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RE: Photobucket Restricts My rv.net Photos

They suck for sure with all the ads, but that's the only way I can post the pics I want to post on the interweb.. I guess I could find another pic hosting site, but I'm lazy... ;) So please do not use photobucket to post photos.. Use Dropbox At least for RV.net photo posting, you don't need a photo hosting website. RV.net provides its own hosting service. Just click on their photo hosting link, upload your photo to it from your computer and copy the provided photo link to your RV.net post and you are done. And it properly sizes your photo so you do not violate RV.net's photo size limit.rv.net does not host ANY photos except for the signature. The link you provided hosts the pictures on imgur.com which is not rv.net related. Moderator 1492 provided some script interface code for sizing etc of photos. His work provides a nice and simple posting access.
CA Traveler 06/29/17 08:53am Technology Corner
RE: Photobucket Restricts My rv.net Photos

Photobucket restricts ALL accounts. Many people post photobucket links and since I am not a member of PHotobucket or user, I can not see them, it says "Access Denied"... So please do not use photobucket to post photos.. Use Dropbox John, Yes accounts require a login. The external link to display the pictures provides public access and anyone can see them. Many of us have used the correct link for years to display pictues. What you are apparently seeing is the wrong link posted.
CA Traveler 06/29/17 08:43am Technology Corner
RE: Photobucket Restricts My rv.net Photos

I also just tried and had no problem. I don't know where you are getting Phtobucket.com/p500, but when I typed it in directly, I got the same page you did. If you are hitting this EVERY time you click your favorites or bookmarks, then clear the cookies and cache on your computer and then go through the log in again.As per my first post this is a photobucket restriction/lock placed on the public link for my account. It is not a PC problem. What do you see here for my pictures that use to display? http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28119528.cfm
CA Traveler 06/29/17 08:40am Technology Corner
RE: Photobucket Restricts My rv.net Photos

I haven't been to my photobucket in years and I have a LOT of my pics there and not backed up. Just logged in and all my stuff is still there. Whew! You all got me worried I lost them all. :CMy pictures are still there when I log in. But the public link per my post above no longer works.
CA Traveler 06/29/17 08:33am Technology Corner
RE: Photobucket Restricts My rv.net Photos

CA Traveler 06/29/17 12:14am Technology Corner
RE: Photobucket Restricts My rv.net Photos

Photobucket? Or Photoshop? You are using both names. I sometimes use Photobucket and have never seen that.Darn typo corrected, thanks for the input! Keep using photobucket for free and see what happens. I assume that soon my various pictures won't post. I understand their desire to have me pay for their picture hosting and my desire to not pay.
CA Traveler 06/28/17 09:52pm Technology Corner
Photobucket Restricts My rv.net Photos

Some features on your account have been disabled. Your account has been restricted for 3rd party hosting. Don't worry, your photos are safe. In order to restore 3rd Party Hosting, please upgrade to our Plus 500 Membership. Dear Photobucket, I'm not worried - I'll post my photos elsewhere. Bob
CA Traveler 06/28/17 08:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Tolls while traveling across the US

OMG E-470 from 25 to 70 is $44.40 for 5 axles. Very high rate IMHO.
CA Traveler 06/27/17 07:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Tolls while traveling across the US

Be careful in Colorado. We came south on I-25 into Denver and got on I270 to I70. Found out we were on a toll road after we were already on it - no warning at all. Pulling a single axle trailer behind my SUV. Got a bill in the mail a month later. Don't remember how much the toll was but do remember begin totally shocked at the amount (and I am from Maryland where we have a bunch of tolls).Were you on E-470? It seems to get a lot of negative posts. The posts claim it's marked. My cousin suggested I be aware of E-470 and did not use it.
CA Traveler 06/27/17 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Tolls while traveling across the US

On another topic: Last summer we used the Seattle toll bridges (no toll collector) w/o a device and never got a bill for our AZ license.
CA Traveler 06/27/17 07:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Tolls while traveling across the US

A little off topic but I have a single FasTrak transponder for the San Francisco Bay bridges. The axles are counted and billed accordingly. The MH and toad are registered and the bill for either one or towing the toad have always been accurate. Registering the vehicles should insure that if the FasTrak doesn't work for some reason the billing will be correct based on the license plate picture. The Golden Gate bridge has NO toll collectors and your options are FasTrak, pre or post pay. Toll is collected south bound only. Visitors can go online to pay or wait for a bill - don't know how overdue bills and penalties are resolved if you wait for the bill and arrive home months later.
CA Traveler 06/27/17 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: replacing water faucet

Beg, borrow or steal a basin wrench. :B
CA Traveler 06/27/17 06:25am Truck Campers
RE: 50 Amp Rig to 15A house power.

