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RE: Towing a pop up with 4cylinder SUV

I do not have moderating ability in this area. I also do not have issues with opposing views, and do not personally delete posts accordingly in the area I do moderate. after rereading my initial sentence, I was trying to point out, that the tow specs the automotive engineers have speced out, the minimum speeds on freeway grades are 5-10 mph LOWER than typical state minimum speeds. State of washington is 40, so the 35mph minimum for rigs over 15-20K lbs total is too low. Under the minimum is 40. Michigan per another poster, the minimum speed on a freeway/interstate is 45 mph. so upwards of 10 mph too low. Just because you meet the minimum manufacture tow specs, does not mean you will not get a ticket! you may be illegal per local laws. Having spec'd multiple trucks for multiple uses, along with other machinery etc, one learns, that factory ratings may be a good or bad thing to follow! How you personally need things to operate and where, you may get away with using something over manufactures ratings, then again, you may have to use something at 50% of the ratings, and still destroy the unit WELL before it should be worn out etc. Marty
blt2ski 05/20/18 08:53am Towing
RE: Should I keep my old truck?

I find parts for my 92 Navistar with out issue! Marty
blt2ski 05/20/18 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing a pop up with 4cylinder SUV

Adam, Issue with states minimum speeds, is they are 5-10 mph LOWER, yes lower, than the tow specs that the ASAE came up with! So you may fall with in this warranty/rating number, you co you I'd still get a impeding traffic ticket! BUT officer, I within the manufactures ratings!!!!! Officer Friendlies response ; here's your ticket, have a nice day!"...... So, question is still, as BenK points out, to trust or not trust the ratings! You can be under manufactures weight/warranty ratings, yet be unsafe, due to an improperly loaded trailer that sways side to side too much..... It is still, always be, up to the driver to.make sure they meet legal, warranty and what.many of us would call basic safety rules. If you do not, Murphy will get you! Do I pull, weigh over manufactures warranty ratings, YES! Am I worried about it? NO! As I go thru many steps to make sure I am legal per state and federal laws! I would suggest you all do the same. Manufactures, engineer societies like ASAE do not make laws! Only warranty ratings! Marty
blt2ski 05/18/18 10:17pm Towing
RE: Towing a pop up with 4cylinder SUV

Another to remember and think about if towing. "ASSUMING" your new tow rig barely meets the new tow rating, ie min grade pulling is 12%, 13% you have stalled out. How well will you do in Yellowstone National park where there are 15% grades to go up? Yep, you may be at or slightly under the tow rating, but you will not go up that hill! To fetch a pail of water, only fall down and break your crown. I learned this lesson MANY years ago, to never trust a tow rating to meet the spec "I" need a rig to do. You can find formula's online that can tell you based on torque, gearing in trans, axle, tire diam and road surface the speeds, % grade you can go up. Then figure out if a given rig will meet or not meet YOUR personal performance standards. The N-Ga-Neer specs per manufactures, suck! Too slow on a 6-8% grade by 5mph, and less than a 1/3 of the min grade I have needed to pull! Do I trust them, sorta kind a, but not really. With the newere 6-9 speed transmissions, lower overall low gears in trans, most rigs today are better than the ones I blew up 20-30 years ago when starting out pulling trailers. I still have not figured out why my 81 GM C2500 with a 292 I6, muncie 4 sp was rated GCWR wise at 8500 lbs, but was in an 8600 gvwr truck. You could find the same drivetrain in a 1 ton dually at 10K gvwr. It could pull 12K up a 20% grade. Meanwhile the 89 R3500 dually with an almight 454, th400 auto trans, stalled out on that 20% grade at 12K lbs, with a 16K gcwr! C2500 went down the driveway, hooked a chain to the R3500, pulled it up that hill. The next day the R3500 got a new trans at 35K miles, first of 3 that were replaced every 30-35K miles like clock work! Just because it has a higher rating, may not mean it is the truly better tow rig! Marty
blt2ski 05/16/18 06:57am Towing
RE: Anyone Excited about the 3.0 Duramax?

Can I get one in an 8 lug 25 series truck with an 8600-9900 GVW reg or ext cab truck? If not, oh well.....I might settle for a 7200-8000 6 lug truck too......AAn 8 lugger would be better! I do not need a 300/600+ hp torque motor to motovate me around town! Marty
blt2ski 05/15/18 11:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing a pop up with 4cylinder SUV

