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RE: Jackknife with Hensley

X2...so many advise newbies to get the HA or Pro as the solution to all... i thought the hensley was the be all end all $3k solution to all your towing problems? didn't do jack there (pun intended)
BenK 08/26/14 09:55am Towing
RE: is an 8" adjustable shank enough?

The top of my TV's receiver is 17 3/4 inches above the ground. I'm buying a Jayco 26BHS which I'm told has a coupler height of 24". This is a 6 1/4" difference. I've read that the truck may settle up to 2" once the tongue weight is applied. If so, I'd need a hitch with a shank that will adjust 8 1/4 inches. I'm considering an Andersen hitch with a shank that only adjusts 8". Do you think I'll be close enough? My TV is a 2013, 2 wheel drive Sierra with 20" wheels. Thanks! Welcome to the portal ! Do some home work before going much farther and note that the advice here is free and advisers have no liability to you Meaning there are dials/knobs/etc adjustments and that not knowing the goal can cost you down the learning curve. Both in $$$ for parts to even changing TV or TT to accomodate Your " My TV is a 2013, 2 wheel drive Sierra with 20" wheels " has no specifications. Sierra's come in +6K GVWR, +7K GVWR, +8K GVWR, +9K GVWR and even higher. They *ALL* come in 2 wheel drive. They *ALL* come with 20" wheels, both standard for whatever package or optional. A 1,000 lb trailer tongue might have the +6K GVWR Sierra squat so much to have the front tires lift off the pavement...while the same 1,000 lb tongue on the 1 ton Dually not squat more than an inch... Provide more specifics and not the 'dry' trailer weight, the 'dry' tongue weight and the GVWR/RGAWR/FGAWR/GCWR of your Sierra.
BenK 08/25/14 07:20pm Towing
RE: Jackknife with Hensley

agree with John and add that many folks take an absolute position on all things....AKA 'one size fits all' Or that the OEMs employ COTS and corp parts bin in their designs
BenK 08/25/14 02:19pm Towing
RE: max tire psi vs door panel max load psi

There are a min of three different sub-classes in the half ton class Most 'half ton' comes with 'P' class tires. The +6K GVWR and +7K GVWR The fake half ton comes with 'LT' class tires. The +8K GVWR and some 'off road' packages. 'P' class tires normally do NOT last long in serious off roading
BenK 08/25/14 12:01pm Towing
RE: Equalizer hitch failure

Jeremiah, Just had to find these images of my mountain bike's bottom bracket axle I busted Notice how the 'crack' from a long time before the final event is rusted or shows weathering The final event that broke it (jumped off small cliff showing off to the teen I mentor...showing hime HOW2). Weird to find the bike stop going down...while I continued...and still clipped in...the rest of that event is a blur and don't remember what the heck till found myself on the ground with one crank arm still toe clipped in and me here with the bike over 'there'... So, this WD bar holder, if cracked long ago to rust...would have rusted the whole crack...not just a couple of spots 'inside'... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Sports/CIMG0067Trek8KbtmbrcktcloseUp.jpg~original width=640 It's a hard tail 1996 Trek 8000 and we walked for miles till we found a shop which had the parts to fix it. Otherwise would have done it myself if close enough to home http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Sports/CIMG0064Trek8000chainring.jpg~original width=640 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Sports/CIMG0065Trek8000bustedbotmbrkt.jpg~original width=640
BenK 08/25/14 11:18am Towing
RE: Equalizer hitch failure

Jeremiah...kinda sorta agree... :B If cracked and rusted, then the whole 'crack' would have been rusted. Not just 'inside' like these pictures indicate More likely poor production casting to have that void or inclusion Anyone know what kind of cast metal? If my design for this use...cast 'STEEL', not any of the other cast irons Cast iron does NOT do well with shock loads. Just dropping it will have 'good' production facility QC dictate it be red tagged In pic one there appears to be two small rust spots. This indicates the cracks were pre existing long enough to start rusting. IMHO...this was broke long before it was taken out of the box. The manufacturer should have detected this, so should the techs at CW given that the cracks were open enough to start rusting. Glad they are making it right and this didn't cause any accident. Thanks! Jeremiah
BenK 08/25/14 10:52am Towing
RE: max tire psi vs door panel max load psi

