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RE: I just cant get with this program...

Both AAM 14 bolt axles GM uses are the 10.5" ring gear for 6K GAWR and 11.5" ring gear for 7K GAWR This Nissan will have a 13" ring gear from AAM, an American firm, with larger axle tubes but only 6 six lugs from the pic's. What is missing is the lug bolt size. I've seen 5 lug nuts on large trucks, but those lug nuts are in the 25MM dia range...plus we don't know if "lug-centric" or "hub-centric", so if "hub-centric"...the lugs do not carry much of the weight I don't go by marketing badging, but real metrics....like GVWR, GCWR, GAWR and will wait till Nissan announces them
BenK 01/27/15 05:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitting an F150 with a sledgehammer

Worthless without a data point and that is to the exact same thing to a steel bed and have it repaired at the exact same body shop Then compare the finished product and the invoice. Might also include the details of that invoice
BenK 01/26/15 01:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 F-150 with 300 miles - is this a good deal?

Most common issue for all TV's is the Rear GAWR vs tongue weight Why the bigger TV's has such a large Rear GAWR Plus she is looking at a crew cab, which will eat up the ratings without loading stuff in/on the bed and receiver At least she is now looking at the bigger half ton's now...but as with most half tons (except for the fake half ton) their Rear GAWR will be in the 4K range vs next higher class will have Rear GAWR's in the 6K-7K range
BenK 01/26/15 10:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.0 Powerstroke question

Jeremiah...I won't get into the badging wars, nor diesel or not wars... I spent a ton to time reading up on diesel when all of my buddies with diesels said it was the best...better than my 7.4L...even though I could keep up and toast them when driven as a 'car' Spent another ton of time on the famous thread here on the Bosch CP4. Learned a few and contributed a few Could see how the Bosch engineers added band-aid after band-aid till it is now just BARELY making the cut...even then at any moment...it can blow up to spew debris into the fuel system Common sense and a good free association talent are both missing in a large measure with both Bosch management and engineering DCL is a wonderful coating in the RIGHT application...but...using one of the best known non-stick coatings on a VERY HIGH PSI interface that then has a VERY, VERY poor lubrication medium (diesel) is just asking for problems. Non-stick as in asking the VERY POOR lube to have very high film strength to coat that best non-stick material coating... Betcha the DCL coating is 'dry' most of the time. Then that they had a 'floating' piston rod NOT connected to either the cam nor the piston bottom. Think if an ICE's piston floating without a wrist pin and the rod not connected to the crank shaft. Pure dump engineering. They should have and still can, employ a 'caged desmodromic' setup on the cam side and capture the piston to rod (IIRC...the piston might be captured to the rod, but it's been a while) I did not and still do not like the onerous SMOG measures and can only hope that they will make a big discovery to bring back the MPG of old, along with the power of diesel My issue is the weakest link continues to be the Bosch system no matter which vehicle badge More so for long term owners and used buyers...ticking time bomb IMHO
BenK 01/26/15 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: How to determine hitch weight capacity

I've not read all of the posts...just answering the OP's question The 'receiver' holds *ALL* of the weight from the hitch to the trailer tongue. Depending on 'which' hitch...some have most of the hitch weight on the TV's side of the ball...others on the trailer side of the ball If the 'hitch' weight is of concern because it may cross the ratings line...then your TV is too small for what you want to tow, or your trailer is too large for the TV you wish to use. Decide which is more important to you..the TV or the trailer and add safety is in that mix too The 'receiver' capacity or rating is listed on the label on the receiver My Odyssey Mini Van http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/CIMG0018Odysseyrecvr.jpg width=640 GMT900 Suburban http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b378/JBarca/Hitch%20Setup/2007rearhitch.jpg width=640 My Suburban http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/CIMG1270crprdcdlabel.jpg width=640 Buddies 2500HD http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/CIMG00062500HDrcvrlbl.jpg width=640
BenK 01/26/15 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 V6 truck comparison

Just comparing V6 to V6 is out of context All NA or Forced Fed? Alway curious on how 'performance' is listed...over at any 'sports car' mag will have braking distances from various speeds...speed going through the same slalom...but over at these 'truck' forums...no one thinks braking & slalom are a 'performance' attribute Missing on these 'truck' list of performance attributes are their TRUCK RATINGS that matter, or matters to me. Like GVWR, F/R GAWR, GCWR All they listed are 'car' metrics...down to weight to power...which is a 'go' metric
BenK 01/26/15 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

