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RE: Long or short bed for 5th wheel towing?

I am happy with my short bed and nonslider hitch
4x4ord 10/13/14 08:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Banks auto-mind programmer

Fuel quantity kills off the economy. To add power you need to add fuel. So if you use that power you will use more fuel. IOW's a 200 HP diesel will use about twice the fuel as a 100 HP diesel. So if you only had 375 HP and use all that power to pull a hill at 40 MPH and then you add a tuner to give you 450 HP and you now go up the same hill at 55 MPH you will use a LOT more fuel. You have to because you just added 75 HP worth of fuel. If you can get up the hill in 65 seconds using 450 hp instead of 90 seconds using 375 hp. The higher horsepower engine would almost certainly be saving you fuel going up the hill.
4x4ord 10/13/14 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone do an owner/builder on a new house?

Around here labor is about 60% the cost of the house. I figure many jobs take me about 4 x as long to do as what it would take someone who really knows what he is doing. So if I can hire it done for $80/hr I only make $20/hr doing it myself. Some jobs I can do as fast as the professionals and those I would consider doing myself.
4x4ord 10/11/14 08:09am Around the Campfire
RE: The Idiocy of Some Companies

When I lost my credit card I didn't bother reporting it. Whoever found it didn't use it nearly as much as DW.
4x4ord 10/09/14 08:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Someone please explain

This age-old debate will not be solved on this thread, but here's my $.02 anyway. I have a dually 350 because it came with the 12.5K fifth wheel. I have never been sorry to have four tires in the back. Could I carry the current fiver with a beefed-up 3/4 ton, maybe, but when I come down from the Rockies, I want the truck having the control not the trailer pushing me or using up my brakes. I have never felt even the slightest whimper when passing a semi at highway speed or being passed by one when they go a little faster. No flaming allowed. Everyone to their own opinion, please!! Haha Yep, I've never heard anyone complain that they have too much truck. Well let me be the first. I have multiple trucks and would much rather overload my SRW F350 than use a large truck for trailers in the 20-30,000 lb range. A dually one ton would be the perfect truck in my mind for trailers in the 18-30,000 lb range in my opinion.
4x4ord 10/02/14 08:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It's just a dog or is it?

Sorry to hear of Baxter's fate. The lady that I described was faced with a difficult decision. Although I chose to only report on the financial aspect of her thought process her decission was not void of emotion. I know saying good bye to her pet caused her to shed deep tears. Ultimately though she felt that trying to prolong his life was not only unwise from a financial standpoint but might be quite selfish from an emotional standpoint. She felt trying to prolong his life would definitely cause him to endure suffering and in the end he could very easily not pull through anyway. Although we all might have different lines that we will use in determining our injured pet's fate most of us will at some point consider it a financial decision at some point. At that point we will likely consider the depreciation of the pet. In other words it is unlikely that many people would be willing to spend large amounts of money on a 15 year old half dead dog.
4x4ord 10/02/14 08:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Too much stuff

I am like many Americans and have a fair bit of stuff I don't get rid of because I might use it someday, but that day never comes. A few years ago one of my garages was full of that kind of stuff. Then someone came along and asked if he could rent one bay of my garage. I figured I could go through the stuff and through out any stuff that wasn't quite valuable in order to free up a bay to rent out. And so I did. After awhile he got more stuff and asked if he could rent out a second bay. I figured " OK I'll go through and only keep the really valuable stuff and throw everything else out. And so I did. After a while he got more stuff and wanted to rent out the whole garage. At that point I through out the rest of that valuable stuff and have never missed it.
4x4ord 09/30/14 02:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: It's just a dog or is it?

The story is most definitly true and although I understand where you are coming from I can also see how someone would think it is ridiculous to spend thousands of dollars on a half dead dog. I honestly don't know how much I would be willing to spend on our dog if it were in a similar situation but I am quite sure my wife would put me down if I spent $2600 on him.
4x4ord 09/29/14 01:03am Around the Campfire
RE: It's just a dog or is it?

