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RE: Mud daubers "Duh"

For a couple bucks you can solve the furnace vent problem. I picked these up off of Ebay. I also installed screening on the inside of the refrigerator access panel openings. Those I had to make myself. http://i58.tinypic.com/se3tx1.jpg Got the outside furnace and water heater covered just never figured on the battery disconnect .
big whitey 09/06/15 07:34pm Truck Campers
Mud daubers "Duh"

During our normal pre trip inspection we observed the following: My wife says did you leave anything in the socket of the battery disconnect (which is located inside with all vents,doors and windows tightly shut.) I say no to which she responds well you better take a look cause there is definitly something completely blocking the key socket. You guessed it,somehow someway a mud dauber found his way inside and did what they do best, plugged a hole. Unbelievable.
big whitey 09/06/15 07:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Old Roadtrek DIESEL?

As Kevin O'leary of Shark Tank fame would say " I Forbid You" to buy a vehicle with that engine regardless of price. Seriously, to call that engine a piece of junk would be a compliment and an understatement for the ages. They are weak, unreliable and costly to maintain. God had to be smiling on the current owner for him to get 185k miles.
big whitey 09/06/15 06:33pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: refridge bit the dust.....

Well whle going to a residential unit is a cheap fix consider how it will effect your resale value? Also when traveling what then? How will you keep the door closed? You may already have these figured. Worse case scenario these issues are all irrelevant as the residential fridge will increase the resale value and an inverter will keep it going when traveling. As to keeping the door closed that is a no brainer with several simple solutions. Any inconvenience is outweighed by the superior performance of the residential fridge vs the absorption fridge.
big whitey 08/31/15 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Colorado/Utah trip

Thanks Busskipper for the info. It will be invaluable as we map out our itinerary . One can never have too much feedback when planning an extensive trip.
big whitey 08/22/15 09:11pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Colorado/Utah trip

Are you saying the Aspens are changing now? If so the trees will be bare by the time we get there in mid September. Will the higher elevations in Colorado be underwhelming if leafless? If so we may need to adjust our itinerary a bit.No, the aspens don't start changing until early to mid October, depending on elevation and location. I sort of misread your departure date as October 13 instead of September 13. You'll be fine with your dates. (It was 10:20 p.m. when I posted -- sort of after my normal bedtime and I was a little foggy, but it was the weekend after all!) BTW, you can look up the name of the townsite above St. Elmo. It's not Han****. Apparently the anti swearing program they use didn't like the name. Even the admin tried to change it without any luck. Thanks for the clarification and for owning the oversight,you have put the happy back in our departure date. Thanks again for the generous sharing of info.
big whitey 08/16/15 06:13pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Colorado/Utah trip

If you make a beeline straight here, you might still be able to catch the aspen changing. First I would hit up the Durango/Silverton/Ouray/Telluride area in SW Colorado. All pretty high elevation but gorgeous scenery (best in the state IMHO). Don't miss the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge RR. Don't miss Mesa Verde NP. Take at least one guided tour if you can. Visit the Anasazi Heritage Center near Delores to get info on other Native American sites in this area. Hovenweep NM is an often overlooked, out of the way park with interesting ruins, especially the main section. With your TC, try some of the boondocking around Silverton. South Mineral Creek has several areas. Heading up toward Animas Forks (do visit this ghost town), the ghost town of Eureka used to be free but now costs $10/night until Oct. 1 when it's free again. It will be getting cold at night by the time you arrive. You could encounter freezing temps at night. If you're looking for a place to clean up and warm up one afternoon, try the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. Great soaking with amazing views. They are closed for a few days mid-October for their annual cleaning, so check ahead. As you head north of Ouray, check out Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP. No boondcoking in the park, but the CG is worth a night or two. Very dark up there -- great stars. It is worth visiting the area around Aspen, Marble, and Redstone, even if it's just a day trip. Get up to Maroon Lake. You'll recognize it as the view is on many scenic calendars. Lots of boondocking up on Grand Mesa and the mosquitoes will all be gone by then. Lots of lakes all over up there. The whole upper Arkansas River Valley from Leadville down to Salida has lots of exploration opportunities. Some good boondocking locations above Cottonwood Lake west of Buena Vista. Most of the good sites are in the first couple of miles above the Cottonwood Lake CG. Beyond that, the road gets steeper and there are few places to pull off. Also some boondocking locations up the Silver Creek Lakes Road above the Marshall Pass road. Keep in the bottom of the valley rather than following the old Marshall Pass Railroad grade. Easier sites to camp in are before you reach Silver Lakes. There are sites above that but the road is a little rougher. In this area, there are lots of roads into the mountains. Do take the Chalk Creek road west out of Nathrop to St. Elmo (yet another ghost town). You can continue on up the old railroad grade to the site of Han**** before you'll want to turn around. If the weather is nice and you're so inclined, the hiking trail to the east portal of the now collapsed Alpine Tunnel is easy and has amazing views. While the high peaks west of the Arkansas Valley usually get snow sometime in October, the valley itself is on the dry side of the range and stays quite pleasant through much of October. agesilaus noted the CG in Natural Bridges NM. The sites are mostly too small for any trailers, but with your TC, you can fit in most of them. If you haven't been in the Vernal area, head up that way and check out Dinosaur NM and the Utah Field House in town. Head north up to Flaming Gorge. Variety of boondocking possibilities up there, but like the mountains of CO, beware of early snows. You may have visited the Island in the Sky portion of Canyonlands NP, but head south of Moab and turn west to the Needles District. Some limited boondocking on the BLM lands outside of the park, but the CG itself is a pretty magical place to camp. Can still be busy in October, so arrive early in the day if possible. These are just a few of our favorite, out-of-the-way places we like to go. Are you saying the Aspens are changing now? If so the trees will be bare by the time we get there in mid September. Will the higher elevations in Colorado be underwhelming if leafless? If so we may need to adjust our itinerary a bit.
big whitey 08/16/15 12:27pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Colorado/Utah trip

