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RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

Most all things designed/engineered are NOT for the good days when even a riding lawn mower "can do it"....but the worst day when Mr Murphy crosses your path Either you have the right sized and/or setup correctly...or not....no time to go back to the store for bigger...better components or systems, etc Too many think it only happens to the other guy...tell that to that other guy... The design team tells you where the ratings lines are...along with fine print. That is their contract (warranty) to you, the buyer Note that marketing and lawyers are part of the design team... You know Roy the one point that keeps getting brought up is "emergency maneuver" or some other such safety term. I maintain the point I made a couple of pages back that most of us in an emergency are not going to be experienced enough to come out of it in a satisfactory manner. It's just the way it is. And you're absolutely right, not disputing that at all. So why do we do it? Because in a non-emergency situation, I can safely tow 25,000 lbs with an F150 in 4Lo. But not if I encounter an "emergency", especially at speed.
BenK 10/22/14 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Interesting TV over the weekend.

17's...19's...20's...were laughable on TV's back around 2007 when I took these pictures...they are now standard OEM TV faire and driven by the fashion statement crowd. Cruising the local boulevard running errands when came across these guys parked in a handicap spot. Is this a H1 or H2...I'm not into these things Stopped and asked and all they could do was exclaim how wonderful he is able to afford the VERY expensive VR tires (P class)...asked about lowering their ground clearance with that step and they looked at me like I was crazy...they would NEVER take this off pavement http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/PaintedHummerRicer.jpg width=640 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/PaintedHummerRicer.jpg width=640 I saw a H2 Hummer with 24" low profile wheels towing a triple axle enclosed trailer along the Oregon coast over Labor Day. No idea how far he was towing or how heavy. The Hummer owner could be the new poster person for the old saying, you can't fix stupid. Those drug dealer wheels and low profile tires have considerably less load carrying ratings than the stock wheels and tires. :E If you have seen those thin spoke wheels that expose the rotor and caliper in almost full view, that was the style wheel. No WDH, just a bling hitch: http://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/A/M/AM3413_100.jpg He did have air bags pumped up to keep it level.
BenK 10/22/14 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

Many times it boils down to what an OP *wants* to hear Then they call advisors a derogatory: "The Weight Police", in order to put down what they didn't want to hear Many don't understand the difference between 'can do' vs 'should do' The 'half ton' of today used to be the 3/4 or 1 ton of bygone eras. What has NOT changed are their GVWR's Betcha the percentages between 'half ton' vs the higher class TV's is something like 80/20, or even higher So the OEM demographicers are smack on target with their marketing of 'half ton' as the main pickup/SUV offerings Ditto the OEM marketing numbers to the public. They know that most all will NOT read the fine print, and if do, won't understand the ramifications...so they will normally take the MTWR as an absolute....we read that here most all the time
BenK 10/21/14 11:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can a tire explode from Over-inflation?

Rare, but it can happen....depends on lots of conditions Worked as a tire monkey through college Owner wouldn't let me work on split rim...too dangerous and his shop did have guy go to the hospital from a split rim letting go I was in the show room showing a customer another set of tires after finding out his truck required LT's and the sales Guy sold him P's One of the other guys was working on another customers about five bays away...setting a bead had that P class tire blow up...the front bay window almost blew out...the guy on the tire stand was knocked out...
BenK 10/21/14 05:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1800mile Trip with 175K mile truck and trailer. Advice?

Weights vs ratings is your responsibility, not the 'weight police' Tire PSI gauge and an IR heat gun. Check *ALL* the tires at each stop and just before taking off This includes the spare(s) As noted, and just a reminder since you say you've experience in snow....chains Chains Manual hand pump...I carry a 12VDC pump with a loooooooooong hose to reach everything Engine oil...enough for one complete change (I carry 10 quarts)....do change that unless you've just done that Ditto diff & tranny...flush it if you haven't recently Ditto power steering/brake pump fluid Coolant, pre-mixed. I carry 2 gallons Check/change the serpentine belt Oh heck, check out this thread on what is in your toolbox... What's in your toolbox
BenK 10/21/14 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

