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RE: Stuck in Newton NJ with a blown transmission

What is indicated on any auto tranny sensor port is NOT the hottest, as the hottest is in the TC at the tips and where the ATF reverses direction. Anyone ever wonder why ATF will burn, even if the gauges says not over temp?...of course while unlocked... Jeremiah...here is a partial list of potentials, but most are boy racer and warranty/longevity is my concern...especially away from my area With a new Sub equivalent to mine costing well over $70K...am researching rebuilding...and not even a 8,600 GVWR cuz not offered, yet...maybe a used government K3500 when they come out, but still too much for my budget (my guess) and better to rebuild to my liking Most of these are in the 1000 ft/lb range. A 5 speed manual is also on the list This is a good starting reference article, there are many more but this one is the best, IMHO TruckTrends...Budget Transmission Upgrades 4L80E 1000ft/lb 1000ft/lbtorque Some potentials found and make no recommendation for them at this point in my search 4L80E Beast 1200 HP Transmission - Animal Performance Transmissions GM 4L85-E Performance Transmission (Up to 1000 ft lbs of Torque) MonsterTransmission, 4L80E Rebuild Kit Transmission 4L80E, Full Manual – Performance 4L80E Transmission – Level 4 This one pointless to me, as then why not just go to a manual 4L80E Automatic Overdrive
BenK 05/25/16 11:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stuck in Newton NJ with a blown transmission

The 4l80's have several weak links that need to be addressed . Boost valve, pressure overrun issues, main bolts that hold the courier assemblies in place. Those are just the ones I can remember , since I haven't rebuilt one in a few years now. Think transgo has the rebuild kit to fix those issues. These are just some of the things boy racer firms offering 4L80E/4L85E rated 1K ft/lbs or more address, but they are costly. From $4K to +$8K Those boy racer forms dumped Jasper about 12 years ago and many said sold, but never searched that. They were one of the standards for years though Heat is the main enemy for any hydraulic coupled transmission, IMHO Why always advise to keep the ATF temp as low as possible in it's spec range, but am in the vast minority on that. Especially going slow, like getting into a camping spot. Why having 4x4 and compound low is so helpful, but today's 4x4's can't have the front diff disconnected in stock form. I do put it into 4x4 low, even on pavement, as just a short distance and the scrubbing okay...hopefully... Marty's thought of a new close ratio tranny with the double OD is a consideration, but lots of work to get that working Back to Burbman...hope Jasper comes through for you.
BenK 05/24/16 12:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Jayco 23mb with Suburban 1/2 ton?

Classic...and the OEM's makes another sale for a higher class TV... :S That MTWR (max tow weight rating) and being under it by 2,000 is normal for newbies...heck even old timers... Makes no matter lowest class TV or higher class TV's...the ratings works the same way for all Because that MTWR is derived from the stripper model (AKA Curb) vehicle Meaning no options, other than the tow option, one 150lb driver and nothing else Every pound over that stripper model's weight (curb weight) takes away from the MTWR...pound for pound You should either look for a lighter/smaller trailer or higher class TV
BenK 05/22/16 01:22pm Towing
RE: Ridgelines leaving the factory

A 'can do'...not a 'doing it for a long time'... Overloaded will NOT have the wheels instantly fall off...just sooner... Of course Jeremiah's picture reminds of this picture that has been posted here and other forums for years...a true story to boot !!! http://www.snopes.com/photos/automobiles/graphics/lumber.jpg width=640 vwoverloaded overloaded Snopes...Wood You Do This? The stupidity of some people in this world never fails to amaze me. This attached picture is real — not doctored in any way — and was taken last week in Waldorf, MD by a Transportation Supervisor for a company that delivers building materials for 84 Lumber. When he saw it there in the parking lot of IHOP, he went and bought a camera to take pictures. The car is still running as can be witnessed by the exhaust. A woman is either asleep or otherwise out in the front seat passenger side. The guy driving it was over jogging up and down on Rt. 925 in the background. The witnesses said their physical state was OTHER than normal and the police just shook their heads in amazement. The driver finally came back after the police were there and was getting down at the back to cut the twine around the load. They told him to get back until it was taken off. The materials were loaded at Home Depot. The Home Depot store manager made the customer sign a waiver before loading. Both back tires are trashed. The back shocks were driven up through the floorboard. On the roof are many 2X4s, 4X4s and OSL sheets of lumber. The load isn't all that meets the eye either. In the back seat were ten 80-pound bags of concrete! They estimated the load weight at 3000 lbs. The car is a VW Jetta with FL plates and the guy said he was headed for Annapolis!
BenK 05/22/16 01:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I even need a WD setup?