Wow invaluable info. Thanks all as I really appreciate your time and effort in sharing your knowledge of the area .
big whitey 08/16/15 12:09pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Colorado/Utah trip

We are leaving 9-13 for Colorado and would appreciate suggestions as to must sees/do. I realize we are leaving late in the year to embark on a 8 week trip to this part of the country but it was the best we could do due to family obligations. Specifically we would like to hit areas that get cold first and work our way back toward Utah. We have seen all the major parks in Utah but would like to see scenic areas off the beaten path. All we have seen is just a bit of RMNP in Colorado so i'm sure there is lots of other stuff to see and do in Colorado. FYI,we have a TC and will be looking to boondock exclusively when possible. Thanks.
big whitey 08/15/15 06:46pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Travel Lite TC Owners?

Wish i knew. I am thinking about looking into a B van when i get rid of my current piece of junk. We love to camp/travel but could live just fine with less RV drama. I know B vans will have issues as well but i have to think that rot issues would be minimal. The number one problem affecting RV's is water damage,be it from rain,washing,water line leaks, etc. My current TC has NEVER been washed and i avoid rainy conditions like the plague,especially driving in the rain. When washing i wipe the grime,bugs,etc off with a wet cloth. I also store my jacks in the rear floorboard of my truck to keep em out of water and away from the crud. I could go on and on but i think you get my drift. The problem with B vans is $$$$$ . They are really spendy , new or used.
big whitey 07/14/15 05:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel Lite TC Owners?

Upon loading up for the first time of the summer, I noticed some bubbling under the finish near the driver's side front jack. We headed out to the Outer Banks, NC and to Ocracoke Island for a long father's day weekend. At least it was a great time. I was loving this camper. Yesterday I wanted to see what the damage does so I poked it with a screwdriver and it's all rotten and wet underneath. I'm positive the damage affects a much larger area than I can see. This is just awful. We bought new so we wouldn't inherit someone else's problems and this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I don't think I can take being a truck camper owner, everyone I personally know who has one, has rot problems. I want to love this thing but I can't. Our local dealer sucks and doesn't pay attention to detail. I guess I'm taking this to the factory for warranty repair and then going to cut my losses and sell it. My wife and I have been trying to be "RV People" for years now and it just fights us every step of the way. Our first was a pop up that leaked and the canvass ripped and molded. It made way for a travel trailer whose frame eventually cracked on us. I tried a gently used Aliner a frame camper that also leaked to point the a frame rotted. Now this one has rotted and it's not even a year old. If someone could make something...anything...that doesn't leak and rot we might try one more time. But now, I don't trust anything and I think we are done. Yet we truly liked the truck camper and the ability to go anywhere we wanted. Travel Lite has let me down. The rep on the phone sounds truly interested in fixing this correctly for me, but he did mention I need to get there int he next 3 weeks because they are strict on the warranty period. Leaves me to believe they will just get me in and out quickly and out of their sight and warranty period. http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f193/kfromme/Truck%20Camper/27498752-8A4C-4BF3-BF61-A96717FBB73E_zpsigrnpze2.jpg height=600 http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f193/kfromme/Truck%20Camper/9A5B525A-D91C-415E-AD8F-B36E3AFE4343_zpsptiwpekj.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f193/kfromme/Truck%20Camper/C47D8EEB-6D90-4C92-837C-74FF62DD25C3_zpstzyukjot.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f193/kfromme/Truck%20Camper/013F6FFD-B7D2-457B-AAA5-6C6D7106E93F_zpssqnb0bmu.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f193/kfromme/Truck%20Camper/41ACB46F-4C43-4D5A-8CD7-F80ACF045254_zps8xxarlr0.jpg So sorry to hear of your problems as they really hit a nerve. Your RV experiences mirror ours. We too have owned various RV's with similar results (all new}. They were all different brands/types and include an 80k Newmar Mountain Aire fifth wheel. They were all meticulously maintained and all were garaged and yes they all were/are junk, including the one i own now. So sad the state of QC in the RV industry. Again so sorry you are experiencing the same woes as we have with RV's. If it makes you feel any better on the last 3 i have owned i never even made it home from the dealer before experiencing major problems. The two truck campers leaked in multiple locations and the Newmar had to go back to the factory 3 read 3 times and was still not repaired after 4 years of ownership. Good luck to you.
big whitey 07/07/15 06:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Mostly Off Road T/C Questions