Another way to look at Mr Murphys way of thinking..... If towing at 20K lbs lets say. you have three engine options, a sb V8 rated at 18K gcwr, a BB V8 rated at 20K lbs, and a TD rated north of 22K lbs. You T-bone someone and kill the driver. Is the driver more dead because you had a SB8? dead due to a BB8? Or less dead due to you being way under rating with the TD? My 6.5 TD in above post, I could pull 20K lbs in 1st gear up a 30% grade. My 05 Dmax with double the gcwr could only pull 20K lbs up a 24% grade before stalling out. Which is the better TV? Yet on a 3% freeway grade, the dmax would go 55mph, the 6.5 around 40 in the gear below direct. The dmax was in direct, both doing around 2700 rpm! Obviously I hope, the extra HP the dmax had, allowed it to go faster up a lower % grade. But the overall lower gearing the 6.5 had, along with all of 200 ft lbs less torque, allowed to to pull a steeper grade before stalling out. My Navistar with a 174/330 non turbo IDI 7.3 V8 diesel, can do 30K lbs up a 30% grade. Then again, with 4.33 gears, a 10.08 low first gear...... At the end of the day, ANYTHING can pull a trailer, how well it does, depends upon your person performance needs on a given day. For me, the above three trucks, the dmax was the worst one! it stalled out once, the others have NEVER stalled out on a grade. Yeah it went faster up a freeway grade, but it did not get to the camp or job site if the grade is steper than 25%! The others get their! marty
blt2ski 05/15/18 10:02pm Towing
RE: Towing a pop up with 4cylinder SUV

I'd do it! Then again, I towed at 15-16K lbs with my old GM 6.5td that had a whopping 12500 GCWR due to having the NV4500 vs the POS 6l80e auto trans! ANy way......If as "dad" mentions, the new version have a higher number of gears in the trans, a turbo etc......you might find you are faster, better towing etc than your current 6 cylinder. With a turbo, you're ready for higher elevations vs a non forced induction motor, that loses 2-3% of it HP per 1000' above sea level you are. Many turbo'd rigs give you se level HP to 10K'! Of course, this is a person thinking of trading in his 250HP 350 V8 4 spd auto/4.10 gears for a 300HP 4.3 V6 with a lower and taller geared 6 sp auto and 3.42 or 3.23 gears........I'd give the 300 pony rig a better chance of pulling a given hill faster than the 255HP rig. Both have about the same torque! marty
blt2ski 05/15/18 09:53pm Towing
RE: Sway & Wind

Dr Steve, If you don't feel an 8trailer can make my 12k empty 26k loaded max legal weight, and not go off the road because of violent sway, you're wrong! Yes a lighter truck, shorter WB than its 188", will go off the road, flip sideways sooner. You're still pulling an unsafe, illegal trailer from laws in my state at least. If you move more than 12" side to side, an LEO can pull you over, ticket you, RED TAG!!!!! You! You now can not move your rig until you fix the sway issue, or put the trailer on a low boy, car hauler or equal. This ticket carries as much punch as speeding etc. Being over weight on the other hand, is not a moving violation! Better to be over weight, than get a moving violation due to sway! I personally would not pull this trailer with a dual rear axle truck! Trailer is unsafe at any speed! Mary
blt2ski 05/15/18 11:01am Towing
RE: Sway & Wind

I would not pull said trailer with.My now sold dually crew cab, OR my class 6 26K gvw dump truck. Why, trailer is unsafe. Probably not enough hitch weight, tongue too high vs level to slightly down. EVERY trailer that has swayed on me, was too light in hitch, and or too high on the tongue. All started in mid to upper 50 mph range. Seen tandem dual trailers sway behind tandem dual trucks, had an 8k trailer behind my dump truck sway.......A bigger truck WILL NOT solve the OPs issue!!!!! Any one who thinks so, is wrong. It might help, it will not fix the underlying issue to cause the trailer to sway!!! Marty
blt2ski 05/15/18 08:21am Towing
RE: Took this one for fish

Where is the weight police when you needed? :B Hope that is tongue firmly.wanted in cheek. Reality is, nothing illegal with this setup. Yes over a manufacture warranty rating......but under FBL rules and regs, assuming the owner of the frod has the correct paid for tonnage. Marty
blt2ski 05/13/18 09:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How much can we tow?

If at max gvw before adding hitch weight, you have NO towing ability! Too many variables to say you can to X lbs with a given truck! Marty
blt2ski 05/09/18 09:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Backing up a steep driveway in 4WD Low gear?

You can regrade your driveway, change the approach or move. The other alternative is to store it somehwere else. Lol, you're full of........answers! I agree, FULL of it! Had a client. With a 33% grade driveway.....no effing way to degrade that puppy. If you needed construction materials up or down it, there is no other option. Hence my comment. Tow ratings per has a or whatever with a minimum 12% pulling moving option is unrealistic, by 33% of max gradesI've been on! I go for 30% minimum, or I don't buy said effed up design truck! Marty
blt2ski 05/05/18 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Backing up a steep driveway in 4WD Low gear?

