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RE: Retirement savings

"...We are fortunate in that we have very healthy savings all around right now and are finally recovering from losing almost everything in hubby's retirement account due to the whole Dennis Koslowski/TYCO fiasco..." That right there is a solid gold nugget on this thread. Many people may not know it, but a pension can be worth pennies on the dollar if the company goes bankrupt. Better to have a pension and not need it then to not have a pension and need it. Protect yourself and save, don't count on that pension being there when you retire. My brother in law was just told his pension is likely not going to be anywhere near what it was supposed to be. Fortunately he has other investments.
4x4ord 01/17/17 01:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Retirement savings

I looked up what the average inflation rate has been in Canada over the last 40 years.....3.55%. So I guess a couple retiring in 1977 with $375,000 would be like a couple retiring now with $1.5 million. According to that my kids should have in the back of their minds saving $6,000,000 for retirement. Inflation makes things sound kinda crazy. In 40 years a middle class couple might be earning $500,000 per year.
4x4ord 01/17/17 10:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Will "Smart Vehicles" and their marketing cause more crashes

Volvo fully autonomous vehicle being tested by families.
4x4ord 01/16/17 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Retirement savings

You ask how much is enough anymore. I suppose you could do a little number crunching and come up with a figure....If I was 65 and wanted to retire today without a company pension I would want 1 and 1/2 million saved up. The recipe to get there might not even be that difficult to come up with.....Work two jobs in high school and every summer; take advantage of all scholarships available and always save your your pennies; purchase your house in your early twenties and strive to get it paid off by the time your 40; now simply put 25% of your income into retirement savings for the next 25 years. Problem is who can follow the recipe?
4x4ord 01/16/17 05:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Cost of driving now vs then

Yep, the little Civic we just bought cost us close to 32k and the base model lists at about $18,000. So 18 for needs and 14 for wants. When I bought my Ford Platinum I never even looked at what a basic truck would have cost.....Financially foolish.
4x4ord 01/15/17 05:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Retirement savings

I know what you mean by some listen some don't. However, I think some who appear to not listen actually hear but lack the self discipline required to follow good financial advice. I remember when one of my daughters was young and throwing a fit when she was told to do something. She cried, "I can't because I don't want to." She still lacks the ability to do what she doesn't feel like doing.
4x4ord 01/15/17 05:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Upgrading Gears 3.73 to 4.10

If your pulling heavy all the time a higher ratio rear end makes sense otherwise when you need more power drop a gear or two or three. You don't have to use 5th or 6th gear just because they are there.
4x4ord 01/15/17 03:40pm Tow Vehicles
Retirement savings

I've been reading articals on retirement savings in Canada and some of the statistics are startling. Apparently nearly half of Canadians 55-64 are without a company pension plan. People say they will need about 50k per year from their investments to comfortably retire yet the most optimistic numbers I've come across suggest the average Canadian couple age 55-64 has only about 250,000 in retirement saving funds. Maybe they plan to eat their houses after that....I don't know. Our situation is different than most as our desire to grow our business caused us to live poor and invest into business assets. We got to buy what we wanted and grow our wealth at the same time. I think most people have a desire for what their neighbors have and buy buy buy, borrow, borrow borrow rather than save save save. Now that we are approaching retirement age our friends are talking a little more freely about their finances. It's surprising to find that some who earned the most are least prepared. Do any of you who managed to discipline yourselves to save have any advice you'd like to share for those who might still be young enough to gain from it?
4x4ord 01/15/17 10:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Any 17 Dmax owners?

my 4x4 16' F350 Diesel Dually weights 8800 lbs. It also runs 0-60 in 8.2 seconds. I'm not sure I know what a dead pedal is. I've got 3.55 gears in my '16 so it is probably even slower than yours. Even so I seldom mash the pedal to the floor. I never notice a dead pedal when accelerating off the line but there are occasions in heavy traffic where I want to move out of a slow lane of traffic into the left lane. I'll pull out and hit it and for whatever reason the truck doesn't respond. The wait could be due to a downshift?
4x4ord 01/15/17 07:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Any 17 Dmax owners?

