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RE: 4 wd vs 2 wd

There are several 2WD or 4x4 threads running now...check them out AWD is all wheel drive and typically only one speed transfer case 4WD can be AWD or 4x4 4x4 typically has a 2 speed transfer case. Some full time, others part time FWD is FRONT wheel drive, not necessarily 4x4 If you have to ask...don't get it...you'll know when you want/need it
BenK 11/24/14 02:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1/2 ton versus 3/4 ton pickup

PS...have driven two neighbor's pickups. Both have the same model Lance slide in The RAM is a 2500 CTD 4x4 with stock 16 wheels The Ford is a F350 V10 Super Duty 4x4 with after market 19.5's Both feel about the same, but the F350 also tows a utility trailer (alu V nose), which I've not towed But...their Lance slide in's are HUGE...the OP should be looking at much smaller slide in's
BenK 11/24/14 02:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SUPER Dodge Truck!

My guess is that spacer between the bed and cab is to allow using the 'standard' bed without having to design and build a longer than standard bed length
BenK 11/24/14 02:03pm Towing
RE: 1/2 ton versus 3/4 ton pickup

Most of these things and ratings are taken out of context Like the MTWR (Max Tow Weight Rating) from most any OEM will have the test using a stripper model TV (no options, except for the tow option), one driver weighing in at 150 lbs (I was 150 only in my freshman year in HS). The 'trailer' is a flat bed with NO frontal area (it is lower than the TV...there is a picture and I'll dig it up later and repost here) That 'stripper' model is the 'curb' weight model. No 4x4. No AC. No power windows, nor power locks, nor power seats. No 2nd and 3rd row seats. No extended cab, nor crew cab, etc. No optional sound system. No upgraded interior. Etc, etc, etc Only two that I know of own strippers. Our Admin, Marty, and my dear uncle Bill who taught most of this stuff to me. He used to laugh about the ratings using that one driver at 150 lbs. Uncle Bill was a huge Dutchman with flaming red hair and at 5'8 weighed over 250 lbs of pure muscle (no fat on his body) Here is a diagram showing how the WHOLE system looks like. The interactions of each component/sub-system. How taking any ONE rating without factoring in the others is to take that out of context http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/howmuchcanItowdiagramB4.jpg width=640 howmuchcanitow howmuchshoulditow My Suburban weighs in at around 7,200 lbs with me in it (180), toolbox (+200) and misc stuff My MTWR is 10,000 lbs, but that is with a 6,000 lb curb Suburban and one 150lb driver. I'd have to loose 30 lbs and unbolt over 1,200 lbs of 'stuff' (options) in order to really or actually be 'RATED' MTWR...and maybe 40 lbs after the holidays... :B My Calif SMOG certificate says my Sub weighs in at around 5,200 lbs...so another 800 lbs to unbolt...
BenK 11/24/14 01:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Mirrors for 2004 3/4 ton Suburban

Curious why...anyone know? On GMT400's, there is no difference between body parts. The difference is below the body in the frame/drive train/suspension/etc What changed on the GMT800's and GMT900's ? Don't they still used the same bodies between'm ?
BenK 11/24/14 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford announces 2015 F150 Harley Davidson edition

Jerry...no different from the vehicles available to anyone today Take my 2000 Odyssey Mini Van. Soccer mom vehicle bought used It runs up to 100MPH easily and is where the speed limiter cuts off It also accelerates better than anything or most anything available in my teen years (60's). The ones that could back then...made a a fuss in doing so. My Odyssey just runs up to the limiter and floats along Ditto today's TV's. My 1980 Silverado, in stock form, had a tough time getting up to 100MPH. IT boils down to the drivers risk management decisions (gambling). If it can, they will...
BenK 11/24/14 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer Plug Won't Stay In

Ditto...fix it or replace Connectors of this type are designed to mate repeatedly First check out if there is something 'in' there, or worn bit of plastic If me, I'd replace as DE and others recommends. If you are not handy in this area, then any trailer/UHaul/etc can also do the replacement On this type of thing, I'd not spare pennies and get the better one. They all have have the same form factor, as that is an industry standard
BenK 11/24/14 09:28am Towing
RE: 1/2 ton versus 3/4 ton pickup