X1000 percent...illegal and a danger to you and everyone around you In Europe/Japan/etc...if they caught you with those on that TV...they'd ticket and boot you spot on Then find the dealer who installed them and fine them. To even revoke their business license. If injury from that vehicle (even if not 'cuz of the tires)....jail time for the owner of that shop which installed'm The door label from the OEM for that vehicle has the M I N I M U M tire class and size Since it says 70PSI, it must be in the 'LT' class tire. With the tires sidewall listing of 44PSI...it is a lower class tire...AKA 'P' class Which needs to be DE-RATED a min of 9% of it's sidewall ratings when used on a pickup Forget about freebie advice on these types of forums. Go by the facts and that is your vehicle's door label. That tires class and size is the MINIMUM tire Plus...all things designed/engineered are NOT for the good days out there when a riding lawn mower 'can do it', but for the worst day out there when Mr Murphy crosses your path. Either you have the proper sized everything, or not. No time to go back to the store for bigger/better...nor re-setup/adjust (edit)...PS...the PO might have also changed out the wheels and to be safe, check their ratings. There are like ratings for wheels and the kind of person who did that...might have gone to 'P' class wheels too Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a tire pressure question. I have a 2006 dodge mega cab 1500, 5.9 hemi. I have a 26 foot starcraft ar-one wide body weighing about 5000 lbs. My tires say max tire pressure is 44 psi. My door panel says max load pressure is 70 psi. Normally I know to never exceed max tire pressure on a tire. Is there something different about towing that allows you to go above a tires max psi? When I put 44psi in all my tires they still look a little low. And when I put the trailer on the hitch it looks really low. Is it bad to put over the max tires psi when towing? Any anwers are appreciated. Thanks. WARNING!!! You need to replace those tires IMMEDIATELY. You've got the wrong kind of tires and they are going to fail due to overloading. DON"T WAIT!! DO IT NOW!! Go to a tire dealer and have them look at the situation.
BenK 08/25/14 10:31am Towing
RE: Jackknife with Hensley

Obviously jack knifed...the dent on the trailer from the TV's rear says that More than in a panic stop, which is just one of the 'ability to manhandle' the setup during an emergency situation "Control" is synonym for 'manhandle' in towing Too many think it's all about getup&go (AKA HP or weight to power ratio). That is just one aspect of 'performance'...as is braking that so many say is NOT part of performance... Yes...to those who thin having a HA/Pro is the end all...just one of the better WD systems, but still a band-aid for a bad setup Not enough truck to control the trailer when the trailer brakes fail. Towing is not about how much you can pull or carry. It is all about how much you can stop in a panic. Just my humble opinion after nearly 50 years of towing. I didn't see the article. Where did you read that?
BenK 08/24/14 01:38pm Towing
RE: swaying

Agee with Ron and wonder if this is a troll...Almost made up config with mention of a half ton, but with Load Range C...so must be after market tires. As the two lower class half tons come with 'P' and the fake half ton comes with 'LT' load range 'E' (in most cases, but 'LT' class) He is a pilot, so should know about CG and weight management vs RATINGs, etc. As airplanes fall out of the sky if over loaded...if they can even get airborne. Assume licensed by the FAA, so testing on these issues and must pass those written tests Even had his F150's OEM anti-sway system kicking to initiate ABS to manage sway. On top of having a WD hitch system (right ?) and friction bars Spent lots of money on this F150 and wonder why not just get the right class TV...like a +9K GVWR or +10K GVWR dually Regardless, a good exercise for those who might come across this thread who might think it's is okay or try to learn something from it If not a troll, but someone really experiencing these and not had an accident yet...well...buy a Lotto ticket before your luck runs out... :B Towing setup is a whole system with many, many, many adjustment points or things you can/should do (dials & knobs)....but....without understanding what the final setup should be...just touching and adjusting the dials and knobs...or...tossing in different types of WD systems with no vision on what that adjustment is doing...nor what the goal of those adjustments are for Hope this OP does come back with some actual weights, as Ron says we are just "speculating" and blindly without those actual weights Also just "speculating" with those actual weights, but not as blindly...
BenK 08/24/14 11:08am Towing
RE: Who will be the first to offer a +8K GVWR SUV

