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It's sad, really sad, when we haven't heard a single happy story since ownership began in Sept 2013. First post on RV Net slamming a dealer. Oh well, off to read some happy stories or someone needing help. What's really sad is we always get just one side of the story, the OPs, who is free to embellish, and slant the story to favor him. What you never hear in these stories is any responsibility for the situation by the OP or the other side(s) of the story. Even sadder is all the people who believe is happened just like the OP says.
RandACampin 05/02/16 11:55am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Doing the right thing

I can see some problems on both sides. There was definitely a lack of clear communication from the OP to CW.
RandACampin 04/26/16 03:50am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: No road side Assistance! Blow out on interstate!

I feel compelled to respond to this post. Many million dollars are spent every year for these Road Side Assistance programs. Too many times they are useless!!!!! It has been my experience - once in New York state and once in Ca.- that the Highway Patrol WILL help you. 911 will get help. Both times the Trooper changed my blow out himself. He said "this is my job". If he can't help himself, he will get help to you. And his help is FREE! Just saying........ You are only hearing the small percentage of bad. Even those aresults more often than not spend in favor of the op.
RandACampin 04/22/16 01:19pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: No road side Assistance! Blow out on interstate!

snip... They kept referring to us as a trailer! And said that was why it was not covered! We are canceling our policy and feel blessed to have received help from Hwy. Patrol. Technically a tow dolly is a TRAILER! And I have to agree with Scottiemom, why didn't you let someone come out and replace the tire instead of insisting on a tow for your trailer. Seems to me you exacerbated your own situation instead taking a great solution offered by Good Sam. If that's how it happened then part of the onus on you and you should own that.
RandACampin 04/22/16 11:51am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Illegal / dangerous to pull 11,000 trailer rated 10,000 lbs?

Towing overweight on a non-commercial basis is illegal just as swapping out an outlet in your house without a permit is illegal. Both happen all the time. Things rarely go wrong when it's done. And when things do go wrong it's EXTREMELY rare for anyone to get in trouble for such actions. If people never did dumb things there would be no need for insurance. If/when there is an at-fault accident the guy with the upside down TV and TT would be named if or if not he was overloaded. Again, this is what insurance is for.... people doing dumb things. Your own insurance company would have to come after you after they paid off the damage to the other parties. They'd have a very high bar to meet to convince a judge or jury. Could it happen? Of course. Has it happened? Maybe but no one can ever seem to produce any proof. Should there be more/better enforcement of egregiously overloaded weekend warrior towers? IMO, yes. But there just isn't. No matter how much fear mongering and pontificating takes place on an internet forum. Show me anywhere that states switching out an outlet in your house is illegal.
RandACampin 04/14/16 07:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Keystone Customer Service Fail

Those that are offering advice or asking questions, did you miss it when the OP said; I'm not here for advise, or to hear opinions on the legitimacy of my claim.... He doesn't want advice or care about our opinions. No he just wants to bash and besmirch a company he's looking for help from. The mod should delete these bashing threads starting with this one.
RandACampin 04/07/16 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Windshield Wipers

A stick
RandACampin 03/30/16 12:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weight police alert!

I don't generally care... we used to be a bit overweight even with the 3500 but this is downright silly. An older Alpenlite 5er - about 27 feet...with a large hydraulic lift on the back holding a sand rail kind of vehicle (or homemade rzr) AND it's being pulled by a f150.. We owned an Alpie. They are not light...and with that buggy on the back.. All I can say is wow. Why is it any of your business?
RandACampin 03/26/16 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Watch your speed in NC

For you people who "And I don't care how many other vehicles are behind me. Never have worried about them!" Since you don't care about the vehicles behind you (obviously you care only for your self), would you please have just a little consideration for those who need/want to get around you and keep in the right lane? Just because you have all the time in the world, there are truckers and others who still have a job and schedules to meet. Keep out of the left lane! And the center lane as well, if a 3-lane freeway.
RandACampin 03/25/16 09:33am Roads and Routes
RE: tough chicken breasts

Your are overcooking them! Try brining them in a simple brine for a few hours then grill to a temp of 165.
RandACampin 03/18/16 08:42am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Bought from Camping World?