The delay on Gm trucks is from TQ management. That is becoming all standard across the board of manufactures and it prevents stress on the driveline. You can have it reduced by a programmer, costly around 600.00 or so depending on who you go with. My gasser had the lag, aka TQ management, I run a custom tune and now it's reduced a lot. Do I drive it like a race car? No, there's no need to. I like the benefits of the tune but not for running the truck hard and reducing its life. I have however picked up mpgs. TQ management reduces the timing in the engine and it feels like a slug... With it reduced in my truck, it truck feels much more light on its toes. The negative about tuners is that the owners run at the most powerful setting, and towing heavy really reduces the life of the engine. Timing gets to far advanced and creates to much heat in diesels thereby cooking the engine. I have 89 and 93 tune for mine and just run the 89. Picked up 1-2 mpgs and the transmission doesn't shift awkward now... For some reason the GM 6 speed shifts weird going into 3 gear. Always has even when new, my neighbor owned the truck new before I bought it and told me GM says it normal. Sorry to get of topic some... I think "torque management" is a misunderstood term. The new Duramax is said to make 915 lb ft of torque at the flywheel, so it is my understanding that it produces 915 lb ft of torque at the flywheel not 650 lb ft or some other reduced value due to "torque management." I don't know this but my guess is that "torque management" refers to the fuel delivery being backed off while the transmission is shifting to prevent clutch damage in the transmission.
4x4ord 01/14/17 04:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cost of driving now vs then

Yes, I think back to those days when I could fill my tank, take my girl to the movies, and buy us a burger for less than 10 bucks. My current truck cost almost twice as much than the 1st home I ever bought. My army pay was 218.00 per month. Whatever it is,,, "these" are the "good-ole-days" because I choose to make it that way. If your monthly salary was $218, $10 is 4.5% of that. Google says a soldier with 4 years of experience recieves a salary of $2266 per month. 4.5% of that is $102. About enough money to put 320 miles worth of fuel in a car, buy a couple burgers and 2 movie tickets.
4x4ord 01/13/17 08:18am Around the Campfire
Cost of driving now vs then

We just bought a new car. It's actually the first brand new car we have ever purchased. Anyway it has me thinking about how much cars cost now vs decades ago. I remember in 1973 my father purchased a new basic Dodge Dart for $2700. Back then minimum wage was $1.75 so it would have taken 1543 hours to pay for that car. Now a Dodge Dart can be purchased for $16320....1338 hours of labor at our current minimum wage of $12.20 per hour. The 1973 Dart would travel about 85 miles on the gasoline that 1 hour of labor would buy. A new Dart will travel about 120 miles on the gasoline that an hour's worth of labor at minimum wage will buy. I guess we have got it pretty good now.
4x4ord 01/12/17 08:18am Around the Campfire
RE: GM pickups, no 2500HD or 3500 Markings????

Does that picture really say that the DRW is less expensive than the SRW? That's crazy. Wow, it does. That is weird. I took the screen shot myself from http://www.gmc.com/previous-year/sierra-3500-denali-hd-pickup-truck/build-and-price.html#/config.I am pretty sure that the reason for that is the SRWs have some equipment that the DRWs do not. I know for a fact that was the case when I bought mine. The dually has 6 skinny 17" tires as opposed to 4 wider more expensive 20 inch tires. The 20" Denali alloy rims are more expensive than the 6 steel rims. The dually has a little more spring over the rear axle and but other than that I think the trucks are identical. When I bought my Ford SRW I could have saved a few pennies had I got an otherwise identical dualy.
4x4ord 01/09/17 07:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Some thoughts

The F350's have about a 3" block between the rear leaf spring and axle that the F250 doesn't have. I suspect the 3500 GM is the same. I wonder if you could lower the rear of your new truck by removing that axle block?
4x4ord 01/09/17 06:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: gauge values

Once driven for a month you will know what is normal. Normal is normal, high is time to slow down and reduce power or take it in for service. If there were actual numbers Ford would have 10x the issues with people that disagree with what is normal and what is too much. Example of how the temp gauge works: http://www.intellidog.com/dieselmann/b_smoke13.htm If you think those numbers are crazy... well they are not. This is exactly why they don't put numbers on the gauges. Ram takes this one step further with the engine oil pressure.....The Ram oil pressure gauge reads what the owner wants to see. It displays psi but it is determined by engine rpm and temperature. This way they don't have customers concerned about the engine oil pressure dropping down to 6 psi at an idle.
4x4ord 01/08/17 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually Truck.. What is this feeling?

