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RE: How hot does she get?

220 is too hot for my liking. 220 is where I would pull over and let things cool down.
4x4ord 07/31/14 05:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: What do I look and listen for when buying a 6.7 F350 Diesel

...HPFP exploding, valve train, turbocharger...those are just a few of the issues with the 6.7 Ford...I owned one...it was the worst POS I ever owned and warranty issues with the $10,000 HPFP issues are legend...much better off going with a Ram or GM of that vintage...at least they stand behind their customers... Regards And my '12 that's a little over 2 years with 48k miles now hasn't even got a CEL yet. In '12 I looked at the trucks Ricatic recommends and I picked the Ford. :B I read every post about Ricatic's nightmare and went the CP.3 route as in Ram CTD. 2 years latter and still happy. I read most of Ricaric's nightmare as well only it was too late for me as I had already bought my Ford. As it turns out I am glad I wasn't turned off by Ricatic's misfortune as this has been, without question, the best vehicle I have ever owned.
4x4ord 07/31/14 05:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Depressing Depreciation

Why the difference in depreciation in Canada vs the US? Are other vehicles the same way, or for some reason is it worse with this particular model? Many people in Alberta are driving new vehicles so depreciation is huge for all makes and types but it seems to me that Ford trucks depreciate at an even faster rate in Alberta than GM or Ram. I wonder if Ford maybe offers the best fleet pricing. Seems like there is an incredible number of new Ford work trucks hitting the road every year. It could be that the used market is flooded with 2 or 3 year old Fords. Edit: I just checked Stats Canada, Of the 263,234 motor vehicles sold in Alberta in 2013 ..... 200,656 of them were commercial vehicles. I don't know what the split is on all those commercial vehicles but like I said it seems like an awful lot of new Ford trucks hit the road every year.
4x4ord 07/30/14 10:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What do I look and listen for when buying a 6.7 F350 Diesel

200,000 km is about 124,000 miles. I would sooner have a newer truck with high mileage than an older model with low mileage for the same money. Running a truck down the highway all day causes very little wear if its not pulling heavy. 4 years ago we bought a 3 year old Peterbilt with nearly 1,300,000 km on it. We've run it for 4 years now and haven't spent a dime on repairs....it runs, drives and looks like new. We find our old equipment is much more likely to give trouble regardless of miles.
4x4ord 07/30/14 07:38pm Tow Vehicles
Depressing Depreciation

In Alberta in 2011 my truck had a list price of just over $84,000. It could be bought for $70,000 cash. Now, three and a half years later with 62,000 miles on it I would be doing good to get $40k out of it. The same truck in the US would have had a sticker price of 65,440 and likely sold for $55,000 cash. The US market on similarly equipped 2011 F350's seems to be about 40k. Our trucks appear to depreciate at twice the rate as south of the border.
4x4ord 07/30/14 07:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford vs Ram vs Chevy diesels

The three are all close enough in pulling performance for me. I prefer the Ford for a handful of reasons but the one that gets the best fuel economy will likely be the one that ends up in my driveway. I just can't imagine paying an extra $20 at every fuel stop to own a Ford over either of the others.
4x4ord 07/29/14 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: There are 3 types of people

Maybe my wife tells me something but I don't hear much anymore.
4x4ord 07/23/14 09:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Not to toot my own horn, but I am!

That is good mileage. My Ford doesn't get what I would like to see and it used to bother me. So in order to be at peace I did some reasoning and calculating. I reasoned that more money is coming in than what is going out so if my truck got better mileage the money I saved would be invested. I worked out that saving 40% on my trucks fuel consumption would only accumulate to about $200,000 by the end of a 30 year period. By the time that amount gets split up amongst my kids its not going to make a whole lot of difference to them anyway. So now I am free to enjoy my fuel guzzling Ford.
4x4ord 07/22/14 12:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1st tow with Peninsular 6.5 turbo diesel.

Good luck to your SIL Terry. LINK I've never owned one but my 79 5.7 LF9 Diesel V8 was enough to say " never again GM". Hater!!! LOL 4X4, is your fuel system stock or is the pump turned up? I love my 6.5 but antifreeze is disappearing! :E The pump is turned up. The compression ratio is lowered to 16:1, a larger turbo is installed with no wastegate. The new 6.5 blocks have webbing around the main bearings for added strength, the crank is steel, the new heads provide better cooling, we installed a high output water pump along with a Duramax cooling fan and new radiator. We also installed a new 4" exhaust. All the rubber hoses were replaced as well as shocks, brakes, ball joints and tires.
4x4ord 05/05/14 11:50pm Tow Vehicles
1st tow with Peninsular 6.5 turbo diesel.

