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RE: Peninsular 6.5 turbo diesel

I really don't know much about the company. They are very good to deal with as far as answeing questions and promising satisfaction. I guess time will tell how good they are at honoring those promises. My '93 has the mechanical pump so no pmd.
4x4ord 04/16/14 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Peninsular 6.5 turbo diesel

Forgot to mention I had 560,000 miles on my 95 6.5 burb that I sold last year. Also made it into truck trend magazine. Sorry to talk about my stuff when this about your new rattler. Would love to hear dyno numbers. I'd be interested in hearing all about your 6.5 burb. I ordered this '93 crew cab 4x4 right from the factory - it was the first new vehicle I ever owned. My daughter's boy friend saw it parked in the corner of the yard and fell in love with it. So it's actually his money that's going into the truck. Once we get finished pulling on wrenches it won't be mine anymore. It would be interesting to see how she dynos, but, unless the new 4" exhaust we have ordered is going to make a big difference, I don't think this engine is putting out anywhere near the 300 HP they told me it would. Just comparing its acceleration to that of my '03 Duramax, my guess is that it is producing more like 250 HP. I am also kind of disappointed in the level of black smoke it produces under full load acceleration ... I thought with the new bigger turbo it would be able to handle the increased fuel better. Once we get the exhaust on we can try advancing the timing a little and maybe get a bit better performance and a little less smoke out of it. It sure is nice and quiet though.
4x4ord 04/15/14 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Peninsular 6.5 turbo diesel

Curious. Why not a rebuilt Cummins/Allison? I actually have an old Cummins with less than 100k miles on it that I could have used but I find those engines to be just too noisy. Using a newer Cummins or Duramax would have been more work than what I was willing to put into the truck. I believe this new GM 6.5 block along with the Peninsular internals will provide many years of trouble free driving.
4x4ord 04/15/14 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Peninsular 6.5 turbo diesel

It was pricey. Yes new fuel system and turbo. I think it was around $10k. Then we needed some other stuff... gaskets, new rad, new high output water pump and a Duramax fan, all new hoses, new clutch, new exhaust, new brakes, new shocks and tires.
4x4ord 04/15/14 08:37am Tow Vehicles
Peninsular 6.5 turbo diesel

We got er about done. We stuck a brand new 6.5 in an old '93 GMC crew cab. The engine sounds very nice. Its first scheduled pull is the end of the month.
4x4ord 04/15/14 07:51am Tow Vehicles
Traveling in the Pete

My wife came for a run in the Peterbilt with me. I asked her how she liked riding in a real truck. She said "WHAT" I said "HOW DO YOU LIKE RIDING IN A REAL TRUCK." From that point on we had a very peaceful time together. Maybe that's why people buy these things for RVs. :)
4x4ord 04/14/14 05:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

I am a little late getting to the party but I guess I'll retell my story. I have been driving diesels for years and never believed it would happen to me but I've done both the gasoline and DEF thing to my Ford. I only drove about 5 miles after filling with gasoline before I noticed the engine pinging and realized what had happened. I got a hose and fitted it to the supply line at the fuel filter. I pumped the contents of the tank into my wife's Accura and a friends pickup by turning the key to the on postion and letting the truck's transfer pump do the work. Poured in a jerry can of diesel and was on my way. That was 3 years ago. Last year I pumped Def into the fuel tank. I realized what I had done immediately though so I never started the truck. I did the same thing...pumped the fuel tank into a barrel. This time I removed the tank and washed it and changed the fuel filter. (There was no sign of Def in the tank after pumping it dry though so the removal was likely not necessary although it is a very easy task to perform) I reinstalled the tank filled it with fuel and have never had a problem. There better not be a next time.
4x4ord 04/02/14 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will truck handle this?

The difference between the HD 3/4 ton and 1 ton in 05 was that the 1 ton got an extra leaf in the rear spring.....so you could add airbags and be every bit as safe and secure as you would be with a 1 ton srw. I would rather tow a 12000 lb fiver with your truck than a tag trailer. An exhaust brake would be nice though - you might be able to purchase software that allows your turbo to act as an exhaust brake.
4x4ord 03/28/14 05:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually forever

I can't tell any difference between towing with a dually vs my 2011 F350 single rear wheel. My theory is that people buy a new truck that feels much more stable than their 7 year old 3/4 ton did and then they attribute it all to the dual wheels. I think if your pulling with a new 1 ton srw and find it is unstable your problem is something other than the number of tires.
4x4ord 03/27/14 07:09am Tow Vehicles
Have you ever worn out an engine?

I read recommendations made about the value in changing oil. I have been operating roughly 20 diesel engines at a time over the last 30 years. Some are 40 years old and still running. I have a Cat C15 that is approaching 1 million miles that has never been touched and runs like new. Some of these engines go years without getting an oil change. Over the years I have had one GM 6.5 Turbo diesel fail on account of the poor design which did not allow for proper cooling to the heads which in turn caused the heads to crack and pistons to melt; one Cummins 14 liter fail due to a valve dropping into a cylinder and destroying the entire engine; a second Cummins 14 liter fail when a coolant line broke and it overheated. But I have never seen an engine wear out. Is there anyone on here who has actually owned a diesel engine long enough to wear it out? If so, do you really think more frequent oil changes would have have prolonged its life?
4x4ord 03/24/14 03:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires What Make