IMHO The minimum plug you should use is a 20A plug on a dedicated 20A CB and here's why. The 15A plug is typically one of several on a 20A CB. If any other plug on that circuit in the house is using power then the voltage is already reduced before you plug in the RV. So you run the risk of lower voltage and while checking the voltage is a great idea loads do change. So do you really want to watch a voltmeter all day? So lower voltage is much more likely on a 15A plug than 20A, 30A or 50A plugs. So Keystone is right even if they have no clue as to why they are suppose to say what they did. And yes I have used 15A plugs at friends house in spite of the above. And here's another wrinkle: My house has 8 outside and garage plugs on a GFCI with a 15A CB and 270' of 14 gauge wire. When I plugged in my saw in the last plug it would not cut hot butter. And this circuit is 100% to code and meets 0% of my expectation for reasonable loads but saved the builder a few bucks. If there had not been a 20A plug on a dedicated 20A CB nearby I would have installed one. I did installed a 50A plug for the RV.
CA Traveler 06/26/17 02:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar vs generator

Hi, What could be more KISS than a permanent flat solar install on the roof? It has just been there and worked since it was installed. Without the system I'd be forced into expensive campgrounds one night out of every four to recharge the battery bank. Call it $25 (or $2281 per year). IMO, K.I.S.S. applies to many more of us than forum solar pundits would care to admit. :WWell I didn't apply KISS in terms of what to do: 1. Wanted more watts from the start to minimize future upgrades. 2. Make roof scale drawing and different panel size scale pieces. 3. Used the drawings to figure out which panels, how many and where to place them. 4. Make sure both vertical drop wiring locations would be completely hidden and as short as possible. 5. Plus the bigger issue of 12V wiring size/length. 6. Wire routing for the remote. 7. Spent a lot of time mapping rig shadows before deciding on panel locations (panels raised). 8. Source locations for aluminum and SS bolts/screws. 9. Didn't take long to figure out MPPT installation was the same price as PWM installation with fewer panels and less wiring considerations. 10. Procrastinate 11. After 2 years 12. Install 13. Learn 14. And now it's KISS. :B
CA Traveler 06/26/17 11:48am Travel Trailers
RE: help about a surge protector

Good advice above. The HW50C is an excellent choice but installation and your schedule is a consideration. If you choose the PT50X then make sure that a year from now you'll always use it.
CA Traveler 06/24/17 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Want to make a Gen slide - how thick of Alum plate?

Use 1/2"+ aluminum angle on all 4 sides. Depending upon where the legs are located use 12+ gauge plate. Go to a local store and flex some panels to get a feel for what you'll need. I use a local scrap yard because they cut the plate to size and I can browse around and see what else I don't need. :B Use several short pieces of al angle to secure slides to the floor.
CA Traveler 06/24/17 03:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Picking up Wi-Fi

Lots of options from a basic antenna to antenna with amplifier to more advanced directional antenna with better amplifiers. Google is your friend with many options available.
CA Traveler 06/24/17 03:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Electrical Issues

Ok, so I followed some advice and pulled down each light that's powered by the lone switch. Lo and behold, the ground is burned out on one of the lights. Question now becomes, how do I get the rest of the lights to work while I'm waiting on the replacement fixture?You should be able to bypass the wiring for the bad fixture so that the remaining lights work.
CA Traveler 06/24/17 12:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar vs generator

Hi CA Traveler, My 4 panels have diodes between every cell and are wired in series/parallel for an input voltage of 33.Nice! I wasn't trying to imply anything about your setup but just using your post to mention bypass diodes, etc.
CA Traveler 06/24/17 12:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar vs generator

Hi, My 2005 panels (256 watts) do a maximum of 17 amps. In leafy shade I get about 6 amps at solar noon. In rain I get about 2 amps. My panels are fixed on the roof of the RV My 3 roof mounted serial panels have 3 bypass diodes each giving me 9 panel sections and they do a very good job with shade and certainly better than parallel panels. And my MPPT controller was "free" if you will because the larger 24V panels were much less cost/watt than the equivalent 12V panels in 2014. Plus my panels are mounted higher off of the roof so that there is a bare minimum of rig related shadows on the panels. Of course moving panels to full sun provides more power but I had no desire to have portable 24V panels or the equivalent 12V panels. So those were my options and choices. Haven't recorded solar rain performance as I love hearing the rain at night time only. :B :B :B
CA Traveler 06/24/17 12:30pm Travel Trailers
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