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RE: Mistaken ideas about how a diesel engine works

Good write up Turtle and know most are clueless of what you said...as most are only interested in either the marketing HP number and/or acceleration rates (or seat of their pants acceleration) Lost on what you said is that it takes X HP to move the same weight/frontal area/etc at Y speed no matter what type of ICE you have Or that diesel has more energy per gallon than does gasoline, so it appears to have better MPG...lost is that it not comparing apples to apples Or that the most efficient ICE is a 2 cycle diesel at about 50%...which means approx 50% of the energy is lost...not delivered to the pavement...meaning that there is more head room to get better efficiency (more MPG) Good post
BenK 09/28/16 03:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I need 3 rows of seats and more towing power....

Oh, forgot to touch on the dealer saying, IIRC, to check the filter/etc for 'metal filings'... Not going to find much from pre-ignition/knock damage, as it will be chunks or bits of metal that will sink to the bottom of the oil pan Filings are smaller and lighter that will, most times, flow with the oil. Generally, filings are from rotational issues. Like a bearing going bad
BenK 09/28/16 10:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: I need 3 rows of seats and more towing power....

To the PM...details are off the top while having my coffee and IIRC... Normal combustion temperature in the CC for a gasser runs around 250*F to 500*F Higher for performance gassers and even higher for forced fed gassers Melting of aluminum alloy is around 800*F to just above 1,200*F and pure alu is around 1,200*F Melting point of cast iron is round 2,000*F Pre-ignition/knock temperatures can be around 1,800*F to 2,000*F, so high enough to melt either metals...but there are other thermal attributes working here Thermal inertia (both to hold and move it around...path ways) will not allow the liner or piston get that hot on just one pre-ignition/knock cycle... There is also a boundary layer of air/fuel molecules between the flame front and the metal surface. Normal flame front that is and with pre-ignition/knock it is much, much faster (shock wave effect) that causes other areas within the CC to explode (not burn like a controlled ignition combustion) that will have those molecules next to the metal surface EXPLODE to cause another shock wave going back to the original shock wave to collide Marry that EXPLOSION with the higher temperatures from pre-ignition/knock...it can and will melt either or both metals inside an ICE CC (combustion chamber) Thermal expansion characteristics has different rates for each one, but that area will have to actually look up, as that was never a study area of mine during college strength of materials classes This is the simplified explanation of how pre-ignition/knock can and does destroy ICE's If the metal is not melted, then the damage from those shock waves can and will crack (over stress) metal surfaces and into their thickness...to blow holes into stuff
BenK 09/28/16 09:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: I need 3 rows of seats and more towing power....

Turtle...thanks..thought it should be cast in liners... Bi-metal strips used for anything to do with measuring and/or tripping a switch like your home thermometer, etc...uses a bi-metal strip coil Where the strip has two different metals fused together and then wound into a coil As it heats/cools, it will move because of the difference in thermal expansion and contraction rates of each metal working on the other side Not difference with cast iron liner cast into an aluminum block, but much thicker sections..so the movement is held from moving...until one or both metals reaches a certain temperature...where it can wrap the thinner material and in this case guessing the liner Pre-ignition/knock/etc attains a much higher temp than normal running and why it can and does melt pistons, valves, etc Not the whole block, but in the CC area. There is such a thing as wrapped blocks and heads....cast iron and aluminum without liners Maybe they will scope it through the spark plug holes Also, go back to Turtle's original comment to check your radiator stack, which is the ATF Aux radiator, then the AC radiator, then the main engine coolant radiator. Lots of stuff can get in there to block good air flow Hope they warranty your engine and good luck with that
BenK 09/27/16 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: solution to lug nut covers?

5000 miles is really pushing it with the wheel bearings. Recommended interval for pulling them down and repacking is 3000 miles or annually as far as I know. Should be in the owner's manual. You can stretch that if you trust the E-Z lube axles to not wreck the dust seal and fill your brake drum with grease. Really, really telling on how most trailer OEMs go just enough in their design margins vs their published ratings/limits/warranty/etc with this comment... Cars, trucks, etc are mostly cartridge front wheel bearings these days that go for tens of thousands of miles before needing replacement (yes most are not greasable) Meaning...the trailer OEMs sized their bearing just big enough for their published ratings...plus just a bit to last past warranty... Personally dislike these El Cheapo lug nuts...worst is when they come apart 'internally' and just spin...leaving the real lug nut inside...stuck on the lug stud... I've had to break these apart to get to the internal nut...hate, hate them...
BenK 09/26/16 11:05am Towing
RE: Factory Installed Integrated Brake Controllers