My original Michelin AT/2 were very quiet; traction was poor in snow and ice and the tread life was absolutely terrible. I put GoodYear Wrangler Adveturers on my truck. Ride might be a little worse; they are quite noisy and throw some rocks on gravel roads but traction is excellent and tread life seems to be very good so far.
4x4ord 03/24/14 02:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

Ric I've often wondered what you think of the 6.7 engine. IOW's lets say the HPFP did not blow in your engine. I know you had other problems with the engine. Mostly PITA stuff if I remember correctly? But quite a few items also? What kind of a rating would you give "your" first gen 6.7 engine? Because you're on the boards a lot my next question would be what kind of rating would you give "the" first gen 6.7 engine? my rating of the Ford 6.7 would be "not enough time on it to endorse it as completely viable"...I had many issues with mine...fan clutch, NOX sensors, a failed fuel injector and then the biggie...all but the biggie were fixed under warranty...I was already becoming a bit discouraged before the HPFP failure... I do believe Ford has very quietly went about fixing the HPFP issue...there have been several part number changes as they continued researching and upgrading the pump to operate on the poor quality fuel available in the USA...Good for the owners of the later incarnations of the pump...still need to hold your breath if you have a 2011 or early 2012... Is it a better choice than a 6.0 or 6.4 Ford...maybe...as long as you are fortunate enough to stay out of the small percentage of buyers who have had HPFP failures...but Ford could have eliminated the whole issue as a malingering problem by doing as GM has done and fixed the pumps under warranty...they still are the only manufacturer using Bosch CP4.xx series HPFP's that does not follow that path... Regards It seems to me that if the early 6.7 had faulty pumps, as time goes on and more miles are put on 2011s the rate of failure would be increasing. Because I see these 6.7s all over the road and have yet to run across anyone who has had a problem I can't help but wonder whether there wasn't some early production trucks that were fitted with pumps that were destined for destruction in the first few thousand miles. If they didn't fail by 20,000 miles maybe the risk of a pump failure actually drops off?
4x4ord 03/24/14 02:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How often do you cange oil if little us

I use synthetic in my Ford and change the oil every 25,000 km. Engines in our heavy equipment use regular oil and the oil is changed every 600 hours. The equipment manufacturers recommend every 600 hours or 1 year and don't specify synthetic.
4x4ord 03/21/14 11:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: lost

You could cancel that one and order a 2015, I think they are open to order now. I agree, in addition, unless your planning on towing a 30,000 lb RV I would definitely change my order to a 2015 F350. I strongly believe the F450 rear gears are too low to be ideal for RV use.
4x4ord 03/20/14 07:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The older you get

I neglected anything to do with looking after my teeth including going to the dentist. At 50 my teeth were falling out to the point that I looked like a jack-o-lattern when I smiled. Just got back from Puerto Vallarta and with the new bridges glued in top and bottom. I should be able to bite into an apple for the first time in about 15 years.
4x4ord 03/20/14 03:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: You choose - loaded gas or basic diesel?

Horsepower is horsepower. When talking engines ... torque is horsepower as well. An engine cannot produce torque without running. When it is running and producing torque there you have all three; torque, rpm and horsepower. When we talk about an engines torque rating we are referring to the maximum torque the engine makes and it is specified at an rpm ... Torque @ rpm is equal to power. The manufactures give torque rating @ an rpm and further define the powerband of their engine by providing the max HP @ a certain rpm. Together this information forms a power graph in an understanding persons mind and they will have a very good idea of it pulling characteristics, especially if they consider the gear ratios of transmission along with the final drive ratio and tire size all together. Many people have the misconception that diesels produce more torque than gasoline engines. In fact the opposite is true. Torque and therefore horsepower come from the fuel. Gasoline requires less air per unit of energy than does diesel to burn therefore more torque and power can be achieved per liter of engine displacement with the gasoline engine. Diesel lend themselves very nicely to turbocharging, which, in a way, increases the displacement of the engine and therefore allows for much more fuel per rev to be injected. This increased fuel per rev increases the torque of the engine. With the new technology available gasoline engines with direct injection can also be easily supercharged. If you talk turbocharged gasoline vs turbocharged diesel the gasoline engine will make more torque per engine displacement than will the diesel. And if you talk naturally aspirated diesel vs naturally aspirated gasoline engines the gasoline engine produces much more torque again. It is the turbo that is responsible for the high torque output of modern diesels.
4x4ord 03/18/14 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

Looks to me like Ford has made an amazing truck even better. I hope to see GM get motivated.
4x4ord 03/17/14 06:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can the DRW handle it?

He should have just hooked up and got er done. What is the point in posting a question like his on a forum where 90% of the people have never towed more than about 15000lbs?
4x4ord 02/25/14 05:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Interesting truck tests, Ford vs Ram

Here's a 6.7 PSD with 500k miles. I read that only a water pump was replaced right about the time the video was made. Link Fishy - you are by far the biggest fan boy on this forum. I wonder why the end gate wasn't closed;).
4x4ord 02/22/14 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge Ram payload vs Ford

You can also see the impact of the weight of the diesel in the DRW CC's where the carrying capacity of the diesel is almost 1,000 lbs less. That doesn't make much sense. The diesel engine only weighs about 1000 lbs and both diesel and gas use the same transmission. Powerstroke specs
4x4ord 01/24/14 08:39am Tow Vehicles
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