What are the cons of a larger pickup? Gas mileage? First, understand that most pickups within an OEM family all use basically the body that has some trim differences What is larger/bigger is what is underneath that body and that is the frame, drive train, suspension, etc Think of the body as an egg with holes cut out for the windows and doors. Unibody or monocoque is what that is and is carried on top of a step ladder (why truck frames are referred to as 'ladder frame') with rubber cushions (dough-nuts or bushings) to soften the jarring Now 'larger' is in the ratings because of the 'bigger' frame, suspension, tires, drive train (engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential, etc) So it is 'taller' with the same body as the half ton pickups Take my Suburban, a 3/4 ton. The 1/2 ton has the exact same body, but mine sits +2 inches taller because of the beefier ladder frame, drive train, suspension. Mainly the thicker ladder frame rails. Since things are beefier, they weigh more and therefore takes more energy to move and stop. So MPG is less If MPG is on top of your have to have list, then get a smaller truck and camper This is why everyone has said to get the higher rated TV or get a smaller slide in camper Also, with a slide in camper, they are tippy in adverse conditions vs towing a trailer. Why some have advised getting a dually (four rear tires and much wider)
BenK 11/23/14 02:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Mirrors for 2004 3/4 ton Suburban

Thanks and wonder if that 1999 fitment also work on my 1996? Both are GMT400's Some day...knock on wood...I'll need replacements and these look like the ticket $155 Ebay
BenK 11/22/14 04:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford announces 2015 F150 Harley Davidson edition

Does it have the leather saddle bags option ? :) and does this cost more than the Mike Rowe Edition?
BenK 11/22/14 04:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: attn: Weight Police

First...there is no policing on any of these freebie forums, other than for rudeness/foul language/etc "Weight Police" is used by those who didn't like the advice they got and is a derogatory employed to toss that advice away until they hear what they want to hear Your ratings are set by your TV's OEM. The only way to change them is to have 'your' vehicle re-certified by some company/person/etc who has license to do so. Then have it registered that way both with DMV and your insurance You can do whatever you wish. This is a free country...until you take away some else's freedom. Then our system takes away 'your' freedom in some fashion Folks outside of the engineering design team will never know what the difference is. Nor will the OEM ever tell. Just guessing otherwise by outsiders Those ratings and specifications on labels, manuals, brochures, etc are the basis for the 'contract' from the OEM to the buyer/owner/driver of 'that' vehicle Best way to know where you are in reference to 'your' ratings is to go out and actually weigh your TV axle by axle. Then do the simple math vs the ratings for your vehicle I've go over sized tires, on over sized rims and some tweaks of my own, but my GVWR/GAWR/GCWR/etc are the same as when I took delivery of it brand new My front axle GAWR is 4,250. Rear GAWR is 6,000. AAM who supplied my axle to GM rates it at 10,000 and have seen 11,000 GAWR. Ordered the snow plow prep, which got me the 1 ton front torsion bars (springs) So, I should be 'good for' a 5,250 FGAWR as the 1 ton dually which has the exact same front torsion bars, right? Nope, my ratings did not change...unless I also had my TV re-certified and registered I'd love to instantly have my Sub rated for 15,000 GVWR because of the axle ratings 'can be', but nope it is not rated for that Recommend living within the OEM ratings and if you want more ratings, then get a bigger truck that has the OEM ratings you wish
BenK 11/22/14 04:31pm Tow Vehicles