Nope, most times folks do not need a WD Hitch system...it is that chance encounter with Mr Murphy. Same as the seat belt...most times it is NOT needed Either you have the correct stuff or not spot on. No time to go back to the store. Ditto the setup. Either it is there spot on or not Decide if you believe in the OEM ratings or not. If not, then do whatever. If so, then read up and learn how it works and the ratings numbers vs your actual Check your TV Receiver rating label. There will be two numbers. One with a WD Hitch and other without (weight carry) vs your actual tongue weight That video highlights bow wake effect. The trailer was not swaying until it got out of the bow wake, or when that person met Mr Murphy... Too late to slow down and the only hope for that driver was as mentioned...touch the trailer brake controller to turn on the trailer brakes and *NOT* braking the TV
BenK 05/22/16 12:18pm Towing
RE: New or reman transfer case

New trucks aren't all they are cracked up to be. Purchasing a new truck now is a second mortgage. I will stick with my old truck, fix/repair/rebuild what needs to be done and not have a huge payment every month. To replace the truck i have with a new one would be north of $70K. No Thanks. Get your's fixed and drive it. $2100 isn't bad for a transmission rebuild. I had a recommended "builder" from a friend of mine do my trans. Well, it blew up 400 miles from home with less than 3k miles on it. I have it at a reputable shop and the parts alone right now are at $2k. Good luck and hope you get it repaired. X2...keep mine till either won't fix them anymore or the wheels fall off...haven't had payment since around 1998...next truck will depend whether wish to buy new or used...not whether can afford it or not...am old, but been that way since my first new truck...that 1973 K5 bought in my 20's How many times has this been taken apart...to still have that whine? "Some" have half shafts and do NOT know how the OEM decides yes/no on these GMT400's Buddy in Arkansas had a Sub that the previous owner converted to a single drive shaft. A mystery vibration creep up and he went in circles similar to this OP...once he found out that the OEM had TWO different cross members for the carrier bearing...he sold it One of my designers had the same truck the OP has, but with a 6" lift kit...with a 2" body lift to stuff in monster tires, IIRC 40's He also had a carrier bearing and just over 30K miles (he bought it new) a mystery vibration showed up. He would NOT take out the lift kits and just kept changing the carrier bearing mount (that rubber assembly) and lived with it till he sold it Why asked the OP on his first post on this issue long ago. I suspect alignment issues between the motor mounts, tranny mounts, transfer case mounts and drive shaft(s)...
BenK 05/19/16 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Replace OEM Ram Brake Controller w/Aftermarket BC??

This is where, IMHO, an accelerometer shines over MC PSI sensed All that is being discussed is due to the fact that MC PSI does NOT build till the TV pedal travels to move the MC piston...then PSI builds as that piston travels farther The pre-set or gain is the minimum starting voltage once the controller is told to turn on the trailer brakes With MC PSI sensed, the brake controller will then look to the PSI sensor for further input as to how much voltage to send to the trailer brakes With accelerometer sensed, the brake controller will look to the accelerometer for input as to how much voltage to send to the trailer brakes. Since it has turned on...there is deceleration and will continue to provide voltage to the trailer brakes...even though the TV brake pedal has stopped moving...so no MC PSI is developed...or if the pedal continues to move the MC piston...MC PSI is developed and the TV brakes are now in the game to further decelerate and the accelerometer will increase the trailer brake voltage So to you folks with the IBC, think your trailer brake system varies greatly From how tight the shoes are adjusted, how much friction material there is left on the shoe, bedding in or not, magnet condition (stock, over sized, etc), wiring (gauge, connection(s), routing, etc) and etc. I re-adjust the trailer brakes several times during all my trips...just to keep them tight Anyone know if these IBC's sense the TV brake pedal switch? Am wondering how the OEMs get the trailer brakes to lead the TV brakes. Guessing it can range from sensing throttle release to move the foot over to the brake pedal (get ready for braking)...to sensing the brake pedal switch Braking is more important to me than 'go' power on all of my vehicles...including the 2 seater rocket
BenK 05/19/16 09:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ridgelines leaving the factory

Yup...samme here Jim and still to this day...folks will HOT believe/accept that Datsun & Toyota had 1 ton mini pickups back in the 70's... I'd consider the new Ridgeline after my Silverado dies...but would wish to find an old, old 50's or so 1 ton or 3/4 ton. Drop that body and it's VIN onto a late model dually. No SMOG...but lots of work and this old body would highly consider the Ridgeline
BenK 05/18/16 10:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Replace OEM Ram Brake Controller w/Aftermarket BC??

