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RE: Breakaway Switch Melted/Burnt

Thanks for the info. New Switch on order. I'm taking it to the dealer for a recall before we set off for our long trip. Will get them to check the brakes. Brian
ttsr4us 05/24/15 01:57pm Towing
Breakaway Switch Melted/Burnt

Airstream 2015 Flying Cloud 27FB Well, Friday night our house washing machine broke down and today wanted to tow the trailer to our house to load up /clean tank/ for our trip starting next friday. Was hitching up and connected/pulled the cord on the breakaway switch and noticed the plastic covering was melting and burning. Turned off the 12 volt but too late. Anyway, I pried the contacts apart stopped the process. Would like to know if a brake/12 volt electric/or just bad switch caused this issue. Any ideas on how to proceed? I'm talking to Airstream tomorrow. :M:E
ttsr4us 05/24/15 09:57am Towing
RE: Newbie looking to buy

Do not be afraid to bargin. I got 25% off an in stock 2015 Airstream with a break even cost of a Reese Dual Cam hitch fitted and a few other goodies (more than the usual hose etc) thrown in. I'm sure I'd have got more off another brand. Make sure you get the price first with all the options included then go for it.
ttsr4us 11/27/14 08:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: slide won't retract

Once you get the side in, get the dealer to check out the whole thing. I had this happen once to a trailer where the slide was misaligned and the other time to my motor home where the floor of the slide out had warped due to water damage. In both cases, the shear pin failed repeatedly.
ttsr4us 11/27/14 08:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: MotorTrend Tests the 1500's

ttsr4us 11/26/14 03:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My RV money is spent ... now what do I pull it with?

I'm in the HD van camp. Express 3500 with 6.0 and optionalaxle ratios can pull that, but finding one with the 6.6 Duramax would be better. Express seats still clamp into slots in the floor, making it easy to configure for passengers vs cargo. I really considered this option as well. A great solution for your own lifestyle choice. I know we got an Airstream but I really wanted a fifth wheel! She who must be obeyed chose the trailer. I got to choose the truck. :D I figure that if she changes her mind at some point, I'll be good to go on a 5er with my truck!
ttsr4us 11/26/14 03:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: My RV money is spent ... now what do I pull it with?

Are you buying new? If so a SUV would not be a good choice. The old "Burb" or "Excursion" were 3/4 ton truck chassis. The newer ones are not. Personally I went for a GMC Sierra 3500 Diesel. (I just got a great deal on a new 2014). The reasons I went for a 1 ton are as follows, 1 Wanted a good quality truck bed cap. (ARE Z) 2 Wanted a 2000 lbs slide out bed tray. (a real clamber aboard/back saver) 3 My wife likes to pack heavy so the truck bed takes some of the load from the trailer. These items eat into your payload (rather than just the 'pure' towing weight only number considerations) so a 3500 made more sense to me. Also being a retired engineer, I like to operate within the performance envelope! I went for a diesel because of the weight considerations but a 4.10 axel on gas would probably be ok but I like the available performance at altitude. So your choice, just my experience from Trailering and MH use out west over the last 15 years. Others will have different mileage, this is my own.
ttsr4us 11/24/14 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: 3 1/2 season Travel Trailer

Update on what we bought today. Thanks for all your views and information. It all plugged into what we put our money on but not in the way we expected! Looked at the Open Range and Eagle's today and then DW noticed a Airstream lot near the Eagles. Well she feel in love and we are now the proud owners of an Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB. She said she just wanted a peek! I was concerned about the lack of a slide out or two but she is sure she will not be claustrophobic. I have to say they make the most of the available room. Lucky we have a large truck which can carry her baggage! It will curtail our planned extended camping season and was a lot more than we intended but we can afford it so here we are. She is a very happy puppy. Brian
ttsr4us 11/15/14 06:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Shopping starts tomorrow

ok, went with the diesel. Picked it up today late afternoon. 2014, ten grand off sticker. 6.7 cummins, 6 speed auto, long bed set up for 5th wheel. DW got to pick out the color. If I can figure out how to do it I will post a pick or two tomorrow evening. Could not locate a 6.4 Hemi anywhere near us. Enjoy your Truck. Great idea to let DW choose something she likes. I was tending towards a Cummins myself but DW preferred the cabin, seats, finish etc. of the NEW GMC Sierra 3500 HD SLT Duramax 2014 we just purchased. She was happy, I was happy to get the Diesel. Like you, I got a great deal on a new 2014. I'm sure we will both have many happy towing miles and great camping weeks/months/years. Enjoy Brian
ttsr4us 11/14/14 04:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3 1/2 season Travel Trailer

Thanks for the replies. Open Range is now very much on our list. We tried to see a dealer today, in passing, but the salesman knew nothing so we walked away. Tomorrow we look at several dealers near Orlando which represent both trailer brands. Good point about 50 amp supply. We need it. Brian
ttsr4us 11/14/14 02:23pm Travel Trailers
3 1/2 season Travel Trailer

We want to buy a new 3 1/2 season TT for my wife and I and the occasional 2 guests. We also will be traveling 4 to 5 months rather than parking up. We have enough truck to pull most trailers. We live in Florida so will not consider an Artic Fox due to lack of dealers within any reasonable distance. At this time a Jayco Eagle is high on our shopping list because of its climate and suspension systems which come as standard. Any other brands we should consider? I've looked around a few but it seems that most trailers these days tend towards the light weight end of the market. I used to own a Sunline and then a Mountaineer so have traveled in TT's extensively but not for a few years since moving to a MH.
ttsr4us 11/13/14 05:50am Travel Trailers
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

Used to drive a 4WD Ford Ex Diesel and only needed it (4X4) once at a newly opened camp ground where they had just mowed the grass. We tend to camp in paved or semi paved camp grounds so did not have a problem otherwise. I just got a new 1 ton GMC Truck, 2 wheel drive, so I figure its not worth it FOR ME. Can always get a tow service for the very odd time I may not need it. Other Miles Will Vary. Just my 2 cents
ttsr4us 11/12/14 04:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Topper (solid) or Cap ?

