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RE: biscuits in a q1200?

If you can cook it in an oven you can cook it in a grill. I bake biscuits, cakes, pizzas, etc. all the time in my grills. Either put them on foil or griddle or stone.
RandACampin 10/17/16 12:22pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs

example. my 04 Ram 1500 3.7L v6..2 wheel drive. with a manual transmission. had a towing of 3,300 pounds.. same engines as yours. my trailer was 3,000 pounds empty. that engine worked Real Hard on the smallest of hills. WV,V,Tenn. 4,500 rpms and 45 mph... on freeways. with 3:55 gears. can it do it "YES" but will it last?????????
RandACampin 10/12/16 02:32pm Travel Trailers

Can it do it? Technically yes, but it won't be a pleasant experience. The small tow vehicle and lack of power will be very noticeable. Go somewhere like etrailer and search for weight distribution hitches. In brief, they take weight from the rear axle and apply it to the front axle. The Equal-i-zer brand is popular. Keep in mind that passengers and gear in the tow vehicle should be subtracted from the tow rating. .
RandACampin 10/12/16 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping World Indy

There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of poor customer service. None, none, none... You don't even know the circumstances or if it 's true or not. No excuse for you to jump in from only one side of the story.
RandACampin 10/08/16 08:01pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: First (and probably last) Good Sam Roadside Assistance use

If westernrvparkowner would have read the original post they would have seen that the vendor was identified and already had the tire in stock in 45 minutes AND had confirmed a service time OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING which, if it had been met would have had me back on the road in less than two and a half hours. When the vendor finally made his way to the roadside the actual work was completed in less than thirty minutes on the roadside. It sounds like this vendor and westernrvparkowner conduct business in similar fashion so it is probably best that he stay anonymous or he would have a perpetually empty rv park. I doubt that we have many things in common in that not only do I read, I am able to comprehend. LOL! Why are you so defensive? You are the one that sat on the side of the road for seven hours not western park owner or anybody else. You are the one that posted the thread here and you have to expect people to respond with how they see the situation. If you were looking for a bunch of folks that felt sorry for you or were showing great sympathy for you then you do not understand this (or most) forums. Sometimes posters need to be thick skinned because you will never know how others will respond. I have little tolerance for folks who respond to a post when, in their response, it is very evident that either they didn't really read or comprehend what the post said. I was not looking for anybody to have pity on me but rather to communicate the facts of a less than acceptable experience. I use forums quite often (camp grounds, travel services, etc.) and had the experience been a positive one there would also have been a post to reflect that experience. I have found that it is pretty easy to filter forum posts that are informative as opposed to those that are serving an agenda, either positive or negative. Long time members of this forum have forum have little tolerance for one-time posters (you) who come on here to piss, moan and whine about situations that are caused by their unreasonable expectations. WRVPO and others with more than 1/2 a brain read your post and understood it for exactly what is. Only the bleeding heart piler-oner CW bashers will agree with you. You will be gone after this one-time rant anyway and good riddance to whiners.
RandACampin 10/06/16 04:07am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: I should have tried Camping World

Who forced you to accept the deal? You are giving a bad review to a dealer when you are to blame because you accepted the deal. You could have backed out at anytime...you are refusing to accept responsibility for your error.
RandACampin 10/03/16 09:24am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Dave Smith Rant

Does anyone else find searching for a specific vehicle with these folks to be absolutely intolerable? First off their website if full of annoying popups and constant "chat" invitations. Next, there seems to be some certain order of operations to follow when entering vehicle criteria to get results. I tried 3+ times and most of my list just gets erased when I get results. So, with that frustration I opt for the "chat" option and they are completely lost. I gave the person a very basic list of "must haves" and they just kept giving me trucks that were not even close. For example, pretty major things like 2WD and 8' box when I'm asking for 4X4 and 6.5" box. Then, rather than trying to help, they just go into the whole, "So, when is a good time for your to come in and look at our trucks?" Huh? How about you help me find something even close first. Grrrrrrr.... frustrated!! The prices look good and they supposedly have a good selection. I'm just not sure I'll ever find out for sure. Then go somewhere else and stop your whining.
RandACampin 10/02/16 01:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: travel trailer tires

At some point having too much tire on a trailer doesn't work out the best either.....such as the newby true story) with 3500 lb axles on his TT going with a 16" E at 3560 lbs capacity. No way this tire can be ran at max sidewall pressures to satisfy max air pressure requirements by the tire mfg. Extreme case but I see this a lot on TT forums on different websites. Actual scaled axle load numbers can tell a trailer owner if his OEM tires have a 10-15 percent reserve capacity or the tires are close to max loads....or over loaded. Assuming/estimating a particular trailer gross axle loads has lead to over and under tiring issues. This thread is typical especially when the OP didn't give any particulars other than a 205/75-14 number which could be a ST or a P tire.....and who knows what load range he needs....or his trailer axle ratings......or his trailers gvwr. We can only guess/estimate and pick at others opinions. :B True Story How? Posted on the Internet?
RandACampin 10/02/16 12:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: travel trailer tires

RandACampin 10/02/16 05:24am Travel Trailers
RE: travel trailer tires

RandACampin 10/02/16 05:23am Travel Trailers

As usual the OP just wanted to rant and leave. And as usual the libs and CW haters jumped on his bandwagon for support.
RandACampin 09/30/16 03:47am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Fair Time cooking

