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RE: Toilet Woes - New Recommended

I think that is all that can be replaced on the one I have. I was browsing and noticed that Thetford has many sub-brands. Has anyone had to service a 320? If so after how many years, and are you a full-timer as I am.
joelc 12/08/16 04:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Toilet Woes - New Recommended

I have a Thetford model 42049. It is a porcelain toilet at least on top. The bottom piece is all plastic. Recently the "ball seal" started leaking. I noticed the seal was dry and the "ball" scored. So, I ordered a new kit. When I got the kit I did notice the directions were written very poorly. Anyway, I took the toilet apart and installed the seal. In order to get to the seal one must remove the foot pedal. There is a very tight spring there, and all went well until I tried to get the coil spring back on. As much as I tried I could not. I ended up messing up the inside chambers on the inside of the plastic pedal. I reinstalled the toilet and it works minus the spring. We have to raise the pedal manually. I have had it with this toilet, and am not about to order another pedal which I will surely mess up too. My question! What is a good replacement toilet that will last and is easy to service. This one is 2012.
joelc 12/08/16 02:15pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Voltage variations and Surge cut off.

Got a call back from Progressive Industries today and I guess I did the right thing. I noted to him what my voltage readings were and how I did them and told him neutral was fine. The display board on the EMS does signal the EMS when the voltage peak is either too low or high to disrupt the voltage. It is not there just to display the voltage. He indicated the pots might have swayed due to age. Should it happen again, I could replace the board. Thanks for all your help.
joelc 10/31/16 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: Voltage variations and Surge cut off.

dougrainer: What you have mentioned is absolutely correct. I just checked the Neutral and it is good. All other aspects are true and working properly. Since I adjusted the pots the voltage is concurrent with the VOM readings. All seems good at this point. When we get some cool weather again and I can turn on the Heat Pump, I will be able to tell if there are still problems. What I do not understand is how the pots got out of adjustment. Thanks all for your help. I am confident we are on the right track. Will keep you up to date.
joelc 10/30/16 04:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Water damage found after Matthew :(

First of all, it is a must that you check your RV at least 2X per year for areas where the seals are wearing. If the sealant is cracked or coming off you should immediately remove the old sealant and reseal. I use Lexel. I am not sure how long after the storm you noticed the damage, but if there was a lot of mold it could be possible that you had a leak for some time and the storm just made it worse. Hopefully, it is covered, and can be repaired or you can get another trailer. Maintenance is key to not having problems on the road. We were in Myrtle Beach State CG before the hurricane too, and had to travel to Roanoke Rapids, NC to escape the winds, but we did get a lot of water.
joelc 10/30/16 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Voltage variations and Surge cut off.

I decided not to try to trip the voltage by adjusting the pot. What I did was kept the post voltage on and shut off all power to the RV by way of the main RV 560A breaker. I then used my VOM to check the voltage incoming and outgoing to the EMS to be sure they were the same. Being said, I then adjusted the pots to the incoming voltage of both poles L-1 and L-2 to the same as the VOM dictated. I then opened up the main breaker to be sure all areas of measurement were the same. I will wait to see what happens now. If Progressive calls me back I will ask questions. I also recorded the voltages before I made any changes in case I have to put anything back.
joelc 10/30/16 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: Voltage variations and Surge cut off.

Now that I know I will do no harm and I can put them back where they were, I will experiment by adjusting them to my VOM and then see what happens. I shall also bring it to 132V to see if it plays any role in cutting the voltage or if it is merely for information purposes.
joelc 10/30/16 10:28am Tech Issues
RE: Voltage variations and Surge cut off.

Soundguy: You are correct. I do have two adjustment pots above the display. I was not sure what their function was so I did not touch. Do you happen to know if the display board is just for display or if it plays a roll in cutting the power should it go above 132 V? D currently have mine pulled and I am reading the same voltage before the EMS and after the EMS.
joelc 10/30/16 09:49am Tech Issues
RE: Voltage variations and Surge cut off.