IMHO...many of the, then newbie SUV owners were more into fashion statement than anything else So with the higher power to weight ratio, married with the higher eyeball to see over the vehicles in front...they "could" tailgate more effectively. Or dive into a spot because of the higher eyeball's ability to see a spot up ahead that then took advantage of the power to goose it there Folks blame the in-animate object because they are too PC to blame the person. Much like folks blaming the gun and not as much the person who made the gun do it... If I was the marketing ID person making +$500K/year...I'd have the design team re-introduce the +8K GVWR Sub and even the fake Sub...AKA Yukon XL. Sales pitch against the other badges: This is the biggest XYA (GVWR, MTWR, GCWR, etc) on the market and is the "King of the Hill" as far as SUV towing & seat belts goes. But, since you only want to tow a 10,000 pound trailer...the little brother 1500 is a better choice for you. Know that it is the exact same body as the 2500 and that the legendary +75 year history (the longest uninterrupted model line up in automotive history) provides the confidence of the legend and stoutness of this family line There is no other in comparison. This is the top of the mountain of all SUV's and I will assure you that the 1500 will serve you well and provide that smile on your face for miles and miles Or a foreign badge: This the natural progression of our full sized SUV line up and is now the "king of the Hill" of all SUV towing and number of seat belts Our legendary XYZ half ton will continue to top seller, but for those who demand the best both in towing capacity and above all safety towing several tons etc, etc, etc
BenK 08/23/14 11:14am Tow Vehicles
Who will be the first to offer a +8K GVWR SUV

Since GM and Ford left the +8K GVWR market...it is WIDE open for the first one to take the 'King of the Hill' crown away from them both Me thinks their Marketing ID person(s) are clueless on RV'ing heavy and only focusing on the vast majority sales...but...they forget the age old 'King of the Hill' bragging rights that then pull in buyers for all of their line up How many threads of late that has folks talking about looking for a +8 GVWR full sized SUV these days...their only choice is to buy used or full sized vans Detroit lost me to foreign badged 'cars' back in the late 60's. Tried HARD a few times since then, but each time re-affirmation of my decision to leave'm Have owned several foreign badged trucks and always came back to Detroit full sized trucks and SUVs I'd seriously consider jumping when my Sub dies or can't/won't fix it anymore...if...there was a decent +8K GVWR gasser. Big Block would have me seriously consider jumping before my Sub dies... For sure if a +8K GVWR with a large V8 with GDICI (Gasoline, Direct Injection, Compression Ignition) Who do you think will come out with a +8K GVWR full sized SUV ?
BenK 08/22/14 04:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1500 Yukon XL Denali vs 2500 Suburban 8.1

If MPG is that high on your list of have to have's...stick with the lower class TV. Mainly better MPG when used as a car, but when towing...about the same, as to move the same trailer the laws of physics will take over The bodies on a half ton Sub and 3/4 ton Sub are exactly the same...even your non-Suburban GMC The world of difference is beneath the body...everything is bigger/better. The frame is bigger, drive train is bigger, etc You are figuring too light of a tongue weight. If it truly 10% then a higher potential of sway issues Have you figures how big your kids will be? Marty, our mod, has kids on the extreme end of the size bell curve. SUVs get into GVWR trouble way fast, as they can carry so much. The rear GAWR should be okay, as it is a couple thousand pounds more rating than the half ton The 3/4 ton Sub comes stock with E rated tires. As a min, change out the OEM receiver for a traditional design. About $200 bucks and 1 hour labor
BenK 08/22/14 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Too much tail for the dog?

Most all pickups and full sized SUVs (derived from pickups) all have the EXACT same body...with badging differences Gotta look at the badges or number of wheel lug nuts if you have a better pic Jack Knifed and wonder how much that backhoe weighs...plus the trailer His frame is also bent... Wonder which way he was orginally going...
BenK 08/22/14 11:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2004 Suburban, what will it tow?