FYI - just ordered the ARE Z plus 2000 lbs slide out tray and a grill for the air intake in front of the oil cooler. Comes in two weeks. Esta is as happy as a clam! Thanks for the feedback. Most welcome.
ttsr4us 11/12/14 02:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GMC 3500 SLT Diesel coming Moday 11/10/2014

You will enjoy the Duramax/Allison combo. Additions you may want to consider adding to the truck: * Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 air bags * Front lower bumper billet grill (just too big of a hole for something to take out the cooler behind the bumper) * Edge Insight CTS - good way to monitor engine parameters. It is only a monitor - not a tuner. See what you mean about the gap in front of the cooler. I guess the billet does not interfere with air flow too much. When I towed (a few years ago) with my Ford Diesel Ex I used airbags but was hoping to not need them with this 1 ton truck and WD bars. Thanks also for the Edge recommendation. I'm not ready for a while to muck with the engine tuning (unless GM release an update!) so will just monitor as suggested.
ttsr4us 11/12/14 11:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Topper (solid) or Cap ?

Thanks for confirmation on ARE. I'll probably get the Z series with folding front window. Has anyone tried the available rubber 'boot' which fits between the cap and the cab? I had 80% decided cap route, just needed a gentle push. I'll tell DW that I listened to her views. I'll get plus points.
ttsr4us 11/12/14 11:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: GMC 3500 SLT Diesel coming Moday 11/10/2014

Thanks for all the tips. Brian
ttsr4us 11/12/14 05:16am Tow Vehicles
Topper (solid) or Cap ?

My DW prefers the Truck cap, I favor a solid Tonneau because it looks cool! I have my own ideas about some of the pros and cons. Apart from the extra load carry height and any fuel economy 'savings' are there any other things I should consider. Off course a good locking system. It will probably live 100% on the truck. I know we will carry all that weight around. Also considering a slide out tray. Will save my back a bit. (These two 'extras' sure make it difficult to fit a fifth wheel hitch at the same time :B ) From my research so far, I'll probably go for an ARE of some sort, if Tonneau it will be with the scissor action for better bed sealing. Unless you can provide me with solid information, I'm afraid my DW will win. But then a happy wife ............ :) Thanks Guys. Brian and Esta.
ttsr4us 11/12/14 05:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: For Ram fans

"I am about to bite the bullet on a new truck. Ram is all I have been looking at or really want to look at. Nothing against any other brand, I am sure they all stand up to the chores in front of them. I currently have a Dodge Ram diesel I have had since 05. Retirement doesn't pay as well as pre retirement so money is an issue. Is the diesel 10 grand better than a Hemi, and why? " My experience is that diesel is worth the extra cost depending on your RV life style. I've owned two trailers, two motorhomes and am about to buy my next RV, a trailer. I've been RVing since 2002. I pulled the trailers with a diesel excursion, the first MH was a gas Dolphin, the last MH a diesel Allegro Bus. After two years off, we are back on the road with a TT and a Diesel truck. I bet you can guess what I am going to say about the mistake I made! Yep, the gas MH. Why? Well we are semi summer birds. Stick house and summer birds in the RV from 3 to 5 months every year and travel many thousand miles. We travel mainly 'out west' in the mountains when we go out. You/I want the diesel for this kind of regular trip. I even noticed the performance lag on our toad gas car at altitude when I had the motorhomes. Will gas work? Sure it will but not as good as a diesel does in the mountains However, it is always trade offs between various performance issues and price. I know my trade off point from strong experience and my future needs. You need to decide if your RV life style justifies the extra cost. If I were not so much a 'mountain lover' and it were my only daily drive, I would have given more consideration to a gas truck but may have still come to the diesel. (it gets in your blood as it were :) ) There are plenty of threads, some flame wars, and some reasonable discussions about this topic which are easy to find. As for your other question, I just do not know the answer. Brian and Esta
ttsr4us 11/09/14 02:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: GMC 3500 SLT Diesel coming Moday 11/10/2014

Thanks for the info guys. We are very excited to be on the road again. Just over 2 yrs ago I had to sell a 40ft MH due to my wifes illness. She has recovered enough to enable us to once again feed our travel lust and we now are now back to our RV roots/routes. Setting off in the spring. In another thread I asked about the built in sway control on the truck and trailer brakes in these new trucks and did not get a definitive answer. I realize now how they work by applying selective braking (I understand to both the truck and trailer brakes?) and still wonder if an equalizer hitch would work on a 34ft 8700 lbs trailer if set up properly. The Propride and Hensley are difficult price wise. Any experience with the sway control on 2014 - 15 GMC trucks to report? Brian and Esta
ttsr4us 11/08/14 08:22pm Tow Vehicles
GMC 3500 SLT Diesel coming Moday 11/10/2014

Yea! Just completed the paper work on a 2014 (new but a holdover) GMC 3500HD SLT Diesel short bed single rear wheels. One question, how long does the DEF last? I think it was factory filled 8 months ago and its been in Florida all this time. Stage one of the plan now complete. Stage two is the trailer and hitch, probably a Jayco Eagle 306 plan with a Hensley but am considering an Equalizer I will follow this up on the other forum. We plan very long trips of several months or more and many interstate miles so favor the Hensley. Brian and Esta
ttsr4us 11/08/14 04:01pm Tow Vehicles
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