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RE: Looking for better rotors

Agree with others who have said that it is most likely your driving style... The Stop Tech article is very good, but do disagree on one thing...I've measured run out on many rotors. Meaning they were warped. Think your rotors were NOT warped, but high spotted with baked on friction material Drilled rotors are pure track stuff and/or for folks who have the money to replace them often Cast in holes are okay (Porsche is one), but $$$$$ Slotted is a good thing. Why does the 'good' pads have a slot either cut or molded into them? Same reason slotted rotors are better. The comment of reduced mass is correct...for drilled/cast 'holes' in rotors. Depending on how they manage the placement, dia and numbers of holes...has come lose approx 30% or more mass from those holes Also, holes only work well for high RPMs. Meaning for those who have ~24" dia tire OD's or driving over 100 MPH, sustained with our truck tire's OD Slots (pad and/or rotors) allow a gas escape routing. Otherwise the out gas pressure is high enough to float the pads off the cast iron...AKA Fade or reduced braking The mentioned braking HARD, then letting the cool is the best advice on HOW2 brake on inclines.
BenK 10/01/14 04:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help Please!

Definitely NOT in Neutral, that transaxle/transfer case Know a bit about them and that they are TOUGH, TOUGH little buggers. Considered building one instead of another FJ40 or K5 Blazer...now noodling ATV's Some devils advocate thoughts below Worrisome that the fan belt broke...more so in light of the fact that engine oil was spewing all over...it should have been slipping.... Guessing over rev'd the engine and most likely in 2nd, not 4th. 4th would have had it in an okay RPM range...2nd way over rev'd Another worrisome thing is the smoke? Why? Was it just after shutting it down? Then the hot manifold, but if it was cooled down...then the over rev might have done damage to the engine via lack of lube...'cuz of the oil spewed out left it low Other than that...again...they are TOUGH, TOUGH !!!! PS...why I don't lend tools...but I do...some times and too often regret it...now look at it as a test of friendship or relationship if a relative... PPS...this can morph into: "I remember the time I loaned my !#$ sister's BF my power sewer snake...."
BenK 09/30/14 09:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: tow capacity question

Assume (always dangerous) that your Highlander is first generation. Meaning it is derived from the Camry...so think of towing with that, a Camry Second gen Highlander is derived from the Odyssey Stuff like the MTWR (Max Tow Weight Rating), etc are derived from the 'curb' vehicle. So if yours has an automatic, AC, etc...those ratings do not apply and are lesser by the weight of the stuff over and above the "curb" vehicle Oh...no tow option...then even less rating until you add the main component if you have an automatic...an external automatic tranny cooler I never say sure or no, just provide you the OP with metrics to figure it out yourself...as there is only one person responsible for the setup...that is the driver
BenK 09/29/14 11:29am Towing
RE: New features on the 2015 F150

Stuff driven by the Fashion Statement Crowd...
BenK 09/28/14 04:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Searching for a Tow Vehicle

Too many variables for a decent search engine...unless you have filled out specifications to reduce those variables... You pretty much have already spec'd out your search criteria...just plug in all of the Safari's specifications and then do a search with those spec's
BenK 09/28/14 11:07am Towing
Caption this one....

Wonder how many miles from start to this? Betcha the driver was taking it slow... Buddy in Houston sent this to me and says it is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with double garage... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Mobile%20Uploads/ATT00004.jpeg~original width=640 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Mobile%20Uploads/ATT00002.jpeg~original width=640 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Mobile%20Uploads/ATT00003.jpeg~original width=640
BenK 09/27/14 12:15pm Towing
RE: Looking for Advice on a new Tow Vehicle

