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RE: Nose Sleeper Trailer and SUV/Truck with shell

These extensions all have too much sloop for me and reduces the leverage of any WD Hitch system if me...toss the pickup bed for a flatbed with side slats just short of where it would interfer when turning
BenK 01/17/17 11:50am Towing
RE: Creaking sound on one side when arriving/parking

John...a well written and documented post...as usual !! This is too common/often a tell on how trailer OEMs go 'lowest cost' and 'just enough' in axle ratings Things would last longer and be safer if there was more design margin dialed into their ratings (GVWR, GAWR) OP...sorry for those comments. Note that at 69 years old and several careers dealing with design, manufacturing, construction, etc...many, many 'men' were complete morons...even some with PhD's...couldn't trust their designs nor their hands on work One of my best summer interns was a 17 year old gal. Just finished her freshman year at Cal Berkeley. All men in that research laboratory world...up till hired her. She was key to many patents to one of my Skunk Works teams inventing a solid state (no moving parts) AC compressor...except for a $0.50 automotive AC one-way valve so it would pump...
BenK 01/17/17 11:30am Towing
RE: Anyone using the Weigh Safe Hitch?

Wonder how long it is warranted for ? Strain Gauges do NOT like being banged...like how that kid kicked the coupler and then how it fell onto the ball Ditto if it isn't a strain gauge, but mechanical (spring, lever arm, etc)
BenK 01/17/17 11:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will "Smart Vehicles" and their marketing cause more crashes

Here is a real world example of what I speak of... Late 90's and the Y2K scare...working in a corporation with $17 Billion per year income...one of the largest in the world at that time All during the outsourcing of design to China & India (main ones, there were others)....One executive GM in the software division decided to take control of this Y2K mania he read about in the newspaper...even though his staff had been warning him of his budget cuts to that department He decided to kill two birds with one stone...outsource the Calendar and layoff the whole group (aporox 40 people, as he could NOT understand why there were so many working on 'just the calendar'). Outsourced it to India A host of problems ensued (source code issues...on the same server as one of our competitors, etc, etc) and he asked for my IP lawyer to help out. She hated that guy, but told her it was for the good of the company and gave her a big bonus carrot if she completed it well That moron GM only allotted enough budget for a 10 year deal... Got laid off from that company and consulting back to them making more money Received a call from that moron's head Program Manager who dictated the terms and accepted their product (signed off on it) asking for my help...mainly saying I screwed up as it was my lawyer... Turns out they did EXACTLY what that contract said...10 years from the date of signing and it would NOT work on the new OS revision coming down the pipe Criminal that, but that Program Manager received a large bonus for the initial work and knew he would take the credit for it if I fixed it... Passed to then get several calls from their 'newly' hired software engineers who found that, that old team was once in my program(s) Point being...is that bean counter (bottom line) management will NOT understand what they are managing (Dilbert is right on) and some of these underlying and foundation stuff seemingly not important...that it might to most likely be tied to EVERYTHING to do with the OS... Will mention it, but know most won't understand...just gotta mention it..."Real Time" is not well understood in the controls industry and even less in the automotive industry...as of the last few years when checked...ditto master/slave...
BenK 01/17/17 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Creaking sound on one side when arriving/parking

drsteve...missed that and if those tappered bearings were NOT tightened till they bind (or as the OEM instructions recommend)...then of course the cage would rub when turning If the rollers were partially off the race...they most likely will be no good and in need of replacement
BenK 01/16/17 12:53pm Towing
RE: oil grades

Follow the OEM's recommendations (and if not...then the OEM has a position to deny any warranty coverage), follow the herd, or learn about the metrics of ICE oil properties vs your application (the OEM manual has two or more different viscosity recommendations and is by usage (terrain/ambient, duty cycle, etc) The OEM employs many lube experts (many are PhD's and PE's), along with working with lube provider experts/charts/documentation/etc to derive their recommendations with-in the manual(s) A constant learning topic for me and if you folks want to discuss this in more detail...suggest (if not already on these or other tech pages on the topic) reading up...or not and just follow the herd... Good starting point and follow the sub-links viscopedia starting page What is Viscosity? Learn more about the flow behavior of liquids Best page showing the relationship(s) affecting and subsequent effects to viscosity Factors Affecting Viscosity Several other attributes to ICE oil, but shear strength is the main one...IMHO Temp & duty cycle are close seconds...as they affect shear strength directly Shear Rate The shear rate is an important parameter in defining viscosity (refer to the two-plates model) and also in specifying a substance's flow behavior. The vital question is whether a change of shear rate does or does not change a fluid's viscosity. This question draws the line between Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. Ideally viscous or Newtonian Liquids If a fluid's internal flow resistance is independent of the external force – i.e. the shear rate - acting upon the fluid, it is ideally viscous. Such fluids are named Newtonian liquids after Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered the mathematical relation between viscosity and the external force acting upon a fluid. A viscosity function means plotting the viscosity over the shear rate. The viscosity function of a Newtonian liquid is a straight line (curve 1). Typical Newtonian liquids are water or salad oil. Non-Newtonian Liquids If a substance is not ideally viscous, its viscosity changes with the shear rate. For such substances the apparent viscosity is specified. There are substances that show shear-thinning behavior (curve 2). Their viscosity decreases when the shear rate increases. For other substances the viscosity increases with increasing shear rate – that is called shear-thickening (curve 3). For example yoghurt and shower gel show shear-thinning behavior, while starch solutions show shear-thickening behavior. These are just two of the most basic examples of potential flow behavior. Learn more about how shear rate can influence a substance’s flow behavior in World of rheology.
BenK 01/15/17 11:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading Gears 3.73 to 4.10