But you can load that airplane within it's maximum specs (takeoff weight) and safely get it in the air and flying. If conditions are correct. I wouldn't want to try it say at Tenzing-Hillary Airport/LUA There's always those pesky asterisks and fine print at the bottom... But the pilot (driver) does take note of the weights...knowing that the plane may fall out of the sky if over loaded...especially in adverse weather conditions I've been on puddle jumpers for business to remote towns (acquiring IP and/or the company) where the pilot would get up while the engines were warming up...he's move folks around 'that fat' guy...without saying doing so due to 'that fat guy'...leveling the load (left to right and front to back)
BenK 10/21/14 10:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chains?

Been skiing since the mid 60's...mainly Tahoe area. Some times S Cal and Boise. Ranges from powder, ice, slush, mixture of them all (that is the worst) and all had sections of pavement sprinkled in between them Have used regular links, re-enforced (bar to V-Bar), cables, cables with hardened tubes, plastic straps (worst of them all for a truck) From my 2 seater (Datsun 240Z), to sedan, to station wagon, to 4x4 SUV, to 2WD pickup, to my 4x4 Suburban My setup is a 5 gallon plastic bucket (before they were around, a 5 gallon steel paint bucket) that has the chains, repair kit, gloves, roll of plastic runner to kneel/lay on, baggie of tie-wraps & wire, misc stuff. The bucket has a plastic lid that I sit on. No longer use rubber bands (tossed them around 1969) and use truckers steel springs. With my own mod's reducing the chain connection. So they are under more tension than normally designed for. For the cars use steel springs of smaller dia and also reduce the connective chain to increase their tension. This keeps the road salt and snow/ice/etc from melting into the vehicle floor. Cleanup back home is to dump the whole thing on the driveway and hose them off Hang everything on hook in the patio to dry...after spraying them down with WD40 At one time, had around 5-6 buckets for the various vehicles I took up there. Now down to one bucket for the Suburban This AutoSock would not last in my usage. As the sections of pavement between the snow/ice/etc sections would destroy it, IMHO. Also understand, I think, how it works and in slush/ice it would not work for me PS...whatever you folks use, do NOT let them spin. Have seen FWD guys having fun spinning them at the chain stations...then BANG...when they dig down to pavement. At that instant when the chains contact pavement (good traction), something breaks. Usually the axle...
BenK 10/21/14 10:37am Towing
RE: Tire pressure sensors

Manual, pencil PSI gauge has been working well for me since about 1962...when I started taking care of the family cars...think I still have that one somewhere... This is only good for me between stops on a trip, as I manually check them at most stops. 'Most', as I now have an IR heat gun, which I take out and check at each stop If I should pick up a nail/etc between stops...this would have a chance of telling me How much are these TPS setups?
BenK 10/21/14 10:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Semi floater,full floating rear axel.

snip..... Play the lotto, you have a better chance of hitting than seeing a C-clip axle break under normal use A VERY good analogy !!!! :B :B :B :B :B :B You are so right...there are folks who do win the Lottery.... :C It's about the same chances is my guess...so agree with your analogy :C
BenK 10/20/14 06:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Much asked question/difference between 3/4 ton and 1 ton?

GVWR's are different
BenK 10/20/14 10:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Semi floater,full floating rear axel.

In 30 years as a Ford tech I've never seen a C clip axle break in normal use, drag racing, yes. Most who drag race use C clip eliminators. http://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/c-clip-eliminator-kits Absolutism... Just because you haven't does it mean it doesn't happen... Opposite, is if I say since I've seen several since I started driving in 1963, does it mean everyone will have it happen... Mud hen vehicles NOT boulevard dragging. None that I've seen were towing either. Most were 'cars' and one a pickup Just take your position and the links...if that kind of usage is known to break them...how close to that kind of loading is on semi's towing heavy? Another analogy is folks saying it does well and lives in racing...therefore should hold up towing heavy... Do take that track vehicle and then hook up several tons to it's tail and then see how long it will last tugging that out on the street
BenK 10/20/14 10:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Expedition - Happy with Ecoboost 365HP + 420TQ!

