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RE: Photo Thread - Post a Photo of Your Truck Camper Here

The day before was nice & warm & over night the rain came down hard this past monday & this is my tuesday morning. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1067843/fullsize/img_1511.jpg
Blanco1 09/17/15 04:10am Truck Campers
RE: Rear Suspension Upgrade

this weekend I put the Camper back onto the truck & moved the Stable Load into the load mode & can say it is a nice addition & I do like how it works. It works as it is called giving a nice stable load to my rig. Not stiff or in anyways clunky, I must say with out air in my air bags it would be 100 wedged in there with the weight of the camper, but seems I can adjust my air bags to help control this. I still need to reinstall the TorkLify hitch extension & then hook up my trailer with the weight of the Bronco & etc to see how this will all work out. But this product was a very nice addition towards my goals. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1067826/fullsize/img_1487.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1067828/fullsize/img_1489.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1067832/fullsize/img_1500.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1067843/fullsize/img_1511.jpg
Blanco1 09/15/15 06:41pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Just installed my TorkLift Hidden power under bed battery

Yah, I was just in there asking about it and set up for camper... Interesting, and I'm looking forward to 2 of them... just trying to figure out where to put them.. but I think they found the spots... behind rear tires... (custom flatbed on a 5500).. Looking good... Well mine is in front of the rear duals. You were in just where? TorkLift? I would like to see their shop one day.
Blanco1 09/10/15 10:20pm Truck Campers
Just installed my TorkLift Hidden power under bed battery

OK so I finally around to getting my extra battery for camping installed on my Dodge. TorkLift calls the product Hidden Power. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1062689/fullsize/img_0943.jpg & of course as I do with all my electrical needs I took the truck to my friend Dennis Hogue at "WIRETEC" in Burbank Ca. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1067057/fullsize/img_1445.jpg I thought about doing this job myself but 1st off I'm lazy & then I started thinking about how I'm really weak when it comes to any sort of electrical work, Its always been my biggest issues on most of my toys. Anyways I'm glad I took it to him being he noticed things I never would have. Like how I had a constant hot lead from my truck batteries to the camper. :shrug: & we figured this might be a bad thing in the sense that it could possibly lead to the truck batteries being drained as well as the camper batteries if I accidentally left 12 volt light or something on over time. & Yes I've done this a few times. Replacing 4 deep cycle batteries could be expensive. So he installed a constant duty solenoid in the engine compartment to activate with "key on" engine running, instead of being constant hot, which could possibly drain the vehicle batteries if something were to be left ON in the Camper. as I stated above. From there the Hidden battery is tied into the main charging wire which feeds the 7pin connectors which are located both in the bed of the truck and by the tow hitch. The Hidden battery is outfitted with the supplied quick disconnect, to aid in future maintenance of the battery, and a 40A fuse for protection. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1066726/fullsize/img_1422.jpg Speaking of batteries, I went & bought two new ones of these for this swap & put the old one in my boat. These are great batteries that will take a very deep drain & come back ready for more! http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1067058/fullsize/img_1396.jpg I asked him for a sticker so I can promote his work. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1066728/fullsize/img_1440.jpg So as you can see its well tucked up & if not for where I placed the sticker it would hardly be noticed. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1066731/fullsize/image.jpg I have been struggling with where to place a 2nd battery & being its a camper & I wanted to use my minimal storage compartments for other things, this was the best option, & Its completely out of the way. I personally think this was a great & yet simple Idea, I never would thought of & then when I learned about it I had to get it. Thanks TorkLift.
Blanco1 09/10/15 10:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Where to install an extra Battery?

I installed two 6 volt batteries in the box beside the camper in their own battery box the ran new wiring into the camper battery compartment which had one twelve volt 100 amp hour battery this gave me 300 amp hours of reserve power another advantage is that its clean up out of the dirt and dust, also you should install a battery watering system make it easier to keep the water level in the bank up. I have heard going with 2 6volts vs a single 12 volt is a better way to go?
Blanco1 07/17/15 07:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Where to install an extra Battery?

