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RE: Unoccupied Home and Homeowners Insurance

Rent your house out to someone you trust while your gone.
4x4ord 10/20/17 02:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: From 5er to class A, why?

I like driving my little truck. I enjoy towing. I would expext traveling in a high end DP would be more comfortable than sitting in a pick up or car but most of the satisfaction might come from pride of ownership. A pickup and fifth wheel doesn't look like much compared to a 2 million dollar Prevost.
4x4ord 10/20/17 06:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quality getting any better?

I've owned 5 Citation 5th wheels that were manufactured from 1990 to 2008. I had a problem with the gel coat on one but the rest have all been trouble free. I kind of think the quality of the 2008 is a little better than the earlier models, yet Citation went broke. I guess their RVs were overpriced. People buy junk because junk is cheap. Its the same deal with new houses; the tradesman that do crappy work undercut those who take pride in their workmanship. We reward those with ***** workmanship by giving them the job. Most people would not be willing to pay an additional $70,000 for a house built by people who take pride in their work over a similar size house that was slapped together.
4x4ord 10/19/17 01:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Uber expensive pickups...how much of a trend ?

Pickups are getting scary expensive... In 1973 I ordered a 1974 model Dodge 1500 4X4 from the factory. I ordered the base model no radio, rubber floor mats, no A/C it was as stripped as possible. The cost out the door was $3800. It wouldn't surprise me if a 2018 equivalent would be over $25,000. Using an online inflation calculator and inputting your info: $3,800 in 1973 equals $21,586.86 in 2017. Considering the advancement of modern vehicles over that 1973 truck, I think 25000 for a new work truck isn't too bad. Of course that new work truck might be closer to 30,000. Probably a fully loaded 1 ton dually from 1973 wouldn't be as capable or anywhere near as nice to drive as a base model present day 1/2 ton.
4x4ord 10/19/17 05:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Most RELIABLE Diesel 1 Ton Truck???

Our 05 duramax has almost 100K miles on it and has been a great towing truck. Drives the same as new. The 2001 3500 8.1 was still new like at 58K when it was traded for the 05. chevman I haven't been as fortunate with my 2003 Duramax. It overheats, battery won't stay charged, radio doesn't work, power door locks are shot, no power windows, transmission slips under heavy load, 4 wheel drive won't engage, no a/c. I have honestly never owned a vehicle of any make that has been as troublesome as this truck. I guess the good thing is that I haven't had to bring it in for any service:)
4x4ord 10/19/17 12:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Uber expensive pickups...how much of a trend ?

In my case, I like to pay cash for stuff that turns into junk such as cars, trucks and RVs. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can borrow money to buy "stuff" that is more likely to appreciate in value such as land.
4x4ord 10/18/17 06:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DR field & brush mower

I think this seems like a pretty good mower.
4x4ord 10/18/17 03:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: 5th Wheel roadside service insurance offerings

I usually have enough blocks on the back of my truck to block an axle off the ground and change a tire if needed. I needed a tow truck once about 30 years ago. I don't carry roadside assistance.
4x4ord 10/18/17 02:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Most RELIABLE Diesel 1 Ton Truck???

I don't think there is a bad choice among the big three diesels since 2015.
4x4ord 10/17/17 10:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Uber expensive pickups...how much of a trend ?

I'm one that wants leather seats. Most leather seats are vinyl. The highest trim levels in the Ford actually nice leather. Once I'm set on a KR or Platinum I want the rest of it too. I don't think there is much difference in price between a plain Jane XLT 4x4 crewcab diesel and a loaded Platinum. The difference between XLT and Platinum can be $10-15k I like leather but don't need 10 cameras, a.c. seats, power mirrors, auto lights, auto brake etc. So I buy mid level and have an upholstery shop put good leather heated seats. If it costs an extra 15 for the Platinum you might get 1/3 of that back 10 years down the road. So, the extras likely cost about $1000 per year. Maybe an xlt depreciates 3k/year and a Platinum 4k/year. As long as it doesn't come out of the 20k per year that a couple is saving for retirement they'll never miss it.
4x4ord 10/17/17 07:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Uber expensive pickups...how much of a trend ?

