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RE: kid chopping down live trees?

Little late and slightly off topic. After wintering in Florida we returned home to find 25 trees on our property that had been vandalized by neighborhood kids. Our property is completely natural with no grass whatsoever. After much investigation and anguish (every sapling is near and dear to us) we finally found the darling angels responsible for the damage. Incredulously the parents of course thought it was no big deal even after they realized how upset we were. Long story short even though it would not bring our trees back (can't uncut a tree) we demanded restitution. In the end we accepted partial restitution due to the sensitive nature of the circumstances involving neighbors and under age kids. Even partial restitution was like pulling hens teeth and required threats from ourselves and the sheriffs dept. Guess who is now the A$$ of the neighborhood. Folks i hate to say it but we are at a place in history that reeks of rude inconsiderate people. Off soapbox.
big whitey 09/02/14 07:16pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Insurance question of AAA and Good Sams

For $5 per year my Geico auto policy covers towing of my truck and camper,if towed as a single unit. Not sure if they can be towed as one or if the camper would have to be separate. Fortunately i have never had to have my rig towed so i hope i don't find out the hard way.
big whitey 09/02/14 02:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

We also have both generators, as mentioned above. If I had it to do again, I would buy a Yamaha 2400 instead of the Honda 2000i that I have. When I bought the Honda, our 2001 Lance had a 7K btu air conditioner. The Honda would run it on Eco mode. When I had to replace the AC, the smallest I could find was a 9K BTU. The Honda will run it but not on Eco so it is a bit noisier. However we don't use either enough to justify owning them. Last summer we made a trip to the mountain west and were gone all summer. During that three months we used the built in Onan one time to thaw some food in the microwave. Not only is the Onan noisy, but also vibrates the TC which I don't enjoy. If we are traveling here in the SE, we just plane on staying in a campground where we can plug in the rig. Once we get to the mountains of Colorado, the fantastic fan is all we need at night. I bought our current 2008 Lance used and that is the only reason I have the built in Onan. Also own a couple of larger stand by house generators. The Honda and Yamaha inverter models are much more pleasant to have to listen to and not feel them vibrating, when out camping. Funny how electronics work. I have the Honda 2000i paired with the 9200 Polar Cub. I run the A/C,TV/receiver/satellite and PD Converter on econo mode with no problems. Go figure.
big whitey 08/13/14 05:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

Honda won't do well with neglect either unless one is very diligent about draining the carb and using stabilizer. I never drain the carb or use stabilizer and do not feel that qualifies as neglect. That said i DO exercise it for 1 hour under load (1500w electric heater) every 30 days religiously.
big whitey 08/13/14 05:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Recommended truck for 2010 Northstar 8.5 Adventurer?

Here we go again.....:S Anything heavier than this: http://www.al-rons.com/media_files/product_images/hi_res1/phpHhTnOg.jpg better have a 1 ton dually under it. A 2500/250 would easily handle an Adventurer. We had a N* 850SC (200# lighter) on a Ram 2500 with no changes to the suspension. In some places (ours included) dealers have quite a few 3/4 ton pickups in stock and deals can be made, 1 tons- not as much. I have the exact same TC the OP referenced on a 2011 GMC 2500. It handles it ok, but not easily and not without suspension upgrades (stable loads). I wish i had bought the 3500 and strongly advise anyone looking to put a hard side TC on a pickup to do likewise. If looking used you may have to settle for a 3/4 ton but you will be settling. If buying new it only costs a little bit more to go first class,get the 1 ton.
big whitey 08/13/14 03:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

Honda.....reliability Onan .....convenience Shame you can't have both in one gen set.:S
big whitey 08/12/14 07:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Recommended truck for 2010 Northstar 8.5 Adventurer?

i have the identical TC and a SRW 3500 is your best option.
big whitey 08/12/14 07:25pm Truck Campers
RE: HELP!!! Rotted floor in fifth wheel bedroom slide!

Sadly you too are being subjected to the misery of newmar ownership. Our 2003 38' mountainaire fifthwheel went back to the factory 3 times for various issues the three years we owned it. After 3 years we decided to cut our losses and got rid of that overpriced piece of junk. Sure hope you find a better resolution of your issues than we did. Good luck.
big whitey 07/27/14 06:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Weber Go Anywhere grill - what do you use for a bag?

