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RE: Amsoil OE Synthetic

For most folks...regular, approved/certified/etc engine oil is just fine But for those who driver HARD, the higher spec of synthetic is worth it...or for those who are willing to pay and know the difference...it is in both the base stock spec and the additive package spec. Key or one of the biggies is the viscosity modifier spec More pleats is out of context without the depth of those pleats...given the material is the same. Pleats are a way to increase the surface area, but a pleat vs another pleat is incomplete without the depth & material spec (porosity...filter max size particulate, GPH, etc) I personally do not like the lower viscosity...especially the first numnber's viscosity value...but...I live in a warm climate area...even when I skied a lot, didn't want the lower viscosity oils Quietness or noise will show up later..when the miles do their thing on wear of the valve train parts...or...not...
BenK 07/05/15 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: High Octane Gas?

This is a Laws of Physics or technological based discussion...all of the 'why', 'HOW2', 'cause & effect', etc, etc are in books/magazines/etc...heck even here posted by folks who understand/know about this This topic is all about how ICE's work, or the Otto Cycle and now factored by some new science. Not new, but newly discovered science that has been there waiting to be discovered since the beginning of time... Things that has volumes of info on that apply (am sure missed a few...Turtle can confirm n fill in): KnockPre-ignitionFlash pointcompression ratioCC (combustion chamberOctaneTemperatureBurn rateIgnitionIgnition TimingETC
BenK 07/05/15 01:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: do weight distributing bars weaken with age?

Spring steel is expensive, tough and made to flex for millions or more cycles before they start to fatigue... But...they can be over flexed to go beyond their designed range (plastic) and into the range where they will NOT go 'back' (yield) This is basic strength of materials science, or metallurgy classes WD Bars are NOT static in usage, but are preset in a static condition Meaning while they work...they have a range of flexing that the WD Hitch System imparts on them. That includes the TV/TT setup plus the biggie: The Road conditions & how fast Those Whoop-d-doos will un-weight them (un-bend) and over-weight them (bend them more) The faster you go over those Whoop-d-doos...the higher the chances of over-bending the WD bars (no matter round or trunnion). Not just a one time thing, but over time (many cycles) will or might over bend them to fatigue them Think of your coil spring or leaf spring suspension on your car/truck/SUV/etc Same thing and they do have a cycle life span
BenK 07/05/15 01:05pm Towing
RE: 3/4t vs 1t differences

On that thought...where do you stop??? My Suburban is a 1996 K2500 and tongue'n cheek call it a K3500... Because ordered it with with the F60 Snow Plow prep option that gets the 1 ton front The rear axle assembly from AAM is the same as the 1 ton dually of that year Both has a 6,000 RGAWR by GM BUT...AAM, the supplier to GM, rates it 10,000 GAWR So should I then say my RGAWR is 10,000 ? I've upgraded to larger and higher rated tires, alloys and performance friction materials... Changed out the MC to the 1 ton dually, as it has larger bore dias Changed out the rear brake cylinders to 1 ton dually, as it has larger bore dias What am I missing from the 1 ton dually?...know that the software is different, the brake bias valve assembly is different, the front disc are thicker, the front brake caliper is bigger...what else? But for me...I'll keep to the OEM's 6,000 RGAWR...
BenK 07/04/15 12:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4t vs 1t differences

We on the outside..even insiders NOT on the product design team...even within that...few know the details of any product... The difference for me, as an educated outsider is in the GVWR, F/R GAWR and GCWR To try is an effort in futility...as the OEMs will NEVER tell us... Personally am NOT a "just good enough" type of person in most things...gotta have as much as I can afford/find/etc
BenK 07/04/15 11:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires need a few miles of warmup time?

Key is that once they heat up a bit...you feel fine with their handling Could be many things OTHER than your tires... It seems like when we first head out of a CG onto a close by freeway, the handling almost feels a bit squirrely until a few brief miles have passed and then it's fine. Is this because the tires are warming up and the grip gets better or am I just imagining it? Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere before. I run our Michelin LRE tires on the truck at 80 psi and the LRD tires on the TT at 65 psi (cold of course). Maybe I just haven't woken up enough... :E
BenK 07/04/15 10:52am Towing
RE: Just got some bad news, could use some perspective.

As usual with this type...have blocked the Proverbs26,4 person... :p :p :p :p So I'll not see their posts anymore... :B
BenK 07/03/15 11:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Amsoil OE Synthetic

Fairly new ICE, so there will be or expect higher levels of some metals that would be worrisome on a higher mileage ICE Yours is still breaking in Now H2O and that kind of stuff would be a concern...
BenK 07/02/15 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: f150 versus f250

Check out this page snap shot from Ford.com :B Ford.com, spec's, payload package selector OBTW...there are about 2-3 dozen or more of them F150's...and is where I learned to appreciate Russ's comments for having the detailed mind to actually count'm... :B There are TWO eccoboost 3.5L's with 6K GVWR...still waiting for you to post their RGAWR's...but you might be right...I just didn't want to spend the time to weed through several dozen F150's checking if they have a tow package... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/Ford%20Capacity%20chart%2015jul02.png~original FordGVWR Fordpayloadselector Fordspec fordGVWR15jul02 If it has a tow package, there isn't a F150 3.5l ecoboost that has a 6k gvwr.
BenK 07/02/15 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is there such a thing as too much Tongue Weight?

