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RE: Fair Time cooking

Vodka, my friend, vodka. Not to drink, but to make the crust. To get the crust to hang together, you have to wet the flour, and most folks use water. But water creates gluten, and too much water makes the crust chewy/hard instead of flaky. The trick is to use alcohol instead of water. This will allow you to use more liquid so the crust hangs together when you form it, but when you bake it, the alcohol boils away, leaving a flaky crust. source And here Water creates gluten? I don't think so, the flour contains gluten proteins. Any liquid will activate the gluten in flour, including Vodka, which has water in it.
RandACampin 08/25/16 03:55am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Never Again

Keep in mind, all you that defend GS without the whole story, that this happened in Carlisle PA. A town where you can't swing a cat without hitting something truck related, including giant hubs for some of the national trucking outfits, several truck stops and many, many truck repair and towing outfits. This is one of the busiest trucking routes on the east coast, and minutes from the state capital, a large metro area. I wouldn't be surprised if there are 40 to 50 or more, towing companies within an hour of where this rig quit. IF GS needs half a day to get a tow truck to you in that area, I guess you will be nothing but a dried up skeleton by the time they get to you in the real remote areas of this country. I have never heard any intelligent reason to drop my Coach-Net coverage, and this is nothing but more of the same. Keep in mind, all you that vilify GS without the whole story, you are only hearing the OPs side of the story. The OP may be omitting facts or leaving out details to make his story sound worse than it actually is. Remember there are three sides to every story. The OPs, the other guy (in case GS) and the truth. The truth will not be the OPs version, it will be somewhere in the middle.
RandACampin 08/22/16 09:26am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Bumper carrier fail..

Everyone assumes that the bumper failed...the carrier could have failed.
RandACampin 08/16/16 04:11am General RVing Issues
RE: BBB is my next step!!!

ForestRiver Teach: Wasn't "just" cosmetic repair - What I posted originally was just the basics of what is still ongoing. Expecting work to be done in a timely fashion and correct is what any consumer should expect and receive. I'm not a helpless victim,, I'm a consumer who expects to be treated fairly and when I'm not, yes I will complain and guess what, I'll never take it back there again! And we did actually take the coach for a weekend before repairs were done. It's an hour drive to go get it and an hour drive to take it back. Our coach goes into an underground mine in November until April so getting it fixed then was not possible. The awning was broken, a brake line broke and we crashed into the back end of another vehicle so front end damage and it was towed to CW, so maybe before you start "ass uming" things, you should just talk about what was actually posted. 3 sides to every story,yours, theirs and the truth. The truth normally lies somewhere in between.
RandACampin 08/11/16 03:40pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: BBB is my next step!!!

I have used the BBB twice and both times I won. And there you have it...a perpetually dissatisfied customer.
RandACampin 08/10/16 11:21am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Is it normal for a new TT to have been used?

Best thing to do is find a more reputable dealer. For all of you posting that the OP should find a more reputable dealer... How do you know the dealer is NOT reputable? The dealer already disclosed what was happening with the trailer...sounds on the up and up to me. The amount of BS slung on this forum based on some posters one sided posts always amazes me. You hear a simple question posed and infer all kinds of nefarious activities. So what about this... We've decided to purchase a TT and have a good idea of what we want. We we're interested in a model in particular and went to see it earlier today. However, we were unable to see it because it was being used for the weekend by a friend of the dealership owner. Is this common practice? I was a little grossed out by this as the whole point of buying new is that I don't want a TT that has already been slept in. Makes you think the dealer is not reputable? No mention was made of the condition the trailer would be sold under, price or anything else. The dealer was honest and up front about what was happening o the trailer. So tell me what about that makes the dealer not a reputable dealer?
RandACampin 08/10/16 04:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Good Sam Service or LACK OF (Resolved)

Hello Sundance07 - Thank you for your message. I apologize for the experience you have had, and would like to resolve for you. Can you send me a private message with the best number to contact you please? Thanks in advance. Another . . . After the fact resolution. Seems that is all they are good at is apologizing for screwing up. Some companies won't even do that. The fact that they will respond via this forum and own up to the mistake, and make the customer happy is what is important.
RandACampin 08/09/16 10:44am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Updated- end of thread,something in the black tank.

Just open the flush valve, reach in there with and grab it with your hand.
RandACampin 08/02/16 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: Camping World, please help!!

Get your RV out of there. Call RV Mobile Repair and he will have your parts the very NEXT DAY. AND repaired on that same day. CW? It's not your parts not coming in, it's them not getting to your RV. They are fixing others that come in in front of you that DO NOT leave their RV on the lot. They are getting serviced BEFORE you. CW is NOT the only place an RV can be serviced/repaired. Do yourself a favor and call a RV mobile Repair service in your area. They will come out to you, if they don't have the part on their truck they order it and get it the NEXT day and on that same day you RV will be repaired. 2 days max and you didn't have to leave your driveway and/or CG site. Really? You don't even know what parts are needed, nor how long it should take to get them. Furthermore without knowing what's wrong with his camper you can't say for sure it would be fixed the same day that the parts come in either. In your haste to make an unsolicited attack on Camping World you made yourself look like an idiot.
RandACampin 08/01/16 09:10am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Toilet paper test