None of the IBC employing only MC PSI only can do what my inertia P3 can do I can set the trailer brakes without ever developing MC PSI...meaning my trailer brakes are turned on before any that only sense MC PSI will Once deceleration happens, the P3's (P2 too) accelerometer takes over and uses the preset dialed (same/similar to the preset of IBC's)...it will continue to tell the trailer brakes to 'brake' as long as my foot is on the TV brake pedal...without developing MC PSI But, am not saying anything other than my choice is bad...just my opinion and choice...if it works for you, then use it
BenK 09/24/16 01:39pm Towing
RE: I need 3 rows of seats and more towing power....

Hope your warranty covers it and be careful answering verbal and/or written statements. Especially in regards to towing. Key it to be under the OEM ratings/limits/etc or just be ignorant of them Anyone know if this aluminum small block 6.2L has cast in or pressed in cast iron sleeves? Assume either cast or pressed in are not wet...right? Pre-ignition and/or knock can destroy an engine quickly and the larger the displacement, the higher the chance of damage Shouldn't be fragments...that would mean something different to me...or it has gone beyond just melting/busting holes/etc from knock/pre-ignition... Please post back the results, am very interested
BenK 09/24/16 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: I need 3 rows of seats and more towing power....

Good news and bad news: Good: The transmission cooler worked great. Highest temp of the trip was 190 but normally stayed in the 170's. Yes, good news and telling that the OEM aux cooler wasn't sized large enough. Either for the load or the higher heat generated by the 'condition' of the tranny. 'Condition' might be that it is worn/wearing out/etc so not as efficient therefore generating more heat...or the load is over it's ratings of that 'condition' of the tranny Bad: Only made it about 20 miles before the engine light came on and the noise started. So you have eliminated the tranny's contribution to the overall heating of the main radiator... So it can be that the engine isn't able to manage that level of load, previous knocking sessions caused the engine to weaken (could be pistons/valves/etc to burn (melt), to something in the CC As said, knock can ruin an engine real fast if left in that knocking condition Am assuming highest octane you can get, that there isn't any mod's to the engine (tune, etc). And back to what Turtle said earlier...check your cooling system and especially the 'stack' (AC radiator, ATF Aux radiator, main radiator). Also, OATs coolant and the issue(s) with oxygen getting in there to turn DeathCool into acidic, gelatinous globualls that will plug up the radiator(s) Truck is at the GM dealership now. Hopefully they can figure it out. To the denali owners. What oil pressure are you running while towing 2500-3000 rpm's? I'm only running about 25. I don't feel like that is enough. Thats my only explanation for the noise and oil temp. I know the oil is hot because that is the first thing I check when it starts making noise. It smokes a little out of the dip stick hole when i check it.
BenK 09/21/16 01:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: speed sensor malfunction while towing?

Most are Hall Effect sensors and they have a permanent magnet in there...suggest taking a look to see if it is overloaded with iron dust most pickup from the street Brush or wipe off that dust to see if that cures the problem {edit}...ops...thinking of ABS sensors...most likely will not apply to a speedo sensor, as they normally are inside something...like the tranny, etc
BenK 09/21/16 10:50am Towing
RE: It's not just FCA

My apologies...read up on it and they no longer reference 'known reserves' anymore The new verbiage is: "proven oil reserves' or 'proved oil reserves'...that may or may not include oil shale, etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_proven_oil_reserves https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2244rank.html and agree, OPEC is no longer the main control org of crude pricing... Outsourcing was much simpler when those countries were way down on the peer scale...but, after paying them to build up their infrastructure...that whole thing has changed...except for bean counter exec's continue to out source to reduce their costs & build their bonuses based on quarterly profit numbers Other metrics that are also going to drive this, other than the old vision of westward movement for the next manufacturing region/country/etc has already started...and that is build to order. Not for very complex and large products like a vehicle, but small things like cell phones, etc. So manufacturing will no longer adhere to either the westward movement or cheap costs and much more
BenK 09/20/16 10:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Nissan Pathfinder - Tow cap?

There is more to a tow package/option than just the receiver...especially if it has an automatic transmission Many have and/or should have: Aux ATF (automatic tranny fluid) coolerLarger main radiatorEngine Oil cooler (usually part of the main radiator) And more...like some OEMs have a larger fan, different software and a Tow/Haul function, etc
BenK 09/19/16 06:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why hasn't anyone released a HD truck with a Turbo V8?

