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The only constant in these types of rants is the OP never assumes any responsibility in the situation.
RandACampin 11/22/15 10:35am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Another Navy SOS recipe

Here's a military SOS story for ya... I was USAF '81-'07. While deploying to Bosnia we had to stay at Rhein Main for 3 days to draw weapons, training etc. Being married, having not ate in a military chow hall for years, I was exited to have the breakfast experience of my military youth. I got in line and ordered eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuit and gravy, the Army NCO behind the counter gruffly said "you can only have one meat". OK I remember the drill, go sit down, get back in line and get the other meat. Me - "Ok I'll just have sausage...no bacon" NCO - "You can only have one meat" Me - "I know please put the bacon back I will take the sausage only" NCO "You can only have one meat" Me - " I only want one meat...sausage...what is the other meat" NCO - "Gravy is meat" Me ":h" Only in the Army. Trust me there was no meat in that gravy. At least the chow hall in Bosnia (contractor was off the chain good! Still miss the chow hall experience and enjoy it whenever I can, such as retiree appreciation days.
RandACampin 11/06/15 04:10am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Another Navy SOS recipe

That is NOT SOS.
RandACampin 11/05/15 03:26pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Feeling kind of ripped off ?

Resurfacing rotors is a waste of money. For the same price you can buy new ones, premium ones for slightly more. There was also a study out that showed greatly decreased braking performance with turned rotors vs new. Wow you really answered the OPs question there....to me the price sounds reasonable to me.
RandACampin 11/05/15 04:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: One More Reason To Never Buy Jayco

What? How can you have a water heater in an enclosed area? Don't they have to vent outside? Aren't they designed to have the access panel on the outside of the RV? A look at the brochure states a gas/elec water heater. It has to have access to the burner and elec element from the outside. Are you sure you know how to change the element? Should be a 10 minute job from the outside of your rv. I'm looking at pictures of Jayco Embarks on the net and I can clearly see the water heater access panel between the slides on one model. Something in your OP doesn't pass the smell test. My Atwood water heater has the electric element on the back. It is accessed from inside the MH via the access door INSIDE the MH. It is beside the bypass valves. I did not know that, however in the pics you can see the the door.
RandACampin 10/30/15 01:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: One More Reason To Never Buy Jayco

What? How can you have a water heater in an enclosed area? Don't they have to vent outside? Aren't they designed to have the access panel on the outside of the RV? A look at the brochure states a gas/elec water heater. It has to have access to the burner and elec element from the outside. Are you sure you know how to change the element? Should be a 10 minute job from the outside of your rv. I'm looking at pictures of Jayco Embarks on the net and I can clearly see the water heater access panel between the slides on one model. Something in your OP doesn't pass the smell test.
RandACampin 10/30/15 09:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Goodyear Marathon load d trailer tires

Anybody using these tires on larger TT, if so can you explain to me the pro and con of this tire? Thanks The Marathons do not have a good service recond when we look across the trailer industry (rvs and non rvs). A google shows this so its not just rv owners who have issues with this tire. Check out http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/owners/SearchSafetyIssues?prodType=T for just the Marathons that owners reported tire complaints to NHTSA safecar.gov. Safecar.gov shows 123 complaints on the Marathon ST. I would look for a ST tire with a better overall reliability service record from across the trailer world....not just 2-3 comments on a RV website. I see PJ and Starlite trailer manufacturers are using Provider ST radial tires from Taskmaster. They've been using them for several years and their commercial trailer customers report non of the usual ST tire issues so far. They should work for a RV trailer also. So what? You trot out these same numbers for every ST post, just like tires clockwork. It's ****! Posting a certain number of failures is meaningless without the total number in service and you know it. You are not helping anyone with your anti ST agenda.
RandACampin 10/30/15 03:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Snowbirding with several (more than 2) dogs?

If you parked next to me and they yapped I would be right to the office. You want the dogs do not expect others to like them. leave them home or go with the rule. You are as special as the next guy WOW!! It never fails! Ask for some constructive advise and you get this. Whether I have dogs or not, I surely wouldn't want to be sitting next to you. You can close the thread now. I'll figure it out myself. WOW!! It never fails! Some people when faced with the rules want everyone to ignore those rules to accommodate them! If you have more dogs than the rules then don't go to that park. Simple enough?
RandACampin 10/28/15 09:13am Snowbirds
RE: Battery powered scooters

Cruisin Cooler has three wheels a seat and room for your beer. WIN WIN WIN
RandACampin 10/27/15 02:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Accidents versus Safe Driving