I can't speak for enough room in a Dodge truck bed but there's plenty of room for adding 2 Group 31 deep cycles ahead of the driver's side wheel well in our GM 2500 CC LB 4X4 truck. Even had more than ecough room to make a pressure treated plywood cover that goes over and down all 4 sides of the batteries that sit on a raised pressure treated base with a 1" X 1" ledge on the camper side to keep the batteries from sliding around. A padlocked heavy security chain goes over the top of the cover to resist thievery as the batteries are also used with our 5th wheel which does not cover/hide the batteries. Been on the truck since 2004 and always works perfect. One same battery is in the Lance battery compartment and 2 in the truck bed and provide all the 12V power we need to run the 1500 watt inverter mounted below the fridge inside the Lance 990 Legend TC. Make coffee, plug in the microwave and use, make toast in toaster, run laptops and recharge them, etc and totall silent as we don't have to start our 3400 watt built in propane generator in the Lance TC. The generator comes in handy for lots of needs also like A/C or recharging the batteries without running the truck engine etc. We are truely self contained anywhere anytime with the TC or the 5th wheel which has 5 same batteries in it also and also has cables to connect to the 2 in the truck bed. There's a 2500 watt inverter in the 5th wheel and we have lots of DC 12V amps to run it. Bed batteries have + & - cables (#2 gauge fine strand welder wire) carrying current from the dual alternators to the batteries and is fused at each end with an 80 amp marine fuse in the marine application fuse holder. Also has an 80 amp slide switch under the truck hood to auto disconnect the truck batteries from the bed batteries. Also have a 100 amp slide switch under the hood to disable the system by turning off the current going back to the bed batteries or if need to do so or in an emergency etc. I never cheat but rather go the extra mile to insure there's no weak links. Remember that you are dealing with several hundred amps and if shorted out, lots of damage or a fire is likely. I hooked the power to activate my solenoid from the truck ignition switch so only when the truck ignition is turned on so is current to my 2 added batteries. Therefore, they recharge very fast like the diesel truck's 2 starter batteries because the size the cables going to them is the same size as the battery cables going to the truck's engine batteries. The bed batteries are SS wingnut on 5/16 brass isolated studs with brass wahsers on either side of the cable eye connected and have #2 same welder cable runs going about 3' to the inverter inside the TC. Simply Raise the TC enough to get at the wingnuts and remove the positive cable only and wrap red electricians tape around the mounting eye (cable end) so no accidental shorting can occur. Then do the same with the negative cable only wrapping black tape around the end. Now the TC is ready to drive out from under. Reverse to load the TC. Takes an extra 5 minutes max. Had the same setup on our previous trucks since 1993 for our TC's, TT's, and 5th wheels. Cheap and so simple to do and gives 0ver 300 amps of 12V DC. available. Where there's a will, there's a way! Just have to think and then do! Are you an electrician? That has my head spinning with all you did Sound great though.
Blanco1 07/16/15 09:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Where to install an extra Battery?

Install one of these and then you can choose! Yeah thats what I was thinking about. & then maybe tie in the trucks batteries if need be for either power over night or to help jump it? Would that work? I've needed lots of jumps starts when camping in the very cold weather.
Blanco1 07/16/15 09:19pm Truck Campers
Where to install an extra Battery?

I've always been very please with the Products from TorkLft, & I've been struggling with the thought of where can I add a 2nd battery into the very limited area on my truck with a Lance 900 camper on it? Normally I try to get electrical hook ups when I vista your typical camp ground & yes U do have a 2.8 Geni. But even then most camp grounds have limited hours they allow you to run the Geni. & I have many more trips planned to places like Pismo Beach & other places like the desert & the moutons & etc etc....with no hook up at all & figure I need the extra 12 volt power. I really DO NOT wanna give up compartment space to fit another battery but have been considering it for the past year.. But then kooky here & What TorkLift is offering. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1062689/fullsize/img_0943.jpg http://www.torklift.com/index.php/products/auxiliary-battery-storage/hiddenpower?highlight=YTozOntpOjA7czo2OiJoaWRkZW4iO2k6MTtzOjU6InBvd2VyIjtpOjI7czoxMjoiaGlkZGVuIHBvd2VyIjt9 So I now have the products & have to save up to buy the biggest Battery that will fit in the box. & then get started on this project. Here the parts I got from TorkLift. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1062617/fullsize/img_0939.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1062618/fullsize/img_0941.jpg Whats awesome about it is that it bolts inside the frame rails under the truck & saving me what limited space I have above.. hound be a great set up for my needs. the question running through my head is is do I run them together or install a switch to have it as a back up battery incase the other one fails? Either way should work? Yet if I keep them apart I will always know what battery is the bad one & that alone could be helpful?
Blanco1 07/16/15 06:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Rear Suspension Upgrade

Oh & to those of you that are not familiar with my rig. Here is a picture with my boat, But soon I'll be towing a much heavier trailer with a Full sized Bronco on it. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1036976/fullsize/img_7852.jpg
Blanco1 07/12/15 03:42pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Rear Suspension Upgrade

I know that shop. Have bought three truck shells from them over the years. Getting ready to go back to them to get a bed cover for the new truck. Good luck with your upgrade. I saw lots of cool stuff the sell, like a very cool hitch lock box that allows you to store things like keys & etc etc in the hitch. & I'm now all worked up about a new lance Camper with dual slide outs! Of course the $47K price tag keeps me in reality.
Blanco1 07/09/15 07:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Rear Suspension Upgrade