I have & love the same grill. We store ours in a seed/feed type bag in the back seat of our truck. Works great and never have grease get on anything.
big whitey 07/14/14 05:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Cracks,Cranks,Kevas andCanyons: Part 1

WOW excellent TR. you are to be commended for your time and efforts. thanks for sharing your experiences and talents with the forum. in all likelihood you have put my return trip out west on fast forward. $$$$$$$$$$$$ sigh. i am impatiently uh anxiously awaiting part 2.
big whitey 06/29/14 06:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Cracks,Cranks,Kevas andCanyons: Part 1

If someone had told you at age 20 what you would be doing when you turned 65, I bet you would not have believed them. Well done, and keep going! wrong post.
big whitey 06/29/14 06:16pm Truck Campers
RE: 4x2 or 4x4?

4x4 you don't need it...till you do. rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
big whitey 06/22/14 12:59pm Truck Campers
RE: All Roads Lead To Roam Part II, Roam Sweet Roam

Great work Dave, we are so spoiled here as we have all come to expect nothing but perfection from you. Your TR prowess is surpassed only by your selflessness. You are truly a giving person of both your time and talent. Love the pics of the girls. Elaine says hi to you Lynn and the two cuties.
big whitey 06/19/14 06:36pm Truck Campers
RE: 12v Air compressor question!? High Volume? Beach camping

how long does it take to air up a tire from 20 to 80 lbs with one of the high end 12v compressors? i use a small tankless 110 (cost $100) in conjunction with the H2000. it takes about 3 minutes to air up each tire from 20 to 80 lbs. probably takes a total of 20 minutes from start to finish which includes the digging out and repacking of the H2000 and the air compressor.
big whitey 06/13/14 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: All Roads Lead To Roam, or a western whazposé of pictures

Wow Dave now you have gone and done it again. what did i ever do to deserve such torture. you know it makes me crazy yet you continue with these absolutely fabulous TR's. hope you are settled more or less and will have ample time to spoil those precious little girls. Glad to see the mojo is back. Hi to Lynn and those two cuties from Elaine and i. Talk soon.
big whitey 06/05/14 06:22pm Truck Campers
RE: DW wants to watch tv,help!

No 12v plug is good for about 8 amps that's 96w Your tv, DVD, satellite receiver, will use at least that much, possibly more Better to connect inverter at/near batteries and run an extension cord inside RV to the tv area i have used the 12v plug for my 20" tv,receiver and winegard traveler without issue using a 200w inverter but agree it is better to come staight off the batteries.
big whitey 05/20/14 05:38pm Technology Corner
RE: mileage?

2002 GMC 2500 HD 6L gas and I get around 11.7, 11.9 on a regular basis. I get a lot better in the mountains 12 - 14. Would love better but honestly have not found it. My brother is getting in the 40's with his big diesel when pulling a huge cargo trailer. I would love to put my camper on his truck to see what happens. I suspect that MPG would drop like a brick but would be cool to see. Huh?
big whitey 05/05/14 06:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip to Zeno Canyon & Falls

Hey DJ how did the the new compressor fridge work out for you? how was the power consumption etc? can't recall if you have solar or just using the alternator/gen set. excellent trip report,love that part of the country.
big whitey 05/05/14 06:34pm Truck Campers
RE: DISH 211z setup

i am not all that techie all i can do is report my experiences which were less than stellar. their technology is dated at best and you WILL need to be a techie to have any chance of successfully using their product. i'm sure others much more knowledgeable than i will chime in and explain why KVH comes with their own unique list of ongoing software maladies.
big whitey 04/27/14 05:42pm Technology Corner
RE: DISH 211z setup

I just purchased a DISH 211z sat rec from camping world. I have a Class A MH with a KVH R5 on the roof and a Winegard Carryout. I'm curious if you have any words of wisdom on setting this all up. It appears there is only one SAT In jack on the back of the recvr and two outputs from either antenna. The KVH is set up for Direct TV, so I believe there will be issues there. Any advice you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your replys. not trying to be a negative nellie but if you have a KVH you are pre destined to have issues be it direct tv or dish.
big whitey 04/27/14 03:43pm Technology Corner
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