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RE: posting new forum

I would use the Jump to Forum menu on the left side of most forum pages. https://i.imgur.com/39K7UlJl.jpg Click on it and a scrollable list of all the sub-forums is presented. Select the forum and click on the Go button. The advantage, only one page is loaded. The advantage of using the Open Roads Forum link is that the page has a brief description for each of the sub-forums. Tom
pulsar 11/20/17 03:49am Forum Technical Support
RE: Yet another winterized question

Does anyone know if that single inlet valve for city water or tank fill needs to be in tank fill position in order to use the pickup tube ? The valve should be in the Normal position, not the tank fill position. When blowing out the lines, one would start with that valve in the fill tank position to blow out that line. Then, change the position back to normal to blow out the other lines. (If you have a black tank flush system, don't forget to blow out that line also.) Since you are using a hose at the water pump to suction up the antifreeze, I assume you have the EZ winterizing system. The valve there determines whether or not the pump's suction is to the fresh water tank or to the winterizing hose. If it is pulling antifreeze out of the antifreeze bottle, that is the winterizing position for your pump. When suction up the antifreeze, you need a faucet open. Yes, for us, that's a two person job, one handling the antifreeze and one handling the faucets. (And the problem is made unnecessarily harder by not having an on/off switch for the pump near the pump.) Your owner's manual will tell you to have all of the cold water faucets open and close them as the "pink stuff" starts to flow. Then repeat for the hot water faucets. In our situation, I handle the antifreeze; Sarah handles the faucets and pump switch. She open the cold water side of the kitchen sink and turns on the pump. When the antifreeze appears, she switches to the hot water side. When antifreeze jug is three quarters empty, I knock on the side of the RV and she turns off the pump. We continue through all of the faucets, toilet, toilet since, and outside shower. Tom
pulsar 11/17/17 06:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Pet travel mat

Is Xpen a brand or style? https://i.imgur.com/aLpkO0Pl.jpg Tom
pulsar 11/13/17 04:47am RV Pet Stop
RE: Would like an explanation please.

I can understand why it was classified as an Around the Campfire topic. I don’t understand why Around the Campfire posts don’t show up under the Newest or Active categories. That’s the question I would like to see answered. My guess is that the offense was unintentional, but moving it there is akin to a slap in the face to our veterans. Rockhillmanor, I’d suggest contacting the moderator and asking him to find out why Around the Campfire posts aren’t worthy of the Newest/Active categories. Prior to the third quarter of 2002, Around the Campfire did not exist. "Off RVing" topics took place in General RVing Issues. In those days, the forum was far less moderated and General RVing Issues had become a "wild west," with many of the participants having no interest in RVing; they were on the forum solely to take part in hot topics; many were trolls. Forum administrators made the decision to create Around the Campfire. To make it less accessible to the non-RVing public, they decided to not have threads started in Around the Campfire appear on the Newest, Active, and Popular pages. Originally Around the Campfire was lightly moderated. Gradually, the screws were tightened. You may find it investing to start at the end of this search results Early Posts in Around the Campfire Start at the last page and come forward and you will see how the content changed. Note: To do the search, I searched for my posts, which were, usually, a minor part of the threads. If there ever was a need to "hide" Around the Campfire, it no longer exists. Tom
pulsar 11/12/17 05:04pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Pet travel mat

We use the type of mat Pawz4me linked to. Ours is 9' by 18'. If we want it waterproof (from the bottom) we put down a polyethylene tarp first. Unfortunately, the mat makes and tarp makers can't seem to agree on a standard size. The tarp we (occasionally) use is 12' by 20'. We use a mat for our patio area. We also use a mat if we are setting up x-pens for the dogs. (Plural pens, we will use at least two, because we travel with 4 dogs.) It is nice to use the x-pens and mats after the dogs have been swimming. Tom
pulsar 11/12/17 07:06am RV Pet Stop
RE: Fresh water fill

Fill selector is in correct position (Normal). The whole coach filter is a off-brand, I will check it in the morning. In your coach, the pump, if turned on, would run continuously if the selector were not in the normal position. To see if the whole coach filter is the issue, remove it form the canister and see if you have any pressure while using city water. If you can fill the tank through the hookup, valve set to fill tank, then the problem would not be the inlet valve. With my coach, if I can fill the fresh water tank with normal pressure, the problem would not be the filter, since the water goes through the filter on its way to the tank. Good luck finding the problem and please let us know what the resolution is. Tom
pulsar 11/12/17 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: water heater plastic plug removal

I tried all the above with no success - ended up using a small propane torch which melted the residual plastic and I used a small pic to remove any small pieces on the threads. Last resort - but it works. I've used the straight-flute screw extractor twice. Once, many years ago on my own RV; once, last summer on our traveling companions' RV. Both times, the screw extractor did the job quickly and easily. Tom
pulsar 11/09/17 04:41pm Truck Campers
RE: water heater plastic plug removal

I carry a large (# 5, I think) straight-flute screw extractor, that does the job very quickly without damaging the threads. http://i3.tinypic.com/4c233bn.jpg Can purchase at Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. In the future, you should either use a brass plug, or every two or three years put in a new plastic one. Tom
pulsar 11/09/17 01:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Rodanthe, NC then south in January

