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RE: High Voltage DC Switch Source for Solar

In searching knife switches I found this one which appears to be fully insulated and is small. The description says single throw and it appears to be 2 pole. Quality is an unknown. But for $12... DC rating is unknown but may not be significant for the typical RV solar installation.
CA Traveler 12/19/14 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: High Voltage DC Switch Source for Solar

That knife switch is interesting and this link shows all of the covers. In my case the installation is in an outside locker and as such even the small exposed areas are not acceptable. However it could fit into another container that would completely close.
CA Traveler 12/19/14 12:40pm Tech Issues
RE: High Voltage DC Switch Source for Solar

Certainly night time disconnects solves any arcing problem. A fuse would certainly work, however, I don't want my hands any where near any metal contacts because of the high voltage.
CA Traveler 12/19/14 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: High Voltage DC Switch Source for Solar

DrewE - Interesting DC disconnect switch and certainly a good price. I briefly read about their mechanical/hydraulic operated CBs. Maybe a latching solenoid which would have no draw if one was available... Wiz - Yes arching is the issue with DC. I agree that a AC switch can be used but was surprised with the limited selection of DC rated switches for higher voltage at reasonable prices. In fact I have wired in a cheap 2 pole A/C disconnect switch for both of the panel wires but ideally would like a better quality switch. I'll be turning off the controller about 10 times/year for maintenance and for covered rig storage with no power and full battery disconnects. atreis - I have a friend that uses one of these on 4 panels connected series/parallel about 60VDC. I suspect that switch is rated for 48VDC. YC1 - Both actually. 3 series wired panels at over 100VDC and 8A+ connected to a MS MPPT 60 solar controller with 12V batteries. There is a remote possibility of adding another panel with series/parallel wiring for 70VDC at 17A. Due to the high voltage and lack of ground reference I'd also prefer a 2 pole switch. The controller and related wiring is installed. Solar panels soon. I did get some offline input from another poster which helped expand my search. And thanks to everyone.
CA Traveler 12/19/14 08:09am Tech Issues
High Voltage DC Switch Source for Solar

I need a high voltage DC rated switch for 3 series connected solar panels. The panel ratings are Voc 37.45V , Isc 8.7A, so I’ve been looking for a DC switch rated at 125V and 10A. If there is a simple SPST switch for this application I haven’t found it. So far I’ve found: 1. Eaton DH221NGK, 2 pole rated 30A, 250V DC, for $110 plus $16 for 2 fuses. Total $126 2. Midnite Solar BabyBox for $32 plus $13 for a Din Rail Mount Breaker up to 125VDC. Total $45 10A and 20A breakers are available 3. Midnite Small Breaker Box MNEDC Quad for $58 which accepts MNEDC stud breakers for $20 up to 150VDC. Total $78 5A to 100A breakers are available Both 2 and 3 accept 4 CBs up to 20A so they could be used with panels connected in parallel or series/parallel. I have reservations about the Din Rail Mounting due to the increased connectors. Up to 4 breakers could be used for parallel panels. This box cannot disconnect both the positive and negative panel wires. Two MNEDC breakers can be used to disconnect both of the panel wires for a cost of $98. Or any combination up to 4 breakers including one up to 100A for the battery wire disconnect. I favor the stud breakers due to isolation of each wire and reduced connectors. Alternatives or suggestions?
CA Traveler 12/18/14 10:51pm Tech Issues
RE: EZ Pass on Class C

Our CA FasTrak can even be in the glove compartment. Since they have become a target theft item (isn't that wonderful? :() we normally leave it in the glove compartment but will remove it for tolls. Besides they count axles, take pics and will bill the account no matter what. And if you don't have an account they will bill the license number even if out of state.
CA Traveler 12/18/14 07:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery Charging

Ok, I'll bite, why can't you do both?:?Generally if they are closely matched in terms of charging voltage then both can work together. Otherwise one might determine the battery is charged and not contribute any amps. A rig might have charging from the alternator, charger with the gen and solar and any 2 or 3 can work together.
CA Traveler 12/18/14 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: GPS stand/mount question

