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RE: $500 math question on extending ball mount shank

If one of the reasons for extending the ball back some, is to Jack knife the trailer per say......the best way to fix this, is extend the tongue of the trailer, so you have at least 4',4.5' to the trailer body or part that will hit. I've also found that the longer the trailer from ball to axles, is easier to control backing. As truck will usually out turn the trailer easier. I also prefer the pivot closer to the TV axle vs far behind for handling issues as mentioned by some too. Although, I have to admit, most of the.trailers I pull do not use WD systems. My 02 on this. Marty.
blt2ski 10/20/17 06:49pm Towing
RE: Most RELIABLE Diesel 1 Ton Truck???

I like blue or red ones, White is not too bad, but rather plain...... I prefer the seats in GM's, they usually sit a bit lower, so easier to load things, including my fat arse! With that in mind......blue is heaviest paint, so a bit slower, white in the middle, red the lightest, so the faster one of the three! Marty
blt2ski 10/18/17 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy 2500HD Tires

If you want TRUE street tires, if it is still made, the XPS Rib my Michelin......Boy, I did not type michiblow! hmmmmm getting old I guess..... I have only had luck with one michilen tire, that is the XDE M+S on my MDT. Since redesigned and name changed. With this in mind, Cooper and Toyo make great street/Highway tires all labeled with an HT after name. I have a set on my truck now, made for Discount tire. Looks like some of the performance tires one sees on SUV's. Overall, good tire in rain, ok in slushy snow, nothing to wright home about.....throw some chains on, you go forward. No road noise to my slightly deaf ears. Cost was cheap compared to others, with a 60K warranty. I also got 70+K miles out of some Firestone HT's on a work van. It could be that the OEM tires vs OE Firestone have a different rubber, depth etc so they do not last as long. Worked very well in rain and dry pavement. Slushy snow was not worth talking about, but I survived! marty
blt2ski 10/16/17 07:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1200+ hp / 2100+ lbs-ft

My trucks are used for pulling. The hp level is only a small part of the equation that determine what a truck can pull. My Peterbilt is about 500 hp and does well with a gcw of 105,000 lbs. My 460 hp Ford handles a gcw of 39,000 lbs on occasion but if it was tuned I'd probably have to be careful with that combination. My 550 HP Kenworth hauls a gvw of over 90,000 lbs in soft ground without any problem at all and my 400 hp tuned Duramax struggles with a gcw of anything over about 18,000 lbs. I don't think giving more power to any of these trucks would make them more capable. I would swag some of the whey you state some do better than others is due to gearing, ie transmission mostly, and to a degree, the RA based on tire diam as to actual torque multiplication in the slower speeds that get the Kenworth thru the soft ground. My Navistar with half the HP as the dmax I had, gets many places the dmax could not. Mostly due to the much lower ratio's I have to work with in the trans/axle....... Marty
blt2ski 10/11/17 10:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rare HD Truck

I'll stick to a full width box. I usually get rwd or do not lift 4x's as that makes the.bed.lower, easier to get things in and out of, including myself. Hence why Navistar is a lopro version. Along with one reason I like GM trucks, lower bed heights vs Dodge or Ford. These of course are my preferences, not someone else's. Marty
blt2ski 10/11/17 01:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MPG difference?

You will need about an additional 3 HP to move 1000 lbs at 60 mph. Not a lot of fuel. An additional 3 swag ft if frontal area, also takes about 3HP to over come additional with d resistance.... Marty
blt2ski 10/10/17 11:04pm Towing
RE: Rare HD Truck

Had a 155" wb reg cab with a 12' dump bed. Have a 188" wb with a 14' dump bed..... Drive a reg cab c2500 with the std 8' bed. Would luv a 10' long bed! Marty
blt2ski 10/10/17 10:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: If U tow a TT, Do U have a tonneau or shell and bed slider?

I must be only one with a ladder/lumber style rack on my rig! Then again, when one has doen construction, uses the truck at work, carrying soil, rock, sprinkler pipe etc. One wants the bed available to use. The rack is/was used to haul a canoe too! Marty
blt2ski 10/07/17 11:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why not put turbos on 2500 gas trucks

The F250 weighs over 2000lbs more than an F150. I get 20.5 MPG running empty on the highway in my EB. If I dropped 1 ton of payload in my bed I would get probably about 12 MPG. Hitch a trailer to it and it would only get worse. The turbos load up at about 1800 RPM and I can see it happening on the instantaneous fuel usage indicator. The turbos on a 3.5EB F250 would always be loaded, 100% duty cycle and would suck the gas. Forget 4WD. That would only make it worse. An F250 with a 3.5EB would get horrible gas mileage empty. That would remove the incentive of owning the truck. This is one of them yes no reasons. NOT ALL 25 series trucks weigh 2000 lbs more than a 15 series. My C2500 weighs in at 4800 lbs empty! Yeah granted it is a reg cab with literally 3 chargeable options....None the less, we are talking maybe 300-500 lbs more than an equal 15 series truck depending upon motor and trans options. Same could be said with larger trucks, I've seen upwards of 700+ lbs differences between a stripped crew cab and a fully loaded leather diesel crew cab in dually! Many of us that drive these moderately loaded reg cabs in the construction trades would find these smaller motors to work when empty, yes, they will suck the fuel when loaded! Even my 350 V8 sucks fuel when loaded. 12-17 mpg. 12-22 or so loaded vs empty would be better. As most of the time I am empty vs loaded to max gvw or gcw. Even the GM 4.3 V6 with 300 ponies would be better than my 255hp 350 V8. Marty
blt2ski 10/05/17 07:14am Towing
RE: Silverado 4500/5500 coming next year.