I'm with jefe4x4. I have a hard-side on a short bed. While it is slightly taller, it handles most off road conditions fine. The caveat of a hard side is it's height and low hanging branches, other than that, and maybe a slight weight penalty, I think they are very convenient not having to set anything up. I've owned both soft and hard side. Our camper is on a shortbed, but has a nice shower/toilet/sink, which my wife really appreciates. No need for a long bed if you want a little bathroom/shower. I think most people over-estimate how much off roading they will do, and thus think they need something uber small and light, when most people really don't even push their vehicles very hard. Jefe4x4 and some others here have done some good offroading with their campers, but I think most just think they need something for that 0.5% of the time they might do something challenging. I think it's better to buy a camper for what you'll be doing 99% of the time, not 0.5%. Plus, offroading with a truck camper kinda sucks anyway. It's slow and tedious. I don't enjoy it, but I know others do. Just my opinion. I'd rather walk the last bit, or ride my bike, and leave my truck camper parked somwhere than drive 1mph for hours on end. X2. Also i have removed my HJ manual jacks and have them secured to a wooden platform in the rear floor board semi permanently with zip ties. This i did for the occasional off road i do but primarily as preventive maintenance as it keeps them out of the weather.
big whitey 07/05/15 05:23pm Truck Campers
RE: You Know Your A Redneck When...

And to think all this time i thought it was a prerequisite that you had to be from the South to be a redneck. Learn something new every day.:)
big whitey 07/04/15 05:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Sportsmobile

Table is on post and tripod the folds and stores under a seat. It can be used anywhere. We even have an extra post to set it a end table height. you have a pm
big whitey 06/27/15 06:11pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sportsmobile

Can't thank everyone enough for their responses. It appears that careful consideration of SM is warranted as i would be very much interested in the customization they offer. Just to play devils advocate are there any SM dissenters out there?
big whitey 06/22/15 06:05pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sportsmobile

Thanks a bunch folks,excellent feedback. It definitely gives me a good starting point.
big whitey 06/21/15 10:04pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

Just beginning to research B vans and have a couple questions. Quality wise,fit,finish,etc how does a Sportsmobile stack up against a RT or PW? Are the main differences between the MB Sprinter,Chevy,Ford and Dodge vans the Diesel engine or is the suspension/driveability appreciably different? In other words are the other vans equal to the MB minus the diesel engine of course. Oops, third but final question. How will a V8 engine in the Ford,Chevy Dodge stack up (fuel mileage/performance) against the 3.0 MB diesel? Thanks for all responses.
big whitey 06/21/15 07:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Very Loud Refrigerator??

It is a 12 volt compressor that is made by Dometic --- or they told us that Dometic recently bought out the company that makes them. I can not read the model plate, but from the book it appears to be one of the CR models --- 50 or 65 and it does have a fan. We bought this as an extra and if it works correctly, it should be a good refrig. This is the second one they put in for us --- The camper is brand new and we are still working out the bugs with the manufacturer. This will be our first long trip and on our way home, we will be stopping at the manufacturer to address another problem. So I guess we will have them check it out. WE just wanted to know if the loud fan noise was normal because we don't want it to go out on our trip! It is not loud at all inside the camper, just outside. Thanks On edit, it is plugged into 110 right now, so we will see. WE do have a fantastic fan and it seems to run just fine with not strange noises. You sorta lost me . In your first post you said it was so loud you could hear it inside your sticks and bricks home. In this post you say it is not loud at all inside the camper. Could you clarify so we can help. I have the same compressor fridge and can help you if you will provide the relevant info such as camper mfg,why your first fridge was replaced etc.
big whitey 05/25/15 07:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Very Loud Refrigerator??

I think others have failed to read your post correctly. If what you posted is read as written it would suggest that you have a compressor fridge not an absorption. Irregardless of the type it should not be that loud. Might be helpful if you would post brand/model/age of the camper.
big whitey 05/25/15 05:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Walmart in Cottonwood AZ

Do you stay out of Home Depot, Lowes, Target, K-Mart, Meijer's in Michigan, etc.? HD not so much. Lowes is owned by WM, target no, k-mart stores are gone. Meijers was the last store to have mostly USA products but do not go there often. WM has the largest impact, there are many others on my list but then that is my list of business' that are not employee friendly or just horrible with constant threats to their employees. Lowes owned by WMT, you're nuts. Lowes is owned by Lowes. Get your facts right WM owns the most shares in Lowes and the tother way lowes own most shares in WM. FACT! So I guess that means Lowes owns WMT. Hardly.
big whitey 05/19/15 03:01pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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