Boils down to engineering EVERYTHING correctly for a turbo on such a small displacement engine... Power on any ICE equates to PSI on the piston. Larger displacement will have a larger dia piston, therefore does NOT need the PSI needed to make similar/same power from a small displacement ICE So, the amounts of stress and HEAT on that tiny displacement will need much higher design margins than on the bigger displacement Since smaller (and most cases half) displacement, it also has less surface area to reject the larger amounts of heat generated per square inch Why the EcoBoost, from my reading, has an engine oil squirt to the bottom of the pistons to aid in rejecting heat from the pistons The block/crank/rods/etc all have to be bigger both to handle the larger PSI and thermal loading (wick it away quick enough). Am assuming the head is aluminum, so it has to have much thicker sections for the higher PSI's and heat rejection properties Those are just the basic's off the top of my head...there should be many, many more attributes designed that is invisible to us outside of the design team For me, the jury is still out on this and waiting for info to start flowing on the rebuild of these engines. Key will be whether the block and head can be just as easily...or will they find micro cracks... OF course all my comments are for a gasser...and would love to stuff in forced fed system for my big block, but that is still in the noodling stages...OEMs won't because of the horrible MPG it will get while in boost
BenK 09/19/16 10:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: 4x4 vs 2x4

If you have to ask...do NOT get it... Folks who don't know and get it has been very bad, IMHO, for the types of 4x4's offered by the OEMs Dumbed down for convenience to the point it is almost worthless to me...of course IMHO...and increased both the complexity (for no good reason other than for convenience) and the cost (purchase and to fix) Floor mounted levers confused so many that they are now gone and dash mounted electronic shifting of the transfer case is the norm (not all, just most). Lost with that is 'N'...was for the PTO, but most won't know what a PTO is... Ditto hubs...first came automatic hubs, which stuck most times and mainly because folks did NOT know they need yearly servicing...then no more hubs and the front axles hooked up 100% of the time...4x4 is now done on most via the front diff with a solenoid/etc to toss in a dog into the carrier Too often here, but mainly over at my 4x4 blogs/forums folks come ask what to do with 'that funny noise' coming from underneath the vehicle...they do NOT understand, nor accept that 4x4 is NOT to used on good traction conditions...but on slippery/etc conditions...unless they have full time or AWD, etc If you have to ask...do NOT get it...
BenK 09/19/16 10:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why hasn't anyone released a HD truck with a Turbo V8?

MPG... Too many do NOT understand the MPG with a tiny ICE stuffed with big block amounts of air/fuel...will beget big block MPG... But, if that tiny engine forced fed can have GREAT MPG if the foot stays out of boost...
BenK 09/19/16 09:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: towing capacity

snip... If Ram rated the truck to tow that weight, I'm of the opinion that it will tow that weight. Nothing wrong with adding additional cooling, but I wouldn't let it stop me from towing with it now. My trailer is only 24 feet long (and around 6500 lbs), and my truck truly handles it with ease. I say go for it! First, I only provide info for the OP's to make up their own minds, as there is only on person responsible for the setup and that is the driver If the OP is looking for consensus of what they wish...they will get tons of it on these freebie forums Many either ignore or don't understand how all OEM specifications work. There are fine print legalize that modifies Take the above quote and is correct...but...not totally true, as there is fine print modifying that MTWR (Max Tow Weigh Rating) and again ALL OEMs do this Here is a link to a 2016 RAM 1500 and note the fine print below the ratings chart 2016 Ram Trailer Towing Chart-SAE J2807 Compliant #8 of the first chart says: "Payload and Trailer Weight Rating are mutually exclusive" Meaning both 'payload' and 'MTRW" are derived from the 'base weight' TV (AKA...curb)... Meaning you can NOT load up the TV to the 'payload' and tow MTWR, as the ratings are consumed by a full payload...
BenK 09/18/16 11:43am Towing
RE: It's not just FCA

snip... And there is nothing at all wrong with that. Just don't complain when American companies lay off American workers and hire foreign workers to make the same product so the company can increase the value/share price a few cents or dollars. You have to give some to get some. If you own Walmart stock, you should also hope they put every mom-and-pop in this country out of business (if they haven't already), as that will help increase their profits and, in turn, the value of your stock. For the record, I am not arguing against any of this, as that is capitalism. For better or worse. Guess either didn't read my post on page two of this thread and the last paragraph or didn't understand it... Bunkie Knudsen, David Halberstam writes, believed in a simple concept: The people in Detroit had to make good cars, and if they did, the people in New York would take care of the stock. If only it were still true… Gotta also say that the CEO's are only doing what their clients say they want: "The cheapest at any cost"...and the true cost is the erosion of The American Middle Class...heck all Americans have had their $$$ position in the world have eroded by outsourcing to other countries... :(
BenK 09/17/16 12:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer Life Article about GCWR...etc.