Yes, you can distribute too much weight to the TV's front axle... Balance between over-steering and under-steering in all conditions...meaning when unloaded to full loaded to towing light to towing heavy Why mid-engine is so sought after...handling is much better than front loaded and rear loaded...by the engine There are measures to address either or both. Porsche 911 is a good example of a rear engine that used to have most who left the road during spirited driving...backwards (tail first). Porsche solved that by increasing the rear track (and won't go into that, as the last cycle gave me a headache trying to explain portions of The Laws of Physics) and increased the tire contact patch (and the ratio between front and rear sq/in) Just follow your TV's manual. The OEM has designed and dialed in the handling behavior. They will tell you how they want you (via recommendation) to setup the TV's drop/weight//etc Removing too much weight from the rear and distributing it to the front might create an over-steer condition at the limits...meaning the TV's tail will slide out and jack-knife the setup
BenK 07/02/15 09:32am Towing
RE: Toyota wins the Ugly truck award!!!

They (OEMs) all follow what is the Latest and Greatest whatever it is that is selling to the fashion statement crowd Can see elements of the Nissan/Toyota/Audi (GTR/LFA) noses that now has econo boxes showing up with them...including the spliter Plus for full sized pickups...the Dodge nose...which is now standard on all Fords and GMs Another plus is that taller is thought to be bigger/tougher by the fashion statement crowd. GVWR's have NOT changed much...just sheet metal to appease looks and bling folks (Fashion Statement Crowd)
BenK 07/02/15 09:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: f150 versus f250

So am confused WHICH F150 you are talking about... Is it the 6,xxx GVWR ones... Is it the 6,xxx GVWR ones... Is it the 7,xxx GVWR ones... Or the fake one with the 8,xxx GVWR? What is the RGAWR of the one referenced in the quote below? On that...how many RGAWR's does all of these F150's potentially come with? PS...I did help a guy who burned up his F150's rear diff because he listened to advice here on this portal...that 'sure you can, I've been doing it for a long time with my F150'...but the advisers F150 is the fake half ton with the ~6K RGAWR and the poor guy who followed his advice had a regular F150 with an ~4K RGAWR... THAT is my point...which 'half ton' are you talking about...out of the approx 14 different F150's someone once posted are listed by this OEM... PPS...the difference between the adviser and poor soul who took his advise is just under 2,000 lbs in RGAWR... You make it sound like like Ford has a dozen different axles it uses on the F150. The difference between a HD 8200 GVWR and a 7200GVWR standard tow on a 4x4 screw eco are the stiffer springs, HD shocks, 7 lug wheels and e-rated tires, yet it affects both AWR's and payload by 1,000lbs. Affect handling? Sure. But people aren't destroying axles because they're F150 has a lower RAWR. It's the same flippin axle.
BenK 07/02/15 09:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: f150 versus f250

Some folks will install next higher class tires, from 'P' class up to 'LT' class...but it is still of a lower GVWR and RGAWR Still ask for the 'half ton' RGAWR to see if it is a fake half ton or regular half ton... 7,850 GVWR is some times the fake half ton, but most times it is a regular half ton...key is the RGAWR's number
BenK 07/01/15 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Amsoil OE Synthetic

Yup...personal choice I can tell when it is PAST time to change my engine oil... Oil PSI fluctuates and drops in PSI Until then, change it around 5K or so for the trucks and 2 seater (when the restoration is finally finished) and the mini van...around 7K miles Can also tell pretty much what level of quality oil too...as Jeremiah also noticed...
BenK 07/01/15 09:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Ford V-6 Ecoboost vs V8

I don't buy/own my vehicles for re-sale value Their value is for 'me' alone I keep them till can't fix them anymore...or won't... Vehicle ownership is one of the worst investments there are
BenK 07/01/15 09:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: My Daul Cam after approx. 15000 miles of towing.

Grease will reduce the effectiveness of this system...even oil or any lube The trunnon end has a bent depression that the cam rests in When the trailer sways off center line...there is resistance to that side movement via the cam in the depression. Both tronnon bar ends One will resist with a 'pull' and the other will resist with a 'push' When it sways enough to pull/push the cam out of that depression...the cam will 'lift' the trunnion out of the depression to increase the spring tension on the hitch head That is the 'noise' of this type if WD Hitch system Just noodle why the OP's cam is worn....it is doing it's job by resisting side to side movement Greasing it will reduce it's resistance to side to side movement and lose some of it's anti-sway forces Here are a couple images that might help visualize this eTrailer.com and click on the image with the force vectors Here is a static image of that force vector diagram http://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/r/p/rpdualcamswaycontrol_dd_1000.jpg width=680 Notice how they show the spring bar end with the cam out of that depression because the trailer is way off center line
BenK 06/30/15 08:19pm Towing
RE: f150 versus f250