Vodka, my friend, vodka. Not to drink, but to make the crust. To get the crust to hang together, you have to wet the flour, and most folks use water. But water creates gluten, and too much water makes the crust chewy/hard instead of flaky. The trick is to use alcohol instead of water. This will allow you to use more liquid so the crust hangs together when you form it, but when you bake it, the alcohol boils away, leaving a flaky crust. source And here Water creates gluten? I don't think so, the flour contains gluten proteins. Any liquid will activate the gluten in flour, including Vodka, which has water in it.
RandACampin 08/25/16 03:55am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Never Again

Keep in mind, all you that defend GS without the whole story, that this happened in Carlisle PA. A town where you can't swing a cat without hitting something truck related, including giant hubs for some of the national trucking outfits, several truck stops and many, many truck repair and towing outfits. This is one of the busiest trucking routes on the east coast, and minutes from the state capital, a large metro area. I wouldn't be surprised if there are 40 to 50 or more, towing companies within an hour of where this rig quit. IF GS needs half a day to get a tow truck to you in that area, I guess you will be nothing but a dried up skeleton by the time they get to you in the real remote areas of this country. I have never heard any intelligent reason to drop my Coach-Net coverage, and this is nothing but more of the same. Keep in mind, all you that vilify GS without the whole story, you are only hearing the OPs side of the story. The OP may be omitting facts or leaving out details to make his story sound worse than it actually is. Remember there are three sides to every story. The OPs, the other guy (in case GS) and the truth. The truth will not be the OPs version, it will be somewhere in the middle.
RandACampin 08/22/16 09:26am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Bumper carrier fail..

Everyone assumes that the bumper failed...the carrier could have failed.
RandACampin 08/16/16 04:11am General RVing Issues
RE: BBB is my next step!!!

ForestRiver Teach: Wasn't "just" cosmetic repair - What I posted originally was just the basics of what is still ongoing. Expecting work to be done in a timely fashion and correct is what any consumer should expect and receive. I'm not a helpless victim,, I'm a consumer who expects to be treated fairly and when I'm not, yes I will complain and guess what, I'll never take it back there again! And we did actually take the coach for a weekend before repairs were done. It's an hour drive to go get it and an hour drive to take it back. Our coach goes into an underground mine in November until April so getting it fixed then was not possible. The awning was broken, a brake line broke and we crashed into the back end of another vehicle so front end damage and it was towed to CW, so maybe before you start "ass uming" things, you should just talk about what was actually posted. 3 sides to every story,yours, theirs and the truth. The truth normally lies somewhere in between.
RandACampin 08/11/16 03:40pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: BBB is my next step!!!

I have used the BBB twice and both times I won. And there you have it...a perpetually dissatisfied customer.
RandACampin 08/10/16 11:21am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Is it normal for a new TT to have been used?

Best thing to do is find a more reputable dealer. For all of you posting that the OP should find a more reputable dealer... How do you know the dealer is NOT reputable? The dealer already disclosed what was happening with the trailer...sounds on the up and up to me. The amount of BS slung on this forum based on some posters one sided posts always amazes me. You hear a simple question posed and infer all kinds of nefarious activities. So what about this... We've decided to purchase a TT and have a good idea of what we want. We we're interested in a model in particular and went to see it earlier today. However, we were unable to see it because it was being used for the weekend by a friend of the dealership owner. Is this common practice? I was a little grossed out by this as the whole point of buying new is that I don't want a TT that has already been slept in. Makes you think the dealer is not reputable? No mention was made of the condition the trailer would be sold under, price or anything else. The dealer was honest and up front about what was happening o the trailer. So tell me what about that makes the dealer not a reputable dealer?
RandACampin 08/10/16 04:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Good Sam Service or LACK OF (Resolved)

Hello Sundance07 - Thank you for your message. I apologize for the experience you have had, and would like to resolve for you. Can you send me a private message with the best number to contact you please? Thanks in advance. Another . . . After the fact resolution. Seems that is all they are good at is apologizing for screwing up. Some companies won't even do that. The fact that they will respond via this forum and own up to the mistake, and make the customer happy is what is important.
RandACampin 08/09/16 10:44am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Updated- end of thread,something in the black tank.

Just open the flush valve, reach in there with and grab it with your hand.
RandACampin 08/02/16 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: Camping World, please help!!

Get your RV out of there. Call RV Mobile Repair and he will have your parts the very NEXT DAY. AND repaired on that same day. CW? It's not your parts not coming in, it's them not getting to your RV. They are fixing others that come in in front of you that DO NOT leave their RV on the lot. They are getting serviced BEFORE you. CW is NOT the only place an RV can be serviced/repaired. Do yourself a favor and call a RV mobile Repair service in your area. They will come out to you, if they don't have the part on their truck they order it and get it the NEXT day and on that same day you RV will be repaired. 2 days max and you didn't have to leave your driveway and/or CG site. Really? You don't even know what parts are needed, nor how long it should take to get them. Furthermore without knowing what's wrong with his camper you can't say for sure it would be fixed the same day that the parts come in either. In your haste to make an unsolicited attack on Camping World you made yourself look like an idiot.
RandACampin 08/01/16 09:10am Camping World Service and Installation
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