Depending on what voltage...that 400HP electric motor might weigh more than your half ton TV I'd love to convert my Suburban into an all electric with this traction motor below...found while working with a couple OEMs on next gen hybrid (now selling). We parted ways when they would NOT consider a plug-in recharge cord...saying their surveys indicate their buyers won't if a charge cord option was there. 1,500 HP continuous duty cycle, but 1,200 VDC & liquid cooled for our next gen tank. Powered by a turbine (jet engine) generator...two...one for each track Or if they have a baby brother at a more reasonable voltage... :B rv.net tow vehicle, Hybrid Trucks for Towing This is the traction motor I'd love to get my hands on...or it's baby brother, if there is one... Electrodynamics.net tank traction motor http://www.electrodynamics.net/images/hi_torque_motor.jpg width=500 1,500 HP...CONTINUOUS duty cycle next gen tank motor and it will have TWO of them. One on each side (treads) and direct drive on the sprocket. Plus these can be over driven to have over 200% torque at ZERO RPM at a reduced duty cycle (think somewhere around 40%....also assuming dependent on the cooling systems capabilities) On our trucks, NO tranny needed and the diff can be a 1:1 Since no tranny, this motor can be in the tranny tunnel and the ICE bay a pure generator & battery setup....also tried to get a few of the OEMs to understand that architecture, but they have no clue in their marketing and management folks....their engineering folks did and loved talking shop with them...but the decision makers continued to give us headaches... Glad to find you also understand that any 'diesel' locomotive is a hybrid and has been for decades. I'm working on my city's staff trying to get them to understand that and that the freight line can be an all electric for HSR (high speed rail), but that is another topic...
BenK 01/25/15 12:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

ICE's are in the heat pump family and use heat to generate movement of the piston that then plays with moments (lever arms) Of the main two ICE's, they develop their heat from two different fuels with different BTUs per measure The lever arm is designed to capture the 'type' or characteristics of that architecture. There is now a huge middle ground...meaning that diesel's are now designed to have what used to be gasser characteristics Gasoline is my fuel of choice and am waiting for GDICI. Was waiting for DI heads for my 7.4L, but that is another story These all use heat to create a rapidly expanding gas to push the piston that then plays with a lever arm...AKA the crank Electric motors do NOT use heat, but magnetism. The push/pull of it All of you folks with ICE's have ZERO torque at zero RPM and have to use an electric to get your ICE's rotating As John stated...it is a choice which method of rotational power you wish to own Lost in the metaphor of which method of rotation power you like over another is the muddy waters most speak of and in... I am not a ME, but have been assigned to SunLabs for over 12 years from my real job as an acquisitions manager of a large corporation and love anything automotive, mechanical, whizzbang... PS...there are two kinds of ME's :B
BenK 01/25/15 10:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

Les...electrics can have +300% torque at zero RPM. ICE's have zero torque at zero RPM Why current diesel locomotives are and have been hybrids (deisel drives generator to drive electric traction motors directly connected to the steel wheels) for decades KISS this...you folks are making it way more complex than it needs to be by adding gearing, engines and motors KISS...torque is the twisting force....allow it to turn...and...now you have HP...period. It is that simple Gearing multiplies the input shaft force by the ratio to the output shaft...can be more to even less power...period. That is how that works Now toss in motive architecture if you wish to complicate the discussions ICE's are ENGINES...electric's are MOTORS
BenK 01/25/15 08:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: std bed.....long bed

Back in is my preferred and an example is leaving the ballet in San Francisco...the line of cars is bumper to bumper...if I had to back out...they won't let me into the lineup...but if backed in...just get my nose inbetween'm and I'm out in a flash Pivot point...learn to know/see where your rear wheel's contact to pavement is Then use that point as reference when backing anywhere. Backing into a parking slot and gotta miss a car...watch where it's corner is in reference to your rear wheel's pivot point is...once it clears that car's Ditto moving forward...know where your rear pivot point is and watch the corner of the other vehicle till it clears the pivot point and then you can crank your steering wheel corner...crank steering wheel...knowing you'll miss it and then focus on the other side
BenK 01/24/15 03:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I sure hope I did the right thing!

