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RE: Am I reading this right? (Receiver capacity)

Missing is the GCWR, which is set by your TV's OEM...'R' for rating, but many do not believe in it...I do and you, the OP, need to decide if you do or not The most important of the axle ratings is the rear, as that is where most of the weight will be. No matter fiver or tongued. Very little goes onto the front axle. Just look at 'most' TV's and note where the center point between the wheels is...and that most has the drivers door rear edge smack on that center line...or there abouts on 'most' TVs So, most of the stuff loaded into/onto the TV will go on it's rear axle Here's what it says on the door jamb label: GVWR 9200 lbs GAWR FRT 4670 lbs GAWR RR 6084 lbs I'm confused about this since the Frt and RR numbers don't add up to the GVWR. The TT: Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs) 7600 Dry Hitch Weight (lbs) 910 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs) 9975 Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs) 2375 I don't tow with water or anything in the tanks - at least, not much more than a token amount.They never have as far as I know and probably never will. Only the Manufacture can give the straight scoop.
BenK 11/26/15 10:44am Towing
RE: 2015-16 Rams

Don't know much about this RAM weld issue, but just because it is either hand or robotic weld...does it mean good or bad... Too many times it is the setup: the condition of the surfaces, the temp of the two metal pieces, how hot the welder is set for, how fast it traveling, etc, etc Take this picture of a robotic welded receiver (GM's infamous) and note that it 'looks' good, but one side did NOT melt to fuse with the bead Only after grinding it down in prep to reweld did this guy find this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/271947863_9016465d08_osizePainted.jpg width=640gmreceiver gmreceiverweld Here is the picture of the first busted one that started the threads on GM's POS receiver Notice how the broken welds has many rusted...meaning the welds were NOT good and allowed water to get in there to rust it out. http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/__hr_SubHitch_008.jpg width=600
BenK 11/25/15 08:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: VW/Audi

CEO resigned...saying he had NOTHING to do with this, nor knew anything about it... But, he was the one who did this... A few years ago, he was a hero and read about it in some tech mags Praised for demanding engineering to improve MPG, performance, etc Engineering came through, but this bean counter had/has no clue how hard it was. How tough in the real world Laws of Physics it was and what a GREAT feat VW engineering performed... He repeated that demand thinking that is what management needs to do...push them and they will come through...clueless on how far engineering had pushed it that first time... IMHO, think this is the out come of that insane demand from a bean counter who is clueless on technology. That just manages to the bottom line and does NOT manage their product... This is part of the growing buzz on bean counter management metrics and not just VW, but most big companies and especially large corporations...IMHO Businessinsider.com...VW was under a 'reign of terror' Legendary auto exec says VW was under a 'reign of terror' that led to emissions scandal Bob Lutz is taking no prisoners in his relatively new gig as a columnist at Road and Track magazine. In his last column, he said that Tesla was doomed. Now he's taking on the Volkswagen scandal — and taking aim at one of the men at the top, if not the top, of the VW Group hierarchy. "Ferdinand Piëch, the immensely powerful former chief of Volkswagen's supervisory board, is more than likely the root cause of the VW diesel-emissions scandal," Lutz writes. It gets worse. "It's what I call a reign of terror and a culture where performance was driven by fear and intimidation," Lutz continues. And then this: He just says, "You will sell diesels in the U.S., and you will not fail. Do it, or I'll find somebody who will." The guy was absolutely brutal. I imagine that at some point, the VW engineering team said to Piëch, "We don't know how to pass the emissions test with the hardware we have." The reply, in that culture, most likely was, "You will pass! I demand it! Or I'll find someone who can do it!" In these situations, your choice was immediate dismissal or find a way to pass the test and pay the consequences later. Human nature being what it is — if it's lose your job today for sure or lose your job maybe a year from now, we always pick maybe a year from now. Lutz knows his way around a boardroom and an engine compartment. One of the last of the true "car guys" to dispense gruff bon mots for an audience of automotive journalists who adored the man, Lutz spent a career at places like Chrysler and General Motors. But he also turned in a stint at BMW, so he knows the Germans. He was born in Switzerland and speaks German. For him, VW isn't mystical — it's a bunch of German men engaged in a power struggle. So is he right? Volkswagen's logo is seen on a TDI diesel engine of its EOS car in Zurich, Switzerland, September 22, 2015.REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann Well, Piëch was effectively deposed by former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn and the VW board before the emissions-cheating scandal broke. Not that he went away — his ties to the Porsche family, which controls a big chunk of the automaker, ensured that he would exert influence. And he has: Matthias Müller, the new VW CEO, used to run Porsche and was Piëch's pick to run VW. We now know that Porsche hasn't been completely spared from the crisis, as the VW Group's 3.0-liter diesel engines have now been flagged by the US Environmental Protection Agency as having cheat software installed. Before, we thought it was only the 2.0-liter diesels that were at the center of the controversy. On balance, it's all rather tragic, as Lutz notes: "This diesel fiasco is immeasurable in terms of damages — so much worse than Toyota acceleration, Ford Firestone tires, or GM ignition switches. In all those cases, tragically, people died, but it wasn't premeditated." Also, it's pathetic. VW keeps getting busted in the US for diesel-emissions cheating, but the US is a market where buyers don't really give a hoot about diesels. VW is already selling a meager number of vehicles in the US compared to its competition, which translates into a dismal 2% market share — GM has 18%. Now Porsche, glorious Porsche, the jewel in the crown, may get sucked in because they dropped a diesel into the Cayenne SUV. Just check that: Porsche will get sucked in ... for diesels in an SUV — a Porsche SUV! Yes, plenty of people have bought Cayennes, but who buys a diesel Porsche? Seriously: Who? In the US, anyway. Here's the thing about Lutz: He's been around the car business long enough to know that whole global companies can become about one man. Lutz worked for Lee Iacocca at Chrysler, one of the most mercurial leaders ever in American business. He also worked for Rick Wagoner at GM — before GM was bailed out and went into bankruptcy during the financial crisis, and Wagoner was effectively fired as CEO by US President Barack Obama. Lutz thinks it was all Piëch's fault. Maybe absolute power does corrupt absolutely.
BenK 11/24/15 06:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lippert Sway Command