All I can say is very impressed. When we first dropped the engine in I was disappointed but after replacing the exhaust and fixing the leaky crossover pipe the truck has been performing amazingly well. It averaged 13 mpg while pulling an 11000 lb trailer through the mountains this past weekend and has very good power as well.
4x4ord 05/05/14 03:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: question about towing with a new Diesel- any brand

I hooked up to a 19000 lb trailer with mine the day after I picked up the truck and towed it from Texas to Alberta.
4x4ord 04/28/14 07:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2 old or 2 fat 2 get fit?

Last summer my wife and I discovered that our lack of fitness was preventing us from enjoying hiking with our family. This was one of the key motivaters to get me to work out. I look forward to many years of hiking and fishing with my kids and grand kids.
4x4ord 04/26/14 06:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Unofficial SRW vs DRW road survey

My 5th wheel weighs in around 15000 lbs. I also haul a fair bit with a 32' gooseneck flat bed. I own and operate various trucks including a couple class 8s and my truck of choice for loads up to 20,000 lbs is definitely the Ford srw. The most unstable truck I have happens to be a class 8 (so tandem dually) with a grain box on the back. This truck is fine until it gets over 30,000 lbs in the box at which point it becomes uncomfortable to drive. In this case the unstable feeling is on account of the suspension, not number of tires.
4x4ord 04/26/14 05:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2 old or 2 fat 2 get fit?

Just to update - since I started this thread I've started running. I started running Jan 1 2014 and already I've run two half marathons (1 hour 50 minutes) and lost 25 lbs so far. I can hardly believe an old fat guy can get into shape so quick.
4x4ord 04/25/14 09:13am Around the Campfire
RE: New truck...RAM

4x4ord 04/21/14 09:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Ford F-450 Powerstroke. Has anyone ordered one??

If you are thinking of a F450 is it for towing an RV? I believe the F350 dually is much bettered suited for large RV use than a F450 is.Why?? Buying a truck that is designed to tow much more weight than what you ever intend on hauling has one major draw back and that is it will not have the right rear axle ratio for towing your load. The transmission is most efficient in 4th gear where it is closest to putting the power straight through. A f450 running at 2800 rpm in 4th gear is capable of putting over 4000 lb ft of torque to the rear axle in 4th gear at 2800 engine rpm which equates to 53 mph. So if your hauling a very heavy load the truck is designed to put full power to the pavement at 53 mph. The f350 would put that same power to the rear axle in 4th gear at 61 mph (about 3500 lb ft of torque). When cruising the F350 would run in 6th gear at a lower rpm than the f450 and save you on fuel and running quieter. If you don't need the capability of the 450 you would be happier with the 350 dually.
4x4ord 04/21/14 09:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Ford F-450 Powerstroke. Has anyone ordered one??

If you are thinking of a F450 is it for towing an RV? I believe the F350 dually is much bettered suited for large RV use than a F450 is.
4x4ord 04/20/14 06:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7 PSD after 2 months

I have been researching for the last month for my first TV.... I'm a dyed-in-wool bow tie guy since forever... My current (and the last 3) daily driver is a Tahoe. Had a 83ish E350 van years ago with diesel in my work fleet, bullet proof. Rented a 2013 F-150 for a month last year, loved it... So, here I am doing due diligence and looking at what to buy, reading the 'stuff' on the internet about each of the big 3... Had lots of Chrysler products over the years, they work..... generally... My jaw dropped reading about the 6.0 & 6.4 Fords, really disappointed.. WTH, how can Ford produce trucks for 10 years with bad engines? Something is amiss. The only one left standing was my beloved bow tie... But that doesn't necessarily make me happy, I'm not married to any brand of anything. So, I ask myself... How can there be so many Fords for sale with 150-200k on them? Have they all been fixed? Trust me, this is all confusing!! BTW, I'm a motor head of sorts.. Had all kinds of go-fast stuff, cars, boats, motorcycles... Had bigger boats with diesels, I own a crane company, and I'm still having trouble deciding. Two weeks ago it had to be a Duramax 07.5 or newer, last week it had to be a 5.9 Cummins and a Megacab. I guess next week it will be a Ford.... BTW, my budget for my first TV is $20k, I am going to test the RVing waters with my little toe before I jump in. There is a very good chance my next truck will be another 6.7 Ford but if I were looking for a diesel for under $20k I would be willing to consider 2004 or newer Rams and I would likely end up buying a 2006 or newer Duramax.
4x4ord 04/19/14 07:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7 PSD after 2 months

It must have been the "Ford haters" day off. They usually show up in force to tell you how bad the new diesel offering is. I don't hate them, I pity them as they will never have the enjoyment of owning a Cummin's. :B Some of us Ford guys have owned a mighty Cummins and still favor the Ford.
4x4ord 04/18/14 10:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7 PSD after 2 months

Congratulations on your purchase. I've got 56,000 on mine and have never been more thrilled with a truck.
4x4ord 04/18/14 09:27am Tow Vehicles
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