Yeah it was Sterling. I could remember it was the Ford Louisville body bought by FL/MB renamed.....remembered after climbing into bed. I'm inclined to think and feel the GM 6.0 with the proper 6sp and axel gears would do a good job too. Once it was mated to the 6l90E trans, it was dang near as quick, with better mileage than the 8.1 pulling equal trailers. In some cases slower starting, but catching the 8.1 in hill climb sprint tests towing. For those wanting a gas equal, it would work. Certainly better than the BB 366/427 setups of yore! IIRC, the GM 4500 van is more like a current 3500 pickup. No where near as beefy as the Conv cab 4500 or equal. IIRC the E series is a bit lacking vs a 45 series pickup too. Not to say this is bad, just it is what it is.
blt2ski 10/04/17 07:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why not put turbos on 2500 gas trucks

burningman, Issue is as noted. Many of us only drive 10-15k miles a year, the little additional cost in fuel, ie gas is not going to get us a payback in what I would call a reasonable amount of time, just in fuel cost savings. For me that is 2-3 years, maybe 4 max. Maybe over the life I keep the truck I might get a payback due to the generally speaking increased used cost of a diesel vs gas. But 10-20 years later and 200+K miles......Truck chassis is usually dead. Same reason I got an IDI 7.3 in my MDT, being as that motor is was a 100K mile throw away motor, vs the DT360 at the time, being a 500K mile motor, With a $5-7K addition....takes a long time to pay off that option. Only have 150K on original motor from 92. Yeah it is a bit used....but still runs! I'm not driving 25-35K miles a year like I did, I paid off those diesels in 80-120K miles or 3-4 years in fuel cost savings. Will not pull it off today with $7-8K differences vs $2-3K back in the mid 90's......
blt2ski 10/04/17 12:38am Towing
RE: Silverado 4500/5500 coming next year.

Hmmmm The Terastar was the smaller setup to compete in the class 4/5 relm, with a smaller again IIRC 7L V8 motor, with GVWR's from ~15-22K or there about......Guess that is discontinued, until this combo setup occurs. No different than the Ram 45/55 models were available as Freightliner and ?!???? forget discontinued brand... Marty
blt2ski 10/04/17 12:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Silverado 4500/5500 coming next year.

When did navistar quit making a lo pro or equal? Granted on old side, my 4600LP has an 18200 give from factory. Saw some new ones at dealer the other day..... Maybe not set up with motors etc someone wants... Marty
blt2ski 10/03/17 04:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Capacity

I'll agree with mowermech and wing_zealot. Add#4 Know what the performance specs of the manufacture really mean. example, the new towing specs only requires a rig to go up or down a 12% grade, 13% if it stalls out, its made spec! I've been up and down locally here in the greater Seattle Puget sound region local roads, driveways in the 25-35% range. I've also stalled out many a rig do to NOT HAVING the correct drivetrain to do the task I need to do. Yet I was under the manufactures generic rating. Blown a transmission or three too! So make sure you understand what the ratings actually stand for, before you go over or under the ratings and assume you will be ok. Like Mowermech, I have pulled both over and under ratings, been safe above, unsafe below due to a poorly loaded trailer and it swayed uncontrollably. As one causes an accident....."BUT OFFICER, I was under the ratings, so I must have been safe!" A rule in Wa st, if a trailer movers more than 12" off center, your are unsafe, get a ticket, and have to fix the problem before you can continue going down the road! There are a number of other rules, codes and laws similar to this. Same as the legal weight you go down the road. My C2500 has an 8000 lb plate on it, at 8001 lbs to door sticker of 8600, I am overweight! Door sticker number means squat here! Manufacture gcwr number is not a legal number from a enforcement number either. You need enugh paid for tag including the truck and trailer to be legal per say. IE pay the tax for the damage to the roads you are doing at a given gvw. Looke up federal bridge laws to see what your true max legal weight is per axel, what can limit it etc. Marty
blt2ski 09/30/17 09:44am Towing
RE: Why not put turbos on 2500 gas trucks

For what I do, I even think the 300HP 4.3 V6 GM uses would work in a 2500 truck. Link a 4.10 RA, 6l90 trans.....It would pull my typically 6-8K equipment trailer, sometimes as high as 12K lbs. No it will not be as fast as a Diesel, or the 6.0 gas V8 or equal.......I would have the chassis to do what I want, for the now many miles empty I drive, good mileage, bad when I tow, tell me when one tows and gets great MPG's. I used to do what I do today with a 255HP vortec 350, with a 105hp 292I6, muncie 4 sp and 4.10 gears. Now that were slow! I do think some of todays more potent smaller motors would be good options for many of us frankly!
blt2ski 09/28/17 11:28pm Towing
RE: Why not put turbos on 2500 gas trucks