Just a glance, but applying the trailer brakes to nullify sway is also there right now in just about every brake controller that has a manual button/lever/etc Or for those of us who has the TV brake pedal switch lead the TV's master cylinder, the trailer brakes will be told to turn on before the TV ever sees any brake hydraulic fluid presssure Maybe there is more to and will check it closer later
BenK 11/24/15 06:11pm Towing
RE: VW/Audi

CEO resigned...saying he had NOTHING to do with this, nor knew anything about it... But, he was the one who did this... A few years ago, he was a hero and read about it in some tech mags Praised for demanding engineering to improve MPG, performance, etc Engineering came through, but this bean counter had/has no clue how hard it was. How tough in the real world Laws of Physics it was and what a GREAT feat VW engineering performed... He repeated that demand thinking that is what management needs to do...push them and they will come through...clueless on how far engineering had pushed it that first time... IMHO, think this is the out come of that insane demand from a bean counter who is clueless on technology. That just manages to the bottom line and does NOT manage their product...
BenK 11/24/15 10:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicles and Hitches

But isn't the payload dealing with a different set of forces based on the truck's 2 axles? My understanding is that the payload would be affected by the tongue weight, which does apply that force to the truck's axles. I know that the vehicle weight is labelled much lower than it typically is as it is the weight with an empty gas tank, so is it related to towing capacity? By which I mean the actual amount the vehicle can tow, not what the dealer says or anything. Maybe a different analogy using your own body... The Backpack is the 'cargo' or 'payload' with the trailer tongue hooked up to your belt buckle...that is the weight stuff...TV (your body) GVWR, front/rear GAWR (your feet) Now the tow rating is what the above can pull via your belt buckle... The GCWR is all of them both together as the rating your body is rated for The OEMs used a butt naked person with no optional clothing (shoes, pants, shorts, shirt, t-shirt, gloves, socks, etc, etc) except for the towing option...the belt and it's buckle But most folks has optional stuff. Pants, shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, t-shirt, gloves, Swiss Army knife, key chain, wallet, handkerchief, coins, lip balm, cell phone, extra cell battery, armored cell phone case, wrist watch, cell ear piece, gold chain necklaces, wedding ring, and a big ETC All of those 'options' takes away from the cargo/payload rating of stuff in the back pack...oh...the weight of that backpack counts too So unless your TV is going to be a butt naked truck...does it have the MTWR (max tow weight rating)
BenK 11/23/15 08:01pm Towing
RE: 2007 Ford f350? Known issues?