First, no one really steals GPS units all that much anymore. But, to answer your question, how about a good old standard dash bean bag mount? Set it anywhere and move easily move it to the floor out of sight when you stop. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/611PB3OkaXL._SL1500_.jpg width=350X2 I've used this for years with my older Garmin. Easy to adjust, move off the dash, move to car, etc. But with my new 6" Garmin it tends to slide some. So I'm trying several options for a better rubber base under the mount.
CA Traveler 12/17/14 07:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical issues in attitude toyhauler

Contact the mfg for the location of the ATS. You've got to find it or find where it use to reside.
CA Traveler 12/16/14 12:48pm Toy Haulers
RE: Electrical issues in attitude toyhauler

That is very dangerous and needs to be corrected ASAP. Either there is no ATS or it's defective. Beyond that you also need to check the gen voltage as 105V is very low.
CA Traveler 12/16/14 12:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: "Lost" the bottom string on my pleated day / night blind?

Check for end caps on the frame.
CA Traveler 12/15/14 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: Solar as battery maintenance during storage - opinions

This setup is similar but a little larger than what you want. My son is very happy with this setup as it does help to reduce gen time.
CA Traveler 12/15/14 06:41am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical issues in attitude toyhauler

Yes at the male end of the cord. However, I would certainly expect that a new trailer would have a transfer switch. Measuring gen voltage at the plug would confirm no or defective switch.
CA Traveler 12/15/14 05:55am Toy Haulers
RE: Becoming an Elk

I honestly never knew they had campgrounds at other lodges, but now I will be looking for them.Your lodge or a member likely has copies of the guides that you could review or buy. The guides list all lodges and those with RV parking have more detail. The profit from these guides is used to help children, etc.
CA Traveler 12/15/14 05:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Becoming an Elk

A story: One day at the Boulder City, NV lodge a member of that lodge said to me (he knew I had a RV in their park). "Bobbie see those 14 RV sites?" "Yes" "they pay for 100% of the lodge expenses and we use our other income to support the Elks and community. So even if you just stop for a night you help out.
CA Traveler 12/14/14 04:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Becoming an Elk

A friend said I should consider becoming an Elk. Supposedly they have campgrounds all over the country and fairly inexpensive. Has anyone stayed at an Elk RV camp and do you need to be an Elk to camp at their camp sites.Yes there are other reasons to consider the Elks besides RV related. I'll try to answer your questions. Some lodges have RV parking and some don't. The RV facilities vary from a parking lot to full hookups in the woods. Many don't have reservations but in our experience some of the more popular ones do. 3 on the Oregon coast have CGs in the woods vs the lodge itself. You do have to be a Elks member. While they are rarely high end CGs some have other facilities like a bowling alley for example. But you are welcome to be involved in any activities or food and yes have a drink at the bar. Plus all of the modest CG charges are donations to a non profit organization and hence they are part of our income taxes every year. My suggestion is to check them out.
CA Traveler 12/14/14 04:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electrical issues in attitude toyhauler

I found it on all the outlets. I haven't replaced the 30a end so maybe I need to check that first? It looks like the company did just hard wire it together because I can't find a transfer switch anywhere.Pull the plug and start the gen. Then carefully check for voltage on the male plug end. Voltage there means that you have a very dangerous setup. I've been wondering if possibly the ATS was removed. Hard to understand why someone would remove it.
CA Traveler 12/14/14 11:35am Toy Haulers
RE: weekend warrior power surging

Have the batteries load tested by a auto store so that you know they are not part of the problem.
CA Traveler 12/14/14 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Question on solar controller hook up?

Why do people keep insisting that there should be a fuse between controller and battery???? Mine has had no problem in 12 yrs with a C40 controller and the only fuse is between panels and controller.The MS MPPT 60 manual says you "must" for one reason. For maintenance I have a switchable CB on the + battery cable and a 2 pole disconnect for the high voltage panels. This was also a consideration for covered storage to eliminate all controller draws.
CA Traveler 12/14/14 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: Question on solar controller hook up?

Anyone know for sure about connecting/disconnecting the MS MPPT 60? The manual isn't clear on this subject. It does say under the Power On section to connect the battery first, but this appears to be related to correct wiring and the very first power on. In another section it suggests a dual breaker for both the battery and solar. I want to know because my battery disconnect switch is not close to the controller and I have a battery and solar panel disconnect switches near the controller.
CA Traveler 12/14/14 07:48am Tech Issues
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