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RE: battery maintainer

My converter is a wf/8930/50. Will that work just keeping it pluged in at the shore power. The maintainer I have is a Schumaker 1.5 amp input:120v ac60hz,0.19/0.32a SEM-1562A Output:6/12dc at1.5amp dc
Rmcgrath53 10/30/14 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: battery maintainer

Thanks for the response. I could leave the converter hooked up or use maintainers. What would be better for storage?
Rmcgrath53 10/30/14 10:19am Tech Issues
battery maintainer

Have 4, 6 volts batteries . Can I use 2 battery maintainers one for 2 6 volters , the other hook to the other 6 volt pair. Will that be good for alright to do?
Rmcgrath53 10/29/14 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: newb with a DRW/SRW question

I have had both. The DW is the way to go. If I buy another truck I will definitely go with the dually.
Rmcgrath53 04/16/14 09:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: adding a 12 volt battery to a bank of 4 =6volt battery

Thanks for the response. I am going to keep that battery, the 12 volt with jumper cable, and make use of it when needed.
Rmcgrath53 04/13/14 05:55am Tech Issues
adding a 12 volt battery to a bank of 4 =6volt battery

I have 4 new 6 volt batteries and a 12 volt battery that is like brand new. Can I add this marine battery to my bank of four batteries?. I have a solar set up of 560 watts with a mtpp Morningstar 60 Thanks for the help
Rmcgrath53 04/12/14 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Jacking up 5th wheel

I always jack up behind spring purch with TV hooked up. Lipert recommends doing that way. I saw an Eagle pulled along the side of free way with there wheels all bent up.
Rmcgrath53 04/03/14 03:39pm Fifth-Wheels

I was wondering what are the advantage of lithium over lead beside price.. 1) discharge way longer, 2) recharge much faster 3)way less weight. 4) last 10 time longer. Disadvantages are 1) price is very expensive compared to lead batteries.2) have to reprogram your controller.3) Smart battery is prone to go bad in EMP detonation , along with your solar panel may fry during an advent like that.
Rmcgrath53 03/15/14 02:50pm Tech Issues

Reed Cundiff Thanx for the site.
Rmcgrath53 03/15/14 02:40pm Tech Issues

Talked to a rep for lithium battery store and said with my Morningstar controller, I can set algorithm to charge their battery. They said they are coming out with a high amp hour that will drop into smaller space. Has anyone done this?
Rmcgrath53 03/15/14 10:28am Tech Issues
RE: Do you just leave it and go?

I go to the Wallmart when ever we take a trip. I never leave my fiver alone were someone might steel it. I mite do it if I had a pin lock. Usually we stop just for a quick stop then take off after we have had some rest. Love those wallmarts.
Rmcgrath53 03/14/14 07:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Verifying Height?

The best way to do it is, set on my air conditioner, my laser, that sprays a line at 180 degrees on the roof. measure from the gound to the laser line and subtract the amount from the laser line to the top of the a/c that will be dead nuts. I than would add 4 or 5 inches as safety.
Rmcgrath53 03/05/14 08:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing Heavy 5er with SRW Truck

I have towed with both DRW and SRW. without a doubt the dually is the way to go with the most stability and safety.
Rmcgrath53 02/07/14 03:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Older 7.3 Deisel vs. Newer Ford Engines

My 7.3 is paid for.I replaced the spring packs (Dually)when I bought used and added a leaf . It has the banks intercooler and exhaust. I am hesitant to kick up the horse power(edge tuner) till the trans is bullet proof by Brains trans build(BTS). The plan is to spend 5,000 for the trans with the 6.0 cooler . The only thing that a new one has over mine is the suspension rating on the door. my unit EVEREST is 12000 dry. I think the beast is okay with it.I can rebuild many times for 60,000 new dollars. Rust is my only enemy.
Rmcgrath53 01/23/14 10:17am Fifth-Wheels

got A COUPLE GIFT CARDS FOR AMAZON,and want to purchase a hydrometer. I found three that looked good but don't know what all to look for and keep the price down. otc 4619 professional battery Hydrometer Thexton THE117 battery tester E-Z Red Sp101 Battery hydrometer. If anyone knows these ,would you tell me why u would purchase one over the other. and why would you absolutely not pick one Thanks
Rmcgrath53 01/14/14 06:55am Tech Issues
RE: plugging your shore power cable into 2000 watt inverter

Like Pianotuna said. But I would add, make sure your converter and Air Con breaker is off.Turn gas on fridge. I have a 2000 watt sine wave that a bunch of alarms went off, when the wife decided she needed air and Turned the thermostat down and I forgot to flip the breakers. ps on edit turn hotwater tank on gas also....
Rmcgrath53 11/24/13 03:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Heartland vs. Keystone 5th wheels

I HAD A NEW SUNDANCE and a used Everest they are both pretty much the same quality. One was a mid profile and the Everest was a regular profile.I had issues with both.
Rmcgrath53 11/23/13 03:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need some serious advice!

a FEW YEARS AGO I WAS TRAVELING OVER A mountain in NC and a blizzard popped up. It was so bad that the road was closed after we got up to the top. I had no chains or exhaust brake. I have never been so scared .
Rmcgrath53 11/11/13 01:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: connect comp to tri star 60 mppt controler with ethernet

Have you "connected" to the controller using the serial cable? My guess is you have NOT You need to read from the controller it's exact network configuration Download MSView - Open MSView - Open the Tristar MPPT setup Wizard - Create a new configuration - Make it a Solar Charge controller - Proceed to the Network Communications configuration page (5 or 6 pages into the configuration SETUP) .......This will be the standard default setting but might not be how yours is configured for - YOU will need to connect to the controller - Strongly suggest you do that with a Serial data cable a null Modum 9 pin D type cable - you will need a USB to serial adapter and setup the proper Baud, data bits, and stop bits for RS232 communications - The setup is clearly detailed in the manual tHANKS KJINTF. It looks like I am going to have to buy some hardware when I have some time. Thanks again
Rmcgrath53 11/09/13 11:13am Tech Issues
RE: connect comp to tri star 60 mppt controler with ethernet

HI Rmc I am happy to help but need the detailed info asked for earlier To directly answer/comment on the above post The TS-RM-2 RJ-11 connection uses the Meterbus communications protocol a completely different and isolated protocol (using the MPPT 60) than the Ethernet IP protocol I believe you are trying to connect to - The TS-RM-2 has zero affect on the RJ-45 communication from the MPPT-60. Have you connected to the controller with a serial cable? What exactly does the "Network communications" configuration page of the MSView configuration wizard show? My computer is a HP laptop G60 it has no serial port only a 15 pin thing, It does have 3 usb ports. As far as the "network communications: there is none in the msview when I open it up Thanks
Rmcgrath53 11/09/13 09:08am Tech Issues
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