You will gain approx 10% more power, as diff ratios have an approx 10% step between ratios offered (generally) 10% more power will be a hot discussion...leading to arguments...but here is the laws of physics... Since lower (higher numeric) change of approx 10% and the tranny/etc are the same as before (same gear, etc)...the ICE will be spinning approx 10% more at the same speed. Since it is spinning 10% more, it will be in a higher portion of it's torque/HP curve. Therefore more power...as long as the ICE has enough left on it's torque/HP curve to go higher without hitting rev limits Not just the additional weight, but the biggie will be the frontal area. Some times it can become the main factor on performance
BenK 01/15/17 11:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Praise for ProPride 3P

Yes, a very good WD Hitch system and does mask many, many, many issues Note that all things designed/engineered are NOT for the good days out there when a half ton 'can' tow a curb weight (stripper) Space Shuttle The design is for the worst day out there when Mr Murphy crosses your path OF course with-in specifications & ratings, of which is my comment and reason for commenting (for the lurkers out there who might use this thread as justification to ignore or be ignorant of their TV's ratings) All TV ratings is of this and margins designed differ from OEM to OEM OP...find these ratings for *YOUR* TV: GVWR, F/R GAWR, GCWR and forget the MTWR...that is derived from a curb vehicle...AKA Stripper...unless the OP does have a 'curb' weight TV Then go out and weigh your setup fully loaded ready to go, axle by axle Just the TV. Just the Trailer. Then both and all axle by axle Then do the simple math using those actual weights against your TV's specifications/ratings There is no such thing as Weight Police on these freebie forums...anyone can do whatever they wish and the term 'Weight Police' is generally used as a derogatory to diminish the validity of that comment.... PS...I do wear that 'weight police' badge with no hesitation...and speak from experience both having towed a +14,000 lb utility trailer and designed many things
BenK 01/15/17 11:03am Towing
RE: Grease Ram Front 4x4 Drive Shaft

Common and similar to other OEMs and is a CV joint, not just a U-Joint Here is a good video on HOW2 find it and grease it...Ditto grinding that sharp point...ground and polished mine Pay attention to the lube of this, as it is VERY expensive to replace and lots of times, tough to balance... RAM Front drive shaft hard to find lubrication fitting and this one, which has more details as the shaft is removed from the vehicle I also have this attachment and like it better than the one above RAM front drive shaft lube
BenK 01/13/17 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Creaking sound on one side when arriving/parking

Suspect #1...right after a brake job...and assume it wasn't there before, right? Suspect #2...right after a brake job...and assume shoe/drum setup, right? Don't think a bearing, as they don't typically make that kind of noise described by the OP. Might be part of the bearing system, if it was taken apart during the brake job. Bearing system, as in keeper washer, nut, pin, etc I've mixed up the various springs on a shoe/drum setup and admit more than once and why take a picture of it BEFORE taking it apart. Can not count the numbers of times worked on shoe/drum brakes either. If a wrong spring is in the wrong place...the shoe may NOT pull back off of the drum properly or is left too close because it does NOT have enough power to pull it all the way back...turning flexes everything a tiny bit (harder turn more so, etc) and it touches... Where the shoe slides (as designed, but it really 'rubs') on the raised boss on the backing plate. Notice that most will have a mating wear area where the edge of the shoe touches...why the shoe has a 'zig zag' where the shoe edge touches the backing plate. An effort to increase the surface contact area, but it wears a mating low area anyway That mating, contact area has the shoe both move outwards during brake application and rotates as the shoe engages the drum. Plus there is vibrations hammering that area from the friction material sacrificing itself against the drum surface As for lug nuts, nope...should NOT be and if it is...they are NOT tightened correctly. If steel wheels, there is an stamped in upset coned hole. That is like a lock washer or spring lock washer. There should be NO movement between the lug stud and lug nut. Ditto the wheel, but note that all wheel centers flex and the more loaded they are...the higher amounts of flex Ball/roller bearings 'roll' and do NOT slide, so they generally fail with a 'grinding' sound as they 'roll' over debris between them and the race If the cage touches anything, they will squeak, as they do not roll, but slide if they touch anything My guess is shoe/drum making this noise
BenK 01/12/17 10:46am Towing
RE: Is installing a hitch receiver a reasonable DIY job?