I'm a gasoline person...seriously considered diesel around 99-2K, but after boning up on it...decided to dodge the SMOG freight train coming down the tracks Now that GDICI has proven it self beyond just a curiosity, I'm waiting for that As for the price differential between gasoline and diesel...and folks who might purchase based on 'that spot in time'...might regret it down the road. As what that will be is a mystery to everyone...one can go by the general trend over a looooong period of time and that trend is a raising of prices for both and all forms of energy...except for renewable/alternate When I started driving...regular gasoline was IIRC $0.24/gallon. Also remember when it broke a buck and everyone was screaming the end of the world was at hand... PS...the HP/Torque 'discussion' will never end...have even had to tell a couple of my engineers to get back to work because they were 'discussing' HP/Torque (OBTW...silicone, so in the micron world) HP does NOT exist without the other. The issue or out of context that I always see is that the engine type, architecture, etc are not considered...so out of context An F1 engine doesn't have the torque many of our trucks do and has similar HP numbers...but out of context as their RPMs are in the 13,000 or more with TINY displacement Can't wait for this to turn into power at the drive axle and how my 1996 GMT400 7.4L Sub has over ~11,000 of torque on it's drive axles...
BenK 01/24/15 11:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150 to tow a light 5th - do I need HD cargo option?

Suggestion...instead of using marketing badging (which is dangerous, as you can be talking about completely different models)...use their GVWR's and F/R GAWR's Like a F150HD may not be the same as a F150 with the HD option As there are many different models with the 'half ton' marketing badge Someone posted that there are over 14 half ton models
BenK 01/22/15 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel Mileage on New Gas F250 towing & around town.

".....amazing deal on a Gas F250....." How much lower in price is that vs whatever else you have been looking at? Will that price differential pay for a few years of fuel? Seems to me that your 'have to have' list is satiated by the GVWR/GCWR and seat belts of that F250...except for MPG If me, MPG is not on my 'have to have' list
BenK 01/22/15 12:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Suggestions for a "new" truck for now and future

All things wear out...even our bodies...over time. When it will fail completely is dependent on many factors It is over stressed for a very short time, it will only shorten it's life span a 'little'. If over stressed a LOT for a very short time, it will shorten it's life span more than a little...and so forth Hi Our 04 Durango has pulled our 30' TT with no significant issues for the last 8 years and 270,000 km but we are wanting to take a big trip this summer so are starting the search for something newer and more reliable. Why do you think your setup is not reliable enough after stating that there were 'no significant issues' ? I take to mean you have not over loaded it, kept up with the maintenance, and not abused it...but...it has 270K KM, so it has 270KM's worth of wear and tear. So you no longer trust it enough for this big trip Very reasonable and logical. In the "near" future we would want a moderate sized 5th wheel so will be looking for a truck. Not brand new but new enough that we hopefully will get lots of use. We want a crew cab and something fairly good on gas as it would be my wife's daily drive with at least the towing power of the Durango. I think we are looking for gas not deisel. So going down in size fiver right? So saying want to stay in the half ton class, right? I'm a gas person too How big of a truck (1/2, 3/4) would we need? Depends on what fiver you will end up with, how long you plan to keep that setup and how do you plan to maintain it? Out on the road full timing is tough, as a couple I used to help take care of their F250/Fiver found it hard to time maintenance to miles on the OD I'd get as a min any +8K GVWR. Dually only if you have a big & heavy fiver, but if your wife is going use it as her daily...single wheel Do the shorter boxes work with 5th wheels? How big of a motor? (Trying to balance pulling with gas mileage) Personally...it is either one or the other. Close would be higher BTU content fuel and that is diesel, but I'd not own a diesel at this point of it's technology...plus am not a diesel person I like big motors and manage fuel to stops. My Sub has a 42 gallon main tank and have 5 gallon jerry cans. IF MPG is that important, then stick to the lower class TV's...half tons They don't come with 'big motors' because they are targeted for folks who place MPG higher on their 'have to have' lists. There are 'fake half tons', but they too have smaller motors for the MPG Careful when looking at pure MPG numbers. ICE's with forced induction has pretty good non-boosted MPG numbers, but since forced fed air in the amounts of a 'big motor' when on boost...they have similar MPG numbers to 'big motors'...plus few understand that when towing heavy with a forced induction (boosted)...they spray extra fuel into the ICE...not for added power, but to cool down the turbo & ICE innards that will then further reduce MPG I'm not stuck on any brand. Just hoping you could give me some ideas for what to look for and what to stay away from. Thanks much for the help.
BenK 01/22/15 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are air bags needed in a TV?