Ok I did not actually di this one myself being I was missing a few of the tools needed. Like a slow speed drill & a heavy enough jack to do a minimal rear end lift to unload the leaf springs. But here is what I hope to love as a simple suspension upgrade. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1058264/fullsize/img_0232.jpg Have any of you heard about this? :confused013: I just installed it & can't wait to see how it works out once I install my Camper again. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061890/fullsize/img_0834.jpg Jeff Wood is the manger. Located in Stanton Ca. 714-898-1827 Seems these guys do lots of custom work for people? http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061889/fullsize/img_0833.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061891/fullsize/img_0835.jpg Here I laid out the parts before heading to there shop. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061887/fullsize/img_0831.jpg & heres another look at them with contents removed from the zip lock bags. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061895/fullsize/img_0839.jpg The whole job took roughly 1 & 1/2 hours? http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061900/fullsize/img_0844_2.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061902/fullsize/img_0846.jpg So here is my Factory leaf set up before the Mods. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061892/fullsize/img_0836.jpg & heres how it looks in the Unloaded position. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061910/fullsize/img_0856.jpg Seems the way it works it pre-loading the over loads adding the stability needed to give a better ride. With the weight of my Lance Camper & with my future plans to tow my open car trailer with my heavy Bronco. I'm sure these will provide a Great help! :7: I love the simplicity of the design, pull the cotter pin & then remove the stud & swing the plate into place to help the load & simply replace the stud & secure it with the pin. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061911/fullsize/img_0858.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1061914/fullsize/img_0862.jpg I can't wait to get the camper back on there & test these mods out, I've seen the videos & can completely understand the concept. Well if I already had the hole drilled in my Leafs this would been EXTREMELY SIMPLE! Yet when drilling a Leaf spring you do need a slow speed drill & a way to apply strong pressure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cHIYrEyf94 Now if I could only find a 3500lb pallet to go test it out myself I'f be even more excited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyyq4TgceHI As you see from these videos there are about 3 different versions that I am aware of? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCorsqAHaHg I personally have been a big Fan of TorkLift products since I started shopping with from them. :7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCorsqAHaHg I wonder if adding this as well might be a good idea? :shrug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFzIcyht8kg Are any of you familiar with this product & maybe can give your opinions?
Blanco1 07/09/15 07:25pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Rear end spring capacities under your camper & towing?

Funny you mention the Stable loads, I actually already have a set of the lower Stable loads sitting in a box at my house. Just been having trouble finding shop to help me with them. But I'm VERY excited to try them out & hope this makes a good difference. I've not pulled the trailer yet, Only my Boat. ( Total weight about 1,800 lbs ) I love how the lower Stable loads seem to be an easy set into & out of mode.
Blanco1 06/11/15 02:58am Truck Campers
Rear end spring capacities under your camper & towing?

I was talking to one shop & they told me they think I should add a couple leafs to my rear axles current springs. ( FYI This was not in any way a truck or suspension shop, but rather a hot rod type restoration sorta place ) & then going to a big truck suspension shop & they said it might be fine the way it sits or maybe not, & what I should do is is load it all up at the heaviest I plan to go ( That would be with my Pre-Runner Bronco on the open car trailer ) & then go get it all weighed & then return to them with the numbers. This shop don't seem to care if they get my Biz or not so I'm thinking I can trust them. They are telling me if they add a couple leafs to each side they will charge me around $1,000.00 Of course these pictures are without the camper on it as it sit right now, The camper is going back on soon. http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1059802/fullsize/img_0384.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1059803/fullsize/img_0386.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1059804/fullsize/img_0387.jpg
Blanco1 06/07/15 04:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Mud Flaps?

I completely understand how the chome is the weight. & yet wonder if I should both with a Cummins or Mopar sorta logo?
Blanco1 05/20/15 11:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Mud Flaps?

Shiny things RULE! My truck looks funny with the tailgate on. It's been off the truck since November 2009, the day I bought my camper. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t271/dohdrz/truck2/mudflaps/IMG_2883-1.jpg I like the look of this for the most part.
Blanco1 05/20/15 11:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for an old style vent fan.

Its in my Lance & IIRC is about an '85? I suppose I can change my fan motor as well?
Blanco1 05/20/15 05:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Looking for an old style vent fan.

My local shop says its an older style you can not find any more? Can you help me find this? http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1058332/fullsize/img_0310_2.jpg http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/1058331/fullsize/img_0309_2.jpg
Blanco1 05/20/15 05:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Best Mud Flaps?

I've notices with my snow & wet weather camping trips, I'm damaging my wood under the camper. & realize I need Mud Flaps. What might you recommend? Its a Dodge with a diesel & seems from my limited getting custom vs plain the prices are pretty close? Thanks in advance for your help.
Blanco1 05/19/15 10:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Door window sealant?

Remove all the silicone. Use a silicone removal product to get all traces of it off your RV. Replace it with Geocel Pro RV or Dicor non-leveling sealant. So is this a product, that I get at RV shops?
Blanco1 05/19/15 07:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Havasu River Resorts?

Info: When you go to that resort don't get caught up in the all you can eat prime rib. It's less than 1/4 inch thick. That just isn't right! Ruins it. I don't like prime rib , so not an issue. A friend of mine told me the way they work the $100,00 in fuel in you mail them your receipts for $25.00 once a month or something like that & they pay you back for it.
Blanco1 05/17/15 07:49pm General RVing Issues
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