Am not into absolutism..even one size fits all socks... Are all of the vehicles of the same badge, same model, same year, same option mix, etc???? Same software rev level? Re-flashed?...not re-flashed?...etc, etc Even down to the tires and wheels...heck...even the friction material...then toss in ambient conditions (altitude, temp, humidity, friction material condition, temp, etc, etc) Are all of the trailers likewise of the same badge, same model, same year, same option mix, etc???? For the after-market...are they all of the same badge, same model, same year, ETC????? Were the installers all the same? Heck, even within myself...won't be able to install anything the exact same each time... Were all of the above setup the exact same (level, nose down, tongue %, etc, etc) to the WD Hitch system... Bottom line...too many variables and too many are talking as if everyone is in an absolutely same everything... The P2/P3's I've helped install and mainly adjust all worked very well and the trailer leads the TV's braking. Even the OEM badges which have an older type brake pedal switch (plunger, or think door bell button). Tough part was re-adjusting them to have a little move to initiation of the switch...WITHOUT false initiation Bought my P3 from a local horse trailer dealer/manufacturer. Went in there to get a lower draw bar and he asked what brake controller. Told him was going to shop the internet for a P2 or P3 and he said buy one from me...as I'll match ANY price you find. Did that right there at the counter on my smartphone and he matched it spot on. IIRC, $129 bucks for a brand new P3 Funny...told him the new 10,000 lb rated ball says to tighten it to 400 ft/lbs. He NEVER knew that or that it was on the tag tied to it. He did NOT have a torque wrench that went that high and took about 20 minutes searching all of his employee's tool boxes...finally read the 3/4" air impact and it said 500 ft/lbs I said good enough...knowing was going to a buddies to check it with a 3/4 torque wrench... It was just under 400 ft/lbs and we re-tightened it to 400
BenK 05/18/16 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Replace OEM Ram Brake Controller w/Aftermarket BC??

Jim, It depends on what the OEM provided for an after market brake controller Now with the IBC's, they most likely will NOT have the extra wires in there for an after market...every penny counts towards their bottom line... But...Tekonsha knows all the OEMs and should have kits for each Since you are an engineer with hands on experience...should be a walk in the park Repeat that I'm not a fan of "highly integrated" anything on my automobiles Too many inter-dependencies for my liking...that any one can bring down the whole system. Not even okay for my office stuff (copier, printer, FAX, etc) and definitely not for my life and limb of a vehicle Also not a fan of any brake controller which senses MC PSI without an accelerometer. Here is my post on my 1996 Suburban's P3...had it wired differently for the boat (tapped into the harness in back...'cuz at that time, could not find the stub in the harness...but this time, decided to use the OEM harness...and it took me most of a day to finally find it on top of the fuel tank. Ditto the stub up in the engine bay by the fuse box. 1996 Suburban tow harness...P3 hookup Tekonsha P3 Prodigy mybrakecontroller brakecontroller {edit}...forgot and now to avoid those PMs asking what that green thing is on the harness in back...it is garden hose and is both a strain relief and protection from rubbing through the wire insulation And that drilled into the receiver, which is generally a no-no, but that is for the torsion tube. The end bracket I chose should be okay and not create a stress raiser...
BenK 05/17/16 01:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2WD Excursion fishtails

The tires are likely the problem. P rated tires on a 3/4 ton truck is asking for trouble. Good move changing them. Thanks! Jeremiah That is actually illegal in countries who enforce their vehicle agency codes Plus, if found out and about...they will boot or impound the vehicle till it is fixed If an accident (not from these under-class tires but from something else), the authorities can and do fine/revoke licenses/jail/etc the installing dealer. As they will check everything about the vehicles involved Sure wish our regulatory agencies do their job that well
BenK 05/10/16 10:17am Towing
RE: MPG improved with heavier tires???