I'm one that wants leather seats. Most leather seats are vinyl. The highest trim levels in the Ford actually nice leather. Once I'm set on a KR or Platinum I want the rest of it too. I don't think there is much difference in price between a plain Jane XLT 4x4 crewcab diesel and a loaded Platinum.
4x4ord 10/16/17 10:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: $500 math question on extending ball mount shank

Extending your hitch a few inches is going to make virtually no difference to how your trailer responds while backing up. A fifth wheel trailer is less responsive than a tag trailer but the fifth wheel hitch is right over the rear axle where as a tag is about 4 feet back. Whether your ball is 4 feet back of the rear axle or 5 feet back will not change backing uo much at all. It will, however, put a lot more stress on your hitch. You just need to practice backing up your trailer. Some people can back a trailer up at 20 mph.
4x4ord 10/16/17 05:08am Towing
RE: Running on MT

I have diesel storage at home so normally I leave with a full tank of fuel. Last night we left in a hurry and only then realized the fuel was going to be tight to get back. I wasn't too worried about it because I had a fuel card and was going to be going past a card lock on my way home. As it turned out, I tried filling up on my way home but my fuel card wouldn't work and there was no fuel station open.
4x4ord 10/15/17 05:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Running on MT

I maybe could have gone another 30 miles? There's only one way to find out. Carry a full 5 gallon fuel can and run your truck dry. :C That is one way to find out. Anther way is to disconnect the hose at the fuel filter and measure how much fuel you can pump into a container after driving 30 miles past empty. Because the truck has such a small tank it would be nice to be able to use its entire capacity.
4x4ord 10/15/17 06:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Running on MT

... but how much of that 6.4 liters will actually be delivered if you need it? Last night I ended not being able to get fuel. I reset the trip odometer at the point where the mileage counter reached zero. I drove 30 miles home at which point the trip recorder said I'd used 6.4 liters. I had the fuel tank off my 2011 f350 which is identical to the '16. The tank is designed with a special sump in it that allows 100% of the fuel to be drawn from the tank. I filled up when I got home which took 92.5 liters. The tank capacity is supposed to be 26 gallons or 98.5 liters. I maybe could have gone another 30 miles?
4x4ord 10/15/17 06:25am Tow Vehicles
Running on MT

When the little miles to empty readout hits zero how much fuel is in your tank? I now know that the 2016 F350 shortbox has something more than 6.4 liters. Have you ever had to run past zero miles to empty?
4x4ord 10/15/17 05:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Level 5th wheel

Look in your fridges owner manual to see how level it has to be. 3 degrees would allow you 5 inches off level for every 8 feet.
4x4ord 10/14/17 04:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 7.3. problem

My guess is you blew a hose off the turbo.
4x4ord 10/13/17 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Uber expensive pickups...how much of a trend ?

We traded that in for the dually when we decided to upgrade the trailer and they gave us more than what we owed on it even though we only had it a year. In our area at least, trucks hold their value relatively well. By the sounds of where you're at in life I fully believe that you can afford to drive nice vehicles. However, I remember years ago my BIL telling me what his 2 year old truck was worth...then with a hint of pride he told me that was a little more than what he owed on it. I remember thinking "so you're telling me you have nothing. What's the big deal?" At that time I couldn't believe that someone would borrow money to buy a vehicle. These days it seems many people are borrowing money to buy cars, trucks, RV's, motorcycles....boats, TVs, furniture, appliances...
4x4ord 10/13/17 07:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Uber expensive pickups...how much of a trend ?

We just had some work done on the rental and the contractor was sporting a new 350 King Raunch long bed 4x4 4 door. I told him... nice truck. I asked him about the price and his reply was... it's a business expense, 2 years and it's gone... I'm a farmer myself but I'd rather put my money into farm equipment or land and they are both business expenses / write off's too. You can expense your equipment's depeciation which is exactly what the contractor is doing. Land on the other hand, does not generally depreciate and is therefore not expensed.
4x4ord 10/13/17 05:48am Tow Vehicles
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