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RE: Equalizer brand WD hitch Torque Specs

Maybe we should leave this thread with: " Equalizer Hitches" are the NOISIEST HITCHES in the world. They work but they sure are noisy..... A 7 year Equalizer user........................
BillB800si 05/06/15 09:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Equalizer brand WD hitch Torque Specs

You can buy the teflon pads at a very nominal price from Equal-i-zer and they stop the noise completely with no impact on the hitches performance. They are worth every penny--no more grease to deal with! ============================ I tried the pads- they wear out to quickly. Had to go back to grease. Its messy.....
BillB800si 05/05/15 06:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Equalizer brand WD hitch Torque Specs

=AngryBert-63 Many flaws?Aside from being a bit noisy, and coming from a Reese Dual Cam I KNOW hitch noise, name a few of these MANY flaws you're privy to./quote ====================== I could name a few (having owned one for 7 years). The L Brackets wear. They also bend out. One time going down I96 in Michigan I had a trucker honk at me to pull over. Found one of the sway bars had popped over the L Brkt and was sticking straight out in the next lane. Another time I had to contact Equalizer because the bolts on the hanger bracket on the tongue would not stay tight. Everytime we pulled in to a campground I had to retighten them. Equalizer sent me a new bracket. One time I backed into a campsite and the Equalizer was groaning & moaning. A old man came over and said, I didn't know much about hitches??? I've been camping since 1973.... Those bars can be a real pain getting on & off sometimes. I just received a reply from Blue Ox on their 1500# hitch and they said it would work fine on the Rockwood Windjammer because it doesn't work on the Equalizer principle of friction. Happy trails,
BillB800si 05/05/15 06:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Equalizer brand WD hitch Torque Specs

I just wish Blue Ox made a 1200# hitch. They go from 1000# then a 1500#. Too little or too much. Guess I'm stuck with going to a noisy Equalizer...
BillB800si 05/05/15 08:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch Bars

Here's some videos on the Equalizer 4 point weight distribution hitch. Many people love them here. Kepp the ball greased and that helps keep down the noise. Equalizer Videos Happy trails,
BillB800si 05/02/15 02:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rockwood drain valve locations

We have a front kitchen, bath 2/3rds of the way back towards the rear and one common drain just past the rear axle. Our two grey tanks are somehow plumbed together. Sometimes you get lucky. ================= You basically have the same floorplan as the Windjammer 3008W except the front V nose. The Windjammer has two separate drain valves about 15 feet apart???? Oh well.
BillB800si 04/12/15 02:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rockwood drain valve locations

Because RVs have very limited room under the floor - it often isn't feasible to drain a sink into the same grey water tank as the bathroom shower. With a front kitchen and mid-rear bathroom - the 3008W has a 38 gallon black tank and a 38 gallon grey tank at the back. This has to be the primary drain location because the black tank has to have the 4" diameter outlet pipe. The kitchen has a 38 gallon tank. There simply isn't enough rise/ fall to run the drain from the kitchen sink to the rear grey water tank. The 8310SS has the same issue - the rear kitchen sink is too far from the bathroom for using one grey tank. It also has two 38 gallon grey tanks and one 38 gallon black tank.. ============================================== Except our 2006 32 foot Jayco Eagle 322FKS we had, had a front kitchen and a mid bathroom with only one drain outlet. Just saying..... :)
BillB800si 04/12/15 11:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Rockwood drain valve locations

One of those two valves, works exactly the same as a trailer with only one dump valve. It has one pull handle for the black tank, and one pull handle for the grey tank. The other dump valve, has one pull handle for dumping the galley tank. There are "Y" fittings that can be used to connect everything into one dump hose. My trailer is set up this way. One 38 gallon black tank, and two 38 gallon grey tanks. ================================= Oh I understand the idea. It's just a pain in the butt to crawl around under the slides to dump. Plus I have to get a above ground sewer hose support for the cross over and one to the ground sewer connection. All because someone can't design a proper- simple main dump vale assembly. And talking about designs- keystone Cougar Xlite trailers this year came out with a no walk on roof and the ladder is no longer available. They even removed the wall supports so that the dealer can't install a ladder. Happy trails,
BillB800si 04/12/15 09:13am Travel Trailers
Rockwood drain valve locations