Yep, problems those steep driveways can be. Especially since the all forsaken tow ratings manufactures are supposed to.follow, have a min rating of pulling or backing up a whopping steep grade of 12%!!!! Most rigs will as noted, burn something like an auto trans. People wonder why I think the ratings suck BIG TIME!!!!! Marty
blt2ski 05/02/18 04:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Tire Recommendation; Disappointed in Firestone H/T

https://www.discounttire.com/buy-tires/pathfinder-sport-s-at/p/33395 If you have a Discount tire near you, check out this tire. Not saying it is the BEST traction tire out there, but so far in 20K+ miles, wearing well. Great in dry and rain wetted roads. 60K wear out warranty. One of the more reasonably priced tires. I would suggest aftermarket siping them. While not squirmy initially, as I am getting to the half way mark, the initial factory sipes are a bit thin. They do well towing my upwards of 9K equipment trailer. Loads of topsoil, rock to 3 tons in the bed have not been an issue. I have used in snow, chains are needed if on the nastier side of things. At least with my open diff RWD truck they are needed...... I have seen one report on trucktire.com or some equal website that gives initial reviews of the tire. My findings are real similar to that review. A different recommendation on a tire probably not heard about too much. May work if it comes in your tire size. For me, it was $125 per tire plus tax, balancing etc. vs most other 245-75-16 tires were in the 150-175 relm. higher all steel cased tires like a Toyo M55 equal were closer to $200. Which I also like, but that is a true traction tire! Marty
blt2ski 04/27/18 06:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tire question

Round ones! Anything but michiblows! I like Cooper and Toyo personally......some like michiblows.......I'll put the XDE M+S on the rear of my dumptruck.....those have be ok, not sure what the new version is.... that is another day and worry! I'm running a Discount tire right now on my C2500. 60K warranty, $125 plus balance etc for a 245-75-16. An SUV mild AT tire. Dry and rain wetted roads are fine. Not great in snow ice etc. Do the job! Carry loads well too. Should have not issues getting 60K out of them. Also get ones that have proper traction for YOUR usage, not mine! Marty
blt2ski 04/18/18 11:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Choices of TV for a family of 6

tallest two were 5'16". 5'16" = 6'4" Nope, I'm 6' tall, so boyz are shorter than me at 5'16" tall. We all know 5' something is shorter than 6' something! I have another friend that is 5'23" tall. He's shorter than me too! lolol Marty
blt2ski 04/18/18 11:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The confounding 3/4 ton truck...

I don't need the 2014 Ford Fleet Specs, I have the more up to date 2017 and 2018 specs. But the whole point (which apparently needs repeating), all of the payload doesn't go on the rear axle. LOL....Your reading and comprehending skills need to be addressed. Let me repent one more time for you....I said "when all the payload is placed in the bed". And I gave numbers to show how gvwr based payloads can overload the trucks rear axle. I also have looked at Fords newest fleet specs up to 2018 and just like the 2014 models some 2018 F150 trucks can be overload "when all the gvwr based payload is placed in the bed". Anyways.... just another reason to use RAWR for how much payload the truck can carry in the bed.Next time you see a truck with all the payload in the bed, please get me a picture. I'd like to see how the driver managed to steer the thing sitting on top of 3000 lbs of payload in the bed of the truck. And Now I return you to the Real World of trucks and towing. Very easy to overload an RA with load in the bed! We Chhris mention with pics of in bed campers. If I put a 3000 lb pallet in the back 4' of pickup, or worst yet, Transit ext body van! I pull weight from front axle to rear! Been there done that! Or put a heavy ball/Intel hitch weight behind the axle, again, not hard to overload an RA. I've also weighed my navistar dump truck, 5900 on front. 5700 rear empty. Me and my 200+ lb body. 5900 front! 5900+ lbs on rest. With me sitting in drivers seat! Even tho I am only 3-4' behind FA, ALL of my weight went to the RA! Those body building guides are pretty accurate as to how much weight, water level in a bed will go to the front and rear axles. Rarely, do I see more then 30% going to the front. Usually only 10-20%. That's been my experience hauling towing commercially for 35+ years. Marty
blt2ski 04/18/18 07:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: gear ratios

BIG issue you have is the really gal first gear in trans. IE a 2.48 which equates to a an approx 4-1. Which equates to around a max piling grade of 22-14% @ 20k lbs. A Muncie 4 sp with 3.42s I'm pumpkins can do 30+% due to the 6.8-1 granny low. So a 3.55 and th400, else suck from a takeoff standpoint. My 89 R3500 flatbed with a stock 4bbl 454, th400 @ 4.10 gears cold not go up very many steep grades, blew up grannies every 30k like clockwork! Another option is 2st two gears from a th350/700r4. Or as mentioned, best is a built 700r4. Then you have a 3.1 5-1 with tc engaged, and a.71 I'd to slow engine Dow. 4.33s or 4.56 gears and a 700r4 would be a sweet setup. Marty
blt2ski 04/18/18 11:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: The confounding 3/4 ton truck...

Depending on how one loads a truck, one may find ALL of load added, plus some off the FA may end up on the RA. Yes true, some will go on front. Usually less than 10%, usually noticed less than 5%. Marty
blt2ski 04/18/18 07:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: The confounding 3/4 ton truck...

I could run down the road tomorrow pulling a 200,000 lb trailer with a typical 25 series pickup tomorrow, be safe, sane, about e all legal! Issue, I would be over GVWR IE gross vehicle warranty rating! Dang it! I'd have a few hopes to go thru, but I could do it! Marty
blt2ski 04/17/18 02:51pm Tow Vehicles
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