snip.... With all of you veterans & experienced 5'ers out there, I am hoping to get some honest, quality feedback as to which truck will give me and my family the best performance (tow capability {up hill and down hill}, mpg, braking, suspension, durability, ride (comfort/noise), longevity and anything else. Thank you! This is where the OP must be learning that his question is very, very subjective Sprinkled with 'some' techie stuff, but clouded by opinion (that subjectivity again) These comments 'are honest, quality feedback' on the 'best performance' THOSE individuals believe in My advice to the OP: Read up yourself and learnRead lots of the past posts from the advisors to see how their opinions/values/etc match yours...or NOTOr learn the hard way that most learn from...AKA 'Hard knock school'...which is expensive Bottom line is to do your own research. DO NOT use marketing, but put together real specifications...knowing that there is fine print that modifies all automotive specifications As you have found...some recommend a 10K GVWR...others say a 8.6K GVWR will just be fine, etc, etc. I do NOT like to use marketing badging as it has no definitive reference. A 10K GVWR is a 10K GVWR...a 1 ton dually varies in GVWR from OEM to OEM...form model to model To some the axle shaft dia is important...others not and just the GAWR from the TV OEM is what matters...others want to know the OEM's GAWR supplying the TV OEM... Learn how the ratings system works. Then decide if you believe in the ratings systems or not. If not, then do whatever If yes, then learn how they work This is how that ratings system looks like in graphical form: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/bentoy/Towing/howmuchcanItowdiagramB4.jpg width=640howmuchcanitow howmuchshoulditow
BenK 09/25/14 12:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4,000 - 4,200 RPM?

Almost head-on'd a cattle truck out in the boonies near Moscow one summer Those guys are INSANE !!!...should say so was I...excuse in being in my twenties and still learning... Was going too fast (about 55MPH) for the conditions...when around the curve came that cattle truck...no time nor distance for either of use to slow down, or stop... Moved over as far to the right as I could...felt my tires 'kiss' the rocky boulder on the right side Could see the cattle's nose snoot...was so close...also knocked my mirror back Can only wonder how close he came to going over the edge and into the river (GREAT fishing that day after washing my shorts...) He honked as did I...don't know if in anger or celebration of how close and survived...
BenK 09/23/14 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GMs new 6.2 di seems to get great mpg

Direct injection of gasoline was invented here, but no takers from 'our' OEMs...the Japanese (Isuzu) licensed it first and had a truck V6 in the late 90's. Early 2000's had Toyota offer it here, but the injectors were not capable, yet. So supplemented by port inject at the higher throttle settings. Over time in a very competitive market...they will all have very similar offerings Power, MPG, comfort, ratings, etc They will all have a host of problems during their teething periods. Some more than others and will reap the benefits (loyalty, market share, awe factor, etc) That also depends on how management plays marketing...GM had direction injection gasoline ICE's years before Ford, but upper management decided such a wonderful and powerful thing...that they dictated only for their lux badge...Caddy. Ford beat them to the truck market and the ECOBOOST reins top dog for now This GM V8 6.2L's spec sheet looks just like Ford's V6 EcoBoost...but GM decided to keep the displacement to a larger V8 and get the MPG with cylinder deactivation. Ford chose a smallish V6 with forced feeding Turtle mentions that, that V6 is forced fed air similar to a big block gasser of yesteryear Laugh, because folks don't know what he is saying and double laugh as think he gets the similar headache I get on similar techie discussions... :B Current whizbang is direct injection, cylinder de-activation, variable cam timing, very good materials/production science, etc Next gen will be GDICI (gasoline, direct injection, compression ignition...no spark plug). This may greatly reduce diesel in 'cars' and light duty trucks...NOx will still be the bugger, as these will have very high combustion chamber temps As usual, the racers will have this first. Not just track anymore, but street racers...pony cars...muscle cars...exotics/super cars...
BenK 09/23/14 12:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with new tow vehicle

Another consideration(s) are: How long do you plan to keep the TV? Close, at, or over the limits will have it wear out sooner than later How good a driver are you? Even then, the best driver in the world may not be able to manhandle the situation that a bigger TV 'might' have a better chance of That is the main reason for bigger (higher class) trucks...along with the fact that they will last longer To the OEM design team, that is called or referenced to as 'design margin'. To the public, that is called 'safety factor' The closer to the rating...the less 'design margin' is left. More so when over...
BenK 09/23/14 12:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4,000 - 4,200 RPM?