I thought I would post my thoughts on the recent rash of accidents and driving habits of some RV drivers. I live in MA but spend a lot of time on the roads in New England. With the fall color almost done here I have seen a lot of bad driving habits from speeding, to driving to slow to towing a dingy in the passing lane. First off I will be the first to say I don't obey all the laws of the road. Seen the following over the past week on RT 495. Looked to be about a 44 MH towing a ford F150 in the passing lane at about 80 MPH I was doing 70 in the center lane in my pu. speed limit is 65 1. STOP DRIVING IN THE CENTER LANE! 2. So both of you were breaking the law? Dually towing a large 5th wheeler in the passing lane. trailers not allowed in that lane in MA. At least a 40' MH doing about 60 in the passing lane. Ton of people passing on the right including me. So what? Pickup truck pulling a trailer with a ball hitch and not having the tow setup done correctly. Truck and trailer was all over the road. And you know it wasn't set up correctly how? RT 290 Worcester Super C towing a boat through the city at about 70 MPH speed limit is 50. lot of turns on this road. Now for some good was driving along a side road in NH following a MH going a lot slower than the speed limit. Most likely just taking in the fall foliage. MH driver slowed down and pulled to the right signalling me with his hand to pass him. Just want to say thanks. I figure a lot of the accidents we see are most likely cause by speed, drivers not capable of handling the rig they are driving, not having there tow vehicle set up properly and not knowing the laws of each state as to what the rules of the road are. just my 2 cents.
RandACampin 10/26/15 09:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping World education

Yet another Camping World bash post by you.
RandACampin 10/26/15 04:11am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: CW has our RV for 13 months and counting

Obviously, this thread is just a fly buzzing in the ears of the rapid response team. It is an irritant that is being ignored. The silence is most likely due to the down time caused by the work going on to add additional seating the the executive desk. Really Creeper - it's it time to poop or get off the pot on this. I'd find the post that Old-Biscuit quoted, and send Marcus a PM - to start with. PS - earlier I stated that I'd pray for you. The person upstairs must have gone off to other things due to frustration - or too many requests for help with CW. Sorry... I've reached out to Marcus a couple of times. No response. Trust me there is no sitting on hands, but you can only have someone say their are going to take care something and then nothing gets done. I know it's frustrating to not know everything that I've done, but the forum has rules. I've made repeated requests to have upper management contact me in reference to this, only to have those requests ignored. I'm sure they're used to these kinds of complaints and wall themselves off from them. I was on the phone all day yesterday with a bunch of assurances of this one is going to get involved or that one and someone will be in touch with me today. My phone is silent today As a company they are probably done with you (for good reasons). When a litigation is involved they are done with you and it's up to the attorneys to settle the matter. I think even after you suit is settled there will still be no pleasing you.
RandACampin 10/23/15 03:47am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Camping World Service Issue

Fellow Rv's Help me decide bad luck or inept service Dropped RV at Camping World for oil change and problem with ice maker. When picking up rv 6 days later there was obvious water leaking from water tank. Reviewed this with service manager he stated he did not know why my unit was leaking. Left RV for him to exam. Manager called 4 days later stated leak at gray tank They could repair for apx $500. I again stated there was no problem when i left the RV why was it leaking now. He had now answer. I needed the RV back to prepare for extended road trip So I said go ahead and repair. I picked up the unit and when preparing for the trip 3 days later the leak was still there. I contacted C W and sent video of the leaking. I explained I had to leave or loose my reservations for the extended road trip and would have the RV evaluated while on the road. Stopped in oregon and had RV evaluated they laughter and the repair job stating who would do something like that. (There was 4 inches of white sealant around the pipe and it was still leaking) C W store and CW customer service has not responded to any emails Just bad luck or Bad service and why was the leak not fixed. Why are they not responding to my concerns. Did you even discuss methods of repair, prices or did you just get in a hurry and give the go-ahead because of your upcoming trip?
RandACampin 10/21/15 04:19am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Outrageous wipers-Chevy Sonic

That's what you get for not asking and agreeing on a price beforehand. My thoughts...you have no gripe.
RandACampin 10/16/15 09:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Breakaway Switch

Look inside the old switch, the plastic pin may have been broken off inside the box allowing it to still function (keep the brakes from activating)
RandACampin 10/15/15 11:20am Towing
RE: VW/Audi

We have a 2003 TDI and are not looking at selling it in the near future. My concern with the plug-ins and hybrids is battery life and the cost of replacement. Right now, it seems these vehicles are fine for the initial buyer who turns over cars every 10 years or less, but what about the ones that keep vehicles longer or buy second hand vehicles? I am concerned I will either have a vehicle requiring a costly battery change or no resale value due to battery costs - My TDI has good resale due to the longevity of vehicle power plant (plus it is not effected by this EPA compliance). All VW's will be viewed as bad.
RandACampin 10/07/15 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: VW/Audi

I have a question. Doe's the EPA emission standards are the same for cars and light trucks and SUVs ? Are they less restrictive for light trucks ? You know, even with the VW ''Das scandal'' diesel vehicule, I'm just back from Wilmington NC to Montréal with my 2012 Passat TDI with an avg of 51 mi/gal US (4,5 L/100km, hand calculated). I don't believe that I made more pollution than any american PU or large SUV with a diesel engine or even a V8 gaz engine for the same trip... You have no idea if you are polluting more or not.
RandACampin 10/07/15 05:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping World Closed...

Stores close all the time...I don't post about it on RV.net though
RandACampin 10/05/15 04:21am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Blackwater tank

The original post was about using a "vented" cap in winter! You might try reading the entire thread. Perhaps you should read the original post. :S
RandACampin 09/25/15 03:46am Beginning RVing
RE: Changing Tires

Hydraulic jack. Works for everything. That's not what the OP asked!
RandACampin 09/24/15 02:17pm Fifth-Wheels
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