We like the outer banks that time of year, but there is not a lot going on - one reason we like it. In January, the average high temp is 57º, the average low is 37º. It can get into the 70's and often is below freezing. On average, 11 days in January will get below freezing temperatures in the mornings. Also, January is the second rainiest month with 11 days having rain, on average. Tom
pulsar 11/03/17 06:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: profile change

I can see that your profile page was edited last night. I cannot see when the preferences page was edited. (Profiles are edited on the My Profile page; signatures are edited on the My Preferences page.) I do see that both your profile and signatures list: 1994 GMC K-1500 Suburban 2005 Trail Cruiser TC26CBQ 1965 Chevy Van, 292 6cyl (still tows if necessary) 2008 HHR Are those the old or new vehicles. Note about signatures not showing: In all sub-forums except Forum Technical Support, signatures will be displayed at most once on any thread page. If your settings are to display signatures by default, the signature will be attached to your first post on a page. Tom
pulsar 10/31/17 08:41am Forum Technical Support
RE: Just Testing 2

Just an observation. Profile pictures never are displayed with a post. Signature pictures are sometimes. Signature pictures are added or changed on your My Preferences page; profile pictures are added or changed on your My Profile page. The "sometimes" refers to this forum behavior: Signature pictures are displayed at most once on any thread page, except threads in the Forum Technical Support area. Tom
pulsar 10/31/17 08:35am Forum Technical Support
RE: Still not able to edit signature

I just tried changing my signature (twice to get back to the original) without issue. I see that your profile page was edited today. Did that edit take? BTW, you are aware that signatures are created and edited on your My Preferences page, not the My Profile page? Tom
pulsar 10/09/17 08:43pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Test Travel Map

You have placed the map on your profile page. If you want the map to appear in your signature, you need to upload it on your My Preference page. http://i30.tinypic.com/ay6jrm.jpg http://i31.tinypic.com/1zqvc6o.jpg Make changes in the Your Signature area. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Changes button. Tom
pulsar 10/06/17 09:39am Forum Technical Support
RE: Warning light comes on while driving - Level jacks down!

Check the fluid level assuming you have a hydraulic system. When the jacks are retracted, on some systems, the fluid level controls the jack sensor. If the fluid level is low, the system can think the jacks are not fully retracted. I had this problem and all it took was just very little fluid to top off the tank and haven't had a problem since. Bill Same experience. Tom
pulsar 10/05/17 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anti-freeze in fresh water tank

Thanks to all of you. My rig does have plumbing for pumping anti-freeze into all the lines as well as a bi-pass for the hot h2o tank. I don't understand why the manual would recommend dumping anti-freeze into FW tank??? I took your original post to question why the owner's manual says put 5 gallons of antifreeze in the fresh water tank. In the winterizing instructions in the Fiesta owner's manual I have, one is directed to introduce the the antifreeze into the water lines using the water pump to pump the antifreeze out of the fresh water tank. No where does it discuss a winterizing kit (valve). (See instructions 15 through 18.) https://i.imgur.com/l5WXMch.jpg What does your owner's manual say to do with the antifreeze you've put in the fresh water tank? Since you have a winterizing kit, use it and don't worry about the fresh water tank, after you have drained it. Tom
pulsar 10/04/17 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Anti-freeze in fresh water tank

My manual says to add 5 gallons of non-toxic antifreeze to fresh water tank. I have not seen or heard of this. I thought draining tank would be sufficient for winterization. My current knowledge is to never but anything in fresh water tank other than fresh water or fresh water and chlorine to sanitize/ For your rig, 2000 Fleetwood Fiesta LX, the only way the manufacturer provided for getting antifreeze into the water lines is through the fresh water tank. I would not put antifreeze in the fresh water tank for reasons others expressed, above. If blowing out the lines leaves you worried, then you should consider a third party winterizing kit. Such kits are easy to install and allow one to use the rev's water pump to pump antifreeze into the plumbing system without using the fresh water tank. Do a search for "rv winterizing kits." Camco makes one that sells for around $12. Tom
pulsar 10/04/17 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: I77N near VA/NC Quickie

I would go for the Flying J at exit 100 - about 5 miles south of the border. If you would prefer a Cracker Barrel, there is one at exit 73 in WytheVille, VA - 73 miles north of the border - and one at exit 82 in Janesville, NC - 24 miles south of the border. Tom
pulsar 10/04/17 06:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Last Walk

Thank you for the post. Here is the URL as a clickable link marine-dog-cancer-hero-goodbye It's hard to say goodbye. It's so hard to know when. I'm glad the marine knew how. Tom
pulsar 10/03/17 09:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: Edit signature

http://i30.tinypic.com/ay6jrm.jpg http://i31.tinypic.com/1zqvc6o.jpg Make changes in the Your Signature area. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Changes button. Tom
pulsar 09/30/17 01:27pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Changed name & cannot update profile

What happens when you click on the Submit Changes button? Your profile page says that it was last changed on the evening of 9/25. Is that when your name was changed? Tom
pulsar 09/28/17 04:45pm Forum Technical Support
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