I did some measurements this morning again. I think I noted that for some reason the voltage is lower in the morning. But anyway here is what I got: Voltage at the EMS Before Both l1 and l2 121 V with 244 across After the EMS. L1 and L2 121 V with 244V across The reading on the LED was L1 128 and L2 127 The voltage at the circuit breaker box was 121V on each circuit with 244V across This leads me to think that the LED display on the EMS is giving false voltages. I do not know if the display has something to do with cutting off the power or not. So I removed it and am still getting all same voltages. I have a call into Progressive to find out additional information. If the problem occurs next time the heat goes on, ( I tested it and it was OK) then I will switch over to 30A until I get the problem resolved. No problems with 30 A.
joelc 10/30/16 08:24am Tech Issues
Voltage variations and Surge cut off.

We are hooked up to 50A service. I just recorded the voltages at different areas and I will note them below. I have a Progressive EMS/Surge suppressor hard wired in just before the breaker box. It has always worked well and has saved the coach several times at CG. My problem is it seems, there is a voltage rise on one leg at night, about 3 a.m. and when the heat pump goes on the EMS cuts the current. Both legs are high, but one is about 130V. Taken 11 A.M. today 1. Voltage at post. Both legs 121 V 2. Inside at input to EMS Leg 1 = 128V 0 A Leg 2. 127 V 0 A 3. With Air on Leg 1 130 V o A Leg 2 121 18A 4. With A/C fan on only Leg 1 129 0A Leg 2 125 V 8A 5. With Heat Pump on. Leg 1 130V 0 A Leg 2 122 V 17 A The A/C voltage does drop during the day with no problems. If I shut off the electric water heater, there are no problems running the heat pump on heat during the night. As you can see, there are voltages differences between the post and the EMS input. That is why I feel something in the RV is raising the voltage. ANY IDEAS WILL BE APPRECIATED. By the way, I do not have a generator and I am sure that on my unit there was no transfer switch installed unless you had one.
joelc 10/29/16 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Supplimental Medicare Health Insurance

I forgot to mention that my current plan has pharmacy built in. I had looked at plan F and it does look good. Are there any plans like F that have pharmacy built in? For what I can tell you have to purchase them separately. I take about 4 pills daily.
joelc 10/09/16 06:13am Full-time RVing
RE: Supplimental Medicare Health Insurance

Thanks all. I will check all leads. Keep them coming. The letter I got from Blue Cross indicated I have Blue Medicare PPO Enhanced.
joelc 10/08/16 09:52am Full-time RVing
Supplimental Medicare Health Insurance

We are full-timers, and our domicile is in North Carolina. We have Medicare Parts A and B. Our supplemental insurance carrier sent us a letter stating that they were discontinuing the Medicare PPO Enhanced plan we have. Blue Cross states that we have to be in our domicile are at least every 6 months, which is no problem. The plan did cover out of state doctors when we were traveling. We need a plan that would let us do the same thing: be able to not be in our state all the time and cover us elsewhere. We generally, like many full-timers are snow birds. We just completed a cross country trip and were covered when we had a problem out West. I am looking for suggestions of companies that others have that will cover this type of life style. We only have until December until Blue Cross cuts us off.
joelc 10/08/16 07:29am Full-time RVing
RE: Camping world prices skyrocketing.

CW has many items, but I simply don't shop there unless I have no choice due to high prices. There web site is good for finding things and reviews, but there is enough competition out there that has lower prices and better service to warrant not shopping there.
joelc 09/07/16 03:20pm Camping World Accessories
RE: need a tow

Can't help you now, but we got stuck with our 5er and we had Coach-Net membership that sent a tow truck for our truck and a truck with a 5er hitch for our 5th wheel. We were 2 miles from our CG. They towed both to the CG and the next morning came with another truck to tow our truck to a repair facility. Great service.
joelc 09/07/16 03:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Quality