These things do NOT increase the axle nor truck ratings They are to bring back the rear's orientation, or height I have 1 ton coil helpers on my Silverado because it was dad's when I installed them. It was is grocery/butcher shop and the works (brother was the worst) would load it up at the produce terminal/canned goods terminal/poultry warehouse/etc till it was on the bump stops I now own it and every year load it up with firewood/wood pellets/gravel/etc in the neighborhood of +2K to +3K in the bed It does NOT drop more than a few inches, but the rest of the truck wallows and I do not take it out on the freeway loaded like that My point is that the rear axle bearings go south every few years and almost every year when dad owned it. Meaning the axle is NOT rated for that and is over loaded. Sure the truck 'looks' okay, but the rest of the rear end will fail sooner with this over load If your truck sags that much...air bags will re-level it, but the rear GAWR will still be the same no matter what you do
BenK 01/22/15 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Piped in sound via the stereo

I keep my vehicles a loooong time and don't have any of the newer ones with 'highly integrated' stuff Do drive sisters 2014 E420, other sisters 2015 Accord Hybrid and buddies brand new Fake Sub (Yukon XL with every order-able ordered)...but am not in the habit of pulling radios out of vehicles... :B Also do NOT like 'highly integrated' anything...except for my Leatherman and Swiss Army knife. At that, both have very sharp knives, but neither are as good as a dedicated knife. Ditto anything else on them Similar to not liking the 'highly integrated trailer brake controller' Current MagnaFlow dual in/dual out muffler for the Sub's 7.4L is goint out. LOUD and would have loved it when in my teens, but now it is just LOUD...going to get a new one soon. Guess my Sub is worth more if I sell it now...knowing that exhaust noise is the current LAGS... :R
BenK 01/21/15 11:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is being a little over GVWR no worse than doing 60 in a 55?

Agree...and don't know the exact details of his citations....he did weigh them with portable scales We talked about this stuff after I've read one of his CHP magazines which did NOT leave out gory pictures of accidents and why we talked about how clueless folks are in the possibilities of their actions Started showing me his mags after my first time being sued...scared the neck out of me...in my early twenties then. Older than me, so was teaching metrics if how lawyers think and use 'evidence' Let's be clear about this. There is no law that says "you can't tow overweight". If you are involved in an accident you may be charged with negligence. But, if you are involved in an accident and they are so inclined, they "will" find a reason regardless. You could be charged with negligence for: failure to stop in a safe assured distance, failure to realize there might be a patch of ice on the road, failure to use your turn signal, improper lane usage, speeding, improper signal usage, driving to fast for the conditions, or any one of a thousand other possible charges. They key word in all the above responses is "negligence". They will find a reason. Lacking an accident, you can never be pulled over, weighed and cited "non-commercial" unless you have over 20,000 lbs on an axle or exceed a tire rating. Thank you....that has been and is the point But you can be cited...cousin Ca highway patrol sergeant did that while on the force...till he quit due to one too many accidents he had to investigate I would believe that the vehicles that he did pull over and cite "looked Overloaded, and unsafe". The sad part is that a TV and trailer, can be within ratings, and still grossly unsafe. While one grossly over ratings, can be perfectly safe! (Excluding over tire ratings)!
BenK 01/21/15 07:00am Towing
RE: Is being a little over GVWR no worse than doing 60 in a 55?

Thank you....that has been and is the point But you can be cited...cousin Ca highway patrol sergeant did that while on the force...till he quit due to one too many accidents he had to investigate
BenK 01/21/15 06:35am Towing
RE: Anderson Hitch

Another is the pointing of the tongue Level at its highest pointing...I like pointing slightly down
BenK 01/20/15 11:17pm Towing
RE: Piped in sound via the stereo

Don...I didn't believe at first and thought a joke, but is now well documented and more models are getting this 'feature' It adds value if it makes the sale !!!...right? Am told that even when the stereo is 'off'...it is on for this 'feature'
BenK 01/20/15 10:39pm Tow Vehicles
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