Wife & I checked out two Rockwoods yesterday. A 3008W Windjammer and a 8310SS Ultra Lite. Both had two separate dump valves about 15 feet apart???? We have noticed the last couple of years that some campgrounds required the drain hoses be elevated off the ground. That was easy when there was one dump valve. Now I have to contend with two. Plus it looks like they connected the bathroom (shower/sink /toilet) to a single holding tank which means I'll be dumping that quite often. Who the he$$ designs these things??? Yuck.....
BillB800si 04/12/15 08:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Maintenance Question - Draining Holding Tank - New RV Owner

Wife & I checked out two Rockwoods yesterday. A 3008W Windjammer and a 8310SS Ultra Lite. Both had two separate dump valves about 15 feet apart???? We have noticed the last couple of years that some campgrounds required the drain hoses be elevated off the ground. That was easy when there was one dump valve. Now I have to contend with two. Plus it looks like they connected the bathroom (shower/sink toilet) to a single holding tank which means I'll be dumping that quite often. Who the he$$ designs these things??? Yuck.....
BillB800si 04/12/15 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: 2015 Cougar Xlite changes

Personally, I don't care for ladders going up the roof - I don't need to be up there often enough to worry about it. Besides, I thought "walkable" meant you could walk around one the roof without any real concerns since it can take the weight per square foot of human feet. You can still get on a non-walkable roof for inspections / repairs and what-not just fine, you just have to be careful since that much pressure in one point (people feet) can damage the roof. I was taught some cardboard and a sheet of plywood laid down where you need to work would spread the load out fine. I put Maxair vents on my non-walkable roof myself with no issues. ===================== Guess you've never had to clear the roof of your slide outs before breaking camp..
BillB800si 04/04/15 10:24am Travel Trailers
2015 Cougar Xlite changes

This pretty much soured us on buying a 2015 Cougar 33RES.. ============================ Bill, Thank you for your email and questions. Up until September of 2014 the Cougar X-Lites did have a ladder and Mor/Ryde CRE 300 suspension standard on there units. This last fall they wanted to bring the weight down on there X-Lite trailers and in order to do this they went away from the walkable roof (even though they still have the aluminum trusses 16" on center). Since they do not have a walkable roof anymore (same as all the ultra light weight trailers out in the market today) they did away with the rear ladder and it is not even backed anymore so a dealer cannot even put one on. They also did away with the Mor/Ryde CRE 300 suspension on there Cougar X-Lite trailers only. Fifth wheels will still have it. Sorry to give you all this bad news but what I would recommend is seeing if there may be a 33RES Cougar out there still that was built before the fall and it would still give you everything that you were looking for. I hope that I was able to answer your questions for you and please let me know if i can be of any further assistance to you during your research process or help answer any other questions you may have as well. Thanks again for your interest in our Keystone Cougar X-Lite product. Jason Clark Keystone RV Company Shoppers Konnection Division Phone: (574) 535-1437 Email: jasonclark@footsteps.net
BillB800si 04/02/15 08:43am Travel Trailers
RE: 2014 sierra 1500/ keystone cougar 33res

Friends of ours haul a 2010 Lacrosse 303RKS trailer- (34 feet- 7200 Lbs dry) with a 2010 Ford 150 1/2 ton truck with no problems. They haul it all over the States..... Happy trails,
BillB800si 03/30/15 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Coachmen 246 RKS vs. Cougar24SABWE vs. Surveyor 264RKS

Floorplan is always a biggy. If you're not happy with that then forget it. Forest River & Keystone are the two biggest RV manufacturers in America. Forest River has an optional 2nd year warranty for $150. It has foam insulation & six sided aluminum structure. The Cougar has five sided aluminum structure with 5 inch steel roof trusses. Comes standard with the mor/ryde cre3000 suspension. They both are very good solid trailers. Good luck,
BillB800si 03/29/15 10:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Recommended brands

I can not offer an opinion on the Crusier as I have never owned one and nor do I have any friends that have had one. But I have owned 4 Jayco TTs and have found them to be of good quality. Also as far as I know they are the only brand in this class with a two year warranty. ========================== Forest River has a 2nd year full warranty for $150 adder. I believe KZ still has a 2 year warranty. Happy trails,
BillB800si 03/25/15 10:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Open Road TT?