Best info video on this series or era Powerstroke I've seen www.powerstrokehelp.com, 'What year powerstroke is best?' I'm not a diesel person, but keep up whenever these articles crosses my path
BenK 11/23/15 05:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicles and Hitches

Welcome to the forum ! First, decide if you believe in the ratings system or not If not, then do whatever...but know that you have taken the OEM(s) off both the warranty hook (if ant left) and liability hook If yes, then learn how that system works and make the risk decisions we all make AKA...gambling that you made the correct 'for you' decision(s) Post your TV's ratings and will also help you gather the info to make decisions TV's: GVWR RGAWR GCWR Trailers: GVWR Dry Tongue (it will be based on the dry weight) Then go out and weigh your TV both empty, but best loaded ready as if going RV'ing. Axle by axle If not going to weigh it, then use their max ratings, GVWR's. Then know that it will be a guesstimation and in need of a fudge factor The generic formula to figure is: GCWR >= TV + trailer + cargo/people/pets/etc
BenK 11/22/15 10:05am Towing
RE: Ford Front Wheel Drive weight towing

All to do with longevity, liability and safety... I've towed a concrete mixer with my 2 seater (~2,400 lbs with me in it). Have no idea how much that mixer weighed, but it was built on it's own frame with road wheels (two wheels and almost no tongue weight, as it was centered) Nor do I know what a 1969 Datsun 240Z is rated to tow with a Class I bumper hitch Did that because my 1973 Blazer K5 was in the shop for new LS clutch plates. Because while flushing the diff fluid...found bits of metal that looked like hardened sheetmetal flakes/bits/dust. Too many airborne adventures out there in the Idaho Panhandle... Just that one time, but lead to several other times towing rental garden stuff like that concrete mixer The ball was undersized and the safety chains bigger than the Class I hitch material... No trailer brakes and 'knew' it was back there... Longevity wise...the Z's clutch wouldn't have lasted more than a few hundred miles towing anything...it is a 2 seat sports 'car'...not a truck. Even though it had a HD Racing clutch... Back to the OP...a Fusion is the current Taurus and the platform is CD3, which has these model lines using: Vehicles currently using this platform include: 2002–2008 Mazda 6 (GG) 2006–present Besturn B70 2006–2012 Ford Fusion (CD338) 2006–2012 Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ (CD378) 2006–2011 Mercury Milan (CD338) 2007–present Mazda CX-9 2007–2014 Ford Edge crossover SUV (U387) 2007–present Lincoln MKX crossover SUV (U388) 2008–2012 Mazda 6 (GH) (Note: modified platform) 2009–present Besturn B50 So this is a mid-sized 'car' with a unibody (monocoque) design and front wheel drive The 1K weight (max) is okay enough to not ring any warning bells for me, but the frontal (sail) area would be a concern, as would the terrain the OP plans to tow...
BenK 11/21/15 02:10pm Towing
RE: Am I reading this right? (Receiver capacity)

Look at it as one with a good amount of design margin and the other with just enough design margin...AKA Safety Margin... Both can do it...one will do it much better and much longer... Did you pick them both up? Which one weighed about 2-3 times more than the other?
BenK 11/20/15 10:26am Towing
RE: Towing A Trailer Rated More Than A Vehicle Can Tow

Depends on the severity of the accident. In dollars damage, major injury to death(s) That then is split between criminal and civil I don't like to use lawyers, but there is a time, place and need for them It will cost to get to the approx weight range and why think depends...like the reconstruction of an airplane blown out of the sky, or just that a plane fell out of the sky...that kind of stuff see on the news all the time where they have reconstructed the vehicle Can get a good idea of what it was before...base line would be the OEM brochure listed 'dry' weight and then go from there
BenK 11/19/15 05:49pm Towing
RE: Am I reading this right? (Receiver capacity)

