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RE: VW/Audi

IMHO...fraud/lying/cheating/etc is not acceptable to me. Maybe if accidentally but when knowingly over years and a product family selling in the millions is inexcusable. Apply that lying/cheating/fraud/etc to our spouse, mayor, banker, etc...would that be acceptable? Then the health issue. I am a life long asthmatic and will die either from getting hit by a vehicle while out on my morning 10-20 mile bicycle ride or respiratory aliments I am not alone with respiratory issues...that is a growing aliment...world wide Many can trace it to where they live and that is close proximity to major highways
BenK 10/07/15 02:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Diesel Towing Capacity?

MTWR (tow rating) is derived from the 'curb' (AKA Stripper model) If the TV weighs more than the stripper model...then the MTWR is less pound for pound...
BenK 10/07/15 09:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: intercom recomendations for driver to passenger

There are intercom's for tow people on 'one' motorcycle, but they are made for inside the helmut...maybe you could either find them with head sets or install them on a set of stereo head sets or some such
BenK 10/06/15 11:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No problem with payload here!

They do NOT believe in the OEM's ratings system....
BenK 10/06/15 04:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: VW/Audi

This is way bigger than TV's...check outside of this forum and into the world news... I've sold all of my VW/group stocks and made a nice profit. Hope my fav badges within VW group will survive: Bentley and Lambo... Could Volkswagen scandal be diesel's death knell? How Many Deaths Did Volkswagen’s Deception Cause in the U.S.? This area will be way bigger $$$$$ to VW VW Emission Cheating Could Kill Diesel Passenger Cars In U.S., Even Globally How many deaths did Volkswagen's pollution scandal cause? Diesel engine pollution linked to early deaths and costs NHS billions Volkswagen scandal seen hastening clean diesel's demise Death of diesel? Volkswagen scandal seen hastening clean diesel's demise By Mark Clothier and Jeff Green Bloomberg A diesel sticker is displayed on the side of a fuel pump in Tiskilwa, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015. Volkswagen AG Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn stepped down after nearly a decade at the helm as the automaker became increasingly isolated amid a scandal over cheating on U.S. emissions tests. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg Eight years ago this week, a 53-foot tractor-trailer rolled out of Volkswagen's U.S. headquarters on a four-month, cross-country mission to persuade America that dirty diesel was dead. Today, the Dieselution Tour — which promised a new green era for diesel VWs and showcased the 2009 Jetta —plays like a Jon Stewart gag. As the world now knows, VW was cheating on U.S. emissions standards, including those for that new Jetta. The cheating scandal, which has hammered VW shares and cost Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn his job, could kill diesel in the U.S. — and perhaps even in Europe, where more than half of cars burn the fuel. "VW may have killed the niche, along with its reputation," said University of Michigan business professor Erik Gordon. Even before the scandal broke, diesels represented just 1 percent of the U.S. market. Wildly popular in Europe, where gasoline is relatively expensive, diesel cars have struggled to win converts in the U.S. and shake their old reputation as unreliable, oil-burning smog machines. "Clean diesel" was supposed to change all that. Recently, VW had made some gains. Though Americans buy more than three times as many hybrids and electric models as diesels, according to Baum & Associates, hybrid sales have been slowing and actually slipped last year as gasoline prices fell. By contrast, sales of diesel vehicles have grown for eight years in a row. That's a testament to VW's relentless marketing of its Turbocharged Direct Injection — or TDI —technology. Many drivers shun hybrids such as the Toyota Prius because they deem them geeky and poky. VW Jettas and Passats are more fun to drive —and buyers could feel good about helping the environment. Plus, the cars are German. What could go wrong? No group fell harder for the VW line than Generation X. Unlike their boomer parents who well remember the smoky, clattering diesel cars of the 1970s, Gen Xers saw VW technology as an elegant compromise between horsepower and green cred. About 58 percent of Americans shopping for diesel cars this year were Gen Xers, according to TrueCar, which tracks industry sales. Needless to say, many Gen Xers now feel like rubes. Nikki Medoro, 36, almost bought a Prius when she moved to San Jose, California. She wanted to limit the expense and environmental impact of her daily commute to and from San Francisco. A friend at the radio station where Medoro is a news anchor persuaded her to buy a 2012 Jetta diesel sports wagon instead. It was her first Volkswagen. That was 133,323 miles ago. Feeling Duped "I've been their No. 1 fricking fan this whole time," she said. "I told everyone about my car. I loved my car. Then this happened. I get madder every moment that passes by about this. Every mile of that I was just polluting. I feel so duped." Many VW buyers talked up the merits of VW diesels to friends and family, providing VW with incalculable word-of- mouth. Now the German automaker risks turning this group of former acolytes into boisterous detractors. Already, angry owners are blasting VW on social media. "Just as their engagement in favor of diesels may have worked in diesel's favor, their engagement can hurt diesel and VW as well," said Ed Kim, a vice president of industry analysis at research firm AutoPacific. It has never been easy to persuade Americans to buy diesels because they typically cost more than gasoline-powered vehicles. The diesel version of VW's Touareg sells for $7,500 more than the regular SUV but offers 26 percent better fuel economy. The question now is what will happen to VW's vaunted diesel mileage once the company turns on the emission controls outside the testing lab. If, as expected, the fuel economy drops along with engine performance, suddenly that price gap makes a lot less sense. Diesel is under threat even in Europe, where automakers received government subsidies to research and develop the technology. On Tuesday, Max Warburton, a London-based auto analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd., distributed a note to clients titled: "The Day Diesel Died." On Wednesday, the Diesel Technology Forum, a Frederick, Maryland-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting the fuel, said that "circumstances involving a single manufacturer do not define an entire technology, or an industry." No automaker has put more of its chips on diesel than Volkswagen. Much of company's strategy to meet tougher U.S. fuel economy standards rests on the technology. In a sign that VW is rethinking that philosophy, the automaker said recently that it plans to roll out 20 electric cars and plug-in hybrids by 2020. In the meantime, VW has a lot brand repair to do. After learning that her 2011 diesel Jetta station wagon had turned her into an unwitting uber-polluter, Grabriela Paz, a single mom from Oakland, California, knew one thing for sure: "I definitely won't buy a VW again."
BenK 10/06/15 04:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: side step hight