Agree with the others...the only true way to know is to actually weigh it axle by axle Then do the simple math using the specifications for your TV. Here is how the whole ratings system looks like in graphical form Quote below from this thread: towing/payload, pg3 of 4 Nothing can be done with a wife other than trading her in on a better model... :B You two need to decide who is going to be happiest with the other NOT happy... Here is how the ratings system looks like in graphical form to help you understand enough to do the simple math using the OEM's data On that data...best to have actual weights and if no actuals, then use their heaviest possible (GVWR's) Dry and curb are useless numbers in the real world. They are the stripper models for marketing 'max tow', etc Here is the diagram from this thread: Maximum payload calculation From another thread, but applies and may help this OP understand how the ratings system works snip.... With all of you veterans & experienced 5'ers out there, I am hoping to get some honest, quality feedback as to which truck will give me and my family the best performance (tow capability {up hill and down hill}, mpg, braking, suspension, durability, ride (comfort/noise), longevity and anything else. Thank you! This is where the OP must be learning that his question is very, very subjective Sprinkled with 'some' techie stuff, but clouded by opinion (that subjectivity again) These comments 'are honest, quality feedback' on the 'best performance' THOSE individuals believe in My advice to the OP: Read up yourself and learnRead lots of the past posts from the advisors to see how their opinions/values/etc match yours...or NOTOr learn the hard way that most learn from...AKA 'Hard knock school'...which is expensive Bottom line is to do your own research. DO NOT use marketing, but put together real specifications...knowing that there is fine print that modifies all automotive specifications As you have found...some recommend a 10K GVWR...others say a 8.6K GVWR will just be fine, etc, etc. I do NOT like to use marketing badging as it has no definitive reference. A 10K GVWR is a 10K GVWR...a 1 ton dually varies in GVWR from OEM to OEM...form model to model To some the axle shaft dia is important...others not and just the GAWR from the TV OEM is what matters...others want to know the OEM's GAWR supplying the TV OEM... Learn how the ratings system works. Then decide if you believe in the ratings systems or not. If not, then do whatever If yes, then learn how they work This is how that ratings system looks like in graphical form: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/howmuchcanItowdiagramB4.jpg width=640howmuchcanitow howmuchshoulditow Hi, i am new to the truck world. We really want to go camping but want to make sure we get the right truck. I am looking at buying a 2014 sierra 1500 double cab 5.3 L with 3.42 gear ratio. I want too buy a camper that weighs 6630 lbs dry weight and 7458 lbs loaded with water, gear, food, etc... I think the hitch weight is 845 lbs passenger weight is 680 lbs I also want a quad and they vary from 700 lbs to 800 lbs Is this truck going to work for me or do I need a smaller camper(I did consider a toy hauler but my wife hates them so that's out of the question) I should also mention that I need the ramps for the quad and generator that i havent calculated the weight for. Sorry if i am not clear or seem to be a little everywhere. I am new to this and I am out of my depth here. Thx for anyones input
BenK 11/22/14 10:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1/2 ton versus 3/4 ton pickup

Repeat...if only a 'half ton' will do...then look at the fake half tons They are made just for folks who will ONLY buy/own a 'half ton'...
BenK 11/21/14 07:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1/2 ton versus 3/4 ton pickup

Also, there are over 15 different 'half tons' out there Which 'half ton' are you talking about? There is a fake half ton made just for folks who insist on only owning a 'half ton' Check that class of 'half ton' out It is a 'half ton' with a +8K GVWR The little and regular 'half ton' has RGAWR in the +4K lbs. The 'fake half ton' has a RGAWR in the +6K lbs...some refer to them as the "HD" version. Some even look at the number of wheel lug nuts...7 or 8 vs the little/regular half ton's with 5 or 6
BenK 11/21/14 02:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine Oil Jug Safety Seals Broken

That is why foil seals were invented...mainly after the Tylenol poisonings
BenK 11/21/14 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would you change the oil?

$12 bucks is the lowest I've read for an oil analysis, but still think that, for me, the money spent on an oil analysis is better spent on the cost of the oil/filter itself $28 bucks is the most common cost for Blackstone Get to know 'your' vehicle. So that you know when it is in need Plus, IMHO, it is NOT hard and fast to change it on a schedule...though it is a guide for the MAXIMUM mileage/time to change Think about this: "why does oil change color over time?"
BenK 11/21/14 09:58am Towing
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

With climate change being confirmed on a yearly basis...watching the news of the poor folks who live in the path of these storms...thought of this thread Again, personal choice. I don't live in those areas, but often visit places that do require 4x4 (IMHO) Even then...gotta have both the right components (mainly tires and chains) and the talent to know HOW2 use 4x4. It's not just flip the lever/button/etc
BenK 11/21/14 09:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Question About Ford 6.0 Diesel

The coinage: "Blue Oval Kool-Aid" continues to earn it's coinage... :C I'm loyal to what I like, but not blindly so... I guess it's no different than the "Blue Oval Kool-Aid" !!! ;) Or the Dillon Precision Blue Kool-Aid if you reload. :) If I ever go to market with a consumer product I'm painting it blue!
BenK 11/21/14 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: A very secure load

I'd like to know how they got those cars onto the pickup bed ???
BenK 11/19/14 05:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Question About Ford 6.0 Diesel

Too common on these forums...thinking in absolute terms... Meaning, that if one failed...they *ALL* will fail just like that and receive poor service Or if one didn't fail...then they *ALL* will NOT fail Anyone ever hear of or understand what a 'bell curve' is and how it applies to most things in life? Absolutism is about that ones at either end of that bell curve thinking EVERYONE in the middle will likewise... Bell Curves are used by all OEMs Marketing to figure out what/where/etc their products are to be targeted
BenK 11/19/14 02:23pm Tow Vehicles
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