To really test the different toilet paper, put two pieces in two containers with lids on. Let sit for 5 minutes and then shake. Now you will see which one breaks down the most! Good Luck & Drive Safe! And what is this suppose to prove?
RandACampin 07/19/16 03:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slideouts @ WalMart Redux

So how are they going to keep the "dry campers" out of their facilities such as the bathhouse? That's an easy one ... issue keys to regular paying customers or have combination locks on all facility doors that only regular paying customers have the combination to. We've stayed at many, many commercial campgrounds that required use of issued keys or combination locks on their facility doors. The point is "IF" a commercial campground wants to start using some/any of it's extra land/acerage to at least get $10/night for one-night-only stop-overs ... then install a key or combination systems on the doors of it's facilities. We'd gladly use $10 one-night-only spots in commercial campgrounds as much as we could on RV trips .... whenever we were enroute to/from more beautiful multi-night camping places on state and federal lands. You know I kinda though of that when I posting, but thought it to be way too big a pain in the rear for everyone. Besides all I have to is wait for you to come to the facility and "oops forgot my key" and there you have it.
RandACampin 07/15/16 12:02pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Toilet paper test

Three days ago I took four squares of Camco RV toilet paper and the same amount of what we use in the house. Both folded and placed in separate mason jars half full of water, no other additives. After three days there is no discernable difference in the amount of break down. So is there an advantage to using the expensive paper sold for RV use? Another one who has drank the "toilet paper test" kool-aide. So what did your test prove? Absolutely nothing! How fast a toilet paper "breaks down" in a mason jar on your kitchen counter proves what? You RV holding tank is not a mason jar nor is it a septic tank. Who care is your toilet paper breaks down in 30 sec or 3 days? It doesn't mean a thing and has no real-world application. Most people only keep the waste (including TP)in their tanks for anywhere from 1 day to a week at most. So to use your results...both papers broke down in three days, if you overnight at a CG with hookups and dump the next day what about the toilet paper? That's right its going out that big pipe in large pieces along with the rest of the solids, helped along it's merry way by lots o' water and gravity. Get yourself one of those clear adapter things and look. Bet no matter how long you wait there will be wads o' paper coming out. Toilet paper test proves nothing. Want a real test of toilet paper. Take a poop and wipe. Did it clean adequately? Do you have any adverse affects, itching irritation? If the first answer is yes and the second no guess what...your toilet paper passed the test!
RandACampin 07/15/16 04:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Toilet paper test

We use "septic tank safe" and have had no problems. We both hate single ply. RichH All toilet paper is septic safe...show me one that's not. All TP is biodegradable ...show me one that's not.
RandACampin 07/15/16 03:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quick Tire Question (ughhh!)

Doesn't matter one bit.
RandACampin 07/13/16 11:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Slideouts @ WalMart Redux

I'll post again what I've mentioned a few times in these forums: RV park owners could get more of my money on our RV trips if they offered dry camping spots available for one night only - with no use of their facilities allowed other than dumping of trash. I'd rather pay $10 for a single-night-only dry camping spot in an RV park instead of free Walmart parking lots, free Cabellas parking lots, free Cracker Barrel parking lots, free Port of Entry parking lots, free church parking lots, etc.. RV parks are generally more secure, prettier, and quieter than parking lots. As a result, RV parks get none of my money many times when they could get $10 of my money many times for one night stop-overs. It's no different than retail stores having a full time bargain bin for selected items on sale. RV parks need to do the same. Yep, definitely agree. So how are they going to keep the "dry campers" out of their facilities such as the bathhouse? Honor system?...yeah right. Once inside the park or cg there is no way to differentiate you at $10 form anyone else at full price. Now you have people doing laundry and denying services to people who paid for it. Nice try but unless you can come up with a reasonable way to discriminate then the idea is bogus.
RandACampin 07/12/16 08:42am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Horrific towing incident

From the video it's not possible to tell what happened.
RandACampin 07/11/16 04:12am General RVing Issues
RE: What do you do with the grill grease?

Throw it in the fire ring with the rest of the trash to burn.
RandACampin 07/08/16 04:09am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: I just don't know what to say.....

Whose mind works like this ? Lot's of people's mind works like that and I'm glad that they do.
RandACampin 07/06/16 04:05am Towing
RE: Tampa CW suckered us

I can't believe the amount of people these days that take zero responsibility for their actions.
RandACampin 07/01/16 04:47am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Catastrophic tire/wheel failure, PLEASE READ!

Did you follow the instructions and re-torque the wheel studs after the first 200 miles? He mentions that he torqued with a torque wrench in his post. OP, sorry for your experience. I think you did the right thing reporting to NHTSA, but I am not sure where it will go. It will be very difficult to now prove that the studs were not over torqued, and the tire manufacture will likely claim you hit something causing that failure. I lost a wheel a few years back. The service technician who recently repaired my trailer did the right thing and paid to repair the damage, but if he didn't, my insurance would have covered it. Hopefully you have more relaxing trips ahead. Re-torque is different checking torque.
RandACampin 06/30/16 07:37am Fifth-Wheels
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