If you feel uneasy with this brand...why not go with the Curt?
BenK 11/19/15 10:25am Towing
RE: Am I reading this right? (Receiver capacity)

add that it also depends on the actual tongue weight after fully loading up and the WD Bar ratings (how much it removes from the TV rear axle...AKA distributes away from) Plus...the other components of towing...like the TV RGAWR vs actual weight when done WD'ing
BenK 11/18/15 05:36pm Towing
RE: 2011 Suburban 1500 with tow package

I've been looking through the forums, just because I hate asking the same quesiton someone else already has. But here we go, last year we took our 11 burb from florida to yosemite and back (we have a 2008 freedom lite trailer which has a slide out queen bed, 4000 lbs dry weight, max of 5k) I can tell we had ALOT in our suburban, we added bike racks ont he back of the suburban, carried our 200 lb generator a few gas tanks. It was ridiculous. We were gone a month, gas mileage was terrible, but we expected that. This year we are wanting to upgrade to something our burb can handle, we are looking at a keystone bullet 2400 (I have 3 kids, and 2 adults, so we need a bunkhouse!) Its gross weight says 6800, our tow rating is up to 8100 lbs. MTWR (max tow weight rating) is derived using a 'stripper' model TV with one 150 lb driver, tow option and nothing else So you would have to weigh in at 150 lbs, no options (AC, power seats, windows, 4x4, etc, etc) in order to have that MTWR We are looking to travel to Yellowstone in the summer time next year in it Do you think that is too much weight for our burb? Yes, and I'd not do it Boils down to a 'can' vs 'rated for it', or how safely and how long it can do it We have been researching and researching, and I just don't know. we know we want to upgrade though!! Any advice, or maybe an advice on another trailer we should take a look at it, I would be open to look at!! Thanks!! Suggest you consider a lighter trailer. First, decide if you believe in the OEM ratings or not If not, then this is just an academic discussion and do whatever you wish, but know you have taken the OEM(s) off the warranty and liability hook If yes, then read up to learn how the ratings system works and go out and weigh your setup, fully loaded up with people/pets/cargo/etc...axle by axle All things designed are not engineered for the good days out there when a half ton can town the Space Shuttle (around 190,000 lbs...stripped) It is for the worse day out there when Mr Murphy crosses your path Either you have the right sized or not...to manhandle the setup during that encounter spot on. As there will be no time to go back the store for bigger/better/etc...nor time to re-adjust or re-load Only the driver is responsible for the setup...no one providing an opinion on these freebie forums have any skin in the game. That driver might not even be the OP here, but their spouse/friend/etc...
BenK 11/18/15 02:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Basic XL Super Duty Question

You could always look at pictures of trucks for sale to find out instead of hearing about someone's 20 year old truck with bucket seats. Hard to find base trucks to look at...especially online. Seems those who have them keep them forever. Plus I like talking to people. Thanks for the tip though. Jeremiah Uncle Bill always bought base pickups for his custom sheetmetal shop (specializing in SS Commercial kitchens)...he kept them for decades. Taught me that they had the highest cargo capacity. Dad always checked off every option box when ordering, but never knew HOW2 use those options. I'm in both...my 'sedan' will be loaded...my trucks will have 4x4 and AC, but too many times you can't order them without options. Wonder how long can keep my very old vehicles running... 1969 Datsun 240Z. Original owner and in the process of rebuilding/restoring it with a junk yard 2.8L (stroked with a diesel crank and hogged out to be 3.1L) and E31 head (cam, flowed, polished, etc) and a brand new (still in the box 180mm diff). Blew it up at around 188K miles of VERY hard driving 1980 Silverado dad gave me. Over 500K miles. It is now showing it's age and won't be putting much $$ back into it. Looking for a 50's Chevy Pickup...a gosh darn just have to cruise the Calif Central Valley looking for one... 1996 Suburban and will keep it for a long while. Installed the best alarm the 2nd week of it's life. Unlocked all four doors with the fob and a couple years ago had to replace all four door lock actuators....nothing lasts forever and will need replacement/rebuild...sooner or later...unless for folks who trade every few years 2000 Odyssey mini van and my newest at +188K miles. Bought this used from a missionary going over seas for an assignment. Found it was the church 'bus' and still finding bits of candy/dog hair/etc in it. The 'ex' got the S500 and LS400. Mechanic says they are both gone. Now that I'm a granddad and GF has a 2 year old, spillage has come back into my life and the type of interior more important. Along with the kid seat, stroller, etc... Am a technologist, and do NOT like too much on my vehicles...except for the next sedan. Just too much to go wrong and can't fix them like the older, lower tech vehicles. Maybe next decade in my 70's will I then not be able to work on them myself...but until then...
BenK 11/17/15 12:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight distribution needed? Help interpret CAT scale numbers