Roll resistance is different between these two class of tires, even for the exact same model/size/tread/etc A Japanese firm was recently fined and is losing lots of market share due them being found out that they over inflated the tires of test vehicles used for agency certification testing....mainly MPG The OP's title and others comment are common. In that only look at a few of the attributes and are out of context. It is the whole that the performance comes from...not just one or a few items
BenK 05/09/16 12:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ridgelines leaving the factory

Not trying to cause an uproar, as I don't know a thing about the Ridgeline, but what type of chassis is it built on? Being as Honda has never had a truck, is it built on the soccer mom van chassis? (I don't know the name of the Honda mini vans, sorry to any soccer moms out there) I am trying to be serious about this. What engines do the offer? HP/torque numbers? Last gen was based on the Odyssey platform with a sub frame tacked onto the monocoque....think El Camino or Ranchero... I know about Avalanches and I kind of look at the Ridgeline as kind of a little step brother to them. Would that be a correct statement or are the two completely different vehicles? Kinda sorta...like CUV's. Cross-over Utility Vehicle...derived from car platforms Avalanche is derived from a Suburban, which used to be derived from pickups, but don't know about the latest gen Subs The Honda Pilot is also derived from the Odyssey platform. Again, not trying to cause an up roar, just trying to learn something about the Hondas. Here is a link showing it's platform, but no 2017 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Honda Ridgeline
BenK 05/08/16 12:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Recall, Stop driving it

Cutting corners is my guess...bottom line management types... Take the steering wheel air bag issue with Takata...they went from the engineering chosen explosive, tetrazole, to amn unbelievably cheaper explosive, ammonium nitrate...which is unstable over time (temp & humidity) degrades to both be too fast a burn and easily set off As Don said, high volume welded stuff is no longer done by humans, but robots. Another example is the POS GM receiver of the GMT800/900 era Can guess so many contributing things...like the supplier of the raw steel/cast/etc, the machining, the tempering, alloy, etc all has to be within a spec range. Then the storage and handling up to the welding. Then the welding itself, which also has it's spec range (temp of the parts, ambient temp, humidity, etc, etc) All spelled out in the QA spec Again, Don is spot on...where was QC ? They are involved in some fashion, as it was found...reported and a decision to 'stop ship' and recall The world is a global economy and current cheapest manufacturing is no longer China nor India...but Africa. Stuff is going to go downhill as Africa comes on line with ever bigger/complex/etc parts shipped to the world OEMs Searched...and no real data as to what exactly is wrong, yet...
BenK 05/05/16 09:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: 99 Suburban 1500 5.7

J2807 will help...just a bit, as there are many, many wiggle spots for the OEM marketing folks to play...my guess after decades in dealing with specifications and regulatory agencies...and my internal marketing folks Not automotive, but industrial controls for military/black-badge/gov/commercial/people-movers/etc All spelled out in the fine print, and not just in one spot, but everywhere where there are ratings. Most just want a label to tell them everything. Most do NOT take the time and effort to go out and actually weigh their whole setup. The labels are getting better, but I still adhere to weighing it...especially if you have after market stuff...plus whatever you load in/on the TV My GMC 1996 Suburan K3500 SLT is listed by the OEM to Calif DMV as 5,250 lbs curb and at the local garden scales just under 7,200 lbs with me (180), toolbox (+200lbs) and misc stuff. But folks still believe theirs weighs in at curb. The current door label listing cargo or payload is pretty accurate. A fellow member used to work for one of the OEMs and owned that label process. Said it is computer generated via each option listed. Must be accurate as it is part of the shipping info (billing by weight) {edit} pic of my sub http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/EngineTranny%20AUTO/BensSub1040.jpg~original width=640 mysub mysuburban K3500Sub
BenK 05/04/16 06:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th level - 25.5" front & 19" rear. Too much or good?