My Silverado's drivers door label. It was the "HD" or fake half ton of it's day http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/CIMG0061crp.jpg width=640 silveradodoorlabel doorlabel Rear GAWR is 1,672 KG = 3,686 lbs...kilograms cuz that is the only number readable on this +35 year old TV Front GAWR is 3,250 lbs GVWR is 6,200 lbs My 3/4 ton Suburban's drivers door label. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/09270005_Sub_Dr_main_rm_VIN.jpg width=640 Subdoorlabel suburbandoorlabel doorlabel Rear GAWR is 6,000 lbs Front GAWR is 4,250 lbs...note that this is regular half ton REAR's range GVWR is 8,600 lbs Calling it a half ton is next to meaningless without their RGAWR and GVWR... Why don't folks who 'think' they have a fake half ton post a picture of their drivers door label showing it's ratings...
BenK 06/30/15 12:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: f150 versus f250

I say not 'educated' on this topic...AKA ignorant, which these days has a negative connotation...pure definition of ignorant is not knowledgeable on the topic... Take my buddies parents who took advice from this portal. Buddy is a double masters and Phd in bio-tech. We were always neck and neck out on the track....his Rx7 vs my 240Z. His parents are salts of this earth, but never finished high school and farmed a 40 acre orchard all their lives bought after WWII with their GI bill money Refinanced several times to pay for buddies older brothers masters and for my buddies PhD. Helped them sell their orchard and the millions was beyond belief for a dirt poor farmer...and at +80 years old...decided to buy a trailer and visit friends through the Calif Central Valley Advisers were discussing a Toyota Highlander and how it could tow XYZ and 123 lbs with ease and no problems. They were talking SECOND gen Highlander, which was based on the Toyota Mini Van, Sienna...and...buddies dad bought a used FIRST gen Highlander based on the Camery... Received a call from buddy asking about HOW2 setup a WD Hitch system for his dad's Highlander...they were on the side of the road out on Highway99 somewhere Talked him through it via cell...to find out later that buddy also had problems and crawled to the next city...the swaying was so bad These are bright folks...just not knowledgeable on towing snip.... That fella doesn't seem very bright. Trying to sue an anonymous internet forum name isn't likely to go very far. All the information is available to do your homework and determine if 'this' can tow 'that'. Caveat Emptor. Just seems these days people don't want to think through something, they just want the salesman to say "you'll be fine" before signing on the line.
BenK 06/30/15 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: f150 versus f250

Why using marketing nomenclature covers too much ground and end up talking in circles..."whose on first...whats on second" 'half ton' ranges from 5K GVWR up to +8K GVWR. Some 'half ton' vehicles has same/similar GVVWRs as full sized 'cars' and why most 'half ton' has 'P' class tires...AKA passenger class tires that must be de-rated when used on trucks Again, nothing wrong with half ton...but need to know 'which' half ton is in discussion... Ditto 3/4 ton marketing nomenclature...there is also a fake 3/4 ton with +9K GVWR...1 ton territory... Why say use their GVWR to get it right...or more accurate to avoid the "whose on first...whats on second" where one is talking a +8K GVWR half ton vs someone else taking to a +6K GVWR half ton... There is a guy who always said: "sure your half ton can...I own one and no problems towing..." Received many PMs and one guy mad...wanted to sue that guy for his false advice...told the PM person the advice here is worth the price paid...nothing. That there was only one person responsible for the setup...the driver and that could have been his wife if she was driving... He followed that 'half ton' advice...not knowing that advisor had one of these fake half tons with a +8K GVWR and a 6K RGAWR He burned up hid F150's rear end on the way to a long vacation in Florida/DisneyWorld Spent all of his vacation stuck in the middle of nowhere on motel/food/etc and the cost to have his F150's rear end rebuilt He had a +4K RGAWR and about 2,000 lbs LESS rear axle rating than the advisor...so of course burned up his rear end... He lost even more money, as he had to turn around and go home...to forfeit his deposits in Florida...
BenK 06/30/15 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: f150 versus f250

Nothing wrong with any 'half ton'...and...I use the term "fake half ton" to get the point across that there are many, many flavors of 'half ton' Mainly for newbies who think it can tow as much, if not more than higher class TVs As Russ says...a 'real' fake half ton has a RGAWR near or over 6,000 lbs 'Regular' half tons has a RGAWR in the 4K range That is the main difference, IMHO, between these classes...almost 2,000 lbs more rating for the rear axle assembly Take a look at most any pickup or full sized SUV and the drivers door rear edge is just about half way between the front and rear axles. Meaning...most all of the cargo/tongue/pin/etc loaded will be behind the mid point of the wheel base...meaning most of that weight will be placed on the rear axle "most'...not all... Again, I own two half tons now and most of my trucks have been half tons before the 3/4 ton Suburban that I tongue'n cheek refer to as a K3500...cuz ordered the F60 option...which gets the 1 ton front springs as part of the Snow Plow prep package...and that most 3/4 ton has same/similar rear GAWR as 1 ton's...
BenK 06/30/15 10:47am Tow Vehicles
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