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RE: New RV problems

----BillB800si You keep bringing up recalls. Recalls are generally for addressing safety concerns, not 'my toilet seat won't stay up'. It would be different if this was a safety issue such as a possible fridge fire, underrated tires installed or a frame failure. My point was that you can not sue anyone for this and neither the manufacturer nor dealer are under any obligation to address this. It would set a precedence if they did. It's not a case of bad workmanship, material or component failure or damage detected at PDI. It's a poor design creating a nuisance for the user. The OP had every opportunity to discover and reject this design issue prior to signing the contract. Now he owns it. None of this helps the OP solve his problem. But suggesting he lawyer up and sue is RIDICULOUS.----------- =================== 2112,I mentioned recall ONCE... Yes recalls are "generally" due to safety issues but not always. I never suggested he hire an attorney or to sue.?????
BillB800si 11/23/14 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: New RV problems

81Shovelhead....WOW Can not believe all the Keystone bashing . We have a 2014 Cougar 28 RLS & ALL minor issues were resolved by Keystone & dealer although the 1 year warranty had expired . PDI List (can't stress this enough) This is not a bad design that failed this is a design flaw that OP agreed to upon signing the contract, ====================================== 81Shovelhead, the key word in your message is "minor". Sure Keystone took care of your "minor" issues after the warranty was up. It was minor. Cheap.. no problem.. job done... Repositioning a toilet is not a minor issue. If it was keystone would have had it done PRONTO!! And saying that the OP agreed to the design flaw is ridiculous. Had he known about it he certainly would have addressed it. And BTW if you ever get recall notice on your driving vehicle just ignore it. You agreed to the design failure when you signed for the vehicle. Now does that make any sense??? of course not. The OP just wants keystone to rectify their own design problem of which they are responsible for. Probably the OP will come up with a "rube Goldberg" fix but he shouldn't have to.
BillB800si 11/23/14 05:50am Travel Trailers
RE: We finally arrived at our decision

We looked that unit over but the only exterior storage area is under the bed. Not enough. We finally have decided on the Rockwood 8310SS that also has a bedroom slide out and plenty of exterior storage not to mention the full width front wardrobe. Good luck with your choice.
BillB800si 11/22/14 08:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: New RV problems

2112quote RIDICULOUS That's like saying I can sue Ford because I don't like the way the door doesn't stay open. The hold notches are improperly located. I had every opportunity to discover that before I bought the truck. It's a design flaw, plain and simple but I can't sue Ford or the dealer because of it. ======================= 2112, haven't you watching the news lately. Auto design flaws are being recalled by the millions this past year. If it's a design flaw then the designer ( manufacturer) is completely responsible for fixing it PERIOD.. Don't kid yourself Keystone knew about this problem before they shipped it to the dealer.
BillB800si 11/22/14 08:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with dogs that RV parks get concerned about

There are more and more campgrounds refusing dogs over 35# weight limit. That's fine with our 70# Weimaraner we just go someplace else. When we plan on a long stay somewhere then a fenced dog park is a must. To each their own Happy trails,
BillB800si 11/21/14 07:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: WD hitch on a F150

Have used the Equalizer brand for years. Keep an extra set of L-Pins. They are known to wear out over time. In fact we had a trucker hail us that our Spring Arm Bar was sticking straight out from the hitch (due to the bar slipping over the bent L-Pin). Be sure you get the proper Shank Size and hitch size for you trailer hook up. Happy trails,
BillB800si 11/20/14 08:00am Towing
RE: Jayco vs. Other brands experiences?

Had a Jayco Eagle for 6 years. Normal issues with it until the sixth year and then noticed delamination!!! Got rid of it.... Jayco from what I've researched still uses older technology. Wood strut roof & floors- heavy weight for size. They do offer a 2 year warranty but so do some others. Forest River products offer a 2nd year warranty for $150. In todays technology I would stick with all aluminum construction and solid foam type insulation in walls, roof and flooring. Many mfgr's just use normal house insulation (fiberglass) that over time comes loose and if it gets wet it's useless. Good luck on your quest.
BillB800si 11/20/14 07:49am Travel Trailers

We had a Jayco Eagle. Nice trailer but we had issues with it. Finally when delamination set it we traded in for a Keystone. Jayco has too much wood in their units. Newer technology ( Aluminum walls, flooring, and roof structure makes for less problems down the road. Forest River has a 2 year warranty if you buy the 2nd year for $150. Good luck on your choice.
BillB800si 11/16/14 04:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trouble seems to follow us...

Please cite the source for these 'facts'. And Fox 'News' is not an acceptable source. And I guess CNN and MSNBC are? ======================================== Don't know about that but for sure FOX isn't......
BillB800si 09/15/14 04:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trouble seems to follow us...

I am so glad that we kept our 2005 Ford F-250 6.0 diesel. Runs on all kinds of diesel fuel, 55, 10% and 15% bio-diesel blends. Just covered 4258 miles without a problem and not having to add that damn DEF! We keep it in a metal building when we aren't using it. Never had a problem with the engine. Wish that the federal government would leave us alone! ===================================================== If the Fed's didn't pass some laws we all would be drowning in air and water pollution. We can't keep pumping******in the air and expect to breath...
BillB800si 09/14/14 10:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Q about price! New 5th wheel owner!