Ops....RAM calls it 2500 Heavy Duty...GM calls it 2500HD... RAM 2500 (regular 3/4 ton) is ~8.6K GVWR...so which "3/4 ton" does the OP have... Why say to use their true designation...GVWR...not marketing badging...goes to the forever discussion of 'which' half ton do you have...since one OEM has over 15 different 'half ton' with different GVWR's for each one of them...3/4 ton's has less in number...ditto 1 ton... Capacity designations (1/2 v. 3/4 v. 1 ton) Posted: 12/23/10 11:21am This is my nephew's Ram and it's Dodge marketing badge http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/CIMG0122MattDodge.jpg width=640 Note that is the norm for a '3/4 ton' truck....2500....but it has a marketing modifier to be accurate 'Heavy Duty', therefore modifies it to be a 'heavy 3/4 ton' and here is it's GVWR label http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/CIMG0123MattDodgeVINLbl.jpg width=640 To show that it's not just Dodge, but all of them...here is my buddies GM http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/CIMG00392500HDbadging.jpg width=640 and his GVWR label http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/CIMG0038GVWRlabel.jpg width=640 Notice that they are both 'HD' versions and here is my 3/4 ton Suburban and it's GVWR label http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/09270005_Sub_Dr_main_rm_VIN.jpg width=640 Notice that these 3 are all '3/4 ton' trucks, but that the 'HD' versions of these '3/4 ton' trucks has a bigger GVWR than my non 'HD', which are all marketing nomenclatures (2500, 2500HD, 3/4 ton) Ford likewise, as marketing 'king of the hill' to non-educated or non-beliver buyers continue to fuel this type of marketing. Ford's answer to Dodge's 'Heavy Duty' and GM's 'HD' is 'Super Duty' Expect Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, etc to also pretty soon, as they sell or pitch to the same customer base, who believe in marketing jargon more than specific's of the 'ratings', which also has too much marketing baked into those ratings...but with the truth in advertising law, they weasel word it with fine print...which...these same buyers have no clue nor want to understand how that works.
BenK 05/04/16 12:53pm Towing
RE: 99 Suburban 1500 5.7

Edit...that GCWR chart is for the GM 2000 or 2001 family of trucks...the 1999 will be a bit less Have the direct link to GM's specifications for 1999, but they took it down...all OEMs take their spec pages down after a while...my guess misconception of applicability to whichever era folks are trying find ratings for...like this thread
BenK 05/04/16 10:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Florida I-75 TT Accident

Turtle, condolences for such tough losses. Lost my taste for motor bikes due to two similar during my high school years My point is that if towing was the or a contributing cause, then the sizing vs OEM ratings vs setup has a large component of that cause or not
BenK 05/04/16 10:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: 99 Suburban 1500 5.7

