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RE: Direct Tv... portable antenna question

The portables are smaller dishes and the reception is not as good as a larger dish. However I always got good reception in CA with a 18" dish and perhaps your dome is not as good.
CA Traveler 02/07/16 01:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hydraulic Leveler Not Retracting All the Way

Mine had to lubed every 6-12 months with the zerk fittings. I carried a 2x4 with holes and a bar to raise them until the next stop and lube. DW would push the button while I applied upward force on the jack. Maybe something similar would work for you.
CA Traveler 02/07/16 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rewiring Slide

My 04 Endeavor slide power was connected directly to the battery and yours may be also. Use a wire tracer starting at the slide motor and find out how the wiring is routed.
CA Traveler 02/07/16 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: Batt charging Q - PD9245; and adding solar

Buy a $10 digital voltmeter (or borrow one) and check the voltages. You may find a substantial voltage drop in the PD wiring. I presume you mean check the voltages at the battery while charging? I have an old analog voltmeter - will it suffice? - and thanks!I mean check at the charger and the battery to see the voltage drop due to wiring. Do this when bulk charging as the current will be higher resulting in more voltage drop. For battery voltages a digital voltmeter is by far the best due.
CA Traveler 02/07/16 07:52am Tech Issues
RE: Converter Questions - Replacement and want to charge faster

When charging the voltage change is gradual which helps to mask the bulb brightness change.
CA Traveler 02/07/16 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: Converter Questions - Replacement and want to charge faster

Batteries will bulk charge at about 14.8V and taper down to 13.4V for float charging. 13.6V is OK. The charger, house loads and battery are all wired together and have basically the same voltage. From many posts on these boards the WFCO is junk and will not bulk charge your batteries.
CA Traveler 02/06/16 06:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Batt charging Q - PD9245; and adding solar

Buy a $10 digital voltmeter (or borrow one) and check the voltages. You may find a substantial voltage drop in the PD wiring. A gen is mostly good for about 90 percent SOC charge. Beyond that takes many additional hours of running. A 50-90 gen charge is common. With the Trimetric you are far ahead of the game to determine your solar needs. If your SOC is 30 percent*160AH battery capacity for example =48Ah you need to return from solar *12V=576W for the day /5 hours of sun =120W of solar. Double it for contingency so about 200W of solar. Plug in your numbers.
CA Traveler 02/06/16 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar charge controller coupled to power converter question

Nice post Grizzman.Yes. It's hybrid, not hybred. Thanks for the correction. Unfortunately I have tried to correct it twice but it fails. Perhaps I will try later.That may be your use of the percent symbol which is a recent site problem.
CA Traveler 02/06/16 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: SK-3005 can't find DirecTV 110 ?

Jeff, What's your status on this issue? On a Monaco board another uses has the same problem and apparently confirmed by Winegard. If it helps I can try and find out his location.
CA Traveler 02/05/16 11:49am Tech Issues
RE: How long does your Surge Protector LAST???

Since a high end surge protector costs as much or more than most appliances repairs, should I buy a protector for my protector? :?It's a judgement call and a lot may depend upon where and how you camp. Starting in 2004 with the increased electronics that can be protected I installed one. Consider that anything that can't be turned off like a TV with remote capability could have a problem. Do a search including the archives and you'll find some that have had very expensive repairs for various reasons. I've had several cases of high voltage. 3 cases of reversed polarity on 30A plugs and a large number of low voltage cases. An autoformer to increase low voltage is even more expensive. BTW The PI HW50C in my current rig was "free" considering that I moved it from the last rig.
CA Traveler 02/05/16 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: How long does your Surge Protector LAST???