Based on what a close friend of mine went through with after sale service, I would be very leery of buying an RV, of any kind, from CW. Obviously, with so many of them all over the country, some locations may be super good, while some others may be not so good. I definitely would not use the CW in Roanoke, VA. Now we have second-hand CW bashing. :h
RandACampin 03/17/16 09:09am Beginning RVing
RE: Tire Brand

Lyle Who makes a D range LT tire in 15"? I just did a quick search on Tire Rack and found this one. Not sure what size you need though. http://i.imgur.com/ThgLAUyl.jpg Would you run them? I've never heard of anyone running them on a trailer. Not a good tread pattern for a trailer.
RandACampin 03/17/16 03:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: CW Illinois

Which CW in IL? There is more than one. Doesn't matter does it. Avoid them all, that way you will not suffer at their hands. You constant unsolicited bashing of CW and piling on of everyone's CW posts really diminish any credibility you may have had. One thing for sure though, your bashing knows no shame or limits.
RandACampin 03/15/16 08:41am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Bought from Camping World?

Has anyone bought an RV from Camping World? I am looking at class a (gas). I don't see a lot on Camping World's web page, in my price range, in California. I see bunches, in my price range, in Florida, Alabama and South Carolina. Does anyone know why there are so many in the east and so few in the west? Has anyone bought an RV from Camping World? :S Nope, you will be the first one.
RandACampin 03/15/16 05:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Tires

You can't and should never use passenger car tires on your RV! Try some Maxxis tires like suggested and don't worry about filling them with anything than plain old air. This is not true at all, P-rated tires can and are used on trailers. You are wrong.
RandACampin 03/11/16 04:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

So when in doubt or don't have any preferences, get Maxxis 8008?Maxxis has their issues. There has been a disturbing amount of failures reported on this forum, at least for the small sample size it represents. Maxxis has a small percentage of the TT market, and this forum is a small percntage of that market. This small slice of the market that is represented here has some very vocal Maxxis fans though. But even the Maxxis fans (most of them anyway) will admit that Maxxis has an important shortcoming. Avaialability. Almost everyone has to order, and then and wait to get them.. And when they finally do get them, sometimes they are very old. Old tires are always a bad thing. Having to wait for tires can be a bad thing... Sure, when making a planned purchase of an enrire set, a few weeks can be no problem.. But if a road hazard destroys a tire or two on a trip, then one can be stuck waiting for the replacements to arrive. Any tire can meet such a fate, so this concern has nothing to do with the quality of the tire. This was a major factor in my decision years ago to do whatever it took to get 16 rims and LT tires. They are easily available everywhere. I have never had a failure, but I recognize that it is possible. Being stuck somewhere waiting for tires would be a major problem for me. If you are retired, or in a situation where you can be time flexible, then this would not be a concern for you. Disturbing amount? I bet you can't provide links to 10 maxxis failures in a year.
RandACampin 03/11/16 04:07am Travel Trailers
RE: I need a good disposable glove solution for dumping

What kind of gloves do y'all use when you use the restroom??? When you flush the toilet in a restroom there is not a 30 gallon tank of raw sewage behind it! :W There is if you had Taco Bell for lunch!
RandACampin 03/09/16 11:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Oakwood, GA CW - Should I Bother?

LOL I'm not the one who failed to communicate. A good communicator would use all forms of communication, verbal, written, non verbal, email, etc, and tailor that communication to the audience (salesman). You failed, and therefore are not the communicator you profess to be. If you were you wouldn't be having problems.
RandACampin 03/02/16 09:22am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Oakwood, GA CW - Should I Bother?

Wow you bragged about a six figure income, $100M business and you had to finance a $90K RV? :R
RandACampin 03/02/16 04:45am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Camping Worlds sales and service

Congratz and welcome to RV'ing. You're one of the lucky ones. That store has quite a few reviews and one of the lowest scores on Google ratings. Which Coleman model did you get? Got pics yet? Glad the service dept. has been so helpful in the two weeks you have had the unit. Again congratz but I'm curious, what is an "unneeded part"? Nice way to **** on the guys post. You CW haters have no shame.
RandACampin 02/29/16 04:36am Camping World RV Sales
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