Would you consider spending spending 2600 on a $1200 dog? Is it your position that everyone has such a choice? I ask because while I have that kind of financial freedom, there are many devoted pet owners who do not. I suppose there may be some who just can't afford a $2600 vet bill. In the case of the woman who owned the dog described, she could have come up with $26000 if she needed to but she is an accountant and so for her it was a matter of working the numbers ... he was 5 years old so had depreciated some and was not worth spending that amount of money on. She had him put down and bought a new one.
4x4ord 09/28/14 06:38pm Around the Campfire

Good for you. Quitting was a huge struggle for me. That was about 20 years ago. I haven't missed it a bit.
4x4ord 09/28/14 10:11am Around the Campfire
It's just a dog or is it?

In another thread I was made aware of the fact that some, if not many, consider their pets as something more than "stuff". In order to evaluate whether or not a pet is something more valuable than stuff in your eyes consider the following story: I know a woman who had a little dog that she treated like her baby. She took that dog with her everywhere she went until one morning she let it outside to do its business and found it laying half dead on the doorstep a few minutes later. Seems the dog must have met up with a coyote. She brought it to the vet where she learned it would cost $2600 to fix him but there would be no garauntee that the dog would survive. Her other option was to have the dog put down....$150 I believe. The dog was about 5 years old. A new one could be purchased for $1200. Would you consider spending spending 2600 on a $1200 dog?
4x4ord 09/28/14 08:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Too much stuff

Some times you never can have too much stuff. We have sixteen canoes and kayaks. Both my wife and I race them. We have tandems, solos, white water ones flat water racing ones, sit on top ones, recreation ones, plastic ones, Kevlar ones, carbon, Kevlar ones and royalex ones. Now we are lusting for a two person rowing shell. Jack L Wow, 16 canoes and kayaks! I only have 2 of them. I guess I'm not doing so bad after all.:)
4x4ord 09/28/14 01:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Too much stuff

I'm certainly not looking for sympathy. I would like this discussion to inspire younger people to be wiser about their spending and saving habits. In order to retire well, a couple should be investing fairly large amounts of money into a retirement fund instead of wasting it on the stuff that they could easily live without.
4x4ord 09/27/14 12:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Too much stuff

It sounds like you have a better view of "stuff", but, I can't help but chuckle, just a little, at the minimalists with two dogs and two cats.:) Well . . . I guess everybody's got their own way of categorizing things. I don't count living, breathing beings (of the human or pet variety) as "stuff." Only inanimate objects. ;) An interesting point. It surprises me to realize I have never even pondered the idea of a pet being regarded a something other than "stuff". I suppose many, if not most, people might share your veiw on that.
4x4ord 09/27/14 12:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Too much stuff

DH and I are both minimalists, thank goodness. If we need or really want something we get it, but we've never enjoyed recreational shopping or accumulating stuff just for the sake of . . . having stuff. We know people whose homes are terribly claustrophobic because they own so many mostly unused or useless things. That will never be our problem! It sounds like you have a better view of "stuff", but, I can't help but chuckle, just a little, at the minimalists with two dogs and two cats.:)
4x4ord 09/27/14 11:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Too much stuff

Bragging or complaining? It might come across as bragging but the truth of it is that I am realizing how foolish it is to accumulate stuff. We end up slaving to acquire it only to be enslaved by it. So then we want freedom from it and have the burden of getting rid of it all.
4x4ord 09/27/14 09:02am Around the Campfire
RE: The Song Title Game

WHAT'S Love Got To Do With It....Tina Turner.
4x4ord 09/27/14 08:44am Around the Campfire
Too much stuff

We have wasted much money on stuff that we will soon have to get rid of if we are to retire and downsize. When we look around our house at all the stuff we have at least two of we realize how foolish we have been. Two flat screen TVs, two treadmills, two houses, Three Acura TSXs, Two diesel pickups, and we still have a very nice mini van that has been stored away in a garage for 10 years. Oh and two triple car garages and on and on, and a Honda Accord...and 6 kids.....whatever is wrong with me seems to be no little thing.
4x4ord 09/27/14 08:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Looking for Advice on a new Tow Vehicle

I have been thrilled with my 2011 Ford but I recently rode in a new 2015 GMC Denali dually and was very impressed with the improvements GM had made. The GM rode much nicer than my Ford. I like the Ford towing mirrors and felt visibility was better in the Ford.
4x4ord 09/24/14 05:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: DEF Mileage

I have not actually measured mine but I worked out what I thought would be close...930 mpg.
4x4ord 09/24/14 05:07am Tow Vehicles
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