Is a neutral in a 50 amp power cable failing? One would know that long before that neutral failed. For example, incandescent bulbs would change intensity when other appliances (ie air conditioner) power cycle. Long before a neutral opened, the defect would have been apparent and getting worse.Well go for it and sit in your camper all day watching for high or low voltage. My experience with a failed neutral the voltage was instantly at 160V and the PI HW50C disconnected the power in a few milliseconds but I'm glad that you think I would have had time to prevent the likely damage to the electronics. BTW I was plugged into 30A and the open neutral was in the CG 120/240V distribution system.
CA Traveler 02/05/16 07:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling from Seattle to Alaska Early Spring

We left Skagway 8/19/13 and most of the locations on the Alaskan Highway were closed. We asked the owners of one that was open where we were the only camper how much longer they would be open. The answer "closing as soon as we run out of gasoline". This is not southern Canada or the US 48.
CA Traveler 02/04/16 07:36pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How long does your Surge Protector LAST???

Defined were two types of protectors even offered by Progressive. One that addresses the most common campground anomalies does disconnecting. Another that also protects from microsecond transients must be located as close to the pole as possible. Details provided earlier. Which anomalies concern you? Different protectors (even from Progressive) address different anomalies.I agree that transients from the pedestal would be "best" caught at the pedestal but there are other factors. All of the Progressive units have transient or surge protection and generally the hardwired units have the highest joule rating. I don't know what MOVs, etc they use. The hardwired units have the additional advantage of being out of sight and they are always in use when you are plugged in unless bypassed for some reason. ie The power protectors detect and suppress transients in sub millisecond range and disconnect power for other faults. Another factor that over rides any thing else for the 50A units is that protection from a open neutral is as far downstream as possible. The most likely place for a open neutral is in the plug itself followed by any junction boxes, cord reels or wiring. And a 50A open neutral can and will cause very high voltage on the 120V devices.
CA Traveler 02/04/16 12:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar charge controller coupled to power converter question

Why would one suppose most all converter chargers charge at 14.4-6, and not at 14.8-15+ ?? Because except for cold weather it would create a dangerous situation of boiling water out,.....defined as "frying batteries"Good point and my posted numbers are for 80F. I've seen float variation of 13.1-13.9V based on temperature and I haven't been in real code temps. The Interstate website also gives the variation for temperature. OP Give it up and get a good charger otherwise you'll be buying more batteries.
CA Traveler 02/04/16 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: Solar charge controller coupled to power converter question

Well I just read a post from another rv forum relating to the same issue. The guy that made the post confirmed with interstate customer service that the gc2 series batteries need to be charged at a voltage of 15.3v due to the chemistry of that battery series. This is also the voltage specified for absorption on the interstate charging sheet. So this voltage requirement is quite a bit higher than any converter I know of...Float is 13.02V and bulk is 14.7V. Equalization is 15.3V which new batteries should not need. A good charger will have a equalize option. From the Internet website. Probably best to not read to much from that guy.
CA Traveler 02/04/16 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: The "nest" and it's loads

A photo of a formatted list in one way. I use snagit (paid) which does a lot more than screen capture like scroll the screen and output in a number of formats like jpg and pdf. It will also capture a video of a video playing on the screen. More universal and easier to use since the output is already on the PC.
CA Traveler 02/02/16 04:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't post

If your posts including a quoted post contain a percent symbol it will fail including a preview. This started in Jan.
CA Traveler 02/02/16 09:11am Forum Technical Support
RE: How long does your Surge Protector LAST???

Long before assuming all anomalies are 'surges', instead define and discuss each anomaly separately.Good luck on that and getting forum members to use anything other than "surge" for any related device. The following is for RV devices and not home devices. I generally refer to my PI HW50C as a power protector which includes surge protection of 3580 joules, 88,000A. Plus it detects wiring problems, high/low voltage/hertz and surge faults. It disconnects power for all of these and displays an error message. Of course it's not perfect and won't protect from a close lighting strike but it's a very good device.
CA Traveler 02/02/16 08:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Loss of partial power

Most everything save the microwave and the opitonal RESIDENTIAL Fridge use 12 volt DC, this includes the water heater, and Air Conditioners.Fridge, water heater and Air conditioners use 12V DC? No.Many in fact use 12V for the controllers. ALL of mine use 12V.
CA Traveler 02/02/16 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 100w Solar Panel

Santa Clarita is an easy drive to SolarBlvd.
CA Traveler 02/02/16 07:22am Tech Issues
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