I'd take one of the 3.5 eco boosts in a 25 series truck! NOT ALL of us need or want a 400+hp motor in the rig. We may only be literally running down the road at gvwr! or towing a less than 5K trailer at max gvw including HW. A properly setup motor, trans, axel ratio to tire diam, and one can get 20+ mpg even in a 25 series reg cab rig in the 5000 lb tare range, run down the road at 10K max gvw, maybe 12-15K gcw doing local delivery etc.......styling!
blt2ski 09/28/17 09:45pm Towing
RE: Tow rating.

You should be able to tow right up to the limit, BUT, you will probably meet or exceed your tv max payload or gawr long before you reach the tow limit. I have been getting a little frustrated the last few days researching my next tv. Many trucks are advertised to haul huge loads, but the payload is low, so it would be exceeded very quickly with tongue weight, fuel, passengers, etc. Looked at a Silverado 2500 Duramax today and payload was only 2260#. Advertised to pull a 13,000# load! No problem, 10% HW is 1300 lbs, leaves you with 900 lbs or so for people etc. On the other hand, if you need 25%.......potentially over loaded payload wise if you care about the door sticker. If you care about payload as the sum of the axel ratings, less tare. You probably have another 1300 lbs or so to work with! So the 25% HW 5w at 13000 lbs is doable. I will not recomend it.....but doable! Legally from the LEO, DOT etc, you can go to 80K lbs gcw with this 2500 dmax! If you have enough paid for tonnage, enough tire width so you are under the designed point load of the road bed itself. marty
blt2ski 09/27/17 10:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow rating.

I've stalled a few rigs below the tow ratings, Even stall one at gvwr on a STEEP grade. One thing to remember, is new ratings only give you to around a 12% grade. I've had to go up grades in the low 30% range, 15-20 is not uncommon. So if you only have a 12% start ability.......you may find yourself stalling out with the new ratings! as such, I have never trusted the ratings, today, yesterday, nor tomorrow! I've pulled a trailer that weighed a rigs GCWR, never had an issue. Yet that 89 R3500 dually with 410's, auto trans stalled out in the 12-13K range on 20% grades. Blew up auto transmissions every 30K like clockwork! Did the same with my 88 K3500 too! Meanwhile my 81 with a 292 I6 and a muncie 4 sp would go up hills at 12K, come down and hook up to stalled out 1 tons, and pull that 12K up the hill! It had a gcwr of 100 lbs LESS than its GVWR! My 96 K3500 with one of the junquie 6.5TDs, had no issues pulling a 12K trailer around, never stalled out. Its gcwr with the NV4500 manual trans was 12500. The auto version 14500. But stalled out on 20% grades at 12K lbs. My manual version was going up the 20% grades at 20K total lbs. Gearing in axles, transmissions, and correct powering of you setup will get you places, GCWR means squat! Other than a warranty rating. I was actually surprised I only stalled out my 05 dmax once. And it was at around 20K lbs on a mid 20% grade......about where I figure it would frankly! The 6.5 I figured it would stall out on a 30% grade at 20K lbs. On a freeway grade, the dmax and its 300hp left behind the 185hp 6.5 tho. 2-5% freeway grades is where HP is king. SLOW steep grades in 1st gear is where torque multiplication via tranny, axel and tire diam times torque wins. The highest multiplier usually wins and gets up the grade. I'll pull up to around 2x grawr, to maybe 2.25. I then find above this the trailer wags the truck too much. Just my 02 or 03 or ...........
blt2ski 09/27/17 10:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are you happy with your HP.

I would swagger most of the HP use is the soft ground vs the actual weight of the implements. Soft soggy ground will require 2-4 times the HP needed to move a give load vs a hard surface like asphalt or concrete. There is even a difference in HP needed between these to road surfaces, as there is between green or fully curred concrete. With Green needing more HP to move a given load. I can move a 100,000 lbs of weight with a 10HP motor at 1mph, on harde ground, with proper gearing etc. Soft spongy material will take way more than that! Or in the case of slow moving items, HP is not as I know it to be the true mover, torque and the multiplication of it thru gearing, or a hydraulic setup so the torque as to a degree infinitely multiply able. Marty
blt2ski 09/24/17 12:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Suspension Issue?

Shouldn t the spring hangers be facing down vs what appears to be upwards? Looks like you have two 6K spring packs. I would go with two 7K spring packs. And look at puting the spring hangers facing down ward. As noted, the spring packs are shot. The back ones you can see have a frown in the middle, vs a smile arc ear to ear. Also been there done that, got new springs one size stronger, gain in height, no hitting above on bumps etc. Marty
blt2ski 09/16/17 03:12pm Towing
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