There's one next to me at an RV park and I like the looks.If anyone here has experience with them, please respond with problems your have encountered and money spent since buying it. Do they travel well etc etc..ThanksRR ======================== Friend of mine has one. They are heavy for their size. Some nice floor plans. Expensive. Jayco now owns them... Happy trails,
BillB800si 03/25/15 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Campgrounds near Chicago

Stayed at the KOA a number of times. Easy on & off the highway. Very quiet at night. During the day you'll have to put up with all the gunfights at the Frontier Town next door. Have some nice pull thru sites. And there's a dog run area down the hill. Bring lots of money for the toll roads in Chi Town...
BillB800si 03/08/15 07:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electronic Sway Control....Thoughts?

This may help. Website locations are mentioned at the end of each message. --------------------------- Not sure about Dodge, but it sounds a lot like the TSC on my Ford. Unfortunately, I did have an experience and found out how the truck's system works. It does not prevent sway. What it does is help you maintain control once extreme sway occurs. We were on the interstate when an idiot driver decided to cut in front of me too soon. I had to evade and the trailer started swaying badly. The TSC kicked in and I could feel the trucks breaks working, first one side, then the other as I took my foot off the gas. I had the trailer back under control in no time. I still have a sway control system on my hitch that prevents the less dramatic sway from crosswinds and passing trucks and gives me peace of mind. http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/f2/dodge-ram-trailer-sway-control-tsc-system-21522.html ============================ If equipped, the electronic Trailer Sway Control (TSC) recognizes a swaying trailer and automatically applies individual wheel brakes and/or reduces engine power to attempt to eliminate the trailer sway." "Trailer Sway Control (TSC) – If Equipped The TSC system uses sensors in the vehicle to recognize an excessively swaying trailer and will take the appropriate actions to attempt to stop the sway. The system may reduce engine power and apply the brake of the appropriate wheel(s) to counteract the sway of the trailer. TSC will become active automatically once an excessively swaying trailer is recognized. No driver action is required. Note that TSC cannot stop all trailers from swaying. Always use caution when towing a trailer and follow the trailer tongue weight recommendations. Refer to “Trailer Towing” in “Starting and Operating” for further information. When TSC is functioning, the “ESC Off Indicator Light” will flash, the engine power may be reduced and you may feel the brakes being applied to individual wheels to attempt to stop the trailer from swaying. TSC is disabled when the ESC system is in the “Partial Off” or “Full Off” modes. TSC is only active in the default “ESC On” mode. TSC can be disabled by pressing the “ESC Off” switch and entering “ESC Partial Off” mode. It is not active in the “ESC Partial Off” or “ESC Off” modes. Refer to the ESC portion of this section for an explanation of the different ESC operating modes." http://www.airforums.com/forums/f238/does-dodge-rams-integrated-sway-control-work-well-with-friction-sway-control-123858.html
BillB800si 03/06/15 07:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Aluminum vs. Wood, Foam vs. Batting, Luan vs. Composite

Take a real hard look at the Rockwood & Flagstaff line up (Made by Forest River). Both lines have a one piece Alpha Roof that is rolled over the edge of the roof and attached at the top of the wall. No seams on top to leak. All six sides are aluminum framed with foam insulation throughout (no wood). Holding tanks have 12 Volt DC heating elements on them. 2nd year warranty from manufacturer is $150. Alpha roof video Alpha 1 and: Video 2 Good luck,
BillB800si 03/03/15 01:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Ox Sway Pro

Used a 4 point Equalizer for tens of thousands of mile with two trailers. Had some problems. The sway bar once jumped over the L-Bracket and a trucker motioned me over. Replaced both L-Brackets & was fine. Watch the wear on those L-Brackets ( Equalizer is aware of the problem). Equalizer has got to be the noisiest hitch on the market. Constanting greasing it & then getting the dirty grease on me. Next unit will be a Blue Ox for sure...
BillB800si 03/03/15 11:52am Travel Trailers
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