Diff gear ratio change increases or decreases the torque multiplication delivered to the drive axles So going to a higher numeric (lower gear ratio) increases the torque multiplication by the difference in ratio. Most all OEM's have their available diff ratio options about 10% apart Meaning that going from a 3.73 to a 4.1 will increase the torque multiplication by about 10%. So the why of a higher GCWR just by going to a higher numeric diff ratio...it has MORE power delivered to the drive axles...so it CAN tow more and still stay within the OEM's specifications Ditto going down with a lower numeric, it will reduce the delivered torque to the drive axles by about 10% Can check the diff ratio on a used or any vehicle by : Roll the vehicle till one rear tire valve is pointed straight downTape a length of string on the 'down' side of the drive shaftRoll the vehicle 'ONE' tire rev using the valve stem as the datumCount the number of full string turns on the drive shaft. That will be the first number of the diff ratioFractions of a full turn is the second portion of the diff ratioThree full turns and 3/4's of a turn is a 3.73 diff ratio Remove the string...gotta say that, as one fella got mad at me for not saying that on another forum...and assume he didn't know better and it wound itself up on him later one... :S Again, amazing how so many don't understand the below stated early on this thread...many threads and not just here, but other forums too... First, IMHO, few truly understand the meaning of 'rating', 'limit', 'recommendation' from the OEMs. Not just automotive, but any OEM's product ratings, limits, recommendations...
BenK 09/17/16 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It's not just FCA

On crude pricing... All of the data and scare tactic info has this fine print: "known reserves" Meaning that there 'might' be more out there and is 'unknown' to us... Bought some patents from a Houston Texas division of a huge corporation that had several other divisions working in the oil exploration field and is where found out about that fine print... There are other sources out there and is known, but it is not crude...again that fine print in reference to 'crude'... METHANE AND METHANE HYDRATES...in the ocean. Big issue is if they don't do it right, it will release into the atmosphere and is a green house gas But if converted for ICE fuel...many times more than our current 'known' crude reserves...and guess what...Methane's octane rating is somewhere around 120, IIRC They all know this and is just a game for now...keeping consumers ignorant about it all...until they need/wish/etc to announce the formation of a consortium to exploit methane and/or methane hydrates
BenK 09/15/16 02:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It's not just FCA

Argued against outsourcing our manufacturing...and...again when my corporate exec's started discussions to outsource our engineering/design/etc...vouch for that, as was in the room presenting our IP position during both discussion/decisions to the exec staff of a $17B/year revenue corporation...circa mid 1990's Was against outsourcing then and still do now... Told them we were paying 'them' to become our competitors using our own IP...and building their infrastructure to peers to our middle class... CEO said: Ben love your work, but my responsibility is to our shareholders and they only care about our stock performance... Who else should be blamed for the decline of America's two remaining automakers? StreetSmarts BigPicture AngusMackenzie Wall Street hasn’t done Detroit any favors over the years. The Street is supposed to be the hard-nosed arbiter of success for corporate America, the white-hot cauldron of capitalism that’s made this country’s economy the most powerful in the world, the place where the money talks and you-know-what walks. (Though having allowed Enron to happen, Wall Street seems no longer to see the difference.) And, yes, Detroit has hardly covered itself in glory over the past 30 years. But I can’t help wonder whether Wall Street should share some of the blame for the decline of America’s two remaining automakers. Let’s be absolutely clear up front: Few people buy stock in a company for any reason other than they expect a return on their investment, and stockholders in auto companies are no exception. But in an era where screen jockeys zap billions of dollars a day through the ether at the touch of a computer keyboard, Wall Street’s institutionalized ADD has resulted in a feverish short-term view of a business whose lengthy product cycles and huge investment costs are just too damned difficult to deal with. Maybe that’s why many of today’s most successful automakers–Toyota, BMW, Porsche, to name three–are those who’ve never had to sweat a quarterly earnings call with a posse of skeptical Wall Street analysts looking for an opportunity to make a fast buck and ready to trash the stock price when they can’t see one. To these companies, the concept of shareholder value has a very different meaning: “I don’t watch {the stock price},” Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda once told Toyota North America president Jim Press. “I’m not going to sell my stock. If I worried about that, the decisions that I make wouldn’t reflec