check out this thread: New Silverado 2500 HD - Truck May Be Too High for Wife runningboards backout
BenK 10/02/15 02:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: tow/haul light flashing,,but didnt feel any problems

Have your codes read and checked against the OEM look up tables... OBTW...by the time you 'feel' something...it will most likely cost way more then fixing it BEFORE you can feel it...
BenK 10/02/15 08:41am Towing
RE: Shock Absorbers

Typically just look for them asking for your "Z height"...meaning the new, lifted static height Meaning they will make up a set to your non-standard Z Height I take pictures of my receipts for warranty...as most these days are printed on thermal paper...that will fade completely in a year or so. Filed in my warranty receipt folder....to print out if/when needed Amazon Prime as been GREAT on returns, but have not had anything needing return/replacement of a 'life time' product yet... I no longer buy Rancho's anymore...they all have leaked sooner than the other premium shocks purchased Love/hate with Edelbrock IAS's. They leaked too Shocks are very personal and of opinion...find someone who drives and owns similar truck to yours and consider their advice/recommendation.
BenK 09/30/15 06:02pm Towing
RE: Horrible Sway

The problem with this is that there is no 'one size fits all'...not even for socks... :B The variety of TV's, their differing suspension architectures, the variety of trailer architectures, variety of WD Hitch systems and a BIG ETC....all have different dials, knobs and variables to know of and account/adjust for Then the vast amounts of opinions...highly aligned to be out in left field That all work for 'each' adviser but not necessarily for the OP's seeking advice/solutions First, decide if you, the OP, believe in the OEM's ratings or the ratings system. If no, then this is academic. If yes, then gather 'YOUR' TV's ratings info and learn how that system works The TV should have the amount or percentage or etc weight WD'd from the TV's rear axle over to its front axle...as per the OEM instructions Some list amount of drop from un-hooked to the amount of weight moved (WD'd) On the trailer side...the tongue weight should be in the 10%-15% of the actual trailer weight. I recommend closer to 13%-15%. Again, dependent on the whole setup. I'm on the side of leveling the trailer and even prefer/recommend pointed slightly down All 'good' WD Hitch systems has anti-sway designed in. Then the add on friction bars, cams, etc to further enhance the anti-sway metrics Suggest looking at the whole setup and the above as a 'goal' with many, many dials/knobs that adjust to the end game of controlling sway (AKA whipping back and forth) Pictures of your components and setup would be helpful
BenK 09/30/15 02:40pm Towing
RE: Who Says Honda "Ridgeline" Can't Tow 5th-Wheel

Think Ranchero and El Camino...derived from a 'car' and the Ridgeline is derived from the Odyssey platform All unibody/monocoque's have 'stub' frames for the engine. Whether transvers or longitudinal. Some have stub frames for their truck too...some do not. Some have a sheetmetal rail running the length of the vehicle that is a kinda sorta like a ladder frame without the cross members Anything can be done...key is whether it is designed correctly and sized correctly for the application Hope the engineering accounted for the increased moment (leverage) of the hitch from the pan up to the fiver's PIN. Spread that load widely...else stress raisers will rear up later down the road
BenK 09/26/15 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rear-Ended

Insurance should cover and if me...if there was any marks on the receiver...I'd insist they change it and get a good one Around $200 bucks for a good one and about 1 hours labor...why chance it ????
BenK 09/25/15 11:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: VW/Audi

Said: "themost accurate dash gauge in ALL vehicles sold in the USA" Did not mean as accurate vs after market GPS gauges... Slow down...I too miss stuff like that when speed reading these posts... :E This lying will only make *ALL* regulatory agencies clamp down HARD on ALL OEMs Trust takes a loooong time to "earn" and so easily lost in a flash The top guy (CEO) took it and resigned, but in an organization that large...the top is far from that kind of decision making...but they 'might' have known about it It middle management who owns this cheating scandal. I don't really blame the technologists too much...as they are told to do much of what they design...been there, done that (even quit or got fired for not doing this kind of stuff in my industry) Nails it for me on diesel...never was a diesel guy...leaned a bit but after reading/seeing the SMOG freight train coming back in the late 90's to early 2000's decided against further research. There are so many up and coming choices for 'cars', but for towing heavy...still king is the higher BTU per unit measure fuel Always sad for me seeing such a great auto company go down this cheating road...
BenK 09/25/15 11:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Jasper Transmission

