few hundred pounds by their bumper. I know, just hate that term.
RandACampin 02/23/17 03:50am Toy Haulers
RE: Disgruntled Millennials on the Road

Haven't noticed any, really. have noticed a bunch of them trying to run us off the road in the Ford for the most part and the the little black car. They don't like Disabled Vet plates or stickers. I'm not kidding.It happened about a dozen times just today between here and Nashville and back. Slow land or middle or right lane running 10 over. Wife driving. One of these times they will just nick the front end corner and they will spend and a lot of people may die, including us. Ummm what? :h
RandACampin 02/22/17 11:32am Full-time RVing
RE: Disgruntled Millennials on the Road

I realize that this might seem like an odd post, but how many millennials are into the full time RV lifestyle? My husband is in the process of being medically retired from the Air Force for a variety of health reasons and we are going to start RVing full time the day after he is formally retired. He is 36 and I am 31. After a two year stint in South Korea we were sent to a base on the east coast. We bought a suburban house as an investment within a month of being stationed here. Yes, our house is nice but living in the suburbs just isn't for us. We don't know our neighbors, traffic is a mess, people are rude, our utility company is always losing our payment, my husband's PTSD goes crazy here and on and on. Basically, the whole lifestyle sucks! We figured that the best option for us would be full time RVing. We have always wanted to see the country at our own pace. We were actually drooling over an MWR campground in Arkansas with cheap monthly rates. My mother-in-law keeps reminding us that we are only going to see older people in most campgrounds. I figure that there has to be at least a few disgruntled millennials on the road. The whole living with less philosophy of my generation actually fits the full time RV lifestyle. How many of my mid 20's to mid 30's peeps are at least looking to go on the road or are even on the road as I write this? If you think full time RVing will solve your problems you are wrong and need to re-think your plans. An RV will not make you less "gruntled". You need to fix yourselves first. You will not get to know your neighbors on the road, you may or may not still have utility companies to deal with and the PTSD issue will not go away and may get worse. Time to deal with the issues you are trying to avoid first. An RV will not magically stop people from pissing you off, and sending the "PTSD" crazy. I would do some weekend trips fist to work things out. And why do you need a whole bunch of 20's -30's "peeps" out there? You will definitely be surrounded by curmudgeons very set in their ways to deal with might as well start now. There will still be a "suck" aspect to any lifestyle, so once again. make sure you are doing it for the right reason. You will not escape anything...only be faced with the same cross-section of society, same problems, and a whole host of new problems to deal with as well. (RV upkeep, traffic, etc.)
RandACampin 02/22/17 11:29am Full-time RVing
RE: New Trend?

This old warhorse never wants to back out of a spot when leaving. Some dope could park in a way.... Or some dope with no control of their rig could back into a car.
RandACampin 02/22/17 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Is this safe?

You didn't say if this a trailer or 5ver. If a 5ver, I can tell you the pin weight will wind up being more than stated on he sticker when your loaded. While ours is much bigger than what your looking at, the stated pin weight is 3600 lbs and we weigh in when loaded at 4200 lbs, so you might allow a little more in your calculation. I guess I assumed they don't make WDH for 5th wheel? Its a bumper pull No it pulls on a receiver hitch not the bumper.
RandACampin 02/22/17 04:31am Toy Haulers
RE: Gas station pet peeves

Having a Diesel does not entitle you to any island or pump. Get off your high horses and wait your turn.
RandACampin 02/14/17 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Can RV park owners handle guest property?

I came home tonight to find that my hard plastic lounge chair had been placed under my slide and my lounge chair padding had been folded and tucked into my steps in such a way that it couldn't be seen in the dark. I was carrying groceries and tripped and fell onto the gravel and got all scraped up. Since I've been here I've had a huge dog barking six feet from my bedroom window in another rig. The first day I finally complained the mangers said they never should have put a dog like that in the middle of the park. The manager spiraled from the stress. The people said they wouldn't move to a new spot so the manager told me I was just too sensitive. Everyone in the park can hear this dog, say it sounds like an attack dog and it starts at 6:30 a.m. and now I'm on probation essentially because "I'm not happy" and the message is basically that if I complain again I'm out of here. As the stress mounted this manager became more and more irritable and when I asked if she could sleep through that she changed the subject. She said he's been "offered" another spot but that if he doesn't move I can change spaces (a big deal, I work out of my rig) or leave. I think she's probably the one who did this and is acting out. 10 years on he road and I have never experienced anything like this. She's told me that as long as I'm happy they're happy. The message being that if I cease to be happy and have any kind of valid complaint I can leave. Now I'm bleeding. More to this be than you are telling.
RandACampin 02/13/17 05:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas station pet peeves

You can't fix rude/stupid. I doubt they would have moved if you had said something about moving to a different pump. Dedicated dieel pumps are best. You are right. The op was rude and is stupid.
RandACampin 02/13/17 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas station pet peeves

I was at the car wash/gas station today and coming out of the car wash I was going to fuel up my truck. As I'm rolling out of the car wash I am aiming for the only pump that has diesel, as I'm heading that direction some young kid pulls up to the pump to get gas. Now I understand he can use any of pumps that he chooses to use, however if there are six other open pumps available why can't that person who has gas powered vehicle choose those and leave the diesel pumps open for those who need it? Of course as I am parked behind him with my motor running he's just looking at me like " why are you behind me with all these open pumps?" That is why I prefer gas stations that have dedicated diesel pumps versus the combination units. Rant over Dan Wow. Are you really that big of a whiner? Someone pulls in and goes to an availiable pump, but you think you are special and deserving because you have a diesel? Then you cry about here?
RandACampin 02/13/17 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is a Slightly Used Jitterbug Phone Worth Anything?

Nice try, trying to skirt the for sale rules of the forum. How many PM`s have you gotten about your Phone?
RandACampin 02/13/17 05:41pm Technology Corner
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