Not all receivers are rated the same... Here is Curt's PDF on their towing info. Names of the various parts, HOW2's, and ratings/class of receiver (this topic) Curt: Understanding Towing ReceiverRatings Check out page 7...their offerings ranges from 200lb to over 1,800 lb tongue weight ratings. So be careful of folks pointing out what theirs is rated for...as it only applies to theirs...or yours if yours is the exact same model Here are some receiver labels, both posted here on rv.net and found on the internet. Note that there are two weight ratings. Load carry or dead weight and WD. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b378/JBarca/Hitch%20Setup/2007rearhitch.jpg width=640JBarca 2007 Sub receiver label http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/CIMG00062500HDrcvrlbl.jpg width=640buddy Marco's Duramax http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/CIMG1270crprdcdlabel.jpg width=640MyReceiverLabel https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS6LLmI0kK3kGaUrPB3D7oINF_U2ZPBneZhQdnx7q_SVo4_pX8F width=640 https://rvingwithmarkpolk.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/hitch-receiver-label-curesized.jpg?w=300&h=169 width=640 http://cimg0.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.ford-trucks.com-vbulletin/945x412/80-f250_hitch_ratings_label_2afd15ec3c5a6bc7ea633440af1a9e740a6bf669.jpg width=640 http://d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/13000086/images/65-1015-westin-receiver-hitch-c3-dodge-ram-trailer-hitch.jpg width=640
BenK 11/16/15 12:05pm Towing
RE: Weight distribution needed? Help interpret CAT scale numbers

Most receivers have a max dead weight rating of 500 lbs, so if your tongue weight is over 500 lbs, then a WD Hitch system is required...or if you wish to keep within the receivers ratings
BenK 11/15/15 10:23pm Towing
RE: What trailer sway looks like

snip.... I mostly agree with your statement. But to a certain degree design of the trailer frame and loading comes into play. Move the axles as reward as possible and you almost completely eliminate sway. Never see boat trailers swaying. JMO but it seems that too many TT mfg's are not building TT's on TT specific frames. How many TT's have the axles close to the center? Couple that with poor loading and you get a TT that's prone to sway. Build it right and load it right and no sway control should be needed. But then there will be more tongue weight and the biggie portion of the masses (herd or middle area of the bell curve) are the lowest class of TV's I see so many trailers trying to stay as close to a 10% DRY weight tongue as possible
BenK 11/12/15 10:58am Towing
RE: Towing A Trailer Rated More Than A Vehicle Can Tow

This type of thread comes up every time here. I don't remember a single web link to a real accident where the driver was prosecuted or sued due to his/her RV weight. The links in this thread are for trucks and the scale mentioned was also for trucks (they don't want them destroying the local roads). Most civil, both settled out of court and court decisions, has NDA's Especially OEM's, who settle out of court because it is cheaper...bad PR and of course tight NDA's with teeth...
BenK 11/12/15 10:07am Towing
RE: How much is to much for no tow/haul mode?

Guess am lucky that at +67...that my knees will still allow me to deal with a manual/clutch...though my orthopedist says no more volleyball (3 tournament teams and one made nationals), windsurfing, rollerbalding, snow skiing....and only allows me to cycle. Do clip in, but he says shouldn't...but gotta enjoy some level of competition...only the last five years or so after hurting my knees playing volleyball...still can play, but that one time injury... Anyway, I don't tow into heavy city traffic...if can help it, but if do, okay with that. All of the computer controlled stuff (one background is in computing...another in automation/system controls/robotics, process control...etc) is more than I will take. Constant discussions on aux coolers, 'watch your ATF temp', 'what is a good running to max temp for my ATF', etc, etc is NOT a concern or major concern for a manual But, also know I'm in the VAST MINORITY vs the masses (herd), so settled for the automatic in my Sub when ordering it. As did settle for the 'package' that forced on me...the dash push button 4x4 controls...
BenK 11/11/15 01:33pm Towing
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