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RE: RV NET solar install?

The picture below shows a DIY solar tracker that is simple and inexpensive. http://i369.photobucket.com/albums/oo134/catraveler/DSC01509.jpg So since you tow solar panels, you can't tow a toad, right? Plus, unless you're on site 24/7, a sudden storm or gust of wind will wreck your panels. Finally, after all that effort, you're getting shade on your panels!The panel is removed and the frame lays flat on the trailer and for this camper is under the ATV. Clearly the frame could both be stronger and collapse even further. He designed the frame for 2 panels and found that with full daylight tracking his batteries were fully charged by noon. So in this particular case there was no reason not to park next to his friend and have a little morning sun. This was an inexpensive DIY project that others might find interesting to adapt for their use. I don't recall any other posts on these boards that have a tracker that is anything other than manual.
CA Traveler 08/20/14 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: RV NET solar install?

Tilting the panels sounds like such a great idea - I read that the average person tilts the panels 7 times. 7 times a day? This is more than most people would be willing to do. No, it was 7 times - period. Climb on the roof 14 times and then never tilt them again. Just saw the prior post.
CA Traveler 08/20/14 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Surge Guard 34560 Trips at night

FPL could be switching the power and causing a power glitch. I've had that happen in CA.
CA Traveler 08/20/14 10:18am Tech Issues
RE: RV NET solar install?

The picture below shows a DIY solar tracker that is simple and inexpensive. 1. This is a single axis E-W tracker. 2. The elevation is set by manually adjusting the frame. 3. The frame lays flat under the ATVs for transport and the panel is stored on the bed. Setup takes about 15 minutes. 4. The tracker waits for sunrise and then tracks the sun moving the panel every 5 minutes. 5. At night time the tracker returns to the east and waits for the sun. 6. The panel is in the morning position and will rotate CCW to the west. 7. On the lower left of the frame the servo that changes the panel angle is visible. 8. The controller is shown on the lower right corner of the panel and it’s mounted on the panel inside a glass or plastic bottle. The frame was designed for two panels which is why it's larger than necessary. The owner found that he got so much power from one panel that he didn't need a second panel. The controller can be purchased from Red Rock. Two LEDs about a inch apart detect the difference in light from the sun and the electronics instruct the servo to position the solar panel. Note: When light shines on a LED it produces a voltage. Many variations of this controller are available including two axis versions. The shadow is from an adjacent friends RV. http://i369.photobucket.com/albums/oo134/catraveler/DSC01509.jpg
CA Traveler 08/20/14 10:04am Tech Issues
RE: RV NET solar install?

Tilting the panels sounds like such a great idea - I read that the average person tilts the panels 7 times.
CA Traveler 08/19/14 09:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge cards and foreign transaction rates

Who cares what it is called, the bottom line it is a fee we pay to exchange money.I care since I pay no transaction fees on my Visa card vs transaction fees on my Amex (US based cards). Exchange rate fees are paid by all including getting cash from a foreign bank.
CA Traveler 08/18/14 02:29pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2015

1. Drive from Chicken to Dawson City as the wait will be shorter at the ferry on the river. The wait to use the ferry going from Dawson City to Chicken via the TOW can be up to 7 hours as one couple told us as they were waiting to cross the Yukon.Does this imply that from Chicken you'll meet more oncoming traffic and hence have more potential passing and rock damage issues?
CA Traveler 08/18/14 10:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Pulling a "Toad" on a Trailer?

I've got the all terrain towbar on the MH. Weight remains on the MH and easy to connect with no ball coupler alignment and no hassle disconnect. Invsibrake is 100% automatic, no switches, wires or air hose.
CA Traveler 08/18/14 10:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pulling a "Toad" on a Trailer?

Backing up a trailer vs flat tow is a very minor advantage for us. I've disconnected the toad 1 time in 10 years for that reason. While a toad works best for us there are advantages and disadvantages to every setup. Dolly or trailer storage, parking and setup would be an disadvantage for us as we tend to have short stays over longer periods of time. Trailer maintenance is likely less but tires and brakes do need maintenance. Tow bars and brakes are expensive. The tow bar can be used on the next vehicle, the base plate probably not. Originally we had a box brake because it was part of a tow package and could be used on another car. Still towing the same CRV after 10 years and now have a Invsibrake. Moving or setup on a second vehicle of a toad brake varies depending upon the type of brake, etc. Probably not much resale value on towbars and brakes vs dolly or trailer. For me parking a trailer at a CG would be a PITA. Remove the car, drive to storage and then drive to the site. Parking in the site with the trailer restricts where in the site and implies longer site and hookups. A Dolly would be easier to store. Some choose the lube pump or drive shaft disconnect option. It sounds like a trailer is the best option for the OP at this point. Learn and determine any future changes.
CA Traveler 08/18/14 08:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