Bruce....yes, interesting and love this stuff too NOx is going to be managed with bigger CATs and there are new sensors that will come along with that evolution Particulate, for now, looks like diesel like exhaust filters and the onerous cleaning/purging cycle(s), but the latest in this embryonic technology looks like the shape of the piston top. It is looking more and more like a bowl than a flat top. DEEP bow with a flatter head CC area. Controversy over flat or protruding into the piston bowl cavity or ??? The torque curves looks much like a big block gasser and diesel Top RPM won't reach small block gassers at this point, but who knows what these kids in their labs will come up with No throttle...just like diesel. Forced fed is amazingly doable. Back on this topic's IP...direct injection of gasoline... Now that the injectors are 'FAST ENOUGH', multiple squirts of varying duration (control the burn from very rich...to extremely lean) Much work is being done with the nozzles. Ruby is the leading material BUT...with pressures above the diesel common rail...Bosch CP4 pump issues are going to come up...but they are now aware of the stupidity in design from those Bosch engineering teams...a better pump will come and betcha a CP4 for diesel will morph from this work So similar to the GDICI work and are now married. We will see it in the next gen DI gassers...ruby orifices...IMHO Finally, pre-chambers are also coming from GDICI into current DI to most likely become next gen DI Yes, fun stuff...
BenK 10/20/14 10:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Semi floater,full floating rear axel.

Yes, on the newer rear axles with disc brakes...the disc will then be held in place by the caliper...which it is *NOT* designed to do. Nor would it be convenient to experience during a trip... This is where ALL of those forces from the inside radius pavement/tire/wheel/axle is focused http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/C-Clip1ab.jpg~original width=640
BenK 10/19/14 10:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Semi floater,full floating rear axel.

Think about this during a high speed turn...all that is keeping the inside radius tire/wheel on is the C-Clip Think about how much area is in contact to hold all that force from cornering...all that force is on the grove to C-Clip in these pic's https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=HN.607994041739051839&pid=15.1&H=120&W=160&P=0 width=640 http://image.fourwheeler.com/f/8519761+w600+cr1/0112or_axle07_zoom.jpg width=640 That is about 1/16" or maybe 1/8" on the C-Clip. Not full circle either, as the C-Clip has an open area to allow it to slide onto the axle Lucky that it does NOT have differential RPMs between those mating surfaces Just the traction pulling the tire/wheel...therefore the axle against the C-Clip. How much force do you think there is?
BenK 10/19/14 10:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Semi floater,full floating rear axel.

Rhetorical, know the answer...why did they 'need' to tack weld the C-Clip? Because it is a weak link of any Semi that has a C-Clip design Hot Rodding around back in my teens...was sitting in the back seat cruising the local boulevard....dragging from stop light to stop light... GTO was buddies who I helped build... Beating up other buddies rides that I also helped build... My ride was the family's second station wagon...a pink 1954 Ford...not 'my' car, but the families and dad won't let me hop it up...you guys should understand trying to get a date with my pink Ford vs the other guys and their Mustangs (no Camaro's yet), GTO's and Vettes...so rode with them most of the time... Noticed a wheel poking out on my side (passengers) and it had a rod connected to it...that seems to be part of the GTO I was in... Lucky, as the other guys honked and pulled over... Busted C-Clip and very common among rodders. I've changed out many in my teens and they were mangled and/or worn thin so that they either busted or mangled enough to come out without taking out the axle keeper rod Side loading that tapered bearings solve. Have to understand by Timken invented tapered roller bearings...thrust loads that a straight roller bearing does not manage Just this year...have come across two vehicles (cars) on the side of the road with their wheel/axle out about 3 feet. Freeway exit ramps, so no time to take my cell phone out for a pic...other was on the side of the freeway so again no time to take out the cell...
BenK 10/19/14 02:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Semi floater,full floating rear axel.

