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RE: Small Dome Satellite

We put a Winegard X1 on our 2016 Navion. Everything bought on Amazon. Easy install. You have to also order the Roof Mounting kit for it. https://www.amazon.com/Winegard-PA-2035-Pathway-Black-Antenna/dp/B00HT7I4QY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1485036114&sr=8-3&keywords=winegard+x1 Thanks Triglider good info . I think that is what I'll be getting as well. I assume you are satisfied with the performance.
big whitey 01/21/17 07:12pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Insurance

Update, hope it helps others. Did what I should have done to start with instead of asking on a forum. I called Progressive and long story short this is what I learned: It is insured just like any motorized vehicle with a few exceptions: 1. Total cost replacement for 4 years on a new purchase,after that it would be replaced at ACV 2. Unlike most autos policies it has disappearing deductibles .( I said most Lol) 3.Vacation liability (not sure if auto policies offer something similar Other than a few minor changes or insurance jargon these were the main differences.
big whitey 01/16/17 06:12pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Insurance

Anyone ever heard of total replacement cost insurance on a regular car/ truck vehicle... me neither . Hence my ?? about RV insurance. On my previous non motorized RV's I had this coverage and was wondering if it would be available for a B van and/or had to be purchased separately from regular L/C insurance. Sorry if I failed to ask the question correctly.
big whitey 01/15/17 05:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

Pardon my ignorance..... but. How are B vans typically insured? Do you have to pay liability, collision and RV insurance? Secondary question, who do you guys typically use as your insurance provider. Thanks.
big whitey 01/15/17 04:16pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Oxymoron satellite question

Thanks Bill for answering a question I didn't even know how to ask. Lol. I am not familiar with either satellite you recommended. Do you have first hand knowledge of either? Just trying to purchase the smallest, best performing, most reliable HD Dome on the market. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is invaluable. On edit I just checked the two you mentioned . The T4 is too $pendy and the other is portable only. Could you recommend a more affordable roof mount?
big whitey 01/10/17 06:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Oxymoron satellite question

Thanks guys for the recommendations. I definitely need small and want HD. I know you can only get HD from a dome with Dish. I am in the minority as I have owned and hated the Trav'ler as it was $pendy and failed in less than 3 years. When it was working it was great, when it wasn't.... well. Could someone explain what is meant when referencing certain channels on different satellites switching . Sorry not exactly sure how to ask what I'm asking. Lol. Simpler put do you have a lag when changing channels if the channel is on a different satellite? Whew . Thanks for the help.
big whitey 01/10/17 03:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Small Dome Satellite

Hi big whitey, You're probably somewhat knowledgeable about this subject? You have no need to park in the shade, under a tree and watch HD? Small? Does that mean height? Diameter? Stealthiness? Thanks. Bud Thanks for responding Bud. Simply put I am ONLY concerned about the best satellite available that meets the criteria stated in my post: smallest best performing BRAND that is HD,compatible with Dish Network and can be fixed to the roof. Thanks
big whitey 01/10/17 03:27pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Small Dome Satellite

My choice would be a Dish Tailgater Portable antenna and permanently mount it to your RV. It only weighs 10 lbs and if you setup the mount so it can be attached to the RV or easily removed (unlocked) you would be able to move the antenna away from obstructions Finally after 2 days and two different forums asking I finally get "A " recommendation. Been like pulling eye teeth to get an answer to a straight forward question. Thanks for your input Bear !!! Does anyone know the brand satellite that has a very small circumference as in 6 to 8 inches and about the same height? I have seen em just don't know the brand. Thanks all.
big whitey 01/10/17 03:14pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Small Dome Satellite

I asked this question in another forum and got very minimal info so I'll try here. I am looking for the satellite brand of choice that would meet the following criteria: Very small to fit the limited footprint of a Bvan Roof Must be HD, a Dome, compatible with Dish Network and permanently mounted to the roof Folks what would be your choice.
big whitey 01/10/17 08:53am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Winegard SK1000 Satellite dish kapot afer 2.5 years

I feel your pain. I had a Trav'ler,the holy grail of satellites. Imho it is a high priced piece of ****. I hated all the raising,stowing and the obnoxious noise associated with both. After 3 years it got to where it would not stow, not a small problem. Winegards response was to remove and ship it back to the factory, I think not. Otherwise it was a great antenna. Lol.
big whitey 01/09/17 07:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Oxymoron satellite question

Sorry guys/gals thought I was fairly transparent, my bad. Looking a small dome (only) compatible with Dish Network as I am only interested in HD. I am looking for a consensus brand favorite among you, Once again it must be small, HD and fixed as there isn't space for a portable. I realize I'll be giving up some on performance with a dome but a dome it must be. The Trav'ler is not an option for reasons not pertinent to the question and would be a topic for a different thread. My question is on brands that fit the above criteria. Real life experiences would be great. Thanks
big whitey 01/09/17 06:39pm Technology Corner
Oxymoron satellite question

I am researching satellite dishes (fixed only) to fit the small footprint of a b van roof. Based on this criteria which small (must be small) satellite dish offers the best performance,reliability,cost,etc,etc? Must be Dish compatible or Dish/Direct combo as I want HD programming. Thanks for any feedback.
big whitey 01/09/17 04:07pm Technology Corner
RE: 4x4 Pleasureway Van

I know the FL comes standard as a 4x2 and no I am not sure it's available in 4x4 trim. I assumed "LOL" they would offer theirs vans in the 4x4 configuration now available from Sprinter. Not looking to do any hardcore off roading but the extra ground clearance would be nice when boondocking off road without worrying about ripping out the gen set etc underneath .
big whitey 11/05/16 06:55pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
4x4 Pleasureway Van

Has anyone purchased one of these,specifically the Plateau FL? I would be very interested in your thoughts and experiences. Thanks
big whitey 11/04/16 07:12pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

Is there anyone that purchased a Sprinter van via Sportsmobile ? If so could you possibly pm me so we might exchange phone #'s . I would really appreciate the opportunity to discuss the process . Thanks.
big whitey 09/03/16 05:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a B in Canada

Mechmike10 you have a pm.
big whitey 09/03/16 05:34pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a B in Canada

This question comes up once in a while- the CDN version des not meet US DOT standards and needs some modifications to the lighting, safty equipment and possibly the emissions depending on the vehicle. AFAIK the Cdn manufacturers will not sell a US spec version within Canada there are also tax obligations on self importing a vehicle, for that you would need the specific everything and run it past ICE. Myself and my Family have been crossing the border with vehicles since the 60's it has not gotten any easier. Mike Thanks for actually reading the questions Mike. The info you shared was enough to keep me from pursuing this option further. Exactly what i needed to know albeit not what i was hoping for. Thanks again for taking the time.
big whitey 08/28/16 01:14pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a B in Canada

Hey folks not trying to be a smart a** but please reread the question . Thanks . Good luck getting help with that attitude! No problem with the attitude. The problem is reading comprehension.
big whitey 08/28/16 01:08pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a B in Canada

Sorry you found it not useful. I was trying to be helpful, and I've toured the facility. But since I'm useless to you, I'll stop now. Gee thanks. Hopefully others will have some info that might actually be of some use. I wasn't trying to be mean. It's just that your answer did not address the question. You are not useless to me at all,it was the response that was useless. Sorry if I offended you,it was not personal or my intention. Please reread the question as I am certain you have knowledge that would be helpful. Thanks.
big whitey 08/27/16 08:19pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a B in Canada

Hey folks not trying to be a smart a** but please reread the question . Thanks .
big whitey 08/27/16 07:12pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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