3 times the insulation of all the others my eye! Salesmen really roped you in. R-14 with some aluminum foil insulation in the ceiling is about 1/2 what real well insulated trailers have. Same goes for the r-7 walls. Stay in it for a month in below freezing temps and see what your propane bill is. That will tell the REAL story..B.O. ================================== The aluminum foil insulation that many RV Mfgr's rave about is almost useless in Rv's. You must have a MINUMUM of 1 inch of dead space (air) next to the foil before it even starts insulating. R24's- R28"s-- get real.
BillB800si 09/12/14 10:49am Fifth-Wheels

Geez, what a bunch of grouches... If there's a road or a fence or a watch tower then it's improved. Stop being to cheap and pay a moderate price for squatting on someone else's property (All U.S. Tax payers - not just you). I travel a lot and see these $200,000 Class A Motorhomes free camping in parking lots- what a bunch of cheap skates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BillB800si 09/09/14 08:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble seems to follow us...

Had two Cummins diesels. Never again!!!!! If it wasn't regen- then it was some dirty sensor..... Hemi's do a nice job.....
BillB800si 09/08/14 01:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Considering a fifth wheel

Ours is a Cedar Creek so I can't comment on the Cougar. What I can tell you is you're going to love the level-up system. It works great and take most of the wiggle out. What was left still bothered the DW and me. Here's what I did to stop the rest. Brackets welded to hitch receiver. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/24571846/409773795.jpgStabilizer installed. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/24571846/409773876.jpgC.B. =========================== Ah, how do you stabilize the rear of the RV at only one center point?? That one center point acts as a pivot point not a stabilizing point. Acts like a teeter totter on a playground???
BillB800si 09/02/14 04:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Crossroads Cruiser experiences and Shortbox Ram clearance

quote=SooperDaddy Crossroads side walls are "hung wall", not vacuum laminated, and is glued in place foam board insulation! In the roof, floors and slides are merely spun pink fiberglass glued in between the walls, with a minimal R-value of R-7..and that spun glass can settle with age leaving "voids" of uninsulated space in the walls. They also ad a thin foil sheet of "astro-foil" which is basically mylar and in order to work needs an air gap above or below it, and in this case does not. For example the other brands mentioned have as standard 3 times the insulation by as much as R-29 Floors, R-27 Roofs, R-8 walls...all High pressure vacuum laminated vs Crossroads more prone to leaking hung wall R-7. ==================== Just wanted to clear one item up. SooperDaddy is correct, the "astro-foil" that many RV Manufacturers use to "boost" their R Values are only good if the is a MINIMUM of 1 inch air gap between the foil and wall. None of the RV manufacturers provide an "air gap" of 1 inch in their walls. It's a PR promo to convince people of their super high R Values. Standard insulation materials available to the RV Industry will never equal a true R Value 29 or 27. Remember folks even in the best home insulation it's the "dead air" trapped that prevents the transfer of heat loss. That's why there's such a high thickness of fiberglass insulation in ceilings (roofs). that fiberglass isn't insulating- it's the dead air trapped in the fiberglass. Happy trails,
BillB800si 08/25/14 09:29am Fifth-Wheels
Dodge Ram 1500 with a Hemi survey?

Can the owners of the Dodge Ram 1500 with the Hemi Engine please list the year & model of the RV you are pulling?? Thank you & happy trails,
BillB800si 08/12/14 07:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wires are MELTING!!!!

When we had our 2007 Jayco Eaqle 322FKS we had an electrical problem the 2nd year. I finally found it in the electrical panel. Seems that after a few thousands miles of travel some of the wires in the panel had loosened up and was arcing. This caused a build up of resistance on the connections. Plus I found some of the wire insulation has melted off the A.C. wiring. I then cleaned up the terminals- reconnected the clean wires and tightened everything down. That was the fix.... Hope yours is that easy. Happy trails,
BillB800si 08/12/14 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Bye Bye Lippert Electric Stabilizer Jacks !

Our old 2007 Jayco had manual stabilizers. our newer 2014 Cougar had electrics. Manuals are much more stabile than electrics. Only problem we found with manuals is sometimes the jacks are mounted under a slide and it's difficult to access the stabilizer unless your down on your hands & knees. Did notice some of the new model trailers are going back to manuals. Having said that I would NEVER go back to a manual hitch tongue jack!! Happy trails,
BillB800si 08/12/14 06:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailers without slides

There's a ton of new trailers without slides. Go to the Internet and search for travel trailers with out slides. In fact the big boys ( Keystone- Forest River- Coachman- Jayco etc...) all have product lines without slides. Airstream has made a trailer with a slide the past few years. We say one on the East coast about 5 years ago. Granted the slide only came out about 18 inches but it was a slide. Slides add weight to RV's real fast. Happy trails,
BillB800si 08/12/14 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Not impressed with 2014 Arctic Fox (VIDEO INSIDE)

Simply put ALL RV manufacturers have problems. Some more so than others. Throughout the years here I've listen to Artic Fox buyer rave about all the quality of their units. It's just another RV trailer- PERIOD....
BillB800si 08/01/14 08:10am Travel Trailers
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