2004, so a GMT800, which means the factory receiver is a POS...as a min, if the previous owner hasn't, change it out for a tradition design after market receiver About $200 bucks and about 1 hours labor. You'll notice the difference when you lay them side by side As others say, depends on a few things on the truck and what you load Some have MPG diff ratios and is NOT good for towing. Especially on a half ton towing heavy A dry 4,690 trailer will normally end up hundreds to over a thousand lbs more Key will be the tongue weight and orientation. Meaning the tongue weight should be +12% of the actual weight. Meaning the orientation, or levelness of the tongue on level ground, should be pointing level at it's highest pointing...to slightly down (my preference and solves many folks sway problems) If your automatic has the Tow/Haul button, use it whenever anything is hooked up I like the P2/P3 brake controller and when setup right, will lead the trailer brakes to stop/slow it down as 'one' Hope it is not lifted, nor over sized tires. Both works against towing heavy Make sure the tires are aire up to the max sidewall PSI. Assuming OEM sized tires.
BenK 08/22/14 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: swaying

Love my Bridgestone Dueler Revo AT's (LT265/75R16E's on 16x10 alloys) on my 18 year old Suburban These are the sixth set. #1 were Firestone OEMs, which went 40K and blew two. Thought nail or some such, but they didn't find anything in the tread. #2 were Michelin LTX-AT's (two sets). #3 were Michelin LTX-MS's (1.5 sets) and current Bridgestones The Michelin's cracked and would not hold PSI Sub is at +162K miles I do not represent the normal driver out there... The Michelin's were great until they changed the rubber formulation to then start to crack. The last 10 years or so, my Sub sits and just rec vehicle and weekend vehicle to keep the fluids moving. Used to be my daily with a 70-80 mile round trip Two buddies are in the braking business and test their proto's all the time. So just have to push it... ;) The LTX-AT's rubber philosophy is harder compound. LTX-MS's is softer and hated how the extra sipe's allowed the tread blocks to bend over. The Revo's is also a softer, but seemingly tougher and does NOT roll over the tread blocks. Know their patented tread block tapper helps....the Yokohama Geolander AT's on the Silverado a ditto, but their patented tread block is not tappered, but stepped Anyway, I highly recommend the Revo's
BenK 08/21/14 12:53pm Towing
RE: towing poundage//correct??

snip.... That's where this whole conversation is leading. What's legal vs not. Agree and that day when they can prove it is coming much faster than most think The OEM's now have non-volatile memory for the computers...so the tuners no longer can erase...so the OEM's can not tell if it has been tampered with (tuned) For now, they can't 'prove' over loading...but most of the sensors are there NOW. Originally thought they would need strain gauges, but not really with today's level of sensors and software already there Missing must be a sensor for 'incline' and 'altitude'. Once they can sense that and when they 'want to', they just marry those sensors to 'torque management' to either be able to tell and/or won't allow you to in power mode...just allow limp mode over a certain level of torque vs ambient conditions Then it will simulate a flesh and blood draft animal that won't go if the load is too much...vs...the in-animate TV we have today. Truly think that folks who drive draft animals understood loading much better than folks today driving in-animate vehicles On well...off the soap box...just noodling this stuff based on all of the confusion on the HOW2's of ratings management...and the constant din of folks saying sure you can...just remove the stuff if you go in to claim warranty...or that it's not illegal as they don't check, etc
BenK 08/21/14 12:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GVWR, Payload, Towing Capacity or GCWR

Key word for me is your 'if it is safe'...so the conservative way if you do NOT have actual weights is to use the max ratings on this formula: GCWR (greater than or equal to) TV GVWR + trailer GVWR + misc Or use it this way to figure the true MTWR: Trailer (less than or equal to) GCWR + TV GVWR + misc
BenK 08/20/14 08:22pm Towing
RE: Best tow vehicle for 5000 lb AT&T

Which 'half ton' ? Careful...there are three sub-classes in the half ton class Lowest are the +6K GVWR Next up are the +7K GVWR Highest are +8K GVWR and what I call the fake half ton's
BenK 08/20/14 01:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing poundage//correct??

Add: to consider whether that they 'can' or 'will' enforce those ratings As I ststed DOT and the highway authority define payload from axle ratings and tire capacity... Do you have a source for that definition? Is that applicable for both personal & commercial? Not trying to be a smarta$$, just up here there is different rules for both, depending upon which province you are in.
BenK 08/20/14 12:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best tow vehicle for 5000 lb AT&T

Ditto the ???? For us in the SF Bayarea and a Giants fan...it's their baseball park... AT&T?
BenK 08/20/14 12:26pm Tow Vehicles
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