Yes, higher RPMs will wear it out sooner than later...but...things (engineering science, materials science and production science) has improved GREATLY But, things do wear out to do NOT heal themselves. Even with the best lubrication...things do wear...just not as much as before these great lub's were around Key question is when will it wear out? Most cases will not happen in an instant. Lessening of power over time. Higher rev's, within reason for 'that' ICE's architecture, is okay if you need/want more power. 'Within reason' meaning that there is a rev limiter in the computer software for a reason Lugging it will do more harm than spinning it as noted by the OP Gearing (transmission, transfer case and diff) multiplies the ICE's power per the gear ratio (increase is common, but OD reduces power) Architecture...meaning that small block can rev higher than big blocks (this includes larger displacement diesel) because the mass (weights and sizes) of things are smaller. Think about this: the piston/rod some times moves close to the speed of sound...then reverses direction 180* to then go almost the speed of sound the other way. The larger/heavier/etc the parts are, the tougher it will be to hold them together...or from flying apart (blown engine) Why 'over square' architecture 'can' rev higher...vs...a long stroke architecture Too techie?....then just do what the glove box manual recommends to do. Use the tow/haul button. 'Recommends' or 'recommendation' is not what you think...don't follow and they might deny warranty since you didn't do what they 'recommend'... I have a 2004 Chevrolet 2500HD with the 6.0 and 4.10 rear with about 80,000 miles on it. This is what I use to pull my 8,000# travel trailer. I have kept it well-maintained and it still seems to work like it did when it was new. My question is, how much wear and tear would I put on it if I let it run at 4,000 to 4,200 RPM up grades to maintain 55 MPH? My habit is to try and keep it around 3,000 RPM and let it decide how much it will slow down by the time I reach the top of the grade, but I would be much less of an annoyance to those behind me if I felt more comfortable letting it run at 4,000 to 4,200 RPM, but it just sounds scary when the motor is screaming at those high RPMs. I think the motor's peak horsepower of about 300 is obtained at around 4,000 RPM, but does that mean it is ok to run it there? What are your opinions -- expert, or not? Thank you, Bruce
BenK 09/23/14 12:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Am I Nuts?

Depends how long you plan to keep your TV... Yes you'r are nuts if you wish to keep it a long time No you are not nuts if you plan on trading it soon It's not just "GO", but also manhandling the trailer during emergency situations...
BenK 09/23/14 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2004 V8 Explorer gets LOUSY mileage

Hope it's not in 4x4 lock? Full time also gets less MPG What size tires? OEM size? What is the diff ratio? Suspension lifted? Tuner? Plugged CATs or mufflers some times display this malady and gets progressively worse as they plug up more and more This the smaller of your vehicles and ask if you have a teenager driving it? Lead foot or boy racer in the making...
BenK 09/22/14 11:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bent Hitch Pins

Please post a picture of the 'bent' pin and the receiver holes. Thinking semantics here. I picture in my mind a 'bent' pin as a nail that was miss hit and bends. Wondering you are referring to a pin shank misshapen-ed from the shearing between the receiver pin box, the insert and shank. Looks like it was almost cut by scissors As far as I know, receiver pin boxes are dead soft, or not hardened So the pin would either be the same or harder (think harder) and the hole in the receiver pin box would be buggered up (oval'ed) The picture would tell if a large impact event happened or a series of small banging's over time
BenK 09/22/14 11:22am Towing
RE: 2015 Suburban LT

We are all different and different in different ways.... :B Too many folks think in a 'one size fits all' and/or 'theirs is the best' Yes, the best for them, but not necessarily for everyone...even one size fits all socks do NOT fit me well... Folks forget or never knew that the OEMs have a host of specifications and requirements from both the regulatory agencies and their own internal groups (mainly service when it comes to vehicles) GMT400 TBI could be made to have high MPG's, but that required removing several computer safeties. Mainly thermal set point, or increase those set points so that power mode could be kept for longer periods of time This is what tuners mainly do...change the OEM setpoints to allow higher PSI's on the piston top and remove safeties (this includes EPA stuff) This thread is an example of why I'll be keeping my K3500 Suburban till the wheels fall off... Most folks today think of a Suburban more as a 'car' than a truck, of which is was originally derived from. Several hundred K miles is nothing to a well kept 'truck'...they are designed for 'work', not grocery and soccer mom runs...
BenK 09/20/14 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: GVWR/Towing capacity question