Where did you come up with a payload of 2,000 lbs ? There is no way you have that much payload. The tv would have to weigh 5,300 lbs and I know they are heavier than that. Your trailer has a gross weight of 6,813 lbs. That would put the hitch weight at around 800-1,000 lbs. Too much for that year Suburban IMHO. Easy and most folks derived it the same way...why always advise to go out and actually weigh it, axle by axle, fully loaded ready to go camping. Not just the newbies asking for help, but senior advisors here also don't understand that concept of curb being the basis for most all the ratings Take the OP's 7,300 GVWR minus it's curb of around 5,300 and you get approx 2,000 of cargo/payload/etc...only if he has a curb weight TV...Curb is the stripper with no options, other than the towing option and one 150lb driver. Some OEMs use full up fluids (fuel) and some a partial tankful Below is a quote from another thread on this with more detail of my Suburban and get: 3,350 lb cargo/payload over curb Ditto folks referencing the MTWR...correct, as that is what the OEMs all publish, but fine print says used a 'curb' vehicle... This OP will most likely find that his actually weighs in around 6.5K fully loaded. If each seat belt filled with 200 pounders...it will push it to around 7K or more Agree that this trailer will be at the hairy edge or more and suggest consideration of 4.1's for the diff(s). The 5.7L is capable, but way down in HP compared to today's ICE's. Take a look at the below GCWR chart from GM and notice the tow rating between the 3.73 and 4.1 for the 5.7L GCWR is fairly new rating and not listed widely, yet. Also note that many DO NOT consider GCWR matters, so not many will have that info here on these forums Gotta grab these charts from the OEM the year they publish them...as they remove them the next model/gen...as it is a source of liability for them it something goes south (all OEMs has something go south sooner or later). This is the brochure spec you need to get a hold of http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/GCWR_2001_GM_TowingGuide.gif width=680 GCWR GCWRchart Generally, it is the curb weight + tow option + one 150lb driver + hitch + MTWR Factored by components on the TV. Like the diff ratio, etc...also note that aftermarket stuff like over sized tires, lift kit, etc, etc Here is an old thread on this using my Suburban as an example Help Understanding How Factories Detemine Truck Weights This comes up all the time...and most who have not gone through this before...go away to not talk about this again...deny and argue...or some actually understand how this works-especially those who went out and actually weighed their TV Pure marketing with some reality sprinkled in...meaning how else can the OEMs do this and still be competitive with the public who believes the marketing data as gospel...AKA "King of the Hill" or "mine is bigger than yours" Reality, as how else can they provide a manageable level of rows/columns/etc Meaning if they listed every option on a row with a column for the various ratings. Like a row for 4x4 and columns for MTWR, Payload, GCWR, etc Then a row for 4x4 & AC and columns for MTWR, Payload, GCWR, etc Then a row for 4x4 & AC & power seats/windows/locks and columns for MTWR, Payload, GCWR, etc and so on, and so on, and so on...betcha that would be dozens of sheets and even more confusing than what we have now...where they define or put into context with the fine print This is my Suburban, as I've actually weighed it at a county weights and measure certified (their sticker for that year) to be accurate enough for commerce (sell by weight and charge money for that weight) That 5,250 Lb CURB is on the California DMV data base and is provided by GM, the OEM of my GMC Suburban. Against the VIN number. These Calif SMOG test reports are official state documents and are also legal documents that I'd use if I need to prove anything about the data on my SMOG test/registration/etc Have noodled what options I'd have to unbolt, cut out, etc in order to get my Suburban down to the listed 'curb'...There wouldn't be any carpet, sound insulation, 4x4, AC, automatic, etc, etc, etc "Test Weight" is the 'curb' weight, not the actual...again, have actually weighed it at a county weights and measure certified scale at my local garden center My Suburban GMT400/1996 was before the weight stickers on the the newer TVs door... So here are my numbers: 5,250 curb 8,600 GVWR 3,350 lb cargo/payload over curb My 2014 smog certificate...note that this is an official state document and the info supplied by each OEM for that VIN... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/EngineTranny%20AUTO/IMAG0089BWrdcd.jpg~original width=640mysub mysuburban mysubsmog mysmog http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/09270005_Sub_Dr_main_rm_VIN.jpg width=640 mysubGVWR mysubdoor mysubdoorlable doorlabel subdoorlable Mine weighs in around 7,200 at the local garden scales, county weights&measure certified, with me (180) and toolbox (+200) and misc stuff (+50) Also has full up option package, SLT, 4x4, big block, and over sized wheels and tires 8,600 minus 7,200 1,400 lbs cargo/payload All with a 6,000 RGAWR...that AAM rates at 10,000 GAWR. The 6K GAWR GM lists is around 2,000 more than most 'half ton' TVs Oh...also ordered the F60 option...which is the 1 ton front snow plow prep package My FGAWR is 4,250 and near most half ton's rear GAWR. And here is the glove box RPO code label listing every option that my Sub left the factory with...plus I've added lots of stuff...how many pages would the matrix listing each and each combo of options take to list MTWR, GCWR, etc... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/09270001_Sub_glv_bx_rmVIN.jpg width=640 mysubrpo suburbanrpo mysuburbanrpo {edit}...here is my 1980 Siliverado C10 Big Ten (1500HD of it's era) and note the 'curb' vs GVWR Ditto what would I have to unbolt/cut-out/etc to get it down to 'curb' http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Canon12jan08002SmogTruck.jpg width=640 mytrucksmog mysilveradosmog trucksmog silveradosmog Actual weight at the dumps...me (180), nephew (180), bed cap (~250), over sized tires/wheels, tools, extra coolant, extra oil, etc, etc This scale also had the county weights and measure certified sticker http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/CIMG0021TruckCurbWeight.jpg width=640 mytruckweight truckweight silveradoweight truckdumpweight vs it's door ratings label http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/CIMG0061crp.jpg width=680 mytruckdoorlabel truckdoorlabel mytruckgvwr truckgvwr This one addresses diff ratio and how it affects MTWR/GCWR changing gear ratio? myth?
BenK 05/04/16 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Florida I-75 TT Accident

Turtle...I'm in before the lock too... :B What mean with: Just about anything 'can do it' on the good days out there... All things designed/engineered/etc are NOT for those good days...but for the day Mr Murphy crosses your path...and all the OEM's protect themselves via their published ratings (system) and fine print Either you have the right sized stuff or not spot on...no time to go back to the store for proper sized whatever...nor time to re-setup
BenK 05/02/16 11:31am Tow Vehicles
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