I guarantee my dually rides as good and most likely better than your 3500 RAM. On most roads the one ton ride is tolerable. However, I've been on some roads in Oklahoma that the constant jarring was almost enough to rattle my few remaining teeth out. It would probably be better to say: "I can guarantee my dually doesn't ride any worse than your 3500 Ram " With the development of more and more sophisticated cameras or maybe I should say "artificial vision" I wonder if there will be a day in the future where the truck can anticipate the bump and move the tire up or down as it absorbs the irregularities in the road?
4x4ord 01/06/17 07:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-Series trucks # 1 for 40 years

Unless GM's sales numbers are combined with Chevy's when comparing it doesn't mean much to me.
4x4ord 01/05/17 05:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F350 5th wheel preparation package

that is correct info, on the current 2017 super duty you CAN NOT order the factory 5th prep on the 2wd. Its in the order guide. I will not buy one until they change this :) That's odd, I wonder why that is? I've met several people over the years that specifically buy a 2wd because its cheaper, better fuel mileage, lower bed height, etc. I wouldn't think there is any fundamental frame or rear suspension differences between the 2wd and 4wd. I really dislike when manufacturers mandate certain things in order to get certain options. Ford with the 5th wheel mounting, Chevy won't let you get the big gas engine in the lower trim half tons, etc. Let me buy what I want... I think there is a difference somewhere between the 2wd and 4x4 because, as I posted earlier, the 4wd takes a different B&W hitch part number for the 2wd and the
4x4ord 01/05/17 12:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will "Smart Vehicles" and their marketing cause more crashes

The Google car has been driving around for years "learning" how to classify images. This is where the artificial intelligence comes into play. I think it (the computer) is constantly rewriting its own softwhere so it can get better and better at classifying images. So I believe that by the time the first fully autonomous car hits the streets it will have no problem differentiating between a racoon and a child.
4x4ord 01/05/17 12:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will "Smart Vehicles" and their marketing cause more crashes

I don't think self-driving cars will CAUSE more accidents. I think they won't PREVENT as many accidents as others think they will. I think the lane departure feature is great and is a wonderful benefit now as most people won't be affected adversely by it on their commute (most people don't want to drive in two lanes at the same time). I think other features like safe driving distances will get bypassed by people who think they know better. Too few people believe in safe driving distances, especially in rush hour traffic, and will find a way to bypass that feature. Heaven forbid they leave enough room for another car to move in to. It will be like the many people who belted their seat belts behind them instead of wearing them because they "got in the way". On the flip side, there will be people who depend on the car's system so they can do other things. Yes, many people will pay less attention to the road and their surroundings because something else is doing it for them (that happens now with rear cameras and mirrors - people don't turn their heads to look for themselves and miss something important). I also think that with more self-driving vehicles on the road, creating safer speeds, driving distances, and so on, that those folks who think their reflexes are better than anyone else (you know, the guy who drives 100 on his motorcycle down the freeway because he's such a great driver he's never been in an accident) - well those guys are going to think they can go even faster because they can anticipate the other vehicles better than before. And he's going to interact with non-self-driving vehicles at those higher speeds. So again, self-driving vehicles aren't "bad", they're just not the instant solution to the roads that some people think they are. And people who think they will do better than they really can WILL relax their own attention enough to let potential accidents happen. Those who stay a bit wary of the technology will pay more attention and will be able to adjust the response when needed (like when it's a kid who darted out in front of you and not a deer. Hitting the deer is preferable to swerving and hitting a tree; whereas swerving and hitting the tree is preferable to hitting a child). What happens when the choice is between hitting either say a dog or a child. I might put my faith in a computer making the right choice more often than some people.
4x4ord 01/04/17 12:04pm Tow Vehicles
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