We just left a CG in MO where someone was trying out their new 5th wheel. Upon trying to leave, they could not get their Lippert hydrolic jack to retract. Several of us assisted and one person who came around finally found the problem. In the mean time, they called the store where they purchased it and expected a call back that never came. Inside the front access door there is a panel with connections. On the front board there is a reset switch out of sight on the lower left. This was popped, but not the problem even though the amber dummy light when on signifying power. To the right there is what I will call a jumper connection. It was found that there was no power going across one set of terminals. When this was jumped, the jacks retracted. It was later found that on the left side of this jumper set, hidden from view another reset switch. When this was pressed we could hear it reset and no problems. The large volume seller should have been able to assist with this problem on the phone, but opted out. I don't think they realize how much bad publicity was transferred to many campers who might no longer purchase anything, unless in an emergency from this retailer. If they assisted, it would have generated much more positive feedback to the company. Campers, support those that assist us, and don't spend our good monies on those that don't. Eventually, the message will spread.
joelc 09/07/16 03:12pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Repair 4 diesel

If everything else on the truck is good and it meets your needs, it might be worth your time to research the bullet proofing process and look for a reputable shop near your home that will do the work. If the cost of bullet proofing outweighs the loss of trading then it would be something to seriously consider. KJ Thanks KJ for your information. It might prove very helpful when I get back East and off the road for 2 months.
joelc 08/19/16 07:45pm Towing
RE: Repair 4 diesel

I'm chiming in here for a minute or two. There is diesel and there is gas engines. However, not all are alike in any way. It seems to me everyone wants something newer, bigger, better, more than the guy next door. In my opinion when the laws changed about emissions back in 05,06, it got even more complicated. Understanding what a diesel engine does is not that complicated. As a matter of fact, a few posts ago, it was said that a diesel would cost more to maintain, this simply is not true depending on what diesel motor you have. Sure the upfront cost is more but in reality it depends on what your engine is. From what I know, Pre 2005 Cummins engines are exempt from emission laws, at least it is in my state of Oregon. So that said, I have no electronic injectors, they are mechanical. The injector pump is gear driven and the only issue on these early trucks was the lift pump and oil nozzles getting plugged up by aftermarket oil filters. I don't have to add soot juice. I have no plugs to change or electronic injectors like a gasser or some diesels. I have watched youtube videos of powerstroke engine failures and people trying to figure out the unbelievable things that can go wrong with one of these engines. It is unbelievable. I would never own one. To break this down is this...the simpler the better. Again this is just my opinion but what I really think what is horrible is the people out there that take full advantage of a truck owner who's engine has failed while on a trip with family in tow. I hope karmas a ***** because no one deserves to be stranded and told it's going to cost 6000 dollars to fix it and your held hostage. Just my opinion, feel free to throw me under the bus but I'm done for now...just sayin' good luck with your ventures and keep it simple. Big Katuna,thank you so much for the laugh your clicky was out of this world!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HMnSLUQS7I Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, my 2006 Diesel F-350 has more sensors than I have fingers. I can not work on a diesel or a modern car, but give me a car that had a carb. and manual timing and I could do many things. New is not necessarily better.
joelc 08/19/16 07:28pm Towing
RE: Climbing in the Rockies

Take your time and enjoy the view rather than be wide-eyed locked onto the centerline. You can go downhill too slow a thousand times. You can go downhill too fast only once. I like your logic. Very true. There have been times I wanted the truck to go slower and the auto mode did not kick in and had to do it manually. If you have a GPS you can see how sharp any curves are on the way down or if the road is straight. Remember, you only get the fast lane once.
joelc 08/19/16 07:02pm Towing
RE: Climbing in the Rockies

Have a question. I have a 3500 GMC diesel. My question I when in the mountain areas should I leave it in drive and use the exhaust brake, or put it in manual and shift gears when climbing and descending. Never been in the Rockies. I have read all entries so far and they all make good sense, but you did not indicate the weight of the load. Remember, the heavier the tow vehicle the harder it will be to stop momentum. A truck will work much easier with a 10K trailer than a 21K 5er.
joelc 08/10/16 06:03pm Towing
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