Only use the fasteners provided by the new receiver OEM...if none or lost, replace with Grade 8 DO NOT drill/hog out/grind/etc any portion of the TV's frame rail to fit the new receiver. Worst place on any stressed member is the flanges, as they are the main source of strength...the web to a lesser extent, but they too are in the game (cross section of the 'C' channel frame rail) After taking off the old receiver...clean, clean, clean the area down to OEM paint/undercoating/etc Apply a good coating of paint or whatever you choose. On BOTH mating surfaces between the new receiver and TV frame Torque the new fasteners to spec and on that...if the new receiver instructions say to 're-use' the original fasteners...I'd get new Grade 8 fasteners. As you do NOT know how they have weathered the years. Worst yet if you live in an area where it snows and they use some sort of salts to de-ice DO NOT drill/hog out/weld/etc on the new receiver cross tube. It is a torque tube and any change in cross section will create a stress raiser that the OEM did NOT design in or knew about Other than that, not rocket science...just lots of work with a very heavy hunk of metal...
BenK 01/11/17 10:37am Towing
RE: F.B.I. Arrests Volkswagen Executive

Talked to a lawyer right after the initial announcement, whose company deals with this type of litigation (defense, they handled many oil spills) and we both agreed to my thought that they would have been better served both financially and PR Buy back every one and/or offer a new, non-offending version...then either destroy them all....or sell/give them away to a country without smog regulations...bet him it would have cost less back then...he now owes me a Costco Dog lunch... Win/win...but they fought and continued in their position...until outed...but we have what they have now...
BenK 01/10/17 08:52pm Tow Vehicles
F.B.I. Arrests Volkswagen Executive

About time corporate CEO's get held accountable for their management decisions and/or mandates !!!!!! F.B.I. Arrests Volkswagen Executive on Conspiracy Charge in Emissions Scandal The F.B.I. has arrested a Volkswagen executive in Florida, accusing him of playing a central role in a broad conspiracy to keep United States regulators from discovering that diesel vehicles made by the company were programmed to cheat on emissions tests. The executive, Oliver Schmidt, a German who is the former top emissions compliance manager for Volkswagen in the United States, was arrested on Saturday by investigators in Florida on a charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States. He is expected to be arraigned on Monday. The arrest of Mr. Schmidt is an escalation of the criminal investigation into emissions cheating by Volkswagen and comes amid talks between the company and the United States Justice Department about what penalties the carmaker should accept as part of a settlement. After a study by West Virginia University first raised questions over Volkswagen’s diesel motors in early 2014, Mr. Schmidt played a central role in trying to convince regulators that excess emissions were caused by technical problems rather than by deliberate cheating, Ian Dinsmore, an F.B.I. agent, said in a sworn affidavit used as the basis for Mr. Schmidt’s arrest. Mr. Schmidt deceived American regulators “by offering reasons for the discrepancy other than the fact that VW was intentionally cheating on U.S. emissions tests, in order to allow VW to continue to sell diesel vehicles in the United States,” the affidavit said. Mr. Schmidt continued to represent Volkswagen after the company admitted in September that cars were programmed to dupe regulators. He appeared before a committee of the British Parliament in January, telling legislators that Volkswagen’s behavior was not illegal in Europe. snip...
BenK 01/09/17 10:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Should 2 Wheel Drive Low Range be a option??

A lot depends on traction, both the pavement/dirt/etc and your tires Camp grounds that need low range, generally, does not have that great of traction (pavement/dirt) that I've come across Yes, a short distance on good traction (pavement/dirt & tires) can twist your drive shafts, axle shafts and even destroy your transfer case...of course also dependent on how much throttle you give it In the old days with front locking hubs...I just didn't lock them and knew enough to give it too much throttle, but with today's demand for 'convenience'...dash push button 4x4 and no longer has front axle hubs...so can not easily do that without a kit to disconnect the front diff Speed, distance, traction and throttle amount are the keys to managing this. For those who do NOT believe...take your 4x4 out to a large parking lot with good pavement. Turn on your 4x4, low range and LOCKED. Turn your steering wheel all the way to one side and touch the bump stops Then drive it in a circle. It will NOT go more than one or two circles It will bind and is the twisting force trying to twist your drive shaft and axle shafts...unless yours has a 3rd member (diff) BE WARNED, YOU WILL BREAK STUFF IF YOU GIVE IT TOO MUCH THROTTLE AND/OR GO MORE THAN THAT ONE OR TWO CIRCLES This topic has been discussed and the picture of the different radius the tires must travel will inform those who don't know what the OP is talking about Towing RV with AWD vs 4wheel http://www.baja101.com/4x4abc/images/101/4WD_turn.jpeg width=640
BenK 01/09/17 09:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: All GM trucks combined sell more than Ford.