In all of my Boy Racer forums...Jasper has lost their shine decade or more ago... Whereas they used to be held in high regard...wonder if the original owner sold out to a Bean Counter run company...
BenK 09/23/15 02:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: VW/Audi

Here in California...the SF Watershed 'used' to be the cleanest/best out of tap water in the country/world (of course arguable)...but not so much any more because of the Jet Stream bringing pollutants from Asia's manufacturing of goods for American consumption (and other countries too) Mercury was found in trace amounts and thought was left over from the Gold Rush mining...that too...but they found it came from Asia Ditto the radio active debris from Japan still floating over to the West Coast A comment of playing around with the speedometer...nope...don't think so. That is themost accurate dash gauge in ALL vehicles sold in the USA...as it they were NOT then contesting speed tickets would hold up... Wonderment of how some feel it is okay for an OEM to *CHEAT*...wonder what they would say if they caught their spouse *cheating*...
BenK 09/23/15 02:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Warm rear differential...

Most things that transmit power has losses (pumping losses, frictional losses, etc) and those losses are normally in the form of heat If there were no losses, there would be no heat generated and *ALL* the power would be transmitted. In this case the driven axles The harder it has to work, the more heat is generated That is 'part' of the metrics used by the design team(s) to derive the 'ratings' Getting close to those ratings will have it heat up and close to or at the rated thermal range of the component. In this case the differenttial Going above it's ratings will have it heat up more and more until the lube failes Even catching fire Age of the fluid lube also part of the equation and if it is beyond it's life span (spec), it will NOT lube it well enough and reduce the axle rating Why the OPs got hot can be either, or both, or some other factor we do not know For it to radiate enough heat to actually 'feel' the differece is up there and wonder what condition the OPs diff is in. Suggest as a min, change/flush the diff fluid and recharge with OEM recommended fluid lube...or better The OP's sig says the TV is a 3/4 ton HD, so upped in ratings from a regular 3/4 ton and say that because higher class than a half ton can also be over it's ratings... Tuner? Over sized tires? Spirited right foot...like mine?
BenK 09/21/15 12:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 tow 175LHS, need sway control?

No one 'needs' sway control when towing...on the good days out there But...when Mr Murphy crosses your path...either you have the proper sized and proper equipment spot on, or not...no time to go back to the store for them...or to readjust the setup...either it is spot on or not For all things designed/engineered is NOT for the good days when anything can tow anything...but for that day Mr Murphy crossed your path...
BenK 09/21/15 11:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: VW/Audi

Trust...that is the basis for self certification...guarded like one of their crown jewels...as it is...to have to go outside for certification would add tens of millions to hundreds of millions each year in cost Federally mandated by law, so criminal...fines in the billions as a minimum...up to jail time for the exec's in charge...and was/is known as the risk for disobeying those laws...I expect the 'upper' management types will push the responsibility down till they find the "GOATS" to be their fall guys/gals... Tuners are no different and as stated...in the fine print is their CYA... Wonder if the other OEMs has these types of illegal stuff buried in their products? I think the tip of the iceberg that will have the fed's clamp down on EVERYONE...including individuals...to driving ALL states to inspect EVERY vehicle...soon...
BenK 09/21/15 11:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: VW/Audi

SMOG is a NATIONAL ***MANDATED*** by federal law, so of course they won't/don't take this likely Same goes for 'tuners' folks buy, but okay if they still pass SMOG testing Taking off SMOG component/systems is against the law. Fines for individuals but for companies...fines, lost license and even jail time Key will be intent...how can they say an accidental design 'flaw'...purposeful and meant to skirt the laws...
BenK 09/19/15 11:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Never-ending tale of woe F-150

Headers, my experience over the decades, has a higher percentage with issues on sealing to the head Do NOT use stainless on stainless fasteners on high heat applications...they will weld together over time I keep mine till can't or will not fix them anymore...will trade them if there are innate design flaws/weaknesses, as detest payments and now the insane prices and too many bells and whistles to become maintenance issues When not wrenching it myself (more and more these days), take it to my mechanic and dislike dealerships service. My mechanic is an ASE Master and used to work at Toyota and Honda. His shop has just about every OEM badge there is and does few trucks, as he is more of a car mechanic About half the cost of a dealer visit and get much better service. Such a personal decision...for me boils down to trust in the vehicle and the gamble that anything new, whether used or not...might have same or more design issues
BenK 09/19/15 09:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Never-ending tale of woe F-150

Filter "anti drain back" valve Quality of the filter matters and some don't even have an anti drain back valve Quality of the engine oil with higher film strength. Both to stick to the surfaces over nite or extended off time and helps the valve performance
BenK 09/17/15 01:50pm Tow Vehicles
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