OP Most of the posts on this and other related threads are incorrect or irrelevant for CA. My reading of the current version of Pub 52 led me to conclude that qualification for the exemption is difficult for a CA resident. As a CA resident I qualified in 2004 when the period was 3 months after submitting 100 pages of detailed logs, CG, food and fuel receipts for our travels. The rig was delivered to Nevada with notarized documents and then registered in CA.
CA Traveler 08/17/14 11:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

Read and completely understand Pub 52 for CA. Among other restrictions in 2004 and I believe still current was functional use out of state, currently for 1 year. Storage was not functional use. This are other current restrictions that may make it difficult to qualify, perhaps very difficult for a CA resident.
CA Traveler 08/17/14 11:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV NET solar install?

Think I posted earlier that are voltage to MPPT-45 is 90V. Max wattage to controller has been 1300 W. This is converted to nominal 48V of LFP battery bank. So about 14V to controller and up to 57v (absorb) to battery bank ReedNice to have a 48V setup. The controller limit is 150V input and 2400W for 48V. And 600W for 12V.
CA Traveler 08/17/14 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: Question on fuel consumed by our generator AND ??

The ATS is expected to keep shore and gen power separated. One or the other but not both. Should it ever fail to do that for some reason you will be the loser as you rebuild the gen. For me I never start the gen when on shore power just in case something should go wrong which is unlikely. Starting the gen (or stopping with shore power connected) and with loads can result in significant arcing on the ATS relay contacts which will lead to a shorter life.
CA Traveler 08/16/14 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV NET solar install?

Isolator solenoid: With the engine off and key on have someone push the emergency start button and see if you can locate it by sound. Then with the engine running several minutes (for any electronic delays) measure the voltage on the coil terminals which should be 12V. If you have 12V then measure the voltage across the battery terminals on the solenoid with a digital voltmeter. It should be very close to 0V, maybe 0.1V. Some electronics detect battery voltage and engage the isolator only as required. With charged chassis battery and discharged house battery the solenoid should engage. Some systems are simply ignition on and the solenoid is engaged.
CA Traveler 08/16/14 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: RV NET solar install?

Use the Morningstar calculator for your panels and it will identify the panel limit over a wide range of temperatures.
CA Traveler 08/16/14 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: RV NET solar install?

I'm considering 4 250W panels on the roof, 3 across the top of the bedroom and the 4th between AC 1 & 2. Morningstar MPPT-60 charge controller. Still on the fence regarding tilting panels. Also leaning toward parallel connecting rather than series. The MPPT 60 is rated at 800W for 12V. It might handle 1000W and derate to 60A but check with MS before connecting 4 panels. If it's OK and your panels are flat then you likely be under 800W most of the time anyway. 4 250W panels implies that you will exceed the 150V input limit with a series connection and this is a big no no. A series/parallel connection will work. In summary: 3 panels at 750W will be OK provided your panels don't exceed 150V in series. For 4 panels you need to do some homework or convert to a 24V system which will handle 1600W.
CA Traveler 08/16/14 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: RV NET solar install?

You will get little charge driving down the road even if you beef up the charge line.I believe he has a MH and hence the batteries should get a healthy charge from the alternator.
CA Traveler 08/16/14 09:14am Tech Issues
RE: Falcon 2 tow bar frozen in RETRACTED position

Glad it worked for you. Since it's in an unknown and non operational condition I would not use it. Safety, liability, etc.
CA Traveler 08/15/14 03:50pm Dinghy Towing
RE: M/H to Toad Braking Systems

I upgraded from a box brake to the Roadmaster Invsibrake. Absolutely nothing to do - no switches, cables, air lines or anything else. A light on the MH dash indicates the brake is activated. There are a variety of braking systems and the above recommendations are all good. Thanks for the info! I think I'm going with this set up on my CRV and I'm also going to run a live battery wire back to the toad!I also upgraded from the 4 wire to 6 wire cable. 4 wires for the lights, 1 for battery charge and 1 to the MH dash for the toad brakes. For years I did not have the battery charge wire, didn't disconnect the fuse and never had any battery problems.
CA Traveler 08/11/14 03:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: converter/charger

there is nothi9ng to the fuses , no 120 no 12vNormally fuses would be for 12V and CBs used for 120V. Do you have 120V throughout the rig that use CBs? Use of fuses for 120V is not very common. Since you have some lights apparently you have 12V issues perhaps a bad fuse or connection to part of the 12V system. Note that some appliances like the refer require 12V before either the AC or propane will work.
CA Traveler 08/11/14 10:26am Travel Trailers
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