Yes !!!! My BBQ sauce is becoming poplar at my buddies neighborhood in Houston Texas...he is now requesting 4 gallons...asked: "Andy, you can NOT be eating that much...are you selling the sauce?" Andy admits to giving it away to neighbors... :B and now only send him a quart at a time...time to visit Houston this summer... :B Fillet...like the tail just as much as the head (thick end), but it has to be cut correctly. More tasty, as there is more fat around the tail...if the butcher does NOT trim it away as they normally do...Also prefer other cuts...the only way I LOVE fillet is in a Beef Wellington...but without the fancy seasoning...just plain puff dough A toss up between a NY and Rib Eye and depends how am going to cook it. Gridle inside the kitchen...the NY as not as smoky. Rib Eye smokes and flames up too much for the 5HP fan...even though the hood has a fresh air vent jut above the front lip...some smoke always sneaks out into the house... Outside, Rib Eye on the grill for sure. It can smoke and flame all it wants and is what I want...flavorizes the meat... Slow cooking and/or my "Gut Buster" burgers are yet another matter...but will leave that for another discussion... :C Not really. I think the grown ups decided to stop playing the mine is better than yours game. Burgers were a more interesting topic. Burgers are ok but lets talk about different cuts of steak :B
BenK 01/08/17 01:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F150 diesel

Never been one for 'just enough' for this kind of thing...more so when life & limb are on the line... Just about anything 'can do it'...on the good days...all things designed/engineered are NOT for those good days out there...but for the worst day when Mr Murphy crosses your path... But, that is just me and my opinion on these things...note that there is a half ton in my stable. IT was the 'HD' version of it's era with a 6.2K GVWR but did not buy it...dad gave it to me after he retired (owned a small specificity grocery/butcher shop)
BenK 01/08/17 11:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-Series trucks # 1 for 40 years

To understand why that burger comment...A good amount of "free associative skill" is required.... :B And in other news McDonalds sells the most burgers... :) Hi, this is the most idiotic statement ever made on this forum.
BenK 01/06/17 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: The worst of the used trucks

And there will be more and more making the list as their complexity goes up... more stuff to go wrong... More so with poor maintenance (timing schedule vs usage, quality of the mechanic, quality of materials, etc) Leasing (long term renting) has so many neglect everything...as it is a rental so why bother... Why seriously noodling my next TV after the Sub dies...something pre-tech and pre-smog or lesser smog controls so can do whatever want to do Keep the body & VIN for smog...then newer junk yard +9K GVWR frame & axles, but now can stuff in a 'built' carb'd gasser with little to no smog requirements Maybe a newer port injected big block, but not worry about smog... Sure, the new vehicles are way more comfortable, but that metric is only on my "nice to have" list... Many past careers in design and taught both in college and mentors: KISS your designs Ben...and live by that most times...and know empirically how stuff breaks down when overly complex...plus the level of tech to fix'm goes way up...
BenK 01/05/17 12:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F-Series trucks # 1 for 40 years

Personally...only care about this kind of topic for the numbers and long model run so that parts (dealer, after market, parts houses and junk yards) will be plentiful and cost reduced via numbers... Now if traded in every 2-3-5 or so years...then maybe being with the herd might have a position on my 'have to have' list of stuff... As for bailout or any kind of assistance...they are mostly all run by bean counter...(AKA bottom line) folks and too often run them into the ground Bottom line is important, but not as important or equally as important as managing their 'product'...and if their product is good...the bottom line comes along http://www.motortrend.com/features/editorial/112_0611_the_big_picture/index.html Bunkie Knudsen, David Halberstam writes, believed in a simple concept: The people in Detroit had to make good cars, and if they did, the people in New York would take care of the stock. If only it were still true...
BenK 01/05/17 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I think I goofed.

DO NOT provide the parts, but have your mechanic/shop buy it to your spec...that would be like bringing in a raw steak to a restaurant and asking them to cook it for you...with a warranty that it will be a good steak... Also, make sure they put in writing their guarantee. Normally a time and/or miles (the parts supplier should also have a warranty) DO NOT tow until you have a min of 500 miles on the new gear set and make sure the shop includes the price to flush it after 500 miles Use synthetic lube with Moly...only if it is an open diff...if clutches of any kind...then no super lube...just straight up synthetic
BenK 01/05/17 11:48am Tow Vehicles
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