Didn't know there are tapered bearings for a semi floater, but now that I've seen it myself know the why a C-Clip won't work there Tapered bearings require a pre-load. Lots of pre-load that would wear out a C-Clip in a hurry. That is the main failure mechanism of C-Clips...wearing out to allow it to move out of the captive counter sink in the carrier So for a tapered bearing semi-floater, it has to be much more solid tan a C-Clip With the higher pre-load...make sure to flush your diff fluid on schedule. Use the severe duty schedule when towing heavy
BenK 10/19/14 12:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

X3 So many consume their OEM's design margins and never understand...because today many/most do NOT keep their vehicles long enough to suffer the consequences of their actions...consuming the OEM's designed in margins Why then do most understand buying used has the risk of getting one from someone who either consumed most to all of the design margins and/or did not maintain it well? Or that many don't consider braking a performance item... :? :S
BenK 10/19/14 12:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Expedition - Happy with Ecoboost 365HP + 420TQ!

PS...Congrat's on your new TV and enjoy your ride !
BenK 10/19/14 12:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 17" Load Index 126 tires

Pushing the limits of this class of tire, "LT" Since pushing this class limit, better solution is to move up to the next class, commercial class NOTE that they also weigh much more and cost much more
BenK 10/19/14 12:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Expedition - Happy with Ecoboost 365HP + 420TQ!

It all boils down to just a few things and the stuff most folks talk about are not them..except for buddy #1 is PSI on the piston tops times the area of that piston top #2 is the amount of energy in the fuel #3 are all of the characteristics of the laws of physics that play with #1 & #2 Boy Racers & gear heads have known that since the advent of a hot rodding The small displacement EcoBoost is forced fed enough air to fill a NA big block, so it behaves similar to a big block. That is #3 stuff, as are most of the stuff below Getting the fuel/air mixture to burn (not explode like most think) has rapidly expanding gases inside a container...AKA the cylinder/ head/piston top. The hotter you can get it, the more expansion potential there will be. Meaning more PSI 'potential' Ignite it before TDC and now you have it expanding in a reducing volume container. That further increases PSI. This is where one of the biggest ills comes into play...pre-ignition, or ping, or detonation That PSI's affect is factored by the piston top area, the crank offset (throw), etc Must add right now, that the piston/rod/crank offset are traveling at about the speed of sound (IIRC 752 MPH at sea level and normalized humidity and temp). That, that mass is REVERSED in an instant to accelerate back to approx the speed of sound. Repeated XX to over XXX times a second. This is part of what is known as pumping losses There is a HUGE friction potential and the why of using the best engine oil you can....plus how it is broken in (the hills and valleys of the cylinder wall for oil filming) Ford chose small displacement for MPG and power via forced feeding. This is what ib516 means managed by the right foot...the ECU's sensors, sense rate of change, ultimate stroke, etc GM chose large displacement for power and variable displacement for MPG. The ECU manages the variable displacement based on feedback from the other computers on board...all keyed or taking their master input from the right foot. Now to 8iron's....yes all ICE's work the same and the modifiers (variables) makes the difference On this, know that ICE's most efficient architecture is a 2 cycle diesel At about 40% efficiency. The rest of the energy is lost in pumping losses and rejected HEAT The high MPG of hybrids are due to two things. Two sources of power, the liquid fuel (gasoline or diesel....toss in propane and the other forms of liquefied gaseous fuel) and the battery...which has a higher power density than either gasoline or diesel False MPG, as the day of reckoning is the day you have to replace the worn out Li-Ion battery. Tens of thousands of bucks at todays current cost structure The same can be said for 100% electric too. Plus using the grid to recharge skirts the various road taxes...for now This thread is about the Ford architecture. I'm not a fan of small displacement ICE's for towing. Especially heavy. Prefer a larger displacement ICE (why I have a big block GMT400) for towing heavy. My 2 seater is 2.4L OEM and have a 'built' ICE on the engine stand. Hogged out block, stroked via diesel crank and a worked head to be about 3.1L inline 6. The 2 seater before this one had a 1.8L inline 4. So I also understand small displacement. Plus I'm a GM fan, but an NOT blindly loyal The next gen ICE after the above Ford and GM offerings will be GDICI, which will have even better efficienies
BenK 10/19/14 11:49am Tow Vehicles
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