That diagram is mainly newbies and/or folks who don't understand the inter-relationship between each rating Drove me nuts constantly answering PMs asking pretty much the same question and that diagram solved most of that over load into my PM box It is a system and to take any 'ONE' rating by itself is to be out of context There are interdependencies, or prerequisites and that diagram shows them in graphical form that verbiage does NOT get through very often That is where folks take any single rating as an absolute and therefore out of context Say to first decide if you believe in the ratings system or not If not, then do whatever, but know that you have taken the OEM(s) off the warranty hook (if any left) and the biggie: liability If yes, then learn how that system works Like Marty's example. Yes, that is the whole point if you believe in the ratings Load up the TV to it's GVWR before hooking and you have no more 'rating' for the hitch & tongue weights Also part of everyone's "Risk management decisions"...AKA Gambling. The OEMs have dialed in their product to meet the min or more of the regulatory agencies requirements for that class of vehicle Dialed in are: safety margin, longevity, performance to specification and more It is a personal, or individual decision to go over the ratings or not I do NOT ever recommend it to anyone. Especially anyone asking, as they do NOT have the experience to make that decision...yet...if ever
BenK 09/20/14 10:23am Towing
RE: Another can i tow this question...kind of

Just means an over the limit/rating vehicle will have the wheels fall off sooner and that the handling/performance will be degraded I over load my Silverado every year. It is the 'heavy half' of it's era at 6,200 GVWR Mainly wood and wood pellets. Approx 2,400-3,000 lbs and not far either. Nor do I take out on the freeway. Ditto garden supply. Dirt, gravel, rocks, etc. I do take it out on the freeway for that, as it is +10 miles one way, but keep it at 55 MPH Do have performance braking. Over sized tires and 1 ton coil helper springs on the rear axle BUT...replace the rear axle bearings about every 2-5 years. That is what goes on 'this' truck Same truck also towed a +14K lb utility trailer from Bakersfield (actually Tehachapi mountains) to SF Bayarea. The TV was loaded to +7K lbs and has a 6,200 GVWR Knew over loaded, but what the heck, it towed it up and down the dirt roads of that wind park no sweat....the issue was out on the freeway going DOWN hill Totally lost the brakes on both the trailer (triple axle with brakes on each) and the truck. Lucky everyone got out the way when I honked. Yes, it 'can' be done...but not 'safely'... The real question that most should ask is not 'can I', but 'should I'...
BenK 09/20/14 10:10am Towing
RE: How hard does the 2014 Ram SB 2500 ride?

Out of context 500,000 lb train engines have coil springs and they ride like they are on steel rails... Some leaf sprung half ton SUVs ride like a 'car'... Out of context is that without their spring rates and the obligatory curve (spring deflection vs pounds) is comparing apples to oranges Most don't understand that a coil spring is a torsion bar spring...coiled instead of straight, but they work the same in both cases Airing down the tires will reduce the GVWR? If that was the case, then airing down a freight liner enough...will it become a half ton? Or conversely...if airing up a half ton enough, will it become a freight liner? Most likely the 'P' class tires will pop before attaining that kind of rating Now if talking about airing down an air spring, then that goes back to the first paragraph...the spring rate vs deflection... It is NOT just the type of springs, but the whole suspension engineered for whatever specification This includes the shocks, bushings (main durometer & thickness), etc Even the control arm's length and the unsprung weight that, that contributes to...or works with
BenK 09/19/14 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2010 Toyota Sequoia

If you have to ask, don't get 4x4...you'll know when you know need it IF MPG is #1 on your have to have list, then get the smallest engine and the smallest trailer for 'that' TV If towing ability is high on your have to have list, then as APT says, get the one with the highest ratings (GVWR GCWR)
BenK 09/19/14 09:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Equalizer L- brackets Bending

Barney...Thanks !
BenK 09/19/14 09:31am Towing
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